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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, last-minute thanksgiving meal shoppers walk out of a store and find mayhem in the parking lot. starting out very gray and chilly here for your thanksgiving. where the warm-up will take you close to 50 today and where i am flurries. a man accused of dragging two boston police officers and running into two more is spending thanksgiving in jail. the convictions we uncover from his past. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, it is 4 a.m. on this thursday, november 24. happy thanksgiving oop i am daniel miller. some good weather news this morning.
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with a forecast that is trending drier with only a small chance for rain or snow. >> shiri: good news for you thanksgiving travelers this morning or early risers. we are looking at mostly dry conditions. a cup of flurries between orange and keene right now. most of the area will see clouds during daylight showers. 34 in boston. freezing down in norwood. plymouth at 31 degrees. if we do get anything light out there, unfortunately it will be freezing drizzle or a little temperature in this morning. i won't see very much of it. in plymouth, our hour-by-hour forecast brings us close to freezing. at 8 a.m., 36 degrees. 10 a.m., 43. we have highs in the mid-40s here and some spots struggling to get to even 40 today and that's where we have the all-day threat for a cup of flurries. you can see minimal shower chances until we hit the evening and that's when i expect we will get a steadier
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you, the hour-by-hour look with futurecast coming up. daniel. a hannaford worker getting rushed to the hospital after getting hit by a car in a busy parking lot. malini basu spoke to the brother of the woman behind the wheel at the time. >> car after car was hit by the driver of this black chevy. waltham fire officials said the driver kept backing up and didn't stop. >> pretty hectic. >> reporter: an employee collecting carts hannaford parking lot was hit. >> i see all these ambulance goes through. going to the front of hannaford, and i see where the carts are collected on top of the -- one car is totally smashed. the one in front of it looks like it was hit and turns out the person that was putting the cart away was actually dragged when the car came in. >> reporter: the cars were pushed under the carriage holder crushing some of the shopping carts.
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was conscious and alert. >> he was fine. he was talking to us. he wanted to be up while we were here to make a phone call. >> reporter: britney came out to find her car a mess. >> it was parked. i -- i come to find out that this is the state of my car. i had. i had no idea. >> he we came out and the whole bumper. >> reporter: caught up with andrew wheevlt car. >> she was driving. finished shopping and driving here and -- then this. >> reporter: he tells fox25 he has no idea what caused that crash. he didn't get a chance to really talk to his sister. in the meanchime, we know that car is a rental car out of rhode island. they are so thankful that none of these injuries were
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news. an elderly man is stabbed after a fire in charlton. firefighters and investigators surrounded a burned-out shed. right now they are working to figure out how that fire started. according to the "worcester telegram" the victim is a 91-year-old retired woodcutter. the man was air-lifted to the hospital after tree fell on him in ivy lane in natick yesterday. police tell us the 60-year-old has serious injuries. we are working to get an morning. a teenaged driver hit a person walking in newburyport. skyfox over the scene on stage street. the 76-year-old victim was flown to the hospital with serious injury. police say the teenaged driver was driving a pickup truck. we are told he is cooperating with investigators. well, this morning, a sixth child has died after monday's school bus crash in tennessee. newly released pictures from the ntsb showing investigators examining the bus.
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the driver 24-year-old johnothony walk officer not have drugs or alcohol in his system. walk her gone off his designated route when the bus crashed into the telephone pole and tree. >> looking at the history of tally road. we ascertained that tally road was not on the designated route for that school bus. >> daniel: six children are still in the hospital and they have warrants for all data the bus including surveillance video. they have not yet spoken to children on board blue with help with from counselors. prosecutor also have to wait until tomorrow for a man dragging two playoffs and running over two more in front of a judge. we followed this since yesterday morning and our jason law obtained the call for help made shortly after the driver took off. >> reporter: vincent weeks is accused of dragging two officers and hitting two
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has a criminal record back to 2005 with drug convictions involving heroin and an assault and battery case in 2014 in which weeks was found guilty of pistol-whiping a woman during a fight. wednesday morning when police ordered weeks out of his car, he fought with officers and drove off. the struggle happened in front of a bar on the corner of stoughton and columbia road in dorchester. two officers were dragged 20 feet. weeks then hit two more officers before getting away. this is the police radio call made seconds after those officers were hurt. >> we have a car that hit a police officer and two other vehicles flying up columbia road. >> what kind of car is it? >> it's silver. i can't tell. >> all right, somebody -- [inaudible] -- silver chevy. >> reporter: jason law, fox25 news. >> daniel: those officers are going to be okay. weeks was arrested nine hours
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with a dangerous weapon. 4:06 right now. a police chief controversy in town send. chief robert eaton is part of an investigation into illegal back ground checks. the chief took off his badge an hat, put them on a table and walked out of a board of selectmen leading people to believe that he had resigned. town send attorney said that is not true. the board of selectmen met with the chief his explanation and remains the police chief. a murder investigation is under that by upstate new hampshire. a 60-year-old man found beat in his wentworth home north of plymouth new hampshire. according to the attorney general's office, todd downing died at the hospital. the search for his killing is ungoing. the man "people" magazine named one of his most eligible bachelors out on $10,000 bail after being arraigned on rape charges for the fourth time.
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to be a suffolk county prosecutor. >> reporter: prosecutors told the judge that gary zarola should have strict bail, after several accusations of rape. was determined most eligible was acquitted won it rape cases and another in florida the same year. the prosecution said he was out on bail when the florida case came to be. >> he went to florida and was arrested upon aim >> reporter: but his attorney joseph trosky, jr., said this case like the others will not end in a conviction. >> i don't know what is motivating this young woman. i don't know if she is looking for money or 15 minutes of fame. i don't know if she told an initial lie that spiraled out of control for her, but i do know she is lying. >> reporter: zarelo was arrested at the courthouse and he land he was being investigated and went to
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he has been ordered to wear a gps monitoring bracelet. he is confident that this case will fall through. >> don't want to comment on that. it has nothing to do with this. >> reporter: he was also accused of assaulting a police officer back in 200. he was also acquitted in this case. in boston, jacqui heinrich, fox25 news. manchester, new hampshire police need your help to identify a man in these surveillance pictures. he robbed the td bank on bay street. handed a note and said he was armed and never showed a weapon. 4:09. president-elect is enjoying time off with his family at their exclusive resort in florida. he released a new message on u tube calling for the country to unite. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country with shared purpose and very, very machine can resolve.
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transition during the holiday. meantime, massachusetts senator elizabeth warren said the transition team should be placed under federal review. wants to see how the team is spending the millions of taxpayer dollar budgeted for the transition which she calls chaotic and the president-elect has conflicts of interest with his building holding and used personal cell phone for calls with international leaders raising concerns been chosen to be the next u.s. ambassador to the united nations. haley was an outspoken trump critic during the primaries and the two traded pointed jabs. with the selection, trump called hail' proven dealmaker. billionaire and top republican donor betsy devoss will be nominated for education secretary. a school advocate that pushed for private school voucher
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teachers union slammed the pick and this morning the "wall street journal" reporting is former presidential rival ben carson has accepted an offer to be the secretary of housing and urban development. security is going to be tight at the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york this morning. more than 3,000 police officers will be posted along the entire two-and-a-half-mile route. also for the first time, more than 80 trucks filled with sand will be parked at every intersection through the crowd. isis recently called the parade "an excellent target." checking out that thanksgiving forecast across new england. a lot of 40s on the map. any kind of sticking snow will be central and northern new england. an hour-by-hour look at our own temperature in and showers coming up. a warm welcome for troops coming back just in time for
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special homecoming a reality.
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4:14. police are trying to track down the person that stole dozens of costumes from the nutcracker production in providence. the show is trying to come up
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>> reporter: a christmas tradition losing part of its sparkle. >> opening a wooden crate, we start realizing that all the costumes are not there. >> reporter: 52 pieces to be exact from handmade tutu to a $600 nutcracker mask, but mahalo george say it is hard to estimate the total loss involved. >> you put the number of hours decorating and putting the stones -- the stone value of the -- of the time of the person that put the stones. it is not just fabric and the labor. >> reporter: for almost 40 years, the nutcracker production graced the stage here in providence. george says it will nobody different this year especially with brisk ticket sales. >> we immediately start contacted throughout the country and got a tremendous
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companies that are willing to help and jump in and do anything, pause, you know, they know how important it is for any organization. >> reporter: a week before the show, a team of seamstresses will be on hand to create any last-minute costumes or headpieces the performers need just in time for the curtain going up. >> it will be a very stressful week in the theatre. >> blair: important for the ballet company but for the community that comes and sees this show every year. the first show is set door december 16, i am blair miller, fox25 news. a local boy scout troop that reported their trailer missing over the summer is now back. it turns out the trailer was stolen from u-haul 20 years ago and it ended up and u-haul repossessed the trailer without telling the boy scouts.
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group as a gift. a wall is covered with encouraging messages of those upset over the election results. it is covered in sticky notes with messages like "listen to each other" and "never quit." people are calling it subway wayer is pee this started with artist who gave sticky notes to those who express their feelings. >> i feel sad. i feel scared. >> but after the election, i woke up and felt like -- i felt like i have been 9/11. >> daniel: even new york's governor went to the wall quoting from the statue of liberty. transit officials are okay with the sticky notes for now, but what will happen to them in the future is uncertain. 4:17 right now. meteorologist shiri spear joining with us our thanksgiving forecast. happy thanksgiving to you. >> shiri: happy thanksgiving. >> daniel: good to be here with you this morning. good news weather. >> shiri: you will like me even more because a drier forecast. >> daniel: i am sure a lot of
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>> shiri: oh, man. a couple of icy roads -- still may see some flurries, don't get me wrong, but the majority will end up being dry. a dew point of 28. the air is pretty dry. winds are also light. we had a couple of breezy days in town. today, that whole story changes. today will be so much more comfortable. so coming up thanksgiving here, because we have 10 a.m. football games. temperatures will be chilly. we are still going to have some of you close to freezing especially inland coastline. middle 30s to about 35 degrees, cool and cloudy. lunchtime comes along. still cloudy. temperatures around 42 degrees and 5 p.m. for dinner time back to 39. slight risk for drizzle and flurries. i will see that throughout day. best wet will end up being this evening and it will be north an west of boston. the thing is out here, it is much, much cooler and areas in particular north of the mass pike have that better chance of actually seeing some flurries as to -- opposed to
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today. again it is going to be going up this evening. so 46 and mostly dry in boston. 43 in fitchburg. 48 in norwood. 50 degrees in new bedford, the vineyard and nantucket. obviously it is much warmer south of the city today. spots like nashua, much of southern new hampshire will struggle to get into the lower 40s today. here is futurecast, hour by hour. we really don't have much going on here until we hit the afternoon. at 1 p.m. a slight risk spritz out in worcester but what you will notice coming in from the west late afternoon into the evening, we do see that increasing chance of showers, and bauer it is warming up, we are actually going to see a transition from flurries over to some light rain during the overnight hours. i still at 7 p.m. think we can deal with more mixing north of the pike what we are seeing with future cast. overnight things get a little bit damp and into your friday plans as well.
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friday early tomorrow morning. i will go with scattered lighter showers. not a widespread rain and not drenching rain but it will likely be damp in sports for the black friday forecast like this. at midnight tonight, 39 degrees with a chance of some rain. 7:00 in the morning, temps should be around 40 degrees, looking at mostly dry weather, mostly dry here at noontime, 46. as we get into friday evening the risk for rain goes up. 45 at 5 p.m. high temperatures tomorrow the 50s for the south shore, the cape, the island. boston kind of flirting with that 50-degree mark and mid-40s in worcester in southern new hampshire. future cast into the weekend where things get dicey. watching an ocean storm here and we are uncertain how close it will get. based on the track that we will see right here. a period of rain at the coastline. if it tracks a little further out to sea which some of my models are forecasting it will end up being mostly dry if it comes a little closer here, we
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endland deal dnld inland we could see snowshowers. 42 with lots clouds and few showers. sunday a few showers and late in the morning and -- early in the morning and late at night and watching storm over the weekend with highs in the 40s. daniel, over to you. >> daniel: shiri, thank you. after a couple of days off, the patriots are on the practice field. tom brady was not there with the team mates. he missed practice with a k injury. he is expected to be under center on sunday when the patriots play the jets. rob gronkowski did practice yesterday for the first time in a week but according to several reports, it is unlikely he is to play sunday when he recovers from the chest injury he got in the game against the seahawks last weekend. 4:21. the countdown of the best deals of the year are in its day. we crunch the numbers and find the best times to head out the door.
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in idaho when a traffic stop quickly land to an ambush where a wanted fugitive pops out of the trunk and comes out with what teams so be a trunk. he slams it down to buy time and wrestled the man to the ground. the officer knew something wasn't right. it was missing its license plate and registered to the fugitive, but his mom was driving the car. the fugitive and his mother were i rested. no one was hurt. road to thanksgiving dinner this year, imagine traveling more than 24 hours. it is what is u.s. air force group are doing. the troop was stationed overseas and last night they made a stop in portsmouth, new hampshire. the t's greeters gave them a great welcome back. >> this is the second time i have been able to see the t's greeters in action, and they do not disappoint. they welcomed home 80 airmen based out of north carolina.
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but the greeters made every minute count. at the end of the runway, a final salute as charter plane carrying u.s. troops taxis for takeoff at the international airport. the enthusiastic goodbye just about an hour after a warm hello. >> welcome home. >> reporter: the first time of these members of the air force force's 345th air force's maintenance unit have been on u.s. soil in eight months. andrew nichols is usually from the state of oregon. this is his first tour. >> it is surreal. it doesn't hit me until i am boots on the ground at home walking through the front door. >> reporter: the troops have been serving in southwest asia and no coincidence this is the day they get to come home. >> extreme efforts made to make sure that we got the entire unit home before
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greeters have been welcoming soldiers for years. for kate morgan and her daughter, it is a first. >> one of my friends did it, and i thought it was such a great thing to do, especially the day before thanksgiving, all the soldiers coming home. we want to say we appreciate them, you know, and give our love. >> reporter: mission accomplished says 21-year-old airman alex ander from michigan. >> s i was really surprised. never had that before. a little overwhelming by the amount of people and awesome to see so many >> reporter: the peace greeter also meet five flights this week. in the six years they have been doing this, they are too shy for meeting 1100 flights with u.s. soldiers. reporting in portsmouth, new hampshire, ted daniel, fox25 news. >> daniel: such a great story, ted, thank you. a boston attorney accused of sexual assault again. still ahead, the reason his
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now at 4:30, chaos in a grocery store parking lot the day before thanksgiving. the store employee who was hit by an out-of-control driver. and starting off cool and cloudy here for your thanksgiving. where the warm-up have temperatures flirting with 50 and where we are still on track to see some flurries. and an insp the ice. how the two bp officers shot during an ambush last month showed they are on the mend. complete news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4:30 on this thursday, november 24. happy thanksgiving to you, i am daniel miller. your turkey day is expected to start mostly dry. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 stormtracker weather center. shiri, watching for a few


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