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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, a teenager accused of murdering his own mother. two others barely escaped. >> he was sdmrom bee-like and came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing. >> julie: the are working to unravel this morning. a lot of rain on storm tracker radar. i am timing out downpours for the community commute and what time they dry out. workers are cleaning up a water main break after this floods the street of chinatown. the other disaster that the flooding caused that forcend willed an evacuation. senator war has new criticism of donald trump. why she says his latest
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good morning, it is 4 a.m. on this thursday, december 1, i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. it is a soaker of a morning out there. meteorologist shiri spear is staying very busy in the stormtracker weather center joining us now to time out eventual improvements. >> shiri: eventual and so much rain to get through. rain pretty widespread over eastern and western mass. heavier through the berkshires. downpours on top of downpours that i am tracking. a fairly mild rain. temperatures at 59 in new bedford right now. 49 in boston. 45 in worcester. 47 in nashua, new hampshire, all with rain at this moment. we have also got a lot of fog on the map right now. we will be keeping a close eye on potentially areas of dense fog until 7 or 8:00 this morning when the showers come to an end and we start drying out. 6 a.m. temperatures in the
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for many of you the rain will last until 6, 7:00, 8 a.m. will bring us drier conditions and eventually the sunshine back in place for the afternoon. send you back over to julie with live time traffic. >> julie: shiri, start off with a road closure because of yesterday's water main break. neelen between steward ave and harrison street. a live report within the next hour. otherwise things moving along fine. 128 northbound and southbound clear life drive times. 24 minutes on pike eastbound. 7 minutes on the expressway. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 4:02 right now. happening this morning the teen accused of stabbing his mom to death inside this brockton home will appear this court on murder charges. fox25's john monahan followed this breaking news all night. investigators spent hours in the home searching for clues about what happened. >> police investigators inside
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killing took place. 18-year-old charged with the murder of his mother, 44-year-old. neighbor marianne montero ran to help his grandmother who was going door to door shouting for help. >> i knew it was something bad. only because she was wailing and screaming. >> reporter: the grand mother who doesn't speak english pulled montero by the hand to 34 merit ave. once there, montero understood >> he was zombie-like and came lunging through the kitchen at the door where we were standing and i just pulled the grandmother out of there and i said no, you are not going in. >> reporter: montero pulled the grandmother to safety. fire fighters and police arrived and took polinese into custody. inside the his dying mother. >> a woman who lived at this home has passed away as a result of multiple stab wounds.
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>> pretty scary, you know. like i said, i just thought it was kids playing in the yard. unfortunately it turned out to be this. >> reporter: this is what police continue to investigate and is also what the da called an immense tragedy. >> we need to find out exactly what happened with the mother-son relationship and for it to end this way is terrible, tragic and we need to find out what happened. >> reporter: i am john monahan, fox25 news. happening now, work in boston's chinatown neighborhood continues. new video from overnight have crews repairing the damage from a water main break that happened 24 hours ago. the scene unfolded as we covered the breaking news. nearly two feet of water pulled at the intersection of washington and neelen street. this morning, part of that area is still closed. some of that water steeped into manholes that set off a chain of electrical fires with
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>> the fire had a lot of co migrating to the businesses. we had to evacuate a number businesses. >> crews hope to have the roads reopened before the start of the morning commute. the people you see here stole more than $1,000 from a local business. officers tell fox25 they went to the store separately and went to different cashiers. they allegedly confused the cashiers to skim money from the stack being i couldn'ted out. they were seen driving a si if you recognize them, call police. a local chef and town employee is accused of stealing food from the people he is supposed to be serving. police say his girlfriend and daughter were in on it too. >> reporter: for six and a half years david laboy was the cook and site manager. lavoy, his girlfriend and her daughter kimberly parkman were stealing from those in need. >> i can't believe that he would steal, you know, because
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>> reporter: carver police tell fox25 that they were tipped off about this late summer month after food went missing. prime rib was on the menu board. instead the folks were served buffalo chicken wings never ordered for the council on ageing. >> i was concerned. i saw prime rib on the menu and i was surprised it was there. >> he ordered some live prime rib that went missing. and other items. >> reporter: this is when folks started to get suspicious >> the people who eat the food are more of a bland nature not buffalo chicken wings. not something that would be served to a elderly population. >> reporter: lavoy was going to the pantry. two suspects walking out with trays. the council on aging also does the meals-on-wheels program. investigators say cans of food donated for them was also stolen.
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quite surprising. >> reporter: we stopped by lavois and his girlfriend's home in plymouth. appear woman came to the porch and didn't want to make a comment. >> i was telling him how much we all miss him. and wishing him the very best. >> reporter: malini basu, fox25 news. 4:07 right now. police say a couple who drove three hours to buy drugs in lawrence were found passed out in a running car with their two children inside. police arrested and tamara bruce. a man walked by the car and thought they were dead. their 2-year-old and 9-month-old were inside. the two are in state custody. the couple is charged with reckless endangerment. they are held on bail. x-rays, dna results and fingerprints lifted from a gun some of the items aaron hernandez's attorneys want the suffolk attorneys to hand over before his double murder trial. >> all detailed in court
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hernandez trial is scheduled to begin in just months. >> reporter: february 13 is the day the trial will start and the judge has no plans to change that. has been more than a year since hernandez was convicted in bristol county for the murder of oweden lloyd. his new trial will be in boston. this one for a drive-by that will happen while he is still a member of the new england patriots. while aaron hernandez sits in a super max serving one life sentence, his new legal team is hard at work trying to keep two more life sentences from being tacked on. automatic if the former patriot is found guilty of a july 2012 shooting in boston that killed 29-year-old daniel abraeu and safiro furtado. following the case for fox25. >> the jury will not know if aaron hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder and a
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sure jurors don't know that and are exposed to that. >> reporter: jose baez and the attorneys working with him are not leaving anything to chance. they want to see every shred of evidence and names and credentials of anyone who handled it. any dna or fingerprints associated with the suspected murder weapon, a .38 special found in the trunk of the car belonging to a connecticut woman that hernandez was acquainted with. >> looks like a general fishing within that general fishing expedition a lot of areas appropriate and fair game for the defense to be looking into. >> reporter: unlike the lloyd trial, the prosecution is expected to present an eyewitness. alex ander bradley said he was with hernandez when hernandez became enraged over a spilled drink at a night club. bradley is expected to tell the jury he saw hernandez pull alongside the car that they
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4:09 now. president-elect donald trump continues to build his cabinet and continues to face criticism from democrats. he tapped steven mnuchin for treasury secretary. a long-time banker working at goldman sachs after starting his own hedge fund. he is not without controversy. critics like massachusetts senator elizabeth barren say he can't be trusted after he profited from the housing collapse when others were losing their he. >> what donald trump is doing is he is literally handing the keys to the treasury over to a wall street banker who helped cause the crash. >> daniel: warren said mnuchin treasury secretary appointment should send shivers down the spine of anyone hit hard for financial crisis. the first time trump's transition team has confirmed that romney is competing for the spot.
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former new york city mayor rudy giuliani also made the list. "washington post" said there are two other candidates up for the position but the trump team would not name them. trump's aide told the "washington post" there is no set time to make a decision. we track traffic and weather together he ten minutes. look at the drive times on the expressway, a single digit nine minutes from the braintree split to the pike. shiri? >> shiri: looking at high temperatures temperatures well into the 50s, 60s for some of you. early rain to get to. i am trending out that drying trend. what time we are clear and how strong the winds will become. the wildfires in tennessee are still raging, and this morning a new strugle is coming to the forefront. >> called the other shelters here. just hoping for a miracle july julie coming up, the weather change that is giving those
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4 :14. meteorologist shiri spear 495 and 128, straight through boston down to the south shore. we have the heavy, steadiest rain right now.
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>> daniel: shiri, thank you. a medicine mix-up at a local school. a nurse gives a 7-year-old ritalin instead of motrin. her mom says the school superintendent is making light of the situation. >> reporter: to look at this active bright-eyed 7-year-old, would you never know 24 hours earlier she was crying inside the nurse's office at john f. kennedy elementary school. >> it was a nightmare. >> reporter: kelly russell's motrin. >> i fell backwards -- a pole where you hang your jackets and i fill right there near the window. >> reporter: once inside the nurse's office, a crucial mistake according. >> she said hi ava. i said my name isn't ava and she proceeded to give me the set minute. >> not motrin but a dose of ritalin used to treat
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i mean, a lot worse could have happened so i feel like people should be aware of it. >> reporter: in a statement the superintendent told fox25 i met with all parties today to discuss our protocols and procedures and reviewed them so this mistake never happens again. the health and safety of every student is what we must guarantee to the very best of our ability each and over day. but russell says she never met with the superintendent and wants to know why the nurse didn't verify her daughter's identity medication. >> this is what i want happen. to make sure it money in the happen to another child. that is my biggest concern. >> reporter: the nurse did admit her mistake and apologized to her and she doesn't want the nurse to face any kind of discipline but she wants all parents to be aware. we reached out to the department of public health and they tell us the school district has not yet reported the incident to them.
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in blackstone, kathy rn burcham. the fires are increasing and they found more bodying. bringing the number to soev. many say the family members are still missing. >> called the other shelters here and they said she isn't there. just hoping for a miracle. >> julie: more than 700 buildings have been destroyed or damaged. 300 in the popular vacation town of gatlinburg. thousands have been evacuated from the area when the fires quickly spread from the g smokey mountains fueled by high wind. yesterday the weather improved bringing rain. this morning, the national weather service is confirming more than a dozen tornadoes touched down from louisiana to tennessee. five people killed. two in tennessee, three in alabama during the storms that started tuesday night and went well into wednesday morning. a look at what people woke up to yesterday. the strongest confirmed tornado was an ef 3 with winds up to 85 miles per hour that hit in tennessee.
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together every ten minutes and expect those roads to be soaked this morning. you may even get a little wet as you rate out to the car if you don't park in a garage. the expressway moving along fine. no problems north of the pike. do want it on your radar, neelen street still closed between harrison ave and stewart street because of the water main break yesterday. we have a reporter on the scene and we will have an update for you shortly. here are your live drive times. 12 anyone on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on 128 southbound approaching the boston tolls. 4:18 right now. meteorologist shiri spear joins us with a check of the forecast. shiri, i am going to aassume that this is the rain we need. >> shiri: gosh, we need this rain big time. interesting because the rainfall we had in the last three days is more than we had the entire month of november up until about tuesday. so we needed this rain. we had a huge rainfall shortage. you can see even just since midnight picked up a quarter inch of rain in the boston area.
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here is what we are going with. showers throughout morning commute. i have got this next batch of heavy rain now just arriving in the pioneer valley in western massachusetts, and this is going to shift eastward and arrives in worcester around 5:15 this morning and boston just after 6 a.m. so, again, this is going to be a couple more hours of the rain my friends. 49 degrees in boston. that is the temperatures right now. keep in mind visibility is going to be low. we have got fog. we h all around. 6, 7 a.m. this morning, we are still going to be raining by 8 a.m. i expect all the showers will be offshore. temperatures will take a little bit of a hit by 8 a.m., but i kind of think we will float through the 60s into the afternoon where we finally brighten up and become a little bit breezy here. things will dry out a little sooner in worcester i would have to say around 7 a.m. you are going to be dry. fast forward with future cast. this is at 7 a.m.
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close to 495 and 128. after that like i said, we are going to be dry again. we still have clouds to get through today. i do expect it will be a little cloudier than what future cast is showing us. rain this morning partial sun this afternoon. 56 degrees in boston and lawrence. 57 in norwood. 58 in new bedford. but that is basically the temperature right now. so across southern new england, there are a cup of spots reaching the lower 60s today. 49 degrees overnight, go with 30s and mostly clear skies. the winds will stick with us and breezy starting this afternoon, going through tonight and into the day tomorrow. another day of sun and scattered clouds here for your friday. highs 46 to 50 degrees. so we have got 50s in norwood and new bedford. 48 in fitchburg. 45 in keene. as we get into the weekend, temperatures are going to sink a little bit. we will continue with the mid-40s in spots like boston and hyannis and concord new
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will be upper 30s, 40s, it will start feeling more like december. we will have clouds around on your saturday, sunday, i am expecting things to get a little bit brighter here through your seven-day forecast in the weekend always in view. we have that rain to get to through 8:00. highs around 60 degrees this afternoon. we will brighten up later today. 49 tomorrow and 40s through the weekend. slight risk for a little bit of light snow or rain on monday but the next weather maker likely next wednesday. check this out, a bear captured on a local home surveillance camera grabbing a quick snack from a bird feeder. how close this wild encounter came to be a close encounter.
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like this for hitting the tree -- crumpled in to get out. >> daniel: they had to break open the tailgate and seconds after the driver was freed, the car went up in flames. check this out surveillance video and captures a bear, right there, and a bobcat roaming through the same yard. while sights are not rare in westford, our jacqui heinrich said the wild encounter nearly became a close encounter for >> reporter: people who live on the street say this is not the first time the bear made a visit. the next time they won't make it so easy for him. >> the cameras caught him on camera red handed moseying over to a huge meal too enticing to resist, bird seed. 4:45 and joy was in the driveway feet away to pick up the newspaper. >> we missed him by about 15 minutes then. >> reporter: so could you have been out here and then
4:26 am
[laughter] >> yeah, maybe. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago, joy's cameras captured this bobcat too, but joy is not the only one dealing with this new neighbor. and laura enrico made first acquaintance a week ago. >> it was on the back deck. it for a quarter-inch round over, ate all the food and a week or >> reporter: not the most considerate house guest. it used to be straight nailed to the porch. >> he didn't just bend it but took everything away, the bowl, everything, gone. >> reporter: they say it left plenty of claw marks on the back deck where laura makes coffee usually around the same time the bear comes. >> he is very brazen. i mean, he is on the deck right outside that window. and it doesn't seem to bother
4:27 am
not. >> reporter: and this uninvited guest may have to find the breakfast spot since the family is doing away with the bird feed. >> she september me the text i said, okay, well top feeding them. the birds will go out until hopefully the snow flies and they will go into hiber about nation and won't have to deal with them. . >> reporter: wildlife experts say if you encounter a bear do not run. make yourself as big as possible and make a lot of noise. if you have to go to your a good idea to turn on the lights before you go out to your car. jacqui heinrich, fox25 news. still ahead, a local fire chief now off the job accused of using the department's money to buy women's clothing. the punishment during meeting
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now at 4:30, a teenager accused of murdering his mother. neighbors heard the struggle. >> i knew it was something bad. she was wailing and screaming. >> daniel: the clues police spent hours searching this house for. a lot of rain on storm tracker radar this morning. timing out downpours for the morning drive and what time things dry out. a controversial pipeline is expected to be activated in west roxbury. why the fight over it may not be over. plus police called local apartment complex nearly 600 times in a single year and recently the site of a brutal murder. what neighbors say they need to feel safe. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, 4:30 on thursday, december 1, i am julie julie. >> daniel: good morning, i am


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