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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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now at 4:30, a teenager accused of murdering his mother. neighbors heard the struggle. >> i knew it was something bad. she was wailing and screaming. >> daniel: the clues police spent hours searching this house for. a lot of rain on storm tracker radar this morning. timing out downpours for the morning drive and what time things dry out. a controversial pipeline is expected to be activated in west roxbury. why the fight over it may not be over. plus police called local apartment complex nearly 600 times in a single year and recently the site of a brutal murder. what neighbors say they need to feel safe. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning, everyone, 4:30 on thursday, december 1, i am julie julie. >> daniel: good morning, i am
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shiri spear is joining us in the storm tracker weather center with the mixed bag, shiri. >> shiri: a mixed bag. we have rain and fog. heavy rain across western massachusetts into the springfield area. this is going to alive in worcester in about 45 minutes. 45 degrees in worcester right now with mostly drizzle in place. and you can see a lot of light green near stowe, acton, chelmsford to londonderry, new hampshire. lighter rain. every single road will be wet for the if you were leaving really within the next cup of hours. 49 degree in boston right now. we have rain in gloucester. a steady rain at that. scituate to halli fox, duxbury, sandwich, falmouth, heavy rain, steady rain over the cape as well. temperatures pretty mild this morning and not a very cold rain. i will go with a mild rain to get the day started. at 6 a.m. showers and heavy rain in western mass will be in the boston area at 6:00 this morning.
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afternoon on the way with highs near 60 degrees. we will take a closer look at the commute and what time those showers end in the next few hours coming up. send you back to julie for live-time traffic. >> julie: speaking of the commute, a closure at neelen street blocked off at washington street because of yesterday's water main break and let you know when that reopens. north of the pike route 1, 93 south moving along fine. quick drive time on the expressway. seven minutes is past. usually nine from westwood to the weston tolls. happening this morning the man accused of killing his own mother inside brockton home will appear in court on murder charges. started 1:00 when neighbors called 911 to report a panicked woman screaming for help on merit avenue. police say that frantz you
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a meneide and attacked two others. they are trying to find out why he stabbed his mother. his arraign number district court today. one street remains closed as cleanup work continues. video showing crews trying to repair the damage from a water main break that happened nearly 24 hours ago. the scene breaking yesterday. nearly two feet of water pulled at the intersection of washington and neelen street. some of that water seeped into electrical fires, chain of poisonous gases. and they hope to finish repairs before the bulk of the morning commute get under way. happening today, a natural pipe gas line that runs through west roxbury has been the site of protests a year will open up. the people against the pipeline say they aren't giving up. >> yeah, this has been an ongoing issue, an issue of
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for people living in this area. despite all of that, the pipeline is scheduled to be activated today. residents and city officials vow they are not giving up the in fight on this. the project is a five-mile pipeline in west roxbury part of a larger $1 billion project to increase the natural gas supply in new england. the residents fear it is unsafe. the pipeline runs through an open quarry that frequently uses dynamite and afraid there is an explosion. mayor marty walsh and other officials sent letter federal energy regulators and the houston company saying they fail to share important safety information to boston fire and police departments. walsh filed a federal lawsuit challenging the regulatory commission's approval of the project. spectra, the company that owns the pipeline issued a statement of their own yesterday and did say that all the facilities in the project meet and exceed federal safety standards and regulations. again, this pipeline is scheduled to be activated
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live in west roxbury, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. a local apartment complex is now under scrutiny after police responded to hundreds of calls in just one year. this is the same complex where just last week, a woman was attacked by a group of people in front of her special needs son. she later died. as fox25's stephanie coueignoux reports this morning, some of the people who live there say they are now afraid to go outside by themselves. >> i used to have a scanner. >> reporter: beverly duxbury lives just next door and said she was horrified to learn of the deadly attack in the complex parking lot. we just reported last week a woman was killed by group of people in front of her special needs son. >> reporter: what went through your mind. >> i went out and made sure my door was locked. >> reporter: calling on the management company to be held responsible. he wants them to add security guards, cameras and a police officer at the complex all at
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>> it is like the wild west. 431 units of housing here. and there is there has been reckless behavior for quite some time. that is the bottom line. we vunt have to worry about resources and others being taken away from the rest of the city. >> reporter: we went to the management office to speak to them ourselves and the they were told couldn't comment.the manager referred them to the corporate office in new york and we called and made a voice mail. for duxbury addressing safety >> i don't feel safe anymore going out for myself. it is a sad thing to say. >> reporter: city manager and police superintendent are working to meet with the complex manager to discuss this issue and they tell me they hope to have a plan of action by the end of this week. in lowell, stephanie coueignoux, fox25 news. the massachusetts chapter of a muslim civil rights groups are asking for stepped-up police pa thunderstorms at area mosques. a islamic center in rhode
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muslims vile and filthy people saying that donald trump will target them. the same letter was sent to other mosques in other states as well. a local fire chief is off the job. the dighton chief was accused of using a taxpayer-funded clothing allowance to buy women's clothes. robert goulston was in dighton when the board of selectmen took action against him. the dighton board of selectmen held an emergency meeting and within minutes -- >> all in favor >> aye. >> reporter: voted to suspend fire chief anton -- one day after he was charged with buying clothes for his girlfriend and billing the town for them. >> we trusted and i believe we were betrayed. >> reporter: they say roderick used wite-out to cross out women and write in men.
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for tube top and jacket. he was embarrassed to buy it and changed the item to read it was men's jacket and it was cut better for his size after he lost 30 pounds. roderick even tried on the clothes including the caprice for investigators to prove that it fit. >> he has offended not only this board but the taxpayers of this time. >> reporter: roderick's attorney said he is saddened by the allegations made against him and strongly denies them includin unfounded allegations made by town officials. a former town employee defend the chief today. >> i am not quite sure what anton roderick did, but avenues great fire chief. >> reporter: right now he is charged with stealing under $250 worth of clothing but the town estimates that the final bill will be in the thousands. in dighton, robert goulston, fox25 news. it is 4:38. today springfield's mayor plans to meet with the president of a local college that no longer flies the american flag on campus.
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college in amherst stopped raising the stars and stripes after students burned flag to protest the election. springfield's mayor took part in demonstrations against the college this weekend. the meeting with school leaders to find a way to bring the flag back to campus. donald trump and his vice president are set to appear in into inget details of the deal they struck with carrier to keep manufacturing jobs in the united states. afterwards, trump will embark, that is, on a victory tour around states that carried him to a surprise victory. the victory lap kicks off in cincinnati, ohio, the is it that i brought some of the biggest crowds during election. the president-elect is also scheduled for a thank you rally in des moines, iowa on saturday. the rest of the schedule will be released later. meanwhile congresswoman nancy pelosi will remain the top ranking democrat in the house of representatives. the california lawmaker survived a challenge from ohio congressman tim ryan.
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democrat in the house since 2002. and stephen lynch and seth moulton endorsed ryan saying the party needed a change in leadership. we will talk more to congressman lynch about this vote at 6. charlie baker is in washington for talks with trams and military leaders. the president met with president of amtrak to discuss rail service and went to the pentagon to talk with the army's chief of staff and discussed six military bases and the governor received an award from governing magazine. we track traffic and weatherer ten minutes. the drive time on 93 south with the 20-minute mark from 495 in andover is southbound to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: currently in boston light rain at 49 degrees. 6 a.m. that time frame we are watching closely in boston because rain will turn a little bit heavier. i will show you how long the showers will last when i am back with new 10.
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experience to a new level. the new option that let's you watch a show on the go even if
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meteorologist shiri spear here and tracking showers from uxbridge to franklin, walpole.
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steadier rain from preliminary nought down to the cape and islands, but a heavy batch of rain working its that by from western massachusetts. the timeline on when that passes through your town in less than five minutes. >> julie: all right, shiri. for more than a year we reported on the opioid crisis both from the perspective of the victims and those who dedicated their life to fight the problem. this morning, fox25's heather hegedus reveals the state is encouraging nursing homes to carry narcan. >> reporter: not the type of place would you expect to see known for its use of reviving heroin patient, but locked inside an emergency kit inside the nursing home and rehabilitation is n ark rcan. >> if any nurses need it, they have a accessible. >> reporter: they had it available for five years and never had to use it but the state issued this letter recommending that all nursing homes have narcan on hand and
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i think it protects us. >> reporter: more and more elderly patients are being given opioids to treat pain, drugs that are highly addictive. they risk overdosing because patients with memory problems and dementia may take more than they need. even family members may be unintended enablers. >> sometimes families feel if their pain is not in control, they might slip them a medication that they are taking at home, even though the nurses to them. >> reporter: the new guidelines also bring up new questions for nursing home staff who wonder just how much they will be held responsible for if a person who isn't a patient overdoses on their property. >> a person walking by the building and we notice them -- and we do notice the signs that they are addicted. where is our liability in helping the resident. >> reporter: the state tells me they will be looking for narcan when inspecting nursing homes, if they do not comply,
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in the studio, heather hegedus, fox25 news. a big sendoff for a world war ii veteran from south boston heading to hawaii. [cheering] >> daniel: 91-year-old ed hamilton jumped on a plane for pearl harbor where he will mark the 75th anniversary of the attack on the naval base. now earlier this month, we reported family, friends and strangers were trying to raise money to send him there. well, they didn't. hamilton says a trip is the way to respect servicemen who have since passed. >> last year there was 100-year-old guy there. 100 years old. played "taps" on a harmonica. now if he is 100 and go, i am 90 something and i will go. >> daniel: wow. hamilton was stationed on the uss bennett during the war and completed three tour of duty and his boat nearly sank off the coast of okinawa.
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harbor next wednesday. so happy so many folks were able to send him there. >> julie: looking forward to it. hopefully he will come back. a lot of green on our map. it is early so volume is very light on route 1 and 93 south. no issues on the pike. expressway moving along fine from the braintree split to columbia road. we have a closure on neelen street because of yesterday's water main break. we have a reporter at the scene and we have an update for you in 15 minutes. live drive t 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 29 minutes. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear is back with us. the kind of rain that is out there this morning, we could even be going 15 feet from the car to the front door and whatever is exposed of it. >> shiri: i walked in this morning and said we have florida rain outside right now. tropical downpours out there. an absolute soaker. julie is right. we have rain. we have fog. she will be telling you all morning.
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you got to take it easy. this is impressive. the three-day rain total which is right here. the whole month of november up until we hit tuesday, we only had 1.39 inches of rain, but then in a two-day span, we basically match that, and we are starting out december nice and juicy. so far today over a quarter inch of rain in boston. and we have this whole thing to go. we have more heavy rain that we will be tracking here that i am going to be tracking until about 7 or 8:00 this moin massachusetts. i have been watching this in the last couple of hours as it moved into mass. looks like it is drying up a little bit or trending into the northern worcester hills and right up to the mass new hampshire border. that won't necessarily pass into boston and we still have rain to go. as you can see here back behind a dry, breezy conditions push in for the afternoon. 49 in boston with the showers, with the fog. and you can see the rain is going to last us i would say until 6 a.m. boop like to see a nice rainy icon at 6 a.m.
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10 a.m. 54. highs in the mid- to upper 50s and brighter and brighter as we go. future cast to break it down. 7 a.m. with lingering rain. 8 a.m. where we dry out again. still some leftover clouds though. and i am going to keep things partly sunny today. a mix of sun and scattered clouds well into the afternoon. we have got highs that are going to be upper 50s to 60 degrees over southeastern massachusetts. boston today hits mid-50s. and this goes into lawrence and into bedford over to maynard as well. worcester a little cooler only 49 degrees and we have lower 50s into milford and nashua, new hampshire. some of the higher elevations inland are going to be the cool spots today. already a little bit breezy along the coastline. gusts at 30 miles per hour on the vineyard and 2 miles per hour in plymouth. the winds also get stronger today and find gusts between 25 and 30 miles per hour. and we are going to do that all over again tomorrow.
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just as breezy. highs that teeter around that 50-degree mark for your friday. seven-day forecast always in view. after we get through showers ending by 8:00 this morning, we do turn brighter and breezy. 59 degrees. 10 degrees cooler tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy. hope to see you at jordan's furniture in natick on saturday from 10 to 2 as we have our coat drop-off day. brighter but a little cooler on your sunday. back to you, guys. househol unavoidable fact of life and marriage. the difference between what wives and husbands say is [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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amazon prime started offering downloads more than a year ago. 1 million android phones have been accessed by hacker. google accounts for downloaded outside the official app stores. to see the full list of apps behind this issue and how to check if your phone is affected by going to facebook is hoping to make its messenger app more fun to use. play games with your contact. the socially in network includes a new feature called instant classic like p ac-man and space invaders and newer titles like words with friends. facebook say the games are free. an innovation and design building once a simple storehouse is the launch pad for a thousand companies again railing millions of dollars in revenue. elizabeth hopkins found the boston company mind the idea say they want nothing in return. >> reporter: in an still have space along boston seaport, something is perculating. >> when you have just an idea.
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assume you are crazy because no one has ever done it before. >> reporter: actually a lot of ideas. >> our company is great gravity and we are redefining how consumers define the home. >> making technology that help video creators. >> my company is battery. we help people order craft beer, wine, spirits from local stores and get delivery been 60 minutes. >> reporter: this is mass challenge. >> one table technology and another table science. >> we are open for world. >> reporter: ideas like stephanie had. >> the little girl in me wants this. >> she can program this. >> reporter: the ideal is jewels, gets girls interested in technology through room decor. >> my dream company. >> reporter: without support, it would have received a dream. >> they spent office space, net working and mentoring choosing 128 companies each year for thousands. for stephanie, the acceptance meant the difference between success and spinning her
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so i was excited. to me it meant you are on the right track. >> reporter: since 2009, math challenge helped 1200 start-ups launch their idea. the nonprofit has no equity. support comes no strings attached. managing director scott bailey say part of their mission to grow companies furthering boston's innovation reputation around the world. >> we can have much greater scale and impact by doing it the way we do. >> reporter: elizabeth hopkins, fox25 news. mass challenge will begin taking applications in february for its next class. find out more information by going to and searching for mass challenge. four minutes until the top of the hour this morning. some streets in chinatown remain closed as crews work to clean up from this big water main break. still ahead this morning, the
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and now, i have got a ton of rain on storm tracker radar. i am timing out what time to expect downpours and when they will finally dry out. a mother killed. a teenaged son placed under arrest. >> zombie-like and he came lunging through the kitchen. >> reporter: how a neighbor's efforts might have spared the life of anothefa and working around the clock to clean up a mess left behind by a water main break 24 hours ago. how experts say that break could be the beginning of a pipe problem looming under boston streets. good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on december 1. we have a brand-new month. how about that. i am gene lavanchy. >> i am sara underwood. at soaker of the morning. meteorologist shiri spear staying busy in the fox25 storm tracker weather center and, wow, what a ride into work, shir.
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right now a little bit of it lightening up especially in and around the boston area 49 degrees. we have temperatures hovering around 50. that just shows you how mild it is here to start off our new month. we have some heavier rain out across western massachusetts and southwestern new hampshire now that is going to be pivoting into central and eastern mass in the next couple of hours. visibility is a challenge in boston in fact. visibility down to half a mile. this is going to be an issue until 8 a.m. rain as well as fog. this is our hour-by-hou many of you, 6, 7:00, the rain showers continue by 8 a.m. we are done. not just drying out and slowly going to start to clear out. i suspect we will still have some lingering clouds and brighter in the afternoon. highs well into the 50s today. even some of you close to 60. i have got an hour-by-hour look with futurecast coming up. julie grauert is back now with live drive time traffic. julie, take it away. >> julie: shiri, things are looking good.


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