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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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right now a little bit of it lightening up especially in and around the boston area 49 degrees. we have temperatures hovering around 50. that just shows you how mild it is here to start off our new month. we have some heavier rain out across western massachusetts and southwestern new hampshire now that is going to be pivoting into central and eastern mass in the next couple of hours. visibility is a challenge in boston in fact. visibility down to half a mile. this is going to be an issue until 8 a.m. rain as well as fog. this is our hour-by-hou many of you, 6, 7:00, the rain showers continue by 8 a.m. we are done. not just drying out and slowly going to start to clear out. i suspect we will still have some lingering clouds and brighter in the afternoon. highs well into the 50s today. even some of you close to 60. i have got an hour-by-hour look with futurecast coming up. julie grauert is back now with live drive time traffic. julie, take it away. >> julie: shiri, things are looking good.
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closer to 6:30. leave early because of those wet road. a closure at neelen between harrison avenue and stewart street because yesterday's water main break. moving along quincy, naponset into south boston. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound. 8 minutes on the expressway. 19 minutes on 93 south approaching the leverett connector. back to you. happening today, an 18-year-old man will answer to charges that he brutally stabbed his m >> gene: neighbors say the whole scene was surreal as the teen's grandmother ran to his grandmother's house screaming. live where the tragic situation unfolded. michael. >> reporter: after spending hours late into the night investigating in brockton, all things are clear now. just the remnants of some yellow police tape in front of this home after a deadly family stabbing.
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tragic. >> reporter: a mother killed. a son arrested for the crime. >> i said no, you are not going in. >> reporter: marianne monteiro who lives near the crime scene in brockton ended up right in the middle of a terrifying situation. >> i knew it was something bad only because she was wailing and screaming. >> reporter: the "she" was the grandmother of 18-year-old frantz polynice. police say that stabbed his mom mania meneide. killing her. >> she grabbed my hand and pulled me to the house. >> reporter: when monteiro saw polynice. >> he was zombie like and he lunged to the door where we were standing. i said, no, you are not going in.
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and they got the knife and arrested polynice on the scene. >> a mother-son relationship. for it to end this way it is terrible and tragic and we need to find out what happened. >> reporter: polynice faces charges of homicide and assault and battery with a deadly weapon. he will be arraigned in brockton district court today. fox25 will be there. live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 news. new this morning, brockton police searching a wooded area overnight after a car crash involving a police crui 1:30 this morning. you can see several officers and on pleasant street in the area of sumner street. we are working to learn more about what started the incident. breaking news right now in washington state where police are in a standoff with a suspect who shot and killed a police officer. the gunman has been barricaded in a house for several hours now and police don't think anyone is there with him. the officer who was shot was responding to a toe mess
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neighbors reported hearing shots fired shortly after police arrived. fellow officers got the wounded officer out. he was pronounced dead at the hospital hours later. happening now, construction crews are continuing their work to fix a broken water main in watertown. live look of the work being done now 24 hours after the 125-year-old pipe broke causing fires and floods. our jessica reyes is back in chinatown this morning and jess, this pipe is still causing a lot of problems for people in that >> reporter: it's all right, gene. 24 hours since this first started yesterday since that water main break and created this whole mess. if you look over to me, things are looking a whole lot better than what we are seeing yesterday morning. this is moon street and shut down from harrison to washington coming into the city and this is a whole lot better than what we are seeing just about 24 hours ago. the main that break is 20 inches wide and crews had to go in and replace a 12-inch stretch of that rain. the broken main caused water
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neelen street, a very busy intersection here in downtown boston. some of that water did seep into manholes under ground and we hoed you that that set off a chain of electrical fires under ground. those fires with poisonous gases that led to evacuations yesterday >> the fire was outputting a lot of co and we had to evacuate a lot of the businesses on the north side of neelen street. >> reporter: one of those businesses was hospital. about 100 guests were forced out into the cold, lots of them wrapped in blankets. once again, neelen closed. for people come in the city. that identify has been closed. closed for 24 hours and crews hope to open it for the morning commute and we will keep you posted throughout the morning. live in downtown boston, jessica reyes, fox25 news. muslim civil rights groups in massachusetts are asking for more police protection of places of worship after a rhode island mosque was sent a
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the children of satan and called muslims vile and filthy people. officials at the islamic center of rhode island say the threats made them worry for their families and communities. >> the new president-elect would do more things. and this is really alarming. >> sara: the mosque has turned the letter over to the fbi. the same letter sent to islamic centers across the country the history of complaints against an abandoned home roxbury killing one person. the globe is reporting that the city received complaints of the property on george street for months before it burned down. city inspectors boarded it up several times and only found squatters in it days before the fire. at this time, the city boarded up the home again and condemned it. the fire killed a woman and badly burned her boyfriend
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in a super max prison in shirley for the murder of odin lloyd, his new legal team is hard at work preparing for his new trial. in boston, hernandez is accused of killing to then a drive-by in 2012. hernandez's defense team is not leaving anything for chance. they are asking to see every bit of evidence and credentials of everyone that handled it. >> looks like a general fishing expedition going on here. expedition a lot of areas that are appropriate for the defense to be looking into. >> gene: the jury in the new thrill not likely be known that hernandez is already a convicted murder. a florida company will pay fines for the death at a fairgrounds. walker international events have settled a settlement with osha. a vermont man and his daughter were killed. the company ignored weather
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build a circus tent that collapsed in lancaster. a carver town employee is charged with larceny and conspiracy accused of stealing food from a senior center. david lavois was the cook and site manager. they were ticked off when he ordered prime rib for the center but instead served buffalo wings. surveillance video show him using his keys after hour and caught his girlfriend and her daughter leaving with trays of food. >> i just can't believe that he would steal, a person. >> the people that need the food, more of bland nature, not usually buffalo chicken wings. not something that would normally be served to an elderly population. >> sara: police say canned food donated to the meals-on-wheels were also stolen. lavois was put on administrative leave and later resigned. his girlfriend and daughter have also been charged. reading police are trying to track down this suspect
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connected with several break-ins. the manager responsible for 14 break-ins at nearby businesses. they found this picture of him where he allegedly tried to use a stolen credit card at a store and call police if you recognize him. an elementary school in blackstone is reviewing its protocols after a second-grade girl was given ritalin instead of motrin. kelly russell said 7-year-old daughter madison fell in the lunchroom and went to the nurse to get a pain reliever. instead of motrin, she was given 5 milligram a treatment to prevent attention deficit disorder. >> she said hi, ava. i said my name is not ava and she proceeded to give me the medicine. >> people should be aware of it. >> gene: kelly russell said the nurse called her in a panic to apologize but never received a call from the superintendent. the school said it is reviewing all protocols to make sure this does not happen again. state lawmakers are
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industry. lawmakers will use the state's emergency fund to set up a regulatory board which will create all of the rules and regulation before pot shops can begin selling marijuana in 2018. the state did the same thing to pay for casino regulations when casino gambling was legalized. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. good morning, right now on 93 southbound, an easy 20-minute ride, but leave early if you can because the roads shiri. >> shiri: a mild day because high temperatures close to 60 degrees. early rains and then turning partly cloudy and breezy. i will time out the winds and what time we dry out when i am back in just a few. 5:10 this morning. a bear has been spotted prowling a neighborhood. next the item that lured a bear on to one homeowner's deck.
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welcome back. 5:13. meteorologist shiri spear. showers for most of you where you tonight see the bright greens and yellows, to athol the heaviest rain and south massachusetts from foxborough southward. i am back in five minutes to show you how much more rain we have to go. weeks after winning the presidential election, donald trump is hitting the road and saying th victory tour. one of the first stops, the place where he has already fulfilled a campaign stop. our daniel miller is with the battleground states that the president-elect is visiting. >> reporter: indianapolis, indiana is expected to be the first stop on the pence-trump tour. the sprengt will formally announce a deal that will keep 1,000 jobs with air conditioning manufacturer carrier in the united states. mr. trump and the investigate-elect will be at the carrier facility but not
5:15 am
deal is about maintaining a favorable relationship with the trump administration. right carrier's parent company receives $5.6 billion in federal money. trump have campaigned to keep jobs like these in the u.s. or punish companies that move out of the country. after the stop in indiana mr. trump and vice president-elect will head to cincinnati for a thank you rally for voters. other stops are still up in the air this morning. the trump campaign says it will that voted for him in the election. meanwhile, there is new speculation of who will fill possible cabinet positions. former alaska governor sarah palin has emerged for a candidate for the secretary of veteran affairs. palin took to facebook and reshared her work for veterans that puts her up against massachusetts senator scott brown. brown has met with trump and felt like he was the best man for the job and former massachusetts governor mitt
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position. but trump's transition team say former new york mayor rudy julianne have also made the list. also two other people up for the position, but the trump team would not name them. they said there is no time line for a final decision. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller, fox25 news. a wisconsin judge says county clerks are not required to recount the state's ballots by hand today. despite a lawsuit filed by former green party candidate the county ruled that county officials with determine how petition want to carry out the recount. the lawsuit failed to show enough evidence. stein have filed recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. good morning, everyone. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. things nice and quiet out there, but the roads will be a little bit slick because of the overnight rain. expressway moving along fine. no issues on 128 as you approach the pike. north of the pike, route 1, 93
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neelen street in chinatown because of that overnight water main break and a report for you coming up in just a few minutes. a live look at the zakim bridge. you can see it is dark out there, of course, but a little hazy from the rain this is coming down. live drive times, 12 minutes from route 1 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, you are saying mainly light rain until 6:00 and dealing with a heavier between 6 and 7 a.m. >> shiri: that's what i am thinking. between 6 and 7 a.m. the heaviest rain. boston picking up third of an inch. half an inch in worcester and over that in orange and westfield. deep in mind western massachusetts already had the last batch of heavy rain come through and yet to pass totally across central and eastern massachusetts. it is losing a little steam as it goes and i wanted to time out the back end of this rain for you here.
5:18 am
in worcester at about 7:00 this morning. showers should be finding down. providence, rhode island, 7:20. boston, 7:43 and plymouth at 8:05. by 8:00 this morning, everybody will be likely dry again. to portsmouth, new hampshire. 49 degrees right now. a milder rain. visibility is low because we have also got some fog out there this morning. showers will last us until 7 o'clock this morning. between 7 and 8, winding down. by 9 a.m., will have a ton of sun out there but start that low process of brightening up a little more sunshine in your afternoon forecast. now to plymouth end up being a warmer day. 10 degrees warmer in fact in plymouth than it is in portsmouth, new hampshire. 59 degrees and almost 60 with rain hours. those showers lasting between 7 and 8:00 this morning and temperatures hovering in the upper 50s most of the day. it does as i mention get brighter into the afternoon. so futurecast just to take you hour by hour, you can see we
5:19 am
by 8 a.m. we are dry again. the clouds will probably be a little more plentiful than future cast showing us here. we will go with a mix of sun and scattered clouds here into the afternoon. high of 56 degrees in boston and beverly and plymouth today. 54 in bedford. we start getting into the worcester hills, and a little cooler at those higher elevations. upper 40s in worcester. upper 40s in keene, new hampshire. 57 degrees in hyannis and the vineyard. probably a couple of 60s wedged in florida for southernmost new england. sunny, breezy, clear. tomorrow, the winds are with us 46 to 50 degrees. those winds tart to pick up today and will last us into the first half of the weekend. the weekend starts off somewhat mild. mid-40s in hyannis and boston and concord, new hampshire on saturday. sunday, we drop it by a cup of degrees. upper 40s and lower 50s. and hello december. those are december-like temperatures. rain until 8 a.m.
5:20 am
keeping things partly cloudy. only slight risk of a sprinkle or temperature in in your friday forecast. weekend shaping up nice and dry. but we have a light mix possible again on monday. back to you. >> gene: now 5:19. a new push to get overdose reversing drugs into facilities that help the elderly. the state says it is important to get the drugs into every nursing home. a police officer will not be charged in the death of a black man in charlotte that sparked protests.
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this morning, a fs continue to burn in eastern tennessee and increasing. they found three more bodies bringing the number to to seven and many say their family members are missing. >> called the shelters here. they said she wasn't here. just hoping for a miracle. >> gene: more than 700 buildings have been destroyed and damaged. 300 of those in popular vacation town of gatlinburg. thousands have been evacuated from the area since monday when the fires quickly spread from the great smokey mountains fueled by high
5:24 am
protesters took to the treats in charlotte, north carolina hours after a prosecutor announced that the black atmosphere who shot and killed a black man will not face charges. a-month investigation found officer brentley vinson acted lawfully when he shot keith scott in september. officer v+ inson saw scott holding a gun and fired at him out of concern of public safety. >> at that time, his break was as threat of death or death of officers, and that -- he was justified in shooting. >> sara: prosecutors determined that scott did, in fact, did have a gun on him. a claim that his family denied immediately after the shooting. investigators also say the gun was cocked and the safety was off at the time of the shooting. bird feeders in one neighborhood are attracting unwanted guests. look at this surveillance video.
5:25 am
food. he didn't stop there, visited a neighbor's house leaving claw marks on their deck and dragged an entire bird feeder into the woods. >> he is very brazen on the deck right outside that window and doesn't i'm to bother him if anybody is around or not. >> gene: that will get your attention, wouldn't it. a bobcat seen on surveillance video a few weeks ago. it is best to bring bird seed inside at night so animals don't come looking for it and birds don't eat at night birds don't eat at night anyway. >> sara: i think i would just move. the boston pops kicked off their traditional holiday season with a little help from mayor marty walsh. >> merry christmas to all, and to all, a good night. [cheering] >> sara: the mayor joined the orchestra to read 'twas the night before christmas. they will recognize different
5:26 am
new christmas medleys. the boston pop also be performing their holiday show through christmas eve. not looking a whole lot like christmas. i have got rain in the forecast. just plain rain through 6, 7:00 this morning. through 8 a.m. most of you drying out. an hour-by-hour look with [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. now at 5:30, a local mother found murdered in her home. her son is accused of killing her, and this morning prosecutors are set to reveal his alleged motive. a controversial pipeline is expected to be activated in west roxbury today. why the fight over it may not be over. and a shake-up on the calendar. why one state lawmaker wants
5:30 am
halloween. good morning, everybody. now coming up to 5:30 on this thursday morning, first day of december? >> sara: i can't believe it really. >> gene: i know 24 days left for christmas. if gets easier for me to count. i have it figured out. >> sara: thank you for waking up this morning and looking outside. a lot of rain out there. shiri her to see when things might clear up? >> shiri: things clear up later on and mild rain out there. maybe a first day of decemb we already have some spots with temperatures close to 60 degrees. no joke. 47 in barre. 45 in worcester. the rain is light there. you will find heavier rain across southern new hampshire with temperatures in the middle 40s. 51 in lynn and boston and milton right now. tell you what, milton, braintree, walpole, southward, we have that wall of rain. even in boston where we don't have any bright green popping right now, it will still be drizzly and still damp. heavy rain passing over the
5:31 am
the vineyard 60. so is falmouth and acushnet right now. it is wet and mild. it is not that really, really cold rain that i would expect this time of year to. so 52 degrees at 7 a.m. it will be foggy. we still have showers left just after that though. we dry out, and by lunchtime, partly sunny, 55 degrees and breezy and brighter this afternoon at around 58 degrees. i will keep that sun-cloud combo in place and clear it out overnight tonight. tonight i will ow how much more rain is planned in the next few showers in a cup of minutes. julie grauert back as we check traffic and weatherer ten minutes. singd before 138. overall volume is light so not a problem yet. average speed 50 miles per hour 37 people are speeding. speed limit is 65 miles per hour. our routes 1 and 93 south is clear. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound. 11 minutes on the expressway. 28 minutes on 128 south from
5:32 am
back to you. this morning a man is under arrest accused of killing his own mother. police say 18-year-old franz polynice stabbed his mom in his brockton home. he is charged with homicide and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. at this time, police have not released a motive in the case. this morning roads around chinatown are shut down after a nasty water main break. we showed you this break yesterday morning as water covered parts of washington street. the wate manholes leading to two electrical fires underground. right now several streets are still blocked off. it is unclear when it will reopen. it has been the subject of protests for years, and natural gas pipeline that runs through west roxbury goes online today. our catherine parrotta live in west roxbury with more for us. catherine, good morning. >> reporter: good morning and ongoing protests about this pipeline project for the past two years.
5:33 am
mentioned, the pipeline is scheduled to be activated today. still local residents and even local officials are vowing they will continue to fight this. now this pipeline is a spectra pipeline in west roxbury, a five-mile pipeline and part of a larger $1 billion project to increase the natural gas is up fly new england. they say the pipeline runs near an open quarry that uses dynamite and they are afraid there could be an explosion. mayor marty walsh and other officials sent letters to federal regulators as well as the houston company that owns the pipeline saying they failed to share important safety information with boston fire and police department. walsh previously filed a federal lawsuit challenging the federal regulatory approval of the project. despite that, spectra the company that own the pipeline did release a short statement simply saying that this project and all the facilities involved, they do meet and exceed the federal safety standards and regulations, and, again, we are in an area
5:34 am
the past two years. we don't see anyone here now and will keep you posted through the morning. live in west roxbury, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. a fire chief is now off the job accused of billing the town for gifts he bought for her girlfriend. the board of selectmen voted to suspend anton roderick without pay. they say he used his clothing allowance to buy caprices, tube top and they claim women clothes fit him better after he lost weight. a plymouth county sheriff deputy is recovering at home this morning after a car crashed in rockland. police tell us the officer had been headed to a call when a car tried to turn in front of him on beach street. according to the "patriot ledger" the driver did not notice the officer trying to pass him. the driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. the state regulators are urging nursing homes to carry the overdose-reversing drug
5:35 am
the center in norwood say they have had narcan on hand for five years and never used it. administrators there say it is food to have just in case because elderly patients are frequently given opioid to treat pain. >> sometimes families feel that if their pain is not in control, they might give them medication they are taking at home even though the nurses have already given them. they see their loved one in pain and may prescription in their pocket and give them more. >> reporter: nursing home staff are concerned of how responsible they will have to be for someone who isn't a patient but overdoses on the property. a third time in the row, the salvation army red kettles are receiving a number sparkling donations. diamond rings have recently showed up in red kettles in waltham and northbridge. donations made since the salvation army raised $27,000 from an online auction of
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two years. a massachusetts lawmaker twoopts change when halloween is celebrated. state representative josh cutler has filed a bill that will send trick or treaters out on the last saturday in october. he said he proposed a change after a selectmen in pen broke said it will make the holiday safer. most lawmakers are torn on this idea saying having the holiday on a weekend could mean an increase in crime. 5:36. the mbta h unusual testing. why these
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all right, time for weather and traffic together and you have the rain and doesn't help the traffic, so it is kind of important to found out what is going on. >> sara: i don't know about you guys but my drive into work wasn't fun. coming counsel. you said torrential rain on your ride in, shir. this big picture. harder to make out the raindrops on the lens. they are there and slippery and slick out there for you. 93 south your drive time 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. shiri is here now with the bus stop forecast, i can see those clouds at least on the ground. you updated those. they are dark and red. >> shiri: brought a gloomy too look to that bus stop
5:40 am
map. check that fox25 weather app for your temperature this morning and i will hold you steady and i will bring you rain showers through 7:00 this morning. by 8 a.m., the turn around will start. very different conditions for kids, parents, teachers coming home from school and i will break down those changes and when the sunshine is finally back in town in ten minutes. sara. >> sarah: all right, shiri. you no longer need a wi-fi signal to access your favorite show and movies shows offline. members have the action to downline shows and movies. the feature is free with all netfilx members. maybe sure you have the most recent netflix app. netflix competitor amazon prime started offering downloads more than a year ago. found a way to make sugar sweeter. the kit kat maker said that will help hem reduce the
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5:42 am
than likely to say even at 50/50. i think that is about right. >> sara: i really don't want to talk about this right now. >> gene: i will leave that right there. 5:41. he spoke against nancy pelosi. and now pelosi has won reelection. coming up at 6:00, we will talk live with congressman stephen lynch about the outcome of the election and the future of the democratic party. a local apartment complex
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5:44. meteorologist shiri spear. two batches of rain we are watching and a lot of drizzle in between.
5:45 am
in hull over to norwood, franklin and southward over southeastern massachusetts and another batch right now in southern new hampshire. those are the most significant showers out there. but boston still has rain drops to go. your hour-by-hour forecast in less than five minutes. happening right now, a brockton man is sitting in a jail cell awaiting arraignment on charges he murdered his mother. police say 18-year-old franz polynice stabbed his mother in their brockton home. and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. we will have a crew in the court house for his arraignment and new information of why that teen allegedly attacked his mother. a live look in chinatown where repairs are still being made to a water main break. things are a little bit better now and yesterday, this area right here was under two feet of water. the mayor is blaming the city's old infrastructure for the break. we do have a crew monitoring the road closures and let you know when everything opens
5:46 am
he begins his victory tour. first stop, indianapolis, where he is expected to make a formal announcement about the deal to keep hundreds of jobs for the carrier company in the u.s. trump has been off to cincinnati, ohio. the trump campaign say the tour will include 30 states that voted for him in the election. gene? >> gene: a local apartment complex under scrutiny for repeated calls to police over the last year. the same place in lowell where a local mom died in the arms of her special needs son just our daniel miller joins us, and daniel, one local city city councillor is calling the apartment complex the wild, wild west. >> reporter: lowell police have had 600 calls this year alone to the westminster apartment complex. safeties is such a problem a lowell city councilor is taking action to help keep people safe. last week we told but the mother attacked by a group of people in front of her special needs son. the woman later died of her injuries. this incident is one of many that have happened throughout
5:47 am
they are now afraid to go outside by themselves. lowell city councilor rodney elliott is calling for the management company to be responsible for the unsafe environment. he wants them to add security guard, cameras and the police officer at the complex at the cost of the company, not the taxpayers. >> it is like the wild west there. 431 units of housing here are, and there has been reckless behavior for -- for quite some time management company's office to try to speak to them about the safety issues, but they would not comment. the manager referred us to the corporate office based in new york and we called and left a voicemail. the city manager and superintendent is meeting with the complex manager to discuss how the two addressed the issue. they hope to have a plan of action in place by the end of the week. we will keep you updated on that. in the newsroom, daniel miller, fox25 news.
5:48 am
lack of fuel could be blamed due to newly leaked audio recordings between the pilot and air traffic controller. 71 people were killed in the crash. the plane was carrying a soccer team. five people including three players survived. >> come on, get in here. get out of of the car! >> dramatic video of a rescue. the car crashes into tr screamed for the driver to get out but the driver was struck. >> the driver's door was crumpled and. >> gene: police had to break open the tailgate to get the driver out of car and then the car went up in flames. springfield's mayor plans to meet with the local college that no longer flies the american flag on campus. hampshire college in amherst
5:49 am
flax to protest the election. springfield mayor soak place in demonstrations against the college this weekend. the meeting with school leaders is to discuss a way to bring the flag back to campus. 5:48. will the real boston celtics please stand up. just when you think the green has it together they take another step backwards. al horford back after to be with his wife and newborn daughter. kelly o the first quarter and adds 19 for the game. 7-9 shooting on target. the real story, pretty much scored at will. one of six pistons in double figures. celtics down 10. and hangs in the air 3 the hard way. celtics had the lead but that didn't last off the turnover. down the other end, pope with the slam and the pistons beat
5:50 am
the players and the league agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement. smokeless tobacco will be banned for all new big league players. and the winning league of the all-star game will no longer have home field advantage at the world series. instead the pennant winner with the best record will have home field. the rematch of super bowl xxxvi is now just four days away. patriots and rams in foxborough during halftime, the pats will honor the 2001 super bowl champs. fox25 has you covered. we will look back at this incredible season with the dawn of the dynasty. we are talking to greats from that super bowl run, drew bledsoe, troy brown. dawn of the dynasty starts after our morning news.the game kicks off at 1:00 here on fox25.
5:51 am
forecast. a lot of rain driving in. a lot of rain hanging around this morning. >> sara: let's talk about it. >> shiri: the amount of rain equals everything that we had in november. take a look at this because up until monday, we only had about 1.4 inches of rain. then tuesday and wednesday, we basically doubled that. and today so far, we are up to a 3rd of an inch. a wet end to november. a very juicy start to your december as well. the key there is the fact that it is all just a snowflake out there. it is way too warm for that. so we have the system coming through and is going to drag through showers until 8:00. back behind that it turns dry and breezy as well for the afternoon. so i just wanted to pause that future cast at 7 a.m. because we still have rain in particular across eastern massachusetts, but by 8 a.m., it is basically off the map and offshore here 37 so don't expect it to clear out immediately. we still have clouds to get through this morning once we hit the afternoon, the late
5:52 am
another item that you can't quite see from futurecast, the fact that it will be breezy out there. winds will gust 20 to 30 miles per hour. not a damaging wind but enough to be a little bit of a damage. temperature at close to 60 degrees in southeastern mass. some of these towns and city do reach 60. close to it in new bedford. 56 in marshfield. 57 in hyannis. boston at about 55 degrees this afternoon. 53 in nashua, neha for a lot of you close to the temperature that you see out there now. you are basically dressing now for what you have most of the day. this is our warm one though, soft starting tomorrow, 10 degrees cooler for the afternoon and upper 40s for many of you. temperatures continue to drop into the weekend as well. milder day ends up being saturday. sunday, we have got some spots that are going to struggle to even get up to 40 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. 59 today.
5:53 am
temperature in in your friday forecast. 99% of you will be nice and dry. saturday, 46 degrees. it is our coat drop-off day at jordan's furniture from 10 until 2:00. the entire fox25 stormtracker weather team. bring coats. we are trying to get 300. good goal. saturday, 42 and brighter and the risk for a light mix on monday. julie grauert is up with live drive time traffic this morning. julie, how are things looking? >> julie: things are moving commuter approximates bright green in brockton to the weymouth area to the braintree split. this accident on 128 south not slowing things down. things are so quiet not having an impact on the drive times. expressway moving along without issue. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 3 as you approach the split. 1 minutes on 24. 15 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to columbia road. back to you. drivers in boston will soon have to slow down.
5:54 am
miles per hour starting january 9. the city council approved mayor marty walsh's request yesterday. transportation worker also replace all speed limit signs before then. the mayor says the change is a big step forward in helping to meet his goal of no deadly crashes in the hub by 2030. the t tested out the height of the new orange line cars. the foam blocks on the roof is to make sure that the new cars fit in the tunnels. they are a little b because they have the heating and air conditioning units on the roof. earlier this month we showed you these pictures of what the new orange line subway car also look like. 150 of them have been ordered but they won't be ready for service for another two years. the new neighborhood of vice president mike pence doesn't agree with his views. they plan to organize a protest. pence's new washington neighborhood, people are putting up rainbow flags. a peaceful way to stand with
5:55 am
concerned of pence's policies on gay rights. >> a respectful message. in my my disagreement with some of his thinking. >> neighbors plan to fly the flags until january when pence moves into the vice president's mansion. until then, they say he is welcome in the neighborhood. well, kanye west is now out of the hop. the rapper checked out of the uc la hospital after a ten-day stay. because of the anniversary of his mother's funeral. kanye much cancelled part of his san pablo tour. he was supposed to play at the td garden later this month. beachgoers are calling these jelly fish, balloons and even aliens. thousands of them washed up on shore and scientists are trying to figure out what they are. one of researcher say a bureauing sea cucumber.
5:56 am
the recent storm is why so many have washed up now. a florida community is celebrating after an incredible rescue of a manatee stuck in a storm drain. jacksonville workers noticed the mammal yesterday morning while paving a street. they worked for six hours digging a whole and cutting through pipe to free the animal and last night the manatee arrived at sea world for a check-up. >> after being trapped for so long we want to make sure she is move on and she looks like a normal manatee. >> sara: he looked at the manatee's heart and ran some blood tests and the mammal seems nobody good health. i am glad the manatee is healthy again. >> gene: we all are. congressman stephen lynch took a stance against the leadership of his own party. we will talk to lynch about the challenge of nancy pelosi and the future of the
5:57 am
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield,
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6:00 am
>> reporter: how a neighbor might have spared the life of another family member. and 24 hours later in parts of chinatown are still shut down following a water main break. next, why the city is warning that this could be the tip of the iceberg for our infrastructure problems. good morning, everybody. 6:00 on this thursday morning, december 1. your morning is off to a fantastic start. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: an i am sara underwood. a soaker of a day. shiri spear is weather center here to time out eventual improvement. >> a couple more hours to go here of the rain out there and you can see we have plentiful rain showers. and the rain has broken into two pieces. one tracking in southern new hampshire and there will be a northern trend to that. in the next two hours and boston at risk for seeing decent rain. 61 degrees in the city right now. a mild rain for most. some 40s on the map north and west of boston here and we


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