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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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times. the busing move that could prove to be a nightmare for working families. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us now at 6:00 on this friday morning. it is december 2. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: and i am sara underwood. clear skies back in town this morning perfect to kick off our weekend. meteorologist shiri spear says we have a nice stretch of weather headed into saturday and sunday and chilly temperatures. >> shiri: yeah, you remember how warm it was yesterday morning -- that is completely gone. we than it was yesterday at this time. at 40 in boston. 37 in plymouth and norwood. 32 in nashua, new hampshire. and 34 in worcester. and we are running mostly clear and the game plan for melrose and this stands for most of you. temperatures are not shifting until we hit 8:00 this morning or even a little bit later. by 10 a.m. 44 degrees. upper 40s to about 50 degrees noontime and into the
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winds will be the home with different story. 22-mile-per-hour gusts. what that means for wind chills now and this afternoon when i am back with you in 10. julie grauert is live drive time traffic starting off north of the city. >> julie: things are looking good. a half an hour before things pick up closer to 6:30. route 1 and 93 south are clear. pike moving along fine. the only slow spot i am seeing as you approach columbia road because of an earlier stalled car and that's why we are seeing a few more tail lights than usual. live drive times. 23 minutes on the pike eastbound. 17 minutes on the expressway. 25 minutes on 93 south approaching the zakim bridge. back to you. breaking news overnight from milton. two people are dead following a fiery crash. a car went off the road and hit a tree on rush hit road. that car then caught fire. two people were pronounced
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taken to boston medical center. state police are investigating why that car went off the road. also breaking this hour near two college campuses, a police cruiser involved in an overnight crash. >> sara: all happened near wentworth technical. our catherine parrotta is live in roxbury where a car collided with a wentworth police cruiser, catherine. >> reporter: right now we are pretty much on the campus of wentworth. northeastern down ruggles boston police department down ruggles street to give you an idea where in roxbury this is or where this cruiser was hit at the intersection with parker street that you see in the area behind me. the scene has been cleared. traffic is moving as it typically would. we are working to get more details about this. details are scares at this hour. but here is what we -- scarce but this is what we know so far. the crash happened at parker and ruggles street overnight. a crew on the scene said the
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police cruiser and the officer was take by ambulance to the hospital with minor years. a second scene there. look at that video there often mcdpree vis way. several vehicles with their windows shot out. we are working to learn how and if the two incidents are connected and i have looked online from information from boston implement. i haven't seen details just yet. of course we will be touching base with them later on this morning to find out what we can find out about these incidents. we don't know if any arrests have a been made. a lot of things we are worki and keep you filled in on all of that. live in roxbury, catherine parrotta, back to you. new this morning post police are investigating a shooting in dorchester. , told that a male victim was shot in the face and chest at the corner of deafen and normandy streets and a short time later, a suspect was taken into custody. an officer on scene tells us that the victim is expected to survive. happening today, patriots tight end rob gronk gronkowski goes under the night for
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star. the team and gronk's family says this treatment is for the best. michael henrich live in foxboro. the patriots are thinking long term. >> reporter: they have to because short-terminus is not great for the patriots. one of their greatest offensive weapons on the team won't make it the rest of the season even if they make the super bowl. that will bear some watching. patriots and gronkowski family released a joint statement detailing the recent history quote if here. with the help of the patriots medical staff along with the consultation of several medical experts, it has been determined in rob's best long-term have to undergo surgery to address his lower back injury. rob is expected to have surgery friday. we do not expect that he will be able to play for the remainder of the 2016 season but will await the results of friday's surgery, excuse me before making a final
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him. he had this so say about the injury on the radio. >> we understand the challenge that is ahead. it becomes more challenging when you lose such a great player in gronk but i don't think any of us will give up on what we are trying to accomplish. our thoughts are with him and we are all wishing him the very best and hope he gets better as soon as possible. >> reporter: the back injury that gronk picked up during sunday's match-up against the jets came after heis history and the herald did a math on the record with gronk and without him and they are 77-21 with gronk. 15-7 without. so the pats are still dominant without him on the field. but not as dominant as when he is on the field. all eyes now are on how the patriots will respond this sunday. live in foxboro, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> gene: as michael mentioned gronk with several injuries
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the pressure point. the knee, the hamstring, the chest and the back now. injuries have forced him to 21 games in the regular season and post-season. during the 2013, he missed 11 games for various injuries including a torn acl. gronk is expected to need eight weeks to recover from this surgery. that means he might be ready -- maybe, for the super bowl if the patriots get that far. for now, it is time for the next man martelis bennett. the patriots signed him in the off season, the 6'6", 2 29-pound, five catches with 545 yards and four touchdowns. he -- he has been dealing with a bruised knee. station have you covered. sunday's game against the rams will be right here on fox25 at 1:00. our coverage starts well before kick off.
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will be hosting an hour-long special called "dawn of the dynasty". the team that will be honored at halftime. 15 years me it or not since they won that first super bowl. dawn of the dynasty begins at 10 a.m. developing news in lawrence. police are working to identify a headless body found along a river bank and one local family said it could be a teenaged boy missing for weeks. our jessa lawrence with the mystery surrounding this. >> reporter: sara, a woman walking a dog found that body along banks of the merrimack river not too far from where we are standing right no but.there are so many questions about this. the most pressing of course being who this person is. >> something that happened. >> reporter: one day after a decapitated body was found on the banks of the merrimack
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river, family members are praying it is not him. he has been missing since mid-november. his family has been putting up missing flyers for month and last week, he haven't used his cell phone, social media or credit cards. >> i want to make sure that it is not him, because we want to have closure which -- because he has been found and if no word of him and i am really worried and concerned. >> reporter: the essex county da's office said a woman walking her dog in lawrence discovered her body on river a friend of the family says the body was decapitated. local and state police were at the scene for hours. the medical examiner has since taken the body to figure out who it is and how they died. mean whooped checo, a mother herself, can't help but feel the family's pain. >> i feel bad because this is somebody's son, you know. >> reporter: whether it is your friend's or not. >> exactly. regardless, i feel bad and i
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situation. >> reporter: the medical examiner we know still does have the body this morning. the family waiting for the identification. one thing that lawrence police do want to make clear for the public this they do believe this is an isolated incident and there is no danger to the public. sara, back to you. >> sara: gentlemen, thank you. a 13-year-old boy is facing charges accused of raping a chimed in north reading. the child was arrested at leary middle sc parents there say no one at the school told them about the boy's arrest. >> oh, my god, that is terrible. i never heard about that. my daughter is 14 and she comes here, you know what i mean. >> we tried speaking with the principal, but she declined to comment. investigators and school officials are not providing for information on in case because it involves minor. 6:09 -- pardon me -- --
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conducting more injuries and the president-elect was in ohio last night for first stop. >> we are is a very divided nation and won't be divided for long. i always brought people together -- i know you find that hard to believe. >> reporter: despite problems with traffic around cincinnati. the rally was sparse. few thousand people showing up and. a raucous speech that touched on most of the campaign promises that helped get him elected. >> today you are older and cases you have two jobs, some of that is because of obamacare and by the way, we are repealing and replacing obamacare. [cheering] >> gene: also several groups of protestors and at one point trump turned around and told them they should have voted. he is planning more rallies in florida, north carolina, michigan but details from not
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an objection to the vote recount in michigan. it comes one day after jill stein. trump said time constraints and stein's fourth-place finish for reasons to stop the request. the recount was scheduled. trump won the state by 11,000 votes. new this morning, the boston public school system is looking to save money and that could lead to drastically different school start times. according to the "globe" the district want t and 9:30 that would allow district buses to make three runs instead of two and the change could mean that children from the same families could be headed to schools hours apart. the district has not finalized which schools will be changing their start times. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. look at the expressway right now and our drive time there. up a 24 minutes. long out of those single digits from the braintree
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wind chills 31 in boston and 24 in worcester and that's where we stay for the neck couple of hours. the warmest wind chills that i can find for knew the afternoon just in the lower 40s. break down those high temperatures. which towns and cities get up to 50 degrees next. 6:12 this morning. still coming your way. face to face with danger. a clerk at a local liquor store surprised by two masked men. how he is able to keep calm during this terrifying [ bell clangs ] celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. back at 6:15. a frightening crime caught on camera. two masked men burst into a liquor store and demand cash. police believe that store was not their only target. daniel miller joins us. those gunmen waited for the right opportunity to pounce.
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behind the counter. the clerk says he has worked at the store for five years and this was the first time he has been robbed. the robbery happened wednesday night at the belvedere liquors on concord street in lowell. he was behind the counter when one man in a scream mask and another wearing a key mask burst in. one man had a hundred dollarsgun and the other a sawed-off shotgun and they threatened him and told him to get the money out of the cash register. they took all of the cash a of hen necessity. -- hennessey. tells our ted daniel they didn't seem like they knew what they were doing. >> reporter: did it seem like they were pros at this? seemed like they were pretty nervous. they both tried to come behind the counter both at once which that was a giveaway right there. >> daniel: one thing you do not see in this video, another surveillance camera captured the men hiding behind a car
6:17 am
police believe that the liquor store may not have been their original target. a gas station clerk saw two masked men hiding outside their store in lowell. in the newsroom, daniel miller. massachusetts state police are going high-tech when it comes to accident reconstruction. the state just got a drone to help with those investigations. the state is going to show off the drone's image gathering capabilities today at gillette stadium. officials claim the drone will help police clear accident scenes faster. speaking of accident scenes, right now things moving along nicely out there. we don't have any of them to report. we have slow conditions on the expressway as we creep up to 6:30. only 6:16. but things already slowing down from furnacebrook parkway up past granite avenue. north of the pike route 1 and 93 south still moving along without issue. things are looking good on the zakim bridge and the leverett connector.
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26 minutes on 93 south. 24 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass avenue. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now and starting things off a little cool and breezy with temperatures in the 40s. >> yeah, so we are starting off a little bit cold right now. of course we have wind chills on top of that because of winds gust being 20 to 30 miles per hour. both today and tomorrow. to next two days, we are watching those wind chills. light risk of an overnight temperature in for far inland towns and cities the exception for the rule. no widespread flurries expected here and no major rain or snow until we hit this week and that's where we have couple of weather makers that we are watching. 40 degrees in boston. 34 in worcester. my cold spot getting into the afternoon. there is your wind at 16 miles per hour. look what it is doing to the wind chill. feels 10 degrees cooler this morning. your fox25 weather app right there when you open it. you have the temperature. you have the feels-like temperature. you are likely dressing for a
6:19 am
lower 40s in worcester today. with some added clouds into the afternoon. it will turn partly cloudy after a nice bright start. temperatures warmer out toward the coastline, so eastern mass, eastern new hampshire. we have all lower 50s today from portsmouth to boston down to the cape. but 40s rolling into worcester hills up into manchester, new hampshire. and keene at 45 degrees. a few more clouds the further inland you go. this evening keep it breezy. 35 to 40 degrees. if you your friday night. overnight tonight, lows will drop back into the lower 30s. future cast today stays breezy from start to finish. what you will find this little disturbance that sags toward us and that is triggering some of the flurries points north and west of boston overnight tonight. only really patchy stuff overnight. tomorrow keep us partly cloudy. i think this is close enough to trigger a couple of clouds but no showers and into your sunday cooler and sunny conditions here and temperatures dropping. a high of 45 in boston
6:20 am
44 in hyannis and 42 in concord, new hampshire. followed by upper 30s to lower 40s here on sunday. it is going to tend to be the brighter of the two days, but man r oh, man, will feel like winter per appear slight chance of a little light snow or little bit of a sprinkle. monday morning. i don't think that is a huge concern, but what we are watching wednesday into thursday is actually much juicier, and that one for now is mostly rain. back to you, sara. a way toy to maintain your child's eyesight. the easy way to fight off
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wildfires that rip through a resort area of tennessee have now claimed ten lives. authorities say 80 more people have been treated for injuries as well. wildfire spread from the great smokey mountains national park into gatlinburg in week. the fire scorched thousands of acres and forced more than 14,000 people to evacuate. one of the people held hostage inside of a florida bank is talking about his
6:24 am
frank brown was in the credit union when a man walked inside with a gun and a pit bull yesterday. brown says the gunman announced to the crowd that he didn't want any money. he only wanted to see his family and that's when he filed a shot. 11 people were moved into the back room while the swat team surrounded the building and brown another bank employee hid in the area, and when they tried to escape, they ran into chairs and that loud noise distracted the hostage maker >> he thought the police was coming in. he ran out the little room where everybody was. i don't know how i did it. i must have ran to the doors on my knees, and next thing i know, i rolled out -- i rolled out the door. and the police say run! and i couldn't run. so i rolled again. >> sara: police say the 23-year-old gunman is now facing charges of armed robbery and 13 counts of kidnapping. a denver doctor is off the
6:25 am
dr. michelle herrin is a pediatric anesthesiologist in denver and this week posted a picture of michelle obama and said she has, quote "a monkey face and poor ebonic english." in her next line she insisted she was not racist. dr. herrin said it was taken out of context and she didn't know the term "monkey face" was offensive. it is run by the town of with the post. >> we don't tolerate that. we don't tolerate that kind of attitude or racism. >> sara: the hospital issued a statement saying that dr. herrin will not be seeing patients until there is a full investigation. the mall of america in minnesota are giving kids a chance to meet an african-american santa claus. santa larry was offered the spot after meeting the owner of the santa experience at a convention this summer. he said out of thousands of santas, he was the only one
6:26 am
larry said it is important to show kids that saint nick can come in all colors. >> gives the kids an opportunity to see a santa that looks like them and gives them something to identify with. and santa is just santa. >> gene: santa larry is one of santa's many helpers. he will spend four days there meeting with families. and santa claus getting a big makeover in oregon. a mall in portland is bringing back hipster instead of a red suit, santa wears black glasses, blue jeans, christmas sweaters, tattoos one that reads naughty and nice. an earring and even a man bun. santa's second year visiting pioneer place mall. new meaning to it the term "santa baby." hey, santa baby. >> shiri: gene really loves his tattoos. like, really loves them. a town by town look at the
6:27 am
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the things we love.
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> bad news for patriots nation. how long this latest surgery is expected to keep the big tight end off the field. a man in his 70s was tied up with his own suspenders and shocked with a stun gun by strangers. what he says his attackers were looking for. and we have an incredible video of a man driving more than 100 miles per hour on a new england road. and that wasn't the only dangerous thing he was doing. the crash that ended this man's wild ride.
6:31 am
thank you for joining us for friday morning. it is december 2. a little breezy and cool. to get things started today. >> sara: it is friday and that's what we care about today. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center with a wind chill. and should drop in the 20s. >> feeling kind of chilly and nice quiet conditions. nothing going on in the sky. the wind. 16-mile-per-hour sustained winds and will give you a feel of how strong the winds are. not doing any damage and making it feel like 31 in boston. wind chill down to 24 in milton. 31 in lawrence and mid-20s in worcester for your chill. 36 in fitchburg and feels like freezing from marshfield to plymouth. and even though temperatures are closer to 40 degrees in boston, i am going to go with 1 at 8 a.m. keep things nice and bright. a couple of scattered clouds popping up this afternoon and the winds stick with us for
6:32 am
although highs will be upper 40s, lower 50s. it will feel considerably cooler because of that wind. i have got the latest on cooling temperatures for the weekend coming up in about ten minutes. julie grauert is here with live drive time traffic and information you need to know about a new accident. >> julie: yeah shiri. skyfox arrived over the scene. over 133. they are making progress. they have got the truck involved in a crash on a tow truck. several police cars are there and things are slowing down as they take to you things backing up slightly for 495. shifting south. things moving along well on 93 south and on route 1 through saugus. here are your life drive times. 32 minutes on 93 south. so you can see accident not having a huge impact on the drive time there. 28 minutes on the expressway as you approach the exit to the pike. back to you. breaking news overnight. a police investigation is under way in roxbury after a police cruiser is hit by a
6:33 am
overnight. this happened near the wentworth institute of technology. our crew on the scene said the officer who was in the car was taken away by an ambulance with what and to be some minor injuries. a couple of blocks from that scene, there were cars with windows shot out on mcgreevey way. we are working to get more information from police how and if these two incidents are connected and if there have been any arrests. gronkowski will go under the knife for the back injury. >> sara: the team and family say this treatment is for the best. our michael henrich live in foxboro. the patriots always insisted next man up in these situations. >> has to be next man up because gronk is a big loss. the patriots and the gronkowski family released a joint statement saying that
6:34 am
conclusion that it is in his best long-term have to have this surgery. he hurt his lower back during the jets game on sunday. patriots chairman and ceo robert kraft didn't directly address gronk's injuries but did say what it takes to win in tough times. >> it is like life or busine business. the teams that do the best have the best mental toughness and can persevere through adversity and, of course, that is so important for success in any field. >> you can hear what tom brady has to say about the injury in the next report in a half hour. meantime, all eyes on how the pats respond on sunday and on gronk's long-term future with the team in will be after all dr. robert watkins' third time performing surgery on gronk's
6:35 am
henrich, fox25 news. a man in his set of are under going surgery for a violent home invasion. three men busted into the brockton home and tied a man up using his own suspenders. the men beat him and shocked him with a taser as they repeatlily where the gold was. took the man five hours to get him free and to call for help once the men left. we spoke he can clue sievely with the victim from his hospital bed. -- exclusively with the victim from i can't be bouncing off the damn floor. pulled on my suspenders and finally i got them off. it wasn't easy. i found a knife there and i cut them the victim will have surgery and the robbers are on the run. in ludlow and sharon had
6:36 am
it happened with a shooting at the econo lodge. one guest told fox25 that he opened the door of his room to find heavily armed officers on the other side >> the next thing you know there is a ar-15 pointed in my face, pistols and all this stuff, i am naked now getting out of the shower. and crazy. >> sara: students at three schools were kept inside during the search and extra officers were on patrol when the students were dismissed. walpole that may have been involved in the incident. boston celtics are taking over the gordon tonight as they host the sacramento kings. the cs are trying to string some wins together with the team helping once again and now will be the time when the greens will play with more consistency. giving tuukka rask the night off, bruins almost shut out, down 1-0. goalie pulled. tory krug pulled.
6:37 am
after the shootout, look at the ram by david pasternak. it was pretty. came down to this and a key save. huge. that got him his first win of the year. bruins win it 2-1 in a shootout over the hurricanes. following a deadly accident involving a duck boat, state lawmakers want to make the attraction safer. coming up, the plan to make sure to one else gets hurt. a new england man facing charges after he slammed right in celebrate the holidays with delicious dunkin' coffee. stop by dunkin' donuts for two k-cup boxes for $15.99 or 3 pounds of packaged coffee for $19.99.
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we check traffic and weather together. we do is every ten minutes. >> ten minutes and julie, an accident in andover. >> julie: set your watch to it. every ten minutes not the accident. right before 133 in andover. the crash is off to the right hand shoulder but we do have cars just tapping the slowing down to make sure there is enough room. drive time on 39 south half an hour. that crash not having a huge impact yet on our drive times. still early and shiri is watching that commute forecast which is clear but dry. >> shiri: clear but dry and the sun is about to come up. 6:55 the sunrise and already lighter on the horizon. temperatures from 32 to 40 degrees. cool out there and cooler
6:41 am
work in between. towns and cities that make it into the lower 50s and tracking that weekend cool down. gene. sending kids outside to play could help protect their vision. teens and young adults who are regularly exposed to the sun's uv rays are 30% less likely to become nearsighted later in life. nearsightedness is the number one cause of vision loss around the world. estimated that half of the world's population will be nearsight by 2050. a new sleep program is helping the internet. shut eye. a form of behavioral therapy and they can take quizzes on line about their sleep. and then step by step of how to improve their sleeping habits. studies show after the six-week program, 57% of users were able to beat their insomnia. the type of story we love to share. a marine surprising his mom just in time for the holidays. take a look at the moment a
6:42 am
[cheering] >> oh, my god! >> sara: awesome. marine larn corporal. aj surprised his mom while she was working ot nordstrom in the natick mall. despite being stationed in florida for the past 8 months, rehaven't seen his mother since joining up. his mother's best friend helped plan this very special moment. that was just raw, pure, wonderful joy. approximately always wonderful. 6:42. a warning for anyone decorating for christmas. the dramatic video telling you what can go terribly wrong if you don't take care of your christmas tree. city leaders in boston
6:43 am
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we are back at 6:44 this morning. a live look in boston right now. you see the sun is starting to rise over the city. 33 in stoneham. scituate at 37 and northbridge at 36 degrees. clear and mild temp for today. it is going to get cooler. shiri will break down the drop for the weekend coming up in breaking this morning, a police investigation is under way in roxbury after a police cruiser is hit by a car. it happened in area of parker and ruggles street overnight. right near the wentworth institute of technology. our crew on the keen say the officer who was in the car was -- on the scene said the officer in the car was taken away with what appears to be minor injuries. a couple of blocks from that scene, several cars with their windows shot out at mcgreevey way. we reached out if.
6:46 am
under the knife for a a season-ending back surgery. they made the announcement and they don't expect him to play for the rest of the regular season and waiting for number 87 to come out of surgery before they make that final determination. police in lawrence are trying to identify a decapitated body outside the merrimack river. there is a local teen missing from lawrence for a few weeks. his family and friends are waiting to see if his body is his. >> sara: a terrifying stunt streamed on facebook live. a rhode island man saw himself going over 100 miles per hour through traffic and call dime a sudden end when he slammed into a median and hit a garbage truck. our daniel miller joins us now. this guy is lucky to be alive, daniel. >> daniel: so many close calls in this video. that 20-year-old was upgraded to fair condition but his initial injuries were critical when the joyride ended with that violent crash.
6:47 am
example of what not to do when driving. you are looking at the video onassi roja streamed live while he goes on a high-speed joyride on route 10 and 6 in providence. >> well over 100 miles per hour in a congested area. several lane changes in and out of traffic in the breakdown lane, back to the lane of travel. >> reporter: rojas does this while filming right here at 10 miles per hour. >> a grand slam of things not to do. phone in your hand in no seat belt. travelling a the a high rate of speed. >> state police verified the video's authenticity by comparing it to traffic cameras. they are positive that is the driver you are seeing videotaping his reckless driving moments before the accident. the video cuts off right here right before rojas hits a garbage truck and loses
6:48 am
miles per hour when he hits a truck that was barely damaged. roja s car was destroyed and took fire fighters a while to get him out. >> never saw anything like that. for other people to watch it, i would hope it is eye opening for anybody else. >> state police reached out to facebook putting a legal ask for the social media to save that livestream. the video will be used as evidence against rojas in court. >> you can't. puts the nail in the coffin for mr. rojas. >> daniel: despite the fact if a he is only 20, a very long traffic record. he was probably is for a crash that sent a driver to the hospital with minor injuries back in february. two weeks after that, he sideswiped a dot truck. despite all of this, they aren't able to bring felony charges since no one else was hurt in the most recent accident. instead he will be charged
6:49 am
suspended license. in the newsroom, i am daniel miller. a bill calling for you in safety requirements on duck boats is now on the governor's desk. the measure took shape after a deadly accident involving one of the sightseeing vehicles back in april. legislation would require the ducks to have safety equipment, including blind spot cameras and ban duck boat drivers from serving as tour narrators. boston duck boats -- boston duck tours said it will adds an extra staff member to its tours well, today boston's city hall plaza will be unveiled as a winter wonderland. skyfox was over the area yesterday as workers got ready. boston winter will include ice-skating, wine and chocolate tastings, ornaments for sale and a visit with sklaw. city organizers hope it will become a annual tradition. the official hoping today at 3 p.m. i like the sound of that,
6:50 am
chocolate on a cold day. >> gene: i guess i will just skate. skate bring you wine. skate over to you bring you hot chocolate. >> shiri: i think we would all enjoy seeing that. nice weather conditions for the plaza opening or just getting into work this morning. look at that fire in the sky right now looking absolutely beautiful. we have got a colorful sunrise here. mostly clear conditions. 40 is the temperature in boston. feels like 31 because of the wind chill. future cast here. and i want to time out the warm-up because plainly stated. there isn't much of one until 8:00 this morning. keep things nice and bright. keep in mind scattered clouds mixing in this afternoon. upper 40s for lunchtime in southern new england and during the afternoon the most abundant cloud cover north and west of boston. inland towns and city. i think a sun cloud mix into the city itself, 5 p.m., temperatures driving home from work. middle 40s. back into the upper 30s for
6:51 am
and friday night at midnight i have even got a couple of snowflakes approaching areas like keene and nashua. a stray temperature in or two and i don't expect it to be turned into anything widespread. this afternoon highs in the lower 50s. beverly, boston and down into plymouth. the cape and norwood in the lower 50s. cooler at our higher elevations. worcester, 44. keene, new hampshire. 45 degrees. because of that slight risk of temperature in new hampshire overnight tonight. the slightest risk of a passing shower. i think we will have to go all the way into monday of next week for that slight risk still. i don't see anything major, but perhaps a little bit of light snow or little bit of light rain here on monday. i will keep all snow far to our north over the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow in the boston area 45 degrees. beverly, 44. mid-40s into plymouth and chatham. 44 in foxborough and 39 in worcester and temperatures will be almost 5 degrees
6:52 am
afternoon. the reason that we have some snow showers up across northern new england we have a disturbance there locally. will not be heavy snow but i think this disturbance close enough to us to maintain a little bit of cloud cover into the day tomorrow. it is still going to be breezy. cooler sunshine ends up for the day on sunday. the seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. keep it pretty quiet yet for the next couple of days. a little wind today and tomorrow into early next week. the light mix precipitation -- mixed precipitation on sund we are watching it closely and the next big system is actually wednesday into thursday with the rain. julie grauert is up now as we check weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> julie: accident update. the one we brought you the live pictures of ten minutes ago on 93 south in the process of being cleared. should be cleared within the next five or ten minutes. on 93 south right at 133 in andover. as we shift south, pike moving along fine. volume building on the expressway as you head from
6:53 am
freeport street and where we are seeing the live pictures pass the gas tank. the live drive times. 23 minutes from 128 to the tobin. half an hour on 93. half an hour still on the expressway as you head from the split to the exit to the pike. back to you. a plainville woman accused of encouraging to kill her boyfriend via texting has setback in her case. he wanted to hire an expert to describe antidepressants. time of conrad roy's death both were taking an anti-des press saint that gave them suicidal thoughts. roy was found dead of carbon monoxide poisoning and carter is facing manslaughter charges. convicted shoe womaner richard reid is asking a federal judge to declare him bankrupt. he is serving a life sentence trying to set off a bomb in his boot. the flight was diverted to boston and reid was arrested
6:54 am
in a letter to the court, reid writes, i will not now or ever be able to pay a fine if a a declaration of bankruptcy be in my favor. prosecutors have two weeks to respond to his request. city of boston is looking to free up parking and doing it by jacking up prices at meters. five streets in the back bay $1.50 to $3.75. the seaport will jump as high as $40 an hour due to demand. and people who park in the area are not happy about it. >> park your car for two hours, and it cost -- more than a sandwich, right. >> the intention behind it is to get people to stop circling the block and cut down on traffic is what we are doing. >> gene: city leaders statement 30% of the cars in boston at any given time is looking for parking.
6:55 am
parking spots around boston. you will find a full list of seats that will see a parking increase by going to our web site at british police looking for the suspect involved in a crazy road rage incident. watch this video capturing the tense moments after a fender-bender. heated words between the drivers quickly turns into a wrestling match, and one driver packed his vehicle into the other. the driver then smootches the other truck's window with a shovel before taking off. police say they have found the truck, but they still don't know the identity of the maryland high school are worried for their health after a fellow student pricked them with a needle. the student brought a device that has a sharp adjustable need.lele. often used for people with diabetes for blood testing. the student may have thought he was being funny but the victim says this is not a laughing matter. >> he really just kind of laughed. and i don't think he really
6:56 am
>> sara: the student reportedly told the victim that the it he vice belonged to his grandfather. the teen may face criminal charges as the investigation unfolds. for the last time, president obama and his family kicked off the holiday season by lighting the national christmas tree. last night's ceremony featured special guests including kelly clarkson, james taylor and santa claus. the president joked that the holiday tradition was easier than his thanksgiving. >> there it does not gobble. you just push a put continue to, and it is electrified which is exactly what you don't want to happen in a turkey pardon. >> gene: the national christmas tree ceremony has been a washington tradition for more than 90 years. and he was having a good time with that. >> sara: a great time. 6:56. rob gronkowski out for the foreseeable future. at 7:00, we will be joined by five-time pro bowler to talk about what the injury means
6:57 am
and a disabled vet came outside to find his car up on
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> gene: important cabinet position donald trump announced from the this is boston's only local news at 7:00 on the fox25 morning news. >> gene: thank you for being with us on friday morning, it is december 2nd, we appreciate you hanging out with us today, i'm genevieve philip. >> >> breezy and cool to get you out the do are and wishes will drop into the 20s.


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