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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  September 14, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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body is found near an evanston middle school and police destroy a suspected explosive device nearby. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america. wgn's robert jordan is live in evanston with the top story today. >> reporter: thank you. this all began with an explosion at about 3:56 this morning in evanston. the police descended on the
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park here near the nichols school. they were unable to pinpoint the location of that explosion. but a person who was in the area was out walking his dog. he says he is not usually up that early in the morning. but the dog woke him and that's with a caused him to get up and take him out at that time. >> my dog woke me up. maybe a little before 4:00 this morning. loud boom. shook the windows and everything. >> reporter: the explosion jarred the sleeping neighborhood around 4:00 in the morning. almost an hour later dale wyatt was walking his dog buddha in the park near nichols school. then the dog began to pull at his leash. >> and i thought he was chasing a rabbit because he was determined and we got about 15 feet away and i could smell but like something. and i got closer and honestly i thought it was a mannequin. i didn't think it was real. i thought someone was playing a sick prank. got closer and that looks real. another woman came walking down the street and skid if she had
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a cell phone but she came and looked at it and we agreed to go back home and call the police. they asked me to meet them in the field. it took them a minute to arrive and once the officer got there he got on his radio and said 187 and six other cars came up and started putting the yellow a paper bag and a container near the body. so now armed with this additional information, the cook county bomb squad was called in to aid in the investigation and tried to determine what was in the bag and if it was in fact explosive. >> cook county bomb squad responded to the scene. and little while ago they detonated the device as it stood in place in the park. right now there is still securing the area for possibilities of any second device. >> and that was major concern for them to make sure that there were no additional
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school. so they are now continuing to search the area thoroughly to make sure that's not the case. and determined the identity of the victim and they went to his which business two blocks and fire trucks descended on that scene as well as the police department. they went through and made sure that there were no explosives in that apartment building where there are other people who are there. some of whom have mental was where he may that's where he found in that scene and have since left. now the investigation still is continuing here at this location. in evanston, robert jordan, wgn news. a man was seriously injured after he was struck by a motorcycle in a hit-and-run accident. this happened near milwaukee and belmont in the avondale neighborhood. people are looking for the man on that motorcycle. they say he was riding a black
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suzuki gsx with orange flames. he was actually knocked off the bike after the accident. he remained on the ground a few minutes before getting up and leaving the scene. a taxi driver is hospitalized after crashing into a dunkin' doughnuts on the north side. the driver was hospitalized at st. frances in evanston and that's where wgn's nancy loo is live with details. well, that cab driver arrived here just minutes after the crash. but there is no word yet on his identity or condition. his blue ribbon cab smashed into a dunkin' doughnut store on the 6300 block of north clark at around 9:30 this morning. a number of employees and customers were inside at the time. is it unclear if any of them were hurt. but the cab driver was rushed here to the hospital. it's also not clear what caused the cab to suddenly crash into the store. again, that driver undergoing
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treatment now here at st. frances. no word yet on his condition. we are live in evanston. nancy loo, wgn news. crime on cta trains and buses have increased more than 26% since 2006. and it's still rising this year. the "sun-times" reports overall crime on the cta is on pace to be up about 12% this year. even though ridership rose little. robberies were up a whopping 77% from 2006. to 2009 and thefts were up 17%. aggravated batteries were down from last year. cta says the system is safe. chicago's police union is demanding the resignation of the city's top cop, jody weis. the call follows the police dew point's open letter to the "sun- times" defending his role as superintendent. weis is a former fbi agent hired by mayor daley to change business as usual in the department. he has no local police background and is criticized union leadership for resisting changes within the department.
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earlier today the president of the fraternal order of police mark donahue said this. >> we have been involved with the hierarchy in the police department in a number of issues. many of which seated at the table with them attempting to resolve issues of importance between not only the department in the communes but the department and the union. we have been at the table with them and offered recommendations oftentimes many of his recommendations were simply ignored. we continue to str an open dialogue with the department. times made it difficult to do so. fop members plan to march on police headquarters tomorrow. protesting cut backs in manpower. they say put police officers in danger. the canadian company cleaning up the romeoville spill and one in southern michigan has another problem on its hands. there is another gas spill on the east coast. enbridge energy partners will be in romeoville for another several weeks cleaning up the damage. now there is word of a third
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leak. this one in a pipeline in new york. the line was shut down yesterday. it is 91 miles long from new york to ontario. the michigan spill dumped 800,000 gallons into a waterway. that spill is the subject of a congressional hearing scheduled for tomorrow. flood victims in illinois now have access to millions of dollars in federal aid. fema has approved more than $148 million in assistance. search illinois counties have been declared disaster areas. officials say more than 71,000 people have applied for aid. you can apply on-line or at centers in cicero, freeport, austin and westchester. the deadline is october 18. rod blagojevich's is asking a judge to override the jury's own conviction against him in his corruption trial. former governor was found guilty of lying to the fbi. the jurors were deadlocked on the other 23 counts against him. blagojevich's defense team filed a motion in court late yesterday. they are asking the judge to either nullify the conviction
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or set it aside and try the former governor again. prosecutors plan to retry blagojevich on the 23 deadlocked counts early next year. he still denies any wrong doing. president obama is urging students across the country to work hard, focus on learning and dream big. you are looking at a live picture of the president now delivering a back to school speech in philadelphia. the white house released the speech yesterday so people could review it ahead of time. before his back to school speech last year, some conservatives accused president obama of trying to force his agenda on vulnerable children. schools are not required to air the president's speech today. next on the mid-day news, the american woman jailed for more than a year in iran is on her way home. latest on her condition. the deadly explosion in california now raising safety questions about the nation's aging gas line infrastructure. >> you know him from his roles in terms of endearment and good
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the bounty with a little extra softness. in this lab test, new bounty extra soft leaves this surface three times cleaner than a dishcloth. and it's really durable. so all that's left behind are the smiles. new bounty extra soft. and try bounty napkins. latest round of peace talks ended without any visible progress on the key issue of jewish settlement construction. hillary clinton is mediating tawks between israeli prime minister and palestinian president. clinton has been pressing israel to extend moratorium on settlement construction in the west bank. leaders will meet again in egypt before switching to jerusalem for more negotiations tomorrow. president obama says he is very pleased at iranian government has released one of
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three american hikers captured in iran. sarah shourd was freed this morning and has left iran. on a flight from tehran is that expected to lafned in oman where her mother is waiting for her. shourd was arrested a year ago along with fellow hikers shane bauer and jash fattal. the iranian government claims the three were spying. iranian officials plan to put bauer and fattal on trial but president obama says he is hoping iran will release the men as well. national transportation safety board says a deadly blast in san bruno, california, is a wake up call to other cities and towns. a gas pipeline exploded killing four people and destroying 40 homes. pipeline was built in 1956 when this area had just a few homes. since then the commune has expanded. ntsb says aging pipelines are a problem all across the country. some say the government has left it to utility companies to inspect pipelines but the companies are not willing to
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spend the money to fix and replace them. colorado authorities are saying charges may be filed in connection with a recent wildfires. one of those fires has been contained after destroying 160 homes near boulder. crews are making progress on containment of the second fire near loveland. both fires were said to be started by residents near those areas. one was sparked from use of a fire pit while the second from burning brush. he was a famed photographer of the american civil rights movement. but according to new reports, ernest withers was also an fbi mole. withers covered events from the emmitt till murder to the 1968 sanitation strike that brought martin luther king, jr., to memphis where king was assess until thed. the memphis commercial newspaper reports that witters was an fbi informant from 1968 to 1970 passing along tips about the civil rights and
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antiwar movement. withers died in 2007. a common asthma drug could be used to help treat those with ms. growing concern for doctors. a drug resistant bacteria turns up here in illinois and other states. and you may know his impressive acting career. did you know jeff daniels is a serious musician? we are fortunate to have him
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dwayne wade and his ex-wife are squaring off. julian crews is live at the daley center. >> good afternoon. this bitter custody trial could last as long as the month. dwayne wade's lawyers say his estranged wife tried to turn the two boys against their father and repeatedly tried to obstruction dwayne wade's efforts to see his own children. >> much more stable individual than mrs. wade. he is more capable of fostering a relationship between the children and their mother. mrs.wade has demonstrated time and time again that she will do whatever is necessary to keep them from his children. he has demonstrated the exact opposite. >> they were once high school sweethearts in south suburban robins, illinois. after an ully -- ugly divorce battle the two are fighting over custody. the basketball star's lawyers say he tried to resolve the
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dispute amicably but after three years trying to reach an agreement with his ex-wife. couple have taken this dispute to the cook county courthouse. dwayne wade's lawyers called the ex-wife to testify. lawyers asked her about a 2001 arrest on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and damaging property charges all while attaining northeastern illinois university. she was later expelled from the school. dwayne wade's lawyers are trying to establish what they argue is a pattern of bizarre and unstable behavior. now for her part, lawyerers say the miami heat star is too busy with his professional basketball career and not able to provide the parenting the two boys need. something that dwayne wade denies. >> i'm no different than any other working parent. be on the road and travels. so that's going to be an argument for them. but i think one thing i have
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proven, that have i prove than first of all i have a great support system behind me. my family is active in my kid's lives and will continue to be. >> but in opening arguments, the lawyers say it is she who has been the primary care taker of the two boys during dwayne wade's very busy basketball career. once again, this very bitter and public dispute now in open court here in cook county. in the loop, julian crews, wgn news. i'm angie lau at the cne group in chicago. how much spending to everyone do last month? was more than what economists expected and if you take cars out of the equation, sales last month climbed 0.6%. the most since march. 8 of the 13 major retail categories showed increases last month led by grocery stores and gas stations. and who doesn't love free
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stuff. but it turns out free isn't always a good thing especially when it comes to digital music and movies. mackfy released latest findings on digital music and movies and searching for free software including music and streaming video means you are three times more likely to land on a malicious website. be careful there. and mcdonald's under attack for health concerns. according to "wall street journal" mcdonnell is a target of this new tv commercial set to air this thursday that blames the burger giant for heart disease. mcdonald's tells the journal it's committed to providing balanced menu choices but an advocacy group called physicians saying loving it is the cause of high blood pressure and heart disease. and over to gold, well, gold is golden today for investors. gold trading a record 1,270- dollars per ounce right now
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amid a slump in german confidence and concern that china will cool its real estate market and soaring because of this. stocks also soaring on speculation that the federal reserve will purchase as much as $1 trillion in bonds to both the economy. we are seeing green arrows across the board today as a result of that speculation. live at the cme group in chicago, angie lau, bloomberg news. now back to you. coming up next, dean richards talks with actor jeff daniels about his new album and musical tour. later in lunch break, break out the barbecue sauce. the folks from smoke daddy are here to prepare a barbecue meal complete with all of the fixings.
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next guest has done it all and is bringing his muse together chicago area. a big benefit for the theater company that he founded in his hometown in chelsea, michigan. it is a pleasure to welcome back jeff daniels. >> how are you doing? >> look at you with your hat. >> optimal hat. >> good looking fedora you wearing there. good to see you. >> good to be seen. >> big show at the space in evanston tonight. it's interesting to me the choices that you make because you could be cranking out two, three movies a year. a lot of actors of your caliber do. a lot of them are cranking them out and not especially good movies. you are going for sort of what pleases you. quality of life i would think in your personal life. choosing to live in michigan instead of new york or los angeles. >> it's a really crazy business and the problem with it that i always had was that they control you.
12:25 pm
and you could wake up on tuesday and you are over. i always taken the position that, look, i'm a hired gun. i will come in and do your movies. sometimes you get to do a squid and a whale or a dumb or dumber that you have fun. >> put those movies in the same sentence. >> and there is an actor that can go from dumb and dumber to squid and the whale. i like being in control of what i'm doing. i don't want to wait for the phone to ring from hollywood. you are right, movies are a little strange for actors and i'm happy to find other avenues that make me happy. >> recently on broadway at the goodman theater here in chicago. and with your own theater company, the purple rose in chelsea. is that another choice that you made of your own choice so you could do whatever works that you want to do, having your own theater company? >> have i been attracted to writing and intelligent writing.
12:26 pm
again, dumb and dumber aside, though there was some smartness. >> that was a funny movie. >> dumb and dumber 2 not so much but the original was fantastic. >> i didn't see the prequal. as jim cary said plagiarism is the sincerest form of flattery. the independent movies which are hard to get a distributor now. those were interesting. but my theater company, the purple rose in chelsea and coming into the goodman to do turn of the century a couple years ago. i'm attracted to things that interest me or i ain't going to do them. that simple. >> and music, is that something you have always done? or something that you decided i'm jeff daniels, i will do -- >> yeah, that's the trap. i deal with it. the last thing in the world needs is another actor singer song writer and i love bill shatner. because he pioneered that trail for so many of us. >> his rocket man is stale classic. >> i'm telling you. my dream. i have a song that i used to do
12:27 pm
called if william shatner can, i can, too. my dream is to some day sing tawith bill. i-- that with bill. i was been playing for 30 years and it was supposed to be the back porch. but it's fun. i worked hard at it. i had some real good -- i worked with guys like stephen grossman who is a incredible guitar player and teacher and cab mullen has helped me a lot. i've gotten good over 30 years. i like going out and playing clubs like in evanston. >> as we heard a little earlier in the show and will hear a little bit later on in the show. you aren't big time movie actor, big name actor. fronting a good band. you actually have the chops. you are doing it yourself. >> i like to play it live. i knew to beat the actor singer song writer thing i had to -- i can't hide behind or inside a band. you put search guys around me and i can play in the wrong key just tune me down. i wanted to be out there naked so to speak. and i wanted to write my own
12:28 pm
stuff. my own material and a lot of it is funny. a lot of it is i get why they bought the tickets. i'm going make you laugh. harder than you in a long time and then drop in a serious one. good stuff. all at space tonight at 8:00. it's 12:45 chicago avenue. truly, a great space to see any performer tonight. jeff daniels, 8:00 tickets are 25 to $38. maybe he will surprise you and do rocket man tonight. his own version of rocket man. that would be awesome. that would be great. good to see you. we will get more music from jeff still to come and tom skilling has your full forecast still coming up. so stick around. great to see you. always a pleasure. host: could switching to geico really save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance? do woodchucks chuck wood? (high-pitched laughter)
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we had a little wind shift 209 northeast so we were little cooler today than we were yesterday. probably won't see another 80 today. but you know, if history repeat itself, we have search of those yet to go. and the last day the average last date of a 70-degree temperature doesn't occur until early november. if you are worried the warm weather perhaps is over when it turns a little cool, not yet. gorgeous day. very little wind. that's why these things are dancing in place here. just kind of bubbling up and not quite sure what they want to do. they won't do much because there isn't much moisture around here. a gorgeous day. it's 80 at de kalb. but 78 at frankfurt. chesterton at 74 and palos park at 76. it's 71 at o'hare. no wind within the hour at
12:32 pm
o'hare. at least in observation time. northeast wind at seven miles per hour and 7. at midway. 75 munster and 75 at markham. and there is a look from the southern suburbs at gorgeous weather across the area. we had a big cluster of storms form. these things towered at 58,000 feet at one point in parts of kansas and missouri but moved southward. we have a late season ring of fire going. only the hot air dome is way to the south. and, boy, is it cool up to the north. real autumn air is taking hold in the north woods. fortunately a power house jet stream between the heat and cool is sheering everything off to the east so the coldest air makes its move toward the country and goes into the north woods area and sheers off to the east. and we will not see that, though we will be cooler than tomorrow because the northeast wind will lock in and bring the southern flank of it down here but in watered down fashion. there is the view between clouds in our part of the mid west right now at 79 at st. louis. 70 in chicago but 80 in little
12:33 pm
rock and 84 at oklahoma city. on the other hand look at the autumnal chill from northern minnesota to northern montana and this extends northward into a 30-degree air mass up to the north. it's getting cool out there. days of shortened more than nine hours in northern north america. we lost about 2.3 hours of daylight here seasonally as the days compress. but it's gorgeous. 71 in chicago. milwaukee is at 66. much of the mid west cooler than 24 hours ago. and there is a little plot of moisture coming up into the plains. storm prediction center is predicting an active severe weather outbreak in the plains once again as happened yesterday. that little moisture tongue hits this jet stream and impulse comes along and the whole thing goes up. you see how this branch of the jet is coming southward? there is some really cool air in this notice next couple of days in this pattern. but it comes southward and then kind of sheers off to the east. one of these days it will come south and keep going but we
12:34 pm
aren't there yet. winds are north -- or were at least the wind vein is pointing in that direction. 49% is the humidity. and the dew point is at 51 and barometer 30.14 and 68 is the water temperature. ragweed, grass and weed down to moderate left's mold spores high today. been a rough hay fever season as we have been pointing out and 26 and 65 at 1:00 and 4:00 respectively. the sunburn times from dr. brian schultz. couple light sprinkles going through central illinois. there is a little batch of showers of some more significant note. southern minnesota. but the really big stuff is down here where the moisture and heat are. and it's going to be quite hot in texas and up into oklahoma at the point where that makes contact with the cooler air. we find ourselves with some thunderstorms. those will thot come toward chicago. that little cloud mass that settled south was a front tagoes through and re-enforces the northeast flow that's blowing lightly but see these rains right here?
12:35 pm
these are the ones that come in late tomorrow night and very early thursday. it's one little shot. we will go back to scattered thunderstorms later in the weekend as well. we get a wetter than normal set of precipitation numbers out of the models when you look at next one to two weeks and we have a system here which seems to be starting to develop in the caribbean the national hurricane center is watching that and there is igor. that category 4 storm that is out at sea. we had ten named stormeds. six is average by this point in the season yet there are no land falling u.s. hurricanes. we have been very lucky and igor if it will bother a land mass it will be bermuda and not coming close to the united states or a land mass. i get e-mails from folks traveling down to the caribbean worry being that. that system in the caribbean that's spinning up will be watched. moving westward toward the yucatan peninsula. this time of year these things will come together quite quickly. but not here. sunny and not quite as warm
12:36 pm
today but beautiful still. 79 except cooler at lake because of the northeast winds that blow and hold readings there in the range of the probably see temperatures in the -- i'm trying to get my forecast up here. temperatures in the 60s along the lake later this afternoon. scattered clouds and cooler. steady northeast to east winds pick up tonight so temperatures down to 56, northeast to east winds at 6 to 17. gorgeous tomorrow but cooler than today because of the better organized east and southeast wind. east, southeast winds don't travel as much water so they don't have the cooling power of a northeast wind. but will still see 60s lakeshore. 70 inland. sunshine through increasing cloud asks then that period of showers and storms. could produce half an inch of rain in spots tomorrow night and thursday if there is a shower it will be early because the rest of the day is partly cloudy, breezy and cool and we may make it into the 60s. tap a little bit of that cooler air up to the north. good news is just kind of makes a move on us and pulls back again so we warming up over the weekend and will be back to the 80s by early next week again.
12:37 pm
we will show you that. >> we will be. >> sounds good. >> see you later. our fabulous trivia question for today. which fruit has heirloom variety called winter banana? the am? tomato? the pear? the answer still ahead on the wgn midday news. this is it, the final days of our summer sales event and your last chance to save. i'm angie everhart, and i lost 34 pounds on nutrisystem. if you've been thinking of starting nutrisystem, there won't be a better time this year. this is your last chance to get our gourmet select line at our lowest price for the rest of the year. i'm marie osmond, and i lost 50 pounds on nutrisystem. i lost over 100 pounds and lowered my blood sugar on nutrisystem d. our summer sales event has a program on sale just for you, but you must act now. that's me 22 pounds ago, and i'm never going back there again. enjoy four perfectly portioned meals a day,
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including fresh-frozen options. people say i look 10 years younger. i feel 10 years younger. you will not see a lower price for the rest of the year. lose weight and save money, but you must act now. these are the final days. hurry, now's the time, and this event won't last. call... before this limited-time offer ends. with so many to choose from
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it's hard to see the difference. but this is the way most dentists choose a toothbrush. fact is, more dentists brush with an oral-b toothbrush than any other brush. ♪ if you could see what your dentist sees, you'd reach for an oral-b toothbrush too. oral-b. sox had the day off yesterday. today ditch story. twins are in town for a three game series and this is the most critical of the sox season. now, the cubs. in st. louis last night, jeff samardzija made his first start with the team since last september. he pitched a solid 5 2/3 holding cardinals scoreless and helped himself to the plate with an rbi single. cubs beat their division rivals 5-1. only 18 games left in the season. jets and ravens in the most
12:40 pm
hyped game of the week. one last night. wasn't very good. only touchdown of the game, mcgahee makes it 7-6 and ravens. led 10- jets ball in the fourth down. dustin keller can't stay inbounds. and gets first down. ravens win. last night chiefs beat the chargers 21-14. that is a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. for strong bones, i take calcium.
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but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal.
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illinois resident is among three people who returned to the united states from india infected with superbugs that are highly resistant to antibiotics. the state department of public health says the illinois resident recovered and there is no evidence the infection was transmitted to anyone else. the other u.s. cases were in california and massachusetts. chest exreations -- compressions during cardiac arrest are just as -- researchers say chest compressions can restore heart functions. only 8% of those treat outside of hospitals during cardiac arrest survived on a yearly basis. researchers say everyone should know how to perform proper cpr. proper asthma medication could enhance drugs being used to treat multiple sclerosis. new study shows albeiteral -- albeiteral -- the drug did reduce symptoms of the disease
12:45 pm
but further studies are needed. want to change the name of high fructose syrup. consumption is down to a 20 year low as many have become concerned about obesity. now the corn refiners association plans to apply the food and drug 5d mrgs to change the name to just corn sugar. approval could take two years but the industry is already using that term in advertising. some experts claim there is no difference between cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup. american medical association wants to see more research. we have more live music from actor jeff daniels coming up. but first a tailgating fest with the smoke daddy in lunch break. on my way out there. (announcer) living with ulcerative colitis? i'm going six times a day. i had three flares last year. so many pills. i missed my interview. my son's graduation. the stomach pain.
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hey, everybody. it's not too late to get out and do a little work on the grill. i've got derek from smoke daddy restaurant with us today. they have done some barbecuing for us. and tell us what you brought along with you. >> what we will do is smoke daddy we smoke our ribs. we have guests coming in how to make a great barbecue rib and start telling me about the procedure first thing is i boil my ribs. and then i stop them and say, okay. don't do that. don't do that. i will show a real easy technique of brazing technique that you -- bracing technique to do on your ribs and you will have a super tender and super delicious rib at home. the first thing we will do is we will get a great piece of
12:49 pm
domestic park we -- pork we buy local. first thing you want to do is you want to score the back of the rib and take apart the connective tissue back there. we will make a few cuts on the back side of the rib. ensure that we end up with a tender and moist rib. and then the next thing we will do is apply our smoke daddy mojo rub. it's rub. it's called rub for a reason. because you want to rub it in. get a good amount on each side there. then rub that in. make sure you get a good coverage on it. >> you are serious with your ribs. >> barbecue is a serious business here in chicago. and we take it very seriously. we will rub it in there and that's it. at home you full of water in the pan and put foil over top of it and put it in your oven for six to eight hours. is that all you have to dosm just -- pop it into your oven
12:50 pm
and through magic you will see eight hours later you will have a rib that looks like that. almost a true smokes rib. now ready for the grill. >> introduce your business partner who is doing the work here. >> this is chef doug donely. >> nice to meet you. looks good. >> doug has one on there and take that rib down there and then finish it on your grill. he is finning it up we will make a delicious side item. >> i will do this for you. first of all start off with a little white cabbage and fought in there. >> all of this? >> all in there. >> and let's put a little -- put it all in there. perfect. next we will do a little carrots there. throw all of those in there. >> this is the best cooking ever because already measured out and chopped. >> we have a little homemade dressing and olive oil, cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper
12:51 pm
and apple cider. mix that up. perfect. and then with a we will do is i will put that in there. fresh cilantro, livens it up. great contrast to the smoky meats. perfect. >> i'm doing the best i can. >> you are doing a great job. put a little of that on the plate. >> it's really not mixed yet. anything else you need to talk about? you have corn bread. >> little corn bread from the restaurant. we just barbecue chips and smoke daddy on division street and have been there for 15 years. we smoke all of our brings qt. >> look at that. >> smoke daddy has been around for awhile. i need to make a plate for my coanchor. put some ribs on there for him. would you? he is a big ol' southern boy. let's get a couple of pieces of corn bread for that southern boy. and maybe some of the chips.
12:52 pm
and you just have the one location on division? >> one location on division. we have been there for about 15 years. both lunch and dinner search days a week. live music every night and never a cover. >> never a cover and always get live music and good barbecue. >> and great barbecue. >> i think you should consider expanding to some place on west bradley place here at 2501 west bradley. >> we can absolutely make that happen. >> little lunch spot for us. gentlemen, thank you so much. i can guarantee you that the staffers here are going to enjoy your food today. thank you. >> absolutely. having us. >> i don't know if they are available but real nice looking. that is your lunch break. there is information on the smoke daddy. eat up. here i
12:53 pm
♪ [ sponge ] okay, team. time to tackle these greasy dishes. we're facing some tough opposition today. i'm gonna need my biggest player. a change in the lineup? that little squirt? [ cheers and applause ] [ female announcer ] one bottle of ultra dawn has the grease-cleaning power of two of the leading non-concentrated brand, giving you double the cleaning ingredients in every drop. [ sponge ] way to go, kid. you really knocked the grease out of them. [ female announcer ] dawn does more... [ sponge ] so it's not a chore.
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all right, we will start with the answer to our trivia question for today. which fruit has an heirloom variety known as winner banana? sound like a pain color. the apple?
12:55 pm
tomato? or pear? the answer is apple. i figured that. heirloom apple. >> did not have any idea. >> maybe they can get a shot of this big plate of food i brought in for steve over here. >> allison walked in this with pile of ribs. >> weighs about 15 pounds. >> it is heavy. a heavy plate. >> i know. it looks delicious. >> steesk, i brought my salad. thank you. that's nice. look at this. we got big thunderstorms in the plains. none here. it's a beautiful day with temperatures in the low 70s right now. some real autumn like air up north, but hot still in the southern states. look how much of the mid west including chicago is cooler than 24 hours ago. here is what happens. high pressure dominates today so no troubles today or tonight. there will be an easterly wind developing because that high sits off to the east of us and you can see that low pressure coming in from the west. clouds will increase ahead of it tomorrow and we have a spell of showers and mixed thunderstorms tomorrow night and into early thursday.
12:56 pm
it could lay down a good amount of rain before that high pressure builds in from the west. if you doubt me, look at this graphic here. this is off our rpm model and shows you accumulated rainfall the next few days. rain that could be half an inch in our area. next ten days and we stradthal temperature contrast line. autumnal cool over the upper mid west and warmth of the south that wins the battle as we step through the next ten days and incredible north/south temperature variance develops. we will get back in the warm air over the weekend and into early next week. we will look at that cool air from afar and realize it will eventually get here but it will be this time. it will be cool tomorrow as northeast winds blow. we have a day or two in that air mass and may get into the 60s on thursday but then warm up again after that. and here is a look at our seven- day forecast. there is the jet stream. 70 forecast takes us from 79 today to 70 tomorrow and 67
12:57 pm
thursday. the rain tomorrow is tomorrow night. not during the day. and then ends early thursday. friday's dry and nice. saturday beautiful. sunday maybe a thunderstorm as the warm air and humidity start returning. and it looks like a warm humid day on monday from this distance and we could be back into the 80s again. 92 80s we had so far. another statistic that shows how much different this summer has been than last. >> it's been a lovely summer and a nice atom. >> and it will keep up that way. we will have more at 5:00 and 9:00. thank you for joining us. >> have a great afternoon and leave 1,dñyou with a performanc jeff danams. see him tonight at space in evanston. ♪ miewk
12:58 pm
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