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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  October 31, 2010 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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wgn news starts right now. a developing story. a chicago police officer has been shot after a traffic stop turned into achates. good evening, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bange. >> marcella raymond is live at strozier hospital with more. >> reporter: we know the officer will be fine after being shot in the leg. at 5:30, harris ton police made a traffic stop,s. ogden police were
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monitoring the car and saw the car exit i-55 at damon. they tried to stop it. >> defendant's vehicle struck a police vehicle and came to a rest. at that time, officers intended to remove the defendant from the vehicle, at which time, shots were fired. >> reporter: who did the shoot something not clear because the superintendent would not take any questions from reporters. he did tell us that the three men that were in that car were taken into custody and they were not injured. bob and jackie. thank you marcella. counselors will be on duty at a south side chicago school after a teacher died this weekend in a traffic accident. the 23-year-old was a special education teacher was killed overnight -- police are investigating her death and say it appears she fell trying to slide down a stairrail.
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her family issued a statement that reads, in part, megan's passing is a tragic loss to her family and friends. she was a caring energetic person who was full of life and eager to help others and make a difference in the world. friends and family gathered today to say good-bye to the notre dame student who died tuesday while videotaping a football practice. 23-year-old sullivan was standing on a lift when it toppled over by a strong gust of wind. today's visitation was held in lake zurick. >> >> race for the 16th district cook county commissioner, getting ugly. >> gaynor hall joins us with more. >> reporter: bob and jackie,
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arrested in the tiny western suburb of mccook. he is accused of destroying campaign signs of his opponent, woe is mccook's mayor, but he says the charge is trumped up, baseless and bogus. >> one of the most outrageous abuses of police authority that i have seen even by cook county standards. >> reporter: it's he said he said. >> this is the sign of an erratic and desperate man trying to steal the campaign away. >> reporter: mccook police say they were alerted about a man in a white van possibly tampering with campaign signs. mccook officers spotted the pan and pulled him over for a traffic stop on joliet road. a campaign worker was driving.
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a sign nearby looked like it had been ripped apart with a knife. a witness defied him as a person who destroyed another sign outof a restaurant. he was charged with criminal damage to property. i mccook's police chief said it was the right thing to do. >> my shift expander called me and told me what happened, the first thing i said "do you have evidence?" >> reporter: he said it's not evidence, just little more than lit cal revenge. he said that he was passing through and never got out of the van. >> what were you doing at 11:00 last night on an elderly woman's lawn. we were pulled over without any basis, the vehicle was searched without any basis and nothing was found. >> reporter: he was released on an i bond and is due in court
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on november 22nd. he said he will fight to get that criminal damage to property charge dropped and bob and jackie, he said this was the first time he has ever been arrested. he went through the whole process, four hours at the police station before he was released. >> we'll have to hear more of this. i'm sure. the gubernatorial race is heating up as we stretch into the final stretch of tuesday's campaign. republican nominee, bill brady teamed up with other republican leaders on the near north side to rally for support. >> a long distance runner, run hard, you have to sprint. that's what we are doing, sprint. pulling data is wonderful when you are up in the polls, but it doesn't win elections. votes do. we have to make sure the democrats don't steal this
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election away from us. >> and wgn chicago tribune poll showed brady with a four-point lead. >> so, who is paying for all of the political tv ads for the various candidates? chicago tribuned is there is an unprecedented flood of money. most of it from outside of illinois. some of it amounting to $45 million and it has been spent since september in chicagoland's tv market alone. groups doing the spending include crossroads political strategies cofounded by carl rove. they don't have to disclose their source or size of donations, the new law aimed at cutting the state's pay to play culture directs contributes from canada. >> president obama started his day out a out at a south side
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restaurant, lunch. and then air force one took him to cleveland where he rallied local ohio voters. the president tried to define the differences between democrats and republicans. saying voters have a choice between, in his words "the policies that got us into this mess and the policies that are leading us out of this mess. ." >> we believe in an america that rewards hard work and responsibility and individual initiative and believe in the free market, but, we also believe in a country where we look after one another. where i am, my brother's keeper. >> reporter: the crowd was receptive, even outshouting a small group of hecklers. >> former gop vice president candidate sara palin predicts tuesday will be a political earthquake for democrats. they are going to say "you blew it president obama. we gave you two years to
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fulfill your promise of making sure our economy starts to roll back in." instead, i believe things are getting worse. >> reporter: she said she is not committed to a presidential run in 2012, but she will do it if other suitable candidates do not step up. >> our coverage begins and continues from 6:00 to 9:00. at 59 and until the major races are decided, we'll have results and reactions of wgn. the entire evening is being streamed live on wgn tv. com. >> new information about the explosives found on planes bound for chicago. next, investigators think the explosions were on board passenger planes at one point. >> a bloody scene at a chicago nightclub where a gunman opens fire. jim? well, jackie, colder air by the end of next week and perhaps, a little snow to go along with it.
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we will have details and the full forecast, still ahead. rule the tweet.
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verizon built america's most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon. right now at verizon, you can get a new samsung intensity ii free after mail-in rebate. only at verizon. . >> authorities in yemen no longer believe that a woman arrested mailed the powerful bombs to the u.s. a chicago synagogue. car going carrying the packages were intercepted many investigators were trying to determine whether the bombs were supposed to go off before they arrived. one of the bombs watts carried
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twice on passenger flights within the mideast before it was discovered in dubai. the council of terrorism advisory was asked if there may be over devices out there. >> it would be imprudent for me and others to presume there are no others out there. that said, we are working with the intelligence that we have. we feel as though we have stopped all of the packages coming to the united states that was originating in yemen. >> reporter: senior u.s. intelligence officials say the man suspected of hacking explosives in -- packing explosives in the underwear of a nigerian man who tried to blow up a plane near detroit is now the chief suspect in this bomb sent. >> even though the pack an bombs addressed to chicago area synagogue before they could
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explode, today's gathering could have been a mourning service. >> it's something somehow planned to kill people. they got caught, but they planned to kill people. they planned to kill the jews. >> reverend jackson was joined today by rabbi michael siegel of the sunday gag in the lakeview neighborhood. >> police are searching for the gunman who killed one and injured others. it happened inside of inflation lounge in the 500 block of east 63rd street before 2:00 am. two people were reportedly arguing inside of the lounge when one man took out a gun and started to fire. a gunman fired shots into the crowd before fleeing. 30-year-old barley was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene. it's unknown if barney was the intended target. >> a a fatal crash on the kennedy expressway in the
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predawn hours. a 21-year-old woman crashed into a guard rail at 4:00 am. her car kept rolling and hit another car before smashing into a wall. the force of the impact threw her out of the car many rescuers did have trouble locating her body, but it was eventually recovered. there is no word on how she lost control in the deadly incident. >> a dozen children and two adults involved in a rollover crash on the eisenhower expressway. early afternoon wreck brought 10 ambulances to the scene. nine people were taken to the hospital. a woman is facing charges of child endangerment in connection with the crash because at least one of the children was not properly restrained. >> there is a new restaurant on the randolph street corridor putting a modern twist of on
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vietnamese food. >> our critic is there to check it out.
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it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake...
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...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. 30,000 people ran in this year's 35th annual marine corps marathon. >> the race began in dc and finished at the war memorial in
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virginia. >> lieutenant jacob radowski was this year's winner in finishing -- >> security beefed-up after gunshots were fired at a marine corps building on thursday. no one was hurt in that shooting. >> the marines don't wear boots into those races because they would face something from the agony of defeat if they did. >> vietnamese food in chicago is not just on argyle street any more. >> trendy -- restaurant critic, phil vittell stopped by for a taste. >> reporter: vietnamese food, a stylish randolph street restaurant who draws in a crowd, especially during
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cocktail hour. nontraditional design, but wanting to be fun. >> a relaxed atmosphere. up scale without charges people an arm and a leg. come here, relax, have good food and drinks. very simple. >> reporter: to that end, the kitchen fashion dishes very approachable. starter courses, wings, much like sports bar wings with an asian influence. if anything, it uses a bit more spice. water cress -- tenderloin medallions and the salad, this crunchy mix has shrimp, pork, beef and thai basil.
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salted prawns features a half dozen crispy bread criminal shrimp over pineapple and it's really fun to eat. my favorite is the clay pot catfish. soft textured fish picks up notes -- really solid dish. deserts come from a commercial bakery. this tort is a fine option. 1350 randolph street, i gave it one star. it's a very attractive space and i think it's a good concept. the kitchen needs to wrap up its game being a little more aggressive with their flavors. if it does, this place could be a hit. >> for more on this week's restaurant, you can text phil
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to 897999. >> tonight, live illinois lottery is coming up, next. >> jim ramsey says guess what, folks, we could be in for our first snowfall of the season this week. he'll tell us when, coming up, later. tonight on "instant replay," jay cutler did not get sacked once, but brett favre did, battered and bleeding and carried away on a cart. packers and the lions check in with week eight victories. the latest from, bcs. also, the view from the doorstep of the big 10 basketball season. peter longo checks in with tips on how to battle the breeze. >> nascar tumbling toward the finish in the chase in the championship. i'm dan roan, we'll see you alt 9:40 with capital one's venture card, we get double miles on every purchase.
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cashback bonus at restaurants. it pays to switch, it pays to discover. classic wonderful, halloween, trick-or-treating -- >> i want to know about this snow. >> i don't want to make too much out of this, this looks like a rain/snow mix proposition thursday night into friday morning. temperatures will be pretty chilly out there. today, we were 11 degrees colder for a high temperature than we were on saturday. in fact, tonight, we are calculating a wind chill temperature. i'll show you that in a mow
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men. time lapse cameras, we have some clouds to show you, not a particularly cloudy day, bright blue skies and it looks like it pattern the pattern will be around again tomorrow. high today, 52, you may remember on saturday, it was 63 for a high, but there is plenty of cold air to the north. and we'll get another chunk of it thursday into friday, keeping our temperatures particularly cool. temperatures across the area 43 at the airport. a hint of a breeze, not very strong coming out of the north, northeast, wind speeds generally less than 10-miles per hour. just enough punch to calculate windsheilds, notice everybody reporting a wind chill in the 30s. if you are going out tonight, it will be a little chilly. dew point temperatures are in the 30s, even 20s in the far
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western suburbs. that would suggested that tonight we'll see overnight low temperatures, probably low to mid-30s over much of the area. look at that dark blue, that represents the core of very cold air that has pushed into the region. it temporarily pulls out and middle of the week surges to the gulf coast. that's sum cold air. we are looking for daytime high temperatures not much out of the 30s by the time we get into next thursday. expect quite a cold snap. with that, a little instability, cloudiness which might produce a rain snow combination. there is a little rain throughout parts ofs plains. weak disturbance lifting the air in front of it, but it's tracking southeast of chicago, so we are not expecting a problem. we may get a few clouds because of that. for tonight in chicago, partly cloudy skies a wind off the lake and low temperature in the 30s. monday, morning sun and afternoon clouds, high temperatures, again in the 50s
9:29 pm
probably around the mid-50s. partly cloudy tomorrow night, again, a little light breeze, 32-38-degree lows and by the time we get into tuesday, not much improvement. temperatures holding in the 50s. cloud sun mix with light variable winds areas of high pressure over the area. the next seven days looks like this, wednesday, we cloud up, temperatures should hold around the mid-50s, maybe upper 50s in some areas and there could be some rain as a cold front passes through the area. probably just like rain, but thursday and friday, forecast models are showing the rain snow combination, probably beginning late thursday night and continuing into the morning hours of friday. not an accumulating snow, but it would be the first we have seen so far this year. maybe a tiny warmup next sunday, but we are in for at least three days of highs in the 40s. >> well, we knew it was coming sooner or later. that's pretty scary.
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>> happy halloween, bob. >> did you see bob's tie, by the way? >> oh, yeah. >> in keeping with the halloween scare. >> i have to scare everybody tonight. >> it scares me. >> a late season hurricane takes aim at a caribbean island. >> next, a look at the damage in barbados -- first is the first 4g phone. first is live video chat on the go. so you can be face-to-face even when you can't be. whether you're on 4g, 3g... and of course wi-fi. first lets you stream live video to the web. in 3...2... 1. what will you do first with evo, the first 4g phone? only from sprint. the now network. deaf, hard-of-hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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hurricane thomas tor off roof, damaged houses and brought down power lines this weekend in barbados and other islands in the eastern caribbean. a few injuries have been reported, but no deaths are blamed on the storms. with sustained winds of 90- miles an hour, the hurricane is expected to turn toward haiti later this week. aid workers fear the worst if it hits haiti where people are still struggling from last winter's earthquake and a cholera epidemic. >> in indonesia, an earthquake triggered a tune and an earthquake forced thousands of people from their homes. it sent cloud says of ash a mile in the air and a half mile down the southern and eastern
9:34 pm
slopes of the volcano. more than 53,000 people have been evacuated since the eruptions began last tuesday. >> mass flooding in thailand has forced more than three million people out of their homes. heavy rains have caused several rivers to overflow. at least 50 people have died. it has been raining there for nearly two weeks. thailand officials have stacked millions of sandbags around the perimeter of bangkok to protect the city from further flooding. there are relief being sent, but there is no telling when the rain will stop. >> no short an of people getting into the halloween spirit, tonight -- [ sighs ]
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addison. >> there was more, i'm sure. >> that's going to do it for us. >> i'm robert jordan. us. >> i'm robert jordan. >>
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