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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 5, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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breathing into their lungs every day and what metra plans to do about it. governor quinn won this race. he worked hard for it. >> it's over. republican bill brady throws in the towel three days after a close election realizing the votes just don't add up in absentee and provisional ballots for him to win. good evening. i'm micah materre. >> i'm mark suppelsa. it is our top story. pat quinn joins us in studio in just a few minutes. first randi belisomo was live with brady's concession which ended it all. >> reporter: after three days of waiting, pat quinn can claim victory. brady has conceded to the incumbent who says he's
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energized to be elected for the first time to the state's highest office. but quinn says there is much work to be done and done quickly. the size of the illinois deficit indicates just that. >> we are here to do big things on behalf of the public interest. and i really want our legislators to not be timid but to take on the great challenges and causes and really accomplish great things. that's my job. >> reporter: with his victory peanut butter quinn, quinn proved the polls wrong. and that ballots could bring him within reach. this afternoon in his hometown of bloomington, he said it was insurmountable. >> governor quinn won this race and worked hard for it. you can't take away from his effort in this encover. >> reporter: bay did was promising bipartisanship but the two clashed on the tax
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hike. brady claimed that -- isn't the answer. he's encouraged republicans picked up seats in the house and senate. his first entry into politics handed him an emotional first encounter with campaign defeat. >> i'd like to thank everyone. my family, friends, our supporters, and our staff. >> reporter: brady won't rule anything out of his own political future. and in the short-term plans on accepting governor quinn's invitation to lunch. >> he didn't say if he was going to buy or not. >> reporter: -- brady is off to florida for vacation. randi belisomo, wgn news. >> someone not in florida, governor pat quinn in our studio. do you feel any different now
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that you've been voted in rather than just being appointed after the impeachment of blagojevich? >> i assumed office under our constitution. getting sworn in of january of last year was a high honor. but being elected by the people of illinois was special. it's a privilege and i know it's a responsibility. it's a mission. and we have to make our state as good as it can be. it starts with jobs. we need more. and we have to invest in education. i feel that's the best way to get jobs. >> tonight, can you tell us how you are going to get jobs? >> we created more jobs than any other state in the midwest. we had chrysler declare an investment in our state. boeing will be manufacturing airplanes. we've got to grow our economy both large businesses and small. then education is the key. our community colleges are key to our workers having the skills they need for the 21st century economy. >> last night sat down with governor daniels in indiana who
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is exalting over his new majority in the legislature. you had a majority before the election. lots of things didn't get done because there was not enough cooperation. what would make the citizens believe now that things would be different? >> well, i think we have challenges that we must face. we can't -- we have to squarely address them. we can't avoid them. i think members of both parties, both houses have to square up to the real realities that we have. we have to invest in education. we've got to balance the budget. we have to create jobs in our state and the only way to do it is for people to do hard things. >> i talked to some voters who say i like the man pat quinn, i have questions about his management capability in handling the powers in the house and in the senate. what do you say to that? >> yes got strong ethics laws passed. i was the one that got that done. we passed a job recovery bill last year that took 3/5 of both
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houses to pass. me passed public pension reform. we have a lot of other things to pass and i'm going get it done. i think people underestimate me. they did in this campaign. but the people voted for us and that's what counts in a democracy. >> you have been criticized for not standing up to speaker of the house mike madigan. >> he wasn't for recall. he ultimately claim around on ethics matter. i don't like kicking people in the shins. i get along with mike madigan. i get along with everybody. i think we have civility and decency and there's no such thing as republican jobs or democratic jobs. there are illinois jobs. i want to be the jobs governor. i want to build things, make things that help people get back to work. >> i heard from social groups and school districts that were frustrated because they're owed millions by the state. were hurt to see you in the last month cutting ribbons finding new money for different projects that maybe looked good
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on the campaign trail. >> one of them is called put illinois to work. we've put 26,000 people to work since may. it's the best program of its kind in the country. new york times has written three stories about this program of taking people who are unemployed and giving them a job in the private sector. we want to keep doing that. that's the best way to get money for our state to pay fe the bills. we need to pay the bills. that's going to happen by the end of this year for sure. but we also have to get people working. that's where i'm coming from. >> this was a very close race. we've been talked about. >> it's a landslide. >> a lot of people didn't vote for you. how are you going to regain their confidence? and say maybe i should have voted for him. >> the great thing about american democracy, is when the election is held, the people speak. i got the majority of votes then we work together and band together in the best traditions of illinois democracy. people have faith, i think, in
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the common good. that's what i believe in all my life. >> in the 15 seconds we have, is it true you gathered more down state union votes than perhaps you expected and the brady camp expected? when they didn't think they'd do as well as they did there? >> illinois is one state. we're not quited -- divided into two or three states. everybody in, nobody left out. that's my philosophy. and i enjoy visiting every part of illinois. >> congratulations. >> will you come back and talk to us in about six months? >> yes. i'm a believer. >> tell us what you think. do you think the governor's plan to get the state out of the financial crisis is confident? text yes or no to 97999 or go to tom negovan is live sorting out where everyone stands now
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that ricky hendon says he's out. >> reporter: well, ricky hendon is actually here and they're still trying to sort it out. the coalition for mayor still meeting after two and a half hours of deliberations. a little more than that. a bit contentious in there is what we're hearing. but they keep nosy reporters out. 28 port alderman ed smith arriving tonight to talk about the candidates for mayor. congress danny davis is here. so is 2nd ward alderman roger burnett and here is ricky hendon. who's already bowed out of this race. or has he? earlier today saying he was not the chosen one. >> the fact that they called back, they did not call me back. sent a clear message to me that i was not going to be the
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consensus. >> reporter: but that may not quite be true. so far chicago's african- american power brokers have backed former senator karen mosley braun. and rogers has their finalists. now comes word of decent in the ranks that danny davis or another candidate may unilaterally decide to make a run. then there's rahm emanuel. undeclared but raising money, campaigning, and weighing in on key issues like the search for a new head of chicago public schools. issuing a statement on that today on the kind of leader he'd pick. one who'd improve student performance. while his opponent declared -- is asking the leaders meeting here on the south side tonight not to pick the best black candidate, but the best candidate. >> i'll say this: that if the leadership of the african- american community won't have me, then i will take my case directly to the citizens
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throughout the city including african-americans. >> reporter: and this meeting here in the south shore continues. no end in sight after more than two and a half hours. no sign that they are any closer to picking a single mayoral candidate. but the clock is ticking on that. those who wish to run have to summit the petitions later this month. >> tom negovan reporting. thank you. coming up: what's in the air of the trains going in and out of union station? new heart, new home. after giving so much to other children by raising money for their care, a naperville care gets a huge surprise. back in the weather center, a mid-weekend warm-up? tom skilling promises we won't be disappointed. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake. metra has called what amounts to an emergency meeting tuesday to address air pollution in and around its trains. spurred by a chicago tribune watch dog investigation in sunday's edition. how it found highly toxic diesel exhaust breathed in by train riders.
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>> reporter: as you're rushing to catch the train home or the bus to work, see that? that hazy mist floating in the air? you smelled it too. that whiff of diesel. it's called black carbon. it's a toxic soup of chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde. found spikes of toxic diesel exhaust which is considered among the most dangerous forms of pollution. michael hawthorn is the reporter for the chicago tribune. he went through the city with this device. >> this is what they call a mcgee microathrometer. >> reporter: to measure what we breathe. >> it's measuring the amount of black carbon. >> reporter: the most striking came from where we commute the most. union stations.
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>> there's spikes of pollution that start to happen as soon as you get on the platform. when i got on the train car, it started to gee go up higher. then the levels shot up significantly. when the doors closed on that train and the locomotive pulled out. >> reporter: trapped inside the cars is diesel soot up to 72 times higher than on the streets outside. dropping off sharply only after getting off the train. >> it's dangerous stuff. >> reporter: brian works with a group pushing metra and others to clean up their air. when you hear the statistics, you'll understand why. >> 1,125 heart attacks and over 28,000 asthma attacks. just from diesel exhaust in the chicago metropolitan area. every single year. >> reporter: as for hawthorn's
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city tour, he's a snapshot of toxins he was exposed to. range between 1-2 micrograms of cuber meter of air. but watch what happens at 2:56. at michigan and wacker it goes up. tour buses idling on the bridge. and 6:01 it skyrockets. >> in everyday life in the chicago area, we are exposed to this dangerous form of air pollution. >> i was told today metra believes they're in compliance with the air quality standards but they want a meeting. that will also include transportation and environmental committees in washington. mark, just ahead: who's taking blame for the death of a notre dame student at a practice? and now this paralyzed
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i have to start taking care of my heart. so i'm starting with cheerios. [ male announcer ] got something you'll love to keep doing? take care of your heart. you can start with cheerios. the natural whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. this is what makes me happy, so i'll probably do this until the wheels fall off. [ male announcer ] it's time. love your heart so you can do what you love. cheerios. notre dame's president says the university is responsible for the death of a student who was videotaping a football practice in windy conditions. declan sullivan died october 27. the film student was from long grove. he was killed when the hydraulic lift he was on toppled over. the president of the school wrote an open letter to students and staff saying we
9:20 pm
failed to keep him safe and for that he is profoundly sorry. also brian kelly says it was his decision to practice outside that day. blacky clark lying in his bed paralyzed after being hit in a high school football game has run out of health insurance. expenses piled up. when they hit $5 million, it maxed out his policy. his home care expenses have added up to $70,000 in the last months alone. today the family begged for help. >> it's a struggle from day to day. we're trying to manage and maintain. >> blacky will have to go to a state home and that i'm not going to have happen. >> without additional assistance, he will need to leave his mother and move to a state-run home. the school district was unaware
9:21 pm
that the insurance had maxed out. in tomorrow's chicago tribune, there appears to be a fallout between starbucks and kraft foods. the two had a deal that allowed to sell to grocery stores. now starbucks says that deal is over. kraft is saying that's a surprise. find out more about this controversy that is percolating. and on the red eye. what's on our reading list this winter? looking for that fix for the cold nights. if you're stuck on what to read, check out a list of book recommendations in the paper tomorrow. a new way to erase wrinkles. a less invasive way to turn back the hands of time. together again, the '85 bears reliving the glory days. >> turning back the hands of time.
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in tonight's medical watch: no surgeries, no injections. but still a bit of a lift. the latest tool in the arsenal to fight back the hands of time. >> it sounded like a great idea. it was noninvasive. and something that could be done quickly and easily in the office. i thought i'd give it a try and i'm glad it did. >> reporter: susan wasn't ready for a facelift but wanted to look better and younger. >> i find that i am mixing less invasive surgery with these noninvasive techniques. the injectables, injecting fat, and now with this -- the noninvasive skin tightener, it's kind of what i've been waiting and looking for. >> reporter: it's like looking into the womb of a pregnant woman with ultrasound technology. >> this is a way to put little
9:25 pm
beads of energy -- little heat shocks if you will -- that cause the tissue to tighten up so it pulls it back up. >> reporter: in a tight economy, people want to tighten up without a big bill and want to get back to work quicker or find a new position. >> in this job market, everybody wants to put their best face forward. >> reporter: while the procedure is quick and easy, it takes a while to see the difference. new collagen grows. >> over the course of three months after the treatment, i noticed that my neck and chin area looked tighter. it was a positive experience. >> reporter: and it only felt like a prickling on the skin during the half hour procedure. >> what we're looking at here is the top layer of the skin. and then this green line represents where the energy is being delivered. you get the tightening and lifting effect over the first
9:26 pm
three months. >> i'm have been happy. >> how happy will you be with the price? it costs about $4000 for the entire face with results lasting about 18 months. a surgical facelift lasts longer but can run up to $14,000. >> thank you. temperatures back in the 70s next week. what? hard to believe this. >> but tom skilling tells you it may just happen. ♪ [ female announcer ] yoplait's real fruit
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arriving in daley plaza tonight, the christmas tree. the blue spruce chosen by voters in an online contest. it was donated by the colimer family. >> wow. taken down for a strip mall on their property or something. they're donating it. >> put to a wonderful purpose. we'll enjoy it hoar in the city. well, have we got a variety of weather across the country. fresno, california hottest temperature ever today. and yet 12 states under frost and freeze advisories in the south. we've had hurricane tomas, looks about 9 inches that came down across haiti. 49 mile-per-hour winds at port-
9:30 pm
au-prince today. the strongest hurricane-force winds went right between haiti and cuba. guantanamo, cuba had over 6 inches with that. that storm moving into the bahamas. look at the beautiful sunset tonight. and we're cold. it is snowing vigorously in the lake snow belt of parts of northern indiana and southwest lower michigan. we had a high of 40 today in chicago. that ties the coldest high since april 8. you had to go back to march 20th last spring to get a colder high temperature. and look at this. readings didn't break 40 today in schaumburg, glen ellyn, or lemont. tonight we're down at freezing at o'hare. it's 34 at midway. 26 at this hour at wadsworth. 28 west chicago.
9:31 pm
this is a cold won tonight. the winds are very light so no real windchill. there is the plot of the temperature across the metro area. here are other temperatures. 37 east chicago. hammond 34. beautiful day for a time at frazier magnet school. we had clouds build back in again as the day went on. and in south bend there have been snow showers. here's where the frost and freeze advisories are in effect. they're expecting big snows on the spine of the appalachians right where this jet stream pouring the cold air south on a wind up around 30,000 feet comes in contact with the mountains to get lift and snow to develop. look how the flow flattens and this is the signal of a big warm-up later in the week. 60 on sunday and to 68 on
9:32 pm
monday. with some areas maybe flirting with 70. same on tuesday. there's the plot of our area temperatures but the highs today show the chinooks were running. and jumped the mountains down sloping winds lead to compressional warmings. so some nice, warm air there. that mild air will march eastward. if we had a mountain range to the west we could get low 70s. we're cooler than 24 hours ago but look how much of the plains and the rockies are warming up as that warm air is on the move and eastbound. northeast at 7 are the winds. humidity 49%. a look at the low temperatures and you get an idea of this cool air mass. coolest of the season to be
9:33 pm
sure. even as california boiled. but i want to show you the snow. if you're planning a trip to the south end of the lake in the morning, they're warning away from the warmth of the lake where you get rain as indicated by the green here then it goes over to ice pellets then inland it falls as snow. visibilities down to 1/4-mile due to snow. our model is showing this plume of moisture gradually fading out but not until tomorrow. so we can go into the morning hours and see this area, this will be from la port county here. we'll not worry about it on this side of the lake. just won't happen here. some of these lake effect showers could swipe east lake. but look how this big high pressure with its cold northerly winds with time is easing eastward.
9:34 pm
this is why we'll warm up. it's going to get windy too tomorrow. see how the warm air comes eastward? it's riding in place sunday and in place monday through wednesday next week. then a dump of cold air by next weekend expected again. the air masses are on the march across the area. and you expect that in autumn time. here's our forecast. partly cloudy, blustery, chilly tonight. the lake effect showers of rain sleet and snow continue in parts of though -- northwest indiana. the north winds tonight 6-14 later on. but they're gustier than that right now near the water. partly sunny, chilly, 47 tomorrow. and tomorrow night windy so the 34 which is an increase over what we expect tonight will still feel nippy. but that sunshine filtered through some high clouds should accommodate a 60-degree
9:35 pm
temperature sunday afternoon. and after what we have been through the past few days, that'll be nice. back with the seven-day in ten minutes. >> pretty good. thanks. our own allison pena hosting tonight. the new heritage life members and legacy life members there as well. still ahead: a girl who gave so much as she waited for the gift of life. and she's gotten back so much more. serving, protecting, saving lives. we'll be back. [ female announcer ] introducing pillsbury sweet moments bite-sized brownies
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kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me bee happy. bee healthy. tonight a follow-up to a story wgn brought you last new year's eve. we told you about a naperville girl's journey giving to so many. >> reporter: she is talking about her brand new bedroom fit for a queen or a naperville preteen you name it, all part of a gift from this man. 32-year-old eric colas an interior designer with contrast design group. the two met when sarah was in the hospital last year. and they clicked immediately.
9:39 pm
he's designed in some tv reality shows but nothing compares to sarah's real reality. heart trouble since the day she was born. >> i've never had to face what she had to face. i can't imagine facing that. it blew me away. >> reporter: we met sarah when she was recovering from her seventh heart surgery. this time a transplant at children's memorial hospital. she made jewelry back then and sold them to the nurses and donated her proceeds to the ronald mcdonalds house. she was rewarded with a new room. resources labor and all fully donated to the tune of 10- $15,000. farrah's jewelry wall a center piece. niece hands are like helping hands. >> when you're having a bad day, it's great to think about someone else may be having a
9:40 pm
worse day. and that puts it in perspective. >> reporter: as for sarah's mother, she's amazed at eric's generosity. amazed at the girl that taught her so much in sarah's 12 years. >> i think i'm back to my old self. sarah has probably taught me more than i could teach her as a mother. >> well, sarah's back in school almost running as fast as her friends. >> and she's still making jewelry too. coming up: the '85 bears back together including buddy rine. later in sports. [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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there are good and not so good numbers in today's unemployment report. employers added $150,000 of jobs last month. the education and health care system saw the biggest numbers of hires. but unemployment remained stuck at 9.6%. those added jobs not enough to change the numbers.
9:44 pm
president obama recognizes the economy is still not producing enough. >> we need to accelerate our economic growth so that we are producing jobs at a faster pace. because the fact is an encouraging job report doesn't make a difference if you're still one of the millions of people who are looking for work. >> try and jump start the economy, the president suggested things like tax breaks for small businesses and extending unemployment benefits. used to shame others by calling them the worst person in the world but tonight keith olbermann is the one with the red face. he was suspended indefinitely for making contributions to three democratic candidates this last election cycle. the admits to kentucky senate candidate and two arizona representatives. prior to his do nations, he had been critical of fox news because of their contributions made to republican groups. above and beyond and thank
9:45 pm
goodness. a police officer saves a 2-year- old boy's life. officer tom norbord was flagged down that a woman's son was unconscious. all of a sudden he started coughing and vomiting. he took the boy out to his car and did cpr. >> thank you because maybe if he didn't there, maybe my baby die. >> and i would hope that if the situation would arise with my wife having -- needing medical emergency services that someone else would do the same thing in the same situation. >> the boy was checked out at the hospital and sent home okay. >> cutest little thing. >> the officer or the -- >> the baby. >> well, the officer is a good man too. >> but i can't eat him up. not like the little one. let's move on. >> move on. i know exactly what you're saying, micah.
9:46 pm
and you are very human as you always are. happy friday. mark, lay off. poor micah. we've got ourselves a nice weekend on the way, guys. it's chilly tomorrow and sunny. but 60 on sunday. then into the mid and upper 60s after that. we lost about five hours of daylight. the sun will set tomorrow at 5:39. and after the time change it will set at 4:38 in the evening. see that coming into la port county? i suspect it's snowing heavily there. of course here's hurricane tomas. which has moved between cuba and haiti today. the center of the storm has producing up to 9 inches of rain in haiti and blasting eastern cuba with heavy rains as well.
9:47 pm
39 mile-per-hour winds, lots of rain reported there. this cool air will act as a buffer. there's the jet stream that kind of turns into a southwest flow. that's a big change from what we've seen. and that's why we're able to drive these temperatures higher. from 47 tomorrow to 60 on sunday, and we think now 68 monday though it may hold to the upper 50s far north shore towards waukegan and hit the low 70s in our southern suburbs. 68 on tuesday. both days sunny and a brisk southerly wind. then wednesday partly cloudy and 64, maybe a shower or thundershower thursday. better chance on friday and some really cool air to follow next week. we have veterans day coming up on thursday as well. have a wonderful weekend. >> you too. thank you. >> see you later. tonight's photos of the day
9:48 pm
segment captures a bit of fall in chicago as winter closes in. >> take a look at tonight's photos of the day.  ♪[ music ] @v@v o@?@?@?@?@? ♪[ music ]
9:49 pm
>> those were gorgeous. >> nice work by the tribune photographers. find more photos on well, no rest for the nba weary after last night' loss to the knicks, they try to amount a big comeback against the celtics in boston. rich king, fists of furry next with sports. i love my curves. but the love i have for strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake and key lime pie, mmm, it threw a curve at my curves. so i threw it right back... with yoplait light -- strawberry shortcake, red velvet cake and key lime pie. 30 indulgent delicious flavors that satisfy my love for tasty treats. around 100 calories. zero fat.
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go-gurt. freeze it. thaw it. eat it up. well, tough game last night. tough game on the road. tom thibodeau goes back home. >> ended up playing a great game against a tough game. bulls hope to make a big leap this year into the ranks of the nba elite. tonight's matchup is good measuring stick. owners of 18 nba titling, the celtics. bulls down by two with five minutes left. c.j. watson goes up for a three. bless right by one. boston again gets a one point lead.
9:53 pm
ray allen takes it home here after the botched play. he gets the hoop and the foul. the bulls came back. and derek rose to dang. dang drains it. in overtime me bulls trail 106- 10 #. lots of time left. celebrating the 25th anniversary of the bears 1985 football winners. take note, mike ditka and buddy ryan never came to blows at half-time. the mike cleared up the mystery tonight saying ditka and ryan had heated words but players intervened before physical contact. greatest defensive team in the history of the game. though he clashed with ditka, they had the best team. we met into matsui. we asked what made the team so magical. >> i have no idea.
9:54 pm
we're a bunch of old guys, broken down, everybody hurt. the team had a lot of personality with mcgrand and our defense. ditka allowed us to play pretty free. it's just a great time in the city and great time to be on the bears. >> while ditka and ryan were reunited tonight. buddy now 79 years old and ditka now 71 and a big force in the nfl. march of time has tempered the passion of those fiery days of the past. >> what i learned a long time ago wisdom is not wasted or the young. it took me time to get smart about things. boy i tell you what. i certainly have grown to understand and appreciate what these guys meant and what this coach meant. but all my coaches meant but especially him because his players related to him on defense like i've never seen.
9:55 pm
before or since. believe me. >> the 2010 chicago bears head for toronto tomorrow to face the bills on sunday at the rogers center. he has had two weeks to clear his mind. and thinks he has weathered the storm. >> everybody goes through that phase. and especially when expectations are what they are. he'll be fine. we'll get him squared away. >> everyone needs to keep believing in the system and get the details right. we talked about it in the past of being more consistent. there's flashes of us on film doing everything right and then there's other things where it was a break down. this offense is like -- we'll take all guys on the same page. hockey now. the chicago wolves on the road as the meet the monsters.
9:56 pm
tied in overtime. the power play, darren tees it up and scores. the wolves win in the final tick of the clock. tomorrow penn state at illinois. and notre dame is off. finally hockey fights are routine. but how about a jockey fight? you rarely see that. happened tonight at the breeders cup. javier bumps into some horses causing a chain reaction. he was des qualified. and watch this. after the winners circle, he had to be restrained. he later apologized saying he lost his cool. i've never seen jockeys go after it like that in all my years >> like breaking up kids. about 4'2". >> thank you, rich. that is the news for this friday night. we're happy you shared time with us.
9:57 pm
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