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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 13, 2010 9:30pm-10:00pm CST

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they just scored on a three- point bucket by arenas. you've got almost 31 seconds and no one here to trying to foul. a two-possession game, and i don't think anyone knew they could foul and put the bulls on the line. no one is making a move to foul. and the bulls just run down the clock. they even get a shot and here comes the second chance right there before they realize they had to foul. you let 17 seconds go off the clock and not foul a guy, arenas from outside. >> neil: what might have been. 99-94. 10.9 left. the bulls need to get the wizards to force the foul, immediately if they can.
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and they do. >> had they fouled and had bogans on the line or something, maybe they miss. maybe they miss both of them. that three-point shot now the huge. >> neil: 99-94. so it's a five-point game. at the free throw line, the crowd thinks the bulls have the game one. they're in a frenzy over hitting 100. he makes the first one. >> look at the kids. >> neil: 100 to 94 with ten seconds left. bulls trying to wheel off three straight here and get their
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fifth home win of the season. that pretty much says it right there, neil. ride home safely. >> neil: and back out. little jumper good by armstrong. now they decide to foul with two-tenths left and down by five. >> stacey: that's really amazing, not knowing the situation and not knowing how much you're down tore score. you keep playing until the game is over. even if you were down 10, you should continue to try to fight. >> neil: you have to know the time. >> stacey: you can see they had a lapse in that sequence. when you had 30 seconds, you just scored a bucket. >> neil: and they let the bulls move the ball nicely and one along the baseline. no one tried to foul him.
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>> stacey: as soon as that ball was entered into the back court, you try to get a five- second call, but if you don't, you have to foul immediately. >> bogans knocks in the free throw. he's got ten points in the game. and staring at 11. and now the wizards will inbound, touch it. game over. 103-96. the bulls played with the lead almost the entire night. and win it by seven. we'll be back with a final word from the united center. ♪
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the energy drink for your feet. with zigtech, i get more gain, less pain. ♪ coming up, he's made it official, what rahm emanuel has to say about his run for mayor of chicago. >> an suv smashes into an apartment building, killing a woman asleep on her bed. a 17-year-old maine west high school student is laid to rest while police look for the hit-and-run driver who killed him. the news is next.
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we're back at the united center. tonight's players of the game. brought do you by budweiser. great times are waiting for you. grab a bud. we have multiple players for you tonight. >> stacey: we're going to give it to three players. deng comes up with 23 points, derrick rose, 23.8 assists and joakim noah. 23 points. all of those guys came to play tonight. budweiser players of the game. >> speaker: we said this whole homestand was important. you two out and have seven straight on the road in the best. you know that's always been historically a big trip. when you go west, you're playing good teams, you're playing a lot of back to backs, the trip ends with four games in five nights. it was great to see them play well during this stretch at
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home, for a variety of reasons, they're back on track and have a winning record now. >> stacey: again, you want to come out and play with some kind of momentum. they're playing well at home and you have to carry that out. they've got some tough games out there. if they can go throughout and take one game at a time, not worry about we want to win four games, just go throughout and play one game at a time. this team has a chance the come out with a positive outlook. >> our next bulls telecast already the bulls taking on mavericks at the american airlines center in dallas. wgn viewer, tune in saturday. the bulls battle the kings in sacramento. join us at 9:00 right here on wgn tv. once again, your final score,
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the bulls 103. the washington wizards, 96. the wgn news is next. this is wfn news at 9. >> i want to fight for a better future for all the people of chicago, and that's why today i'm announcing my candidacy for mayor. >> rahm emanuel made it official today. he announced his candidacy for mayor of chicago at a north side elementary school gymnasium. while there were protesters outside. good evening, everyone. i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bang. randy belliso has tonight's top story. rahm emanuel says he loves the city, and he wants to lead it. his chicago roots and
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washington experience, the mayoral hopeful, he says, make him the most qualified candidate. >> only the 200 to help president obama as his chief of staff could have pride me away from chicago. only the 200 to to leave the city could have pride me away from the president's side. >> he launched his campaign today in the north side district as a representative congressman. 250 supporters listened to his speech inside the school gymnasium. in it, he thanked mayor daly for his 22 years of experience, but criticized the culture of corruption inside politics. >> emanuel has spent the last several weeks in what he calls a listening tour, and he promises the listening won't stop if he's elected. >> i'll hold regular town meetings in every part of our city, bringing along department heads to hear from the residents and taxpayers. >> he comes in from washington, thinks he's going to take the mayorship. >> but some residents see him
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as an outsider and protested outside of his announcement. they say local jobs are not emanuel's priority. emanuel is choosing to emphasize his washington connections as a way to get things done. >> the city is going to need an awful lot to get through difficult budgetary time. i think implicit in what he said was the fact he can pick up the phone and talk to the man in the president's chair. >> reporter: in echoing the president, emanuel is note offering a quick fix. he said it won't be easy, because the aspirations are so great. >> the challenges we are facing are daunting. the changes we seek are profound. there's nothing wrong in chicago that can't be solved with what's right in chicago. >> reporter: emanuel says he's planned three major speeches in the coming months, one in december on education, in january on crime, and in february on the city's budget. on monday, you can see the start of a one-week $750,000 tv ad campaign. on the north side, randy
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bellisoma wgntv news. the mayor spent his day campaigning on the city's south side. the former chicago public school board president gathered signatures in the back of the yards neighborhood. he visited with people at neighborhood stores after he was joined by supporters for a final petition drive at the immaculate heart of marry church. his grandfather helped found the church. those wanting to run for mayor have until november 22nd to submit the necessary signatures to get on the ballot. and state senator and pastor james meeks already has enough signatures to get on the ballot, and will officially announce his candidacy tomorrow. he'll do so at the university of illinois chicago. also officially announcing his run for mayor tomorrow, u.s. representative manny davis. davis will do so at the hotel aleg row across from city hall. a developing story tonight, chicago police are investigating the deaths of two
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people found shot to death in a car on the south side. wgn's marcella raymond is in west anglewood neighborhood and 70th street. she joins us with the latest on that investigation. marcella. >> hi, jackie. friends and family have been looking for these two men and a third since yesterday. police confirm that two were shot to death and found in a car on 70th near damon's. one was in the driver's seat, the other in the back seat. there is talk out here of the third man possibly being in the trunk, but police have note confirmed that yet. police say that they were responding to a well-being check at about 6:45 tonight. some neighbors i talked with say they heard shots at that time as well. a tow truck just came by a few minutes ago and took the car, with the victims inside, to the crime lab so detectives could go over it with a fine-toothed comb. lots of friends and family out
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here. a large crowd was forming. of course, they were very emotional and extremely upset about what had happened. police not giving any details about a possible motive or if anyone is in custody. bob and jackie? >> marcella, thank you. >> a day of remembrance in the northwest suburbs, as funeral services are held for the victim of a high-profile hit- and-run crash. . and what was behind a deadly crash in the suburbs that killed a woman while she was lying in bed? >> jim? >> bob, strong winds are pushing cold air into the chicago area tonight, and this is not the only cold snap we're expecting this week. i'll have the full story, the forecast and all of the details still ahead. it's great. i eat anything that i want.
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a young man killed in a hit and run chase has been laid to rest. friends and family of 17-year- old choice taylor mourned his loss at the good news christian church. he was president of the high school chess club, a member of the amity club, and the bass fishing team. december plains police have an idea what the driver looks like, who drove the semi tractor that hit taylor. they want to know if you do recognize him, and police say that it's possible that the driver didn't know he hitdrove the semi tractor that hit taylor. they want to know if you do recognize him, and police say that it's possible that the driver didn't know he hit anyone. police believe a driver was drunk, and he has been charged. wgn's shawn louis have details.
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>> reporter: distraught, juan nicholas burnell bears the physical scars of the overnight tragedy that killed his girlfriend, 48-year-old josephineno prospero. police are not sure why the driver never stopped on his own after he ran off the roadway here and up over this hill. he continued on more than 60 feet before he crashed into the first-floor apartment. >> i saw a guy jump out the passenger side and run off. my friend actually tried to trip him, but we couldn't get him like we wanted to. >> for them to come out here, you don't expecting in like this. to see something like this
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happen is, like, tragic. >> reporter: josephine that and juan worked together here where coworkers tell me that joseph fine that was a sweet and hard worker. they were upset that their new friend of so many years was now gone as the one who shared her life and was there for her last moments, now leaves it to the family to begin to heal. >> bowling brook police have charged the driver identified as louise bonito with one count of vehicular homicide. . the passenger was released without charges. mayor daley responding to a proposal to improve wrigley field relying on bonds saying that they should entertain different ways of getting financing. the executive chairman tom rickets said he wants to make renovations at wrigley field to
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the tune of $3 million with bonds floated by the illinois sports authority. the bonds would be paid back over 35 years with increases in the amusement tax revenue generated at wrigley through ticket sales. >> it is a good proposal; but like anything else, we have to see what effect this has on the revenue, and that's very important, especially, you know, when you're looking at, you know, nickles and dimes. that's what we look at, and people are taking furlough days off, and cut in pay and all that. so it's difficult. >> mayor daley made his remarks at the dedication of the new town hall district police station near wrigley field. the new 44,000 square foot building replaces the adjacent 103-year-old barn-style station, the town hall that some consider a landmark. others called it an accidental icon. well, the prospects appear very dim for using the thomson prison in northwest illinois as a facility to hold terror
9:51 pm
suspects, now detained in guantanamo bay, cuba. the plan put forward by the obama administration drew national attention. the state -- the prison remains vacant. congress hasn't approved the necessary $237 million to buy it from illinois and house felons from this country. senator dick during ban backed the original plan to house terrorists. however, he now favors thompson becoming a regular federal prison first. the village president of thompson says he and the almost 600 presidents still hope the feds buy the prison in order to create the jobs in carol county, where unemployment is at 10%. back to reality in the weather department. >> jim ramsey joins with us talks of temperatures that he says will make you shiver. [ male announcer ] nature is unique...
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that is not the coldest air we're expecting this week. we are looking at moisture this morning. clouds and drizzle, didn't amount to much. 300ths of an inch of rainfall at o'hare. at this point, we should have had an inch of rainfall, but hasn't happened. the high temperature for the afternoon was 52 degrees; but the official high for the day will be 57. that actually occurred this morning. temperatures have been falling throughout the day. take a look at inn map police there with temperatures in the mid 30s for highs today. very cold air to the north. we'll get another chunk of that later this week. at the moment, it's 40 degrees at o'hare, and it's dry out there. take a look at the at this point temperatures, in the low 30s. it's going to be probably in the low 30s for lows tonight. winds rather blustery out there, and take a look at the wind gusts at this hour. very gusting conditions. and that's producing windchill temperatures about 10 degrees colder than the air temperatures. so if you're headed out
9:56 pm
tonight, it's colder than you think. this is the ten-day temperature projection. notice that chunk of cold air drifting into the midwest, pulling out and drifting back. that's thursday. daytime highs on thursday in the 30s, but that whitish area, the coldest air yet. that's probably about 10 or 11 days away. we'll continue to keep a close watch of that. the big story in the midwest has been the snow in minneapolis, and the rest of minnesota, as well as northwestern wisconsin. some reports out of that area suggest as much as a foot of snow is falling, and it continues to fall at this hour. skiers, on the other hand, ought to be delighted with this. some snow in parts of the interior mountains of colorado and southwestern wyoming. now, this is our forecast projection. the snow stays to the north as this whole system pushes to the northeast; but some of the clouds do thicken up around here, and we could see some rainshowers in the far north suburbs tomorrow afternoon. here's our forecast for tonight.
9:57 pm
skies, mostly cloudy out there. low temperature 32 to 38. with winds continuing southwesterly. and then, for tomorrow, mostly cloudy and blustery, a shower possible in the far north suburbs, high temperature from the upper 30s to mid 40s. tomorrow night, another chilly night, low temperature 28 to 33. the winds starting to weaken a little, partly cloudy, temperatures warming to near 50. southwesterly winds at 10 to 15. tuesday we're up to 53. that could be as warm as we get this week. but notice around wednesday, cloudy with rainshowers, which may mix with some snow before it ends early thursday. >> what? >> thursday is going to be a cold day. don't worry about the snow, bob. it will be a dusting at best. temperatures on thursday, quite cold. then we warm up a little bit going into next weekend before what promises to be a chilly weak following. we'll look at that in more detail as we get close. >> i'm not complaining.
9:58 pm
we had a wonderful fall. >> i was just going to say, you're right. >> a wonderful fall, which is now behind us. >> winter. duh, duh, duh. >> tonight's local lottery drawing is coming up next. >> still to come, the northwestern season hits a huge bump in the road. a sweet win turns sour as the cats lose their leader for the season. >> plus the black hawks try to get back on track in nashville. rich king has all the highlights and more in sports. ♪ ♪ hello sunshine ♪ sweet as you can be ♪ i love waking up [ chuckles ] ♪ to your morning melody ♪ i can tell it's gonna be ♪ a sweet day [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey for a yummy sweet taste that's just right. and the 100% natural whole grain oats treat your heart sweet. because they can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. ♪ you're sweet to me
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