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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 14, 2010 9:00pm-9:40pm CST

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congressman danny davis and senate senator james meeks made it official today. >> good evening, i'm robert jordan. >> and i'm jackie bankeric kirschner. >> dan is live at the university of chicago -- >> reporter: the state senator for james meek wrapping up an hour ago. he picked up one rather unusual endorsement and showed up
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withen a impressive group of kid musicians. a surprising performance by 11- year-old violin prodigy max lewis helped to set the stage for the not so surprising announcement. he was introduced by mckenna and wasted no time firing up the crowd. >> we need a leader who is a unifier and woe can bring people together and will work with blacks and whites and hispanics. >> reporter: he talked about job creation, fighting crime and said if elected, he will focus on education reform. >> every child in america deserves the right to an equal high quality education. >> reporter: also making his candidacy for mayor official, u.s. congressman danny davis. addressing a roomful of
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supporters, he called himself the grass roots candidate who is most in touch with chicago's diversity. >> i'm prepared to bridge the gap between affluent wealthy communities and those that are still struggling. i will bridge the gap between north side and south side. between downtown and west side. >> reporter: davis is serving his 8th term as congressman. he hasser ised alsod a alderman and cook county commissioner. a group of african-american religious and political leaders -- >> i ask you to join with us and let us make a difference for all of chicago. >> reporter: both candidates are asking for more volunteers. they are also asking supporters to make significant donations to their campaigns, 5:00 noning that some of their opponents have a lot more in their
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campaign work chest than they do. bob and jackie. >> carol moseley braun said she is ready to run too, looking forward to a debate between she and her possible candidates. >> i think the debate will be good to talk about the future of our city and the future of the people here. what we will do about all of the issues. >> reporter: braun will file the thousands of signatures needed to get on the ballot tomorrow. she and her staff attorneys spent tonight checking the petitions in preparation for the filing. >> rahm emanuel will air his first campaign commercial tomorrow. here's a sneak peek. >> chicago is a great city, with great children,. >> reporter: the commercial is part of nearly $750,000 ad. tomorrow, a fun raiser will be
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held on imanual behalf at the united airlines committee. co-chairs are being asked to write checks for $5,000 and raise $50,000 apiece. >> a measure allowing four new casinos to be built in illinois and drew hundreds to sweet holy church. if passed, one could be built in the southern suburbs of ford heights. several mares gathered to show their support. they, along with fort heights mayor charles given and bishop larry trotter said the economic development in the area is a must and lawmakers should not pass over the village. i. >> i don't think they should shift the plans to an ultra conservative well off
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community. >> i did not come back to ford heights because i wanted to be mayor. i came here because i wanted to do something about my community. >> a man is hospitalized after being stabbed with a broken beer bottle at a popular nightclub. police say two men and the 23- year-old victim got into an argument at the green dolphin nightclub and the man attacked him. cutting imhim in the face and body. he was rushed to the hospital for treatment. police are still looking for the attackers. >> chicago based fusion project has agreed to stop shipment to new york for the cav nateed alcoholic drink, nicknamed blackout in a can. new york state is concerned
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about these because they can have as much alcohol as beers. they are already banned in michigan, washington, utah and oklahoma. >> a group representing clergy sex abuse victims is calling for the defeat of a polish chicago priest who is expected to become the newest bishop of congress. members of snap handed out flyers in front of holy named cathedral. they propose the candidacy of bishop who formerly served in the chicago archdiocese. mccormick pleaded guilty in 2007 to molesting five boys. snap alens that warning signs were ignored and mccormick was allowed to be or daneed. >> daniel mccormick was or daneed and after he was, he was
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accused of abusing 20 boys. he is in prison now from that and it could have been prevented it bishop kekanis done the wrong thing. >> the u.s. catholic bishops will choose their new president at their annual meeting in baltimore. >> expect to hear a lot about extending tax cuts. next, the lame duck congress goes back into congress and the hot button issue is expected to be the focus of debate. >> prodemocracy demonstrator has spoken out about her captivity. >> our restaurant critic takes a bite out out of the chicago hot spots that focuses on fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. >> hi, jim. >> hi, jackie, it's raining across the chicago area, we have gotten reports of sleet.
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clarify his comment -- >> the president still believes we have to move forward on these tax cuts for the middle class, the middle class has taken a beating. we can't afford to borrow another $700 billion to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: the issue has become a big one as congress enters the so-called lame duck session on monday. republicans want the tax cuts made permanent for everyone. not just for those making less than $250,000 a year as the president proposed. arizona republican senator john mccain. >> we are in the middle of the greatest depression -- since the great depression. it is not the time to raise taxes for anyone. >> reporter: the cost to make the middle class tax cuts permanent, an statemented $3
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trillion over the next decade, i'm april williams reporting from atlanta. >> president obama is back at the white house, tonight, from a 10 day trip across asia. the president returned 20 washington, d.c. this afternoon. door his during his trip, enjoined some successes but suffered some setbacks. in south kia, he and the president there couldn't agree on a free trade deal. he wanted to take a tougher stand against china's currency policy, but couldn't get support for the plan. the obama administration top advisor said he is leaving the white house. david axel rod told "fox news" he will return to chicago in late winter or early spring to begin work on president obama's reelection campaign. it was the first time he made the rounds on the sunday talk show since his party was hit in
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the mid-term elechs. 5:00 el rod is a long-term friend of the president. he served as the president's chief strategist for the 2008 campaign. >> first full day of freedom addressing supporters. the military freed the nobel peace prize winner after more than seven years of house arrest. she spent 15 of the last 21 years in detention for her fight for democracy. she promised thousands of her supporters not to give up. she said she supports having talks with them and stresses the need for dialogue. say she is willing to enter into talks
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with western nations to lift sanctions and is offering to work with her democratic parties in the country. >> after more than a year as captives of somali pirates a retired british couple are freed. the chandlers were taken hostage on october 23rd of last year when pirates boarded their yacht in the indian ocean. the pirates demanded $7 million in ran some, but the couple could in the pay it. >> an ohio girl who went missing along with her mother, her brother and her mother's friend has been found in the home of a man now charged with kidnapping. the 13-year-old was found bound and gagged in the basement of a house 10-miles from her home. police say she was held against her will by the man that lives
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there. sara disappeared on wednesday along with her 10-year-old brother, her mother and her mother's friend. they are still missing. >> unfortunately, as of right now, we have not located tina, stephanie, or their little brother, codey. the investigation continues. >> 30-year-old matthew hoffman of mount vernon ohio was arrested and charged with one count of kidnapping. more charges are expected. >> it has the look of a bar. make no mistake, fine food is being turned out in logan square. next, our restaurant critic visits. and a long chime to the top, later, all for a good cause. ring ring. progresso.
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one of the most popular restaurants with chicago's young crowd -- that's us -- >> it's not just the scene, the food is pretty good. >> restaurant critic, phil vi-t ell -- typical cornered pub. high are highlighted by a bar with good food and serious hand- crafted cocktails, but the chef, jail wentworth is working magic turning this logan square hangout into a true ga, itstro
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pub. what is that? >> people would keep the atmosphere of the pub and elevate the food. we try to do food that you would expect in a two star drink environment and give that a very casual atmosphere. >> reporter: casual, yes, but when a cube of passtrami styled beef with pumpkin oil, you know there is some serious going on. start with meals like meat balls or these inventive buffalo styled frog legs. somewhat larger, dumb lynns, simmering in onion broth or this over brazed oxtails. i like the skirt steak, served
9:20 pm
with mushrooms in a sauce and i love the butternut squash risotto, it's like an italian access thanksgiving dish. deserts include a very rich chocolate tart. car mel sauce and the sweet and saverry donuts served with goat cheese and lemon. let's make it two stars -- 2657 in order 2657 north kedzie. this is phil -- >> for more on this week's restaurant, text fill to 97999. >> sounded like he liked it three stars worth, but only gave it a two. >> tonight's live illinois lottery drawing is coming up
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next. >> jim says, guess what? weather patterns are shifting toward winter. you know what that means and we knew it was coming. >> get out that hat of yours. >> not too soon. >> i'm dan roan. on "instant replay," the game we have been waiting for from the bears, not perfect, but dominating against the vikings at soldier field. a view from atop the division, we'll tell you what it looks like at 9:40. blackhawks, trying to get cooking at home before they head out. >> aj talks about his future and his golf game in the lexus long drive. >> and lou extended holiday cheer to those who need [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread when you can have pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits? the warm, light delicate layers are like nothing else.
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okay, it's catching up to us, now. welcome to november. >> actually, we had a normal day temperature wise. we made it up to the normal. 48 degrees was the high, today, but we are going to see our temperatures stay a little cooler than last week, in a fairly narrow range for the most part until about thursday with temperatures, really going to feel more wintery. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. of concern is what happened to the blue sky that you see out there. apart from the fact thats sun has set and it wouldn't be blue any way, it is cloudy, clouds have been producing rainshowers for the past few hours and a
9:27 pm
few ice pellets. we got a report from oak brook of two events of ice pellets one this morning and this evening. our current temperature, that's the high, today, 48. our current temperature is 10 degrees cooler than that. plenty of cold air to the north in canada. we'll get a big chunk of that wednesday night into thursday. temperatures across the area, mostly in the 30s in the north suburbs and in the 40s in the southern section, dew point temperatures pretty close to that. winds have diminished, a lot, it was a blusteringy with some wind gusts 25-miles per hour. but not much in the way of gusts at the moment. there is the cold air, spreading to the gulf of mexico, giving a little ground for the next couple of day, temperatures in the low 50s to mid-week and notice we get another swipe of that cold air, but this area of white
9:28 pm
represents some very chilly temperatures, we'll be monitoring that in the weeks ahead. that represents probably some fairly wintery changes for chicago. there is the rain at the moment, coming out of the southwest, occasionally, moderate to heavy rain, but most of it is fairly light. we do think there is a chance that maybe we could get a snow flake or two. this has been the story in northern wisconsin and minnesota, which was hard hit on saturday. it has continued to fall. most of the snow in wisconsin has been a half inch to an inch or even a little less, a few spots well up to the north have picked up as much as three inches of snow in the ryan lander area. but the leading edge of the cold air pushing its way toward the atlantic. everybody is getting in on it. let's check the forecast for tonight. mostly cloudy to cloudy conditions, passing showers, maybe an ice pellet or two and even a snow flake, possible,
9:29 pm
low 33-39 degrees. tomorrow, partly cloudy, not a bad day, 49-54, a little breezy, tomorrow night, winds die down a bit. we are looking for temperatures to fall between 32-37 degrees. on tuesday, we cloud up again, in time for evening showers, high temperature, 50-55, winds not very strong, five to 10- miles per hour. then, wednesday, we see more rain push into the area. it looks like we'll probably see the rain mostly wednesday morning, tuesday night, wednesday morning, then on thursday, we drop into the low 40s, in fact some of the area will be in the upper 30s for high temperatures, nice recovery by the weekend, but a mixed blessing ahead of cold air and notice saturday night and sunday, more rain expected in the area. that's the way it looks, not a pretty picture. >> thanks, jim. >> going to be a sweet holiday season for thousands of underprivileged kids.
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>> a big win at the bears game before the opening kickoff. it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them in the house. no no no, i've actually lost weight... i just have a high metabolism or something... ...lucky. [ wife ] babe... ♪ umm, i gotta go. [ female announcer ] over 30 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. indulge in yoplait light's two new flavors. triple berry torte and black forest cake.
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steps of the willis tower. they got a medal and some amazing views when they arrived at the top. it was all part of sky rise chicago. the annual fund-raiser benefits the rehabilitation institute of chicago. dozens of rehab patients participated by hand cycling the equivalent of the building's 103 floors. >> hats off to them. >> the christmas spirit in honor of "sweetness." fans donated gifts to the walter and connie payton's annual toy drive. presents will go to abused neglected and underprivileged children across illinois. the organization gives away 16,000 toys every year. movie fans are still flocking in to see an animated super villain battle his nemesis in 3d. >> you fell right into my trap.
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