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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 27, 2010 11:30pm-12:00am CST

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>> it is time for everyone to take a really good look in the mirror. how much more can we take. passionate plea from chicago police superintendent, this as investigators may have a break in the case of a murder of chicago police officer and another man. good evening, everyone. >> wgn's aaron mendez has tonight's top story. >> reporter: tonight, chicago police are questioning a person
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of interest in connection with the slayings of two officers. this is the first lead for police after the men were gunned down friday afternoon. >> we're just trying to pass out information. >> reporter: armed with flyers, they covered a 36-block radius within hours. >> we're looking at at least distributing 10,000 flyers that you see here, with information needed, and there's a $10,000 reward. >> reporter: investigators spent today scouring parolee records and running prints. neighbors reported hearing as many as five shots yesterday afternoon from the alley along 81st and south burnham, where the men were fired on. today, we learned that neither officers returned gunfire. their weapons and wallets still on them, raising the question of motive. police say officer flisk was the first on the scene, collecting evidence from a garage burglary, when he was shot in the head. stephen peters owned the garage and was gunned down in the adjacent alley. this afternoon, superintendent jody weiss pleaded for the
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public's help. >> let's ask ourselves, if he's willing to kill two people, one, a ewen formed police officer at 1:30 in the afternoon, on a sunny day, 25- degree temperatures, the question comes to my mind, what else is he capable of? >> reporter: community leaders stepped forward today with a call for justice. >> we are standing with the chicago police department, the department who comes to serve and protect our community, now needs us to stand and to provide some service to them. >> reporter: stephen peters leaves behind a wife and three children. officer michael flisk was also married with four kids of his own. his death hit the department particularly hard, with three siblings on the force. he was highly decorated, with 67 awards, and 55 honorable mentions, for courage and distinguished service. he will be honored here with bunting outside police headquarters tomorrow. from 35th and michigan, aaron mendez, wgn news.
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chicago police investigating the death of an unidentified woman whose body was found in an alley. the grisly discovery was made in the logan square neighborhood, in the 3100 block of west homer. police say the victim appears to be in her 40s. she was pronounced dead at the scene. forensic technicians are working to determine the cause of her death. no description was made public. chicago fire investigators are looking for answers in a southside fire that killed a 5- year-old boy and sent five people to the hospital overnight. wgn's amy rut lidge has that story. >> reporter: the fire broke out around 11:30 last night inside this home in the 6900 block of south wabash. the top floor apartment, vacant at the time, now blackened by smoke and fire damage. the floor below it, also damaged, and the family living there, devastated by the death of 5-year-old christian. this woman was staying across the street and was awoken by
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the commotion. >> i seen the fire trucks and cops and bunch of people and i seen a bunch of fire. it was real, real thick, real smoky, because it was smoky all the way in the back. >> reporter: six people were rushed to area hospitals, several with critical injuries, including little christian, who later died. firefighters had the blaze under control within an hour and are now investigating the cause. today, residents of this park manor neighborhood came to see the damage and described the family as nice people who spent many afternoons on their porch chatting with others. >> it's sad definitely, in the wintertime anyway. and it being close to home, it wakes you up even more to not take for granted certain things in case you do. but definitely, it is a shock. >> reporter: five people remain hospitalized at area hospitals from injuries sustained in this fire. two of them are kids. they are in critical condition here at the hospital, between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. elsewhere, there is an elderly woman in critical condition and another child and another adult who are in good condition. as for the cause of this fire,
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fire investigators are not saying much, but they do say they do not believe foul play was involved. reporting from hyde park, amy rut lidge, wgn news. >> and the cooke county medical examiner says christian died from carbon monoxide intoxication. the boy's uncle says the boy stayed by his grandmother's side, even though she told everyone to run out of the house. investigators do not suspect foul play. two people were killed, another seriously injured in a crash on the city's northwest side. according to police, a driver drove through an intersection and hit another car near addison and springfield at about 11:00 last night. the three people hurt were taken to area hospitals in serious to critical condition and two of them died later. they have been identified as 51- year-old javier cisneros, and 51-year-old debra dugard. members of the cooke county crime stoppers went door to
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door looking for new fleedz an unsolved double murder. a 17-year-old and 18-year-old were shot and killed while they sat in the car in the 1600 block of 55th court in cicero on october 20, 2009. cicero police say unknown gunmen approached their car and started shooting. no arrests have been made in the case. investigators passed out flyers in the area today, hoping a $1000 reward will motivate someone to come forward with new information. an act of terror foiled by a strong investigation, next. a teen's dangerous plans for a tree lighting ceremony in portland, oregon. and members of south korea's military take to the streets, angry at their government's response to an attack from the north. hello, jim. >> hello, jackie. a milder day expected for tomorrow and monday, but beyond that, the temperature gets sharply colder. i'll have details in the full forecast, still ahead.
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thousands got together in downtown portland, oregon last night for a traditional holiday celebration. despite the good cheer, police were detaining a man only blocks away, who was planning a terror attack on the festivities. shelby lynn reports on what might have been. >> reporter: authorities say this young face, that of 19- year-old mohamed mohamud was determined to kill innocent people attending downtown portland, oregon's annual christmas tree lighting celebration friday night. the naturalized american citizen from somalia and student at nearby oregon state university was taken into
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custody near a van load with what he thought were live explosives, that in reality were fake and given to him by undercover agents posing as militants. sergeant pete simpson is with the portland police department, who says the public was never in any danger. >> there were a lot of eyes, normally not here that were here last night to make sure this operation went off successfully. >> reporter: according to police, before coming under investigators' radar, the suspect allegedly reached out to terrorists overseas for assistance in the attack. they also say he appeared to care little about casualties. >> even when undercover agents tell him that there will be children there with their families, he's undeterred, that that's fine with him. >> reporter: police say people should always be alert, even in an area like portland, which is traditionally viewed as safe. >> last night's arrest and the investigation that led to it shows that it can happen anywhere in the united states. >> reporter: the suspect allegedly even mentioned oregon would be a good opportunity precisely because it's seen as
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lower profile. the suspect is expected to make his first court appearance in portland on monday. shelby lynn, wgn news. iranian energy officials say iran's first power plant is now loaded with fuel and operating. officials say it will take another month or two before the light water reactor begins pumping electricity to iranian cities. the plant is not part of the nuclear program that is the source of concern to the u.s. and other countries. iran began building the plant in 1975, with the help of germany, but germany ended that partnership. russia agreed to help finish it in the 1990s and delivered the nuclear fuel, beginning in 2007. iranian officials say the nuclear plant is strictly for power and not for military purposes. some of south korea's military members protested on the streets of the nation's capital on saturday, saying they were angry their country's government did not do enough to respond to recent shelling by
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north korea. on tuesday, north korea shelled the island of i don't -- war games amid heightened tensions with the north. and with fears of more clashes between the two koreas, china sent a pair of envoys to seoul. china and south korea discussed tuesday's attacks, as well as international talks on ending north korea's nuclear program. well, a chilly start to the weekend, but jim says there's a warmup on the way. >> well, that's good news. he'll join us next to tell us just how much the temperatures will climb tomorrow. [ male announcer ] new maxwell house international
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powered by t-mobile. where families of three pay only $95 a month for unlimited talk and text, saving $1200 a year. it's a whole new way to stay connected. learn more about it at if you don't like the cold weather, stick around. next 12 hours, it will be a little warmer. >> we've got a wind coming out of the south, strengthening tomorrow. already we're seeing temperatures well south of us, say around the st. louis area, approaching 50 degrees. so we've got nice air. oh, bob. puerto rico's weather is not coming up here, bob. pretty nice day for the next couple of days, but there will be rain moving in by monday. time lapse cameras showed a whole lot of what looked like
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orange sky out there this evening. but we do have a few clouds up there. nothing important. we are otherwise calling for mostly clear skies tonight. just a passing cloud patch or two. high temperature in chicago today was 8 degrees below normal. 34, but notice st. louis checking in with a 49-degree temperature. our wind is going to be coming out of the south and will strengthen tomorrow. that's going to bring some of that milder air to the north, but for the moment, we're actually on the cold side of the jet stream. that pattern will be changing and probably before the end of the week, say midweek, some of this cold air up in canada will again sneak south and drop our daytime highs back to the 30s. temperatures across the area tonight, mid to upper 20s, depending upon where you are. we are thinking overnight tonight we may see a few teens in some of the outlying areas. but generally, temperatures downtown should stay in the 20s. dewpoint temperatures suggesting the air is dry. winds, not really an issue. calm at most of the reporting
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stations around the area. a few spots, just a little bit of a breeze reported. the jet stream pattern, as we say, will be changing. but look at this cold air that will be sliding south, about midweek. that's actually going to make its way into the chicago area wednesday, into thursday, keeping our daytime highs in the 30s across the region. this is some very cold air we're also watching. maybe in about 10 days or, so we'll tap into some of that. we'll wait and see. snow out in the rockies that's associated with the system that will move into the plains, reform into a more vigorous area of low pressure, and come into the chicago area as early as monday afternoon and evening and possibly bring some rain that may leave a dusting of snow before it ends on tuesday. notice a rain/snow mix coming down through some of the northern great plains. also, a little lake effect snow on the other side of lake erie in western new york state. that's another sign of the season. now, let's check our forecast for tonight. skies, mostly clear.
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again, just a cloud patch or two out there. continued cold with a low between, say, 18 and 26. that 26, probably the downtown low temperature. tomorrow, partly cloudy, winds growing stronger with a high between 44 and 48. a few 50s in the far south suburbs possibly. low tomorrow night, 30 to 36, with clouds increasing and cloudy skies expected on monday, with a high temperature between 49 and 54. stronger winds and even stronger gusts probably in excess of 30 miles per hour. now, the seven-day forecast, you can see that rain coming in on monday evening and then ending as maybe a dusting of snow tuesday morning, as temperatures begin to get colder. notice about midweek, temperatures really chill down, but there is hope for a little bit of a recovery by next saturday. but we do expect more clouds and there's another chance of seeing some rain showers next weekend. >> okay, thank you, jim. >> all right. tonight's local lottery
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drawing is coming up next. and it's almost time for the circus to leave town, but first, the bulls and blackhawks have to finish up their road trip. and who has the inside track for the rose bowl? rich king is coming up with sports.
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when is this road trip going to end? >> both ending tonight, for both, and they are going to end for the hawks and the bulls on, a good note. >> hawks still up in the air, but close. >> okay. blackhawks try to end the circus road trip after winning in anaheim. 3-2 record on the trip heading into the l.a. kings game tonight on the west coast. corey crawford back in the cage against the kings. marty turco on the back seat.
11:56 pm
in the second, good defense. patrick kane blocked the one- timer, then burst on the ice, gets it to patrick sharp, who scores his fourth goal in four games, and 15 of the year. hawks taking no prisoners. watch john scott get the best of kevin west. hard right hand and the hawks in control. hawks now lead 2-1 late in that game. well, derrick rose back in action after missing a game with a neck injury. bulls were down by 16 in sacramento, but they stoned the kings in the fourth. joakim noah, the spin. game tied at 76-76. rose takes over. nasty cross-over and hooks it home. derrick in a class by himself. bulls led 85-83. then the next possession, rose, again, blows by everybody for the layup. on the circus road trip, their best record on that trip since the jordan era back in 1997-98. bulls win 96-85.
11:57 pm
in college web, fighting illini did not have to work up much of a sweat against western michigan. mike davis, the alley-oop, leading by 21 at the half. second half, garbage time. paul with a flush. illinois wins it, now 6-1. final was 78-63. college football now, long hard afternoon for pat fitzgerald and his wildcats at randall stadium, facing the powerful wisconsin team, which needed a victory, just about to wrap up the rose bowl. when it's all said and done, the wildcats became carnage. badgers scoring early and often in this one, cashed in on 7 northwestern turnovers. evan watkins to ebert, but the ball is jarred loose right there. a badger pick-offset the tone. badgers led 49-17 at the half, simply i had toyed with the cats. ball had 178 yards rushing. wisconsin had 558 yards in
11:58 pm
total offense. henry, another pick, this one goes all the way back. the badgers' third game of the season with 70 or more points. wisconsin wins this one, ouch, 70-23. ohio state and michigan state both won, but the rose bowl will go to the big 10 team with the best ranking in the bcs standings, which come out tomorrow. wisconsin should get the call to pass dean na. notre dame trying to beat usc for the first time in nine years out in l.a. it came down to the wire. irish down 16-13 late, but score a touchdown on the rain- soaked turf. one final chance, harrison smith, bad pass, picks it off in the end zone. notre dame wins its last three of the season to finish 7-5, beating usc 20-16. high school football playoffs, back-to-back titles in the 5a bracket, family classic. great grab in the end zone for
11:59 pm
a touchdown, three touchdowns. 34-21, the final. >> especially for a great group of kids, great leadership, you know, two-time defending state champs sounds good. pep rally sometime next week. enjoy this one for a week and then we'll get back to work in the weight room. and the 6 a matchup, thomas had a huge day for rock ford. thomas takes off for a 38-yard touchdown run here, had 2 touchdowns, 140 yards rushing, 48-19, final. ron yu lisp took ohm another state title. trying to kill the clock, breaks the game wide open. rogers goes 27 yards for the score. seventh state title, 28-17 over lake, in the 7 a game. finally, main south in the 8 a contest, up 13-0. preston, watch this one, battles his way to the end zone, breaks four different tackles. he will