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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 1, 2011 10:00pm-10:40pm EDT

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>> a crowd estimated at more than 1 million in st. peter's square all celebrating today's beatification ceremony for the late pope paul the second, it's a last step before state see to it in the catholic faith. >> the services in st. peter's square were shown all over the world including here in chicago where people got up early to watch the services on big screens downtown. the celebrations and vatican city went on for hours. >> dino was there and she joins us now live tonight from rome with our top story. >> it w w an amazing event you
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can see saint peter's dome behind me there. it is not new to religious celebrations filled with circumstance but this day was it different, pope john paul the second walked the earth and touched so many lives physically and spiritually. they were amazed that a man they knew is now one step closer to becoming a seat. saint. the threat of rain did not keep some from staying on the streets all night. as the sun rose over rome the square quickly filled. hearing the holy father tell them john paul walks with jesus. celebrating with the
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cardinal wearing the mitre john paul or in his final years. the new image of blessed john paul. a photo taken in 1995. sister marie was cured of parkinson's after talking to john paul. typically in landis service today rainout in polish and english peppered with french and english to russian and german and spanish. >>the man who lost his own mother
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had just nine years old became pope for the youth. >> many say they're more people here that that pope john paul the second funeral and they are in no hurry to leave after the service. some people join in thoughtful reflection and others waiting for a chance to go inside st. peter's and pay homage to the remains of blessed john paul. >> >> he had a special casedays. gaze. >> pope benedict wanted the
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beatification to move forward with a reasonable pace so on the sixth anniversary of his funeral at st. peter's, please estimate 1.5 million were here this square and the streets leading to over soulful people went back to the site of last night's prayer service to watch the beatification on the big screen. 800 priests went into the square and into the streets to administer communion. i'm proud because john paul is one of the holiest man. >> i'm a better man than i was. >> there were 90 separate delegations here, 16 heads of state. many of you at home may have been in st. peter's square
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to get blessing from santa pope john paul the second when he was here on earth will now on the same place a proclamation, he is blessed in having. we will be talking on monday with arch bishop cardinal george. >> is it as exciting as it looked? >> it was amazing. i am a roman catholic myself so it was such a spiritual event it was so amazing. >> a local chicago family hopes that their store hopes to elevate the former pope to a saint. >> joanna did know for son christopher would ever see again after a metal rod had his eye when the team was building shelves and the families
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northwest side home as ambulances rushed him to the hospital to win a drove herself praying all the way. >> i asked john the second, please you touched his head please help save his vision. >> thethird joint continues her pleas to a good john paul the second. before moving to the u.s. she worked at a convent for the future pope himself was a young priest. >> he was such a beautiful person. i know he was going to be something big someday. >> after christopher spent four days in hospital bleeding from his eye she share the news for which she is eternally grateful. >> you are so lucky >> she says that his eyes emerge
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successfully only due to the blessing of pope john paul. >> it makes me so proud and so happy. >> christopher is still healthy today, armed with a master's degree and now on vacation in mexico his mother says she would rather have him returned to rome but his pleas to son once met the man that she later trade would help to save him. the family has submitted their story for official review by the church who john paul the second needs one more declared miracle to complete the process of becoming a saint. >> vatican officials claim that the former pope was seen in person by more people than anyone else in human history taking into account his 100
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foreign trips and roughly 17 million pilgrimages who attended weekly audiences with them at the vatican and the millions more who saw him then. >> controversy continues at one chicago parish, st. so by now hold sunday services without fathers later. >> thousands march for emigration rights in chicago. >> say what you will about mr. trump he would certainly bring some change to the white house. >> is payback by the president. >> tonight thunderstorms are moving north east in illinois but will they affect chicago?
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more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules. the church service at saves a by not just wasn't the same today the parish's longtime leader was not allowed to say mass. >> difference is really becoming the new norm here. talks started the father flavor could be reassigned. he was in front and center but a father michael flager was still
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a part of services today. >> think your father might for all you do for all of our young people. >> and it wasn't just are rousing think you he could be seen poking his head in and out of watching the sunday mass which he usually would be leading. in my young people are serving god as we all been taught i can imagine that he's not feeling all too good at not being able to be out there. >> his future with the church is on certain. after 30 years the cardinal wants leaguer reassigned he doesn't want to leave the congregation and they are standing behind him sailed in a silent march to show their support. ec
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>> we don't go into the white community asking them to choose their leaders. >> church policy states priests cannot stay with one church longer than 12 years flicker has long surpassed that. >> it definitely wouldn't speak well for the catholic church if for any reasons this community falls apart because of either a clash of personality the great importance of this ministry. >> a lot of support her father for later today. they asked to please keep him here at the church. >> ever grants rights activists
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and other advocates a hit the streets to be marching on behalf of honest wages a large group marched from the west side to this neighborhood on may day. the rally was being held to warrant undocumented residents to be granted legal status and be given more government funding for health care, jobs and education. local health care leaders are calling the governor to task on budget cuts planned for nursing homes. it would mean rolling back safety measures and slashing budgets by $170 million and killing 7000 jobs. >> teammates pick their respects today to the young nigerian
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soccer player killed this past week, he was shot to death tuesday night while walking with friends in the hundred block of east 82nd street. funeral services were held this morning on the north side, the 16 year- old had been in chicago was the year after winning a spot on the youth soccer league affiliated with the chicago. >> when you think of this country and what it does for some new people it is just devastating for someone with such a promising life. >> police have no suspects in custody. >> new details on the nato bombing in libya that took the lives of one of muammar gaddafi's signs. >> as the dispute over blooding between illinois and missouri which could go to the supreme court.
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>> nato leaders today say they were targeting military installations in the saturday attack that killed one of muammar gaddafi's sons and three of his grandchildren. the duffy and his wife were in the house when it was targeted but they are in good health. cnn is reporting that crowds have ransacked the embassies in tripoli today including the u.s. british french and italian embassies. >> the 25th final mission of the space shuttle endeavor will have to wait at least another week,
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the plan was supposed to launch friday when something went wrong. the delay means that gabrielle giffords is back in houston and continuing her recovery from a gunshot wound. she is expected to return to florida to see the launch firsthand as soon as a new date is scheduled. >> search and rescue teams continued looking today for victims of the tornado that tore across alabama, at least 250 people were killed and 1700 injured the obama administration declared a category one natural disaster in alabama the same ranking given to hurricane katrina and the september 11th terrorist attacks. anchor cairo alone most of the 2800 residents have left because of the flooding, the u.s. army corps of engineers may have to block a levee to protect the town from flooding and we're just learning the u.s. supreme court has rejected misery's request to prevent war
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from blowing up and that's levy. the river will fly about 100 homes and acres of farmland. president barack obama poked fun at just about everyone last night, including businessmen and possible presidential contender donald trump. obama moved to trump's push for the president to release his birth certificate. >> no one is prouder to put this birth certificate matter to rest than the donald. and that's because he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter. like, did we take the moon landing. what really happened in roswell? and where are biggie in to talk?
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>> and the president also offers this view: >> and also we would like to let you know that president barack obama is scheduled to hold a press conference tonight at 9:30 p.m. we have not been told by the white house what that will concern but we will bring that to live tonight at 9:30 p.m. >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next. >> tonight an instant replay: its trophy time for bowls rookie head coach tom tabasco with more on the schedule as playoffs resume tonight. just when you think it can't get any worse for the white sox, it does. he to revenge today in miami and more integrity on tour when you join us at 9:40 p.m. for instant replay.
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very pretty for most of the day and it doesn't seem like november. >> we have lost about 10 degrees. but the clouds move again by mid afternoon and it is completely cloudy out there at the moment but thunderstorms we have been monitoring will be
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affecting primarily northern indiana. they are tracking that way mostly across northern indiana but the city will escape tonight. time lapse cameras, you can see it was a little cloudy by mid to late afternoon, those clouds building over the area but not producing very much. winds have been diminishing as well but generally they have been ranging from 5-12 mi. per hour. 61 degrees was the afternoon high but the official high today. plenty of cold air out to the west. it looks like we will probably not get out of the '50s. at the moment we are at 54 degrees 53 degrees at o'hare. in the low to mid 50s across the area. the temperatures tonight are really going to dive. we're expecting that probably during the
9:28 pm
overnight hours we will get down to 40 or 41 degrees in some areas. you can see they are coming out of the west and southwest at the moment, wind speeds generally in the 5-10 mi. per hour range. look at these big thunderstorms that are trekking across arkansas and missouri. a fascinating system bringing very heavy rain to parts of southern illinois and missouri where flooding is a big concern and also in arkansas, nearly half of the state is under a flash flood warning with more heavy rain expected. you can see a few spots where the rain is falling heavy tonight but it doesn't look like it will be much of a storm for us. maybe a little moisture by tuesday but for wednesday at least mostly dry around the chicago area,
9:29 pm
cool air at least will be sitting over the midwest for the next two-three days but it looks like by the time we get into the weekend we will get into some of this warm air that could represent some 70 degree temperatures in chicago unfortunately there may be some thunderstorms around as well. here's our forecast for tonight: skies across the area mostly cloudy, showers possible especially to the south which mature 41-44 degrees in for monday partly cloudy skies. and for monday evening low 35-38 degrees with a few clouds late. tuesday mostly cloudy, could see an isolated showers. high temperature 51 degrees and 70 forecast that keeps the temperature is on the cool side. we see temperatures shooting into the upper 60s. at the moment that looks like a pretty good day 70 in the forecast for saturday but showers and
9:30 pm
thunderstorms a possibility. not a terrific forecast. >> it looks like a pretty cloudy weeks so far continuing >> over the next three days we will have more sunshine and clouds. tuesday we could see mostly cloudy skies around here. there is a very good chance we won't see much rain before thursday. even more rain possible for friday and saturday. but nothing on the scale that we saw through arkansas and missouri were as much as 1-6 in. have come down in the past 24 hours. >> think he will be right ba [ male announcer ] this is lara. her morning begins with arthritis pain. that's a coffee and two pills. the afternoo n tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills.
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>> corn beef piled high. the driver of a white sierra crashed into a delhi and fled the scene it rammed into a tall glass window. nobody at the delhi was hurt and the damaged window was bordered up. police did collected debris from the damaged car including a partial taillights.
9:34 pm
>> hundreds of police officers stepped out today for a good cause, the annual march honors officers who have been killed in the line of duty. marching from the goldstar families memorial and an ending on waldron drive. this is especially touching considering that six chicago police officers were killed last year, five of them while on duty. >> 5 high-speed racers landed in place at the box office this weekend. bin diesel stars and fast 5 the latest movie in the fast and furious franchise that earned
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house announced that president barack obama was holding a news conference at 930 we have since learned that they are pushing that back little by little and we know very little. >> very unusual for president barack obama to call such a late-night press conference he apparently is going to mention something about national security and that is all we know right now. as soon as we see him approach the podium we will go right to it. >> in the meantime we're going to go to the sports section of our program. as soon as president barack obama takes the podium will return to bring you that conference this evening. we're going to sign off for now.
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