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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 6, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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with oxi booster for brighter whites and vibrant colors. visit us at he grew up allowed of his silicon valley home into leading technology company now steve jobs' is dead at the age of 56 good afternoon i'm steve sanders >>off and the nancy loo we welcome our viewers watching us around america on wgn america and on the web sandra endo looks back on the life of a man who moved technology forward. >>today apple is going to reinvent the phone >>some liken steve jobs to
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modern-day thomas edison, despite his understated appearance he was legendary for his flair and for his showmanship >>ask yourselves what would happen if a math book and and i pad hooked up ... >>he was born in san francisco in 1955 and had 20 years old he started apple computer with a friend at his home in 10 years it grew into a $2 billion company with more than 4000 police and in 1984 apple introduced a machine that literally change lives forever the macintosh. >>people would bring them home over the weekend to work on something and sunday morning they could get their kids away from them and maybe someday they would buy a second one to keep home ... >>it all started with the mouse but the machine was expensive and sales were sluggish.
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>>in 1986 he bought pixar animation studios he also started a computer company called next its technology was so innovative that apple ultimately bought the company that brought steve jobs back to the company that he started he soon became ceo and his tenure there he introduced technology that forever changed the way we listen to music can use the phone all of this while battling serious health problems. in recent years he became noticeably thin and frail he took a 6 month leave of absence from apple in 2009 later revealing he had had a liver transplant ... but he came back and delivered apple's most profitable year and its history and then took another leave of absence there after ... in march he appeared to unveil a thinner faster i-pad in august he
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announced his resignation to the board saying that he could no longer perform his duties as ceo ... his technology was long on aesthetics and attention to detail with this technology he changed the world >>he had admirers all over the world and there were plenty here in chicago congregated outside the apple store on michigan avenue chilean cruise has a live report lots of people love apple here in chicago and steve jobs. they're all started here of his passing here and michigan avenue international visitors are also lamenting his loss >>i think it's accurate to call him a genius of course >>is droves of people were using
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their i phone is to take a picture of that many shrine that is building up here it's the ultimate tribute to the apple innovator who developed a loyal following if you speak to aficionado's of that technology you know he will be dearly missed >>he change the way we do things my husband runs his business with apple products so deftly has changed our lives. >>he contributed so much to the world he brought us all closer and also could love him as a person ... we have a many shrine to steve jobs here building along with the crowds with candles and flowers
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the investigation into human remains found near a vacant building in hammond has been called off for now a rottweiler found human remains a finger bone with a ring on it during appears to have belonged to a woman the dog led people to the former site of the great lakes tackle shop he dead again and found more ... >>so i took him back into the area commanded him to look for more bones he dug up a bag and we found a skull >>the site is covered by black tarp guarded by police work crews had been tearing down this old bait shop for weeks which had been abandoned for 10 years >>the body of a teenager believed to be a victim of
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serial killer john wayne gacy michael marino vanished in 1976 his mother does not believe that the body buried there is indeed her son to support the case she points to the differences between his dental records in the autopsy results a judge agreed this morning that there are enough discrepancies to get the body exhumed the marina will pay for thefamily will pay for the exhumation in dna testing. >>demarco whitley took the witness stand yesterday denying he forced the 15 year-old girl he raped to have sex ... >>he and a fellow football player rape to the girl but said that it was consensual sex on her part. >>
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officials announced today that another group of officers is being reassigned to street duty marcella raymond has a report from the eighth district police station ... >>more police on the street and more crime statistics from the mayor today promised to redeploy thousand officers from desk jobs in other neighborhoods today 138 police were added making the total number 1019 officers at 38 are from district lockups and other detention facilities civilians will be hired in their place crime is down here in the 8th district after 62 police were added here robberies is one example of how these situations are getting handled differently >>you can apply resources to
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different areas if you connect the dots properly you can judge from timing and operational motivations of criminals you could devise a plan according to the resources you need an and relentless pursuit and analyzing these results >>police may also be moved outside of public schools into the streets but the mayor denies that will happen but principles that have to police officers in their schools may be able to decide whether or not to keep one or both or get rid of them all together they have security guards said they will have an option of how to staff the security need on a case by case basis. many are happy that they're descending crime rates but he
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does believe that taking place out of the schools and could be detrimental >>cook county board president toni preckwinkle has fired comptroller constance kravis there was an overstatement of tax revenues the discrepancy was found during the june audit. the controller was criticized by toni preckwinkle on the other errors ... she finally said it's time for the county to go in another direction ... >>suzi schmidt will stay in office and seek reelection after the 911 phone call controversy where it was perceived that she requested special treatment over a domestic dispute ... she had asked police to ignore her husband if he called 911 during
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their domestic dispute alleging that he might be concerned about her political connections former u.s. rep debbie halvorson is equipped is a candidate for the congressional seat held by jesse jackson jr. she made this announcement this morning she had served in the 11th district was was defeated in last year's midterm election the search is growing more desperate every hour that passes we will have the latest on the hunt for a baby in kansas city who was snatched from her crib monday night >>and we have more on those wall street protests >>and that many customers of major banks are about to b x@z@wp!ympixop>@?@rhú@ú(ú@b
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the mother of a missing baby girl gives an emotional plea for her safe return. 10 month old lisa irwin is believed to have been abducted from her home in kansas city late monday night. deborah brandley said that she gave lisa a bottle put her to sleep in her crib and that was last time she saw our. she said this morning that lisa means everything and she needs her home. pamela fayed president obama continues making the case for a bill that he argues will jump-start the economy and put the unemployed back to work right away. he put senators on notice saying that if they don't vote for the american jobs that next week they will have to explain themselves >>historically republicans have not been opposed to rebuilding roads or bridges so why would they be opposed now? >>president pushed for the legislation during live news
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conference this morning at the white house. he insisted the bill will put the unemployed back to work and protect the country against another economic downturn the measures price tag is $447 billion >>the president also weighed in on the large protests nationwide demanding accountability for the financial crisis. the president said that the demonstrations out how the u.s. financial system works. here in chicago protesters are gathering of the the u.s. federal reserve bank of the board of trade they're stockpiling food and medical supplies and a nearby church chicago police said that the demonstrators are being cooperative but that was not the case in new york city last night as demonstrators engaged in violent clashes with police officers. police arrested nearly 30 people. the occupied protesters are demonstrating against what they call corporate greed and income inequality.
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republican presidential candidate herman cain has a message for the wall street protesters: if you don't have a job and you are not rich blame yourself. herman cain told the wall street journal that he does not understand with the protesters want. he said he thinks the demonstrations were planned and orchestrated to distract from the failed policies of the obama administration and he says the man to anti capitalism in his words is not a person's fault because they succeeded it's a person's fault if they failed. bank of america announced last week that it would begin charging a five caught dollar debit card fee. it will take effect next year. it's in response to new caps on the debit cards with fees that banks charge retailers defending the new fee ceo brian moynihan said customers and shareholders understand that the bank has a right to make a profit he claims the government's wall street
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reforms will cost as bank billions of dollars. citibank is out with new checking account fees beginning in december the minimum balance for city banks mid-level checking accounts will go up to $15,000.10 who does not maintain that balance will have to pay $20 a month easy checking customer accounts will be charged $15 a month if they don't keep a balance of a minimum $6,000 citibank announced previously that it's raising fees on basic banking accounts from 8 to $10 per month the day's top business stories are next and it's been called a major step in the world of stem cell research and we have details on the use of a cloned human embryo had in the medical watch and later in lunch break we'
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from the new york stock exchange with your on the money report. the world mourns the loss of steve jobs he simplified the most high-tech of products and revolutionize the technology industry he built apple into one of the most highly respected companies in the world and the investment community remembers him today shares of apple stock are slightly lower at this moment but shares had surged 9000% from his return to apple back in 1997 it is one of the big stories in market value terms ... the markets are bracing for the upcoming and employment reports and jobs data right now we still
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hover at 9.1% and unemployment claims for benefits rose last week ... another bake market story in retail sales sales slumped at j.c. penney by increased at a target still ahead, sarah palin sets her intentions straight for 2012 and the black hawks legend stan mikita joins us on set to part of my job as a diabetes educator is
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entire career with the chicago black hawks and winning a stanley cup with the team back in 1961. now stan mikita is out with a new book " forever a blackhawk " about his career with that team ... >>this book is gorgeous it's really beautiful and it's about your whole life with the team ... >>if you wrote a script to give it to a hollywood producer about your life in may be unbelievable >>why would that be?
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>>i think i could just credit that to bob verdi a great writer. >>lots of people don't know that you were born in czechoslovakia and went to canada as a child tell us about that ... >>the only way i could get out of czechoslovakia was by adoption and my aunt and uncle emigrated to canada after the war. they went back to czechoslovakia and my uncle who eventually adopted me told me years later that the first time
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he went into that world he wanted to get out as quickly as possible because of the communists. there were childless so they asked my mother about my adoption and it came through >>steve wanted me to ask you about that curved hockey stick how did you come up with that? >>i thought if you put a left- hand curve on the stick you could shoot it into a corner and get a boomerang effect. not quite but you are able to make the puck knuckle if you selected and i did not have much of a slap shot had to leave that to guys like bobby hull ...
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>>you secretly worked with the stick and were calledught! >>that's right i had been practicing without any of the other players being around the body showed up early for some reason and he never did that but he saw me and he wanted to know all about what i was up to ... >>how much did your relationship with bobby hull shape your life? >>we go back quite a few years ... he was from another town but we hit it off we play football
12:27 pm
and enjoy each other's company >>to you have any memories of when you and the team put hockey back on the radar here in chicago in 1961 >>we went to the airport came back at a party someone decided that michael's hat would be a nice cup so we poured champagne into his brand new hat ... we just have a lot of fun and it was great to win. stan mikita will sign copies of his book tonight at andersen's
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like you deserve. looks really good. call us at... or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? this is an extraordinary streak of great weather. the driest in seven months. the sunniest spell during october in decades and the sunniest and an amount to nearly eight years ... this is the fifth day where we have not had a cloud in the sky and what a great day that it is. there are storms in the western u.s. producing quite an interesting jet stream ... it builds up a
12:31 pm
huge range in our area probably the reason why we are so on seasonably warm ... the wind has baena so strong out there that it has ignited wild fire warnings in several states and provinces up in canada as well. the windurday but we think it will lead up by the time the marathon rolls around on sunday. here are the 12 noon temperatures: these are late august level temperatures here in early october for chicago.
12:32 pm
the biggest change in the weather pattern as the wind we will feel coming up from the self. we won't likely see any rain until next week on wednesday. 80 degree temperatures yesterday the warmest and about three weeks. this warm dome over our midwestern area will be with us through sunday and monday will still be miles. moral warm air will come and through wednesday and and cooler air will com at the end of next week and then we will get another surge of warm air ... we will be above normal temperatures for the next two
12:33 pm
weeks. there are winter storm warnings in the colorado rockies and the sierras ... wind and rain and the pacific northwest. look at the extent of this warm air amazing by october standards was already hit the mid-70s.
12:34 pm
humidity is 43% there is no pollen and the mold spore count is low it's all good today. we're looking at the southeast where there's a system spinning up there are howling winds and lots of rain this weekend in the florida region here of a local temperatures in our region: gorgeous weather as you can see outside.
12:35 pm
temperatures will approach 80 degrees in the western suburbs. tomorrow will be similar. still warm during the day saturday we may reach over 80 degrees. it will get windy here tomorrow and will stay that way saturday. here is the chicago forecast. 100 percent sunny today. late august level temperatures 14
12:36 pm
degrees above normal this time of year the high will reach 80 degrees clear high clouds late tonight some stronger went below 57 degrees unusually warm tomorrow possibly 83 degrees mostly sunny windy and unseasonably warm on saturday 16 degrees above normal possibly 82 degrees the high ... sunday and monday slightly cooler with sunny skies. it will be a welcome day for the marathon runners but warm. 76 degrees by the end of the race.
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here's the trivia question for today: on what river does the capital of france linee?
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the week. he's the 10 time warner now the most ever for a return man. the bears are looking for more depth at linebacker said the worked out former star linebacker he said teena marie sanaa he has been out of football with knee problems and he left hallas
12:40 pm
hall without signing the contract. the bears were off yesterday as they prepare for monday night football against the undefeated detroit lions who star in their first monday night game since 2001. kenny williams is reportedly ready to start interviewing for ozzie guillen replacements the sun-times reports that tampa bay raise bench coach davey martinez will interview in the next couple of days sources say that he is the top choice nothing new in tom ricketts search for new general manager no word on whether the red sox will let theo epstein interview for that position or if he is even interested >>is girl stormed the field in game 4 of the national league playoffs the cardinals down to the phillies in the first when
12:41 pm
lance briggs maligns one off the wall but shane victorino falls and can make the throw around scores but still down on the fourth one davit freeze doubles in two runs the cardinals went on to win 5-3 and force the deciding game 5 the diamondbacks also force a fifth game after beating the brewers 10-6 espn decided to permanently drop hank williams junior's monday night football introduction earlier this week the country singer made an analogy that compared president obama to out of hitler williams claims on his web site that was his decision to pull the song permanently he says espn violated his first amendment rights that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is next ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 9 4 0
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 7 8 2 7
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for the first time during the trial of dr. conrad murray, we could hear from the doctor himself today. it is possible that his 2 hour interview with police could be played for the jury. lapd detective orlando martinez may also take the stand ... he is the officer who conducted that interview. giving testimony right now is elisa flak the l.a. county coroner who identified numerous vials' and bottles of medication that the prosecution laid out. the prosecution may also call dr. christopher rogers who conducted the autopsy on michael jackson. >>she is one of the most
12:46 pm
familiar faces in the republican party ... but you will not see sarah palin and the gop presidential race. she announced yesterday that you not be running for president in 2012 and a letter to supporters and a radio interview she said from the considerations are a major factor in her decision not to seek the republican presidential nomination tea party conservatives to congress governorships and the white house. >>and medical watch a key step in stem cell therapy ... for the first time american scientists have used cloning techniques to create a embryonic stem cells. those researchers inserted genetic material from adult skin cells into on fertilized human eggs a. but unlike other content procedures they did not remove genetic material that's because they cannot get an embryo to develop to an advanced age if they removed the eggs genetic
12:47 pm
material it's a hurdle that will have to be overcome before anyone can use clowning to create stem cells that are suitable for therapy. a new study recommends women who carry the breast cancer gene begin screening as early as age 25 ... compared with no screening at all high-risk patients who received annual screening starting at age 25 extended their life expectancy by almost two years researchers analyze the results of several studies and based their findings on a computer model. if current recommendations said that women should begin screenings at the age of 40. an increased number of older people on medicare are having surgery is at the end of their lives. those facts from a new study published in the lancet journal researchers looked nearly 2 million medicare recipients over age 65 who died in 2008 that found nearly one in three underwent surgery in the
12:48 pm
last years of their life one in 10 had surgery last week some critics to questioning if some of the surgeries were necessary others say that the study doesn't take into consideration people at the surgery's and
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we have my much bigger brother executive sous chef justin aquino from mastro's steakhouse is here and before we get started on the recipe, we're gonna talk about the charity event that you are taking part in. we are taking part in the
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future cares charity dinner ... it benefits the chicago food depository. tell us what we are whipping up today this is one of our signature side dishes and its alaskan king crab black truffle gnocchi with alfredo sauce everything is made in house at mastro's steakhouse everything is fresh. this is basically a potato dumplings...
12:52 pm
very good food for the chicago marathon this weekend we are heating up the alfredo sauce we're adding grated parmesan cheese to the thickness sauce we are going to use these black truffles and very fancy ... and we are going to heat up the alaskan king crab. this is a very rich dish ... i am adding a precooked batch of gnocchi ...
12:53 pm
this can be prepped ahead. we're going to finish this off with some breadcrumbs and a little bit of parmesan cheese. these are seasoned pimco bread crumbs with parsleyanko breadcrumbs with a bit of parsley and cheese we will put this in the oven ... and i will drizzle some white truffle oil over the dish it's a wonderful
12:54 pm
accompaniment to the stakeseaks we serve at mastro's steakhouse. and these are some other selections that we will be preparing for the charity event the f i a futures cares a great chicago steakout takes place this saturday at the hilton chicago on michigan avenue for more information on the event were to get involved go to or you can go to living with the pain
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does the capital of france lie? the answer is the singereine.. we are looking at 83 temperatures around chicago area ... we will go down to the '50s in and tonight we will be back into the 80s tomorrow into the '60s tomorrow night back to the '80s once again on saturday it will be a beautiful weekend. not one cloud in the sky today the fifth day in a row we have 100 percent sunshine. a gusty wind will come
12:58 pm
in tonight ... we see squall lines with stormy weather to the southeast and certainly to the west where winter storms are happening in the rockies and sierras. if you are traveling to the southeast there are huge winds blowing up against the florida peninsula and to georgia. there's lots of rain fall there. the wind is 40 mi.
12:59 pm
per hour going to the florida coastline on the atlantic side producing some big waves. it's significant for us because the air blowing off the top of that system will produce high pressure in our area reenforcing that high and that will bring us some gusts tore the weekend. 83 degrees tomorrow 82 degrees saturday. 79 degrees for sunday. >>thank you for joining us today everyone >>we hope you have a great


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