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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  October 14, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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o know that one reverse mortgage is the largest reverse-only mortgage lender in america. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ fare hikes are coming down the line for metra commuters but how much will people pay. the metro board is meeting today to decide. good afternoon i'm tom negovan >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn 6ñamerica and on the web. ññmetra was flooded bombarded with e-mail's phone calls andññññ letters from angry commuters >>some of these fares are going up as high as 69% for chicago
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commuters >>now metra is talking about mmaand increase of 25%. but @commuters are still angry saying it's still too much considering the service passengers are receiving >>quite frankly the service has gotten worse progressively over the years if you plan to have fare hikes the corresponding services have to get better it's just that simple. >>the board meeting will have commuters sound off on these proposed tarifffare hikes ... for both urban and suburban passengers there's a deficit of $65 million in the 2012 budget. >>passengers are saying that the
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hike is way too steep and unfair. metra took a second look and are making adjustments: for example a 15.7% increase on one-way ticket and monthly passes would increase 29 1/2%. commuters say it's still too much >>people don't have jobs there using mass transit more and increase like this is tough on people who aren't even having wages. >>may be 10 per cent is acceptable i could understand that >>people are concerned. we also ride the trains we are concerned as well it's unfortunate we have
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to raise the fares >>the final vote on the rate hike is next month if approved they will take effect february 1st. mayor emmanuel is hoping to sell its controversial proposal for a so-called congestion fate. with promises of a new el station an express bus lanes downtown drivers would pay an extra $2 a day to park downtown on week days raising an estimated $28 million the city would use some of the revenue to build a new green line station near mccormick place express bus lanes would be set up to link commuter rail stations to michigan avenue and navy pier many chicago drivers may have to pay a lot more for their vehicle stickers than mayor emanuel has led them to believe in his budget address the mayor said he was raising sticker fee is $15 on suvs and trucks what he did not say was that he wants to
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expand classification of large passenger vehicles dropping away designation from 4,500 lbs. to 4,000 lbs.. that means chicagoans to drive some suvs and minivans that are in a letter class range could see their sticker price jump from 75 to 135 >>gov. pat quinn and racetrack leaders discuss a bill that would greatly expand gambling in illinois the two sides talked with controversial legislation the thompson center this morning the bill calls for putting slot machines in racetracks something racetrack leaders say that they need to stay competitive the measure also calls for a casino in chicago but the governor has strong concerns about the legislation calling it excessive. a teenage suspect is in custody in the shooting of chicago police officer outside the city's far south side the 27
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year-old officer was shot in the late around 915 last night the officer was responding to a college shots fired he and another officer approached a group of people on self langley avner one of those people ran away in according to police when officer chased him that's when the suspect opened fire the injured officer was treated overnight has been released from the hospital the suspect was arrested. at lincoln park man charged in the murder of a woman had a river north hotel is in bond court today christopher lovell was 23 years old is charged with first-degree murder and soliciting a prostitute in the stabbing death of serai michaels of across wisconsin. michaels was found in a room at the hotel felix early tuesday morning she was 31 years old and the mother of five children who are in foster care michaels had been arrested for prostitution before most recently last month a south suburban man has been charged with plotting to murder
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his adopted daughter who he is accused of sexually assaulting stater police say that robert deja allegedly abused his 20 year-old adopted daughter for the past four years three-year- old daughter over the summer of a girl became pregnant once again it's not clear if the child was fathered by a shop or the girls current boyfriend according to police deja was enraged of a pregnancy and asked his brother to kill both the daughter and her boyfriend deja is being held on a $7 million bond he is scheduled back in court october 31st a lynnwood police officer wrongly charged with shooting to death one person and wounding two others is now suing the will county state's attorney the sheriff and a sheriff's detective brian dorian was accused of going on a shooting spree across two states in 2010 as it turned out 48 year-old gary amaya was the so-called honeybee killer dorian filed a lawsuit yesterday against its attorney
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james glasgow share of paul kaupas and a detective he is asking for more than $1 million in damages the state's attorney's office insists its investigation was proper. the public is ready responding to sheriff tom dart's call to help identify eight victims of serial killer john wayne gacy billy three dozen people from chicago area and around the country have called on hot line in the last two days describing in men who went missing in the '70s gacy was executed in 1994 for killing 33 young men bearing most of them in the crawl space of his home but eight of those victims were never identified the bodies have now been exhumed for dna testing investigators hope advances in technology will help identify those remains. and as a case related to those murders and orthodontist originally examine the remains of victims tells the sun-times he is certain that michael marino is one of them because of
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dental fillings reno's mother got court permission last week to exhume the body to conduct dna testing former chicago tribune ceo randy michaels is out of jail after being arrested for drunk driving police say they saw his car struck and the mud and water on a road construction site near cincinnati around 2 in the morning arresting officers say that his breath smelled of alcohol and the failed a sobriety test he was taken to jail and charged with driving under the influence he was released around 530 this morning after posting $615 bond u.s. rep joe walsh has his day in court on claims he's a deadbeat father and allegedly owes his ex-wife child-support payments his attorney and ex- wife's attorney are scheduled to meet in court today to answer claims that walsh owes more than $100,000 he says his ex-
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wife laura walsh is trying to exploit his position as a new member of congress >>the latest version of the apple i phone is now available in stores tekkies lined up overnight waiting for stores to open. >>there were cheers as customers hustled into the michigan avenue store. >>this is the second third or even fourth i phone >>it's a great product easy-to- use. it does what ever you needed to do like having a computer in the palm of your hand >>i have switched to apple and i have ban a dedicated user for one year the i-phone 4-s is the first to hit the market without steve jobs at the helm. it was
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unveiled one day before his passing their 1 million phones sold within the first 24 hours of its release >>about 30 i phone fans braved those chilly temperatures overnight to be the first to enter the store. the new phone renders stated twice as fast are offering better quality picture and it has a voice activated personal assistant program >>that personal assistant used to bees many on-line search engine
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applications to answer your questions still ahead: there were threatened to be kicked out by city officials the latest on the occupied wall street protest in new york >>the new government report about air traffic controller errors >>the red sox say not so fast they want new blood to let theo epstein go to the cubs
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a perfect storm of drugs killed michael jackson according to the latest testimony in the conrad
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murray trial. the ucla sleep experts said jackson's and some u.s. related to the drug demerol, which jackson received from a doctor other than conrad murray. the conrad murray defense team says dr. arnold klein injected jackson with up to 6,000 mg of demerol without dr. murray's knowledge. conrad murray said he was just trying to treat his insomnia and wayne jackson off of propofal at the time of his death. >>the so-called hollywood hacker is scheduled to appear in a florida court today christopher cheney is supposed to be transferred to california to face charges of identity theft he is accused of attacking e- mail accounts of celebrities including scarlet johansson christina aguilera and mila kunis he said it started as a curiosity but ended as an addiction he apologize to the celebrities and he said he will plead guilty if convicted he faces up to 121 years in prison.
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the park in new york city where the occupied protesters have been gathering for one month won't undergo a cleaning today the company that owns the zucotti park was supposed to begin cleaning the grounds early this morning but it decided last night to postpone that cleaning no reason was given. the demonstrators were glad to hear this because there are concerned it was all just a ploy to evict them. 14 protesters were arrested this morning when they and several hundred others left that parked to march to the financial district and toward city hall. >>errors by air-traffic controllers that caused airplanes to fly to close on takeoffs and landings have nearly doubled in the last three years. the government accountability offices that runway incursions at airports increased from 11 accidents per million takeoffs and landings in 2004 to 18 incidents per million in 2010 runway incursions' involve any object not supposed
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to be on a runway that includes stray baggage carts to planes that make wrong turns the faa said that the increase syneresis just due to better error reporting. coming next the day's top business stories. and a preview of the memorial honoring martin luther king jr. getting dedicated in washington d.c. this weekend and later in the lunch break we're making some halloween treats from the pages of the taste of home
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i'm beejal patel with bloomberg news live from the cme group ... the dow is gaining 100 points at this hour investors
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are happy about a better than expected retail sales report. there is a more than 1% jump in september's retail sales and that's the best since february and it hopefully makes the holiday season look better for retailers ... according to bloomberg analysis wal-mart is beating out target and kmart. it also has lower prices then amazon .com and toys r us in that critical sector apple is $417 a share as the i- phone 4-s sales begin today it
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is projected 4 million will be sold by the end of the weekend. that's a look at business news this morning ... we are wondering how this apple sales surge will affect users of the blackberry ... >>analysts are predicting a massive migration from blackberry users to i phone many may go for earlier versions of the i phone as prices are going down on those models it follows a week of terrible service
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outages for blackberry users and research in motion coming up: the deal that would send theo epstein on his way to chicago has hit a bit of a snag >>and house saving your children's baby teeth could one day help them with a medical issue >>and it has been 20 years since the release of his seminal pop album " girlfriend " and now matthew sweet is out with a new album titled " modern art "
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dr. martin luther king jr. will join the likes of abraham lincoln and thomas jefferson. a memorial will be dedicated in his honor in washington d.c. this weekend. frank holland has more on how people are making the trip to experience history. >>many people are making a second attempt to be part of history after the cancellation of the first dedication. >>mercedes miller and her mother are among the thousands who travel to the nation's capital for the original dedication. >>the " stone of hope " stands alongside memorials to the
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nation's presidents. hurricane irene delayed the dedication until this weekend. . mercedes miller and her mother are making a second trip believing that they all share. >>professor michael eric dyson has written two books about aren't looking >>mark led to king exemplify the bravery of the african-american people >>the professor shared his opinion ... let's continue to
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tell the story of the struggle of the civil rights movement as a part of black history >> this memorial inspired us and motivated us tremendously and we are happy to come back. definitely go take your children and your relatives >>the official dedication happens this sunday october 16th a quarter of a million people are expected to be there when president obama makes the speech dedicating a memorial >>wgn will have live coverage on the morning news on sunday and a summary on the news that nine.
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>>it has taken 32 years but tomorrow marks the dedication of a permanent memorial to the victims of the american airlines flight 191 disaster the american airlines jet crashed in a field near touhy avenue shortly after taking off from o'hare airport on may 25, 1979271 passengers and crew members perished to people on the ground also lost their lives their names will be memorialized on a 700 and 75 ft. wall in lake park the project came together when students at decatur classical school learn that their assistant principal lost both her parents in that crash the contacted local officials about planning and living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage.
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it's very windy outside. midway just reported a 36 mi. per hour wind gusts. the lower the pressure the faster the air rises and the stronger the wind gets produced. this has the pressure of a category one hurricane. we're also getting instability in the atmosphere with the temperature dropping. there could be some widely scourescattered light showers.
12:31 pm
here is a big picture view of this storm system. we had local 1 in. rain totals so far. we may get showers developing later. here is the four-o'clock forecast ... boise it will get cool will get cold tonight. there is a powerhouse jet stream ... not only do we have the instability and the chance of showers but the jet stream
12:32 pm
contributes to the cooler air and wind. we may also get a shower sunday morning. the cooler eris is strikingair is striking. we are two degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. the big story is the wind ... back in 1975 in eastern lake superior we had the sinking of the edmund fitzgerald ... and there will be very big waves building and now. and on the michigan side of lake michigan
12:33 pm
there will also be large waves. these are the wind gusts across the area ... self elgin has reported a gust of 41 mi. per hour 31 mi. per hour here in the city ... schaumburg has a temperature of 60 and a sustained wind of 20 mi. per hour o'hare is currently at 30 mi. per hour. it's the upper 50s low 60s near midway.
12:34 pm
there's a humidity of 41%. this is the last pollen count of the year ... there's a high mold spore count actually. 40 mi. per hour gusts are forecast for today and for tomorrow. the storm we experience now is 2,300 mi. across it is dominating the weather up across a good part of north america. there is snow occurring and some sections of ontario canada.
12:35 pm
we have the 10 days no forecast happening to the north across the border the wind will be strong today and tomorrow even into tomorrow evening. tonight the coolest weather in two weeks. the high temperatures this afternoon will be 59 degrees. tonight showers will be early in some spots. we will be windy and cold tonight down to 40 degrees tomorrow will be seasonably cool it will be a beautiful day
12:36 pm
with some wind about 59 degrees a high scattered showers sunday morning and it will be breezy but by the time the bears play it will be cool clear and windy toward the evening. we will be around 60 degrees on sunday it's not bad at all we can handle this time now for today's trivia: on what river does the capital of iraq lie? we will have the
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but negotiations with the boston red sox had a bit of a snack. the cubs are reportedly are offering only cash for letting him out of his contract while the red sox want more prospects. air report out of boston said that the first day of negotiations did not go well. still no word from either team. but the chicago tribune's cubs beat writer said the new general manager most likely means a new manager >>the idea of bringing him back seems crazy at this point ... if you bring in a new general manager you get off to a fresh start on the ice stanley cup hero dustin byfuglien made his return to the united center his
12:40 pm
winnipeg jets were up 2-1 in the first when marian hossa passed to patrick kane who tied the game at two goals still tied in the second and this time he breaks the tie off a pass from nichols eddie the black hawks scored four unanswered goals to win 4-3 the first win for the backup goalie ray emery lovie smith has benched both of his starting safeties for sunday's game against minnesota chris harris and grant and meriweather are out while major right and third round pick chris chris conte got the start or receiver earl bennett is doubtful but he did practice yesterday for the first time since suffering a chest injury in week two of the season julius peppers missed practice with his sprained mc all but he could return today >>here are the winning lottery
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today and lunch break we're having fun with halloween treats. diane werner food director from the taste of home magazine is here to show us how. our food stylist decided to design the streetstreats for halloween this year. this is made with simple syrup kiwi and demandmint
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these are meringue cookies with nutmeg and cinnamon and ground, and almond. you can see how easily you can put this together there is no wrong way. this is a delicious cookie there in the shape of
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bones and we made a bloody little cream to go with it. from chocolate and strawberry. this is liquorice tighter around prattesville rodpretzel rods..
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we have here limeade and gelatin ... we carved a pumpkin ... all of this was done out of pieces of fruit.
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so i need to find out what is inside of this drink. simple syrup is cooking sugar and water on the stove combined with a puree of kiwi topped off with ginger ale. it looks gross but it tastes great. you can find these recipes in this month's issue of taste of home magazine or on a link from our web site wgn
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iraq is situated on the tigris river. it will be beautiful and sunny day tomorrow right now it is wendy with gusts of over 30 mi. per hour. fox lake is looking pretty choppy right now. it's the coldest day since the first of october we are just below 60 degrees. there are big storm warnings on the great lakes.
12:56 pm
the high today will be into the low 60s dropping tonight into the 40's.pcpc pcwe will see some showers saturday night into sunday morning. it will be fairly cool this weekend. we may get like affect rainshowers next week wednesday and thursday we will have a blast of cool air and in a moderate by the end of the week. it is wendy from the midwest all the way to the east. applebee's
12:57 pm
60 degrees sunday andthe temperatures will be 60 degrees sunday and monday. down to 58 tuesday and then the cool air will come and the end of next week will be low temperatures in the '50s have a great weekend. thank you so much for joining us today. we are leaving you with live music from matthew sweet who is performing tonight at the bottom lounge here in chicago his new album modern art is just
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released [music by matthew sweet]
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