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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 2, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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first of several public meetings and chicago grandmother like the story on her skin. life story on her skin. wgn news @ 9 police shooting caught on video victim's family wants cops charged with murder. top story are around the country tonight >> his name flint farmer shot to death by chicago police officer june, police say the murder was justified family says it is simply murder. june the seventh west englewood neighborhood
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video shows three bright splashes according to autopsy three fatal shots to the back of 29 year-old flint farmer. officer 33 year-old fired shots told investigators he thought flint farmer had a weapon in fact only holding a cellphone. officers the third shooting since january 2nd fatality. daley plaza activists to join the father of flint farmer for brief rally before heading to the office of state attorney anita alvarez and charges of murder for the officer >> i want to the state attorney to actually indicted him and to try him arrest him and try him for murder of my son this is a case that is so shocking that it should be international news >> all three officers shootings since january were justified
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according to chicago police department. officer told the chicago tribune the video did not capture everything. according to medical examiner fired 16 shots at flint farmer hitting him seven times. this afternoon state attorneys released this statement: meanwhile flint farmer father says more than anything just wants answers. >> have not heard anything apology or anything from the police department nobody no leading officials at all in the case. >> spokesperson for the fraternal order of police says it is important to remember like anybody else police officers innocent until proven guilty.
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independent police review authority is investigating with assistance from the fbi. >> just a month into the job university police officer fired accused of sexually assaulting a student. 23 year old andrew rifkin off-duty incident happened three weeks ago. fired on friday turned himself yesterday after a warrant issued and since posted bond. n i u says strict policy prevents officers from fraternizing with students and staff. students in the south loop told to be cautious tonight after columbia student dropped student threatened five men surrounded him claiming they would shoot them if they did not handled the phone. 230 in the morning on monday northbound train at jackson stop reminding students to take safety measures not display expensive devices and
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avoid traveling alone. they robbed him of his cellphone 5 man police say attacking people all across the south shore neighborhood. 63 year old and sidney tyson had his cell phone at ipod taken 74th and the south shore drive about 8:00 last night the says he was jumped from behind by attackers. >> i tried to fight back through elbows behind me tried to pick my cane up but it hit the ground another young man hit me from behind >> not enough to ward off attackers 1 up and came back later to return his cellphone and cta bus pass, several hours later police arrested three of the five men after jumping another man in two blocks away. looking for a young man with pilot history wanted in the
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disappearance of this step father. sean lewis details tonight fugitive hunters >> on the run from fugitive hunters 23 year old garrett michael kern. >> florida and connection to disappearance of his 80 year old step father is a step father james arthur has not been seen since the day after garrett michael kern got out of prison last week caught on surveillance video posted to friends he may have injured james arthur who suffers from alzheimer's. search has led investigators to the chicago area where he has a family in the western suburbs and has been spotted in number of times in the city perhaps driving stepfather's 2010 volvo. >> could be staying in shelters in chicago area thinking he is going or around hiding out in
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the city what he is doing now take another look 23 years old 5 ft. 11 in. tall 135 lbs., garrett michael kern two tattoos. fugitive hunters will pay cash for information that leads to garrett michael kern. you will remain anonymous. fugitive hunters sean lewis wgn news @ 9 >> tonight family and friends remember a bright eyed teenager search for her killer. kelli o'laughlin murdered apparent burglary indian head park home covering the visitation tonight, visitation at the police investigation police headquarters and tirelessly working tirelessly on the case front door signs that says do not call osby will call you >> friends and family beginning
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the difficult process saying goodbye >> tonight first of two visitations mourners came and went for five hours at the same time investigators coming and going indian head park police department 40 officers working the murder case mourners lined up before the doors opened hundreds came to pay their respects many who had no personal connection to kelli o'laughlin except their hearts went out to her family. gratitude for the support expressed in a statement from her father who thanked residents for letting the family agreed in peace. >> kelli o'laughlin was smart happy full of promise
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absolutely tennis crazy. every time that i saw her at the tennis club always had her two best friends tennis racket and a cell phone. >> police believe the popular 14 year-old walked in on a burglar coming home to school on thursday stabbed multiple times a body found by her mother first homicide indian head park history. team of local state federal investigators working the case every day since searching for a manned seen it near the home following up on more than 100 texts that have failed to lead to the killer. reward for information now over $60,000. >> thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this time hopefully they can find peace. >> second visitation planned for tomorrow funeral services friday and memorial scholarship fund set up in the nam kelli o'laughlin find out how to
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contribute website indian head park police headquarters wgn news @ 9 >> did not take long the ax falls at wrigley field next theo epstein wants a new manager already rolling out a fan favorite at changing the look at chicago city council chicagoans went in tonight redrawing of the chicago city ward maps and discounted company calling it quits at tom skilling talking a falling temperatures hello tom skilling wgn news @ 9
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wgn news @ 9 new president new general manager and now a new manager. mike quade is out so who is next? >> do not know. has not spoken about it pretty interesting spoke theo epstein yesterday would decide the fate of mike quade it was a short week flew to florida to tell the cubs manager this morning he would not be the manager. replacement search is going on and not including ryne sandberg offered red sox triple a job last year
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went with philadelphia phillies instead. theo epstein said all coaching and management candidates need to have a major league experience leaving ryne sandberg of the best. theo epstein also called him today in a gesture ryne sandberg appreciated. after one year and one month to still do cubs salary at the chicago cubs prepared to eat that. reshaping of chicago cubs begins with a search for new manager and the list has to include terry francona boston manager freshly fired not sure if you want to jump back and sandy alomar indians bench coach and pitching improvement high on the theo epstein or the list rangers pitching coach and brother of greg mike madduxmike jobs out but many others also mike maddux, we will see in the next few days how things start to shake out according to the list but would not be surprised if not a done deal in a week or two they want to get it done
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quickly winter meetings in dallas sure that would like to be put together by then >> happens every 10 years happening right now redrawing political boundaries chicago 50 wards to better represent the population public hearings northwest side tried to come up with a new map not always a simple task they are trying the new map what ever it adds up looking like certainly will not make everybody happy proven in years past according to chairman of the rules committee alderman dick mell biggest challenge is for the african-american and hispanic maps lost 20,000 people last 10 years to keep in mind 180,000 of them were african- americans hispanics however are up 25,000 people tonight on the northwest side concerns >> right now because of what
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happened 10 years ago northwest side broken up and one thing that we are trying to fight for is to make sure does not get broken up again and that it can be unified. you can see the challenges in trying to draw this differently major ships yet no obvious solutions so what is the tolerance in other words how far out of whack can't a ward be? alderman dick mell of the 33rd ward probably has the best idea of who is safe and to is not he says the new maps should be up in two weeks or so fellow alderman will certainly see that and the public he then has until december 1st to tweak the that. problem today public hearings five more of them in the coming days there is no new
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not to look at public blind little time for input less than 30 days all new ward boundaries must adhere to federal boded rights act at alderman mell no stranger to process the third redrawing he has done it even he admits a challenge >> never easy not going to be easy this time you there. either. hopefully we will get through it satisfied as many possible people as we possibly can. >> redrawing does happen every 10 years after it census last time not exactly a group process because the city faced a very large lawsuits cost millions of dollars that would like to avoid that at a public hearing we attended there are five others to come not too long from out next week or two for more information on the *
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applicationstimes and locations go to >> mayor rahm emmanuel debating ordinance laurent punishment for anybody caught with small amounts of pot no jail time at $200 find hours of community service. looking at the law enforcement and cost factor before finding a final decision. more trouble for herman cain still to come a third woman claiming sexual harassment and checking into a hotel help end the war on terror. verizon 4g lte. america's fastest and most reliable 4g network
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judge other side of the law a warning video tough to watch. judge william adams investigated by police after this video popped up on the internet judge william adams apparently seen it with an 16 year-old disabled daughter with a belt screaming and yelling back and forth and to stop judge says yes is had disciplined after caught stealing music files on the internet happened a long time ago, seven years ago since apologized looks worse and that it was. claims posted by the daughter recording did that to get her father help. judge william adams believed of this case load including child protective cases while the investigation is ongoing. third former worker called herman cain behavior inappropriate. presidential hopeful dodged questions today about sexual harassment investigations.
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considered filing a workplace complaint to women settled cases against herman cain 1990's. one wants to lift the gag order to talk. herman cain got testy with reporters in virginia today >> do not even bother asking me these other questions that you all are curious about do not even bothered >> are you concerned about >> what did i say? excuse me excuse me >> meanwhile in new york times reporting the women involved in the second settlement received a cash payout of $35,000. handful of nationwide hotels, check into a fight terrorism. welcome screen will show a message from department of homeland security encouraging you to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and say something if you see anything. holiday inn, hilton, marriott and sheraton all
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participating with homeland security hopes the message will reach millions of hotel guests each year. discount store basement filing bankruptcy and shutting down a popular spot for many discount shoppers made news annually during promotion running of the brides event the third poughkeepsie filene's purchased by syms in 2009 also syms closing stores both chains holding going to out of business sales and of january. more teenagers doing things they should not with cellphones a new study next how many kids are sexting and we swam with dolphins >> and of chicago women keeping a favorite memories close permanently.
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tonight's medical watch sexting teenagers numbers on the rise 13% of high-school the said they have received a text message with naked photos of video of people they know and one out of hand is said that have forwarded posted or sent a sexually suggestive material. study cuckolded numbers and facts. those involved and sexting more likely to be psychologically distressed depressed or suicidal. experts urge parents to talk to teenagers about the dangers of sexting. common
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practice but not be good for newborn babies separating them from their mother after a woman gives birth the baby whisked away to bassinet for cleaning and testing and then taken to a nursery so the mother can rest but biological psychiatry reports the process creates stress for the infant and researchers measured the heart rates skyrocketing when the baby is in the nursery vs sleeping next to mother's heartbeat or bed. newborn most relaxed during scan it-skin contact with the mother. helping you to relax sleep lose weight and feel satisfied, one handful of nuts a day can do at all according to latest research linking knots with higher serotonin bubbles up to transmit nerve to decrease in feeling of hunger and anxiety. also reducing substance is associated with inflammation and heart disease. 1 oz a day produces positive affects. back to you. >> thank you, gray and chilly
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watch for tomorrow and next tom skilling temperatures falling but still hope for recovery this weekend. [ woman ] for sam. you
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have you been outside in has changed in the last couple of hours like a wall of cool air. grab a quick look fall colors
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that remand not going to be a round with the wind coming and. this picture. elmhurst took these pictures that they are gorgeous. it has been a beautiful fall color season around the chicago area and we thank randy for the quarter shots and everyone else sending them to their website. a beautiful day 65 degrees the high-temperature temperatures more typical today of october 10th and early november. high clouds announce a weather change already sweeping the area wind turning around northeast temperatures dropping missed out on the big snowstorm that hit colorado. fading away. rainfall coming down and buckets showing you the numbers out of iowa and wisconsin more than an inch of rainfall and that area. how close the rainfall tomorrow
9:31 pm
night patches of sprinkles northwest suburbs supposed to get most of the rainfall and impressive to the west behind the rainfall getting cooler heaviest today dark green areas settling south into our area heavily boulder colorado had 13 in.. numbers from colorado second snowstorm in a week to get the area denver got about 5 in. itself. rainfall sinking into the city by the mourning the layout of the rainfall
9:32 pm
rainfall clearing northern suburbs sunshine emergent later in the day but might take until late tomorrow night before the rainfall clears the southern suburbs how much may come down some areas over an inch. half an inch of rain in the city. temperatures look at this change. southerly wind blowing wind gusts at the moment northern wind just starting to lock in at a temperature drops introduced readings dow 20-30 degrees to the west nation's heartland cool air flooding and 65 degrees to of those in a row pretty amazing but tonight is 29 in rapid city 25 degrees casper
9:33 pm
wyoming denver 14 degrees at soon to see temperatures go down north northeast wind howled and the area due 0.745 at the relative humidity of 74%. 72 degrees pontiac kankakee and downers grove mid-upper 60s around here but tonight sustained 15 mi. per hour wind 45 degrees mchenry and snow from colorado springs sky is clear today the weather bug camera wyoming more snowfall fell in that area of course happy about the snowfall ski season ready to go big rainfall wind in california today red flag warnings for bosque and will be cool and gusting to 30 degrees tomorrow anywhere from two pence-a tent close to nine
9:34 pm
tenths of an inch of rainfall expected. rainfall by midnight projected wind gust went over 40 mi. per hour western suburbs mid 30's and the city flooding all for the day at that rate to tomorrow. snowfall mixing with rainfall west of rockford not going to amount to anything but a sign of how cool the air is coming into the area. forecast cloudiness cold tonight. rainfall developing across the area rain at developing windy at colder temperatures down to 39- 37 degrees at wind northeast howling tonight 12-24 degrees. windy much colder tomorrow with gale warnings on the late eighth-10 ft. waves crashing on the shoreline of a bit like levels northeast wind that piling the water. clearing in
9:35 pm
the afternoon in northern suburbs. high temperature 40 degrees. clearing all areas will be colder temperatures down in the 30's tomorrow night. getting the upper 20s outlying areas. 26 degrees inland. sunny and seasonable with light went on friday by 55 degrees. >> thank you tom skilling. story of life drawn out on the arms and legs of one chicago grandmother. unlikely tattoo enthusiast and later kim kardashian take on her 72 day marriage.
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9:39 pm
life small-town iowa spent time approaching big birthday found herself down >> going to be old and rankled any way with or without tattoos >> i have four, my mother has become a long time ago >> calls tattoo just a mom to be in mont >> not something suddenly age of 75 years old personality to occur in another direction >> fantastic integrated design and also the idea of my mother >> expression of her look >> tattoos translate into motherly love? >> dolphins because we swam with dolphins in mexico and then of course have to have day tattoo for and joe >> each research tattoo it never offensive who and what the helen
9:40 pm
reichert lambin is about >> i love that the journal of the tattoo as the boat tells up so do our arms and legs >> if i had thought and that that's i could have done a story tonight's >> beloved husband had a great psychologist died suddenly 1996 >> cannot prevent growing old or dying but you can do this and make it more fun >> chicago tattoo body piercing company oldest tattoo shop in chicago. >> they do a nice work >> must have valid identification to enter aarp card? >> helen reichert lambin comes in and out every couple weeks >> nobody else touches her scant >> tie everything together she mentions possibly getting something on her neck i do not know about that a great idea
9:41 pm
just maybe my prejudice >> getting want thinking about the next one >> i thought want started to get more i heard tattoo are addicting >> tattoos can also be icebreaker's >> 1 friend came over to my house felt uncomfortable just because my family is very religious and walked into the den broek and my grandmother is looking like about to jump onto a harley-davidson >> meeting people she might not have. >> that's the occasional stair but most reactions are positive. >> keep on the rockton crab about one of my favorites. going to be falling apart predicted this this is me. lots of things at this stage nothing would do
9:42 pm
to hurt somebody something not should have done or should have done but the tattoo help. take care until the next one. >> that was ana benaval reported sent a photograph of tattoo to a photo gallery. a whole bunch of them here. they are on their on the website. coming up grab for money kim kardashian said was marriage and a lot next reality television star opens up about her 72 day romance and we know who will not be the newest cubs manager who could be choices.
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9:46 pm
claims only went through it for a payoff of millions >> anybody that would get married for a television show it is ridiculous. it is sad that i have to defend that. >> tmz reports were kim kardashian of done it the value of her wedding gift to charity amounting to $200,000. kim kardashian began divorce proceedings on monday. and lindsay lohan heading to jail again 30 days behind bars for by the probation likely serve in the last. lindsay lohan reporting to jail november 9th judge ordered once but least actress will have to stick to schedule of command a disservice to the therapy or face further jail time. tom skilling seven day forecast and we have a big weather change underway rainfall, and in
9:47 pm
northeast and locked and brain fall heaviest northwest suburbs started mixing with snowfall north and west of rockford as wind to blow and from northeast as you can see the like to be a cool morning tomorrow gale warnings southern lake michigan and the wind and the dry weather perhaps any fires that might start spreading and storm will move on heat and howling northeast wind coming into chicago the wind will die friday and next storm to the west more heavy snow to the rockies southerly wind and one in temperatures into the plains states surface wind turning suddenly but the storm will pass tomorrow to the south and to look at the upper wind blowing from the south and the plants that is the way to warm things up fast. the goodies projected
9:48 pm
wind friday evening the day after tomorrow late in the day saturday look at that space of southern wind gusts to going over 40 mi. per hour in places we will not see that right away turning breezier as we get into the day saturday. sunday when the and a mild upturn in clocks back to see the sun set at 4:39 p.m. but daytime temperature will feel springlike and offset the discomfort of having that sunset with a 61 degree temperature. a forecast on sunday turning rainy again cooler later on and signs of cool air coming in the middle of the month it we can't have keeping an eye on that and updating you. amazing sunset change. >> thank you tom skilling. electricians begin filling state street with macy's lights on the
9:49 pm
great tree. at elephant fort wrigley brothers circus chicago tribune photos of the day.
9:50 pm
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breakneck speed things change in wrigley field chicago bulls are supposed to be playing in new orleans supposed to be the second night. we have chicago cubs in place. theo epstein flew to florida at to lead mike quade this morning to let him go face-to-face a nice gesture. mike quade one year left on his deal chicago cubs will pay him for that and say farewell managed club for the year and a month the month was good taking over for lou pinella august 2010 and the year was horrible certainly not the fault of mike quade but shared enough blame to cost him his job people's choice to replace mike quade would certainly be ryne sandberg but
9:54 pm
shaw theo epstein that down and immediately says a new manager it would have to have big league experience either coaching or managing which leads ryne sandberg of of the cubs list. cardinals have asked permission for the philadelphia phillies to ask ryne sandberg with their manager's position also enter direct current sox the third base coach and while the new chicago cubs' manager p? terry francona theo epstein died in boston has to be in it the next also demario hale, dave sveum, the brewers bench coach also interviewing with the red sox. another chicago guy, pete mackanin the phillies bench coach police bench coach and and there is also mike maddux, greg's brother who helped make the rangers' pitching staff into multiple pat winner and a rare day off for chicago bears a wednesday pushing a normal schedule back a week to get on track for eagles on monday night football might not have practiced but i bet the defenders still thinking about michael vick nfl newest $10
9:55 pm
million man having a good year as the dolph at least quarterback terrific sunday night game against cowboys 272 yds and two touchdowns quarterback rating of almost 130 but chicago bears have always been able to slow this guy down, michael vick 0-4 against chicago and it would like to make that is 0-5 monday night. >> we play together at the unselfish football everybody wants to go up there and to make a big play but plays you are supposed to make make them. i think if we do that will be ok. >> we honestly just rush after him. everybody tries to contain him and keypad and the pocket but he is to separate you really just have to keep throwing guys after him and hopefully. batt but we have to limit in two small place eliminate the big place always making big plays down the field have to make him
9:56 pm
a ride on the field and make it difficult >> high school football playoffs this weekend, crete-monee heads to peoria richwoods second round coach jerry verde team went 9-0 first time in 59 years and then put 63 points on bloomington in the playoff opener michigan record laquan treadwell leader at receiver of lot of offense with this crew and good defense. >> the more people think-makes the job easier on us we do not like the spotlight but when we get it always good offensive points we just stop them >> we spread it out not just about laquan treadwell really nice a senior running back also potential division what type kid. and we try to balance a run and pass we just tend to get chunks of yardage when we put the ball into the air >> another secret football but
9:57 pm
ben prep athlete of the month and a different sport instant replay sunday night hawks defenseman duncan keith out tomorrow night against florida hand injury and speaking of injuries toledo band hurt laid out in pregame right side of screen no reason for that school knows bass one game suspension today. cannot be doing that. >> that is the news wednesday night happy you shared time with us. good night. should we spend it wandering in some home improvement warehouse crowd: no! i say we go to ace crowd: yeah! get help when we walk in the door because we will maintain our homes d our weekends crowd: yeah! get your weekend back at ace the helpful place
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