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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 3, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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break down stereotypes and you thought it was just the debit fees at the atm. wgn evening news person of interest criminal past the latest development in the murder case of a teenager killed indian head park. good evening is the top story or around the country tonight. breaking news at police may be one step closer to solving the murder of 14 year-old. kelli o'laughlin standing by police department may be scheduled a news conference soon. >> expected news conference
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minutes from now announcing murder charges in the homicide of 14 year-old kelli o'laughlin killed one week ago today. information coming out in bits and pieces all day today we have seen a fair bit of movement indian head park police department cook county sheriff tom dart also police chief expecting to hear more about the case. person of interest we understand it charged kelli o'laughlin murder. information. >> the task force has been working with numerous police departments the state's attorney office has been a phenomenal >> cook county sheriff tom dart taken a lead role trust the police and prosecutors are taking their time with their person of interest. law- enforcement sources patent ugly
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picture they say that kelli o'laughlin constant companion herself fund taken from the scene of the murder and used by the killer to call and text message her mother. police will only say they have got someone. >> all i can answer we do have a person of interest in custody and working feverishly >> investigative sources say the suspect state parolees in his thirties with a long criminal history who may have been spotted in the kelli o'laughlin indian head park neighborhood of one week ago today the day kelli o'laughlin kim habra school walked into the house on an intruder at the stabbed to death. carter has drawn to the community close every church has a side visitation for the popular high school tennis player had to be held over two days because of the turnout at horror attached
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to indian head park first-ever murder police work in or around the clock movement more methodically. >> trying to work things out but the investigation is moving along a lot of people working very hard and a lot of progress. >> funeral service is scheduled for tomorrow morning police continuing to work tonight the press conference scheduled for 9:00 sharp. minutes away we are being told. bright and developments against charges expected to be announced in the next few minutes kelli o'laughlin murder stabbing death indian head park last week first homicide >> covered in charcoal and left for dead chicago police trying to figure out who killed andersonville woman set body fire in her own garage that the
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the victim was last seen around midnight in her own apartment telling her mother and sister who both live there with their simply going upstairs to have a few beers with neighbors who lived there she never returned. this morning in a gruesome discovery her body burned steps from her own back door of a lot because5000 block andersonville block vibrant neighborhood inside one apartment on that block a crime scene. 51 year-old maria santiago found murdered at on fire in her own garage. >> she was too friendly trust quickly >> good friend says the victim was with a four-five mexican immigrants who lived on the third floor upper building last
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night. they had just give and santiago a television >> she said going to have a beer or two that gave us a television camera santiago never came back down again smoke began to appear from the alley garage this morning sister ran outside to find maria covered in charcoal a rug over the body >> somebody just through the body and is a student body we have to call police >> described as a loving person would do anything for her friends loved animals at tonight leaves her dog behind with her when she bent for drinks last night quite possible only the dog knows what happened behind the door. where the third floor residents are >> we would like to now. everything is empty. >> according to the santiago
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family is the man upstairs were famous for throwing wild parties at the white she went up there last night is baffled that even at this hour especially since yesterday she had told several that she had a sick feeling a premonition of sorts tonight at area 3 detectives continue to itto investigate >> sexual assault may have been followed alley assault behind forest avenue tuesday 8:00 p.m. the suspect described as african-american man in his thirties grabbed her from behind and told her not to scream. sexual assault. sustained minor injuries on elbows police work and a composite sketch and canvassing the area. i read freight train derailment continuing to cause problems tomorrow for those try to get to work and school the
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latest on the development of >> fortunately no fatalities or injuries to report the accident caused headaches for metra passengers crews working occurred the night to make the commute as smooth as possible. >> northbound the canadian national train heading to wisconsin dairy and the at the belt at 530 this morning naperville and spaulding intersection and in bartlett. 22 of the trans 120 cars were involved in iraq batt but two of the cars carrying dangerous hazardous material there were no leaks so at no time for the hazardous materials escape and >> fortunately those cars loaded with wood problems and not hazardous material. first responders had the blaze contained in a couple of hours community did not need to be evacuated. neighbors said it scary way to wake up. >> thought it was an earthquake >> we can outside a that was a
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helicopter above the house >> canadian national line intersects with the milwaukee district west line the accident forced capsules had delayed service for thousands commuters >> it was chaos. batt but tonight metra service between bartlett and chicago has been limited only a few trains getting through a spokesman says most trends on the milwaukee west line are stuck until the mess is cleaned up >> we are suggesting riders can use the pacific west or north west lines on either side of this what if that works with them north central service same tracks up until river grove limited service from here to board hoping people can find alternate tips. >> dependent on the cleanup metra service could be better by tomorrow likely one to track operating through that area. did
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>> waiting for news conference indian head park get a view that as soon as we can cta writers get ready for in upgrade l line a much needed facelift which one? and federal judge makes a decision former mayor richard daley can be sued will explain why at a nasty windy cold the rain-hello tom skilling the answers tomorrow will be better.
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"impromptu in-law visit." look at mom whipping up some kraft homestyle mac & cheese. sure it's easy to make, but it looks like she's been busting her hump in the kitchen. [ doorbell rings ] let the fireworks begin. [ male announcer ] kraft macaroni & cheese. you know you love it. wgn evening news news @ 9 >> federal judge changing decision that your daily can be sued by men claiming she can be planning there were tortured by chicago police. judge rebecca pallmeyer denied a motion by delete attorneys to reverse the motion plant tortured by police commanded by jon burge clement to force mayor daley to testify in his role prosecutor under his watch as cook county state's attorney >> very pleased that the judge
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recognized that daly was aware of a racially motivated conspiracy torture while he was state's attorney this decision clears the way for the deposition of richard daley >> taylor says waiting on what time to question daly plans >> thanks to a tip from a wgn to be were in and we profiled last night on a fugitive hunter segment caught this afternoon. sean lewis reported michael garret kern was wanted cape coral florida and connection with disappearance of his step father a united states marshals knew michael garret kern had family in western suburbs thought might have come north to try to hide out in big city. taken into custody homeless shelter just after 1:00 this afternoon. back of cta otherwise known as the red line undergoing a massive renovation
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announcement within $640 million state funding to give the red line much needed facelift gov. quinn says the project also generate much-needed jobs >> going to create 2700 jobs jobs that can support a family construction jobs and good jobs to make sure that we have an efficient trains to get people when they have to go efficiently and safely >> federal state and local funding of the project totaling about $1 billion to stations will said clark and a division rebuild other stations will get varying degrees of repairs at updates. closing arguments and a case around the world of the latest on conrad murray trial and sexual harassment charges herman cain new updates. before we had to break breaking
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news to indian head park where the police chief and we believe the cook county sheriff standing by >> we want to give you an update on where things are first and foremost that to everybody working so hard on this case for over a week now approximately a lot of time and energy from a lot of departments and we cannot think everybody enough. where we stand there is an individual in custody and individual we have worked a lot of leads and we have answered a lot of questions and we feel very confident about the case and the individual that is in custody. there has been a lot of leads over 100 worked out so far and we feel very confident about the
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individual and the evidence we have right now state attorney's office is examining the evidence right now and we are looking forward to any questions they might have and looking forward to what actions might take place at the chief wants to speak >> i want to tell my community that i hope with this information that we have tonight that they can rest easier as far as this crime is concerned you never want to let your guard down you want to be aware of your surroundings and just keep as far as the crime is concerned i think we all can rest easier tonight. the >> do you believe the individual acted alone? >> at this time all we have the individual in custody. >> charges? >> state attorney office
9:17 pm
examining the case did not have the top line but looking through things. going through things hundreds of leads and they have been working with us that have had people out here all around the clock as well a lot of hard work has been put into this. a lot of things that we cannot speak up tonight. in the near future we can expand on to answer questions out there like a rag. >> tell us about the suspect? >> the individual in custody right now has been and a penitentiary we do not want to get into any details >> can you tell us where he was arrested?
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>> not at this point. brief news conference cook county sheriff indian head park police chief try to put the folks in the area at least they think they have the person who did this killed a 14 year-old kelli o'laughlin when she can call from school. intruded on a burglar at her house again community at least somebody in custody questions we will know coming up we will be right back. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list.
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reserve any item you want, whenever you want, and with no finance charges. that's real choices for real joy. sears. news @ 9 >> after weeks of testimony the fate of michael jackson's doctor in the hand of the jury tomorrow. prosecution contended conrad murray negligent in administering the anesthetic propofol to michael jackson but the defense argues michael jackson gave himself the a lethal dose. if convicted of the involuntary manslaughter conrad murray could lose his medical license and serve up to four years in prison. this is no accident federal agents in brazil tried to keep the airplane full of electronic contraband from taking off mission accomplished the pilot and 4 smugglers were arrested
9:22 pm
they carefully studied beforehand how to pull this off in the event. herman cain denies making unwanted sexual advances at work event tonight politico broke the story sharing new information says woman filed a verbal complaint same night the harassment happened resulted in urgent discussions by the nra taught the brass within hours later brought to attention of the association and general counsel. coming up a closer look at conservatives in the black community and why the movement could be growing and approach to treating allergies on the horizon may work faster and better than ever.
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hello tom skilling better tomorrow? >> yes. going to be beauteous. if you were careful and lived primarily in the northwest suburbs visible from the city also a beautiful sunset. this view from a barrington. another shot right there at a beautiful shot. and the view from the hills over the lake gorgeous shot time lapse cameras focused. good weather today very little so we figured we had to flood the air but the bright colors
9:30 pm
and sunshine the only way to see the sunset. i noticed getting darker you can see the planes going into o'hare field northwest of the city airplanes ride their riding in a time lapse and of course a beautiful city colors. we have a beautiful day on the way tomorrow warmer and less windy saying goodbye to the storm we are exporting in the strong wind to the east coast gale warnings tonight rainfall pretty much moved out not pretty much is gone unless you are watching us on wgn america rainfall also an ohio but rainfall has departed immediate viewing area except for a lender and sprinkles a fading away in the far southern suburbs. better weather news on the way half an inch of rain harvard fox like evergreen park. those communities with pretty
9:31 pm
good rainfall. look at the wind gust. lombard deland view chicago and frankfurt. sampling the brand as high as 54 mi. per hour windy today and still win the tonight. awakening to a fairly steady when it tomorrow morning. 47 degrees at midway other temperatures 47 degrees. the view from a sandwich. a lot of wind with that camera today. temperatures across the area and when the dust at the moment still blowing briskly from the northeast you can see them there at 20 plus miles per hour. producing a wind chill in the 30's. tomorrow temperatures come back nicely high temperatures today 48 degrees and warmer to
9:32 pm
the north and west getting into serious cold temperatures and very active weather pattern development cold air setting that in place to storms in the next week first turning to the wind from the south warming us starting to do in the planes today. second to bring us rain fall upper midwest the first snow storm of the season. but in chicago north-northeast wind tonight 73 percent humidity and water temperature of 52 degrees. sunshine tomorrow a nice change from what we have seen it. we can't warm up wind gusting 54 mi. per hour today daytime high temperatures towards the '60s except right along the lake. storm spending in the coastal a fair tomorrow high-pressure takes over in the next storm to the west pac-10 isobar cited strong wind over 1,000 mi. of
9:33 pm
real estate from texas to the canadian border. storm ... next begins to form that is the one that can't really turn us mild and the process once again. wind saturday just west starting to feel increase to wind and sunday that thank passes over us the next develops riding in north pole in strong southerly wind tuesday showers and thunderstorms and on the back side of that snow storm. that will be interesting. advisories for frost in the southern plains the gale warnings freezing temperatures down in texas tonight. lots of wind in the west had of the next storm forming in texas. could send the doss to into the air and dust storms parts of arizona tomorrow. rupp season for dust storms. clear and late tonight breezy and colder freezing temperatures northwest clearing
9:34 pm
underway in many areas. north- northeast wind a 11-24 mi. per hour. tomorrow beauteous day gorgeous more seasonable temperatures high temperature 56 degrees today 48 degrees the second coldest reading of the season. inland colder and gorgeous to start the weekend sunshine and milder high 61 degrees and upper 50s at the lake shore southeast wind clip and off of the water. while the day on the lake also today water bubble 1-2 ft. the wind blowing against the shoreline piles of the water up but it will be announced tomorrow. >> rare in african american community but claim to be gaining strength conservative african americans. looking to win the hearts of american voters. out-of-reach.
9:35 pm
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leaving your breath minty fresh. hey. sorry i'm late, baby. i bet you're starving. [ male announcer ] so there's no trace of evidence... hey, i thought i did the dishes. [ male announcer ] blast away strong food odors and bad breath germs with new scope dualblast. also, try crest complete extra white with scope dualblast. get a single bill! what!? yeah, i used kmart layaway. i'm making small payments over 8 weeks. kmart layaway is the easy way to pay with no finance charges! just start with $5, plus a little down. now that's kmart smart. republican herman cain presidential herman has had his share of controversy this week considering his rhetoric or race? more on the new breed of black conservatives. >> herman cain now under fire
9:38 pm
report sexual harassment accusations and questionable memory however republican candidates surprise and a front runner under fire from black community since he entered the race. many reject the idea of a black conservative but herman cain believes he can win all black voters with his politics and personality. historic moment after running platform of hope and change barack obama elected first black president of united states and now herman cain hopes to follow in his footsteps while changing many perceptions about black people and their politics. >> i prefer to call myself an american black conservative >> translation herman cain republican >> there are some they would say show you the hand and not want to talk to you >> george are raised for pete's up local insists conservative ideals are already prominent in
9:39 pm
the black community >> many blacks are pro-life like me many believe and less government and taxes the perception created inaccurate in terms not a lot of blacks that would vote for conservative candidate >> perception has lead to prosecution at least on line herman cain called everything from a sellout to far more derogatory and uncle tom. unflattering comparisons from cartoon boondocks. not the worst joke at herman cain expense made by some in the black community. >> does not bother me the reason i am attack is because my campaign has succeeded against the odds. the recent black liberals are attacking me because i do not fit their stereotypical model of what a black man is supposed to think >> obviously herman cain not the
9:40 pm
first black conservative supreme court justice clarence thomas 1980's general colin powell and condoleeza rice during the george bush presidency. looking to attract black voters to the gop, south carolina and other swing states but the message on billboards at on-line groups making claims that civil rights icon martin luther king jr. was a republican. . not surprise me if up until 1960 dr. martin luther king of voted republican >> university of chicago professor says before the 1960's republicans considered the party of lincoln gop would change all of that says conservative small but steady presence in the black community for decades. >> closely conservative but policy and economic policy in the role of government blacks
9:41 pm
are the most liberal group in the united states >> chicago-based black conservatives as the movement is gaining ground >> i think herman cain good for the black conservative cause a good for the republican party. this information that is out there. when you get hit with this day after day how or after hour on talk radio black entertainment radio television always talking about how republicans are racist and you never have the other view that says wait a minute your history is not correct >> conversations about issues like small business same-sex marriage abortion school choice i have 80% support an african- american community. republican problem is messaging and candidates and i believe the message is good might be the best interest that are not. >> maybe that is where herman cain, said. >> my presence and my ideas are
9:42 pm
the things that have attracted a lot of blacks to take a book that herman cain and the fact that i am running as a republican trying to get past that. i believe that i have reshaped the debate. we define it in the republican party not completely but causing a lot of people to get past the old stereotypes of what the republican party was about. >> if he can win the republican nomination herman cain believes he can capture one-third of the black vote in the general election. >> at coming up signs that the holiday season is on us all ready and which one of these things do not belong? quite a scare trying to withdraw money from the atm but later in sports talent you who will be first interview theo epstein
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money almost got bit in the fest by that little guy. and nobody knows if a prank or slithered through on its own. looking at chicago christmas tree there is the trump. cut down today spangler family of suburban western springs offered 55 budde cullom robbs bruce to the family.foot colorado spruce to the city of >> that would have been time to take business elsewhere with bats make at the atm. quite a drop in the wind will not disappoint anybody look at the wind at midnight still gusting over 20 mi. per hour down into the teens by morning and evening way down and by even a
9:47 pm
single digits. picking up from the south over the weekend but watch how the clouds moving out to the east coast. howl sunny we stay there we are on saturday it gorgeous at a sunday increasing clouds developed shortly today but the big story the next few days or make temperatures slowly starting in chile tomorrow morning rise into the fifties drop it at night to the 30's and look at the '60s next storm brought it suddenly went over much of the nation's heartland. by sunday temperatures into the '60s we think those ratings are conservative but the jet stream blowing from the south as well as the surface wind stacked in the flow from the south. look at how active the pattern is storm passes us next one to the west coast another one into alaska tonight. all lined up, in our
9:48 pm
direction next week look at the snowfall the model puts a measurable snow in the upper midwest by the middle and end up next week interesting to monitor we will do just that '60s saturday sunday clocks back an hour sunday monday starts early clout partly sunny healthy rainfall but embedded thunderstorms tuesday rainfall cold air dragged behind the next storm system very active pattern shaping up we have had five weekends above normal at 4 below the sixth one of autumn season above normal. feels like it has been a pretty nice. so far. >> crashing through the window of wicker park restaurant and wrongfully convicted man a free after 20 years in prison photos of the day. more photos on our website
9:49 pm or
9:50 pm
coming up healthy and rested chicago bears confident heading to philadelphia to take on the surging eagles and the blackhawks for the special guest sports next. is never out-of-reach. the next generation craftsman autohammer. a new articulating head. superior access. only sears has over twenty five nextec tools, now all on sale. craftsman. trust. in your hands.
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>> dad's trip, only dads, blackhawks wanting to show off tonight. having said that not a best game of the year but that is what makes for excellent season. barry deley standing tall in gold than what they needed against the panthers all boxed in and ready to go they had some fun first. andrew brunette on goal capped and there to clean up jonathan toews 1-0. at an odd and the second patrick kane and marian hossa 2-0. shue doubt tied 2-2. 5 up 5 down then kane. movement and winning through 5 hole, corey crawford stopped 41 of 43 shots lockups that eighth victory of the year. thursday back to work
9:54 pm
chicago bears waiting arrival of the delta = the dream team pulling themselves together chicago bears will have their hands full this week. >> chicago bears catching eagles team on the price embarrassed cowboys this past weekend but also on the rise nothing like sitting with a two game win streak on bye week j. colbert getting confidence behind the offense by >> what we are doing helping out the way matt is running the football presenting problems for defenses >> aware of what we are doing now getting into now obviously a rough start to ring in detroit and new orleans but tonight we are going to be ready for another tough challenge that the jay cutler carved up philadelphia last year banged up
9:55 pm
and secondary. >> changing the corners the corners are very good that were struggling to have addressed the issues last year very good situation we feel good about it. where we are right now hopefully we will continue >> eagles a whopping eight. favorite for good reason philadelphia at number one in the nfl in total offense and rushing offense chicago bears will have their hands full. >> chicago cubs have figured out the top of their batting order in the managerial search interviewing pete mackanin @ tomorrow brother rice graduate and phillies bench coach followed by rangers mike maddux greg's brother greg's and others may get a look include dale sveum, demario hale, sandy alomar, and dave martinez all big league coaches and looking in plain sight terry francona theo epstein says if he decides on terry francona no interview
9:56 pm
they know each other well and ron santo and a minnie minoso new veterans' ballot for baseball's hall of fame changed the criteria we will see what happens and nba at the bargaining table on saturday could be a do-or-die set of negotiations players reportedly started to crack and congratulations frank klopas officially head coach chicago fire taken over in to run basis helped the club turn a horrific season into one that nearly produced a playoff berth. former playoff assistant perfect choice for the chicago fire >> i feel honored at a blast. a very thankful for the opportunity to be the head coach and to lead a great organization forward so that one day every year we are competing for championships on the field and off the field becoming an elite club in this league always
9:57 pm
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