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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 4, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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a man accused of killing a west suburban high school girl in her home appears in court the same day the girl is laid to rest. good afternoon. >> we welcome our viewers who are just tune in and around the country. we have coverage of this case. we began with at the
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press conference. >> we've learned more details about this case. one that has rocked this quiet community. the killer used a rock to rap to in a hat to throw at a rear window to gain access to the home. prosecutors say he would later killed 14 year-old who walked in on the burglary. 38 year-old john wilson jr. is charged with first-degree murder and residential burglary. prosecutors say he broke into the two-story home in a secluded neighborhood in indian head park last thursday. if freshman in high school returned home from school to find wilson inside the home. prosecutors say he fatally stabbed her and use herself on to send disturbing text messages to her mother taunting her about her death. his last known address is in south lafayette
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actually had contact with a police officer the night of the murder at a 7-eleven in western springs. he told the officer his car was broken down and needed a cat into the city. we learned that the officer left the man we now know wilson go because he had no of standing warrants. we have also learned that police have impounded a taxi cab in connection with the case. we have also been told that the dna evidence from a hat left behind at the home outmatched wilson's. cook county state's attorney says clients taken from the home as well as herself found and ipod touch were found in wilson possession. the horrific nature of this crime shock even seasoned investigators. >> there are no words to describe how horrific this is.
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even the most experienced investigators and prosecutors have been brought to tears by the fact of this case and a chilling nature of this case. all of us who have children who have teenagers a haunted by the sickness of this crime and total disregard for life displayed by this defendant. >> we are told that wilson also has a significant criminal past. in 2003 he was sentenced to 11 years in prison for on lawful the secular invasion. john l. wilson jr. charged with first- degree murder denied bond in court today. >> that man charged with her murder did appear in court minutes ago for a bond hearing. >> at the courthouse with the latest. >> deciding the evidence was overwhelming the judge denied
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bond to john wilson he is charged with first-degree murder and burglary. within hours he send text messages to her mother taunting her about her daughter's death. prosecutors in court also revealed to the judge laying out step by step how they believe wilson committed this crime. he is 38 years old from chicago's south side. he broke into the home october 27th by throwing a rock wrapped in a hat through a dining room window. he stabs the 14 year-old high-school student with a carving knife with an 8 in. blade. she was stabbed in the back and neck and chest. he dragged her body from the family room to the kitchen. indian head park police believe that is what happened after she came home from school and surprised him. her mother is the one who found her body of hours later. donors in the community offered $60,000
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for information leading to an arrest. the major crimes task force pursued about 100 lead in this case. and ultimately led to the arrest. they arrested him in chicago wednesday. on the night of the murder of a willow springs police officer saw him he said his car broke down and he was trying to get a cat. officer let him go after not finding any warrants. he came back to work this week that is when he recognized the man in the sketch. wilson has an extensive criminal record. the last 20 years he has only been outside of a prison for three of those years. they believe he acted alone in this case. prosecutors also revealed that three witnesses who say they saw him near the family's home on the day of the murder they also identified him as the suspect in a lineup. his next court
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appearance is scheduled for november 28th. >> as charges are filed her family is laying her to rest today. live in western springs where they're paying their respects. why >> good afternoon. the funeral mass wrapped up within the hour here in western springs but there really is a number of communities come together to remember the 14 year-old. the majority of those who shed tears never even met her. the family requested privacy during today's funeral mass so those who did not know them personally kept their distance. at of the mass hundreds of people lined the street and stood in silence as the procession made its way through the streets of countryside and western springs. parents school kids and longtime
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residents released balloons as the casket went by. >> i think we just want to come together. we all parents a could've been any one of us. it was so random. >> many say the tragedy has brought this community closer together as children have had to learn to cope with a painful life lesson. >> but it's great that everyone pays their respect to a girl that they hardly knew. no one ever hated her. she always had a smile on her face. >> timing of the funeral during the arraignment of her alleged killer was noted by just about everyone. >> at times when things like this happen there is some relationship and clearly there is not here so that makes a very scary. having some closure will give people some peace. >> she is being laid to rest in a private ceremony right now in
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willow springs. >> police are searching for suspects in connection with the murder of a woman in andersonville. the body of 54 year-old was found burning in her garage. when firefighters respond to a garage fire they found her body she was on a pile of charcoal covered with a rug. told her she was going up to the third floor for drinks with neighbors. the neighbors and furniture are now gone. chicago please review and surveillance video after a convenience store shooting that took four lives. what triggered the gunfire remained a mystery. it happened wednesday night in the connect convenience store. several people walked in and opened fire. two employees returned fire. four people including a man believed to be a security guard were dead. also shot to
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death was a 17 year-old boy suspected as one of the gunmen. two other people were wounded. >> police looking for a man who sexually assaulted a woman near the metra station. it happened tuesday night near the longcommon station. she had just left the station when i suspect grabbed her from behind and muscle to her in an alley. he then ran off. the woman suffered arm injuries in the attack. they're looking at surveillance video and are working on the composite set catch of the suspect. >> metra board expected to vote on a fare increase. they held a number of hearings this week to hear from its customers many of them say the fare hikes will hurt people who need the train to get to work. one they are considering raising fares by an average of 16% for all zones. if approved it will take place in
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february. he dropped plans for a referendum on the european bailout deal now the prime minister of greece is facing a crucial vote. >> details on a tentative deal between the teachers' union and gps. >> holland taylor stops by. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done. hey, eric, i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. flu shots. every store. every day. insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered.
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i'm bonnie and this is my cvs.
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the prime minister of greece facing a no-confidence vote over his handling of the economic crisis and international bailout. he angered many when he proposed holding a referendum on the bailout. he appeared to back
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off from the plan yesterday saying it would not be necessary if the operation supported measures. he wants him to step aside and the country to hold early elections. >> for miners died after a explosion in china. surely after a 2.9 magnitude earthquake. two miners were rescued the 55 men remain trapped underground. they're digging a tunnel to reach them that they believe there is enough ventilation for them to survive. >> the woman who claims of herman cain sexually harassed her may make her first public statement today. they work together when he headed the national restaurant association. she made her initial claims in the '90s. she left her job with a severance package and promised not to talk about it. now she is asking the association to a letter to speak. in the meantime like perry says he had nothing to do with leaking the
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sexual harassment story. >> no apology needed. we found out about this the same time america found out about that. it was on the internet or the next day and the news. i do not know how to tell it in the other way except a new nothing about it. >> herman cain says his strong showing in presidential polls is equally strong fund-raising are evidence that americans do not believe the claims. >> michael jackson's doctors fate now the hands of a jury. they will begin deliberating the case today. prosecutors argued murray was negligent when he administered the anesthetic to jackson to help them sleep. murray's defense argues that jackson gave himself the lethal dose. if convicted he could spend four years in prison and lose his medical license. wall street is buzzing with theis the story's
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in look at today's business headlines. groupon hits the market today its opening price $28 a share well above what was expected around $20. one catalyst said the stock would shoot higher because of greater demand but once the spotlight turns to groupon earnings watch out. they are now valued at just under $13 billion and has yet to make a profit. the company is
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giving out money to anyone who was targeted but they have to apply online to receive compensation. news corp. said it is setting up a voluntary settlement program for victims of the hacking.p that anyone who gets inp a cash as to promise to keep quiet. the labor department says only 80,000 jobs were created in october. that is less than expected. the unemployment rate fell slightly to 9% and experts say the uncertainty in europe and washington over the u.s. budget talks may be causing companies to hold back from hiring more people. taking a lead at where the markets are trading atlook at where the markets are trading at.
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>> if you are fed up with their bank you can vent your frustrations tomorrow. efface the group is encouraging people to get rid of your big bang for smaller ones and credit unions. 76,000 people on the side have pledged to move their money. a new survey says and least 650,000 people have switched to credit unions and several big banks announced they were talking on new fees. most have decided to get rid of those fees under pressure from customers who they are planning on an air feeling had in sports. she plays the mother on two and half men. we will talk with holland taylor about her one-woman show coming to chicago. it world-renowned
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always making me laugh. she is one of the stars on the most popular television show about two and half man. she is bringing her 11 and show to chicago. this is fabulous >> the joy of my life. first of all everybody loved her. she was a real heroine. elected governor of texas. she is a woman. she only went into politics in their mid-40s. a striking humanistic progress of wonderful warm person. she was funny as hell. >> you only met her once.
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>> as it was when she died i was sad. it stayed for months and months. i realize i was sad for america. we need to someone like that. she died so young and we miss her. we need it bad voice. we need that wisdom. that is why i was compelled to do it. it is not a practical decision but i was compelled. >> you grew up in pennsylvania. how did you get that accent? >> interviewing so many people over and over. i did not spend as much time as i should have on the dialect. it was hard. i am a yankee. i have never been to texas. until i started doing the interviews. i had a very good dialect person. tom hanks gave
12:25 pm
me his person. he is a really good but it is hard work. >> 811 and show. that is very challenging. so many of us. i remember from the convention that line we went into it all but backwards and in high heels. >> it is intimidating. that's why it was not a practical decision. at my age i would never say i should do this. but i was compelled to create this show about her. having done that when i started performing you have to do a matinee. the audience is so warm and comforted and so thrilled by her presence that they send it all back to me. it is so amazing that between the first and second act i cannot wait to get back all there in that glow of
12:26 pm
her. >> you are doing her memorable line from 1988. >> i do not do that one because the place is not political. it has politics in it because she was governor but she was a governor for four years and she was a woman for 73 years. it is about who she was. i did not want to be partisan. it is about values and participating in government and not partisan. >> i have to ask you about two and half man. there is that a lot of drama. >> whenever i can do that i am thrilled to do it. the show has always been about the writing. it is remarkable. they have it recreated it with a new character. it is brilliant. >> i have heard actresses say they're no great parts for women
12:27 pm
after you turn 40 but your career began later in life. >> so much work has come my way. i am very fortunate. i have had a wonderful time. a lot of good fortune in my career. >> so nice to me to. meet you. >> andthe show opens at the bank of america to hear. if you would like to get tickets go to broadway in the chicago dot com and you'll find a link on our web site as well. >> we have your weekend forecast coming up. 3q we all have internal plumbing. but for some of us with overactive bladder, our pipes just don't work as well
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word of an agreement between city hall in the teachers' union about the length of chicago school days. >> this news conference wrapped up about five minutes ago. the union president is in a very good mood this afternoon as she announces what she is calling a big victory for the chicago teachers union. after an eight hour meeting yesterday. they have agreed to in writing to stop bypassing the union and go directly to individual schools and teachers to extend the school day. so far 13 schools have agreed to a longer school day. part of this written agreement to those schools will continue the longer school day that they voted on. once again as she is said in a pass to the union is not opposed to a law under school day but she wants
12:31 pm
it done correctly. they have agreed in writing to stop it by passing the union and taking votes from individual schools. the union and a cbs did not want this to come to a showdown in court. she is claiming a big win today. here's what she had to say. >> it is a huge victory for us and the city of chicago. this is important. and the unnecessary dispute. we need to move for there are a lot of other things coming down the pike that we need to be a part of. >> she says the mayor attended yesterday's meeting for about 45 minutes. it was very professional. we hope to get his reaction later this afternoon. we're also expecting a statement. will have a full report coming up on our news at 5:00. >> the weather forecast looking good for the weekend. >> it is looking very good. a
12:32 pm
lot of sunshine tomorrow. it may be a brief shower on sunday. the tent weekend of of bums. this will be the sixth one to average above normal. east of 10 weekends have had rain. it will not be bad. a beautiful day today. we had a storm that went through yesterday. it is hammering the east coast. another one coming into the rockies. this will bring it winter weather to the rockies. it will have some impact on chicago over the next week.
12:33 pm
heavy rain along the coast line. here's where the rain is that was with us yesterday. we are in pretty good shape here between these systems. we expect sunshine today and tomorrow. a slow increase in wind. by sunday is should be pretty windy. pretty windy. to date things have calmed down.
12:34 pm
the big time change goes on saturday night. sunday morning actually at 2:00 a.m.. turn at your clock back an hour. this is a warm wind. it will be cool in the morning but a mild to buy it to my afternoon. by tomorrow afternoon. this will check into the upper midwest. could bring the midwest its first major snowstorm of the season. this will bring us a lot of rain. a 1-3 in. starting
12:35 pm
monday night into tuesday. let's enjoy the nice weather while we have that. wind blowing in from the east. they turned up se. se. that is how we warm things up. it is going to be windy with gusts 35- 40 mi. an hour on sunday. here are the gale warnings. on the east coast. winter storm watches
12:36 pm
and the dakotas and montana snow in the higher elevations. no snow here. very moderate temperatures across a good part of the country. we are two degrees warmer than yesterday. much of the united states is warmer than that 24 hours ago.
12:37 pm
here is our forecast. sunshine today. tomorrow mostly sunny. more mild. maybe a shower late and the day on sunday.
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>> which of the great lakes has the longest shoreline? the answer is st♪ ♪
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today. they already had dinner with the south side date of last night. on deck is rangers pitching coach. he has also talked to former red sox manager about the cubs job at anita one knows if it is the right fit. if they decide it works he would not even have to interview for it given their history. your life lottery drawing is lottery drawing is next. good afternoon. your midday winning lottery numbers for november 4th. let's get started.
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time for the pick for game. i am often asked how much has been contributed by the lottery to public education. the answer is over $16 billion for canada and the through 12th grade here in the great stateofkindergarten through 12th grade here in the great state of illinois. mega
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millions is $12 million tonight. have a great day.
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metabolism. they looked at 11 obese men for 30 days. men who took small doses had an improved a metabolic rate. comparable to someone on a low-calorie diet. it is naturally found in red grapes. >> we are going to mix it up with a little cheese plant cell. an easy way to prepare some of wilted greens.
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when i inspect homes i can't be in an allergy fog. so i get claritin clear for strong, non-drowsy relief of all my allergies like dust mold pets and pollen. looks good. thanks. i live claritin clear. we are getting fancy on lunch break today. we have a couple of
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dishes we are making. all a bit over my head in the kitchen. >> fried quail with goat cheese plant up. polenta up. a special dinner for the james beard foundation. we are hosting the celebrity chef to work. >> i love the flavors at the restaurant. unique flavors coming together. what did you cook those with. >> breadcrumbs and egg and flower. we will start the goat cheese polenta. in a little cream. it will take a couple minutes to fry. this is something i will be serving at the dinner on wednesday. i am guided at three local chefs to
12:50 pm
collaborate with me on a menu that will honor chicago neighborhoods. this will be no modest to the chicago south side. chicken stock. we will west in at the plant up. turnover the quelle. the dinner will be this wednesday at the restaurant. it is going to be a fantastic 8 course at dinner. >> bringing together all different cultures. >> the best way to represent chicago for the celebrity chef tour. they are very talented chefs and we're excited to have
12:51 pm
them in the restaurant. a little bit of shallots. it is getting nice and crispy. >> did not to tell the kids what they were eating until afterwards. all kinds of interesting things they never had before. do people need to get tickets yes >> at tickets are $125. there are a few left. it is booking up fast. >> it benefits the james beard foundation. we have the graphic up. >> this is my play on south side
12:52 pm
soul food. let those arrest. rest. we brought plenty for everybody. and the white wine. list indy planned onat half of that. stir that. >> you make to the plate. you just want to cook it lightly. >> we will put the recipe on our website of course.
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possible side effects include headache, diarrhea and abdominal pain. other serious stomach conditions may still exist. talk to your doctor about nexium. and now the answer to today's trivia question. >> surprise to us all. >> we thought it might be michigan. >> the great lakes are fascinating. the endowment for its at gerald songbut this 49 at midway. a beautiful afternoon. gorgeous
12:56 pm
sunny skies. temperatures for today. tonight we drop down to the 30's. tomorrow we recover to the 50s near 60. six days on sunday. sixties on a sunday. when will be moderately strong tomorrow. stronger on sunday. a storm of
12:57 pm
texas. a windy day tuesday. rain expected at of that system for next week. beautiful weather until sunday afternoon when it will get a little cloudy and we might get a brief shower. there could be a snow in the upper midwest next week. we stay warmer than average. clocks go back sunday. pretty nice weekend on the way.
12:58 pm
>> have a great weekend. >> you have a great weekend as well. we will leave you with more live music from irish tenor. [music] [music]
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