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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 7, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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police are reportedly questioning a person of interest about this weekend's triple homicide in the chatham neighborhood. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers were watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. >>robert jordan is live at area 2 police headquarters with our
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top story ... >>police are still holding at person of interest but we don't know what's going on at the moment this is about that triple homicide that occurred 5:00 saturday afternoon neighbors around that area 87 and king drive are visibly upset considering the random nature of the shooting >>21 year-old chandra thompson had just pulled into the parking lot of churches chicken so that she could go to the bakery next door to get a big birthday cake for her two year-old daughter ... when she returned to the car someone brandished a weapon and shot up the car three people in the car were killed >>they were in the bakery they came out of the bakery they were in the car and then this guy
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came out of nowhere and he shot the car up it was intentional. >>today we're here because we want to pass out fliers in the community to find the people responsible for killing those three young people it's just senseless >>now we still do nine no the identity of the person of interest we're told that he is a 17 year-old we don't know if he is a relation to the family or has any motive >>to penn state university officials have stepped down in accusations that they covered up child sexual abuse allegations against a former football coach penn state athletic director timothy curley and vice- president of finance and business gary schultz face charges of perjury the case centers on former assistant
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coach jerry sandusky. prosecutors say that jerry sandusky abuse german boys ever. of 10 years. they say that head coach joe paterno was told about one case on campus and reported that 2 timothy curley but they say that curly and shells both failed to report the case and lied to a grand jury investigating sexual abuse allegations against sandusky >>sandusky retired from coaching in 1999 and has been running a charity that helps troubled boy is he was arrested and charged with several counts of child sexual abuse and released on bond over the weekend sandusky and curly and shells all say they're innocent >>streamwood please continue to search for the mother of a newborn found strangled in a salvation army store. police have released a sketch of a
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woman ... she is described as hispanic just over 5 ft. tall and between 14-25 years old with a thin build and dark brown hair in a ponytail. that baby was found friday in the bathroom at the salvation army store and streamwood police believe the baby was born in the bathroom and the woman strangled him and put in a garbage can a store employee found a baby several hours later. >>the illinois general assembly could prove controversial legislation this week to use the cameras in chicago schools funds that would be good news for mayor manuel who has been pushing hard for the bill to pass >>judy wang is live at the office of emergency management with more that story >>questions arise whether this is about safety or really about money generating revenue for the city when we are for trying to fill a massive budget hall >>the mayor said the one popular it's the right thing to do >>any revenue goes back into
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protecting our kids it does not fund the deficit ... this goes into speed bumps after-school programs in the host of things we do to protect our children this revenue will be dedicated to the safety of children within our schools >>the illinois senate passed a measure last week in the house will vote on the bill that will allow the mayor to establish safety zones near schools and other campuses that would generate automatic $100 tickets generated from the speed cameras >>some fines would double or triple if police impounded car after you are found with drugs driving drunk or soliciting a prostitute the fines will go up ... finds will go up for driving on a suspended license or drag racing or tampering with parking meters and fines for
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minor offenses will also go up such as property maintenance like growing weeds to high or letting garbage pile up or not keeping vacant lots of free of debris ... >>is absolute nitpicking it's gotten to the point we don't know half the rules because there are so many and this is to discourage ... >>if you wanna live here you have to invest in the city and i kind of like that >>critics say this is just one component
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>> pays bus riders are hoping to cut as much as 30 minutes from their commute with the new plan on the stevenson. governor quinn and transportation officials aren't killing the pilot program today it will start next week. the buses will be allowed to use the shoulder and marked sections of the stevenson only when traffic in the regular lanes is going last 34 mi. an hour when driving on that shoulder buses cannot travel faster than 35 mi. per hour >>did cicero town president larry dominick killed his friend get no bit no contract plumbing jobs? the town awarded george hunter and a licensed plumber more than $2 million of sewer deals the cicero spokesman says dominic had no role in the hiring of his longtime friend
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but the chicago sun-times reports that larry dominick ran a business with his friend george hunter the company hired six of larry dominick relatives federal officials are investigating cicero richter former handyman won a lawsuit who said he was fired as a result of political retribution >>it's the bears and the eagles on monday night football both teams are looking for their third straight win and to keep pace in the nfc playoff race dan roan is live in philadelphia ... >>for the eagles it's do or die they need this whenin.. espn televises the gungame tonight ...
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there are many stars in the broadcast booth tonight including ron george skijaworski it boils down to turnovers the eagles at one point were -10 and one-for now there are + 3 they're very careless with the football very loose with the football the bears have made their living stripping quarterbacks and punching balls from running backs and knocking the ball away from tight ends and wide receivers from it all comes down to turnovers that's the staple of the bears' defense ... that's what they will try and do here tonight.
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they will be looking for a big game here in philly tonight coming at next at noon the fourth woman to accuse gop presidential candidate herman cain of sexual-harassment hires a high-profile lawyer and appears to speak to the media. >>last week it was greece now italy. at the latest financial instability concerns to shake up europe. >>and wells fargo tries to hitch its wagon to the wealthiest one percent details on the new bank for the super rich opening and chicago living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you
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a fourth woman has come forward accusing presidential candidate herman cain of sexual harassment and she is planning to speak to the media today. celebrity attorney gloria allred represents the woman she reportedly sought herman cain help with the unemployment issue when he was president of the national restaurant association in the '90s the republicans' campaign has been hit hard by reports that he paid to women to stay quiet but there allegations herman cain is not comment on the latest report of harassment but he has denied all claims in the past >>the pentagon is winning some controversial budget cuts ... defense centersecretary leon panetta has been ordered to cut spending by $450 billion over the next decade he said he's considering shrinking the number of troops in cutting back on buying new weapons he is also looking at
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trimming medical and retirement benefits for troops the pentagon's budget has doubled to $700 billion the year since the 9/11 terrorist attacks >>more arrests today at the occupied protests around the country police took five people into custody early this morning in atlanta that came after 19 people were arrested saturday night for ignoring a police order to leave the park protesters picked up their tents and threw them on to sidewalks to make sure that there were not confiscated then they swarm to the streets police charged most of them with obstructing traffic occupied demonstrators were also arrested in portland oregon and honolulu hawaii and in canada woman died of a drug overdose and occupy vancouver protest >>some senior citizens are taking to the picket line to join occupier chicago muriel clair is live in the loop >>seniors are reminding us that they don't want to get lost in this budget shuffle >>between three and 400 senior
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citizens join the occupy protests here in chicago to raise their voice against cusps an essential social programs ... they're calling on washington to support a budget that preserves vital social programs like social security medicare and medicaid. >>cuts to these critical programs will not only leave seniors hungry and homeless this will also affect our children their children, and the nation's future >>when it comes to medicare more than 40 million americans have this as a protection against the cost of health care and has worked for over 50 years we want to keep medicare strong and available for the seniors in the disabled all across america >>we will fight to keep these
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programs in place we are glad to be here with you and we will never stop fighting >>the demonstrators carried their signs and left the federal plaza ending up trying to take care of jackson and clark they waged a set init in and they were ticketed >>a new bank for the ultra rich is setting up shop in chicago. wells fargo has a new bank that will cater to people with $50 million or more to invest. it will be called abbot downing after 19th century custom carriage builder who serve the wealthy. the bank's staff will include psychologists and
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genealogists. its main focus will be on baby boomers looking to sell the family business abbot downing is scheduled to open in chicago in april and also plans to open offices in 13 other cities. >>we have the next top business stories
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chicago ... stocks once again are losing ground today the dow was back under 12,000 it could be the start to another rocky week in the markets investors are worried that italy will next be a domino behind greece ...
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tomorrow the italian parliament will vote on its budget and a sara bareilles ghana may be forced to resign d prime minister silvio burlesque on theberluschoni may be forced to resign ... ups and federal express are talking about hiring more workers for the holiday season ... there is a competitor to the amazon kendallindle.. the barnes and noble gnocchi the reader is getting a price cut
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united is the first airline to fly passengers using a blend of biofuels to power an airplane. they will buy 20 millions of such fuel each year >>coming of next we have details on the new lottery game where 100 percent of the proceeds go to veterans and later in the medical watch a warning about lollipops being sold on the internet intended to make children sick and this brooklyn trio is receiving rave reviews for their infectious melodies this midday we have live music from "breaking laces" there will be performing tonight at the elbo room in chicago
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instant ticket game in which 100 percent of those proceeds benefit veterans. here to tell us a little bit more about the game is michael jones the new superintendent of the illinois lottery ... veterans cashed this is a first >>with a first state to offer it was an idea that the governor quinn had a few years ago to have a lottery game where the proceeds would benefit of veterans and it's a great idea
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people risk a small amount of money against long odds and won a big prize and the benefit goes to our members of the armed forces >>the top prize is $40,000 cash i am urging people to buy these tickets and give them to a veteran of giving them a chance to win ... i think this will be a fantastic christmas gift if you know or are related to a veteran it's a good stocking stuffer >>is this the only lottery ticket where you can reuse anon winning ticket ... >>this veterans came as a a series of tickets that the
12:26 pm
lottery does for special causes such as breast cancer awareness ... if you have a non winning ticket you can go to the lottery's website and aid gives an opportunity to send care packages overseas to the troops thousands people one on the great power bill grand prize this controversy surrounding a single person win in connecticut apparently the man cannot find his ticket ... we have lots of systems that can identify winners and ticketholders >>multistate games like power
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ball and mega-millions are other games but these special games to benefit causes are sold here in illinois by the illinois lottery we will have a tom skilling forecast when we come back after the living with diabetes is a reality for me, but i learned that i don't have to use a vial and syringe as part of my daily routine anymore. my doctor showed me the novolog mix 70/30 flexpen. flexpen is discreet and comes pre-filled with my insulin. flexpen goes with me and doesn't need refrigeration. and it's covered by most insurance. if you're still using a vial and syringe ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of flexpen. flexpen is a discreet, pre-filled dial-a-dose insulin pen. you can dial the exact dose of insulin you need. and inject insulin by pressing a button. novolog mix 70/30 is an insulin used
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it has been quite a while since we have seen a heavy rainstorm ... you have to go back to september ... anyway i hope you had a great weekend ... i went
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to look at the tool polarization doppler radar that will better allow us to measure rainfall and changing precipitation we've never been able to do that with radar before this is interesting how was happy to take a look >>we of the first in a whole series of storms coming from the west some convoluted weather in the pacific you know there's something going on and you see a number of systems lined up to the west of chicago ... look at the increase in thunderstorm activity these are northbound they are tearing to 39,000 ft. above kansas
12:31 pm
these will hit downstate illinois but the main event is to the west where the primary minister is getting into the storm pulling in enough cold air to turn into snow on the northwest side from i was northwest to wisconsin there are gale warnings in effect on lake superior ... we have lots of winter storm warnings and advisory's from colorado to kansas to new mexico ... there are frost and freeze advisory's in california and arizona not since september 28th we have not seen a big rainstorm here in chicago ... the wind will
12:32 pm
strengthen tuesday into thursday the wind gusts tomorrow will be moderate 25 mi. per hour by wednesday 30 plus miles per hour wind ... temperatures will veryvervary aroufd the nation.. we have, and here calm wind here in the chicago area.. they will stay
12:33 pm
that way much of the afternoon. 56 degrees currently at o'hare 55 degrees at midway. we have overcast skies from buffalo grove to kankakee. here is the tipped in the jet@ stream that signals@@ a storm developing to the west we will stay north of that storm but temperatures will struggle to get out of the 40's. we will get another big warmup for the weekend. there are scattered showers this afternoon into the evening by midnight tonight the rain will become more prolific to the selfouth..
12:34 pm
the storm comes from western texas trekking north to southeast kansas by tomorrow morning it goes across rockford wednesday morningit will move east from their and their snow coming down the backside of this system. one to one-and-a-half inches maybe 2 in. in some areas you see here on the map. it's impressive rain. we have a pretty soaking situation.
12:35 pm
here is the storm center going no. there's a cold northern wind on the backside this will be a severe weather producer for texas and oklahoma and parts of the upper midwest. it will really get windy tomorrow night into wednesday here. mostly cloudy this afternoon with a few scattered showers the high temperature 61 degrees today. tonight it will be cloudy with some showers and thunderstorms developing they could grow heavier later this evening and tomorrow we will be into the
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'60s and then into the '50s on wednesday with cooler weather. coming up by will have the 7 day forecast ... it's time now for today's trivia question: aren't pico is a type of what
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serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. time for sports. in a big playoff rematch from last year, the chicago black hawks continue to struggle on the power play. wgn's pat thomas solo working at the united center last night ... the hawks were down 3-1 and the second. jamal mayers shoots
12:39 pm
and marcus krueger taps in the rebound to bring the blackhawks within one goal but they're still down in the third. the vancouver canucks on the power play when dan can use extended the lead the black hawks lost 6- to the vancouver canucks scored five power-play goals while the hawks were shut out on five power-play opportunities >>the chicago bears are in philadelphia for a key conference match up on monday night football the bears are 4-3 on the season while the philadelphia eagles are just a game behind them in the conference. both teams have won two straight but the bears are 8 point underdogs tonight. those eagles have a top-ranked offense but michael vick has never beaten the bears as a starter lovie smith is also 4-1 coming
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off of a bar week ye week we have a contest tell you about enter now to repair tickets to thursday's chicago live performance alive station radio show from chicago tribune and the second city and trip your live illinois lottery drawing is next good afternoon here are your midday winning lottery numbers for november 7, 2011 here are the winning pick three numbers: 3 9 1
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 2 8 9 7
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... why some parents want their kids to get sick with the chicken pox ... at a facebook page called " find a parks party in your area " parents asked others to send chickenpox infected lollipops clothing and saliva through the mail they wanted to skip the chicken pox vaccine in favor of infecting their children with the virus so that they could obtain natural immunity is small but growing number of parents are skipping or delaying child vaccines some because they're concerned about side-effects others because they feel too many vaccines within
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the immune system >>depression and fathers and mothers could be affecting their child's behavior and a study says that 6 percent of children with non depressed parents had behavior problems while the 11% with a depressed father did researchers also said that 20 percent of children with a depressed mother had behavior problems that number rose to 25 percent if both parents were depressed researchers say depression is one of the least addressed public health problems in this nation the study was published on-line today in the journal pediatrics and 80 percent of women say that they're just too stressed or worried to get sleep and nearly three intended meant using some sort of sleep medication at least a few nights a week. sleeplessness is especially difficult for new mothers a whopping 84 percent of women with babies say they experience insomnia fifth and while many women with babies do not want to take sleep medication others
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it's time now for a lunch break chef dale leavitt ski was the runner-up on season three of top chef now he is the executive chef of sprout right here in chicago he is here to show us how to make a family friendly recipe for the holidays
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many of us go to the big box store is to get the staples for holiday meals ... one of the big things right now are those honey crisp apple'ss.. i am doing a classic french debt san whichip sandwich.. you should take that beef broth and add apple cider to it to make a great gravy we have here a little bit of salt and pepper get some
12:50 pm
really nice roast beef from your local delicatessen ... once your beef broth comes to a boil and add the meat this also makes a great buffet item. and the other time saver is we will make a seasonal coleslaw apple carries onand carrot and onion you will
12:51 pm
shred all of those ingredients to make a really nice topping for the sandwich. you can toast the bread i like to put it sliced onion in my coleslaw. to that coleslaw mix we add cider vinegar it makes a nice tangy flavor and some crunched to the sandwich. and you should have thought some kind of zesty manas some sort of zesty spread like
12:52 pm
hot pepper mayo or horseradish cream week take we take comfort food and traditional dishes at our restaurants proud and spice simple little bit sprout and turn them on their ear
12:53 pm
so when we build the sandwich we take the toasted bread we put the spread on that just a little bit at the meat and the coleslaw ... sprat restaurant is located at 1417 fullerton and chicagoin chicago.. >>we have a creative brunch menu. this is a great sandwich
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for monday night football you can go to wgn tv/midday for the recipe
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: orange pekoe is a type of black tea. we have a week coming of some active whether. 56 degrees
12:57 pm
currently. it is going getting colder this week. there's a large percentage of the country covered by snow mostly in the western states. we are still miles here 56 degrees at o'hare 55 degrees at midway we will stay cloudy with light showers by evening in the southern suburbs these will increase overnight with embedded thunderstorms there will continue during the day tomorrow then will have lots of wind and rain tomorrow night and we returned to cooler winded during the day on thursday and
12:58 pm
wednesday. we expect some significant accumulation of rain. it will really get windy late tomorrow night you will see gusts over 30 or 40 mi. per hour by the time when state comes around. the lower midwest may seek some tornado activity ... coal there is building in the north
12:59 pm
53 degrees for wednesday we will be 44 degrees thursday we will be back in the '50s on friday warming to the '60s for the weekend ... the next couple of days will not be fun the biggest drain since september >>thank you so much for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon we leave you with more music from breaking laces..


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