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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 7, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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that night. stormy for sure tom skilling forecast is not to be missed. wgn news @ 9 we the jury find the defendant herman cain guilty of the crime of involuntary manslaughter. >> the doctor who gave michael jackson a powerful anesthetic before his death in jail tonight. reaction from michael jackson's hometown. top story or around the country today. the crowd outside the los angeles
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courtroom bursting into tears when the verdict was read. there to watch >> showed little emotion as he learned his fate. the verdict cries of joy from hundreds of michael jackson fans outside the courthouse family later expressed their happiness as well. batt but justice is served yes. thank you america defense of the prosecuting team great 1 depaul >> took nearly 10 hours of deliberations to find personal physician guilty of administering lethal dose of the anesthetic propofol to michael jackson the day he died. >> powerful message this sort
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of conduct criminal negligence to the extent somebody dies as a result will be held accountable >> herman cain attorney says not surprised by the verdict the defense team is now focused on preparing for sentencing and limiting the amount of time span herman cain is in jail taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs judge ordered him held without bail until his sentencing. herman cain sentencing set for the end of the month could face up to four years in prison. >> legal analyst terry sullivan watched in the newsroom as the verdict was read earlier this afternoon saying dr. herman cain might be second-guessing his decision not to testify in his own defense.
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>> had he testified might have been a different story but is too late. >> michael jackson's hometown many say a just verdict gary indiana >> 2300 jackson street in the home where michael jackson grew up many of those still in this neighborhood grew up alongside him today's verdict justice served >> those who live near the jackson family home have followed the trial of their childhood friend state verdict top of this neighborhood >> a lot of responsibility even though felt like he was pushed into it but he was a doctor supposed to know better >> conrad murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter hopes to trial resolutions brinks comfort to the family of michael
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jackson. seven years ahead of michael jackson lived here at 23 jackson st.. four brothers they played came over parties played baseball rode their bicycles >> recalls father joe jackson bright yellow volkswagen the most memorable vehicle on the block and says justice was done today conrad murray reckless in administering the potent surgical anesthetic propofol the more serious crimes says of violating his patient's trust >> never supposed to leave your side a doctor unless a trained nurse >> jackson was far from blameless >> he just got strung out got to the point >> sentiment many share about it like that took several sharp turns away from his indiana of bringing >> i hate to say he was a junkie
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but seemed he was made a chunky >> a group holding out hope and build a $300 million jackson family center in gary indiana facing many obstacles. >> thank you, a chicago woman the latest to accuse presidential hopeful herman cain of sexual harassment on like the first three woman's claims are specific and graphic. newsroom with more sean lewis >> sharon bialek not a stay at home mother in the northwest suburbs spent much of career sales and marketing around chicago area including wgn radio. tonight learned making the very serious accusations against the man some believe the front runner for the republican presidential nomination not only puts herself in the cross hairs politically but also those around her. >> reflection and very brave offer to come near that let
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alone going on today >> from the home he shares with sharon bialek, says he stands by his fiancee and her public accusations against herman cain >> this is not for fun you did not go up to this stage and make the statements at a press conference unless you really stand by your convictions >> thought we were going into the offices and he would show me are ground >> attorney at her side new york city today sharon bialek became the fourth woman to alleged sexual misconduct against the republican presidential hopeful but the first to talk publicly. she met herman cain while working to the chicago office of the national restaurant association in the late 1990's when he headed the organization she went to him for help finding a new job >> instead of going into the offices he suddenly reached over. and he put his hand on my legs. under my skirt and he
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reached for my gentles he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch i was very surprised and very shocked. >> it was just a month and a half ago and tea party convention schaumburg that sharon bialek and herman cain first saw each other. since that incident >> it was just like if leading exchange >> chicago area woman finds not only herself and the national spotlight but her family as well including fiancee who just learned of the incident himself on friday >> there was no money motive to this she has the same political interests as sharon bialek in terms of the party not like political gain at all. >> campaign sharon bialek today herman cain campaign today says nothing about allegations sharon bialek only to repeat that
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allegations against him are completely false and that mr. herman cain has never harassed anybody. sharon bialek be in new york for tomorrow doing more media interviews may join her to be at her side. in the newsroom sean lewis wgn news @ 9 >> the issue of sexual harassment not just an adult problem still to come by experts say young people are including sexual harassment penn state rocked by sex scandal going to the top of the famed athletic department. and tom skilling in the weather center it started to rain chicago area this is just the beginning a big of a storm lifted out of texas producing everything from severe weather in the warm sector to snow and cold sector and we are in the middle what that means for chicago coming up.
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i've got hungry eyes ♪ i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d -- done. hand sanitizer -- done. hey, eric, i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. flu shots. every store. every day. insurance accepted. get a $5 cvs gift card if you're not covered. i'm bonnie and this is my cvs. still no charges in the triple murder of a woman and two men outside of chatham neighborhood tonight and relatives of one victim wants to know where the investigation is leading. >> 1 suspect 17 year-old person
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of interest held in question right now no charges yet as you mentioned a triple homicide that could change overnight all three victims just 21 years of age. shot at thompson just picking up a cake for her daughter's second birthday party eight gunmen approached on board rattled the car she was in with the bullets late saturday afternoon at 87th and king drive and the car with her boyfriend sean russell their friend cortez champion of take take still in the backseat to suspects now being told are still being sought the shooting investigators believe some sort of act of a gang retaliation. daughter celebrated second birthday without her mother yester day family is speaking for the first time tonight. >> the only thing i can hear in
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my head is i could see her smile such a lovely loving girl and we do not have that anymore. >> latest two suspects to sot and this a 17 year-old male person of interest being held charges possible in the triple homicide overnight live wgn news >> thank you, a former governor rod blagojevich could be behind bars in and bought federal judge set a sentencing hearing for december 6th attorneys have until the end of the month before sentencing plant attorney for blagojevich says the former governor intends to make a statement in court unclear how much time prosecutors will ask for widely believed to be more than 6.5 years former gov. george ryan got for his crimes.
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chicago police 43 citations to seniors today for stopping traffic in the loop. joint occupy protest spotlight against cuts to social services and medicare and medicaid before the arrests seniors got help from lawmakers who broke out for their cause more on the downtown protests >> worried about social security cut and medicaid and medicare benefits tampered with so they teamed up with occupy it chicago protestor to get their concerns in the open them up cots to these critical programs will not only beat seniors hungry and homeless this will also affect our children their children and the nation's future >> 3-400 signs senior citizen some of them in wheelchairs' cap on chicago federal plaza. watching with several legislators including united
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states congressman danny davis protesters wanted to hear >> plant to make short your message is delivered and washington d.c., we stand together >> when the rally ended occupy chicago protesters and to some of the senior citizens marched from the federal plaza to jackson and clark sitting down in the streets lunchtime traffic tie up getting arrests police led them away ticketed them. >> one of the most revered names in college football facing scrutiny for what he did not to in a brewing sex scandal at penn
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weather? looks like snow flurries temperatures and the low '30's big changes on their way beautiful shot from a viewer another 1¢ as well look at that beautiful weather former wgn in turn meteorologist tucson sent this out about that? 21 percent of the country is covered by snow much of this out over the weekend and western united states all of the way from arizona north rocky mountains
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that is the snow cover surface over which the chilly air is coming in these clouse have started raining on us more widespread fashion today and more on the way just the latest in a series of storms looking at this thing coming together producing a phenomenal wind and oklahoma telling you more about that and look at these parts of clouds another weather system writing and active jet stream ultimately plugging into colder air pushing into our direction the storm blossom and clouds to the west and so on the radar returns moisture very warm air from outside and cold air supporting the snow on the backside a look at the radar scan of the storm you can see clouds to the south and lightning clouds have electrified west central illinois like bank and clouds
9:33 pm
growing to the south as well. and these are definitely thunderstorms towering at 50,000 ft. at this hour to the west. that kind of storm action on the radar moisture coming into the system and the bottles have picked up midnight tonight the brain cover that area moving along you can see showers and thunderstorms morning may walk up wake-up to thunder and lightning and sweeping in during rush hour tomorrow morning could be driving downpours and it will rain white shark off and on during the day with a cluster of storms gathering 1 front prepares to sweep across the area tomorrow night winter storm watches by contrast wisconsin and parts of minnesota and iowa tornado watches these red areas down here flood watch winter storm warning flood and frost
9:34 pm
advisories in effect in california tonight southern sections of arizona severe weather wrist area of the rest of the night shifting eastward all of the way into almost southern illinois tomorrow. the way this storm snow to the north thunderstorms to the south wind gust this evening reported a 92 mi. per hour thunderstorm. the view from oklahoma the weather coming our way tomorrow here is the area before we go off a look at the rainfall that has come down and various oklahoma locations very wet down there had big rainfall heading this way as people show you any moment temperatures '60s down there and a couple more rainfall reports from missouri hard hit already in our area up to 60 at
9:35 pm
fox lake and about prospects 50 elsewhere still 55 degrees o'hare airport and 51 degrees griffith indiana and 50 degrees the kendry. the snowpack look at how much of the country is covered by snow fall. when you lay down this now what happens total bumps into the country you have warm air mixed with cooling we are in the warm section of the storm and the people stay there tomorrow night may get people off of 60 degree temperatures before wind starts tapping the cold air mass. wind northeast at 5 mi. per hour humidity is 74%. the water is at 51 degrees and a big dip in the jet stream always a signal for a storm with big thunderstorms on the front side of the jet and snow fall on the backside and thursdays path when the bass
9:36 pm
called unstable air giving rise to showers might be mixed with a couple of snow flakes talking more about that on the update the forecast. cloudy with rainfall embedded thunderstorms moving aerial coverage looking down on michigan avenue already low 50s tonight variable wind expected. tomorrow rainfall possible thunderstorms locally heavy rain totals high 54 degrees with northeast wind east-southeast increase in the 11-24 m.p.h. and gusting tomorrow with a warm front southeast wind going southwest briefly jumping to 62 degrees and falling back to 52 degrees by morning rainfall and thunderstorms again and wednesday on the cold side of the system. and rainshowers. could mix with snowflakes wednesday night and into thursday. warming up will be be
9:37 pm
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this is a test of emergency broadcast system you may have heard that before but not like this. the biggest test ever of the fcc emergency broadcast live with what it means to you >> never done before the way the public alerted in the way of the emergency over the years continuing wednesday broadcast and cable coming together to pass to the national emergency alert system >> the sound is familiar to all of us usually during a monthly test or when there is an amber alert or whether or emergency. wednesday can hear the test again but nationally at the same time across the country. never been done before >> >> nuclear pandemic attack on
9:41 pm
the power system, things like that. >> a version of what the alert will look like i do a television screen. also heard on satellite and digital radio stations you may see something other than this on your screen but the message be sent them up because of the system designed national level there will be variations but the important thing people to know is just a test no need for people to be alarmed >> simulcast wednesday afternoon 1:00 chicago time lasted no longer than 30 seconds in the event of a real of emergency president would initiate the national emergency alert system if all other means of communication are not available delivering critical information what to do and where to go >> concept nuclear attack but these days you can imagine other emergencies we might need to alert the nation at the same time like cyber attacks on our power grid or things like that
9:42 pm
needs to be an indication for the public >> watching television on wednesday at 1:00 p.m. and you hear an annoying sound favorite television show interrupted did not touch the dial >> only difference if they change the channel on that channel also. >> no way to get around this one the main thing fema and fcc making sure the alert system is connected working properly nationwide worked out before any need for emergency >> he says he refuses to be a victim next justin bieber says he will prove it did not father the child with a california woman and later in sports chicago cubs' spring second candidate to replace mike quade later in sports. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies with hershey's chocolate chips.
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♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter. is never out-of-reach. the next generation craftsman autohammer. a new articulating head. superior access. only sears has over twenty five nextec tools, now all on sale. craftsman. trust. in your hands. wgn news @ 9 justin bieber says not her baby's daddy paternity test to prove it justin bieber as he never met mariah yeater, mariah yeater claims had unprotected sex with the pop star, last year after a concert now wants justin bieber to pay child support has scant chicago attorney to help. justin bieber spokesman says the
9:46 pm
singer may seek legal action against mariah yeater. for defamation. roger ebert as he might have to pull the plug if not finding a corporate sponsor of legendary critics says he and his wife chaz and the bill for ebert presents at the movies but riding on this blog roger ebert says cannot continue to afford to do this on pbs nose ratings have been strong. tom skilling with the seven day forecast >> we have rainfall spreading across the area if you look outside many areas streets are wet sidewalks are wet radar confirms exactly what you are seeing that the presence of lightning and the storm cells visibility drops across the southern suburbs a big storm lifted out of texas where it will be in the morning tomorrow evening this is wednesday tracking west of chicago briefly and warm sector and then look at that actual snow
9:47 pm
flurries on the forecast by late wednesday or wednesday night and lake of fact can develop in michigan and indiana unstable air on the backside by the time we get to thursday wind picks up by mourning but this is very interesting that area of light wind not because the air is horizontal moving vertically wind moving sideways lifting it to the clouds producing heavy rainfall sitting over us tomorrow night warm front goes through and in comes the wind to be followed by a cold wind could blow up to 40 mi. per hour from the southwest on wednesday actually bring in the cold and from the southwest the way the storm is tracking a big corridor of heavy rainfall and the numbers are impressive. could be the biggest single brain event in chicago since december 26th-
9:48 pm
28 september. coolest reading and seven months. cool enough to sustain itself flurries and clouds whether any of that will get down here before melting remains to be seen certainly would not stick warming up nicely coming weekend. so we are not done with the warm weather get stabs of cool air and. a cold signal for us to develop and i suspect you might see in those extended forecast colder temperatures. >> good night to tom skilling thank you. senior citizens make voices heard occupy chicago protest chantsand the photos of the day. more photos on our website and
9:49 pm coming up plenty for the blackhawks to work on it blown out at home last night and help could be on the way sports next.
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former brewers manager and dale sveum de ball park today, dale sveum won his first game as interim manager against the chicago cubs tried to win the hearts of theo epstein, former dale sveum third base coach talked to the red sox about that take the job after the cubs and drilled him today controlled by the media this evening interim manager from milwaukee won 16 games there >> first the personality i have and respect have gained for of baseball all the players in my knowledge of the game i think it is one thing i have done in this game overall my years as pay attention and learning the game from a lot of people and a lot of good managers. i think i bring a lot to the table as far as my personality. and the way i treat people the way i handle players. >> in the meantime rangers pitching coach mike maddux not begin with the cubs but has canceled his meeting with the
9:54 pm
red sox says not seeking that boston job. all together and texas his family wants to stay where he is asked rangers pitching coach. chicago bears and the eagles cannot show you the highlights quite a while the game controlling the first half lead to 17-10 you can see 23-17 lead when it stands in the first tap jay cutler touchdown pass turnovers questionable calls matt forte multiplies a big gamble for both teams. all smiles northwestern campus in evanston liking to upset the big game thanks to kain colter came in for the injured dan persa 4- 6 in the first half also rushed for a 57 yds. >> he has been consistent from a
9:55 pm
standpoint of his preparation had to going into the year as a quarterback he had to pick up the flag and to run with that a very good job able to come back and play wearing multiple hats players no players. it is a funny when you asked the guys who they thought would be a more dynamic player in the preseason that would have said kane and they have followed his lead very well. >> hockey the blackhawks took off defeating them the blues cannot come fast enough to break loose and last night's 6- 2, hoping to get back into action tomorrow suffering from upper body injury by cox coughed up five fought power-play goals to the canucks. the course of a long season going to have bumps in the road like that one >> pretty clear to us what we did not do last night we have to go out and fix the problems special teams will be better but
9:56 pm
comes with the team the game team game struggling not working the way you should both going downhill them up stretches where it is just one of those nights probably took too many i think there are areas that we can't defend the battered make things more challenging things are going to happen regardless but it is one tough night when us move forward and remember good things we did along the way and get back to them >> duncan keith at practice today it saw him out there looking good maybe they can play him >> chicago cubs managerial candidate every day? >> part of the plant, the head of the media part of the job nowadays see how they do that so far so good for both guys. >> that is why i would not like the job. i cannot deal with you guys tough questions or get that
9:57 pm
>> that is the news happy you shared time with us
9:58 pm
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