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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 8, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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republican presidential candidate herman cain will respond today to accusations he sexually harassed several women. one of those victims is from the chicago area that afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on the elegiac america and on the web
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>>julian crews has the latest and our newsroom >>there is pressure mounting even within the gop for herman cain to address these claims once and for all. >>the woman from chicago the first accuser to go public sharon bialek said that she went to herman cain 14 years ago after getting laid off from her chicago-based job with the national restaurant association ... but instead of getting help she said she got the shock of her life >>" he reached over he put his hand on my lake under my skirt and reached for my genitals he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch >>: her fiancee said that she's not trying to capitalize on the
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scandal financially >>there is no money motive to this she has the same political interests as herman cain in terms of the republican party >>she did not know that he would be at the tea party convention and she claims that she confronted him to see if he remembered her before his aides it shuffled him away >>jimmy kimmel had him as a guest last night where he addressed these allegations lightheartedly ... >>this is the first person who doesn't have the name anonymous to come forward ... >>sharon bialek said that she was asked why it took her so long to come forward >>chicago tribune and public
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records reveal that she has had a history of financial difficulties and that she once accused a former boyfriend of harassment over a loan not getting paid back >>spokesman for the campaign said that all allegations against herman cain are fallsse.. >>penn state football coach joe paterno has canceled a news conference where he was expected to face questions about his role in a sex abuse scandal. cnn is reporting at this hour that joe paterno may just step down ... paterno had a former defensive coordinator named jerry sandusky and he is charged with sexually abusing eight
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boys over 15 year. prosecutors say that joe paterno reported an incident on campus to school officials both men are charged with failing to report that to police in line to a grand jury prosecutors say that joe paterno is not a target of the investigation >>a bond hearing will be held this afternoon for a south side teenager accused of killing three people in the chatham everett over the weekend 17 year-old nicko grayson of the 7000 block of self perry is charged with first-degree murder his accused of killing chanda thompson shawn russell and their friend cortes champion of chicago they were all shot to death last guest last saturday outside of a bakery where chanda thompson was getting a birthday cake for her two year-old son >>a woman who said the to sexually assaulted and west suburban riverside is now
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charged with lying to police force and year-old mary ann malacek was arrested and charged today with filing a false police report she originally told police jews attacked while walking home from the mattress station last thursday night police said that she was not cooperative in the investigation and the details of your story did not add up after the rape was first reported neighbors demanded more police patrols and a committee march was organized for tonight >>and a few weeks rod blagojevich will find out how much time you spend in prison and a judge has set the former governor's sentencing date for december 6th he was convicted last summer and 20 corruption charges he faces as much as 30 years to life in prison but federal prosecutors have not said what sentence they will seek is expected to speak at his own sentencing hearing >>some good news today out of springfield for mayor emmanuel's speak tamil legislation during the first day of the general
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assembly's fall vita session a house panel approved a bill for consideration by the full house the bill would allow us be cameras in zones around chicago schools and parks rahm emanuel insists that the cameras are about safety and not about more revenue for the city >>speed cameras are not the only issue illinois lawmakers are considering today with only three days left in the fall legislative session lawmakers are also grappling with a gambling expansion and pension reform joining us by telephone with more in chicago tribune political reporter rick pearson >>certainly at $100 per ticket it's a big revenue factor for the city but it's very important that it got out of this key committee moving to the full house for consideration >>when it comes to the money for this the mayor was quoted as saying that this will go to after-school programs and safety
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incentives >>there is a separate bill that provides two options for where this money could go one saying it would split the money another saying that it would be for exclusive traffic safety purposes those negotiations are still on going >>and what about the bill to expand gambling in chicago to we have a compromise with the governor? >>not yet the leaders have met with the governor this morning there's no agreement on gambling that said however moments ago the same house committee acting on the speech cameras also move to the full floor a scaled-back version of the gambling expansion bill there are still key elements that the governor does not support however >>the governor has said that he would veto the bill in the past there was hope you would be in a
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position to negotiate ... the latest compromise bill reduces the number of slot machine positions at new casinos and racetracks but it's not what the governor wants to see if there's a complicated pension dilemma as well >>yes indeed ... we have the stories at the tribune and wgn on abuses to the pension system and it's some point legislation should be passed with dealing with these abuses that said republicans are making an effort to have extensive changes to the pension bills affecting public employees. current employees may see these restrictions going into the future hard to see whether this legislation could see the light of day >>thank-you rick
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it is election day in indiana most of the big races are at the city level in gary four candidates are running to replace mayor rudy clay if democrat karen friedman wilson wins should be darius first female mayor if charles smith jr. wins he would be the first republican mayor in gary since the 1940's coming up next at noon doctor conrad murray is placed under suicide watch after being found guilty of any involuntary manslaughter death of pop star michael jackson >>and the microphone gaffe that was heard at the g-20 summit the unflattering words the french president had about his israeli counterpart >>and the supreme court considers whether gps monitoring
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the former heavyweight champion and olympic gold medalist in known as "smokin' joe" has passed away. joe frazier died yesterday at his home in philadelphia. he was battling liver cancer. joe frazier was the first man to beat my homily to fading him in 1971 but mohammad ali won the next two times including the "thrilla in manilla" in 1975 which was considered the greatest boxing match in the history of the sport he won the gold medal at the summer olympic games in 1964 joe frazier was 67 years old. >>it took seven men and five
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women 10 hours to find conrad murray guilty of giving jackson a lethal dose of the surgical anesthetic propofal conrad murray's and los angeles county jail on suicide watch he could be sentenced november 29th to four years in prison and also faces the loss of his medical license >>president obama and his french counterpart nicolas sarkozy had some unkind words for israel's prime minister although they weren't meant for public ears and a private conversation sarkozy called benjamin netanyahu a liar president obama responded by saying i have to deal with him even more than you the comments were accidently broadcast to reporters during last week's 80- 20 summit in france republicans have paid to president obama's as being hostile to israel there's also concern that the comments will hurt efforts by france israel and the united states to pressure iran to curb
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its nuclear ambitions >>attorney-general eric holder face some tough questioning before a senate committee today he testified about the failed atf gun walking program dubbed operation fast and furious it was an effort to disrupt the flow of illegal weapons of the united states border with mexico the operation failed when hundreds of guns wound up in the hands of mexican drug cartels to were even found at the murder scene of a border patrol agent eric holder told senators that he took immediate action to shut down the program >>officials estimate that 2000 guns wound up in the hands of mexican drug cartels because of the operation the botched operation has led some republicans to call for eric holder's resignation >>united's >>the u.s. supreme court hears arguments today in the case that could have big implications for
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privacy rights at the issue is whether police need to get a warrant from a judge before they can attach a gps device to a car to track a suspect. this case involves the arrest and conviction of a suspected drug kingpin in washington d.c. after police used gps device on his car to monitor his movements that conviction was later thrown out by the appellate court because the device was attached without a warrant >>a federal judge is temporarily blocking new graphic warning labels for cigarette packs tobacco companies are suing to stop those labels ordered by the food and drug administration to be put on cigarette packages by september 2012 hundreds of new jobs are coming to chicago living with the pain
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chicago with your top business headlines ... in chicago 400 new jobs will be gained from jodow chemical opening a sales a center in downtown chicago ... those will be midwest regional sales positions ... the company did not receive any tax incentives for locating in the city there are 3.3 million job openings across the united states that's a three-year high according to the labor department but they are hard to fill because they are either too underpaid or to advanced ... there are more than two
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people vying for each job opening zillow says that chicago home values are down and the number of homes under water are on the rise one of every to homeowners with mortgages under water ... more than 100 gatt and old navy stores will be opened thanksgiving day ... you may want to check ahead to see which are open trading is down across the board in the markets because of the uncertain situation in europe particularly the prospect of an italian bailout.
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with veterans day coming up soon there was a special surprise today for some local military veterans muriel clair joins us live from the chicago historical museum >>the wish of along toa lifetime organization honored world war two veterans today. 91 year-old elisabeth and listed in the waves in the navy in world war two >>i don't know what happened to
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all of the veterans there weren't very manner of usy of us.. >>she said that the dream of a lifetime would be to reconnect with some of those women the group found three of those women they were in the audience >>she will have lunch with her three friends to get caught up and they can talk about the two service medals that she was awarded today metals that she should have received during the war but were somehow or overlooked >>why researchers think that the
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seeds of obesity are sown in infancy that story is ahead in the medical watch ... the emergency alert system is going nationwide next the fcc prepares for a first of its kind test and how that will affect your coming up next we have live music from shwayze and
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you know you have heard this before but not like this ... >>tomorrow afternoon broadcast
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and cable will come together to test the national emergency alert system and marcella raymond it tells us what it will mean to you >>you usually hear that noise when there's an emergency or an alert in your area this will be done nationally at the same time across the country and this has never been done before ... >>this is a version of what the alert will look like on your television screen it will also be heard on satellite and digital radio stations he may see something other than this on your screen but the message will be the same >>there will be variations in what people will see but the important thing for people to know that it will be just a test ... this will occur 1:00
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chicago time lasting no longer than 30 seconds this will deliver critical information on what to do and where to go in the future in the event of an emergency >>you can imagine lots of other emergencies where the entire nation need to be alerted at the same time such as a cyber attack on the power grid or a terrorist incident ... >>don't touch that dial ... it won't do you any good it is a unilateral test ...
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tom sk
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astronomers have their telescopes pointed at the biggest asteroid to pass near earth and decades it is named 2005 yu-55 and its 1,300 ft. wide today it will be within about 201,000 mi. of earth close enough to be inside of the moon's orbit but far enough away to pose no danger is the closest that an asteroid this larches near the
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earth since 1976 nasa had identified more than 8000 near earth asteroid flying around in space so far none is classified as a threat >>we have had life extinguishing asteroid strikes in ancient history ... >>we have had big rain ... this system is just getting started. this will have produced more rain since the last time we had late september. this is part of an active pattern we have going
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truck the countrythrough the country in our area of the rain will come in waves ... we may even get snow flurries on the back side of this storm late tomorrow or tomorrow night. we have seen one cluster of brain go buy it will pick up again in oklahoma thunderstorm gusts hit 92 mi. per hour yesterday ... 72 mi. per hour elsewhere in the state's
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it came down in buckets earlier but the rain is thinning moving into michigan right now ... the heaviest rain is not in the immediate chicago area but we have had over 1 in. in some parts ... between 2 and 3 in. ... in some of the suburbs with gusty wind. especially the northern suburbs. the warmest temperatures will come tonight.
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we will be in a low to mid sixties tonight but the temperatures will crashed to the low to mid-40s during the day tomorrow ... that's the view from buffalo grove we are getting about six weeks' worth of rain fall here. today we will see 30 mi. per hour gusts tomorrow 40 mi. per hour gusts of wind.
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in the upper midwest this rain will mix with snow and changeover. it will be a few days before we see that warmup happen for the weekend. wisconsin and upper michigan will see some snow flurries ... there will be a lake effect later tomorrow giving us some flurries ... there winter storm watches and advisory's and
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wisconsin michigan minnesota and parts of iowa ... severe weather can go all the way to st. louis missouri. here's a close-up view of how things will unfold we will have rain by 3:00 this afternoon it will increase by dinner time. the warm front approaches the area overnight with embedded thunderstorms. it will be a rainy rush hour tomorrow morning. the snow flurries will hit northwestern illinois by midday tomorrow. here are the rainfall accumulations ... that is
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beyond what has already accumulated so far ... again this is the heaviest rainfall we have seen in the area since late september. 55 degrees this afternoon in rising to the '60s overnight it will be windy and sharply colder tomorrow with more sporadic showers in the afternoon the high will be 61 falling to between 38 and 44 degrees by the evening ... thursday will be
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from the injured list and it helped the bears to overcome some uncharacteristic mistakes from matt forte the bears were in philadelphia for monday night football matt forte rushed for 133 yds but he also fumbled for the first time in one year his two fumbles each led to eagles touchdowns the bears were
12:40 pm
down four in the fourth quarter when jay cutler found it earl bennett in the corner of the and sound he had five receptions for 95 yds the bears were up three late eagles won for the fake punt on fourth down and rookie punter chas henry under through a wide open receiver the bears won 30-24 and they have won three straight >>he gave us a boost >>the cubs interviewed milwaukee brewers' hitting coach dale swame... yesterday he was the interim manager of the milwaukee brewers in 2008 when they won
12:41 pm
the wild card though he did not get a full-time job he also interviewed for the red sox job and another candidate won rangers pitching coach mike maddux has withdrawn from boston's manager search because it's too far away from his family in texas he will still interview for that cubs job tomorrow the blackhawks should have a different look when they skate in st. louis tonight coach to has changed his lines after sunday night's blowout against vancouver defenseman doug and keith could also return he has missed a few games with a hand injury but he practiced yesterday and says he's optimistic that he will play tonight >>and now it's time for the illinois state lottery drawing ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 6 8 1
12:42 pm
here are the winning pick four numbers: 9 1m 1 4
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a blood thinning drug for stroke prevention treatment. there developed the drug with johnson and johnson it was already approved in the united states and europe for use in certain surgery patients now is being given the okay for use by patients with heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation which can increase stroke risk the fda did include a warning that patients should consult their doctors of the want to stop taking the drug because that can increase the risk of a stroke that mcfee weight gain and babies could lead to obesity as a child gets older. researchers who followed more than 44,000 babies report those who are overweight at any time during the first two years of life or more likely to be obese later on with an 11% of the children trapped in the study were obese by the age of 516%
12:46 pm
were bees by the age of 10 the study authors said that doctors and patients should not assume that early weight gain is just baby fat and that children will grow out of that >>new research shows that vest foods' biggest customer is not the poor but the middle-class u.s. researchers say that fast food becomes more common as earnings increase from low to middle incomes fast-food restaurant visits rose along with annual income up to $60,000 but as household income rose above that number fast food visits decreased researchers note that the fast-food industry tracks the middle class by placing r living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage.
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humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events can occur, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. ask your rheumatologist how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira.
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shape representing a number is called a variable in algebra
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>>we have 50 degrees out there it has been raining buckets this morning it is easing and some parts but we are not finished with the rain. there are winter storm watches and a fact and northern wisconsin as well as parts of iowa. it is six degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago we are basically in the 40's and the northern half of the state ... we have more rain in for
12:57 pm
tomorrow's rush hour. the water temperature is currently 51 degrees. by 6:00 tonight you will see a light wind ... that will produce more rain. but by noon tomorrow and onward we will be gusting between 30 and 40 mi. per hour.
12:58 pm
it will be cold and blustery with lots of clouds and sprinkles on thursday. friday will be cool and 48 degrees partly sunny and windy ... it will warm up for the weekend but on monday we will get another rainy system and i expect chilly weather next week. it's a variable weather regime. >>thank you tom skilling ... and thank you for joining us today >>we hope you have a great afternoon >>we leave you with more music from shwayze and cisco you can
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see them tonight at reggie's rock club here in chicago.


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