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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 12, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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÷g÷w everyone was just trying to regain our reputation back. >> after a week of scandal and the people pend state takes the first tap step toward returning to normal as the school football team plays without a dismissed joe paterno. >> marcella raymond has tonight's top story. >> more than 100,000 fans filled the stadium as penn state kicked off the last home game of the
9:01 pm
season. >> very strange. feels almost like a cloud over the university. right now feels like a normal game. >> a moment of silence was held before the game and the two teams marched for a prayer for the victims as fans reflected on the child abuse sex accusations against former coach jerry sandusky and culminated into firing joe paterno. i've only met him a couple times but he is family and what would you do if he was attacking family. belmont thousands gathered on campus to attend a candlelight vigil dedicated to those victims. this was about joe paterno this was about the victims and to raise awareness for what we're doing. and while the pan state scandal remains in the national spotlight there is another story coming to the forefront a community coming together to deal. i think tonight perhaps we
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can see at least the first semblance of a silver lining. people want to move on. >> and here in chicago local penn state fans cheer on their team and share their sadness about the scandal. >> it was a more solemn saturday that most today at flounders the chicago chapter of the penn state alumni call home became to cheer on their team but come for is what proved more important especially for a solemn. the penn state grad in state college native was one of the participants of jury sandusky's second mile program the retired assistant football coach has been charged with 40 counts of sexual abuse against children and its alleged that his program served as a vehicle for meeting victims. cassius' says he is crushed and he said his days the
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second mile were the happiest of his life. >> it was absolutely wonderful it really devastates me. >> a man says he feels the same but it didn't stop him from watching the team along with his daughters, he brought the girls to the bar today after having grown up discussion about what went wrong. >> i said if you are ever in that situation scream as loud as you can. and there are many at penn state college to didn't scream loud enough. in my heart i think that sometimes you get to a place where you get surrounded by so many people that just want to tell you yes you are doing the right thing and it was focused on what is really important.
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>> you have to come to grips with something that you believe was a great leadership, a light in the darkness now it's been added. >> a ds w. post is in danger of closing, veterans are having trouble raising enough money to pay the bills >> this is one of the oldest of vfw buildings in chicago founded by world war one veterans more than 80 years ago if it closes it will not be able to continue their rich tradition of helping others. >> i will miss it. i think most of us old-timers enjoy coming here. >> world war two veteran and
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pearl harbor survivor lewis caster has been an active member of the vfw post 2164 for many years in says it's much more than just a place to socialize these veterans are involved in all kinds of great charity work toys for tots, blood drives and helping the homeless. now the post is struggling to make its monthly payments facing a deficit of about $25,000 a chance that it will have to close. >> it will also be really bad for the community you have to understand that these folks have been here since 1931. >> they had a good turnout today for a fund-raiser selling chile and doing a live auction, and to prove just how selfless these vets are much of the money they have raised today will go to help others. >> even though this might close you are still giving money away. >> that's our main goal. >> the older veterans say this
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is where most of their friends are. >> when i came back for my conflict we weren't exactly welcomed home. thank you and welcome home and that is why we are here. they say they want to stay open manley to continue their strong tradition of community service. the need a little help. if you are interested in making a donation go to our web site and click on this story and there you will find a link to their web site. they need to raise about $25,000. >> is a weekend of honoring those who fought for our country in south suburban blue island, the vfw post 3580 host a parade on western avenue from 123rd to union and on to memorial park.
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many eyes were on classic cars and a convoy of military vehicles. veterans looking for work at a both from cook county commissioner edwin ray as today for the third year he held his veteran's job and benefits fair, opportunities with a variety of county and state agencies were available with employers and service providers on hand to talk with interested x military personnel while mom's and dad's circulated there was made there were free pediatric care available for the kids including school physicals in shots. it's >> lynden enhanced, a chicago church does it to feed 800 families. lending a hand. and a new challenge for the veterans administration overcrowding in hospitals. >> you may have heard the wind whistling outside tonight but
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an 18 wheeler rolled over on to a bishop for shutting down traffic for several hours overnight the accident happened in the southbound linda cottage grove, police say the truck was heading south when a ford mustang swerved into its land trying to avoid an accident the truck it clipped the mustang sending it into a ditch. both drivers were taken to hospital but their injuries were not life-threatening police are investigating the shooting death of a 1911 chicago heights, daniel simmons was killed early this morning police say she was standing in the 200 block of west 14th place when someone opened fire simmons was shot several times and she was pronounced dead a st. james hospital, so far police have no
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information or suspects into the shooting. gov pat quinn broke his silence on the gambling expansion deal that fell through the state legislature this week mayor rahm emanuel was in favor of getting it chicago casino while quinnett opposed the deal which would put a slot machine at a racetrack. the measure fell short of the needed votes in today quinn indicated that the issue is far from closed and state lawmakers hope to revive the expansion proposal when they return to springfield later this month. >> we get a bill that comes to me that is worthy of illinois a... >> the illinois lawmakers hope that they can revive gambling expansion legislation when they returned to springfield on november 29th. gov quinn conciliatory remarks today
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indicated that a compromise may be possible pierre >> the spirit of giving us here long before the holidays, hundreds of revs residence on the south side walked away with full meals for families at the church and the sheer foundation. you simply have to look the line to realize the need. nearly 1000 people stood and waited outside st. estaban church for their turn to receive a 10 lb. frozen chicken, they're coming from all over chicago, not just the neighborhood. >> people are desperate. >> in his 30 years at st. estaban and other flickers says he has never seen it this bad pig >> we are feeding close to 4000 people a month we were never more than 2000 month he said for at of seven food pantries of clothes and a chicago-area putting a strain on the churches and other providers. for the poor. the foundation this year
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helped raise more than $100,000 to make this possible, it may be temporary relief for most but it is something. >> they need jobs, more self- esteem, that's what you get from being unemployed. employed. >> the received a boost from members of the salem baptist church in the impact family center among other groups, southwest side communities collect cans in dry goods to help those in need. food pantries collected the items at the office of cook county commissioner deborah simms who said the donations are going to the food pantries because the people who run them know who need the food the most, ultra foods provided the discount on some of the items. an illinois congressman is speaking out after a video of him posted online earned him some criticism. why joe walsh is apologizing. a happy ending to a
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congressman joe walsh admits he went too far during a discussion with constituents about the economy speaking publicly for the first time since that meeting the congressman told a crowd that he believes voters want their congressman to show some emotion last week walsh started yelling at telling people around him not to blame the banks or private sector for the struggling economy. if we don't respect each other's opinions these things break down and with that last cup of joe i lost it, i got a little too angry so i went over the line and that happens. walsh says he is passionate about his views, he held to attend meetings today in hong leong and his office says he has hosted more than 80 since taking office in january. the eight republicans who want president obama is job debated for the 10th time tonight in south carolina the focus was on
9:19 pm
foreign policy. candidate mitt romney was joined by newt gingrich saying that they were willing to go to war to keep iran from possessing nuclear weapons, herman cain and ron paul or less hawkish and can felt that covert action could lead to regime change in that country. >> it is worth putting in place crippling sanctions, it is worth working with and surgeons and the country to encourage regime change in the country and if after all of the work we've done there's nothing else can do besides military action that of course to take military action appeared >> it is that the people of iran is the regime and the regime change is what they need. >> a cbs news poll indicated that 70 percent of republican voters felt that it is too early to be tied on a favorite candidate. >> a president barack obama in his weekly address today called
9:20 pm
on america to provide jobs to veterans. the president noted that 850,000 returning veterans remain unemployed. >> that is not right. we ask these men and women to leave their families and jobs and risk their lives to fight for our country in the last thing that should have to do is fight for a job when they get home. >> the president called on the house to pass tax credit for employers who hire veterans, he noted that the government has already hired 120,000 veterans and a leading by example. >> in italy and end of an era, after 17 years in power prime minister carlos bonney stepped down today. he met with cheers in the streets of rome, one newspaper called it the most dramatic moment in italy's recent history. his personal
9:21 pm
life made scandalous headlines but in the end it was the billionaires' failure to tackle italy's debt crisis that brought him down. italy's new government will now have to resolve the country's 2.5 trillion dollar debt. suspending syria after a month's uprising, the decision in cairo is surprisingly sharp and humiliating blow to the regime the suspension is viewed as unlikely to immediately end the violence that has killed more than 3500 people in syria since march. the 22 member arab league also called on syria's military to stop killing civilians, after syria failed to carry out a peace deal brokered earlier by the arab league. >> the major league catcher who was kidnapped wednesday night from his mother's home in venezuela has been rescued
9:22 pm
ramose thinks the forces for rescuing him and says he never expected the government to find him. ramos says he was held in a remote jungle area and was found about 60 mi. from where he had been kidnapped he was in venezuela to play in a winter league. >> veterans' hospitals filled to the brim, how the military is dealing with the new generation of war wounded. pictures of celebrities filled nights of the past but there is very little else left of the old... room. off-limits to the public for 30 years, opening its doors for a special facility.
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it's there's been known shortage of military parade to honor our servicemen and women that they're having trouble getting the medical care they need. the va hospitals are bursting at the scene. eli nichols served two combat tours in iraq before
9:26 pm
being honorably discharged after he was diagnosed with post- traumatic stress disorder. >> i really wanted to seek the best help in dealing with my injuries at hand, the v.a. are the people to talk to. >> but the influx of veterans returning home from the war the veterans administration is expected to become even busier, right now 152 veterans affairs medical centers across the country provide specialized medical care to more than 8.3 million veterans. robin homes as a veteran in this on the va patients advisory committee. >> having a dramatic head injuries pt esty, they're coming back with so many service connected issues that they have to be traded. this is a service that we put our lives on >> the va is home to the largest health-care system and the u.s.. the current economic conditions
9:27 pm
provided veterans no other choice of where to receive care so they are choosing to come to the va more than they happen to pass pierre >> and army base in atlanta for mcpherson recently closed and there now converting the base into a new medical facility, an atlanta the v.a. medical center is packed with people, a process of building their second parking garage in just the past two years, he described his first visit to the va center as a nightmare appeared after driving around for more than one hour trying to find a parking spaces car was eventually booted in the parking lot. >> ultimately that did laden to me having a panic attack which is part of my disability that the military did diagnosed with. it was a pretty bad time for me. >> i love to serve and so instead of complaining about the
9:28 pm
situation i want to be a part of the solution. >> he says he knows he has a long way to go but he is giving his best shot. a lot of people say you are really not living you are just surviving. >> the winds are already picking up and they're only going to get stronger. jim ramsey says that means that we may be in for a much warmer sunday. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you
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we've made it up to 60 today. 10 degrees above normal but we could pick it up to 63-65 to mark it will continue to be cloudy and there could be a few rainshowers around. not a lot of rainshowers and the area at the moment. a few sprinkles around but none of it is hitting the ground yet if you see a few raindrops later on tonight or tomorrow which should amount to very much but it is possible. cloudy skies coming into the area today these clouds the cannot deny a nicely blocking the sunshine. take a look at this. these wind advisories' extend all the way to alabama
9:32 pm
and mississippi and up along the ohio valley between tennessee and kentucky. at the moment we have a good strong breeze out there, look at those numbers, 20-25 mi. per hour winds in the 9:00 tonight winds gusting at o'hare to 30 m.p.h. but is this forecast would indicate these are 40-50 mi. per hour gusts that our forecast during the day tomorrow and it's for that reason that it wind advisory was issued but there is more active weather on the way this coming week but it appears that tomorrow will be the windiest but perhaps next week and may be the wettest will keep a close watch on them and keep you updated. big change coming the week beyond a nice warm up in the forecast look at these temperatures across the region tonight in the '50s o'hare presently reporting 55 degrees right now temperatures will drop into the low to mid-40s tonight but that is about it wind chill ridiculous charges show you with temperatures as warm even with
9:33 pm
strong winds it isn't making much difference in the way the air feels is in fact all across the midwest and i temperatures not at all on a comfortable, a chillier as you go out towards the dakotas what is causing the wins is a big area of low pressure over the dakotas as cooperating with a high of the mid atlantic coast as the two systems are in track and to produce these winds the jet stream analysis shows cold air the bosnian here runs the middle of the week, could have a daytime high and the 30's by the time we get into wednesday or thursday plenty of cold air up to the north but look at this in about nine or 10 days and nice surge of warm expected to come into the chicago area something we can all look forward to radar pictures at the moment no reports of anything hitting the ground but there could in effect be an occasional sparkle and a few spots but margaret. forecast from a computer model shows it may be about the only area to get any significant rain would
9:34 pm
be parts of north shunt central and northwestern indiana. about that amount as possible in a few spots here is our forecast for tonight windy and getting wind shear mostly cloudy strong gusty winds, a light shower possible. to balltomorrow the wind advisory takes effect, and then to meagher mostly cloudy. the winds will diminish. and on monday most cloudy, the winds dying down. wind speeds generally between 5-10 mi. per hour. nice looking day on monday. but there is a cold front that will come through the area tomorrow afternoon so it will be quite as cozy as we are expecting tempter small but the big drop in temperatures coming
9:35 pm
mid-week. we will talk about that in the seventh day. >> new chef, a new menu, a new interior. new name. our restaurant critic says the revamped pump room lives up to its legendary name. >> is it already time for the big parade to mark rich king recaps penn state.
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the pump room is open again with a new look and a new chef. chicago tribune restaurant critic says it also gives it tip of a hat to the past. what was once the ambassador east hotels of chicago is to tell infield pump room is still the pump from the very very different. this is the dining room that we have done with the modern look into our installation that looks like a major galaxy. it has a collection of vintage photos in the foyer but otherwise this is not your regular pump room. in
9:39 pm
chicago chef brad phyllis runs the kitchen and brings a strong midwest approach to the food. >> simple and ingredient driven we are not trying to flow with a particular trend or modern technique. we're being too to the food and respectful to midwestern taste. true to the food. toasted ciabatta topped with crab meat and a lemon ala. and all mosh to the pump room in the 1920's, but the butternut squash is clearly a modern touch. there is a little spice to this dish but if you really want a child try the fried chicken, the chicken itself is in spicy but that habanero
9:40 pm
butter sauce underneath will definitely get your attention. desserts are wonderful, this is the creme fresh cheese cake this lead to any talks with figs walnuts and sorbet and this is called the pumper a candy bar which has milk chocolate and irish, bittersweet chocolate boosts white chocolate pretzels and a handful of other goodies, it is a little museum of chocolate, i give, from 13 01 north state park with two stars. open since september this resurrected restaurant is off to a fine start so stop on by. you'll definitely see some plants and quite a few stars. >> you will definitely see some planets. >> for more on this week's rush right in text file at 979 i 9. i went there many times and the old days. it was the place to go. we will have to look for
9:41 pm
your photo if they still have it. pressure is on, his photo better be there. close to the public for 30 years it is now a must see for science fans, what nasa is opening up the building where they build to their shuttle. and as the winter months approach one young man is taking our record-setting approach to wearing layers.
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by nature valley. it's one of the largest buildings in the world and for more than 30 years it has been closed to visitors, for the vehicle assembly building at the kennedy space center is where all 135 shuttles were assembled nasa kept it close to the
9:45 pm
public for a volatile fuels that were used inside and now that the shuttle program is over nasa is offering a rare behind-the- scenes look. >> how do take a picture of this. had you take a picture of this. it was so busy in here we head thousands of people living in here at the time, probably 6000 people. >> in two years nasa hopes to start assembling its next generation one that may have to take astronauts to mars. >> winds are already blowing pretty strongly. jim ramsey is in the weather center with more. we are under a wind advisory in effect for tomorrow, our temperature is 55 degrees but in north and up towards canada
9:46 pm
very cold. some of that cold air will make its way here on wednesday but in the short run to concede the system pushing across the middle of the country bringing clouds to chicago and even some raindrops perhaps in a few spots at the moment no significant rain reported across the area there is some rain in san diego then picked up of an inch and a quarter of rain today close-up of the raid are you concede that stuff pushing into southeastern wisconsin. the wind advisory in effect for chicago. winds gusting to monitor 50 mi. per hour and affect this chart showing that purplish area that pops up there suggest gusts of 40-50 mi. per hour so a very very blustery day expected in chicago for tomorrow
9:47 pm
hopefully we will only see a very short piece of that strong wind regime with some diminishing winds expected by tomorrow evening. not much in the way of preset on our forecast models but we are keeping a sharp possibility in our forecast for tomorrow monday and tuesday cooler, wednesday a high of only 38 degrees but that we recovered a bit after 43 thursday friday 55 degrees and more rain possible across the area on saturday, a warmup in the week beyond. >> chicago area runners have a whole new avenue to explore and today was the perfect day, it is called the perfect tan the 10 k and the 10 mi. lakefront run more than 3 rap thousand runners took place this morning.
9:48 pm
it started in ended at navy pier part of the health and fitness expo. that huge yogi bear balloon there he is. it took to the air museum of science and industry today, a practice session for balloon handlers who will be holding the ropes of the giant inflatable in the mid donald's things given day parade. the balloons are filled with a helium mixture and it will be a handful with a strong breeze, the mcdonald's thanksgiving day parade on state street dates back to 1934 and the parade dates back to 1934, mcdonald's picked up along the way and young and old people will be there to see it. the parade begins at 8:00 a.m. on thanksgiving morning and you can watch it right here on wgn tv,
9:49 pm
we will be putting it on tv. a new world record has been set for a number of t-shirts worn by one person at the same time. bragging rights goes to a and i would t-shirt store owner he put 247 shirts on the guinness book of world records once the shares started piling on his team helped him squeeze into larger and larger t-shirts, the biggest was 20 extra-large big enough to fit a king size mattress he beat the old record by just two shirts, he breezed $5,000 for charity. record- breaking day for northwestern the wild cats senior set a new standard for evanston and the bears a book on the alliance to the very windy lakefront meagher afternoon, which king has a
9:50 pm
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and pie. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. sports time, rich king is here with us and penn state is still dominating the news in sports.
9:53 pm
for the first time in 56 years joppa turnout was not the head coach of the alliance. jerry sandusky was charged in a child sex abuse scandal there still signs on the field supporting paternal but the focus for the afternoon was on the victim's nebraska raised on to a 17- nothing lead. he rolls in from 14 away. he hangs on to win 17- 14. obviously it was a week unprecedented in college football history, when we came off the game it was very emotional, the players emotional, the whole thing was very emotional. the prayer, i thought that the idea of nebraska to get together
9:54 pm
midfield was a very special moment for a lot of people. >> the bakes' kid goes on after winning their first six games of the season they have now lost four in a row averaging about 10 points a game in that fourth game slide. they bore down quickly. he scores 9 yds out 14-nothing wolverines at the half. down 17-nothing before they finally get on track and the third. 13 yds camper. michigan came right back after that to put the game away and once again they left it in the air. 27 yds he goes in to make it 24-7, michigan went 31-14. wisconsin is next. the wildcats made it three in a row. taking care of rice. jeremy ebert turns out to be a 90 yd
9:55 pm
touchdown play, the second longest touchdown in history for a passing touchdown. he wins big 28-6. we're obviously very happy and proud for our senior class. our home field is pretty special so i have that happen. three games moving forward is something pretty special so a big hand for those guys at very proud of them a lot of work to do it and looking forward to getting back on the field i don't want this season to end. >> brian kelley and his fighting
9:56 pm
hours had no issues against maryland tonight. led a 10- nothing in the second. michael floyd good for a 19 yd touchdown. john is gray makes a 24-nothing. makes the kickoff here, nobody is going to stop him 57 yds. the final was 45-21. 80-67 over mississippi valley state. now the bears. last week was a conference challenged and now a big test of their own division. this is the alliance in their 315 kickoff us older fields. j. kohler was sacked three times. color was not sacked once last week against the eagles.
9:57 pm
the biggest issue is... has made a terrific difference for us. when your plan with the same guys ever wake of course you're going to get better every week. since i have been here that was good a game as we've played as a group as ever. >> high school football, number one little luck. malcolm weaver has changed to battle for a touchdown. they have been taking all year long. they beat milwaukee tonight by a score of 6-3 in hockey. >> that will do for us tonight.
9:58 pm
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