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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 17, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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what's your policy? a former federal express workers storms into the company's facility in bedford park and begins to shoot then he takes his own life ... >>good afternoon i am steve sanders >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web >>muriel clair is live at the news conference >>benjamin robbins in 28 years old whose wife is an employee at the fedex facility ... robinson
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at 8:00 this morning went to the facility and began shooting he commandeered a vehicle inside the facility let the driver out he shot himself afterward ... employees beginning the work they were told to leave the building some of them shared what happened >>at 8:00 this morning the call was made to evacuate someone got past security with a gun we were told to evacuate their rounded up the people that i supervise we ran out the side door and by then we heard gunshots inside of the building that made us run even faster we ran about 2 mi. to the factory next door we were all secured their >>we are in the building washing our trucks and the next thing we know we are being waived out of
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the building someone grabbed my truck and started to shoot we ran. >>after that everybody was scared we were hiding with in one step closer we took off >>bedford police are telling us that there were no injuries benjamin robinson's wife appears to be ok it was not confirmed whether not robinson himself was a federal express employee but it was reported that he and his wife who is an employee at this facility were having marital difficulties >>one day after a judge threw out the conviction of 2 chicago nightclub owners the men are speaking to the media about the court's decision nancy loo is live downtown with the story
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>>good afternoon steve nearly a decade after the death of 21 people the families of those killed have yet to see anyone face justice at this point the only conclusion is that there are still unanswered questions from that tragic night >>nine years after the tragedy the owners of the nightclub have cleared a big legal hurdle >>we did not get off on a technicality is very clear that we were accused of doing things that simply had no relationship to those deaths that occurred >>the appellate court found that a 2003 court order to shut down the second floor was too ambiguous and this contributed to the overflow crowd on that night 21 people 21 people were trampled and a stampede after an altercation co owners were
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convicted and sentenced to two years in prison but it has been overturned >>family members believe that the city should seek further action against the club owners >>they should be held accountable for what happened ... they just did not do what a prudent business owner would have done >>it's the city response that night that should've been investigated critics argue >>a thorough investigation needs to be conducted as to the actions of police and fire department call to the scene >>the defense team claims that the city is unwilling to open the books on what they term a botched response and rescue by fire and police that night
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>>a man charged with killing a security guard at a south side grocery store has taken his own life. 52 year-old develt bradford was found hanged in his cell at the area 2 police locked up early today. he was charged with murder and armed robbery in connection with a holdup last week at an "aldi" grocery store at 90th and halsted the security guard reginald lanier was shot to death and a woman was wounded during that robbery bradford was arrested tuesday he was scheduled to appear in bonn court today chicago police found a man's body in humboldt park dumpster around 5:00 a.m. this morning the dumpsters located on the 4300 block of west north avenue police say they are treating the case as a death investigation the victim is reported to be a hispanic male in his 40's no word on the cause of his death >>to construction workers were
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struck by a passenger train overnight it happened shortly after 3 in the morning on the interstate 80 overpass near the des plaines river the crew members were working on the underside of that overpass one worker in a high lift cherry picker was thrown about 80 ft. to the ground he is in serious condition a second worker on the ground was also hit he was shaken up and was treated for minor injuries the freight train did not derail >>criminal charges are dropped against 2 chicago public school football coaches the men working fenger high-school and were under investigation for allegedly taking part in the beating against figure student darion jones the 60 neurosis' nearly 30 people attacked last month outside of his home fingers varsity football coach cassius chambers was charged with simple assault the cps says that cassius chambers was not involved in close the case >>a day care worker has been
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found guilty in the death of a 16 month old boy a jury found melissa cook county since guilty of first-degree murder and aggravated battery ... prosecutors argue that she slammed benjamin kingan said had to the ground at a daycare in lincolnshire back in 2009 but kelly since these lawyers said that her confession was coerced she could face life in prison and will be sentenced early next year melissa calusinski will appeal >>former powerful chicago aldermen edward vrdolyak was released from prison today he completed a 10 month sentence for his part in a scheme to get a million and a half dollar kickback from gold coast real- estate deal >>fern schurr for approval of his 2012 budget mayor rahm emanuel met today with city department heads the mayor and his cabinet met to talk about
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implementing the new budget passed yesterday by the city council >>we're down to $2.1 million the budget was passed unanimously by chicago alderman >>the cubs long search for new manager may be over there is no confirmation yet from officials but it is being reported that the job will go to milwaukee brewers' hitting coach dale sveum. he is also being courted by the boston red sox but new reports say they have backed off offering a contract the cubs other managerial candidate mike maddux has backed out indicating family concern's general manager jed hoyer met with the milwaukee coach for a
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second time on tuesday the chicago sun-times reports an official announcement will be made tomorrow >>next at noon police are contradicting the testimony and claim that mike mcqueary reported an alleged assault by jerry sandusky in the penn state sets sex scandal
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claims that assistant coach mike mcqueary reported abuse by jerry sandusky to the police. according to the grand jury report mcqueary testify that he so jerry sandusky rape of a boy in a shower in 2002. mcqueary faced scrutiny for not rescuing the boy or calling police. but in an e-mail to a former classmate, mcqueary said that he
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stopped sandusky and that he did talk to police. yesterday campus police said they have no record of mcqueary reporting any sexual assault >>meanwhile jerry sandusky will face a new judge the next time he is in court judge leslie dutchcot has been removed from the case after allowing gerry sandusky to go free without paying any bail even though he faces 40 charges it was later revealed that leslie dutchcot has ties to jerry sandusky's charity the second mile prosecutors say that sandusky use that charity to find his victims official said the new judge has no ties to the second mile or two penn state sandusky is due back in court on subject december 7th a man is in custody in connection with a shooting near the white house 21 year-old oscar ortega hernandez was captured yesterday near the town of indiana pennsylvania about 70 mi. east of pittsburgh a hotel employee reportedly recognized the suspect from foes
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distributed by area police a gun linked to or take care hernandez was found near the white house along with two bullets yesterday those bullets struck the white house window but were stopped by ballistic glass >>newt gingrich's dismissing new criticism of his decision to accept a consulting role mortgage giant freddie mac his consulting firm accepted more than a million dollars from freddie mac to advise the firm on how to be more candid about his risk-management gingrich has long been a critic of freddie mac's role in the housing and mortgage crisis and the criticism comes as a gingrich surging in the polls >>he says that freddie mac asked his advice on how to avert a mortgage crisis he said the crisis happen because freddie mac ignored his advice gingrich said that he was never a lobbyist for freddie mac just as an adviser >>smokers who seem to have a hard time kicking the habit may
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have their genes to blame >>occupy protesters scuffled with police and wall street workers >>and the so-called day of action gets under way in new york and across the country
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chicago with a look at today's business headlines occupy wall street protesters are promising to make today one of the largest demonstrations yet. organizers say thousands of people are planning to clog up the subway system in new york and march across the brooklyn bridge later today. so far they have been blocked by police from staging a protest at the new york stock exchange and there are dozens of arrest taking place today and the mood is described as tense in new york >>and now to the firestorm over
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the ms global u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald in chicago is getting involved in an investigation his office has already issued subpoenas on ms global the brokerage firm went bankrupt a few weeks ago nearly $600 million of clients' money is missing and thousands of people with accounts have not gotten back their money at federal prosecutors in new york + the fbi are also investigating and there's a bit of good news on food prices one company thinks commodities costs will go down in the next year smokers makers of jelly and jam say that the price increases are behind them for now the dow is losing 140 points right now in trading there is concern of higher borrowing costs in europe outweighing a slightly better jobs picture here this morning in the united states
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unemployment benefit filing has dropped to a seven month low that's a look at the business headlines today live from the cme group in chicago i am beejal patel >>thank you beejal patel ... >>smokers is recalling jars of peanut butter because they may be contaminated with salmonella. the recall involves a smokers natural chunky peanut butter in 16 oz jars ... the peanut butter was sold in illinois and 24 other cities coming up her your blood type might affect your risk for a stroke >>it is a center for hope and medicine and remote kenya we will interest you tointroduce you to a chicago and that is making it all happened >>and garland jeffreys has been
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8évxó0%xpév@' xvp6pmh? 7@xs0ñxr0?÷z@8@?x>÷÷óú/xw0ñérxsx6÷sxzxíérxrú>÷,÷w@6xsérprxrérxrxs ÷rpoéwéwx7xx7(5txz÷xst#8g÷sért[÷óxsxvér
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[ male announcer ] for sore muscles use new bengay cold therapy, it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness and give out polar bear hugs. technology. [ male announcer ] new bengay cold therapy. the same technology used by physical therapists. go to for a $3 coupon. not far from the base of mt. kilimanjaro ... 125 mi. south of nairobi kenya life moves at a primitive pace filled with ancient practices. is the wilderness. yet out of the dusty plains grow most modern hospital and clinic. surprisingly it's like a hospital you have ever seen but in a corner of the
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world most will never say today the final installment of our journey to africa with chicago philanthropist and clinic founder ann lurie... showing us chicago care a continent away >>locals are bracing victims chairman asks it into a village clinic injured patients arrive at the gate a car accident and the page village clinics team jumps into action just as in any trauma center around the world >>this is what we get with the new highway they have built this has become a regular occurrence we're seeing a lot of accident victims >>today's count is six people a group of church friends rushing an elderly woman deathly ill
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with hiv aids to the hospital when their vehicle rolled over on the highway >>these people were driving fast because they had a sickly in the car now we have five injured people plus the sickly >>one day later we learn from this wreckage a more devastating accident >>in the chaos of the crash the blood soaked towel used by the hiv infected woman was pressed against the bleeding head of another victim the mother was coughing and she had a piece of cloth where she was coughing up blood and that is what they used to control her bleeding >>she knows at that particular time it did not occur to her that she was badly hurt she is aware of and that she agrees that we should go ahead and test her >>at the pad wound 10 stitches in our risk for a life- threatening disease this patient will take entire retro viral
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medications and undergo blood tests and wait >>from uncertainty to life affirming moments later a birth >>this is the rhythm of the hospital. the doctors and nurses orchestrate care in numbers learning from each other and from those who visit and share their knowledge like northwestern university dobberdr. robert murphy >>even the tiniest patients present with the most complicated miracle problems this nine day old infant is fighting a serious infection just as her mother >>the baby will stay there are more questions to be answered >>the baby is very high risk for hiv the baby is sick right now and maybe septic the mother has tb at at a very advanced stage of aids perhaps we should just treat her that's the safest thing >>lying next to her a set of twins one is driving the other is struggling >>these are the types of
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patients they see here every day if this place was not here i would say it would be fair to say that half would be gone >>it's unthinkable and that's why the hospital is here >>we used to wonder that if you were not here where would you go for treatment >>let the car accident victims without the hospital perhaps a different outcome ... >>after taking preventive medication her blood tests show that she did not contract hiv >>as in any hospital there is a triumph and disappointment when this tiny twin struggling to breathe not eating came in his mother who sat by his side 24 hours a day wondered what was wrong >>and ultrasound showed a missing lung and kidney is covered insists even with the modern tests no cure could save this baby there is nothing easy
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about maintaining a full-service hospital in rural kenya. each day presents a new challenge. so far and larrann lurie and her team refused to give up on the patients that they serve in their hope to treat even more people in need around the world >>if it's possible in an area here where there is no running water or electricity or sanitary facilities and an almost no roads you know that it's possible landing place and that's the call to action sustaining this clinic with operating costs up to $8 million a year and duplicating aid village clinics in other parts of africa and beyond to learn more and see how you can get involved in effect change please log onto our web page for a link to aid village clinics i was amazed by the clinic from the moment i looked at the web page
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i wanted to tell this story i just want to thank her for allowing us to tag along on her most recent trip there and showing us how much you can do when you care to make a difference >>all of those physicians in this country should go there to just experience this story >>please stay with us tom skilling is back with the full forecast usa prime credit... this peggy... hi, i'm cashing in my points... peggy? no more points - coupons now. coupons? coupons. coupons? next, you convert coupons to tokens. tokens?
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there's another windy day in the forecast and it coincides with a warm-up ... >>this is the month where we had
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the wreck of the edmund fitzgerald ... november is often tied with april as the windiest month of the year here in chicago so far this month it has been one of the windiest ... we've had the coldest morning that we have seen in the area since back in late march here's a look at the sunshine there are lake affect clouds and wind and there are snow showers and the michigan side of the lake >>this will punched across the northern plains another will form in colorado this will dump into the northern united states is spending up a big storm and
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there's another big storm on the east coast air wild day of whether yesterday in the southeast tornadoes were reported in south carolina and georgia ... this is the aftermath heading up the coast ... we have precipitation coming off of lake michigan that's on the michigan side changing to snow flurries ... while the upper midwest will get sticking snow this weekend we will have a wendy try a couple of days we have a 39 degree day predicted today we will jump to 51 degrees tomorrow with 30 mi.
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per hour or more wind gusts it is currently 32 degrees in chicago we're on the southern flank of a bitterly cold air mass ... way up north near alaska temperatures are 40 below zero at this hour expect a warm up next week for thanksgiving as well ... we might see a cooler. maybe two weeks away ... the coldest overnight low was up in wisconsin near spartan 17 degrees near camp douglas ... look at the warming happening out west it's coming our way
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... currently we have 30 mi. per hour wind gusts with this low temperature so field's nippy >>harvard was the coolest over nine ght it was in the '20s and the authorand lots of the northern suburbs >>it's the coldest temperature since march 31st recorded at midway and o'hare this morning ... it feels like 12 degrees and harvard right now with the wind chill factor >>southerly wind is blowing this
12:34 pm
is the main center ... >>duluth wisconsin and the northwest peninsula of michigan will cease know this weekend. there are gayle advisers on the lakele force advisories on the lake this evening we will see gusts over 30 mi. per hour extending overnight so by morning we will be pushing 40 mi. per hour
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>>this is happening from texas all the way up to lake huron. november will live up to its advanced billing as one of the windiest months ... today mostly sunny breezy and unseasonably cool the 38 degree high this afternoon is the coolest we've seen so far since march it's very windy tamara wind will push third 40 mi. per hour we have clouding over saturday may be an afternoon shower late- afternoon or overnight ... if
12:36 pm
you are going to the bears game on sunday there may be a 44 degree temperature for you at kickoff time >> it's time now for today's trivia: in 1907, which two brothers introduced the first viable color process for photography? the answer is still ahead here in the news at
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manager's job. sources say that he is waiting to hear from boston before he decides. former red sox manager terry francona as rick withdrawn as a candidate. he said he needs a year off to reenergize. texas pitching coach mike maddox also appears to have withdrawn. the
12:39 pm
distance away from his family has been the issue with him. the cubs will now wait to hear from dale. he interviewed with the red sox a second time in milwaukee and general manager jed hoyer and chairman tom ricketts will both meet with him as well >>the blackhawks starting the six games circus trip in vancouver it is tied it 1 in the second. the hawks on a powerplay when patrick kane has a shot that deflected off of a defender and goes and there were two of three on the power play but in the third. duncan keith turned it over the canucks on a breakaway and corey crawford made a great save the hawkes 15- one they have won four in a row and are now the top team in the nhl >>the bears have a series of games against the afc west beginning with the chargers the sun. the bears have won four straight while san diego has
12:40 pm
lost foreigner row but only one of those losses has been against a team with a losing record it's also the first time the jay cutler faces philip rivers since he was with denver they had a brief rivalry after a game in 2007 but jay cutler says that that is all in the past that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is next >>here are the winning picked three numbers: 5 9 2 >>here are the winning pick four numbers: 6 9 7 4
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there is a $40 million jackpot for mega-millions
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stroke. a new study found people
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with type a-b blood had a 26 percent increased risk of stroke compared with people who have the most common blood type which is a type 0. women but not men with type b blood had a 15 percent greater risk for stroke the researchers say that certain blood tests may make red cells more likely to clump together and stick to the lining of blood vessels setting the stage for blood clots that cause of most strokes >>today is the great american smokeout but regardless of how hard smokers try to quit their genes may be getting in the way. researchers at the university of colorado examine nearly 600 adult twins to see if there jeans influenced their addictions to tobacco they found that there jeans did play a role in whether or not they smoke >>a new study shows hybrid cars
12:45 pm
may be safer than traditional cars according to a report from the car insurance industry people in a hybrid car were 25 percent less likely to get injured in a car crash researchers say that the weight of the hybrids battery may be the reason it performed better in crash tests
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crest ... >>thank youou.. today we are doing a crested chickennut crusted chicken recipe ... we are taking chicken breasts you can either sold or bryan these chicken breasts for about half an hour ... brining is a good technique to moisturize the meat ... now we're going to take some ground on men's 1 c. and
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brown them they will be combined with banco breadcrumbs for a nice crust we have a cup of each we get the nuts toasted ... and that's a protein laden coating for this chicken ... now we have a typical coating we have flour 3 eggs and the nut banco browned a mixture it's a good idea when you do this to set up your coding
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stationating station and keep the temperature relatively low on that browning pan anywhere we're going to take these chicken breasts in the oven about 350 degrees ... we actually did a test where we took a pork roast and coated that with mashed potatoes to measure the amount of flavor that immenseemits from the bone and it proved that bone-in
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cooking or roasting does add more flavor >>we also found another test that browned butter added to sugar gives a wonderful caramelized flavor to cookie recipes >>we are always striving to get the right flavor and the right texture in things like chocolate chip cookies and all the mainstay recipes these are all in the new book ... we also found that in a cookie recipe
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letting that sugar that has been infused with the browned butter if we let that's it for a while it also contributes to a more caramelized chewy texture to that recipe the way we do these recipes is that we test about four or maybe five against each other we do extensive testing ... and then we send them our to test coax and we get the results back and there are times when we don't have conclusive evidence that one recipe is good enough for the book so we go back and start from scratch >>you are perfectionists!
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>>christopher campbell will be signing copies of the cook's illustrated cookbook tonight at 7:00 p.m. at unity temple at oak park 875 lake streaet
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and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy guaranteed. two brothers introduced the first viable color process for photography? the answer is the lumiere brothers. >>we have a lot of wind we're in the '30's today. we will be down to the twenties tonight. by morning we will be back into the mid-30s with the wind pushing us
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to 50 degrees tomorrow. and that will hold for saturday we may even push up against 60 to grace. if you're headed to the upper midwest this weekend there is snow predicted >>we may get a scattered showers on saturday ... temperatures across united states are very chilly but the whole midwest will warm up with the exception of the northern most states. the
12:57 pm
lowe's coming in here saturday night sunday morning will close to the 30's again the wind will be dropping tonight and picking up tomorrow to over 30 mi. per hour. that is true for saturday. on sunday we believe temperatures will be around 44 degrees ... we are may be looking at the low fifties for thanksgiving. thank you tom skilling ... >>and thank you for joining us today. we hope you have a great
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afternoon. we leave you with more live music from garland jeffreys. he is performing tomorrow night at fitzgerald's in berwyn. [music by garland jeffrieseys]
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