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0@?ú?éoxrx6pxévxzésxs÷ót÷v÷ his mother, who committed suicide. are more police are hoping that this video will help solve this mysterious case. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers for watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's judy wang has details on the new surveillance video from our >>they've examined it cellphone records and financial records and others and still no
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indication of what happened to timothy pitzen police are hoping the release of lab test results and new video will change this >>with the lack of leads that we have in the case obviously we need the community and put and that's a nationwide community we need to find what happened to timothy pitzen >>the boy recently turned 7 years old he was last seen in aurora on may 7th surveillance video shows his mother amy fry- pitzen taking him from school and the days that followed the mother and the sun visited the brookfield zoo the call hurry resorts in wisconsin dells and other places before she committed suicide and a rockford hotel room to left another thing that her son was safe and of degenerating new leaves are police made public additional surveillance video one showing them at key lime cove on may 11th and another showing them checking and at kalahari on the 12th and another one showing them leading a food store in
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winnebago >>there were also test results found at the rockford martell from the s u v driven by the woman it was in lee and white said county's mostly and northwestern illinois it had been on a gravel road or shoulder and back into a grassy area scientist's role that farmland they believe are pawned a creek or a stream nearby where the vehicle had been >>northwest illinois is full of hikers and canoeists and outdoor enthusiasts we want them to be on the lookout for any of the missing items that belonged to the boy did not touch them to call the police or 911 immediately >>unfortunately police say it's not enough for them to conduct a search of any specific area off the tips from the public could help to narrow this down those missing items include a spider- man backpack a tube of
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toothpaste in his mother's cellphone and an apple device >>about 20 south suburban families of lost their homes after an apartment building fire this morning. nancy loo is live in blue island with what caused that fire >>the border process is underway here since this building is essentially uninhabitable while the fire is officially under investigation there are strong indications that the cause may be careless cooking. with the flames long out residents who had to be evacuated this morning returned to get whatever they could from the building that 40 people called home >>i grabbed my kids and my wife and some clothing >>everyone had to race out of this 20 unit building earlier early this morning before fire engulfed the entire second floor this woman said the worst
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trouble just minutes earlyier >>i smelled something suspicious it was in my oven it smelled like cooking and i couldn't figure where it was coming from >>firefighters say that it was something cooking on an unattended stow if that person was treated for mild smoked collation and there were no other injuries the building is a total loss ... blue island firefighters could do little to save the structure due to the windy conditions ... >>it started on the east side of the building in because of a wind it blew through the second- floor hallway is and it encompassed the entire roof >>the building manager is allowing all residents to relocate to other units that are available on the complex and the red cross is assisting with food
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and clothing since these families lost just about everything >>the principle of deer path elementary school in lake forest has been suspended for sending an explicit photos and text messages on his cellular phone john steinert was reprimanded by the lake forest school board two years ago at that time he was order to get counseling. the recipient of the photo was a female intern. the funding question was stunners work phone. this new suspension came, after this chicago tribune started investigating the school district's handling of the case. >>reckless taxi cab drivers in chicago are more likely to face fines and to be pulled off the streets. nearly 2000 complaints about cabdrivers were made last year and only 25 of those lost their licenses temporarily or permanently. the chicago tribune reports that cabdrivers are usually pressure to pay fines rather than go through a lengthy investigation. city officials said that their priority is safety not money. they also plan
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to use the 3-11 hot line to make it easier to report cab drivers that are not driving safely, the daughter of mayor daley elizabeth married her fiancee sam hotchkiss in chicago yesterday it was her 28 birthday. the wedding was held at spiaggia restaurant it had been scheduled for new year's eve but was moved up to last night the change was because of the health of the bride's mother 68 year-old maggie daley who has been fighting cancer for several years elizabeth daley known as lally to her family is a doctoral candidate at depaul university and plans to work with autistic children we have this official wedding photograph released by the family she wore her mother's wedding gown. >>the cubs perhaps introduce the
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latest addition to the team this morning to cubs manager dale sveum emsat down to answer questions about his new ball club >>he signed a three-year contract he has played for seven different teams over 12 years in the majors including a brief stint with the white sox succumbs and after the hitting coach for the milwaukee brewers ... he was formally third base coach for the red sox when theo epstein was running the show their ...ere >>communication is important you need to make sure that these players understand what is and is not our cake and that means losing is not ok ... there are certain things that you have to hold people accountable for because they have control over that with training
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>>he said he knows it's easier said than done lots of major league players don't do these things but he was hired because he had can gain the respect of the players and make the right connections with the training >>he was asked about how to handle carlos zambrano >>for now it appears he is in for a while >>is a very straight up direct kind of guy talk about a change of culture ... it will be more serious approach. the peripheral stuff of the past will go this is not just lip service here
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these guys are very businesslike professional very straightforward ... it could be a tough year >>is a super intelligent guy with lots of guts and heart all in all a very good first impression here in chicago >>it child molestation claim at yet another major university >>a vote on the cook county budget is set to take place but unions are standing firm in rejecting a call for unpaid days off and revelations that a boat captain is giving that is prompting authorities to reopen the death investigation of actress natalie wood
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the assistant men's basketball coach at syracuse university is now on administrative leave after a former ball boy said he was molested by the coach. 39 year-old bobby davis says that coach bernie fine molested him hundreds of times beginning in 1983 when he was just a seventh grader davis says that the abuse lasted for more than 10 years. the coach from syracuse's defending fine saying the university investigated those climbs back in 2005 but nothing was found. syracuse police in attacking a second look at those allegations >>president barak obama is in indonesia to meet with asian leaders. he is attending the association of southeast asian nations in the resort city of bali where he is meeting with leaders from india the philippines and malaysia
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there is an economic summit on the agenda to work their ways to jump-start the economy the president applauded the deal between an indonesian airline and boeing. lion airlines is buying 50 engines for boeing whose corporate headquarters is based here in chicago >>president obama's sending hillary clinton to berman next month but its the first visit by secretary of state in more than 50 years is an indication the country has made progress toward democracy and analysts say that it might be a time to establish a new relationship the president said that he would like to see the country moved toward more reform or face sanctions hillary clinton said that she plans on testing whether the country is committed to economic and political reform >>the secret service will start protecting herman cain after the cabinet received some unspecified threats he becomes the first republican presidential hopeful to ask for receive the protection normally the secret service protects only a party's nominee unless a candidate seeks protection during the primary season barak
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obama and john kerry both received protection during their primary campaigns in 2007 and 2004 >>the cook county board votes on its 2012 budget today they're trying to close a $315 million deficit with a mix of layoffs new fees and higher taxes >>a vote is still to come members of the finance committee have since the morning spent talking and listening to find a spending plan before going to the floor for a vote the commissioners signed off on key revenue generating proposals hoping it will pump $50 million into the county coffers next year that includes tax and the alcohol beverage tax ... that looking for ways to close is 3 under and $15 million shortfall ... toni preckwinkle has backed off of several of these
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proposals that involve many common fees ... there's been lots of give-and-take layoffs of union workers may still be on the table but that number can be reduced if union workers agreed to agree to preckwinkle proposal for furlough ... it's still a big hurdle to overcome a vote is expected later this afternoon on the budget >>the fda revokes approval for a breast cancer treatment that story is coming next and later who johnson and johnson is responding to claims that its baby trucks contain possible cancer causing chemicals ... and later in lunch break a fabulous beekman boys are here to cook us
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movement known as occupy wall street ... it was a national day of action for the movement across the world in new york where it all began those supporters clashed with police as they try to shut down wall street all together for thousands of demonstrators squared off against police in riot gear with an 200 people were arrested and several police officers were injured occupy protesters accused police of violating their rights to free speech >>and occupy chicago protesters took over the streets downtown last night it happened at the height of rush hour thousands of demonstrators blocked the lasalle street bridge before pouring onto the loop 46 people
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were ticketed but the protest lasted well into the evening ... >>i'm beejal patel with bloomberg news live from the cme group here in chicago >>the fda has determined that avastin should not be used to treat breast cancer saying it was not safe and effective but it will remain on the market as an approved treatment for other types of cancer ... sears is dealing with a ratings downgrade affecting its stock price today there reported a $400 million quarterly loss sales have been dropping for four straight years as it struggles to compete with other retailers weak retail demand is not helping its cause either >>and there is evidence that amazon is working on a smart phone it could go on sale this time next year the whole idea is to sell more digital media like
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books and music rather than making money on the phone itself finally a brighter picture on where the u.s. economy may be headed analysts are predicting growth at its fastest pace in more than one year as we and 2011 thanks to better data on consumer and business spending also leading indicators are climbing in october signaling their growing into early next year ... >>mostly positive but quiet day here in the markets the nasdaq is in the red while the dow is up about 40 points at this hour >> after 28 years on the air regis philbin said his goodbyes and why authorities are now reopening a probe into the 1981 drowning death of actress natalie wood and we have live music is midday from singer- songwriter edwin mccain his new
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album mercy bound is available now and he will be performing tonight at viper alley at lincolnshire
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apparently not all those questions have been answered in the death of natalie wood ... investigators are taking another look and we have frank holland with that story >>there was a report of a cry for help after a lot of drinking on a yacht off catalina island where natalie would spend time with her husband robert wagner and guest christopher walken ... it was things were getting weekend 1981 and new claims say that robert wagner had a fight with christopher walken accusing him of wanting to bet his wife ... the death was ruled an accident by the coroner the accident was ruled consistent with a slip and fall situation and her blood alcohol level was
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beyond the official tolerance limit ... but a new book out by the captain of that dot is arousing suspicion he maintains that the police botched the investigation ... >>when the captain learned that natalie was missing he wanted to turn on the searchlight and robert wagner had asked him not to the big red flag in this case is over a four hour wait to call the coast guard for professional help >>he believes that his wife slept while getting on a dinghy to leave the boat something she tried to do once before >>he also denies that there was no jealous fight that was heated discussion about show business >>here in the newsroom frank holland >>he set the record for 17,000
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live hours on national television and today regis philbin signed off of his show for the last time >>28 half years we have a wonderful show a great time and now this show continues with kelly some asked while the show lasted so long and i think it has to do with why people tell me they watch it because it's a feel-good moment and makes them happy and i will never be able to top this >>a few weeks ago pat tomasulo sat down with regis philbin to discuss the next chapter >>we're taking a walk down that aisle that hallway it was the first time that i worked with kelly ripa and we actually held hands ... >>you can watch the entire
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interview on >>today's windy weather will set the stage for a warmer saturday here in chicago we will be
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we have a big autumn storm coming together ... with a vengeance wind is at 50 mi. per hour ... and the lake level has
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gone down for 1 ft. because the water is being blown away from the shoreline ... the bully between the kenosha and michigan shoreline is showing some serious wave action ... when dover lake michigan is a gusting at 60 mi. per hour ... we are warmer at this hour than we were yesterday ... that cold air is cutting into montana to set up a snowstorm that will hit the upper midwest over the weekend >>44 mi. per hour wind gusts at o'hare right now ... this has been a wendy month november is tied with april. it's
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exceptionally windy 12 days of high wind 6 is normal this time of month ... the wind is gusting to 51 in east chicago ... we have sensors scattered throughout the area to monitor the wind ... there is a wild fire risk for this afternoon that's a red flag warning on that dry combustible condition. so please be careful if you monitor and outdoor fire or at least be careful ...
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cigarette discards are dangerous there are signs that we will stay mild into the week for thanksgiving it will be a little bit cool monday tuesday but it will warm up for the big weekend holiday the light yellow area is the area of the western suburbs with that wind advisory there are also 19 states under advisory for winter weather and includes
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snowstorms in the border states to the north ... the varying temperatures with the cold air flow is causing this phenomenon. 1,600 mi. of southerly wind coming from texas all the way to lake huron and we are in that built taking on that moisture. there could be sure hours coming in tomorrow night but they will pass by ... we may also see shower sunday night into monday ... downwind of lake superior in northern wisconsin there are snow storm warnings ...
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the wind will stay above 30 mi. per hour throughout the night into tomorrow night ... by sunday morning they will have dropped there will be lighter by the time we have kickoff with the bears at soldier field .... we have the possibility of having the mildest thanksgiving in 50 years ... temperatures could be in the '50s for thursday and friday. the headline today is partly sunny windy warm high wind close to 50 m.p.h. tonight partly
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cloudy windy in milder low 34 south southwest wind gusting to 30 mi. per hour saturday very windy still 40 mi. per hour gusts with a late day shower possible the high-temperature will be 56 degrees is warming up for the weekend ... sunday will be partly cloudy with less wind and cooler kickoff whether at 315 at soldier field will be 45 degrees. it's really blowing ... thank you tom. it's time now for today's trivia question ...
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as their newest manager ... he signed a three-year deal with the option for a fourth at wrigley field this morning he said the interviewing process was making his head spin but he is happy to be a cub now the 47 year-old has been in a baseball career for 30 years as a player and a coach he has a list of possible coaches and says that he will start the long process of filling out his staff to date he says that the cubs have to change teleplay on an everyday basis and he made it clear that he does not accept excuses ... >>they don't go too far ... that's a cop out for your own insecurities usually if you are
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warning about things the bears nickel back d.j. more will miss this sunday's game against the chargers the tribune reports that he sprained his ankle in practice this week lovie smith says that corey gramm or tim jennings could see time at that position defensive and julius peppers also returned to practicing after resting his left knee on wednesday that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next >>
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good afternoon everyone here your midday winning lottery numbers for friday november 18 2011 ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 7 6 4 here are the winning pick four numbers: 3 4 4 9
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mega-millions has a $40 million jackpot ... get your ticket and have a great afternoon
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potential cancer causing chemicals in baby shampoo over the next two years that is in response to the complaints it received from the campaign for save cosmetics a consumer group that earlier this month urged the company to eliminate those chemicals for which the government says could be a possible trigger for some cancers and trigger skin allergies it is added to cosmetic products to prevent spoilage and contamination johnson & johnson says that it has been phasing out formaldehyde releasing preservatives in baby products since 2009 >>and a study shows that brainy kids especially girls may be more likely to experiment with drugs when they get older researchers looked at 8000 kids with high iq is and found that there were more likely to try marijuana and cocaine by the time they're 16 and 30 years old they say that people with
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high iq is tend to be more experimental and open to trying different things and world population is growing but
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- purcell are the founders of the command 18 note to one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the united states. and are the stars of the cable show the fabulous beekman boys now they are out with a new cookbook called the beekman 18 note to heirloom cookbook welcome ...
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>>and you have your farming books on today >>you never know what you're going to step into on television >>today we are making butternut squash lasagna roles very simple to make ... butternut squash is combined with comments sakes parmesan cheese spices this recipe looks so elegant and only takes one hour ... there are 112 recipes in the book we call them heirloom and what we mean by this their recipes that develop a story around your table ... a
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repetitive shared collection these all came from our family is i am from the south and joshes from wisconsin we adapted them over the years from our lives on farms these are very seasonal recipes and that's how the book gets divided but what's great about this book ... to become an heirloom and your own family we have a place for you to include your own family's heirloom recipes right in this book ... so let's cook ... spoon a little bit of the
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mixture which is mashed butternut squash, crushed almonds, breadcrumbs eggs, parmesan cheese, spices you spread this out and roll this on the pasta keep up this process until you fill up your casserole dish. the emmy part is that after you have your casserole dish filled you pour heavy cream over everything followed with a dusting of parmesan cheese and you put this in the oven and he let it brown and bubble this
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only takes about 20 minutes ... we are giving a demonstration matt williams sonoma on michigan avenue at 2:00 p.m. this is a great thanksgiving recipe for a first course or even for the vegetarian and your family. we bought our farm on a whim and now we raise about 80 percent of all of the food that we eat we have some wonderful animals and we have wonderful growing seasons
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all of these recipes are in this book and there are more on our web site and for each recipe in this book there is a community page with feedback welcome. there will be taking part in a book signing for their new cookbook that is tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. at the williams sonoma on michigan avenue for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again it came together pretty easily log onto
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something that's of ice to/chilled >>it's chilly outside but the wind will be bloomingblowing in some
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warm air ... it's a nice day but it's extremely windy ... >>there is a big cold air mass from canada that is being cut by this wind bringing us the warmer weather for the weekend it will be in the mid-50s for tomorrow o'hare is now up to 49 degrees midways at 49 degrees right now that's a big increase after 36 degrees yesterday but it is wendy.indy.. the developing autumn storm will bring snowed 2 upper michigan and wisconsin and minnesota ... the arctic air will allow us to warm up here in chicago in the process. there's a 1,600 mi.
12:56 pm
corridor of strong wind that springing up moisture and warmer weather from texas all the way up to it like you're on but it brings us 30 mi. per hour wind overnight there gusts that will still be in place throughout the day tomorrow finally sunday the wind will let up. by the time the bears kickoff 3:15 p.m. sunday afternoon it will have diminished to 10 mi. per hour from the northeast here is a seven day forecast includes thanksgiving temperatures will go from 56 to 46 to 49 to 48 to 46 wednesday to 53 degrees on wednesday on thanksgiving unseasonably mild weather for a thanksgiving and for friday
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temperatures in the low 50s enjoy the weekend and we will see you on monday we're going to leave you with more music from edwin mccain you can catch him tonight at viper alley at lincolnshire thank you for joining us and have a great weekend [music by edwin mccain] end
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