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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 21, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] mini™ meets berries. kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal with a touch of fruit in the middle. helloooooo fruit in the middle. of the regular season with a broken right thumb. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country and wgn america and on the web ... the bears have been on a roll with a five game winning streak and an inside track to the playoffs. but the excitement is tempered by the news of jay cutler century the bears beat the san diego chargers 31-20 at soldier field yesterday to stay ahead of the playoff race but jay cutler
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broke the thumb on his throwing hand while trying to make a tackle after an interception late in the game he will have surgery and could be out between six and eight weeks with to six games left in the regular season is now up to backup quarterback caleb hanie to try to steer the bears into the playoffs >>he's the guy we turn to for premature everything but callebs will define will be figene we will have more on that prey later in the newscast ... the bears fans are reacting to the possibility that jay cutler may be lost for the season julian crews has been speaking to fans all morning about what the loss of cutler means for this seven and three bears team many say they are confident that
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the bears will go all the way and overcome >>we are die-hard fans. where loyal through thick and thin p4>>everybody just wants caleb hanie to do his job the way he did through last year's championship game there's simply no time to cry about jay cutler is broken down it's time for caleb hanie to step up and shine >>he will be all right >>he will hold down the fort that a good cushion at 7-3 >>caleb hanie will hopefully seize the moment he has a future
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ahead of him >>we have lots of confidence in the bears >>right before a school board meeting last night in lake forest principal resigned involved in a sext-ing scandal >>the former principal at deer path middle school has resigned parents received a memo informing them of what the school board intends to do next and parents believe there are others who should also step down >>social workers are available to the students at the middle school where an assistant superintendent is in charge until a new principle is named >>i am embarrassed to call you my school board members >>shame on you you had a chance
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to years ago to deal with this problem and you did nothing >>parents expressed anger during a special meeting last night lasting the school board for their handling of the matter which they learned about in a chicago tribune report. >>at issue is the inappropriate sext-ing and messaging that went on to a college intern who was shadowing a police officer as part of a school program when inappropriate behavior occurred he reported that to police >>the school board is now considering suspending the of the officer program ... there is
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a city council meeting tonight. a soldier from northwest indiana has been killed in afghanistan. 21 year-old private for its first class adam dobereiner of mali and died friday in kantar province. the department of defense says that his unit was hit by an improvised explosive device he graduated in 2008 from all in high school where he was a wrestler and football player. >>a chicago fire department paramedic was attacked this morning by a patient he was transporting to the hospital it happened while there were in the ambulance on their way to holy cross hospital officials say that the patient lashed out and paramedics suffered head and facial injuries criminal charges are pending
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>>a 20 year-old woman and baby are expected to recover after their car plunged from a bridge on to the i 55 over the weekend if police said the woman may have fallen asleep and lost control of the car had caused her to roll off route 83 overpass and land on the roof and middle of the eye 55 near west suburban burr ridge the expressway was shut down all the woman was airlifted to the hospital >>a 69 year-old hampshire man is dead after his small airplane crashed into on inc. kane county faa officials say that the crash happened during takeoff from olsen airport in plato township the cause of the crash is still under investigation >>the red cross is helping out after fire-damaged to homes on the city's south side five people were displaced and the angle would never have to flames broke out and said, 64 and selflessness early this morning as the fire grew flames spread to the house next door and
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firefighters were able to get the fire under control to staff to and the morning nobody was hurt 2 chicago area students have been named rhodes scholar this year alexa's brown is a native of elgon glenn and a senior at the university of wisconsin she wants to pursue a master's degree in english language and literature the other candidate is sarah smierciak and northwestern graduate she is an aspiring anthropologist who lives in cairo egypt where she teaches in a makeshift school and is eager to pursue middle eastern studies of students will begin their studies at oxford university in england next october >>coming up on wgn news next the mother of the so-called loan wolf terror suspect apologizes to new york city on her son's behalf members of the bipartisan congressional super committee
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the mother of a man accused of plotting terror attacks on american soil is apologizing for a son. 27 year-old jose pimintell was arraigned yesterday in new york on terrorism charges he was arrested saturday in a manhattan apartment as he was allegedly getting ready to build his first pipe bomb police say that his targets included returning iraq war veterans postal facilities and police stations in new york and new jersey >>he was motivated by his own resentment of the presence of american troops in iraq and afghanistan as well as being inspired by al-qaeda propaganda he was not part of a larger conspiracy emanating from abroad ... >>he is a native of the dominican republic and a u.s. citizen. investigators say that he is a follower of radical u.s.-born cleric and more of al-
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awlaki a top figure in al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula his lawyer said that his client does not match the profile of a terrorist his mother said that she is disappointed with his son and never knew that he could be involved in terrorism >>the death toll has climbed to 33 people in the worst unrest in egypt since the uprising that brought down former president hosni mubarak. for a third day police and protesters demanding an end to army rule clashed in cairo's tahrir square violence has been erupting off and on since saturday when police used batons and tear gas to try to disperse a set end. a health ministry sources that more than 1200 people have been one did the violence threatens to disrupt egypt's first free parliamentary elections in decades the voting is set to begin next week >>the obama administration is expected to announce new sanctions against iran today the new sanctions following a report
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by the united nations' nuclear watchdog agency offering evidence that iran is developing the technology to build a nuclear weapon the goal is to bar foreign companies from doing business with iran's petrochemical industry by threatening to ban them from u.s. markets current sanctions already prohibit american companies from doing business with iran meantime britain has cut all financial ties with iran over concerns about its nuclear program >>another example of the divide between republicans and democrats panelists on the super committee charged with the job of cutting the deficit said that they are not close to an agreement there are reports lawmakers will throw in the towel to day two days before the hard deadline of wednesday nevertheless some democrats are blaming the failure to reach a deal on a lobbyist who got all republicans on the committee to sign a pledge promising not to raise taxes >>the white house is insisting
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the lawmakers finish the job if there is no agreement spending cuts to domestic programs and the pentagon began in 2013 the month coming onak's the impact the super committee's failure is having on stocks and the results of the university of california investigation and how the school is react
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chicago ... the stalemate over the super committee in congress is really hitting stocks hard today listed logarithm markets are trading the dow is losing nearly 300 points right now investors are very nervous about how much the fallout from all of this will hurt the united states economy the 1.2 trillion dollars
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in automatic spending cuts would mean thousands of government jobs will be lost if there is no agreement by this wednesday and the ripple effect will be felt in the defense sectors as well as domestic programs and in private suppliers to the u.s. government the sole and increased risk to a double-dip recession with the added problem of the european debt crisis >>oil is now well under $100 a barrel in trading and gasoline as getting a bit cheaper down 7¢ on average from last week according to aaa the lundberg survey says that americans are driving less because of the poor economy and it is predicted that due to the global economic worry demand will be slow and prices will drop further this week ... m f global the bankrupt company
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may be missing more client money according to the trustee in charge of the firm ... people should go to jail over this one according to some critics >>research in motion says that some customers could not turn on their blackberry bold phones the company faces intense competition from lower-priced smart phones ... >>a police chief at the university of california at davis has been placed on the administrative leave for pepper spring student protesters to
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officers were caught on camera last friday spring nonviolent protestors at point-blank range those officers are also on administrative leave the students were protesting higher tuition costs 10 people were arrested before she was disciplined the chief appear to defend her officers' actions >>ice t pepper spray as a tool for diffusion like every tool we carry annualized we hope and pray that it is used correctly according to policy in that the after effects and a terrible >>to believe it was used correctly here? >>unfortunately i cannot give you my comment because of the ongoing investigation >>friday's incident has led to the calls for resignation of the school chancellor she said she shares the students outrage and promises a full investigation >>it group in portland is found a way to protest peacefully with their dogs the group was demonstrating against to banks
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in the area they also wanted to voice their opposition of how police used pepper spray during and occupy protest on thursday >>still ahead what coach lovie smith has to say about the injury of jay cutler plus it is now safer to ride on the cta with transit officials have done to step up security and live music as midday from canadian pop/pawnbroker's symbol last throw, prince. and last chance at medicare open enrollment, too. what do you mean? it ends december 7th. if you haven't reviewed your medicare plan choices yet, well, it's getting late. medicare gives you free cancer screenings and wellness visits and 50% off brand name prescription drugs when you're in the donut hole... it's all part of the health care law. december 7th? i better get goin'! [ male announcer ] medicare open enrollment ends soon. call 1-800-medicare or visit to learn more.
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[ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day. ♪ ♪ you will be watched. mayor emanuel is announcing today that the cta has finished installing security cameras at its rapid transit stations. wgn's robert jordan is live in the west loop with the latest >>one way to increase writer ship on the cta is to make
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passengers feel secure cities cameras have gone on in stations around the city ... direct and 43 arrests thus far even though some passengers still said they are slightly concerned about safety ... >>not feeling safe to ride the cta is a widespread perception among many writerscommuters so cta will be installing a security cameras network and all of the stations >>but passengers are skillede still
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skeptical about the effectiveness of the program but the mayor feels that the cameras work to combat crime and two different ways >>if it can help solve a crime and bring people to justice it will work and it can be a deterrent to crime it will also work and while these are just installed i do not expect a flip of the switch to changing perceptions but there are more commuters feeling secure enough to take the system >>that might make some people feel safer ... city officials say that they realize there is a public perception of the cta that there are sometimes problems but they also said
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that continued problem free rides will only add to the improvement of the public's perception of how safe the system really is >> still to come on the wgn news at noon it's cloudy and cool this afternoon but it is looking better for the thanksgiving holiday tom skilling will join us next with his full forecast
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we have some new radar tools in
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our graphics system so we are busy perfecting those today ... one thing we do not have is rain in the chicago metropolitan area ... we are in store for warmer temperatures this thanksgiving but before that we will have northeast winds and a bit of a rain shower tomorrow it will be blustery tomorrow. there's quite a temperature contrast around the country unseasonably warm to the selfouth and very cold to the north. rain
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prospects increase here tomorrow. the wind turns southerly thursday and friday giving us one of the warmest thanksgivings around here since 1998. there is a bitter arctic air wave of north but it will not dump into our area which is a good thing ... there is a warm air cool but it is not forming in the manner it has in the last several years said that is probably accounting for the milder temperatures this week ... it will be interesting to see if we get any colder showering into
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the lower 48 next week >>so far is a cool monday the amenity of 71% the wind chill temperatures 48 degrees with the water temperatures in the 40's ... just after midnight the wind hit 20 mi. per hour around the city. we will see more wind picking up later in the day 44 is the current term printer at o'hare airport 45 lead midwaythe
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temperature at midway ... during the day tomorrow increasing chances of rain we expect temperatures to hit the 50s across the area ... the high will be 47 today tomorrow 46 degrees '50s on wednesday possibly 60 degrees for thanksgiving ... pop there will be lots of wind and wintry weather on the west coast ... rain storms from the texas panhandle moving north to the southern tip of illinois ... be down state. downright chilly
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... there's a vast area of southwest wind that will bring the mild war mayor and later in the weekwarm air and our way later in the week ... we will look for wind gusts tomorrow morning of about 20 mi. per hour and that will escort the rain and here are the cells coming together to form that rain some producing hail to the selfouth
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there are very healthy thunderstorms happening there are formidable cells that are tomorrow's weather maker for here in the chicago area this afternoon mostly cloudy and cool high-temperature 47 degrees we have a northwesterly went 18 mi. per hour low temperatures will be in the 30's overnight during the day tomorrow wendy with rainy skies a high of 46 degrees by wednesday it will be cloudy and warmer we will have a high
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temperature in the low 50s thanksgiving will be 60 degrees friday perhaps 62 degrees within that be nice ... 1998 was the last time we had a 60 degree thanksgiving. it's time now for today's trivia : how many wooden blocks are in a game of just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea gas and bloating. with three strains of good bacteria to help balance your colon. you had me at "probiotic." [ female announcer ] phillips' colon health.
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>>that is true steve but the picture is brightening since we last spoke and 11:00 hour lovie smith addressed the media and said that while jay cutler will have surgery on a broken thumb his absence may not be as long as originally predicted ... he hopes to have jay cutler back by the time the regular season will end that will be a big boost going into the playoffs jay cutler was injured late third quarter in the game last night after chasing down an interception he hurt his hand making the tackle on the play not much was said after the game but a couple of hours after we had heard the news that there was a broken thumb on jay cutler he will be out for a while and now the backup quarterback caleb hanie who has not had a lot of playing time in
12:37 pm
his four years here in chicago did do a good relief job last year in the championship game so we know he has some skills he's been around for a long time he knows the offense and the coaches comfortable having him out there for the next couple of weeks. >>we will miss jay but will keep his spot warm and continue to win with caleb hanie ... other teams have lost their starting quarterbacks and you just work through what we have a good deep football team we're not based on just one player we have a lot of talent ... we are also searching for a
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backup veteran quarterback ... as well as a long snapper ... they lost theirs yesterday with a torn acl he will be out for the remainder of the year ... that's the story for now from hallas hall the detroit lions were down 2472 carolina but they pull within six points in the third quarter and that stafford hits townie shall offer to put the lions up one. it is tried again in the fourth. and at stafford evansrd the the fines brandon pantagruel for another one of his five
12:39 pm
touchdowns the lions won 49 dish 35 and the state tied with the bears for second place meanwhile first place green bay met tampa bay to stay undefeated >>members of penn state board of trustees are addressing the child abuse scandal that has rocked their school today the board announced that they are launching an independent internal investigation and the school's handling of allegations against former assistant coach jerry sandusky. the trustees announced today that they have named former fbi director louis j. freeh to head the probe the fallout from allegations has cost for university officials their jobs including longtime head football coach joe paterno. school officials say they did not do enough to report the allegations jerry sandusky's accused of sexually abusing eight children connect with his charity for at risk if he said that he never molested any of
12:40 pm
those children ... >>oklahoma state university sold in memorial services today for two women's basketball coaches in a plane crash last week head coach kurt but he and assistant coach miranda serna died thursday after their plane crashed in rural arkansas during a recruiting trip the pilot was a former oklahoma state senator and his wife and there were also killed in the crash this is the second fatal plane crash involving os you in nearly 11 years in 200110 people from the men's basketball program died in a plane crash in colorado and first lady michele obama attended a nascar race in miami yesterday sure round of boos when she was introduced ... mrs. obama and joe biden attended the race to promote a project on behalf of military families mrs. obama did get a standing ovation from nascar
12:41 pm
drivers before the race >>time now for your live illinois lottery drawing ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 228 >>here are the winning pick four numbers: 1 5 8 6
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heart transplants more quickly than others. researchers report that babies get new hearts more quickly if they are placed on the transplant list while still in the womb. a review of fetal heart patients found at least half of those put on the transplant list before birth to received a donor hearts one month after they were born that is two months sooner than babies who are placed on the list afterbirth the study found that once the babies receive to their transplants there were no significant differences an outcome >>more people than ever are living with the virus that causes aids and the main reason is access to drugs that keep hiv patients alive and well for many years a report by the united nations aid program says that 34
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million people around the world had hiv and 2010 sub-saharan africa is still the worst hit area accounting for 68 percent of those living with hiv since 1995 about two and half million deaths in poor and middle-income nations have been averted due to hiv and drugs >>overweight people eat less often than people in the normal body weight range but they still taken more calories and they're less active over the course of the day researchers writing in the journal of the american dietetic association said that nobody knows what people who eat more frequently have lower weight they suggest snacking may have staving off the intense humber that causes people to eat a lot more food [ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day gummies for grown-ups.
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is here to give us some great ideas of four thanksgiving side dishes ... we have some corn muffin mix some regular corn and some cream corn along with 2 tbsp. of sour cream we mix this well. our web site by the way has over 40
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dozen recipes ... >>i read that people in chicago are more willing to try new recipe is on thanksgiving by the way we are going to put a whole stick of butter into this casserole mixture you do not need to prepare your baking dish it will not stick you preheat the oven at 350 degrees place it in the have and one hour later you have your corn pudding
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recipe now we will set the oven to 375 degrees we're going to heat the oil and our baking dish vegetable oil as best we will in the meantime mix together cinnamon salt and pepper and 1 c. of brown sugar ... so you
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remove that pan with the hot oil that's been warmed and you place the sweet potato slices in the pamn you roast the sweet potato slices for 10 minutes we are going to take this brown sugar mixture topping and spread it over the top of the semi roasted potatoes you put that back in the oven for another
12:52 pm
10-20 minutes until tender the recipe says that you should drain those sweet potatoes if they are moist but i have never found that to be necessary before putting them and to the oiled pan ... i ed some lime juice to lots of my dishes near the very end ...
12:53 pm
this cuts the sweetness just a little bit this can be made in advance as well if you like the recipes for these quick and easy side dishes you can go to our web site wgn we will provide you with a link to get them [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain...
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and now the answer to today's trivia question: how many wooden blocks are in a game of "jenga"? the answer is 54. the last time we had 60 degrees for thanksgiving was about 13
12:56 pm
years ago ... if we exceed 60 degrees it will be the hottest thanksgiving and nearly 45 years. there is cold air waiting in the wings dearly part of next week it will get cooler over thanksgiving weekend ... now by later in the day tomorrow we will have rain that will pull out of here and by wednesday morning things will begin to clear up and get warmer ... we will have a nice thanksgiving day there will be snow out in the rockies but none here in chicago. the rain will pass into
12:57 pm
the south of us when it leaves tomorrow the heavy rain will be there the wind will be picking up to about 20 mi. per hour ... here's a look at the temperatures tomorrow the low tomorrow night only goes down to the 40's and we rebound into the '50s on wednesday as we make it to 60 degrees the latter part of
12:58 pm
this week. 63 degrees on friday and we will get a little bit of rain over the weekend with a transition to the cooler weather for next week >>thank you all for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon. we leave you with more music from sample plan. you can see them tonight here in chicago at the vic
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