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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 21, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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and within months weeks or days to lift patients in love find somebody to help them reach their dreams it before time runs out. wish upon a wedding. wgn news @ 9 he does not need thumb need >> in a town known for thumb off or down reviews chicago fans a great nobody wanted to see jay cutler injured. top story of around the country tonight what now for chicago bears? >> the first and get jay cutler broken thumb taken care of lovie
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smith said today might be back there before the end of the regular season and usually things are worse maybe this time and will be different you never want to lose your quarterback. spread it around the good yesterday against the san diego chargers, johnny knox and kellen davis but johnny knox also figured into the injury fell down on a route and in this interception jay cutler gave chase not every quarterback would do that that is what he got injured jay cutler is out and caleb hanie is in and the chicago bears play on >> we have a lot of things in place losing end are going to miss a great player 8. of time but ostensibly reliant on the running game more right now we have been relying on that quite a bit the defense a great defense
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>> special teams how we win football games are around here that will be the case >> could ignite a good teammate he works his tail off in practice never come plans does not call people loud just a good stand-up guy and longer you are around the guy the more you like them. >> you may like caleb hanie also this guy sat down next to you do not know who he was this is his fourth year when he has played he has been ok. a good arm and good legs has to make good decisions to hold down the fort chicago bears looking for experienced backup to play behind caleb hanie scratch scratch favre and warner too much baggage. >> scratch favre and warner has thrown 14 regular-season passes. has not done much, caleb hanie has not done much but all i can
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say others did ok pour themselves to frontier but nobody expects caleb hanie to be like that but they think he can do ok. more analysis and sports >> soldier field talking about the injury >> here for the game at 5:00 news back again tonight the jay cutler caleb hanie story continues to unfold fans are hoping to have their quarterback back in time for the playoffs >> do you know who caleb hanie is? >> to find out what fans think of the new starting quarterback for chicago bears you have to find somebody who knows who he is >> now >> i just heard that name the other day for the first time >> get ready to hear the name of a lot. news of chicago bears quarterback jay cutler fourth quarter thumb injury spread
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pretty fast today >> he does not need thumb does not need to use that thumb need for figures he will be ok >> more than 50 percent function in the hand is related to the thumb >> thumb injury is pretty common surgery at fast the best possible move no matter how it feels. >> that is what is subtle about these injuries some of them will present prevent pain and swelling early on but can still relatively function. not very well which kind of goes to toughness >> toughness kept jay cutler in the game injury quiet at first kept back up name in background >> let us hope that caleb hanie can step up >> looked pretty good in the playoffs last year not sure if that was a fluke >> optimistic caleb hanie come
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out and do his job >> is all that you hear from the medical experts each week's recovery from the surgery closer to six weeks they think because jay cutler can actually began at rehabilitation while in a cast however fans are quick to note that looking at the calendar christmas day game at green bay that is five weeks from yesterday. live at soldier field >> remaining at soldier field for six weeks. he did meeting between parents and school board members lake forest exchange comes one day after a middle school principal resigned over lewd text messages sent 2 years ago. >> much larger crowd at tonight's meeting compared to last night 100 people total
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parents and committee leaders calling on the superintendent and board members to step down mishandling of a harassment case. middle school principal. >> consequences to your actions >> admit rahm had alleged harassment case 2 years ago superintendent harry griffith and board members tonight say they will not quit >> if we had this to do over again we would have gotten a full police report that it would have been a no-brainer >> sunday board members accepted the resignation of the deer path middle school principal john steinert more than two years after she was arrested and pleaded guilty to sending unwanted sexually graphic texts messages and a photograph from his work cellphone to a 22 year old intern. working with the school resource police officer. the intern filed a police report had built handed over the messages john steinert sent over a six month period between 2008-
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2009. after a brief investigation in 2009 concluded taking john steinert word of what happened never proved looking at police report superintendent harry griffith and the board froze john steinert celery cabled work cellphone and undergo and counseling but they stopped short of firing him. and alerting parents until 8 wgn tribune report detailed the entire case last week went harry griffith says he saw the real story. >> worth taking a second try at on this incident that we understood it different serious nature that is today >> parents and others of the affluent north shore suburb says harry griffith and the board should have quit their jobs from the start >> fax were not properly sought is their job to seek those facts and report them to the public that is the entire point doing
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your job have not called him to act on his failures >> heartbroken over this. i think it is perhaps it did not know how legal of the matter it is but it is a matter of leadership and that is what we pay you people to do >> lake forest city council handled another matter with the case school resource officer never charged with a crime. named in the police report also making sexual comments to the intern in 2008. >> temporarily reassigned while not resumed duty until investigation is complete district 67 program about the weighted by the city >> in addition to the city investigation the school board president tonight said that she will ask the state regional superintendent to look into how the school board in lake forest as well as the superintendent
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had told their investigation. live tonight lake forest >> soldier from northwest illinois killed in afghanistan 21 year-old private first class adam dobereiner died friday can our province. department of defense says you get hit by an impoverished excuse me improvise explosive device. adam dobereiner graduated in 2008 from high-school wrestler and football player. >> mayor emmanuel announces a big increase in the number of cameras cta stations and attorney general lisa madigan a warning of a small danger inside many toys and tom skilling says there will be a chill in the air tomorrow but do not worry not think drastic for thanksgiving
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ack friday starts 4am! get the brands you love and over 900 doorbusters! buy tires, get a $100 award card. this 50-inch 1080p tv, $499.99. craftsman c3 drill, just $39.99. real deals. real savings. sears. wgn news @ 9 cta surveillance cameras now installed at all chicago rail stations mayor emmanuel crediting them with already catching 45 suspects robert jordan reports some camas are not making people feel safer
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>> cta all of those people come in the morning >> not feeling safe to ride the cta wide perception among many writers officials continue to install cameras at all station cta 1800 already with more to come setting up a network of cameras provide a safety net commander can use on cta property to prevent and solve crimes >> still skeptical camas will not make them safer >> not like anybody will actually be there to protect you at the time of the crime. they can watch after something has happened. >> mayor rahm emmanuel fills camas work to combat crime in two ways >> it is not bad for one thing. it can help solve something pregnant people to justice then it is working. it can help
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prevent crime. that is also working to give you an example the third and just finally installed i do not expect a clip of the switch to change the perception but i do know writer is up and that is a good sign first sign people feel they can take the cta >> cta officials say they realize it will take time to rebuild the public perception of safety on the cta but adding more problem free rides will do just that and to make passengers feel safer. west loop wgn news @ 9 robert @ >> more cameras installed plans to get new train cars 700 of them with cameras already installed. gov. quinn might be saying plant to a new report from his office cast beecasting doubt
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on how much money from gambling expansion would come into the state climate chicago would benefit more on the expansion if there is not a casino gambling expansion at racetracks. all degenerating what hundred $60 million not in the billions of that plant. threatening to veto the bill as long as it included racetracks slot machines. retailer target searching for new supply egg is after dropping a company allowing animal cruelty treatment of chickens captured an undercover video at sparobe farms leading target at mcdonald's to stop working with the company. super in name only committee assigned to create a debt deal deadlocked at the deadline. and sporting event many boos for the first lady of the united states.
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will kick in at about a year >> when congress voted in august to let the government borrow more money there was a catch a super committee charged with cutting 1.2 trillion dollars in spending over the next decade high stakes and dig by monday's deadline with low expectations >> we will see what happens today >> six republicans and six democrats on the committee all they can agree on was that they could not agree. >> democratic friends said we will not cut $1 more without raising taxes. and i think that tells you a lot about people and washington the whole deal is held hostage to the idea that the wealthiest people in america should get a bigger tax cut everybody else chips and >> mandatory budget cuts imposed beginning in january 2013 divided equally between defense and non-defense spending defense secretary leon panetta says the cuts will
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cripple the military after the deal collapsed president obama about to veto any attempts to roll back the required reduction >> the only way the spending cuts will not take place if congress gets back to work and agrees on a balance plan to reduce the deficit by at least 1.2 trillion dollars. >> as far as political planned new international poll finds democratic leadership approval dropping six points republican leadership approval down 13 points and it neither can claim even 30% support. new york terror suspect telling police an hour from finishing his first bomb when caught. 27 year-old jose pimintell are rained last night in manhattan the so-called global arrested today at apartment authorities showed a video of the kind of lapse he hoped for building a pipe bomb inspired by al qaeda targets allegedly included returning the united states war veterans postal facilities and police
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stations in new york and new jersey. uc-davis campus of viral video chancellor of campus today apologized for pepper spray incident on friday security officer pepper spray non violent occupy protest on the davis campus protesting higher tuition costs. two officers administrative leave president of the u c 10 campus conglomerate says he is appalled by the images. first lady michelle obama, what sounded like a rude reception at a nascar ceremony of the race sound like they were booed by the crowd you need to listen carefully. >> please welcome the grand marshall first lady of the united states michelle obama and dr. jill biden as they delivered most famous words in motorsports >> start your engines
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>> both nascar and officials of obama administration downplayed the incident normal response at a nascar event whenever any dignitary is introduced before the race. what would it take for you to eat more of vegetables? $100? next research suggesting you can be bribed into healthy living and later the cherrycharity helping couples.
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success in battling hiv the number of newly infected people is leveling off better treatment have raised the number of people surviving the virus that causes 8 to 34 million last year the bulk of cases in africa aids- related deaths down by 100,000 people 1.8 million zero in 2010 and some global health experts say the numbers are promising that handled it, up researchers fruits at it whole grains better sperm quality those who eat meat and high sugar products
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lower sperm quality. when doctors paid patients of your peers, altering risky behaviors prompting immunizations the so- called pay for performance model helps people quit smoking and lose weight. improving compliance with doctor's orders. >> do not pay anybody to do this thursday evening of food going to be very nice tom skilling thanksgiving forecast shaping up to be unseasonably warm.
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more cash, send it back! i'll be right here waiting for it. who wouldn't want more cash? [ insects chirping ] i'll take it. i'll make it rain up in here. [ male announcer ] the new capital one cash rewards card. the card for people who want 50% more cash. what's in your wallet? sorry i'll clean this up. shouldn't have made it rain. do you suggest if you have to put banks didn't lights up things didn't not a bad day to do that? >> we might have some fog and if we can blow that out with the southwest winds we might get into the low 60s. snowfall first time of the season by monday. not a big storm but enough to see the snowflakes. 60 percent
9:30 pm
of years have had a measurable snow fall a 10th of an inch or more between now and the end of november and november ends a week from wednesday. first week in december follows has had snow 98% of the time. that time of the year but snowfall is the last thing on our mind today short not a beautiful day the clouds broke long enough to give the sunshine but filling back and a storm lifted up the temperature contrast wide dumping rain over the southern plains in a moment we have a 47 degrees in chicago cold arctic air pushed to the north alive and well in canada out ready to pounce by late this weekend. 42 degrees in chicago 63 degrees at littlerock rainfall coming down and buckets tonight as the storm ... to the midwest tornado watches southern missouri showing you those in a moment to 42 degrees in chicago storm of
9:31 pm
the one that clips us tomorrow with northeast wind at all so prospects of rain fall particularly in the southern suburbs. transparent we have not had anything still on the ground but this entire area of united states is covered in snow nearly a quarter of the country still managing temperature increases to the west and it is swarming with a new storm to the west coast spreading it to the midwest later this week it cold blustery day ahead tomorrow 1 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago with a northeast wind blowing pick it up humidity at 79% with dew point at 36% tonight in chicago rainfall oklahoma flooding in some areas down there tonight and in fact they have water rescues under way roads are under water the storm left into the southern midwest the grand fall swiping us with rainfall and windy weather tomorrow averaging 14-30 m.p.h. but later this week should hit
9:32 pm
60 degrees on a thanksgiving gusty south southwest wind sprint and the warmth into the area a severe weather threat over a wide area southern part of the country tomorrow and yet if you look at the snowfall everywhere measurable snow fall. how is that what a range and weather? big red ball down south big rain fall down south tornado watch box looking at arkansas and missouri parts of oklahoma big brand fall and those particular areas and cloud tops up to 30,000 ft. 45,000 ft. a powerful thunderstorm and that area. here is a three- dimensional look at the storms. all lot of water in the atmosphere thing squeezing out no more effective rain producing mechanism that they thunderstorm. tracking towards
9:33 pm
the southern midwest. tonight there are a winter storm watches storm spreading the rainfall change it to snow and it will lead to flood watches a tornado watch and fog advisory's. many areas to the south and the storm was a mess up producing winter weather advisories to the western united states. first system the wind blows around like this going to get a good strong northeast wind to tomorrow rainfall coming up into the area pressure gradient between two weather systems once this goes by the guarantee hide cool hours of the morning we hope by thanksgiving afternoon how the fog forms again thanksgiving morning breaking up as the model is indicating southwest wind pact isobars. pretty good chance warming us up by thursday afternoon after a damp cold start. rainfall heaviest tomorrow. falling in the southern suburbs. snowfall
9:34 pm
in northern rockies and heavily in northern new england with the storm coming out sitting here for the time being without any snow fall the forecast to change over the weekend cool air, but the big canadian snowpack. parking over the area and spinning complex looking storm a lot of clouds and rain fall mixed with snow started as early as late sunday-monday next week a whole different ball game next week moving into the final days of november for the short-term cloud over chile tonight sprinkles light showers suburbs by a morning low temperature 39 degrees at the east wind strike that slowly about 5-50 m.p.h.. tomorrow high-temperature just 47 degrees. wednesday could
9:35 pm
start with clouds and it turned mostly sunny we open the afternoon with warming high temperatures 53 degrees. fox breaking up in the afternoon in a gorgeous afternoon conceivably you can grow the turkey out side fairly mild weather might be the first 60 degrees and 14 years. seven day forecast and a big change over the weekend later. that >> honoring true love a very difficult situation what charity makes dreams come true. wow. it's a great hd tv. shh. don't speak. i'll just leave you two alone. [ male announcer ] black friday's here. deals start thursday 10 pm. more electronics start at midnight. and we're open all day and night so you don't have to wait outside.
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9:39 pm
>> wish upon a wedding founded january 2010 >> since then chicago have married for couples free of charge most touching to help you understand you need to meet deshawn and monica >> 2006 lost my kidney on dialysis for two and a half years >> diabetic and eventually had a kidney and pancreas transplant. >> i was told that i would not be here diabetes and dialysis do not coincide with each other i was given a time you may have six months to live >> got the transplant taken 78 pills a day was depressed and fighting to stay alive. >> he somehow we connected with monica 25 years after meeting her and grammar school and here they are today >> lot love story devotion and years of medical hardship are
9:40 pm
the things that convinced wish upon a wedding to make this day happen for them. plant and paid for everything right down to the handkerchief >> to give them a day away from their illness with doctors at the medical bills just to be there to celebrate with family and friends to be married three other wedding is the group has put together have been tough beautiful ceremonies >> sadly that and then and neck are no longer with us but we feel so proud to have been a part of that and forever a part of our family >> allie overseas the chicago chapter of wish upon a wedding says in many cases the couples just want to have that day together most difficult situations batt but love can give you strength at indy and cockers all from which granters and the couples who have received we have seen that such
9:41 pm
an important part of the final moments that have together >> the odds are a lot brighter. the worst part of the transplant is now over. >> plant on three years married to the love of my life >> it was basically the unknown that was scary but now that i do know i am at fault for attending the doctor appointments and to provide it can to make sure she eats well it is just not difficult because it is our life >> starting in the life together one day one step at a time >> congratulations wish upon a wedding board agreed use applications submitted and picks one or two couples a year for more information about the group log on wgn news @ 9 linked to their site amazing
9:42 pm
story love that couple. going to be okay. a great charity. important holiday reminder not all toys are safe for all children attorney general next points out often overlooked item that could be hazardous and later in sports one local nfl experts who think chicago bears might just be fine with caleb hanie for awhile. [ coughs ] what is this shorty? uh, tissues sir, i'm sick. you don't cough you don't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. the nice thing about the tempur-pedic is that no matter which position i am in i wake up feeling good. it fits you so perfectly... it fits you. you wake up and you're revived and rejuvenated. it's just like wow! tempur-pedic the most highly recommended bed in america.
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wgn news @ 9 holiday shopping season new warnings of toy safety for young children lisa madigan and lead attorney joined advocacy groups to promote safe shopping guide says not just the toys you need to choose carefully but batteries that power them as well the ones that cause the most concerned button batteries if i did watches cash refunds of tektronix lisa madigan notes help easily they can be swallowed and how dangerous they can be >> as it comes out of them causing great problems and unfortunately, the way it is diagnosed pretty tough sometimes similar to that of flu or stomach bug symptoms >> full list of unsafe and recall toys and other children's products it think on the website safe shopping guide
9:46 pm
>> 7 day forecast with tom skilling a shot at snowfall >> going towards the end of the seven day forecast we might flirt with 60 degrees and kremlin turkey thanksgiving 13 years ago remember crawling get outside when it hit 60 degrees here in chicago if we were somehow magically hitting 63 degrees the warmest thanks giving it 45 years not predicting that but not totally out of the realm of possibility. current temperatures cold air and plenty of snow fall on the ground. rainfall in arkansas areas like that flooding rainfall arkansas eastern oklahoma today. that system is coming in no. by morning at a closer look at how the impact of chicago moving up to 3:00 in the morning morning rush hour with patches of rainfall southern
9:47 pm
suburbs there we are admitted morning by lunchtime heaviest rainfall the southern suburbs spreading over southern two- thirds of chicago metro area including the city by 3:00 in the afternoon evening rush-hour at sunset and finally rainfall. look at these temperatures a 10 day forecast. you can see it the warmer temperatures much of the lower 48 well above normal for thanksgiving day. southwest wind could push us up to 60 degrees keeping us in the '60s black friday pour all shoppers. things that begin to change cold air plunges a low-cost stop spinning up a storm that sits in place and by this time monday next week getting indications cold for snowflakes to be mixed in
9:48 pm
with rainfall watching that notice how cool its case wednesday of next week. far different weather pattern shaping up after the war spell later in the week tomorrow no bargain northeast wind rainfall 46 degrees 53 degrees on wednesday sunshine emerging and thursday could start deceptively scloudy could mix with rain storms after dead pushing temperatures by 60 degrees it could be 63 degrees on friday. >> happy 13 years >> yes we can start a tradition every 13 years and cut out that the naco cap could be a good number normally a miserable no. this would be good >> a baby gorilla born at lincoln park zoo and to veterans get free parse national audubon the council tonight's photos of the
9:49 pm
day. more photos available and
9:50 pm
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your back! >> i am nice of you to notice. how about that jayc utler. lovie says 6 weeks wants them back before regular-season everybody else says playoffs. anyway surgery for jay cutler hand and his thumb and five-six weeks in the meantime chicago bears moving forward with caleb hanie first stop is oakland this weekend jay cutler interview was so freaky it especially when you think about him getting up time and time again after all those games finally getting it together jay cutler goes down chicago bears not getting much respect now and not necessarily a bad thing. >> we do play good in that role for some reason just trying to prove people wrong we do play better we have been that way
9:54 pm
people always underdog us even when we went still underdogs. that is the way it goes for some reason we do good >> the next man up nobody is a backup everybody is a starter in waiting >> we know who it caleb hanie we have played with him around here not like we are going to just start running a different offense with caleb hanie going to run our offense with caleb hanie at the helm and going to win football games that wed >> nobody really knows what to expect from caleb hanie ltd. time getting ahead itself out there when he stays poorest he has done well what he did in the nfc chip chip game last year a lot of this is about coaching nfl analyst says chicago bears in good shape that >> going to be a major dropoff caleb hanie is a number to. you
9:55 pm
lose the arm strength and playmaking ability inside the pocket creative ability you saw yesterday with jay cutler in the victory over san diego getting it down the field defense coordinator this guy can't coach lovie cannot count this team out. key to caleb hanie is to protect the football just did not turn the football over. have to protect the football put the team and a good position the way the offense is playing it will be that every week. >> checking and the morning show today rupp sunday for also patrick manneley chicago bears a better read long snapper one of the best in football down to the year ruptured a c l free agent arrested taking his place college basketball. no classic as far as the irish were concerned back from suspension he was terrific 22 points for
9:56 pm
him missouri led sharks finishing brutalized no damn.tre dame. mizzou by 29. 87-58 and sid the kid sidney crospy turns after missing 10 months with concussions symptoms. on the board of five and a half minutes after they dropped the puck was a comeback to goals to helpers' defeated islanders 5-0 tigers justin verlander adding to mvp cy young award rangers sign joe nathan and football program arizona does not matter if you are jay cutler out their teacher had on this level this is not where you want to be. professor at western michigan university hang in there curls up into a ball until everybody stops moving. got up and got out of
9:57 pm
their kept on officiating. not a scratch. >> no getting out of that >> that is the news for monday night happy you shared time with us good night. hi could you read my list? it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday's here. why wait outside when walmart has over 2 million tvs in stock? deals start thursday 10 pm. more electronics at midnight. last throw, prince. and last chance at medicare open enrollment, too. what do you mean? it ends december 7th. if you haven't reviewed your medicare plan choices yet, well, it's getting late. medicare gives
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