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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  November 22, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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future and what is going on? then burt said dick kyle orton can't sources say it to the bears >> she wanted out of the room it was hard to see my child go through that >> convicted of killing a toddler throwing to the ground a former daycare worker facing life in prison tonight for the first time her father calling into question the deacon at the confession that helped convict her >> top story toddler death daycare worker's future top story >> there is an appeal planned in the case paul calusinski as his daughter should could not have killed a child she's called one
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of favorites. melissa calusinski at the melissa without her attorney questioned by police about what happened to 16 month old benjamin kingan. interviewed in january 2009 after the death of 16 month old benjamin kingan the woman questioned 25 year-old melissa calusinski now convicted of first-degree murder could carry a life sentence her father talking on camera for the first time says she was coerced into confessing after police questioned her for hours. >> she wanted out of that room.
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it was hard to see my child go through that. >> points to a telephone call she made after the interview >> daddy daddy i told them what i wanted me to say they say i threw the child to the ground i did not throw the child to the ground i could not take it anymore in that room and i wanted out >> no audio recording of that phone call but prosecutors say they had mounting evidence >> she made a number of different statements to multiple people >> in the video melissa calusinski 22 at the time at teachers assist that lincolnshire says she grew frustrated. later in bbdo uses the doll to explain what happened at >> how hard did you throw?
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>> like that. her father and the defense paint a different picture 16 month old benjamin kingan history of throwing tantrums at the previous head injuries >> nothing unusual about his behavior medical evidence contradicts toddler knott gore to kill themself cannot hurt them self calusinski's nauvoo visit their daughter in jail every week says something does not add up never in trouble with the law >> 1 favorite students always pick the child up and walking around with him. >> appeal is planned in the case also still a pending case to the story the owner of the day care still judith katz faces an obstruction of justice charge for encouraging employees to
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mislead investigators daycare was closed and reopened under new management meanwhile we tried to contact the family of the 16 month old victim but could not reach them tonight. one of the main players are rod blagojevich corruption case heading to present for merck blagojevich a fundraiser tony rezko district had a half years today by united states district judge convicted for extorting campaign cash from people hoping to earn state business prosecutors praised the harsh sentence defense attorneys were incredulous >> a very stiff and appropriate sentence we think it sends a message the judge indicated she wanted to send enough is enough with corruption and illinois message going to the community the message i think and the punishment should go to the public officials of using public trust >> tony rezko ready serve more
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than three and a half years that much will be taken off the pad and a half year sentence from today former gov. blagojevich set to be sentenced in a couple of weeks something to look at leading up to the blagojevich case >> it could be something that we should watch i do not think the governor wants to look at this as something that is going to predict his sentence of course a different judge >> rod blagojevich sentenced december 6th and seventh. the antioch high school wife high football coach in trouble over grade changing scandal. teacher allegedly packed into a computer to improve the grades up 60 kids mostly football players put on administrative leave. >> allegedly packed into antioch high school school district computer system in plaiting and
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the grades of 64 high school students 41 of them football players her husband is the head football coach. >> all of the great to be no 100 percent correct no permanent records transcripts or information compromised. >> allegedly tampered with assignment grades not final class grades in most cases inflated scores or not enough to make a difference for instance none of the athletes involved were academically ineligible to play better grade would have put them back on the field so what was her alleged motivation? >> hard to get inside a per head? >> 27 year-old a teacher at the high school for five years respected by her peers and well liked by students >> charge of tampering with computer records is unsettling. a positive teacher in nature just disappointing this had to
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happen >> was banned not accused of any wrongdoing and students we spoke with today are sticking by both of them. also teaches global studies the husband and football coach >> i can understand if you really care about somebody you feel anything you do is write i feel bad because if every single mistake that anybody made was plastered everywhere i do not think it would be fortunate >> has been in trouble before charged in 2010 with misdemeanor theft for shoplifting went to the taft school similar to traffic school and the charges were dropped >> white sox general manager kenny williams on wellcome house guest of the weekend a homeless man accused of breaking into his house drinking beer eating pizza taken off with kenny williams world series ring on the set today at $100,000 for wayne l
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field the third busted by police last night when he returned to police say left behind a hospital bracelet with his name on it and wearing kenny williams closing clothing and world series ring when he was arrested. former chicago bears starter kyle orton becoming back prepare jay cutler is for surgery on his thumb >> first of all jay cutler colorado from surgery tomorrow we have moved on from jay color without it is all about chicago kyle orton bears traded to get jay cutler in 2009 at the denver broncos cut kyle orton or has it on his way back to chicago a big deal in terms of football is not they get it back up caleb hanie in case he never sees the field and if it is kyle orton a steep learning curve has been chicago bear but never played
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for mike martz and that is a new ball game, kyle orton emergence tim tebow in denver. i remember when kyle orton was a rookie player here rushing into a starting role how could a guy be so bad in the professionals? reported to have interest and josh mccown and tj o'sullivan chicago bears familiar with the mike martz spam not sure what kyle orton be the guy but putting a waiver claim on him apparently. >> what does that mean? >> that means they might work can now he is a veteran some status he can kind of way and offer whatever offer he might get from chicago bears or somebody else some other teams looking for quarterbacks. we'll see what happens. >> tuesday that must mean a republican presidential candidate debate. doing that right now the white house hopefuls sharing their
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wgn news @ 9 tonight 11th of republican presidential debate squared off on national security mitt romney got into it over the drawdown in afghanistan at mitt romney looking to keep more troops >> the effort to keep afghanistan from becoming a launching point for terror against the united states >> but we have not done a good job of finding and articulating what the end point is in afghanistan american people getting tired of where we find ourselves today >> let me respond are you suggesting governor we take all of the troops out next week? >> i said we should draw down from 100,000 we do not need 100,000 troops >> in the debate newt gingrich had seized the lead in some polls with mitt romney second
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herman cain is third >> rick pearson is joining us with more analysis on the debate first of all you said this was different a lot of different opinions? >> yes this touched wide-ranging subjects patriot act to terrorism emigration racial profiling pakistan and israel a lot for the candidates to talk about and truly this was one the new lead to change in the republican field with newt gingrich out the front tried to come across as an expert patriot act came up newt gingrich got into it one on one of your analysis on what happened here >> i do not want a law that says, to come and find you want to a law that says you try to take out an american city we will stop at >> this is like saying we need a
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policeman in every house camera in every house to prevent child beating and wife beating you can prevent crimes by becoming a police state >> fill in the blank >> basically represented in some respects the two opposites newt gingrich defended the patriot act respecting criminal process to terrorism and threatening united states do everything in your power criminal laws separate issue and ron paul libertarian candidate do not want to sacrifice the liberty making assumptions and that was a constant theme that trouble with candidates winning on both sides >> people taking issue talking racial profile rick santorum and herman cain pretty blunt about this >> pretty surprised about herman cain the only african-american in the field would not use the
9:16 pm
word profile but said a question about pat downs at the airport how racial profiling is used and herman cain did not use the word but basically said you need to go after the people >> young men that muslims he said you should pat them down >> analysts they say who want >> met romney has been there all along mitt romney was basically silent for the entire first hour. i would have to say if anything it newt gingrich probably gained a lot of support and no mention about his eliminate child labor laws or anything like that a conundrum he has ideas over here but then there is other things that weigh him down >> until the next debate. bold stand to improve his community next 11 chicago pastor setting
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donations >> after pastor corey brooks received a baptism of water from the happens on his first night of camping out on the roof of the motel across the street from his church trying to raise money to purchase the abandoned building >> 21 day window to purchase a contract trying to raise $450,000 to build a facility here of benefit to the community >> only protection from the elements is a tent of blankets and he brought along his laptop computer to keep parishioners updated on his roof top vigil pastor corey brooks taking drastic action after a shooting occurred in front of his church and the pilots continues until the day at the time of the funeral for the 17 year-old victim >> inside the funeral i made an appeal for pilots to stop and four young men brought me their guns and we turned them over to the police >> pastor corey brooks to turn
9:21 pm
the abandoned hotel into a community center. $4.5 million church in non-profit institution the center would not be >> on this side we can do some restaurants bring in some restaurant chains to do some things community center on this side of the street going to be something to enhance the community but we are trying to do in the neighborhood >> admits he might need a miracle to raise nearly half a billion dollars in 21 days. >> not often you hear an appellate judge speak but when they do you tend to listen, appellate judge judge rudy garcia accusing one of cook county's most powerful democrats of intimidation judge rudy garcia facing first re-election next spring told me it thanks to cook county democratic party chairman joe berrios being challenged also the county assessor. judge rudy garcia joe berrios endorsed somebody else because judge rudy garcia ruled
9:22 pm
in a case against joe berrios daughter a state rep. and judge rudy garcia says joe berrios took the unusual step of sitting in the back of the court room during the ruling not taking his eyes off of judge rudy garcia. >> flat out to you think this was a payback? >> i would be willing to say convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that it's payback because of this judge jesse reyes now the slated candidate over judge rudy garcia de joe berrios spokesman said to contact the democratic party for comment we did not do that teenager in trouble determined educator forming a bond making positive change inspiring story is coming up in the later justin bieber to put an end to paternity rumors.
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the rainfall does not help but is moving out slowly improving weather on the way it nicer weather on the way with the sunshine coming back tomorrow may start with the kim list cloudiness but mixing that out and thanksgiving and friday look awfully good. statistics about 2% chance historical the 70 degree or greater temperature in the next two weeks. getting to that time of year where the cool weather will start to dominate however and today it certainly did a december deal to this under this miserable looking overcast producing good rain in numbers showing you the southern suburbs. sprinkles lighter rainfall north and west. you can
9:30 pm
see quite a change under way across north america remember how the cold temperatures coming into north dakota montana we pushed this arctic boundary back to the north plenty of cold there left to the lower 48 the call to stop that still chilly a round international falls. this time of the year could be worse. coldest over the snow pack cover 26 percent of the country according to an analysis this morning two degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. and by big margins 11 degrees warmer by thunder bay at meant at 23 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. north dakota 18 degrees warmer. but the warming has begun carrying us towards a prayer of 60 degree thanksgivings we think the day after tomorrow in the 40's across the area and the last of the strong wind producing dust
9:31 pm
indiana back through lansing double-digit temperatures wind fading northwest wind about nine and 93 percent humidity to point at 38 degrees hugging the dew point overnight could keep stratus in cloudiness into mourning we think this will start to mix out atmosphere by and large trying out could be for the clouds and fog tomorrow night into thursday morning thanksgiving day we expect the son tried to come out and win to start to blow mixing warmer temperatures like the 60 degrees we are predicting gusty wind weekend the cooling on the way complicated pattern coming together showing that to you in a moment could mean more rainfall lower temperatures flood watches a tornado watch in georgia winter storm warnings and the area heading this way trouble computer in-house model
9:32 pm
16 in. of snowfall higher elevations greater new england still advisories in effect opera elevations out west. that storm is taking a track warming us up. hale producing thunderstorms icons here last tornado watch 40 degrees at this hour at o'hare airport and 41
9:33 pm
degrees at midway airport. 38 degrees at this hour in the mchenry county cloudy skies kankakee rainfall downstate not alone with the rainfall but moving out clouds will break. and the model says pretty broken up unless in wisconsin. we think the next storm the next whether maker but in a good way initially mild pacificare moving across the country goodbye storm one hello storm to big pact isobar pressure system contrasting with high-pressure tron northwest wind flow might be a snow flakes mixed in a
9:34 pm
sunday night or monday. not a strong possibility to begin with tonight rainfall continues will diminish ending with clouds breaking the late temperatures down to 35 degrees. beautiful view of michigan avenue. mostly sunny windy milder tomorrow up to 53 degrees 10 degrees warmer than today. tomorrow night low clouds and fog in some areas. cool with temperatures down to the thirties but thanksgiving day if there is any fog burning off for the sunny windy could be the mildest thanksgiving in 13 years high temperature of 60 degrees all love to thanksgivings last few decades 60 degree temperature this would be no. 3. would not be back. even nicer on friday big changes over the weekend coming back to fill you in on the numbers. batt but
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hohow far are you willing to go to save a troubled kid's life? willing to adopt? cover story >> hustle and bustle pushing and shoving at all of the horsing around that goes on in most high-school always not the ideal place to find your savior exactly where it james webb found it very calais did not go so well the first meeting >> ipad on a white t-shirt not supposed to wear down the question to everything why do i have to do that? with that attitude >> coming back and forth of actually taking off that white t-shirts >> that was the start of his three-year attitude adjustment journey. the odds were against
9:39 pm
james from the start both parents died when he was only 2 years old his mother of aids is a father a victim of gun violence. lived with his on to the relationship soured sent to live with it brother not much older which did not work his brother led a street life leading james to fend for himself by age 13 he was basically homeless. >> yes it was brought >> the only safe place for james was school shelter walls upscale park neighborhood. >> not a big fan of his when i first met him >> counselor at the cat white school at the time his boss calloway despite ross rough exterior saw something in james wanted to help. poulterer to the side and explained his situation >> at that point i thought a child i needed that needed
9:40 pm
>> my savior. i said i trusted you let us do this >> karen fountain james a nurturing foster home more stable home life can better grades but james appeared offtrack a bid ended up getting shot hadn't out in the wrong place at the wrong time. it was then that james' brother asked tarrant a single mother a single woman in her thirties with no children to take a guardianship over jams. >> a lot to think about but i really believed in him and i do not regret it >> three years later now the assistant principal at james gpa jumped 1.0 to 3.0 on 4.0 scale than becoming a school leader organizing and mentoring students had gone to college next fall >> doing the things i am doing had to do this because of the situation, but does not take all
9:41 pm
of the credit for the remarkable transformation took a lot of positive adults to get him focused co-workers and friends at their family >> rest of his life my parents my family his family his grandparents they love them matter of fact i know he does >> counselors once writing it james off now the dean of students and one of his biggest fans >> a lot of support quite naturally flourishing cannot help but appreciate the story appears headed for a happy ending jams and karen want you to know >> it has not been easy. not every day perfect but it is a learning experience for both of us and i think now we are both strong her what we have both done >> i feel very grateful i just
9:42 pm
feel like i have everything i need now >> matter of full disclosure of a friend of mine first approached her about doing this story a couple of years ago but at the time james was has a tent one month ago decided wanted to share his story hopes to encourage other african-american families to open up their hearts and homes for kids like him to have a chance at a brighter future. >> starts at home. true. justin bieber is to clear his name what the singer did in new jersey to counter a paternity claims and later in sports interesting option services for chicago bears looking for quarterback help in the jake cobblers k friday starts 4am! find the brands you love and over 900 doorbusters! get $10 off clothing with coupon. extra 20% off fine jewelry already 60-70% off. and an extra 20% off all stand mixers. real deals. real savings. sears. tony, pick it up. you know i'm just
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[ male announcer ] whether over a cup of maxwell house, or a can of paint, you turned millions of votes and hundreds of volunteer hours into a real difference for over 100,000 people. what's next? tell us on facebook. wgn news @ 9 justin bieber took a dna test on friday to counter claims he fathered a baby last year now the child's mother mariah yeater provided dna sample from the 4 month old son justin bieber did not need to take the test since mariah yeater dropped the paternity lawsuit pop star's legal team says will not settle with mariah yeater and may sue her for defamation once the results come back. utah woman tired of being ignored by her video game loving husband decided to sell them on craigs
9:46 pm
list. alyse baddley is the husband joseph alyse "free" quite a response some men volunteered to swap places a woman suggested marriage counseling another offer to trade a bag of candy for joseph in alyse baddley says it was a joke. tom skilling has the seven day forecast. >> we have improving weather on the way not a moment too soon a horrendous day this was around the area now wonder if it was a mass snowfall in new england denied rain fall out of the area kind of interesting computer simulation of where the clouds will be as it stands right now overcast. these things thin out there may be a morning low clouds of operating today as the day goes on and the sun comes out will not be very windy
9:47 pm
tomorrow at the fog could reassemble tomorrow night as you can see up to 8:10 p.m. thanksgiving with faulk burning off quickly by nude and the rest of the day it sunny and windy moisture coming into the western midwest and illinois at night on friday at rating over the weekend from time to time especially saturday afternoon big snowfall in the northeast as you can see nothing like that for chicago flow caught off of arctic air into the area temperatures down to 53 degrees tomorrow 60 degrees on thursday. 54 degrees saturday cooler on sunday monday tuesday. temperatures may be lower look like rain will increase during the day on saturday may be rainfall scattered earlier in the day driving downpour all day at home but some bad looks wet so does monday. cooler weather
9:48 pm
next week but nothing barbaric. closing out november bringing in december it week from this thursday. >> i would say today was gross >> i like that term fitting that perfectly like a glove >> thank you tom skilling. governor pat quinn local food depository is and market prepares for holidays tonight's chicago tribune photos of the day. more photos available
9:49 pm or daughter of a military dad gets a great surprise. col. dan klippstein home in time to celebrate thanksgiving. soldier
9:50 pm
surprises homecoming please share with us posted video on the bedside for the holidays. that's me every single time blackhawks back to work looking to put saturday nightmare behind that hitting the ice in san jose and tom thibodeau spreading holiday cheer remember this guy? chicago bulls coach out of work these days busy doing good work during the lockout. usa prime credit... this peggy... hi, i'm cashing in my points... peggy? no more points - coupons now. coupons? coupons. coupons? next, you convert coupons to tokens. tokens? then you trade tokens for credits. and then i get the cash? then you call back. bye bye. peggy? hello? what just happened? want rewards that make sense? switch to discover. america's #1 cash rewards program. it pays to discover.
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now, that's progressive. call or click today. awaiting the results of jay cutler thumb surgery and call ronald tomorrow putting in a waiver claim for kyle orton let go by the denver broncos today not the only quarterback the most interesting because of his back story are originally drafted by chicago bears uneven career to put it kindly traded to denver for jay cutler and 2009 tim tebow won orton's job on broncos whether kyle orton or josh mccown or tj o'sullivan backup and not see the field unless up and something happened to caleb hanie. embarrassment and edmonton saturday night for the blackhawks 9-2 roasting on
9:54 pm
the heels of a 5-2 loss and calgary in san jose tomorrow night with a practice today the game time decision with him or without him the defense has to show up. >> an area we are not happy with part of it last game i think we ought to be sharper do not like the kind of goals we are giving up to not care who is on the ice and area we need to shore up with the responsibility cannot keep happening i have said that more than once >> a tough couple of games a great team we have confidence in this group just two games we have to stop that and come up big tomorrow >> college hoops notre dame on not relish its trip to kansas city falling again tonight to georgia not a lack of effort. a battle here in the irish shot only 34 percent in the end
9:55 pm
people cubs go ahead with the ball georgia wins. also carolina basketball fans state of illinois holdup and kang could for the holiday weekend semifinals of the challenge fighting ally not on one side of the brackett bruce weber crew taking on eleroy taking control early on the fifth year transfer getting himself open for two. six point lead and illinois called the board's transition richards lined up at halftime and his 37-19 illinois in good shape. the winner plays illinois state redbirds represented they blew a 13 point second-half lead on the rutgers but down the stretch freshman guard not playing like a freshman recant the lead at the next possession to the rack isu takes down rutgers.
9:56 pm
congratulations ryan braun milwaukee brewers nl mvp and big east now pursuing a san diego state would have to mean a name change and finally as they do every year chicago bulls organization including head coach tom thibodeau serving up a hot thanksgiving meal to more than 700 people pacific garden mission south canal street most years production luol deng lockout going on other organization members filling in tonight as for coach tom thibodeau all but one place he would rather have been on the bench coach in a game. >> thanksgiving about thankfulness togetherness the organization and people here pacific garden mission to an incredible job year round we certainly appreciate what they do. >> what have you been doing? >> usual watching a college game is watching basketball fell from last year working on playbooks usual things.
9:57 pm
>> must be driving him crazy cannot imagine inside his head. that is the news have a good night. [ male announcer ] in 1894, a small town pharmacist set out to create a different kind of cold remedy using powerful medicine and natural ingredients from around the world. he called it vicks vaporub. today, the vicks journey continues. introducing new vicks nature fusion cold & flu syrup. powerful multi-symptom medicine flavored with natural honey instead of artificial flavors and dyes. so you can feel good about what you take to feel better.
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