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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 23, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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jcpenney. instead the family of stephen nagy are mourning their son and northern illinois university student shot and killed at a party. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web nancy loo is live in dekalb with the top story >>police will not confirm that they have made an arrest they are only confirming that there is a significant development in the murder case which has
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shattered the agee family who is planning for a funeral rather than their traditional thanksgiving >>close family friends drove the family to the campus this morning for a counseling session ... the family is devastated their youngest son was president of a fraternity and about to graduate in may >>we send our kids to school to be prosperous and life not to have to come and see them on a slab at the coroner's office >>22 year-old steven agee was shot and killed early this morning attending a party off- campus the gunman fled the party packed with dozens of people
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celebrating have a thanksgiving break it's not clear why an argument broke out between the two but the family notes that it hardly matters now >>i'm not concerned about what happened and not concerned about an argument. i'm not concerned if they find him. i'm not concerned if they don't find him. i'm not concerned if he does a day or 100 years in jail it's not bringing my son back. to tell the police have scheduled a 130 news conference to discuss a significant development in the case that will not confirm that they have made an arrest ... mrs. agee has been telling us that they have only just begun to plan the funeral her biggest concern is not putting onions and the thanksgiving meal because her son steve did not like them >>steven r. agee is being
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remembered as a good student and a good young man at one of the high schools that he attended in the south suburbs muriel clair is live in chicago heights with more on that victim's life >>he spent his freshman and sophomore year at marion catholic school year in chicago heights the principle here remembers him well she said that she shocked and saddened by the senseless and and have his life at such a young age. >>i was really shocked it just so happened that steve stopped by here last week he was only here as a freshman and sophomore but i recognized him immediately he had a great smile. he stood out that way. just a great kid. he talked to me about his plans to go and get a master's degree he seemed very excited >>steve was a good student and
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just great kid he's one of those people that tried to be friends to everyone and he worked hard in the classroom participated in wrestling and in football he was kind of a wiry kid he didn't have the haft he needed to for the higher class's of wrestling ... but he persevered >>he apparently kept the team spirit going at northern illinois univ. ... and he did an internship in rockford at a financial company that company released a statement this morning expressing sadness and remembering him as an optimistic team player eager to learn. charges seven filed in a violent attack that took place at a red line station. officials of
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charge 18 year-old scotty strahan with battery those charges stem from an incident caught on video back in april. police say that he was the person caught on video punching an unidentified man at the chicago revenue from line stopped as his friends look on laughing. that figure was taken by the assailants friend to posted it on line. police say that he turned himself an and will appear in court later today >>the country duo sugarland has been named to a lawsuit in the deadly indiana state fair stage collapse. the group was set to perform on the stage collapsed during a storm with strong gusts of wind on august 13, 2007 people were killed the lawsuit is filed on behalf of the estates of four of the deceased and more than 40 survivors lawyers say that sugarland had final say on whether or not to cancel a concert due to the whether the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from
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sugarland its producers stage riggers and others associated with that show >>at least one downstate lawmakers as the political divide is too big between chicago and downstate. a bill was introduced in springfield to make cook county its own state. republican representative bill mitchell of decatur says that while cook county has 40 percent of the state's population mitchell says that cook county selected pat quinn gov. weld practically every other county voted for republican bill brady and he blames democrats for a massive tax hike abolishing the state's death penalty and legalizing same-sex civil unions all against the wishes of downstate boaters they say their voices are just being drowned out ... >>mitchell wants a statewide vote on cook county secession and then a vote of congress to approve the split
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>>aaa predicts 42 1/2 million americans will travel of the thanksgiving holiday this year the city aviation department expects nearly 1.7 million travelers to pass through o'hare and midway airports before the holiday period ends next monday new and improved screening measures are making things a little bit easier for passengers with the addition of special family lanes and children under 12 no longer required to take off their shoes on security lines it is a quicker tractor airport's security and onto awaiting flights it's all part of a shift in focus for the transportation security administration former white sox manager ozzie guillen was among those we spotted at o'hare today if you are planning over the holiday to travel remember to give yourself at least two hours before departure at the airport in time to catch your flight ...
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>>the daley plaza christmas tree will be lit later today. mayor emanuel is set to flip the switch and activate the tree's lights the 55 ft. colorado spruce from southwest suburban western springs will feature 5800 multicolored allie deelites and five pointed star perched on the top the l e d lights and the star will be lit in a ceremony beginning at 4:00 p.m. and the lights will come on a five you are heading downtown for the tree lighting washington will be closed to traffic between clark and division streets and the 78 annual mcdonald's thanksgiving day parade is tomorrow morning in the loop it runs on state street from congress no. 2 randolph you can watch it locally on channel 9 from 8 until 11 am and a reminder that our annual showing of the
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chicago children's television special bozo car and re wgn tv classics is tomorrow morning right after the mcdonnell's thanksgiving day parade
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coupons. coupons? next, you convert coupons to tokens. tokens? then you trade tokens for credits. and then i get the cash? then you call back. bye bye. peggy? hello? what just happened? want rewards that make sense? switch to discover. america's #1 cash rewards program. it pays to discover. immigration was one of the key issues in the latest republican presidential debate. the candidates get less not in washington d.c. for the debate focusing on national security. the answer questions on topics that included military spending pakistan, afghanistan and the middle east. and on the immigration question ... newt gingrich took issue with mitt romney and his hard-line stance >>in a later interview newt
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gingrich said it was totally inaccurate to describe his position as an open door to illegal immigrant and the estate as michele bachman campaign said in an e-mail to reporters during the debate. >>former penn state football coach gerry sandusky could be facing more charges of sexual abuse and that means he also may be headed to jail. he is already accused of abusing eight boys over. 15 years. he has been free on bond since his arrest november 5th sources now say the pennsylvania investigators have opened two new cases against him prosecutors file additional charges jerry sandusky will return to court and face higher bail >>administrators at the
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university of california at davis are trying to smooth things over with students upper sprayed by campus police occupier protesters were allowed to pitch tents and camp on the school's main quad overnight. students also held the general assembly to talk about last week's ugly confrontation on friday campus officers pepper spray a group of people demonstrating peacefully against proposed tuition hikes the chancellor of the huge california davis apologized and promised a full independent investigation >>the officers involved and the campus police chief have been put on administrative leave. the protesters are also demanding that the chancellor's
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resignation be submitted >>the occupy movement is rating upúy some big bills for taxpayers. a survey by the associated press finds that in the first two months of the protests the movement has cost city governments at least $13 million in police overtime and other services and some cities officials say that the spending is eating into their budgets and leaving less money for other public services occupy protesters said that they're raising awareness about corporate greed and the growing gap between the rich and the port >>the three american college students accused of throwing firebombs at protests in egypt will undergo another round of questioning today u.s. embassy lawyers will be present for those interrogations' egyptian authorities claim that derrick sweeney, gregory porter, and luke gates tossed molotov cocktails during demonstrations
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the protests are in their fifth straight day today the angry crowds are speaking out against the country's military rulers and egyptian leaders say that least 28 people have died and more than 1000 have been injured >>actor george clooney and soccer star christiano rinaldo may be called as witnesses in the trial of former italian prime minister silvio burlesque on meberlusconi.. he is charged with paying for sex with underage prostitutes and try to pull strings to get her out of jail and choose arrested for theft his attorney says that george clooney and christiano rinaldo are being called because they attended parties at his home
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chicago with a look at today's business headlines it is a down day for stocks they are hit with news of rising jobless claims and declining orders for big- ticket items and investors are once again worried about european government debt. the dow was down 170 points right now markets across the board are down including gold and oil ... the federal reserve told banks they have to do another round of stress tests 31 of the largest banks need to be sure they have a large enough capital cushion in the event of weakening global and u.s. economies ... stocks for goldmansachs are at the lowest prices and groupon is another big loser this week down 40%
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from a week ago trading at $17 per share investors are having a reality check on that initial public offering of that chicago- based company in wake of other electronic online competition >>bigger and bolder deals on black friday this year sears is giving out a coupon book with thousands of dollars in discounts ... old navy is giving out 3-d goggles so shoppers can find secret discounts as they shop in the stores >>don't expect a break on coffee there is a supply crunch things are getting tight after weather
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damaged crops from columbia all the way to indonesia coffee futures are expected to soar ... starbucks just boosted prices on some of its drinks last week happy thanksgiving >>thanks to beejal patel. so are you finding it increasingly difficult to focus it work? it is not you is that time of the year it's the holidays so how can you keep your employees focused unmotivated? jennifer weigel of trib-u is here with some ideas. >>this time of year if you run this shift ... we decided to go
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to experts ... people should be at work using that time to gear up for next year especially when you are working and your colleagues are off ... you get a lot done when you have to work over a holiday at the office it can actually be a very productive time. we spoke to business leaders and executives in the field they are divided on whether not everything or nothing gets done ...
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a good focus is on food the good folks at wgn bring in a catered meal here for those of us working on thanksgiving day. you might want to do a little bit of success mapping look back on the year your goals your expectations and then plan for the future year. one other ceos said to activities to increase camaraderie it's a good time to keep them centered with their colleagues.
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it is not really business as usual ... but you have to remember without customers or business in 2012 holidays don't mean much so keep working! to read more or other life lessons like this one go to chicago tribune .com/trib-u coming up next we'll live performance from the cast members of broadway in chicago's fiddler on the roof. and
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remember that you have until 1:00 p.m. to get your
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broadway in chicago's fiddler on the roof playing at the auditorium of their roosevelt university now through sunday ... three of the cast members broke hills chelsey lebel sarah sesler are here to perform a song matchmaker matchmaker....
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[music: "matchmaker, matchmaker from "fiddler on the roof"]
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so tom skilling we have something you call a temperature inversion ... >>that's right we have a layer of warm air and the cold dense air sits and within that areas of fog ... you makes out some of the fog and hayesze.. and then you get a warmer temperatures we are on the way to a warm thanksgiving in may be a bit overcast but things will be improving ... ran now there's a
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big storm out on the east coast and one on the west coast ... we still have a seat conditions here some hazy conditions here ... all of the freezing temperatures are to the north of the border in southern canada. but even they are seeing a warm-up as we warmup across the continent over the next couple of days. about one-quarter of the country is under snow right now and the
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big story is the warming trend tomorrow we have above normal temperatures nearly coast-to- coast. the extreme northeast and northwest will have cool temperatures in some cases stormy weather overnight we head cool readings in the northern suburbs ... do line is currently 38 at o'hare ... we have better weather on the
12:35 pm
way we have a sunny afternoon ... it will be sunny and mild for thanksgiving and the gusty winds will come back tomorrow at 30 m.p.h. 61 degrees tomorrow 62 degrees friday we may get some rain later in the weekend. saturday we transition to a cooler air into the 50's and it will begin to reinain.. that will go into sunday ... the chilly air will take up residence across the country and
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chicago will be no exception by midweek. in northern new england they had abby snow overnightheavy snow overnight there are winter weather advisories also in the pacific northwest @s@s@s@s@s@s we will get cooler sunday and monday. november is one of the windy months. we will see that
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happen tomorrow 30 mi. per hour ... today sunny and mild. light southwest wind 9 mi. per hour. fog will develop overnight. we will see sunniy wendy and milder conditions tomorrow 61 degrees ... 64 degrees for friday it will turn cooler over the weekend
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it's time now for today's trivia ... which u.s. president established thanksgiving has an annual holiday?
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on his broken down today. but the procedure will be done and colorado, where a pan will be inserted to stabilize the thumb. meanwhile his old team the denver broncos have released quarterback kyle orton ... and he could possibly return to chicago. the bears may claim him off waivers but there are 29 teams ahead of them in the way for order kyle orton was 21-12 as a starter here but he would back up caleb hanie now caleb
12:41 pm
hanie gets his first career start this weekend and he just spoke about the opportunity at hallas hall >>you have to take evanish of opportunities when they are given to you and that's what i will try to do and get the ball to the playmakers who do the hard work it should be pretty fun >>the blackhawks are in san jose tonight trying to bounce back from 2 blowout losses they were outscored 14-4 in those games so they spent a couple of their off days in las vegas to clear their heads defenseman duncan keith and ford michael frolik have both been injured but the r game time decisions that will be made tonight that's a look at sports your live illinois lottery drawing is next >>here are the winning pick
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three numbers: 2 9 3 >>here are the winning pick four numbers: 6 2 1 5
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harvard researchers looked at the impact of coffee drinking on endometrial cancer which affects the lining of the uterus they found that women who drank two or 3 c. of coffee each day at a 7 percent reduced risk of developing the cancer for women who drank four or more cups of coffee a day the risk of endometrial cancer was 25 percent lower that same link was found in women who drink decaffeinated coffee >>people 08 canned soup could be
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exposed to unwanted chemicals that's the finding of a harvard study showing volunteers who 8 canned soup tested for as much as 20 times the amount of bpa as those who ate fresh soup it has been known for a while that bpa can leach from plastic bottles into drinks the chemical is also used as a coating to prevent rust and cans it can disrupt a person's glands and has been linked to heart disease diabetes and increased risk of cancer. coming up on a lunch break we're learning how to brine a turkey
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thanksgiving ... john hogan executive chef at keefer's restaurant is here to show us how to roast a turkey that is not dry. >>this is something we're going to have to do this evening ... show us have to make this turkey moist >>in this brine is something you boil and then chill we are beginning with brown sugar to add the element of sweetness ... followed by cider vinegar
12:50 pm
... you are counterbalancing the sweet and sour and you want to add some salt to open up the pores in the bird ... and then we have some spices juniper berries clove black pepper cinnamon fresh thyme and fresh bay leaf we are introducing lots of flavor this way as well when you taste this you will take these herbal flavors. you will store this in the refrigerator for between 10 and 12 hours you will remove it you will try it
12:51 pm
and you will roasted at 350 degrees for what ever the recommended amount of time is or temperature of the meat ... >>i always like to try new things i like a different cranberry recipe >>this one has dried currants or raisins and rainier cherries and some cinnamon and star anise ... >>we have arrested carried squash with chipotle chile and pureed this
12:52 pm
another trick about turkey is that people want to cut it too soon you really need to set it on the counter after pulling it out of the oven for a good 30 minutes to one hour before carving that will make sure it's moist. i rested this turkey this morning and as you can see it's very moist and all of those of flavors from the brine are evident. tomorrow we're closing the restaurant unfortunately but i'm not doing any cooking and my sister is! >>keefer's restaurant is fabulous it's not open tomorrow
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but when it is you must go they are celebrating their 10th anniversary of month with free valet parking and menu deals for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again log onto
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[ male announcer ] tom's discovering that living healthy can be fun. see? he's taking his vitamins. new one a day vitacraves plus omega-3 dha is a complete multivitamin for adults. plus an excellent source of omega-3 dha in a great tasting gummy. one a day gummies for grown-ups. abraham lincoln proclaimed a national thanksgiving day during the civil war on october 3 1863. so tom skilling we have
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unseasonably warm weather for our holiday tomorrow. >>the son will break out this afternoon the clearing process is underway. the clouds will begin to break up as we go through the morning hours. don't be surprised if we begin cloudy but the gusty winds will mix and the dry and warm air and the temperatures will head for the low 60s ... friday will be mild and sunny but saturday we will get some clouds and rainshowers ... the strong
12:57 pm
wind will be blowing. looking at the wind roaring in from the north 40 mi. per hour across the plains that will be calling us off on sunday. we will get about an inch of rain sunday ... and in vermont new hampshire and maine they are experiencing in northern new england it snow storm. back here in chicago it's been 13 years since we've had a 60 degree thanksgiving it will be 64 degrees friday it will be in the '50s on saturday with cooler rainshowers on sunday. we have a
12:58 pm
decidedly cooler pattern next week. when state is the final day of november it's hard to believe we are approaching winter already. 70 percent of our thanksgiving days have been in the '30's or the 40's so tomorrow will be a real bonus happy thanksgiving everyone. >>thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon and a great thanksgiving tomorrow remember we're back again at 5 and at 9 and we will be back here for the midday news on friday ... watch for coverage of the thanksgiving parade followed by the wgn
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classic children's show tomorrow. have a safe holiday.


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