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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  November 25, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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you got it! for a limited time buy select seating and get 15% back. today in memory of chicago is a longtime first lady maggie daley. she passed away thanksgiving night. good afternoon i am steve sanders and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. chicago's former first lady passed away last night in her home surrounded by former mayor richard daley and her children prior to her death maggie daley
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dedicated herself to children's issues and the arts here in chicago she also gained admiration of many during her hard-fought battle with cancer here's a look back at her life and impact on this city. she was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast and that had spread throughout her body >>i am grateful for the kindness and concerned the good wishes and the prayer ... >>while the cancer was something she would live with every day she never allowed it to define her life should bravely shrugged off questions about her health >>i would like people to know that there's a much good going on and i feel very healthily even though i am still under treatment but here i am and i feel great >>but by 2009 her health began to deteriorate she suffered a leg fracture as a result of
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treatment and then she had to medical setbacks replacing the titanium ryan and her leg and she was in and out of the hospital but she was well enough to be with her husband by his side as he left city hall for the final time >>just one week before thanksgiving the cancer that she courageously battled for so many years was believed to be in its final stage her youngest daughter's upcoming wedding had been scheduled for new year's eve but with her mother's health failing the wedding could not wait and she put on her mother's wedding dress from four decades earlier and had the wedding last week >>she was presented with a to
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look in her honor that was her favorite flower she carried it on her wedding day >>this is something that i will treasure all of my days and every spring i can look forward to seeing this blown >>her single most important legacy can be found at gallery 37 and the umbrella organization called it after school matters she helped to create the program that provided learning opportunities for thousands of chicago teenagers every year >>we have a point to prove in chicago that we can make this happen for our kids >>she helped put these programs together and the whole city is proud of her >>there are thousands of kids in the city of chicago hope who owe a huge debt of gratitude to maggie daley
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>>the former mayor always described his wife is the strongest member of his family especially when it came to guarding their privacy she was on wavering about the insistence that the family have its family time. >>it took a little bit of persuasion on my part but i believe now my husband likes his sundays with his family more than anything >>it really is a gift >>the gift was to draw the boundary with no public appearances on sunday it would be her role as he played out his term in office >>it was important to her for the family to be able to operate as normally as possible >>richard m. daley had run
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unsuccessfully in 1983 a campaign that was marred by racial politics maggie daley did not want to see a rerun of that election six years later >>she was very clear that if this was going to become a racially divisive race she did not want her husband to run but if it is a force for healing that was something that she could get behind >>maggie daley grew up in an irish catholic family in pittsburgh her father was a prominent businessman and she lost her mother as a teenager in ohio she was a history major in college by 1970 she moved to chicago where she was introduced by a mutual friend at a christmas party to the son of the powerful mayor of chicago at the time he would himself was just beginning to think of a
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career in politics ... she is an account executive at a children's learning company >>i knew that rich had a passion for politics and doing good and i deeply admire that >>he's not just a bridgeport boy anymore because of maggie daley ... she had an enlightened cultural background >>miyagi raised a family nora patrick elizabeth and kevin the family was heartbroken when kevin who was born with spina bifida died short of his third birthday in 1971 it encouraged her to become involved in
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pathways that provided physical therapy to disabled children >>her concern for the disabled and having access to churches was something she got very involved in >>last year mayor daley surprised everyone when he announced that he would not seek reelection in 2011 many believe it was a decision influenced by the deteriorating health of his wife maggie. she had been his one constant close adviser together they made chicago a better place. >>such a lovely woman ...
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>>from the white house president obama and first lady michelle said they are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of maggie daley. they praised her commitment to public service singer initiatives on behalf of chicago's youth live on as a national models for how to create environments for children to learn and grow outside the classroom. her commitment to the children and the people of chicago was surpassed only by her devotion to her own family. >>joining us now with more on the passing of maggie daley is wgn political analyst and a host of politics tonight paul lisnek >>she was indeed the woman behind the man and she was a political wife. through the
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years she had causes and she was very dedicatedñ to education children and historic preservation of this great city. >>she did not push her husband into politics after the ugly three-way democratic primary she had no stomach for that kind of politics >>she is originally from pennsylvania ... her life changed when she came to work in chicago >>as much as politics is a dirty game she never really got into it she managed to stay above it. she stayed away from the fray and she understood what it meant to present a positive image.
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even the press and the media today has only good things to say about maggie daley as they pretty much wasted. >always have. >>sheila strack to remain positive in her interviews after she was diagnosed >>she had no issues about being photographed or filmed as she went about her business after her diagnosis she realized that she was sending a very real and positive message about coping with the disease. and she was
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very good drawing those boundaries for her family with that sunday roleule >>when she was first diagnosed the mayor was attending an event and i suppose he stepped out from annette and receive the news and returned with tears in his eyes he clearly loved her very much. there is some debate as to whether it was her health that kept him from seeking another term ... >>it's hard to imagine given the erasion chiprelationships that it
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would not be a factor in his decision he was devoted to his wife ... >> our coverage on the passing of maggie daley continues on line with stories and videos of her life find that online at and at the sight of our news gathering partners at chicago tribune .com. coming up next at noon the deals and the madness black friday shopping is well under way with some reports of violence at stores and police are holding a suspect in connection with a deadly shooting at a u i c medical center parking garage and a judge has agreed to the release of three american students arrested during protests in egypt we will be right
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mall this morning ... shots rang out inside a shopping center. if police say a fight began outside a mall in fayetteville and someone fired shots. one suspect ran into the mall and another followed more shots were fired inside of that shopping center amazingly nobody was hurt police are still trying to track down those two suspects >>and black friday got ugly in california when a customer pepper sprayed the crowd just before the doors opened at a wal-mart police say that she was trying to beat everyone in line with in one dozen people were hurt including several children a couple of witnesses say that the woman waiting to buy the new x-box 360 went on to make her
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purchase and then left the store this happened at a wal- mart in the san fernando valley outside of los angeles police are looking for the suspect >>new incidents in chicago as hundreds of people waited in line for the early morning deals at toys r us this store in roscoe village was a main the retailers opening before black friday the store opened at 9:00 last night the line snaked through the plaza near belmont and western avenue >>muriel clair reports >>at target and best by midmorning shoppers stroll the aisles leisurely looking for
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bargains some of them boasting about having ignored the 12 midnight shopping advantage and still being able to save a few dollars >>we got a door buster and we got here at noon not bad. >>there was a tv for $200 and there were only 10 of those so we needed to pitch a tent outside and get in line for one of those. i think it makes sense to sleep and >>i was looking for a camera the price is the same as what i am finding now as it was at midnight said there was no incentive to get here and the earlier >>we still have tons of
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inventory. we have plenty of substitutions as well >>shoppers continue filling up parking lots but none of them seem to be in a hurry and none of them are wearing a scowl on their face it seems to be going smoothly in the christmas shopping rush motorists may find it difficult to get a parking space at a busy mall. but take warning those handicapped parking spaces are reserved for the disabled secretary of state jesse white said that he has directed police to patrol retail center parking lots beginning today. he said that his goal is not to issue tickets but to make sure that
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handicapped parking spaces are available for people who need them illegally parking and a handicapped spot will get you a $350 fine jesse white said his message is if you do not belong there don't parked there. >>coming up in the medical watch the growing problem of staggered overdoses of from over-the- counter painkillers but first nasa is set to launch its most ambitious mission yet to the red
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police have a suspect in custody in the shooting deaths of a woman at the usc medical center parking lot last night >>the woman was shot and killed at this parking garage attached to the hospital there was a lot down and a security scare throughout the system ... we
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have learned that the victim and the suspect worked among the u i c housekeeping staff here >>the bullet and the shattered glass have yet to be removed from the hospital walkway with a shootout occurred >>police were searching for a suspect who knew the complex well a staff housekeeper who had been working at the facility for 15 years u i c and chicago police and swat teams worked together to ensure that the suspect was not hiding within the hospital ... the search through the hospital went room to room and we used emergency notification communications to alert all employees to remain in place behind locked doors >>our retain traffic stop at 630 this morning led to a foot chase and capture of the suspected killer it was not far from the hospital at 13th. a weapon and
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other evidence turned up. that brought relief to many at the hospital center they said that things got very tense during the locked down >>my mother was on the sixth floor when she was awakened she was told not to move she could not leave her room. >>the woman shot was a second shift housekeeper it is unclear whether or not she was on duty when killed. the case is being reported as a domestic situation and possibly a love triangle between the three members of this medical staff >>and indiana university student and two friends will soon be freed in egypt. prosecutors had hinted egyptian police a release order for luke gates and his friends derrick sweeney and gregory porter. those three
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students were arrested tuesday suspected of throwing molotov cocktails during a violent protest in cairo half the three attended the american university there and they deny any involvement in those firebombings also freed today and award winning documentary producer who was arrested while filming close to the interior ministry building in that city. >>is their life on mars? nasa scientists are now on a mission to answer that a brand new space rover named curiosity is set to launch tomorrow morning commission called mars science laboratory or ms cell is the most sophisticated vehicle ever sent to the red planet with the ability to detect signs of life after traveling 350 million mi. we will know the answer by august of 2012 coming up next with the bears' third string quarterback was doing before he got the call >>and live music this midday
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from guitarist and composer muriel anderson you can see her tonight performing at the mendelssohn performing arts center in rockford
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they could celebrate thanksgiving ... and that included the team's newest quarterback josh mccown will be the third string quarterback when the bears play the raiders on sunday he is getting a crash course on the bears playbook. he
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is familiar with the place since he played under offensive coordinator mike martz when both were in detroit josh mccown was actually coaching high school football when jay cutler got injured and the bears came calling >>with it being here and having familiarity with mike's offense i knew there'd be a possibility i might get a call >>the lions were hosting the packers but endomicon soo was giving kicks instead of thanks he got caught in a scuffle with a packer and was ejected from the game that shifted the momentum to the packers who then scored on a 1 yd touchdown run to make it 14-0 aaron rodgers continued his mvp like season with two touchdown passes including this one for 65 yds to
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james jones the packers won a 27-15 that lions loss could help the bears in the standings >>the 49ers and the raven's head coaches and jim and john harbaugh showing some brotherly love that was before the ravens defense pushed the forty-niners quarterback alex smith by sacking him nine times that's a franchise record for them the raven's sealed it when quarterback joe flacco found his tied into the end zone for a
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we're fighting for voices that need to be heard. for cleaner air and your right to breathe it.
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for those who want to quit smoking and for those who need them to. we're fighting for clear skies over every city and healthy lungs throughout the country. the american lung association isn't just fighting for air. we're fighting for all the things that make it worth breathing. join us in the fight at it was a great day for the 78th annual thanksgiving parade in chicago. the parade marched up state street with 20 marching bands 13 floats, circus acts,
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bozo the clown and santa there were also plenty of balloon characters floating up and down that parade route >>and of those green wreaths are once again gracing alliance flanking the michigan avenue entrance to the art institute of chicago the bronze sculptures were adorned with aluminum in 2009 and they wore red bold colors last winter but by popular demand green has returned for this holiday season today's the 20th anniversary of the original wreathing of the lions the flanking felines will sport their 150 lb christmas decorations until january 26th.
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happy post thanksgiving and black friday we have a beautiful day the wind is howling however ... today we're expecting to break above 60 degrees in many parts of this chicago area we have a nice day out there but we have big changes on the way this weekend there is a storm in the center of the country we are just on the edge of those clouds. we expect a lot of sunshine today around the area. the temperatures are coming up nicely. these are temperatures that will be more typical of mid october 20th degrees above normal ... 65 degrees is the record high from 1908 ...
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yesterday's 67 degrees in the morning by a wet and 78 degrees and, on nebraska >> we expect some rain this weekend beginning tomorrow morning ... we have pushed the arctic air wave to the north into canada but we will see more of it next week. here are the warm southwest winds coming into our area ...
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at times there will cost around 30 mi. per hour this afternoon. the view from indiana today a gorgeous day there ... and the snow is melting in parts of northern new england. currently we are in the mid 50s across our metro area. the wind is picking up. 53 degrees at o'hare and at midway currently ... here is what is ahead this afternoon we have some high
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clouds they will thicken tonight by 830 tomorrow morning we will seek rain in the western suburbs it will reach- downtown by late morning ... we will also have considerable wind gusts ... sunday will still have some wind and rain showers may be even a snow flurry ... we have the forecast of about an inch around the metropolitan area.
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we have a wind driven rain showers here on sunday that may change into snow flurries we will warmup began on monday but in the 10 day forecast we have cold air coming back on tuesday. we will remain cool into next weekend a decidedly cooler
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pattern is taking shape for next week. here is the forecast for the chicago area for this afternoon sunshine, strong winds, with a warm-up high temperature of 62 degrees. increasing cloudiness later tonight with wind. cloudy and windy tomorrow mild temperatures with rain scattered showers in the morning by tomorrow night it may mix with some snow flurries ... clouds and showers will finish off the weekend on sunday it will be cooler. >>congratulations on a wonderful
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new york times profile that call to the undisputed king of chicago weather ... >>what an honor ... but my sympathy to the daley family ... maggie daley once called me to check in on some weather before an event she was an awfully sweet woman ... having lost my own mother four years ago i can just imagine how the daley family must feel today. >>and now for today's trivia
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question what year were the
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and now for the official drawing of the illinois lottery ... here are the winning pick three numbers: 5 7 8 here are the winning pick four numbers: 4 1 3 8
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we have a 65 million-dollar mega-millions jackpot tonight
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researchers and scotland say that too much of the pain reliever overtime may be worse than a one time overdose. more than 600 people were studied as they were admitted to the hospital with liver problems.
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they found those who took too much of the drug over a period of time are more likely to have liver and brain problems than people who took one big overdose according to the fda it is one of the most commonly used drugs in the united states >>and the study says that middle-aged women who eat a lot of refined carbohydrates might reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes by drinking a moderate amount of alcohol published in the american journal of clinical nutrition the results were based falling more than 80,000 women over 26 years previous research has linked moderate drinking with flour diabetes but this study does not prove that alcohol prevents diabetes a diet with reduced refine cards and those who drink moderate alcohol
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steakhouse joins us today. he is going to help us do something with all of those turkey leftovers. >>i am rounding off some of that leftover stuffing and browning this in the pan ... i am going
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to make a roux i am also going to brown some chorizo sausage ... all this is going to make a great soup. once all of this is well inc. i will add turkey stock using the carcass from yesterday's turkey ... you would have made that stock with the bones and some carrots and onions you may as well make your own if you have a large carcass ... store-bought will also be ok.
12:51 pm
so when you and the warm stock into the roof you get a nice thick base ... you can also puree some of your candied yams or potato or root vegetables to ed creaminess or thickness to the stoop as well soup as well and you can also add some cranberries and chopped turkey meat this combines all the flavors of the day it's like you've got a chicken and dumplings kind of thing.
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>>this looks delicious clark. >>we don't do lots of turkey at our steakhouse ... but we have some great cuts ... you need to come and try that tomahawk ribeye. is there a side dish to
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serve at the restaurant >>people like our creamed corn and we have six cheese potatoes. three-fourths prime steak houses located at 333 east benton place in chicago for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again go to our web page >>we will be right back
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and major league baseball players to help train and inspire the next generation of volunteers. it's easy to start an action team at your school so you, too, can get in on the action. dolls were the must-have toy of 1983. >>i remember it well i was a
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weekend reporter and as suburban kmart let us and for an early preview ... >>what do you think about those scenes around the country this morning? >>here in chicago is it is a lovely day right now it's 53 degrees. there are strong wind gusts coming our way from the west. and the clouds will increase tonight rain will develop for tomorrow morning and will last throughout the day it could also mixed with a few snowflakes into sunday morning monday will
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warm up the sun will be back out we will be in the 40's and we will get new coal there by tuesday. the wind will be formidable 30 mi. per hour gusts throughout this afternoon. there is powerful wind blowing through the plains states we will see some of that sunday. here's a look at the 74 cast 54 degrees tomorrow 38 degrees on sunday it will grow colder by tuesday after a warm-up monday but decidedly clear whether it can be expected next week with cool air.
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have a great weekend >>and thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great weekend. we will leave you with more music from muriel anderson you can see her tonight performing at the mendelsohn performing arts center in rockford and she will be performing tomorrow at the downers grove north high school auditorium ... [ music by muriel anderson ]
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