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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 1, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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wgn evening news how could this happen in chicago mother wants to know how her five year-old child able to walk home from school by himself while apparently having an asthma attack. top story. the five year-old has now been diagnosed with pneumonia his mother of course worried about that but questioning how he was able to walk home alone while coughing throwing up having an all out asthma attack without the school noticing he walked right outside of their door this afternoon bell elementary school on oakley five year-old chris roszak had an asthma attack in class according to his mother the kindergartner went to the nurse's office she checked him out and told him to get his
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stuff to go home he took that literally and did just that not waiting for the school to call his mom he walked out of the doors and made the two block trip call but nobody at the school stopped him from doing so and that is something she would like answers by chicago public schools >> nobody was watching from when he left the offices could have crossed sidestreets it by a car not breathing down the street held the light bulb? >> those are the things i am sitting here why and my calling you tend to give my kid is home and you are not calling me? >> that is the mother stacy said the school told her did not know the school was missing. we are still waiting to hear back we will let you know how this turns out. >> parents who have children low
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performance chicago public schools slated for closing or phase out but that rep about those ideas today >> 1 protest outside the mayor's office of city hall school officials to on the report and i schools dyett on south side and crane on the west side >> mayor rahm emmanuel we are asking and demanding to you right now today that you meet with us parents >> a pretty small school about 600 kids we can house over more than 1000 getting them from that school was responsible >> the principle of wendell phillips high school could take the students from crane protest outside pablo casals grade school of grade in houbolt park neighborhood school slated for turnaround overhaul of the school private group manages often firing the existing staff
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three men taken into custody arrested for scrapping cards or cash >> police trying to spread the word: this operation hook them up into a month-long sting investigation and police are worried there may be other to truck heaves out there >> hidden police cameras captured video probably owned tow trucks stealing cars and vans and trucks right off of the street police say the tow truck stature to vehicles from all but the city keeps stripped the cars down a chop shops sold the parts sergeant >> 2 month investigation surveillance we did find tow trucks actually stealing cars off of city streets parking lots >> three suspects arrested and charged with possession of stolen vehicle 27 year old javier garcia cruz, 52 year old anthony mcmorries and 44 year old jose sanchez. various parts
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were taken catalytic converters tires and rims took them apart and sold the car to a scrap yard >> cowiche dantley jordan guzzardo wgn photographer aside with the story had his car stolen by a tow truck three weeks ago in logan square. >> i walked out to run errands early in the morning to where my car was parked and it was not there >> honda civic up in a week later at the pound tires were gone almost everything inside his car had been taken as well down the interior was completely stripped gone. two front seats gone. the back seat gone. everything a body shop would need they took it all >> what are the chances the subject of the story also the man behind the camera happy ending his insurance cover
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everything he now has a new honda civic everything is all right. good to hear maybe give him some extra money today you advertise did well >> did not need any makeup unbelievable >> court battle involving a community group sued the city of chicago police officers union jumping in to get the courts to dismiss the case the background central austin neighborhood association sued the city black and hispanic neighborhoods did not get the same police protection as white neighborhoods. lawsuit filed in october today the police filed a motion to cut student to have been dropped or response time nothing to do with race >> we are arguing that the decision to determine where the actual police officers are deployed should be in the hands
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of the chicago police apartment the alderman of the city of chicago and the community. not the aclu or a single by jerry division judge >> police union says plans to stick with the case no matter what is settled. look for the parking sides did not have to pay the fines parking ban in place till april 2012. some drivers woke up to towed cars and hefty fines this morning ban ensures critical routes can be cleared up when it's announced. areas every day three am-7:00 a.m. regardless of the snow. >> there is no money to get had messed my whole day up >> they give us attitude like it is our fault. but it is really not it is their fault they do not read the signs >> violators ignoring the bad pay $150 towing fee a $50
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ticket and storage fee of $10 a day that increases over time. no signs of winter near other than that tom skilling says a couple more days the forecast hello tom skilling >> slapped bears receiver devin hester out a fan about to pay the price also new app on the apple iphone anti-abortion?
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now that's kmart smart. wgn evening news change could affect aldermanic elections and changes it ward remapping under way a tug of war, the meetings take the black caucus against the hispanic to groups meeting separately and jointly we are told because today marks the deadline by the end of the official remapping process could stretch we will have to see about the timing the hope is to get 41 aldermen behind a new map a brocton red and likely litigation could be avoided. the issue the african- american community is down over 180,000 people in chicago
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according to the 2010 census and hispanics are up 25,000 that fact will directly impact the boards who will give is the big question scenario has drawn up 17 black wards 17 white warts and 13 hispanic wards aldermen say buried little about change but the numbers may budget slightly one way or the other. who will make the biggest concession yet to be revealed. >> we have put things on the table they have put things on the table we will go home and sleep on it tomorrow afternoon to hammer out something >> it is the important to note here that there are still slight developments but we are also close people packing up and leaving well into the 8:00 hour we caught up with the 20th ward alderman one of those who stands to lose the most. his or it might be one of those on the chopping block what he had to say.
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>> concerned calls concerns should not be as much as they have been projected based on the newspaper reports and what has been going on we are going to be on the south side not on the north side >> is a ward of love with people of the 15th ward have been the most in jeopardy as you can see willie could cohran the goal tomorrow how bay agreement and not next week a vote december 14th if they all agree. we will see. >> a new gun store set to open an oak park, gun store has the town's attention. windy city firearms shop owner says only handguns to police officers people want to buy rifles or shotguns have to place orders
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online about the of corporate the appropriate state or federal paperwork first nothing that can be done to prevent the opening of the store data hell are you going to sell guns whether our kids around? >> people have the right to open a store were a bit want to. it is indeed america. you are supposed to have that kind of freedom to open a store. >> the gun shop owner reported sales to the oak park police department on a weekly basis. family and friends gathering in the south suburbs tonight paying last respects to a beloved college student. visitation held funeral home for shop steve agee and killed during off- campus party northern illinois university before thanksgiving break the 19 year-old man charged with murder wendell phillips general services for steve agee held tomorrow morning a man killed in a plane crash did not die of injuries suffered an accident monday night 80 year old john bialek
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his wife and the pilot aboard a medical transport plane all three killed co-pilot paramedic survived official said john bialek died of a heart attack triggered by the crash. still investigating the cause of the accident. chicago bears and pled guilty battery for slapping chicago bears star devin hester at a casino, daniel rago attorney says his client is sorry misunderstanding mistakenly thought devin hester cutting in line in front of an elderly couple, i did nothing wrong in my eyes did not do anything wrong older couple virtue things of that nature and he feels terrible mr. kantor somebody else would have hugged him if he did recognize him he has a big fan >> devin hester not attend the hearing but court personnel says he was in the building just in case $300 and finds probation for a year at must also complete community service john bialek and then the management class. coming up ohio vs. illinois not
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[ dentist ] as jill's dentist, i know her gums are a foundation of her healthy smile. that's why i recommend crest pro-health clinical gum protection. it helps eliminate plaque at the gum line, helping prevent gingivitis. it's even clinically proven to help reverse it in just 4 weeks. crest pro-health clinical gum protection. why settle for a one-note cereal? ♪ more, more, more... ♪ get more with honey bunches of oats 4 nutritious grains come together for more taste, more healthy satisfaction. get more with honey bunches of oats. wgn news @ 9 ohio offered for sear's in a bidding war for illinois? not so fast the end of the story has not yet been written the latest on the seige sear's >> offer could be hard to
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refuse time on the clock but not much state lawmakers need a tax break compromise by the end of the month. on the future of sear's gov. quinn just a few words >> began an illinois should stay in illinois >> no question other interest is out there $400 million worth from ohio ohlman working to border sear's and 6000 workers away from hoffman estates the governor says illinois not be drawn into >> unfortunately sometimes other states decide to get into a bidding war and tried to board businesses away >> ohio offer would be four times what illinois has on the table and failed to pass in springfield this week. a package that would combine tax relief for working families with tax incentives for sear's at the chicago mercantile exchange group which also must have tax breaks to stay in the state >> stakes are high at hoffman
9:19 pm
estates for the sear's quarters leaving a gaping hole in the business landscape pushing the office rates near 60 percent. even the local school district offering concessions. >> backs are up against a wall right now. do not know what we are going to do the on not able to get some money that is bright but we do to the school district. >> latest statement from sear's, we are disappointed the duchess which was not able to reach agreement. >> i think the proposed help for sear's is more than adequate to keep them here. i hope we can put the movement together this month to get the job done. >> issuing a statement no comment from sear's or cme group but says the agency needs tax breaks packages from springfield or say goodbye to illinois >> catastrophe might have been
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aborted fatal stage collapse in august in indiana sugarland concert dispatch radio concerned about severe weather >> need more resources down there critical space is going from yellow to red >> seven people died fair officials said there were preparing to order evacuation when the state regained collapsed >> attorney for former penn state coach jerry sandusky downplayed reports clients. not guilty plea. sexual abuse accusations of eight boys to his non-profit organization port under abused kids >> the bottom line has been that jerry has always maintained his innocence since the first accusations and continues to maintain that in essence what
9:21 pm
happened with additional charges? have not yet happened remains to be seen >> jerry sandusky attorney dawes said however he would not be fulfilling his legal obligation to his client if he did not at least discuss other alternatives. especially at the state attorney general files new charges involving 15-20 new alleged victim's and charity for boys also a second mile has settled a lawsuit one of the victims lawyer representing the victim says the second mile must obtain court approval before transferring the assets or close down. under the settlement to the victim's opportunity to be heard in court what happens to the assets worth to be about $9 million. syracuse reports for the federal authorities have the field third field search warrant for former chicago former syracuse basketball coach bernie fine who has been fired molested him under age also another connection to bernie fine wife?
9:22 pm
sports website known deadspin media reports his wife had sex with players on the basketball team. and that there might be a videotape to prove it. deadspin reports could have been going on with players since the 1980's with one report says it was the right of passage to be with his wife. could an app be too political? why apple's digital assistant called siri is drawing heat. it really is the beginning of the end of the epidemic. also on the world aids day global efforts aimed at thwarting the disease.
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medical watch world aids day. commitment to wiping out the deadly disease. has been extraordinary advances. over the last week sadly announcements that funding for drugs and
9:25 pm
research is being cut. , united states president obama spoke of the commitment to increasing access to life saving aids drugs all while a red ribbon hung from the white house. >> we have come so far and said somebody likes we might as well finish the fight but the effort has been hampered globally by funding cuts still work continues not just to treat people with h.i.v.-aids but five possible vaccine against the virus that causes aids. studies continue on a shot to provide prevent transmission trial shows 31% effective women who use topical microbicide dues their risk of infection by 51 percent and government studies show early anti retro bible treatment of people the blogger and currently 1 million adults and children in united states with hiv >> those under a good treatment plan have reduced transmission to partners by 96 percent. the
9:26 pm
same drugs may be able to create prevent transmission in someone exposed to hiv but to eat has not yet contracted the virus. here in chicago today aids activists also passed out condoms efforts to encourage safe sex and reduce hiv transmission. chicago department of health provided 20,000 free condoms at five c t a l stops northwestern memorial hospital in efforts are year long not just on world aids day but making a world of difference. >> if we can enable a woman to have access to care access to medication that will control her virus, it will result in her not transmitting the virus to a baby >> every mother who is come to the clinic with hiv has delivered a baby free of disease since 1996. >> we have the power now to raise an aids free generation president obama and secretary clinton have said, we've really
9:27 pm
it really is the beginning of the end of the epidemic. only buehrle but to commit the resources. >> dr. garcia on the presidential aids council advising politicians about the need for funding hiv aids research how important our efforts to the cdc estimates more than 33 million people worldwide are infected with the virus that causes aids. back to you, coming up next a cold but quiet night is it the calm before the storm? tom skilling says despite milder temperatures could be changes forecast is next. here's a little holiday secret. there's only one place that has the new kardashian kollection.
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california state sent a lot of this powerful santa ana wind sparking widespread outages causing damage when up to 90 mi. per hour hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses and southern california without power and that recipe for wildfires >> wind blowing 1,200 mi. wide >> from texas panhandle to california cluster of wind blowing tonight stalling tonight in rockford freeport and
9:31 pm
it will be here pretty soon rating on the front and one not amount to much but some gorgeous weather lately snapping photos husband air traffic controller airport in wheeling took a shot flying across the city look at these beautiful shots of the gorgeous skyline. thanks to dan duquette and peter. former intern down in tucson captured snowfall caused a traffic accident one of many weather problems relating to the storm lifting from the midwest putting us on the one side for a good part of the weekend until later sunday at high clouds advancing system they have since #$%%# started to snow as we stay on the northwest suburbs. the group by mourning here is the cloud mass right here piece of energy
9:32 pm
shooting out of the system out to the west. showing you exactly where the snow with rainfall on the front side evaporative cooling and the brain changes to smell that is why the area of white is growing back to the quad cities and into iowa tonight in the meantime circulation with the storm in arizona southern california parts of las vegas. i went around the necks. it then moves into no. indiana add bulgur like moisture southwest were michigan as the day begins tomorrow the rest of this turned sunny turning into a nice day tomorrow. a big storm developed and we explained last night a real typical la nina pattern buckle and the jets' no. 5 in south lower 48 states this jet stream the way it roars
9:33 pm
south unseasonably cold weather into the west and this blow comes up here latches on to energy brings the wind at our direction. how this will unfold on the weather map high pressure over us tomorrow that is what we have the sound but look at the mustard flooding into the system swiping us with showers saturday morning partly sunny and windy in the afternoon into the 50s may be low 50 saturday and a rainfall comes in saturday night and sunday could be sprinkled at kickoff time with the chicago bears game at soldier field. frost and freeze advisories into the deep south winter storm watches the ball in from the northeast los angeles 8 degrees
9:34 pm
warmer than 24 hours ago but you can see the temperature drops to the west the begins tonight normal high temperatures this time of the year north-northwest
9:35 pm
wind and 50 degree temperature. the headline is for the snow and rain showers could bring some grilles that said outside called up to this corpuses northwest parts in our area to they will not last long and is 48 degrees today high-temperature 20 degrees a year ago ended dec. opened with a 26 degree temperature we began the new month and a seasoned vader logical winter season today on a very mild note with one of the lowest accumulations of snow fall on the books. for the season. in the last 127 years only 18 other years and all that time so little snow. indicate something for the winter interesting to see. usually turned pretty nasty snow and rain showers tonight temperatures down to 31 degrees below fraud going through fairly
9:36 pm
mild there a 45 degrees tomorrow stretching to 14 days on a string of above normal temperatures may be an early break fall snow shower in the end up mostly sunny and mild by afternoon than tomorrow night temperature readings down to the '20s and the forecast lost the forecast there. do not know what happened but i will tell you going to be showers in the morning party sunday in the afternoon up to 52 degrees of rainfall on sunday. if you want a graphic back in 10 minutes to lead that all up for you then. >> i love my graphics. you do not like to lose those. see you later. 5-for-3-to-one, the cook county christmas tree is all aglow tonight for president toni
9:37 pm
preckwinkle for the ceremony as well as at the very own robert jordan. children's choir from saint robbs chjeromes, children sang and paper holiday songs. popular smart phone middle of a controversy the apple siri called too political to do what and cutting out some costly atm fees one company's figured out a way to do this by adding something and sharing time with dan roan >> that i was 20 lbs. lighter and 20 years younger i would take this outside and bring it down nba basketball to talk about tonight. chicago bulls open for business hearing from the coach and the nba's mvp at the latest game against kansas city seeing you at 90 5:00 p.m..
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[ male announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers ♪ ♪ bum, ba-da-bum, bum, bum, bum ♪ [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up to bring you a low-priced medicare prescription drug plan. ♪ ♪ with the lowest national plan premium... ♪ ♪ ...and copays as low as one dollar... ♪ ♪ ...saving on medicare prescriptions is easy. ♪ ♪ so you're free to focus on the things that really matter. call humana at 1-800-808-4003. or go to for details. wgn news @ 9 apple digital assistants siri under fire tonight for possibly being too political american civil liberties union says siri voice activated helper cannot find abortion clinics. the group
9:41 pm
launched a petition says distressing that siri can point to 2 viagra but not the pill or help you find an escort but not an abortion clinic. analysts do not think it is a glitch >> media companies for a long time have made it more difficult for women to find a family planning assistance not the first time this has happened apple insists the omission is not attachable simply means as we bring siri from beta to final product we find places where we can do better. >> new food recall old or over salmonella concerns recall 10 oz pints and 10 lb. containers of grape tomatoes sold in united states. spokesperson says any packages without a green sticker all part of the recall no illnesses have been reported. nobody likes to pay atm fees and new york company trying to avoid
9:42 pm
that putting ads on the screen and receipts while atm transaction takes place materre shows a commercial another advertisement on the besieged or a coupon for local business so far only one free atm is operating in new york but more plant. coming up a dramatic did not go to plan and sports how he got background information on his new boss.
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wgn news @ 9 dramatic entrance for santa helper to not go as planned to try to descend from the balcony staged in the south toward a small but got stuck on their way down. santa fe to beard got stuck repellant year onlookers cheered encouraging words but santa's helper to free himself by taking off the fake beard made into the ground, unharmed cut a call from santa set to use the door next time. poor kids to solve that. where was rudolph? on the roof laughing? should have brought these lay down to
9:46 pm
help them out. >> pretty amazing. gary meier brought that up on the radio did not realize we had video of that period, there is always a big deal these days >> absolutely. where it is not right now coming into the city started to rain at the radar picture. where it is green and his ratingining tank it is now. take it is now the cooling of fact and rockford rochelle 35 decreased visibility is low also a good indicator of how hard it is snowing. down to 2 mi. at kenosha. when you get down to fractions of a mile you have a snowstorm. not so bad there will be snow in the upper
9:47 pm
midwest, in saturday night into sunday and the rainfall we expect almost half an inch if not more than that in some places. again early print fall snow shower mike linder after tonight's. early tomorrow indiana mostly sunny 45 degrees and tomorrow night crops down to 33 degrees clouds over could be a shout reports the morning on saturday saturday starts with clouds a p in morning showers and partly cloudy when the mild in the afternoon high temperature 52 degrees with a south wind propellant temperatures to the levels and starts smiled on sunday awakening to southern wind 47 degrees and one sector it will be drained off and on sunday morning in the early afternoon spring to land at kickoff time at noon at soldier field and might be a brief switch to flurries had a couple of snow showers on monday colder air temperatures coming up wednesday colder air again later next week. and really cold air the
9:48 pm
fall of the weekend. recycle into a colder pattern after the incredibly mild november on the books last night at midnight it was mild. students and teachers rally to keep schools from closing kantyeye west and jay z chicago tribune photos of the day. more photos available on our website or chicago
9:49 pm
coming up speaking of sports the nba's mvp some of his teammates back to work at the berto center opening up for business and lance briggs says he knows which of the kansas city quarterback the chicago bears are preparing for budde next in sports.
9:50 pm
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hello at this point it is a start out of the chicago bulls roster filtered said as the nba opened doors to practice of the facility. first one through the door, to thetom thibodeau and be the coach of the year has to find a shooting guard into the rotation before the season starts his group familiar not cannot wait to see him again you
9:53 pm
do realize how much you miss the players. not having them all around everyday it was tough we have good guys. but again the challenge was to maximize their time giving more time to watch film look at study a playbook to come up with new ideas to does it with coaches things of that nature. we will see them all d- rose first player to check in today arriving early part of after a near the mvp looking to add an improved post up element to his game and told himself responsible to the playoff loss of miami will give him all summer now that there is a labor agreement to direct rose cannot wait to get back out there >> i miss everything everything talking to tom thibodeau everyday everything about him pushing as a player berto
9:54 pm
people who work here and being pushed as a coach i know he is going to have a good year when the season starts >> college to an opening night big beast and c.c. challenge winnable home game against old mess for depaul university, second shot down 17 in the second half. coming back freshman jamey crockett from downtown makes it a four. game it was a two-point game with five minutes left allstate tonight and trip to green bay to face the phoenix a good game. matt bush for the flames' first shot of the night. green bay was up one with 17 seconds left, an update on defense for phoenix three-point play. loyola opener
9:55 pm
at wisconsin milwaukee ramblers offense of the challenge this year the case and then tonight only 18 points at halftime and milwaukee is pretty good that is ryan allen tony allen little brother. the blackhawks take on the i the bears tomorrow night and patrick kane not be centering anybody's with a cab back to the way with jonathan toews and victor stalberg and kruger, sharp, and hossa making up the second line. chicago bears ready for kansas city tyler palko no interest and donovan mcnabb by the vikings today but defense interested in terrorizing the kansas city quarterback kyle orton now breathing down his neck tyler palko ed and all sounds good to the chicago bears far as i am concerned continuing to seek either the lefty we are getting and lefty >> we have to play better did
9:56 pm
not play well last week 25 points and field goals want to take away we have to play better not giving up some of the yards to many plays expecting to win every home game >> baseball winter meetings begin monday sox manager robin ventura expects danks when a bunch of games for that and carlos quentin provide field we will seek theo epstein is the priority given to starting pitching already upgraded to help with the side of david dejesus who met the media this morning at wrigley field this morning david dejesus and his wife live in wheaton not be happier about how this turned off also looking for to planning for new manager old dale what's his name >> i did not really have background but i went on up with the pds and look at whawikipedia and look them up a lot of experience with managers who have won a lot of ballgames type of guy i want to be around last
9:57 pm
year made the playoffs so you have some of the best and dale all of the hitting in milwaukee excited for that opportunity >> social media get whatever you want >> no football's urinating tonight? batt but that is the news for this thursday happy you shared time with us. 1ú it's sears customer appreciation sale! doorbusters start at 9am friday and saturday this 42 inch 1080p hdtv is only $399.99 and this craftsman drill and impact driver kit just $99.99 real deals. real savings. sears 8o8gxo@úñ?ú@oó ó÷wo.v?f??k@múo:v@>é;÷çú?pnx/@n@?p?p÷ lupkpo@?@+ m@núnx@ux xóú?@óú?@ç0cprún@óp@úpíú[é=@=ú÷x?pw÷j@ó>múzxna@ñ@úo@po÷g@?uó?>po
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