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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  December 15, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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will not budge and political shenanigans investigation tonight even when lawmakers try to stop this and other more powerful lawmaker helps the bad guys. >> wgn news @ 9 good evening as you can see it starting in the newscast differently tonight with a remarkable investigation on the pension problem costing illinois taxpayers billions of dollars but we begin tonight with a no-brainer question. you take a job one day work qualify for a lifetime pension. that is not fantasy land and that is illinois it pension politics. who allows this to happen? most powerful man of illinois politics in search for answers.
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mike madigan is the king of illinois politics and this is his kingdom. nearly 30 years walked capital all had his name in lights knows how to work everybody who is anybody in the chambers. >> a great deal of power being speaker of the house but some people say true power outside of public view master puppeteer pulling strings. >> speaker wanted me to make sure we talked about the legal side of things regarding the bill >> no better example than a rare sunday hearing scheduled when most people had their eye on the chicago bears game pension reform >> it is about abusive and gross use of the statute i have seen in the state >> after house and senate legislators reacted to wgn tribune investigation exposed and pension abuse. overwhelmingly passed tough rules to stop lobbyists from
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getting a teacher's pension by working one day as a substitute and clamping down on union bosses. madigan himself bloated with the highly publicized bill. >> attempt to clean up >> 4:00 sunday meeting popped up out of nowhere stunt to some looked like madigan was trying to undo what 158 lawmakers had just done. >> not questioning anyone motives but from a chore constitutional perspective cannot do that. >> leading the charge sheet lawyer of mike madigan speaks chief spokesman and house clerk but mike madigan himself nowhere to be seen. >> we do want to get some reform done and >> it is a sham as egregious as this is double and triple dip
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working one day why the games? just let it happen >> governors coming and going senator leaders coming and going mike madigan has been constant in springfield. three decade reign of speaker of the house illinois pension system dead last in the country $85 billion in the whole two and a half times the state operating budget >> we do not have the $85 billion >> government financial group with civic federation >> the school the amount of money available for infrastructure for public safety all being jeopardized because of the irresponsible plan not funding pension batt but tribune investigation every piece of pension legislation since 2003. we found hundreds of changes some simple others ending up rapidly expensive >> the idea of retirement
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incentives for state workers thought it would cost $550 million. but so many took the deal because of sweeteners' of the state pension bill totaling $2.3 billion. or how about the pension holiday? former governor rod blagojevich top election teamed up with campaign co-chair mike madigan and using pension fund money to pay state bills instead >> it way of dressing up fiscal responsibility taken a holiday from fiscal responsibility >> we asked repeatedly to sit down with them and we waited we asked again and we waited some more. we failed. instead we got him. he is the speaker's long time hired curtain who keeps up mike madigan away from reporters
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like us. >> taxpayer story such a hole like this the speaker in office for 30 years not the only one to blame but where is the leadership in the building? >> we have made numerous changes in state and local systems last few years and more are in discussion faces >> but the changes have come too late and too little and when asked why it has taken so long >> not sure who is bringing up these questions news media brought up many questions about questions like why some private contractors doing work with the state getting a public pension? >> as a result of changes over time >> state employees working for madigan and the republicans taking a leave of absence to campaign for the boss and then buy back the pension credits >> is that fair to the system? >> they pay full cost >> part-time job equaling a full-time pension? consider the
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very people who got us into the mass the legislators a full one- thirdñ÷ of retired lawmakers have añb fatter pension check that working celery. some by taking on higher-paying government jobs called spiking stop that practice is the one reform mike madigan can hang his hat on, more than a decade ago >> not soon enough to stop this take a look at the former legislator from chicago and the southwest suburbs after he left legislative job went to work for chicago alderman ed burke riding a white paper about the pension fund crisis. 19 page report and in months of work earned him $12,000 but really cost us more. sweetheart deal between the city and state allowed him to nearly double his state pension. earning more than $120,000 and retirement and thousands of dollars more consulting but the city pension board.
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>> the fact we met the the the the system big benefits for elected officials calls into question what the public that it is and what the interest of the citizens in providing the benefits this >> bringing us back to the start of the story to the surprise on the hearing where mike madigan steam argued pension reform bill 158 lawmakers passed could not stand. >> some said that it was a retroactive attempt on the part of the speaker to in part to protect the two guys that receive the pension for one day of substitute teaching to lobbyists one approach used to be a mike madigan assistant at long time ago >> attempt to remedy the constitutional flaws of the bill instead the bill that passed out on the governor's desk. he can act on that to beside my guess numerous lawsuits filed a >> in other words no matter how badly some abuse the pension system state constitution says cannot go back in time once he
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gets a pension cannot take that away so everybody who came to the system six figure pension by double dipping or spiking salaries or working one day as substitute teacher to grab a lifetime teacher's pension walking away scot-free michael madigan has his say and during his 30-year reign he often has. >> during all of that pension abuse report foreform sitting on the governor's desk he can't sign the tell that or make changes for senate approval read more tomorrow >> a lot of news tonight chicago bears player sam hurd facing a second hearing in federal drug charges tonight the stunning and serious charges against him and what coach lovie smith and teammates say about the player they know and a deal in the works? remapping chicago wards puts aldermen at odds there are two separate maps to consider
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tonight. back to winter in the weather office. tom skilling working on the forecast so cold.
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chicago bears wide receiver sam hurd due back in court tomorrow after arrest last night try to buy huge amounts of cocaine and marijuana set up a major drug distribution ring and the area. federal court earlier today sam hurd the initial court appearance. federal prosecutors said arrest who makes $685,000 a year at chicago bear had a side job selling huge amounts of cocaine and marijuana in chicago area. allegedly wanted to grow the business but suppliers here cannot fill the quantity sel sam hurd allegedly went to dallas where he used to play and try to supplement the business. investigation began there and in the last night at suburban stakeout. 7:00 last night sam hurd did not realize he was meeting a special agent with department of homeland security. federal documents say sam hurd thought a new supplier for growing drug distribution business. mat at a steakhouse in
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rosemont sam hurd leisurely sot a kilo of cocaine with intent of purchasing 150,000-$200,000 of cocaine and $450,000 of marijuana a week to sell in chicago area. arrested the parking lot. >> had an opportunity to meet with the sam hurd very briefly sam hurd de to fight the case taking this one step at a time and day by day >> investigation started in july in dallas when sam hurd played for the cowboys' starting with the chicago bears this season nobody said they could see this, >> difficult for me because i am not into drugs or anything like that i know it has to be tough for him because he has his family. a choice that he made. consequences that you make >> caught up with chicago bears wide receiver earl bennett
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holiday party he threw poor kids tonight also surprised >> sam hurd is an upbeat guy happy to see this happen is tragic >> also talk the investigation is far reaching and that more and ballplayers might be involved. coach lovie smith says no way >> i would really be shocked and i know there is nobody else was involved >> tonight sam hurd federal lockup waiting put a bail hearing tomorrow afternoon attorney confident he'll walk out of court to face charges in dallas. >> going to texas >> does not look like sam hurd will fight extradition his wife in court tonight the couple has a daughter. sam hurd aveces 5-40 years in prison if convicted. calls for a special prosecutor to investigate a homicide case involving one of richard daley that use. roderick macarthur justice center at better government association asked
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special prosecutor to look into the death of david koschman, david koschman daily and that you rj vanecko identified near division and got into a fight david koschman if this had on the pavement and died 11 days later from injuries. after initial investigation of the victim's mother said felt she needed more. >> i go there often telling him i am sorry that i did not fight for him. it was a difficult thing for me to do fighting to save myselfthinking to reporters in new stations the fight is still here >> chicago police the public and state attorney operas have not commented on request for special prosecutor roderick macarthur justice center say the investigation into david koschman death was compromised. >> police say a teenaged boy lived a nightmare with mother and fiancee treatment reportedly show bad that if convicted the
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couple could get 20 years in prison old indiana police have charged the mother tina graham @ beyonce vernon widner with 16 counts of felony child abuse vernon widner accused of choking the boy the couple about allegedly kept in dog colonel and tried to cut off his private parts child services removed to turn to public last fall now keeping him in protective custody. coming up dueling maps aldermen at different groups file maps of their like to see the city divided up of the will of our resolve itself and there is a deadline and who is missing from the new obama family photo? the money i save with
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wgn news @ 9 showdown brewing at city hall aldermen wrangling over how wards should be cut up. it happened out tonight that could even the battle continues they say a few percentage points off here and there but still no compromise. we have a map that represents every ethnic and racial group in chicago and a fair way >> latino caucus filed its own map after weeks of negotiations failed aldermen bob fioretti is back in the latino map because he says in despair >> dealing with population decreases in the african-
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american community and the white community and makes up for what we have seen a latino community >> in response black caucus filing its own version setting stage for a heated showdown in january 41 votes referendum could cost taxpayers $30 million. >> we continue to do that negotiate in good faith to come up with a compromise that satisfies the needs of the latino african american community at also fair to our other colleagues >> aldermanic dick mell man of the city council rules committee >> afterwards we will come back how the city council meeting have another discussion on the floor and have up and down vote >> alderman says hopes that will be three public hearings on the south side north side and another at city hall times and locations have not been set but it will take place before the city council meeting in january
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reporting from city hall wgn news @ 9 >> possible delays orange barrels on the illinois tollway next year but a balanced budget. tollway officials have started over $600 million worth of capital projects. including $130 million in construction contracts for roadway and bridge rehabilitation work. budget passed during vote despite some concerns not enough participation from minority and women owned construction firms. washington congressional negotiations deal to fund the federal government to the end of next september however at the same negotiators still try to reach a deal on a payroll tax cut jobless benefit extension bill lasted for more than a year. as a fallback also considering a two month extension. coming up the latest skin cancer trigger what seems to aggravate the deadly disease and going to do broadway at 65 mi. per hour for 11 mi. chicago driver countless lives in
9:22 pm
jeopardy on a local highway including one of our very own at wgn. last gop debate before the caucus there has been so many tonight republican candidates when they stand. rick pearson is next.
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tonight's medical watch a startling statistics about abuse at the hands of loved ones. one out of fort when it admits being attacked by husband or boyfriend. center for disease control track and intimate partner violence extremely high numbers for the physical and sexual abuse as many as one out of three women said during a lifetime they were raped hit or stop by their partner compared to one out of 10 format. tracking progression of multiple
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sclerosis doctor said it searching brand for iron they can make stronger predictions about the disease using its triple a strike m r i scans doctors measured iron levels in the area of the brain responsible for relaying messages when there was too much tired ms patient suffered greater physical disability while necessary in the brand at high levels toxic to brain cells high levels detected in patients with various narrow degenerative diseases. until now no way to measure iron in the brand. smoke in the lungs may translate to a cancer on the scant new study a link between smoking and skin cancer. women who smoked 20 years to double the chance of diagnosed with skin cancer than non-smokers men who smoke have a modest increase in skin cancer. study published in journal cancer causes control offers one more reason for smokers to kick the habit. back to you >> cold weather has settled in,
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x]xçz=zz@ú ?@?ú70ó40o÷úl@w@pnp9úñpñxtp>úwxpuçúmúñú]@@>xo@mxk@=ú?@çxú7oúu@wúopm@'8? ñúp@/úó w?pí ñ.ñ,g>nnoúytoúwñwhwú/ú>÷óú=÷%@÷@wúg@t÷.pk wojypñnplx/÷o@çpó@k@> m=óopoú[@dw÷oún = @gp?úiwgn news @ 9 the amateurs are spiraling >>, the date is smack in the face reality check temperatures spiraling incredible december we have had. 3:00 this morning it
9:29 pm
was 57 degrees that is only 8 degrees away from a record broke a record in madison wisconsin 52 degrees. boy is all over right now going into a seasonal brand of cold air under the heavy cloud cover. we may even have alberta clipper track across the area most of the snow passing north but we could be brushed by flurries tomorrow night and saturday. warming up another big rain system coming together next week around tuesday. clouds under today and this tells the story here, a temperature change the chart 20 degrees colder than 24 hours ago and that not all alone virtually the entire heartland of the country cold air plunging down to the gulf coast as you can see. look at the wind finally starting to let up. blank signs down a grand rapids cost at this hour still going 40 mi. per hour 38 mi. per
9:30 pm
hour gusts at marquette. where we stand right now gusts earlier in the day at 40 mi. per hour come down. 42 degrees the daytime high temperature today. and the big reservoir of cold air h.l. spending it to the midwest. 34 degrees 23 degrees and minneapolis and 70 degrees alexandria could be a lot worse. factor in the wind and wind chill looks like this across the midwest. 11 degrees in the twin cities and wind chill close and the chicago area. if you factor in the big chill the drop in temperatures between early this morning and this afternoon made it feel like a drop of almost 35 degrees. the gale warnings on the lake and wind advisories across the lake late to affect winter weather advisories blown into the area. accumulating down
9:31 pm
of the great lakes. a sign of the *. and look at the rainfall from the storm yesterday almost 3.77 in. not almost that was exact and indiana. 2 in. of rainfall or more in some areas. high temperatures in the '50s and early this morning before the sunshine came up current temperatures look at the wind gust across the metropolitan area other gusts as high today as 47 mi. per hour. 34 degrees tonight at o'hare airport. 32 degrees and clara 10 hells at the kendry county 31 degrees. forecast for sunshine back tomorrow but the chill is in place now at a seasonal brand of chill. a couple degrees above average warming up turning windy later in the day on sunday but the next five days forecast by various models 6 degrees above normal at 6-10 day outlook for
9:32 pm
0.6 degree surplus. the jet stream, and bring in the cool air. you can see the system right down here this thing will affect the beach early next week 1 of 2 weather systems we will watch carefully. depending on how to move. we can get rainfall and a smell looking like the first one will be mostly rain fall. the band is coming down with the speed cost forecast at midnight by morning in the teens and look at the wind have died down by lunchtime tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon at single-digit wind a big improvement on that front. temperatures tonight going down to the twenties as you can see across the area. tomorrow into the thirties when they should be this time of the year. a look at current temperatures sot zero readings and canada no inclination to come down in our area. rainfall out of here yesterday. another wave of
9:33 pm
rainfall swiping the southern midwest and these are lake affects nose blowing into the upper midwest but out here in california and once again funnel clouds of the coast and hail. important because the weather system lifting of the next week. in the meantime high pressure is in place this disturbance coming down tomorrow night. most of this note goes north into wisconsin and that the pacific air runs across the country on sunday and wanted us up that. could be a flurry tomorrow night and saturday have not spoke much about systems like that because the weather has been so unusual. clouds are breaking and colder tonight gusty wind easing at the low 20's and lead of around 30 degrees in the loop. 27 degrees at o'hare airport with gorgeous friday more sunshine but cool not as near as windy and fair weather clouds high temperature 36 degrees to win back to the southwest and the afternoon and a cloud over flurries tomorrow
9:34 pm
night the same thing on saturday tomorrow night into the 20s. at 44 degrees forecast on sunday with a 40 degree kickoff time. temperature at soldier field. good football weather and not bad at all telling you about the system next week and looking towards christmas once again. coming up republicans alike added one more time before the caucus knocking out of the presidential race who made the greater gains tonight at president obama new family photograph-a familiar face.
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honey instead of artificial flavors and dyes. so you can feel good about what you take to feel better. wgn news @ 9 have had for leadership experiences of my life leading at the prizes on want to use that experience to get america right again and i will do that as president. >> leadership is the key when you have a radical a campaign chief who does not do the job of president too busy trying to run for re-election constitution cannot work. >> shocked listening to >> what you heard that the debate bare knuckles debate for republicans the last one for right now >> chicago tribune political reporter first assault rick pearson first assault on president obama
9:38 pm
>> no. 17 by the way of the debates. the big number 17. last debate recognition of newt gingrich was propositioned people taking shots at hand still taking a subtle jabs but much more quiet sent as appears to be too can grich or mitt romney wants to make no fatal mistake going into the pockets on gentry third >> 17 debates anything out of this? other producing anything? >> they are being watched all lot and saw people in the state of iowa who say the debates might have made the need unnoticeable fall lot of candidates visits to iowa. >> winners and losers? anybody in the lead tonight? >> no but one interesting thing is new to the grich numbers are starting to fall and ron paul and stronger but he can and hard-hitting attacks over his position as basically against
9:39 pm
war funding wars that we did not need to fight as he says talking about the idea of what would the united states p to iran up a nuclear weapon he taught himself by himself on stage basically saying why do we need to fight another war? >> rick perry something interesting to say he calls this hail mary pass belltake a listen to this. ok we do not have that bud explained >> basically compared himself to be in the tim tebow of the iowa caucus performance has been criticized often when it comes to producing a victory and results i am the guy. batt but people stood up and said he does not have the right front mechanisms not plan to begin the right way and he won two national chanda chips and that looked pretty good we were the national champions of job
9:40 pm
creation in texas and ready for the next level per did i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucus >> attempt to get the sound tim bite a little sound ti tebow got that in the and the bottom line a couple more debates newt gingrich calls are starting to trickle down a touch because punching away at him he talks like he was ronald reagan tonight >> mentioned ronald reagan supple times and played at the historic tight aspects of his career but also came under fire from his relationship as a consultant with freddie mac. housing agencies $1.6 million and he said i did not lobby anybody. the other candidates said your definition of being a consultant what other people would call labianca. many people blame these organizations for the mortgage failure rate michele bachmann still alive talking about freddie mac you
9:41 pm
sot rick perry also want the most campaign ads in iowa other candidates not in the top tier all try to look for the final game they can make on the last especially michelle bachmann and santorum did not have the money to run television advertisements. this is their free media moment in iowa. >> political reporter rick pearson watching the debates >> i do that so you did not have to batt but thank you. happy holiday for military families around the country's american troops leaving iraq at coming called the eight year war has come to an official end soldiers warrant if like to commend that the over back that carefully rolling it and casing it in camouflage important army tradition nearly 4500 americans have been killed at the 30,000 injured leaving behind a free and democratic iraq. local iraq war veteran stopped by wgn morning news makes it, and long way. >> just now when we are pulling
9:42 pm
out out we are dawn says a lot about the people to their government and the sacrifices and improvements that have made. i am happy this is a good day. bamut wgn has committed special web page to connect with soldiers serving for us also a videos and photos of homecomings terrible and surprised at about love to see yours sent us photos and videos especially homecoming of the marine soldiers sailors and airmen and women you love. as many as television as we can. coming up what to do with a vehicle coming at you don't 65 mi. per hour on the highway? wgn anchor erin mcelroy faced with just that this morning what she did and later in sports lovie smith and players describe shock over the arrest wide receiver sam hurd.
9:43 pm
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put a little more k'ching in your christmas! shop last-minute and save big! this week... team sportswear is buy one get one 50% off... family outerwear and cold weather accessories are 50% off... and joe boxer sleepwear for the family is also 50% off! now that's kmart smart wgn news @ 9 the man wanted for allegedly shooting to death a security guard and robbing a store has been caught michael smith accused of committing murder in november at aldi's grocery store at 90th and halsted took off with cash from the register a
9:46 pm
female customer also shot as she tried to escape. chicago police contacted the great lakes regional fugitive task force traced michael smith to a home in wisconsin. drivers speeding down the edens went to broadway causing chaos and the others into the defensible for miles. including wgn erin mcelroy her way to work. >> my cart you feel tipping one way or the other entire car was shaken but at that point, right at me hitting me either had on or get off of the road it was just a split second it was very scary and i called 911 at they put me through to state police i told that a guy birling down edens and the wrong direction >> car managed to go 11 mi. before state police forced to stop nobody injured. how about that? >> that is scary remember when tom negovan and off ramp on a
9:47 pm
motorcycle somebody coming to the runway and he was hit? hurt badly very scary. telling me what will be scary to some temperatures tomorrow morning pretty chilly. forecast for tomorrow evening the area of snow almost klipper like system much of this pass in north but some of the models are saturated to see flurries and the surface at some point on saturday at passing by sun comes out as we get into pacific air by the time we get to some debt and the wind dying precipitously speed wise tomorrow picking up again on saturday to persistent gusts later in the day and they stay fairly windy into saturday night live in up to the morning and the next batch of wind a very mild air coming up the pacific and next week storm barreling across southern california jumping to this
9:48 pm
position by monday morning. watch how this ... towards the northeast. the next system. white christmas possible? this looks most like rainfall producer. some models suggest an inch of rainfall. one of two systems on other one is coming up as we head towards christmas which of course is a week from sunday. and that might have a better chance with cold air in place at that point snow production. rainfall coming in next week days away. and the air mass movement show my view the 10 day forecast cold stretch white and blue area look at how just scarce the area is even tomorrow and saturday not terribly warm cold and we get back into moderate cold again after a the next week 40's and did not see that cold stuff coming directly into the area. good news in fact the next few
9:49 pm
weeks average above normal by and large of all the models. getting a cool punch like this one tonight and tomorrow 36 degrees on saturday but 844 degrees on saturday wind fall tuesday could end with a mix of wet snowflakes and rainfall. at the upper thirties around 40 degrees even if it turned briefly to spell out it would melt. next week. much more on this continuing in the white christmas watched around here. in the meantime stay warm >> single photo of the day tonight families gathering family portrait on the holidays 1500 pence a ban avenue obama posing for second official family portrait at the white house taken last weekend at the church notably absent bo, family portuguese water dog might not be in the picture but bo athlete featured at christmas the court at the executive mansion. coming up marion
9:50 pm
barber breaks his silence sort of retardant to make mistakes last sunday cost to get in denver and rip hamilton explains why he was all smiles first practice as a chicago bull. sports next. [ music box plays ] multi-policy discount. paperless discount. paid-in-full discount. [yawning] homeowner's discount. safe driver discount. chipmunk family reunion. someone stole the nuts. squirrel jail.
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like the tale of two seasons offense and then this >> lockout injuries and now this story today arrest of chicago bears receiver sam hurd sent shockwaves through halas hall could extend across the nfl sam hurd at a co-conspirator charged with dealing almost half a ton of marijuana at 10 kgs of cocaine each week. huge operation sam hurd failed to show up for team meetings chicago bears track him down arrest most players found out by watching television during a lunch break still sam hurd a member of chicago bears but it will cut him as soon as possible. out: with the media friendly to teammates and coaches >> i am in shock never saw it coming at a gatt without
9:54 pm
responding a lot to this dealing with sam3 hurd here as most of you will say the same things has all been good. a guy that showed up every day ready to go to work a great character down to earth always joking surprised as you are >> cecil well in the hallway walking by 10 times a day in the hallway at smiling everytime >> tough for me just because i am not into drugs or anything like that so has to be tough for him as a family a choice that he made and there are consequences@h choices that you make @i>> news about sam hurd took a marion barber off the front page marion barber finally spoke today only to 18 website at sideline reporters reporters asking the right question but
9:55 pm
what marion barber did not talk about the fumble on sunday or mental mistake in running out of bounds to stop the clock simply addressed the issues looking forward to playing seattle marion barber says he feels at ease talking to a group of reporters rip hamilton he felt strange wearing a chicago bulls uniform after all the years in detroit by 20 team finished labor side by side 32 year-old veteran comic to chicago after all nba title with pistons' bill and shooting guard with chicago bulls derrick rose happy happy to play with the leak mvp batt but not many opportunities to play with mvp of the league the kid is there a special he can do pretty much any and everything and showed that last year. i just want to help him i just want to be there when he needs my help be ready to ride with him.
9:56 pm
>> college hoops northwest while cats play texas southern and got that from a corner bacchant a three-pointer big lead 20-three very little and again missed a shot of the fast break and shurna finds drew crawdord. northwestern wins easily. a to-1 record. flyers out chris pronger for a year with a concussion and jamal crawford side by the portland trailblazers finally patrick kane winning goal in a shootout last night in minnesota here it is again patrick kane wrapping up the can with slow torture slow motion to a stop reaction at that goal a copy cat trend a lot of options patrick kane says a lot of work into that plight got exactly is slowing down and waiting for the goalie to bite did not know which way i was going to go practicing a little
9:57 pm
bit going slow and see if the goalie bites ready to bring it back to my backhand or forehand and went with the back at stake could finish to a good day >> how to stop that? fantastic that is the news for this thursday night happy you shared time with us good night. wow. it's a great hd tv... shhh. don't speak. i'll just leave you two alone. [ male announcer ] the big christmas event is here. 8 a.m. saturday. with our lowest prices of the season on select toys electronics and more...
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[ woman ] what can i say? i love the holidays. the traditions. ♪ ♪ the decorations. and, of course, the spirit of giving. your moment. your dove.


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