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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  December 27, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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bayer advanced aspirin. friends and family are mourning the death of a student from the northwest suburbs. he was found murdered in a burned out vehicles and mexico. good afternoon i am steve sanders. >> and i am dina bair thank you for watching us. we are live in rolling meadows with today's top story. >> christmas eve these parents received a telephone call no parent wants to hear. their son was a victim of a violent
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murder. he traveled alone to his grandmother's house in central mexico. his bad the burned body was found in the trunk of his vehicle 80 mi. south of guadalajara. two other men were found dead. . >> it was very sad it was difficult i could not believe he was very close to his family and friends. >> news of his death was a shock to the community what details surrounding the incident are far and field. two facebook pages have already been made in his honor. >> he had so many friends. >> he was a senior to rolling hills high school a tribute will be held on tuesday morning after students returned from a christmas vacation. u.s. state
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department and the mexican embassy are joining together to help find his killer. another tribute is to be held outside of school. more than two years after three teenage boys were murdered in a gang-related shooting at second man has been charged in the case. 22 year-old lopes is charged with murder and is due in bond court today. police are not saying what his role was in the shooting. another man yb arra is already awaiting trial accused of gunning down did teenagers nearby when high- school. prosecutors say ybarra
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shot the teenagers with an sole rival will try to kill a rival gang member. >> bond has been denied for a man accused of killing in nine year-old girl from indiana. lemmon who was partially deaf and blind disappeared two days before christmas. her body was found last night. authorities say 39 year-old neighbor michael plumadore beat her to death and then dismembered her the girl's grandmother says he was a close family friend would been watching the children. >> authorities in maine are offering a record of $30,000 reward for information leading them to the missing toddler. 20 months year-old old reynolds was last
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seen more than a week ago. police say they are now confident that someone took her from her home. >> a seven year-old indiana boy who was shot in the head on christmas morning is still listed in critical condition and police say the search continues for the shooter. police sent their investigation has generated few leads in the case. >> to police officers were injured in a vehicle accident that stemmed from an early morning shooting. chicago police say officers fired shots at a suspect who they say shy 19 year-old man had a gas station. the gunmen jumped into a vehicle and drove away with two other
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men moments later they collide with a police vehicle. two people were killed overnight in a head-on collision on the city's southeast side. it happened shortly before midnight. chicago police say a ford taurus and bmw collided but details have not been released. >> green bay police state sunday's chicago bear game hit a season-high four arrests and fans thrown out of the game. officers made a 20 arrests and 49 fans were ejected from the stadium on christmas. that is more than double the number of a typical game. officials say because it was a night game fans had all day to drink alcohol before coming to the stadium. >> someone broke into a
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salvation army store on chicago's north side and stole money and jewelry. it happened at the store in 22-70 block of north clyborn. an employee walked in yesterday morning around 8:00 a.m. and found that the store had been broken into. a safe containing $600 was stolen along with several boxes of donated a jury. >> a woman confined to a wheelchair hopes to get her stolen disability cvan back at the end of this week's. 50 year- old florez of south suburban harvey discovered last friday that her specially equipped van in the collapsible wheelchair inside had been stolen. now it
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has turned up at the police department but it is on drive a ball and will have to be towed back to her home. she cannot afford the charges the auto company is a federal judge has granted cicero , president larry domi nick a new trial in a civil suit filed by former employee. the suit accused him of firing a former town handyman for political reasons. now wait judge has brought the jury's decision ruling that roja's attorney tried to use inadmissible and it prejudiced evidence. >> francis cardinal george says
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he's not ready for mandatory retirement. the roman catholic church requires every cardinal to submit a letter of resignation at the age 75. his birthday is january 16th he has survived cancer and has faced criticism for some of his public comments appeared he hopes the pope will tell him he can keep working. >> more sera and k-mart stores will be closing across the country. this was saved the company as much as $170 million. the chicago sun times has officially changed hands. the investment group wrapports llc confirms its purchase was completed yesterday. .
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>> able many used facebook to save her life. >> a huge fight among holiday shoppers is caught on video at one of the largest shopping malls in the country. >> why maria shriver is having second thoughts about getting a divorce from arnold
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the ntsb is investigating a helicopter crash that killed three people on their way to retrieve a heart for a transplant patient. the helicopter went down yesterday in a wooded area near gainesville florida. a surge in medical technician in the pilot were all killed. there were
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heading to the university of florida to pick up a heart for a patient. unfortunately it is no longer usable in the transplant patient also have to wait for another heart. >> texas authorities said it will release the identities of seven family members were fatally shot by a man dressed as santa at a christmas gathering. police have already said the suitor is believed to be related to the family by marriage and were investigating whether divorce was an aspect of the shooting. >> and man wanted in connection with a shooting of a soldier in california has turned himself into police. 22 year-old christopher sullivan survived an explosion in afghanistan. he spent much of the recovering from his injuries and recently returned home to california only
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to be shot at his own homecoming party. police say he was shot will try to break up a fight doctors believe he will be paralyzed from the neck down. a woman posted to this message i will be dead by morning on facebook. this message may have saved her life and her baby son. police in utah stablemen hidden causes saturday causesa alin a closet on saturday with a laptop and posted it that message. the woman told police officers that reed had refused to let her leave for five days and had physically abused her
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and sexually assaulted her went to try to leave. >> the day after christmas he erupted in a series of violent fights that minnesota's giant mall of america. the first one started late yesterday afternoon in a food court. within minutes the dozens of people were getting into fist fights and throwing chairs. police showed up and started pushing up shoppers out. >> dozens of stores had to be closed out abruptly and nine people were arrested. >> britain's prince philip is out of the hospital after undergoing a heart procedure. queen elizabeth's husband was admitted to the hospital last friday with chest pains. prince philip is 90 years old and has participated in more than 300 events over the past year.
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>> with just one week left before the iowa caucuses republican presidential hopefuls are stepping up their campaign to win over undecided voters. newt gingrich ron paul and mitt romney are all within one point of each other in the latest campaigns poll. maria shriver may have second thoughts on divorce and arnold schwarzenegger. according to tmz she told friends that she is on the shore of divorcing him because of her strong catholic beliefs and also because he has been trying to win her back. she filed for divorce in july after
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it was revealed on of schwarzenegger fathered a child with a former household staff member. >> not concern over a powerful new version of a highly abused medication. >> and later in the lunchbreak a holiday
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today's business headlines... big drop for sears after announced ining the shut down of 120
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stores. another market mover company behind enfamil formula watch in their stocks to rebound today after falling sharply last week after the death of a young child. a child in missouri died of a bacteria infection after supposedly drinking enfamuiil formula. this vending machine will
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dispense kraft products to ad ults only and has a device that can actually measure how old you are. check-in of the market's. the dow is up. that has been a look at your business headlines for today. >> not sure what to do yet with your new iphone or ipad for
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christmas. apple may have the solution for you. the company recently launched its 12 days of christmas dipped app which lets you figure new device with music videos and other apps for free. you have to move faster dell demos are only available for 24 hours. >> a popular anti aging supplement claims to be the answer to menopause. >> and up next free expert advice on where you can get help with your job search. >> and how you can make money by legalese betting on the presidential election. >> and coming up
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if you are searching for a job but experts at a well-known and outplacement firm are offering some fried vice today and tomorrow. >> they have been doing this job advice for the past 26 years. with the unemployment rate sitting at 8.6% people need advice about job searching now more than ever. they are taking calls it today and tomorrow between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. for their annual call in. they have been receiving calls from thousands of people across the country wanting and needing
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advice. >> we get all types of people. people out of work for a long time struggling people that are at a job with that are not happy and want to move on and people that have resume issues. they need to know what steps to take to get this completed their you always frustrated. >> when the people higher and they like to hire people that are friendly and they like to hire people that are just like them. it is good to listen to their needs and who they are looking for. >> it is important to know that this is knowa job banknot a job fair,
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they only give advice and tips to help you land a job. they are here now wait tamed to receive your phone call. >> a chicago company that deals in futures trading wants to let investors trade on political events basically legal betting on who will begin next president. the north american and derivatives exchange or nadex has filed an application with federal regulators to offer politically based trading. nadex says the trading would be similar to a farmer might trade for the future price of wheat or corn. .
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i am so glad tom skilling is here. >> i am so glad you are here did you have a nice christmas. >> yes. >>the weather is really crummy out there. we have ourselves a grey day. our southern suburban neighbors woke up to a white day. yesterday we had 52 degrees
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recor in minneapolis. they broke a 75 year record with it that temperature snow fell to be self the boss you can see the circulation we have going on here. this wind is cooling us off today. you can see the rain and ice in green but the snow down to the south.
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his is the weather bug viewere is the weather bug view. meantime in our area with 30 montero win suit puts our temperatures in the low '30's. this has been the 18th day of above normal temperatures. here
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you can see the wind chill. we are going to get some hot sunshine tomorrow. temperatures will be back in the mid '40's later in the week. for the next five days temperatures will be 90 degrees above norma degrees above normal.
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we have a chance of this note flurries and sprinkles later. winter weather advisories in ohio pennsylvania and other states. we have a large amount of rain that will fall on the west coast over the next few days.
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this afternoon and sporadic flurries temperatures will be in the high 30's. don't be surprised if you see some rain. temperatures will drop in to the teens tonight. temperatures will be in the 40's on thursday with a chance of rain and maybe some snow flakes
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too. we will have the new year's forecast coming up. >> that seems to be my old. >> are you ready for the trivia question impanato means to do what to food? service was very moving, wasn't it? yes, it was. i'm so glad we could be here for larry. at a time like this, friends and family matter most. even preparing this lunch is a help emotionally and financially. mm, it's true. i was surprised to hear there was no life insurance. funerals are so expensive. i hope larry can afford it. i know. that's why i'm glad i got a policy through the colonial penn program. it gives me peace of mind to know i can help my family
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so, whether you're getting new insurance or supplementing coverage you already have join the six million people who have called about the colonial penn program. ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. they're waiting to hear from you, so call now. i've put this off long enough. i'm definitely gonna call about the colonial penn program. time for sports. the chicago bulls opened the season with back-to-back road games and there may have been a slight hand over after their christmas they come back. they trailed the golden state the whole night. down 15 points in the third...
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the bulls lose 99-91. blackhawks returning to the uc after a four daybreak. hawks win 4-1. jay cutler has to be pins removed from his right thumb today but it is highly unlikely he will play in the season finale against the minnesota vikings. >> we want to see him have an
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opportunity to come back and play. . >> drew brees chasingn marino 's passing record on monday night football. saints up in the third quarter. he breaks the the single season passing record with 5,087 yds. they beat the falcons 45-16 to clinch the nfc south. that is a look at your sports your life illinois lottery is next...
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hello everyone. pick 3- 3,77 pick 4- 561,0
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i hope those were your lucky numbers. have a great day!
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addictive painkiller. the new drug would have up to 10 times as much hydrocodone as existing medications. addiction experts are especially worried about that form of the drug because abusers couklld crush the pills to release an intense immediate high. a popular anti aging supplement sold on-line claims to be the answer to menopause. dhea is a natural hormone supplement drug makers claimed it has been successful add and
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hot flashes and improving a woman's sex drive during menopause.
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nowwe are pairing wine with great meals. we are going to do a fabulous meal paired with wine. my favorite meal in the winter is butternut squash.
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>> we wanted to make a soup that appeals to everyone. this super goes with it sparkling wine wh ite wine just about everything. >> that is great. you have more flexibility. >> everything can be made in advance. if you are doing a vegan dish there is a wide variety of items here that will work with sparkling wine. >> we brought iron horse
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sparkling wine. it is like champagne but it isnt. swet white wine right? sweet but more dry. some of them can be sweet that makes it tricky. these wines are from france and range around 15
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dollars or more. this wine is from washington state dick is called cupcakeand is called cupcake wine. i think that is great you can get great wine for a great pr ice.
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moving on into it act the red wine my favorite. >> the best thing about bacon is tit goes great with this. meat is great with sweet wine. this wine is actually made from apples instead of grapes. it is
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great for this time of year or any time of year. cheers! if you would like to learn more about the food lover's guide to wine go to the website
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today's trivia question is.. impanato means what to do what to food? bread it.
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we have big it storms moving into the east coast. it is very windy here in cabell temperatures will be in the haft teens tonight. the teens tonight. the sunshine will be fighting through the clouds tomorrow. we could see some flurries or
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ice . winds will let up tommorow but then picking back up again on wednesday. 48 degrees on saturday
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unseasonably mild weekend ahead. thank you so much for joining us today. >> we hope you have a great afternoon. >> we are ending the show today with a number from the admas family musical
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