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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 9, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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it is an all too familiar scene in america but big banks have reached a settlement with the government officials to cut down on foreclosures. good afternoon thank you for joining us today. >> we have more on this major mortgage agreement. >> that is how much b5 major mortgage companies are going to have to pay. this follows a yearlong investigation by fraudulent foreclosures. this is the second-largest the joint
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civil green in the state's history. the five companies include chase citi group wells fagrgo and bank of america. hundreds of thousands of americans are expected to receive restitution for fraudulent mortgage practices up to $2,000 if they lost their home between 2008-2011. the attorney general is joining state and federal officials to make this announcement and in washington this morning. >> this is and i very the beginning that minority and. not the
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beginning or the end. there are consequences for engaging in practices that jeopardize our community. >> the hardest hit homeowners in some of the most abusive practices in the mortgage industry and we can begin to turn the page on an era of recklessness that has left it so much damage in its wake. >> this will not assist all homeowners in financial stress but it does keep mortgage services from doing this again ion the future if you have a mortgage and not held in the name of one of the banks we named there may beno help in
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sight. >> suburban police are trying to identify a man found early this morning in police are calling his death at suspicious. >> at this point in time police are eager to find results from the medical examiner that will help it detectives to determine if they're dealing with a homicide. police are searching for evidence in a case that has been at classified eight suspicious the death. a body of the man was found at 2:00 a.m. this morning with no identification which could be a possible indicator of foul play. he was found in between train tracks in the parking lot police found no obvious signs of bullet wounds or trauma and
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police are hoping someone will call to identify him. >> the first objective is to identify a the individual and of course we are waiting for the medical examiner to tell us what how this person died so then we can go when the right direction. >> we do have some limited information he is described as a white male between the ages of the 30-35 years old was found wearing a black jacket and blue denim jeans and black shoes. police are urging anyone with information to please come forward. the number you can call is at the bottom of the screen. >> a young girl injured when a television fell on top of her is making slight improvement in her recovery. the two year-old
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condition is now listed as serious up from critical. police said the mother heard a loud crash and found her two year-old trapped underneath a dresser and a 30 in. television. it appears she was trying to climb up the dresser and this is the fifth time that television has fallen onto a gun child in the last few months. >> and man and woman are killed early this morning after a hit- and-run driver fleece the scene. police say a man driving a gray nissan hit decouple at about 2:45 a.m. the driver then fled the scene but police found him in the vehicle nearby. he has been taken into custody and police are still investigating. >> two people suffered minor injuries after ratthere was another
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serious head on collision on the highway this morning. this is the fourth case of wrong way driving since december. two people suffered minor injuries after a red line train derailed just south of the loop at this morning. happened at the state and roosevelt subway just after 2:00 a.m.. officials said the injuries were related to smoke inside of the subway power was temporarily and many people were seen exiting the train on foot. it is now back up and running. >> chicagos city clerk is replacing the new vehicle sticker over concerns that eight days gang-related. 15 year-old herbie pulgars design was picked
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a week ago and it shows hands reaching out to chicagos police paramedics and firefighters. some said the positions of the hands resemble a sign from a specific gang the car is also a symbol used by the same gang. the young boy says he is not in a gang and that the perception of him is putting his life in danger. >> i do not need this now my life is in danger because people think i am in a gang. >> his art teacher says she taught him to draw the hands this way and mother says he is not in a gang. >> mary mad was administration has to concerns about the south side it irish parade. the administration sent a letter to the parade committee asking for
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more details about its plans for security. it is also requesting public hearings the city has except to the committee's application but it has not issued the permit. the parade is slated for march 11th it was shut down three years ago because there was way too much drinking in the neighborhood. >> coming up next the obama administration freeze 10 states from some of the requirements of the no child left behind law and later a performance from the national
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the los angeles elementary school reopened today after a sex scandal involving several staff members caused the school to be closed for two days. allegations began with it the teacher mark berndt who is
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charged with tying up students in peking inappropriate photographs. that then led to a string of investigations into other staff members. the school is now open this morning with an entirely new staff everyone from the principle to the custodian is a new hire. officials said they hope to restore parents' trust. >> president obama is expected to grant waivers to 10 states today giving them the way from the strict requirement of the note child left behind law. no child left behind requires that all students be proficient in reading and math by the year 2014 and the states approved for flexibility must offer a viable plan. at least five people were killed today when the united states launched in other drone attac. kk.
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new rules are going into effected today for the women in the military. pakistan the intelligence officials say a senior military commander with links to al queda qwas killed. officials said the death toll could rise because it several nearby buildings were also damaged in the attack. this is the second attack in two days. >> o'hare airport will start
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offering expressed prescreening for air travelers next month. if you volunteer for it and fly free gurnee you will be asked a lot of personal questions in your background will be checked but from then on all of your boarding passes will be bar coded to let you bypass the usual security screening. . >> how the national mortgage it settlement will help the state of illinois financially coming up next and you want to improve your memory age-old to the brain may help the new findings
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today's business headlines... illinois receives a billion dollars to help struggling homeowners.
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the foreclosure mass costing chicago home values to drop like rocks, predictions of a 7% drop. during a job cuts are in the fact actmassive job cuts at pepsi and better news from greece and it the bailout proccess.
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stocks are gaining ground everything is in agreement this is a seven month high which is it giving people optimism about the debt crisis in greece. that has been a look at today's business headlines. >> nearly 6 million coffee products are being recalled in the united states and canada for badly burning people. more than 1.7 million tassimo single-cup products are being pulled from shelves and another 4 million tassimo expresso pads are also being recalled. officials said the products can burst and it splash hot liquid on to people
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and at least 160 people have been injured among those injured a two year-old girl suffered second-degree burns to her face and i can year-old suffered burns on her face and neck. today's a great day to win the powerball. last night when matched the numbers and at the jackpot is up to $310 million. the chicago bears' coaching staff is now complete. >> of first live performance from green day's ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend against digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. hit me! [ female announcer ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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[music] [music] welcome back yesterday and give
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you my review of the green day musical american idiot i told you yesterday was a great shell. ow. it is definitely worth going to see. >> we actually were able to perform with the lead singer of green day. >> that was sent to nerve wracking was inot too nerve racking
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was it? he loves the show so much it packs a very demotion all wallo emotional wallop. >> as a performer how you physically handle that performance. >> i feel like i am an athlete i prepared for the show every night. >> you were actually in your underwear for half of the performance. >> how about the chicago audience compared to other places. >> i feel like the crowds out here are very sophisticated i feel like they listened to rock
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the showshowthe show and so far they have been singing along with us and every night we received a standing ovation. >> what are you going to be performing today. >> boulevard of broken dreams. >> thank you so much for coming by taking awaye it away... [singing] [green day's boulevard of broken
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dreams] [singing] [singing] [music] [music] [everyone singing] [everyone singing] [music] [music] [singing] [singing] [music] [music]
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[singing] [singing] [singing] [everyone singing] [music] [music] [music]
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"[end] [singing] [music] [singing] act [all singing] [all singing] [end]
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you're going to be seen as somewhat snowsee some snow maybe 3 inches by lake areas. cook counties and other areas are at the highest risk of snow. it is a beautiful day today plenty of sunshine breaking through the clouds that.
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the snow watch kicks off tommor ow these counties again are at risk for snow tommorrow here is the arctic air that has been building up north and it is going to move south now and when it passes over lakes the air
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rises and drops temps. and then form clouds and lake snow. the winds are blowing from the southwest dan patrickand producer still above normal todaytemperatures are still above n ormal, it is currently 34
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degrees right now. we have beautiful clear skies today but here is why this is going to change it tonight and into tomorrow. this is the cold air moving in we have no clouds today but they move in at midnight and by morning we will see flurries and maybe heavier snow in the
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on that saturday temperatures will reach 22 degrees and that is tied for the coldest
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temperature this the air. that canyear. that gives you an idea of how mild to the temperatures have been this winter. we may see it flurries in tomorrow morning.
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thank you. >> time for today's trivia... what broadway musical was based on george
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it is time for sports. in
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addition to the chicago bulls continuing their dominance on the road they were treated to some comic relief during the introductions last night. >> will ferrell was in new o rleans shooting a movie. the chicago bulls never trailed the hornets in the second. the hornets had 18 turnovers. the chicago bulls win 90-67. college ball... noted dame is a tin the west virgini visiting west
12:40 pm
v. noted dame goes on to win its fifth straight. >> lovie smiths coaching staff is now complete. the chicago bears hired tim holt as the offensive line coach he has spent the last three seasons with the tampa bay buccaneers. that has been your look at sports it your illinois lottery is that next. >> illinois lottery... pick3- 76,8
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pick4- 12,7,3 good luck everyone hacveve a gre
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covered by 90% of insurance plans including medicare. find your co-pay at several illinois lawmakers introduced a bill in the state capitol to legalize gay marriages. the legislation would allow same-sex couples to enjoy the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples. it would also give religious groups the freedom to decide if they would want to perform a gay weddings state rep harris who is openly gay says he's not sure if his colleagues will give the bill serious consideration during the spring session just last year same-sex couples were allowed to have a civil unions. some state lawmakers also passed a measure
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that would prohibit drivers from using a cell phones without your pieces. chicago already has a ban of violators are only given tickets under this new state law wifi letter woulda violation would count against a driver as a moving violation. >> in today's medical watch. a jolt to the brain could give you a memory boost. researchers report sending in electrical jolt to part of the brain that plays a key role in memory improved people's ability to learn and remember their way across an unfamiliar landscape. the study was very small and highly preliminary involving just seven patients with epilepsy. the deep brain stimulation help all seven subjects including some with a memory impairment. over the
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this offer of 60 days risk-free is too valuable to miss. call the number on your screen. [♪...] service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. it is time for the lunch break ... we have the ultimate comfort food today. mac and cheese with a twist.
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>> we are going to make macaroni and cheese with a trio of cheeses. we are going to start off with heavy whipping cream. first lets start with the grated cheese and give that a whisk then let it melt in the back. thisi is the smoked cheese okay throw that one in and let that melt. and last but
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not least the brie. now am i leaving this outter shell on? yes you can if you want but you can also remove it if you dontl like that. now we toss in some ham and let that mekl as well
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now back to the smoked cheddar and some spicy sausage in there. we are now going to plate them and the garnish is scallio ns and then some crutons or crumbled crunchy bread.
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the answer to two days trivia question. which brought a musical was based on george bernard shaws play pygmal ion? the answer is my fair lady...
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we have a windchill in the metro area today eight years like temperatures are in the mid twenties when they did actually 34 degrees. we have a front moving in and it could set us up for some flurries in the morning and then tommorrow night the snow could be moving in. we have some snow showers moving in on saturday. we think decent numbers are fairly conservative
12:58 pm
. some areas could see 3-7 inches of snow.
12:59 pm
temperatures will be in the low 30's for tomorrow. temperatures are going to get a bit warmer next week. >> thank you tom and


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