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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  February 17, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm CST

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mother blames the school. something extra for strip club patrons ate skin tax. wgn news @ 9 how many sick days at work? cook county circuit court also of flames on top of the old chicago post office in addieville but dozens of firefighters putting both on fire by hand. top story road closures and manpower in the bill tonight outside of the old post office with the story tonight. >> the roads have finally cleared crews have started to pull out of the area and not in large fire but a large structure in a large building and that what was causing big problems for firefighters tonight video
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you are looking at now the fire on the 10th floor the top floor of the old post office manpower out here tonight 130 locally firefighters were not necessary. because of the square footage of the old post office firefighters could see the smoke from the outside but cannot get to it. finally able to use hand pumps to put it out. how and why did the fire get started? no answers tonight. the trains run under the building ventilation system a very elaborate ventilation system to exhaust through the roof. the fire started in one of those phantom limbs recently reports not working as deputy chief if a broken fan was the issue, he said no. at this particular point talking this evening with one of the building managers. only people currently
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working are people with the ventilation system installing a new fans and to the one that we have a problem with today is a newer fans >> it smelled efforts like burnt rubber at first i thought there was a clutch but i saw smoke walking down i saw the smoke coming up the top of the bill back >> international property developer british firm owns the old post office according to the fire department working to fix some of the issues with the ventilation system. tonight a fire crews have cleared out of here. fire completely out at this point likely tonight nobody injured. latest live downtown tonight. >> top story how many sick days
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does your job allow? investigation found some sweet perks more than 400 judges working cook county circuit court. questions tonight what we found some judges allowed to take dozens of sick days including one who got 206 in one year. >> investigative team obtained this letter from chief judge timothy evans answering questions supreme court justice anne burke had about rumors of unexplained or suspicious judicial absences of weeks or months at a time. judge timothy evans receives over 400 judges and courtroom conduct rebuilding judge allowed up to 30 sick days without a doctor's note and more than 30 with a doctor's note. five weeks of vacation trying to show justice anne burke below were court in compliance judge timothy evans notes in number
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exceeding the limit be dealing 18 judges took more than 30 days a patient in one year it but look at the sick day list. 20 judges took anywhere from 31-206 sick days in one year. in his letter chief said judge timothy evans some of the judges were really sick out of respect for the privacy laws most people not aware for the reasons all of work. a provision for somebody who needs sick days called medical leave or long term disability however can mean a salary reduction. >> amber alert tonight for eight year-old boy from palatine.
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eriberto "eddie" perez reported missing thursday night after a trip to the grocery store with his mother's boyfriend william cruz could be troubling 2001 four-door silver chrysler car. if you see either of these people or the car call 911 and via the. suburban lake forest six great girl suspended after caught surfing adult websites on school issued adult pop top. >> spoke with the girl's mother this afternoon and agree with her daughter but more anchor with the school and clinic the school not doing enough to keep students from visiting adult websites went supposed to be studying. >> not studying >> received a disturbing telephone call from her daughter's school principal deerpath middle school said daughter caught visiting adult
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websites on her school issued laptop. the mother demanded to see evidence printing of pages and pages of the laptop's history shows the daughter in deed visiting adult websites directed the school days >> 11 years old all children doing that school is not stopping them >> a 6 day suspension of their chisley haynes upset with her daughter but also says the school's responsibility to make sure students to not have access in the first place >> during school she goes through 11:00 that again 15 minutes back again. >> some cases software level on the computer in some cases based on the network >> chad taylor an it and computer expert at abt electronics in glenview many ways to block websites
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>> technologies that can manage that for the school for the business where they can basically put restrictions on the computer >> says a daughter figured out how to circumvent the school's website restrictions plans her daughter is not the only one doing this >> of the worst thing you hear is the school knows this is happening and we are the parents of the last ones to know and they are not trying to resolve anything. >> spokesperson for the school declined a request for on-camera interview would not comment on what he calls an isolated incident he did say over spring break the school collected all laptops to install new security software coming up several prized horses stolen from suburban stable what authorities are doing to get them back and tylenol pulling half a billion dollars of children's medicine from store shelves and strip clubs costing more to visit why
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protests immigration protest in the loop at the center of the demonstration rose tchakounte a warrant for arrested after being pulled over taken into custody and put into emigration protesters said it went too far police say it failed in her bid to gain legal residency voluntary departure from united states agreed in 2002 declared immigrant fugitive when mr. departure date. >> my mother is somebody who never tried never tried to do something break any laws a good mother who takes care of family and community. >> immigration and customs enforcement judge allowed her to go home on supervised release but certainly faces deportation. man suspected trying to blow up an added states capitol today
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busted an fbi sting 21 year-old moroccan national faced a judge this afternoon in washington amine el khalifi arrested earlier today in a garage blocks from capitol with a bomb vest and a gun for from people he thought were al qaida operatives but they were undercover agents rendered the best inoperable. ready to start a suicide mission >> criminal investigation he was not just ready to think he was ready to move to the fact he is wearing a suicide vest convincing a jury this guy would act on what he believed >> also searched the suspect's home in virginia living illegally on an expired visa and 40 say under surveillance for several months. pop star whitney houston laid to rest tomorrow private funeral at the new hope baptist church in new jersey 1500 will be there including oprah winfrey beyonce and jay z. no word yet on ex-husband bobby brown will attend but suppose to
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be there is a very stormy relationship fans showing up outside the church leaving flowers and candles in her honor. streaming to the federal live on our website also watch on c ltv. coming up what you want in government? new poll looking at what illinois voters want for the environment schools and consumer protection new rules corp. of flying with pets costing united airlines passengers big dollars and sugary beverages might soon be hit with another new tax to drink.
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how much government do you want? wgn television tribune poll. what is interesting people's answers change about specific protections they want from the government or not. reporter rick pearson with it results. what struck you indeed republican campaign pounding accounting accounting about less government different with these numbers bamut constant drumbeat from republicans government is too big over regulation rather than asking simple question we would check to see and find answers are much more nuanced than you would imagine looking at the fact republicans complain about government intervention stimulus and economy government too far trying to help the economy or not far enough? 44 percent of voters said it not he not only 29 percent say
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government going to far >> possible some are looking at for example general motors best profit ever they say if this needs to happen in government needs to step in and it can work? >> also very high unemployment in illinois nearly 10 percent until the unemployment comes down closer to what the nation has seen, the percent people will demand more and more help from government to get the economy moving again >> we pulled people in illinois this might be regional calling outside may be more answers? >> yes for example in iowa nation's first caucus, unemployment rate is much lower than is in illinois and michigan go to wisconsin. pass job lost their similar numbers when we ask about things like government protecting the
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environment for example 62 percent of illinois voters said they should do more 27 percent say they're less and these numbers are consistent all across all eight regional areas of the state. >> any particular items you asked about wanting less government? >> there was one asking whether government should do more to regulate business and industry and that one even then the results were split 45 percent said government should do less and 42 percent said it should do more. the bond basically said government should do more an idea coming out of chicago. consumers for example >> 64% again only 27 percent do less. all lot of these people who say government should do less work republicans identified republican voters of which of course follows an illinois
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republican voters all the make up about 27 percent of the electorate to find meaning you have to look at what the independent voters said. in most cases 50% or more looking for more government and the swing voters who may decide the election. one thing we asked about the health care reform law passed an example of republican the peeling this overregulation of illinois voters split right down the metal. 45 percent think it should stay. >> more coming up this weekend reporter rick pearson and the sunday edition of chicago tribune and online now chicago tribune. district mapping two republican colleagues against each other representative randy ramey challenging incumbent carol pankau for the 23rd district state senate seat.
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casino expansion area of disagreement randy ramey carol pankau squared off on the subject on politics tonight >> i find this very strange my opponent favors a chicago casino when it will be run by the state of chicago a very very strange and very very ripe for corruption >> talking with the hotel motel business entertainment business they see a lot of people getting onto a bus going to a casino indiana wisconsin and iowa passing revenue leaving the city >> 23rd state senate district covers most of the northern dupage county carol pankau state senator 23rd district case of modern day high end horse rustling stolen from foreign debt far northwest suburban stable speaking to the owner >> spring grove tonight liberty beyond cut silk and iris are missing and the owner thought
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it found her horses only to have her hopes dashed down about 7:00 this morning realized for young female horses were missing. the day our paths some people do not understand claudia believe somebody stole them corralling them and cutting defense to get them out unexplained fresh tire tracks led to the road down a pretty expensive very well put together a wonderful to show but how to show that when people come and steal them some of them are microchip >> we could hear horses across the street we followed the sound but did not find anything >> i do not know i hear them though. they heard my voice.
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they do know me. when i call they come running. does not think there are any courses on the farm she thinks most people have them they know everybody else who does. she will have to explore further tomorrow if they were stolen asking the people who have them please return them no questions asked. >> problems with the dosage forcing, not to recall thousands of bottles of infant medicine and why doctors say diet soda not good for the heart.
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medical watch important recall for infant tylenol. johnson and johnson pulling half a million bottles of gray infant tylenol
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dosing system problems voluntarily pulled into the program product note illness or death have been associated. a fax of autism and an infant brand of multi sector study found evidence brain confusion and babies as young as six months old. neurons cannot communicate far ring on organized cop ways. research adding to growing evidence autism is inherited first time doctors able to see signs of the disorder before the onset of symptoms typically at age 2. babies with autistic said lux underwent brain scans and there's the six months old classic autism systems changes and the brand as babies. earlier diagnosis could lead to better intervention and possible treatment for autism. finally diet soda danger it might seem like a better option than sugary soda new study link between diet
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soda and stroke and heart attacks. study of a soda drinkers to a decade those who enjoy it diet soda 44 percent more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. the findings journal of general internal medicine do not prove cause and affect connection between diet soda and illness. drinkers also high blood pressure and overweight no risk factors for stroke or heart attack known risk factors. >> goodbye mild temperatures tom skilling has details of a cool weekend. i've seen and been a part
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degrees 51 degrees at joliet. it is beautiful in fact 16 degrees of the 175 thermometer centers across the area 50 degree or warmer regions ranking among the warmer 16% of february 17th not uncommon to have 50 degree temperature in february but on the other hand still comprising 50 degrees warmer regions minority of temperatures on the books for february nice to have won today we even had little peaks of sunshine from the clouds modestly colder air coming and nothing barbaric or out of the ordinary cloud mass across the


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