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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 22, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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hundreds have gathered at cps headquarters this morning hoping to pressure the school board to reject aeriform proposed by mayor rahm emanuel that afternoon i am steve sanders ... >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching the surrounding country on wgn america and on the internet ... tonya francisco is live downtown at school board headquarters with more on this story. >>more than 80 speakers have signed up but before they were able to get to the microphone the school board supervisor explained it that the board has
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spent the last few months gathering information in order to make well-informed decisions, i wanted another we recognize that these decisions are important and critical the affect communities and neighborhoods we do understand that but ultimately we need to make our decision based on what we believe fix is in the best interest of the children in these schools and those who will be attending in the future >>dozens of protesters were out in front of the chicago board of education earlier today protesting one of the biggest decisions that will be made later today and that is to callclose to schools phase out five more and turn around 10 others ... there was an amended decision on the phasing out of crane tech chemical high-school favoring instead a turnaround of the curriculum there..
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>>police continued to search for the man who sexually assaulted a 13 year-old girl yesterday in the west englewood neighborhood that girl was walking on the 5900 block of south wood st. around nine in the morning tuesday when a man began talking to her he drew a handgun and forced her to step into an alleyway where she was an assault that two witnesses who saw the attacker ran from the scene described him as a black man between 5 ft. 9 in. and 5 ft. 11 in. with a slam build >>there has been another serious accident of any wrong way driver and chicago expressway's the latest happened on the kennedy expressway where julian crews is live >>investigators are trying to understand exactly what the driver saw ... the 25 year-old
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vanessa castillo may have seen that sign for the eastbound kennedy with a left arrow and made an immediate left turn but the only problem is that she would of been led to an exit ramp rather than the on ramp ... she drove onto the expressway and the wrong direction there's also the added problem that alcohol may have played a role ... she went southbound on the northbound side driving her chrysler sebring clipping a tractor- trailer ricocheting off another vehicle before colliding head-on with a nissan maxima ... we spoke to erin mcelroy of wgn who came dangerously close to a similar incident
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>>several months ago narrowly missed a head-on collision with another runway driver that incident was one of several that has occurred it recently in the chicago area she was on the edens expy.. when the near miss happened. many of these occurred during the early-morning hours and many enthralleinvolve alcohol the concern here is that it takes quite some time for police to respond >>i was surprised by the slow
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reaction in the incident i was involved and on that eden expressway this particular driver in this instance was able to get onto the expressway en a 7 mi. free-for-all ensued before police were able to arrive after the fact ... >>it takes some time to scramble a squad car and then the question becomes what is to be done even if you could intervene how can you stop a wrong way driver safely ... sign it is also a big concern ... traffic engineers in this state are beginning to examine this
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>>right now gov. pat quinn is outlining plans to jump-start the state economy and cut spending we will listen in to his comments >>especially with respect to pension and medicaid investments ... so today a rendezvous with reality has arrived we must navigate our budget out of the past decades of poor fiscal management and differing bills to the future and empty promises. we must achieve fundamental and lasting budget reform. we must do it now. in this budget, i am proposing very serious spending reductions and efficiencies across state agencies and constitutional offices. for these reductions to work, we must also stabilize and
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strengthen our public pension system once and for all. we must fundamentally restructure our medicaid program. we must also rebalance and move our most vulnerable citizens from institutions to community care. these cuts and these reforms are not enough. we must also grow and build our economy and my paramount priority at all times is economic growth and jobs for the people of the illinois ... this budget invests more in education from birth until university i believe that jobsite follow brain power ... that is also why this budget emphasizes our commitment to public works because i believe that jobs follow solid infrastructure ... i want to
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thank the members of our new budgeting for results commission comprised a budget officials legislate tors and volunteer citizens. the budgeting for results process focused all of us on our core priority is and increased openness in the entire budget process. the chairman of the commission the want to thank you you worked closely with other legislators and former budget director and many many more including the recipient of the economics nobel prize thank you roger >>i believe in a timeless american truth there is no problem that we cannot solve if we put our hearts and minds to it. since i have been governor
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we have already defied these doubts by working together to enact land parker formlandmark reform like ethics standards workers' compensation and cutting red tape for environmental permits and overhauling workplace rules at mccormick place and the new education reform law a model for this nation. each of these historic reforms demonstrated the power of bringing everyone to the table to repair broken systems. now we must apply the same collaborative approach to stabilize the public pension system. we took a first 2010 when we overhaul the pension
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rules for new employees. these changes will save taxpayers billions of dollars in the next generation. we have lots more work to do: since i have been governor and the last three years we have paid exactly what the law required us to pay and to this pension system but for decades paying what is necessary for a stable pension system did not happen in illinois. previous members of the general assembly and governors did not invest the proper amount into the pension system. indeed it in the past the general assembly even increased retiree benefits without sufficient revenue to pay for these benefit increases. previous legislate tours and previous governors even awarded taxpayer funded health insurance
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benefits to themselves and to 82,000 retirees where 90 percent of them pay absolutely nothing on their health insurance premiums ... this lack of fiscal accountability has cost them dearly today this year's general revenue fund payment for public pensions is $5.2 billion that is triple what it costs in fiscal year to thousand eight today our pension payments pick up 15% of the entire general revenue fund that is compared to 6% only a few years ago. we must stabilize and strengthen our pension system. and prevent them from swallowing up the core programs of education health care and public safety. and also insure
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that we can't pay all of our bills. so we do need to do pension reform and a meaningful way and a constitutional way and a fair way to these employees who have faithfully contributed into this system. we can do this in a way that does pass constitutional muster. everything must be on the table ... together we have assembled a pension working group with senators and representatives to work with our office to address the fiscal issues affecting our three major public pension systems. my direction has this group working with all interested stakeholders to solidify framework for solving pension challenges. tuesday
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april 17th will be the deadline i have said for them to submit a blueprint i want to repeat: everything is on the table for our pension working group that includes historical funding practices, employer contributions to employee contributions, retirement age and a cost-of-living adjustment. when it comes to solving our pension challenges everyone must begin and nobody can be left out. it should be noted that only 22 percent of the $5.2 billion pension costs this year is actually for the retirement cost of state employees. more than three-quarters of this pension cost is for non state employees. from suburban and
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down state teachers to university and community college employees every unit of government has a stake in this mission. we must repair this broken system, and we must do it now. it is imperative to get this job done this year for our state to move forward. we also need to move forward to fundamentally restructure our medicaid program which is on the brink of collapse. medicate provide health care to 2.7 million people in illinois. seniors, people with disabilities, young children, newborns they're all part of the medicaid system ... it is vitally important that we restructure medicaid so that it will always be there for our neighbors who need it.
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unfortunately at the end of the current fiscal year illinois will have $1.9 billion in unpaid medicaid bills. let us be clear, the number fell $1.9 billion short of the actual cost illinois is the only state that intentionally takes its current medicaid bills into future fiscal years. we cannot allow this to continue. look at the recent report of the civic federation. they reached the same conclusion they project $21 billion in on paid medicaid bills by 2017 $21 billion a
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fundamental restructuring does not implement reform immediately we need to rescue the illinois medicaid program in order to do that we need to reduce expenditures by $2.7 billion in this program in the coming year in order to reduce cost pressures we need to reconsider the groups that are eligible for medicaid and reconsider services within the budget ... >>that's the governor speaking live in springfield about the budget ... medicate and the pensions of the two biggest problems needing reform in the state ... we also understand that he plans to cut the safety net by 14 percent which is significant not a lot of room to
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maneuver in this budget ... tom negovan will have a complete wrap on the wgn news at 5 if you'd like to continue to watch the speech live we are streaming on coming up the safety of raw milk ... and a former chicago police officer faces charges for the killing of a 13 year-old boy after a d.u.i. accident ... and the ntsb is making cars safer for older children too big for car seats this and more when we come back on the midday news
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police believe a teenager from the south side accident shot and killed his younger brother the victim 14 year-old damion rolle was shot yesterday afternoon in his home near 70th and tail he was pronounced dead at the university of chicago comer children's hospital it police source tells the chicago tribune that investigators believe that his 15 year-old brother were showing him the gunman had accidently discharged the children's mother does not now hoursknow how her son got hold of a gun >>police recovered the gun that was thrown out of a window damion rolle was the youngest of this woman's three sons all three of her sons have autism ... the death of a boy who fell 46 stories has been ruled an accident by a medical examiner 16 year-old charlie manley had autism and down syndrome and his
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body was later found in the building's trash compactors an autopsy found that he died of multiple injuries from falling 46 floors to the trash chute investigators are still trying to figure how he got inside of that trash chute. for more bodies have been found aboard the cruise ship that ran aground and partially sank off the coast of italy last month's offshore italian authorities say two of those bodies discovered in the shipwrecked costa concordia are those of a woman and a little girl the number now confirmed dead from the disaster is 2111 other people are still missing about 4200 were on board the ship when it struck rocks and rolled over onto its side of the italian island of giglio the capt. is under house arrest he could face charges of manslaughter shipwreck and abandoning ship
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i'm beejal patel of bloomberg news with today's business headlines home prices in the chicago area are still sinking ... in january the median price was $140,000 in the nine county chicago metropolitan area home sales across the state where the strongest in january since 2007 ... business is still booming at the dollar tree stores the stores are getting bigger thanks to higher demand for more
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affordable products on the part of consumers ... in the search for savings chicago residents know how to find a great deal and new survey said that chicago was among the top 25 frugal cities in the nation the use the most digital coupons nine cities in the men west dominate the headlines in that story we have a new update on the housing market is another sign that there's a bounce back but a bigger jump in home sales was expected coming up a former chicago police officer is sentenced for a deadly drunk driving accident
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a man is now charged with attacking a woman during a flower shop robbery and wicker park. alexander hampton was arrested on monday. he is charged with armed robbery with a dangerous weapon police say that hampton took a knife and slashed an employee hampton was charged after he was identified in a lineup a former chicago police officer will be sentenced today for drunken driving accident that left teenager dead former officer richard bolling was convicted last month of aggravated d u i reckless homicide and leaving the scene
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of an accident. he was off-duty when his car struck and killed 13 year-old trenton booker in may 2009 he was not given a field sobriety test until two hours after that accident prosecutors allege that he was given preferential treatment because he was a police officer he could get up to 15 years in prison when he is sentenced later today >>a new museum celebrates african-american history and culture is heading to the nation's capital ... the ceremony was held this morning at the site of the smithsonian's national museum of african- american history and culture president obama the first lady and the former first lady laura bush were on hand for that event the museum is scheduled to open in november 2015 it will showcase artifacts documents and art president obama spoke about how this museum will be crucial resource for future generations ... >>i think about what i want my children to experience and i think i want with the children
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to take away ... >>black veterans of the civil war began the push for recognition in 1915 when they asked for a monument on the mall in washington d.c. president george w. bush signed legislation 2003 that authorized this museum.
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are we about to get a winter reminder? >>we had one leg by the interstate 80 corridor there was a dusting of snow but the 40 degree temperatures will be melting that it is a tricky situation shaping up we have an active series of disturbances riding along that quickly
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moving west to east jet stream ... any one of these systems should they move the wrong way could produce precipitation in the greater chicago area we will keep an eye on this ... you can see as we widen the view on the map the jet stream is marked by i cloud elements racing across the country blowing 80 mi. per hour from seattle all the way into the midwest ... here's the next weather system and with the jet stream looks like it will buckle the cold air will be coming friday and saturday and
12:34 pm
there are winter storm watches just to the west and parts of iowa northwest illinois wisconsin and minnesota ... the radar returns with the next system out in montana and wyoming and parts of the dakota states ... the winter began december 1st and we will have chalked up 46 days of 40 degree temperatures that's record-breaking there's only been one winter going back to the 1900 turn-of-the-century that was in 2001-2002 ... it's a pretty rare event when you have this many warm days during the winter season ...
12:35 pm
let's take a look at this storm track and the cold and warm air variation ... the warmth is all the way down and the colder still locked up in canada ... much of north america is warmer than it was 24 hours ago ... but looking to the south we see a severe weather producer ... we're seeing some sunbreaks here in the chicago area ... it is letting up ... there is big snow out west writing off of the pacific successively with the jet stream
12:36 pm
there are areas where there is moisture cutting visibility like valparaiso indiana we're looking at some light showers this afternoon may be some flurries late tonight. by this time tomorrow it ought to be snowing here in chicago ... it's a formidable looking system to the west we may get some accumulation we will have colder weather and flurries later this weekend at... winter storm watches are in effect in northwest illinois and southern wisconsin we're watching this carefully ...
12:37 pm
we will be watching this carefully rain will turn to snow here in the chicago area and we will keep you apprised >>the high temperature today will be 44 degrees. the southwest wind will be increasing tonight will be cloudy with patchy light rain or snow below will be 28 degrees cloudy tomorrow snow will develop late morning early afternoon changing terrain we may get 1 in. before the transition it will turn to 44 degrees once again ... cloudy blustery cold air on friday with flurries same thing saturday the high temperature will be around 37 degrees mid-30s on saturday it will warm up sunday and then we're looking at some cold air and some stormy weather early
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next week ... it is time for today's trivia question: in 1824 who became the first african-american to earn a bachelor's degree? we will have that answer
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the official drawing of the illinois lottery ... here are the winning pick three
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numbers: 9 1 1 here are the winning pick four number is:s: 2 1 1 6 power-ball jackpot is $60
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story. [ laughs ] state senator annazette collins said that she is still considering her legal options about whether or not to file a libel lawsuit against the secretary of state jesse white. jesse white told the chicago sun-times that annazette collins was the most unethical person in government almost on par with rod blagojevich ... he cited several examples of questionable actions that annazette collins has taken as a senator and he told wgn that there would be no forthcoming apology ... >>jesse white conceded that he could have used less inflammatory rhetoric ... annazette collins said that she is happy that he is reconsidering his position on the blagojevich statements. however lawsuit is not out of the question in a statement
12:45 pm
annazette collins says that she is still evaluating her legal options is spend more than a month since the last republican candidate debate tonight's debate in mesa arizona could be the most important one yet not only will arizona and michigan hold primaries next tuesday but tonight's debate is the last before super tuesday and marched in 10 states have primaries rick santorum overtook mitt romney and newt gingrich and polls after winning missouri minnesota and chicago now he is in a tight race with mitt romney and michigan the home state of the former gov. >>parents across chicago were ready to yell at their computer screens yesterday after online registration for park district programs went on the fritz many people plan their de iran registration hoping to get their children signed up for classes before they get full in the medical watch the majority of illnesses involving dairy products are linked to
12:46 pm
unpasteurized milk the centers for disease control and prevention reports that unpasteurized or raw milk percent more likely to cause food borne illness outbreaks unpasteurized milk acre timber ft 30 near review found 121 outbreaks linked to dairy products and 60 percent of them were caused by raw milk cdc officials say that it's a startling figure because no more than one percent of the milk consumed in the united states is unpasteurized >>the government is expanding child of a safety by testing a new crash dummy the new national highway traffic safety administration has a dummy that represents an average 10 year- old child that dummy will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of booster seats for children who weigh between 65-85 lbs the new federal guidelines advise parents to keep children in car seats as
12:47 pm
long as possible this new dummy will now allow a safety seat testing for older heavier children women are a lot less likely than men to get lifesaving heart attack treatment in hospitals sharp chest pain is a clear queue for doctors to act immediately failure the problem is 42 percent of women who suffer heart attacks never experience typical symptoms like chest p
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going to show us how to make some oscar inspired appetizers.
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they are so fabulous ... today we are making some gold inspired appetizers these are quail eggs with flecks of gold.. they are boiled 3.5 minutes.. they can be found at specialty markets. when they are done, you pell them as you would a regular
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egg.. you also need to remove the filling after cutting them in half. scoop out this yoke. you will be mixing that with capers and chives and vinegar to form a mayonnaise mixture. we have put the mixture into a piping bag ... and you put that
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back into the egg halves.. i have some edible gold leaf i got online. there is no flavor to this id is all for appearance these are mushroom cups with goat cheese dusted with some gold ... the mixture for the
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filling is simply good cheese with some heavy cream that also goes into a piping back and put into the mushroom caps you will place that into the oven for 8 minutes it cannot be any easier you will sprinkle the coal dustgold dust over the cooked caps... these are golden pearls that are
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edible they are sweet and we like them in cocktails and cha mpagne.. batik bites is located at 5717 north elston avenue in chicago. for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again please go to wgn tv it's time to get going. to have the energy to turn a "to do" list into a memory. to put more giddy-up in our get-along.
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>>we had some snow in spots of the interstate a corridor and there's a winter storm watch in effect for a northern wisconsin parts of eastern iowa and minnesota ... there's a flash flood watch out and the seattle area it's a very active pattern happening as the storms come off the pacific and make their way eastward across the united states with the fast-moving jet stream will see some snow here by morning tomorrow that will change to rain in the afternoon it will stick up in wisconsin and out and iowa ... there will be severe weather on the southern end of the system ...
12:58 pm
all of it will spread east into the carolinas and the southeastern part of the country ... the rain coming from the west coast is bringing colder temperatures here in chicago here is the forecast tomorrow morning we will see some light snow or light rain overnight the snow will arrive by noon tomorrow it will change expeditiously over to rein and to the north that the heavier snow will be falling ... we see accumulations happening to the north between four and 8 in. of snow we may see one engine parts of the metro area we will keep an eye on things for the weekend there is a big storm spinning east that call
12:59 pm
there will come down from canada friday and saturday mild air will arrive again sunday and then we will see some flurries and cooler temperatures back in the picture monday we will keep our eye on things and anything can happen with these formidable systems ... we thank you for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. remember that we will be back at 5:00 and again at 9:00 p.m..


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