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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  February 23, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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across the chicago metropolitan area await a blast of winter weather ... expected to bring a combination of rain, sleet and snow. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. >>and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... julian crews is live in north suburban gurnee with our top story: >>the challenge for the public works departments in the northwest suburbs is to keep the
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rain from freezing the roads >>we have our equipment already ... we will pre load the trucks before this evening's rush hour >>the equipment is standing by and the snowplows are ready to drop layers of salt in advance of the snow to keep the rain and the sleek tot freezing of the roadways ... the good news is that more than $100,000 and assaulting supplies will be saved this year because of the mild winter ... across lake county as well as coke and mchenry ... everyone is getting prepared >>usually we do see increases
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in traffic we don't know of people will purchase goods related to the weather but we expect them to come. >>perhaps people will be buying some outer wear on clearance and other winter weather related necessities >>the public works departments in the far northern suburbs of the ones that always seem to be getting hit hard with this foul weather ... there will be out on the rose this afternoon as well as in the evening hours throwing down at basecoat of salt to ensure that the roadways are as safe as possible the sketches been released of the suspect to assault the the 13 year-old nancy loo is in the
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west englewood neighborhood police are hoping that a newly released sketch will lead to the capture of the rapist >>48 hours after the raid people are heeding warnings not to be walking alone and they are circulating police sketches of the gunman who sparked community outrage friends of the family of the victims say they are in shock >>the family is very distraught and we are asking for people's prayers ... this is a hideous crime >>classmates are also in disbelief >>she was a good student should never got into trouble ever ... you'd never expect it to happen to someone like her >>she was attacked a 45 in the morning and she was walking to
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school a man forced her into an alleyway at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her the brutal attack is why this woman walks many miles everyday dropping kids often picking them up >>if i worry all day and every day until i get them safely home >>the suspect is believed to be a black man with a light complexion between 5 ft. 9 in. and 5 ft. 11 in. he is a slender in build >>when it comes to violating a young woman like this how low can you go he will be caught >>people are urged to contact chicago police and the area residents are being encouraged to take precautions and be alert >>a new autopsy suggests that
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several north chicago police officers are repugnant responsible for a man's death. 45 year-old darrin hanna died nov. of 2011 his death came a few days after he was arrested at his home for alleged domestic battery his family paid for a private autopsy. it found that he was badly beaten and the beating that was caught on surveillance camera the autopsy also shows that the beating caused him to die for sickle cell crisis the lake county coroner's office has not released the results from that autopsy yet. >>the chicago school board approved a controversial overhaul of the city's struggling schools despite the opposition of hundreds of protesters. the plan calls for the closing of seven schools and restructuring 10 others hundreds of teachers could lose their jobs and thousands of students will move to new schools and a statement cps says that the plan will provide 7500 students and some of the lowest performing schools in the district with
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access to higher performing school options next year some parents say they rather have their children stay at the same school >>my 12 year-old loves his school and now he has to switch ... >>the chicago teachers union officials have a lot more to say about this the union president karen lewis says the board members betrayed democracy the union wants an elected school board to replace the current one made up of the mayor's appointees the cook county sheriff's wants some spending cutswarns that some spending cuts return his office into the largest mental health provider in the state of illinois tom dart is unhappy that mayor emanuel wants to close six mental health clinics and governor quinn wants to shut down to institutions tom dart says about 15 percent of his jail inmates have mental health
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problems he argues that funding reductions at the city and state levels will mean more people with mental problems will end up in his jail. >>tom dart is threatening a lawsuit over this matter ... >>coming up next at noon: president obama prepares to go on the offensive over soaring gas prices. the gop candidates for president square off in their final debate ... before those contests in arizona and michigan and super tuesday and illinois based sears could be spinning off more stores after posting a more than $2 billion loss we will be right back service was very moving, wasn't it? yes, it was. i'm so glad we could be here for larry. at a time like this, friends and family matter most. even preparing this lunch is a help
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helicopters. it happened last night during a routine training exercise at a marine corps air station in yuma arizona. the marines on board were training for deployment to afghanistan according to a marine corps spokesperson. the helicopters collided in a remote area of the training camp complex ... and the cause of the crash is still under investigation. the identities of the seven killed will not be released until their families are notified. >>fan violence in iraq: at least 70 people are dead and hundreds are injured after a series of explosions and shootings in baghdad. nine attacks happened within two hours of each other across the city. , a gunman opened fire on a police checkpoint. as many as 10 car bombs and roadside bombs went off in credit markets. bombs were also set off in several towns around back debt. police believe all the attacks were part of a coordinated effort by militants. has claimed
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responsibility act. >>to nato soldiers were shot and killed today by a man who joined protests against the burning of the car ran at a u.s. military place in afghanistan today marks the third day of violent protests sparked by the koran burning with new clashes reported in several locations the taliban as urging afghanis to target military bases and kill westerners in retaliation president obama's sent a letter expressing his deep regret and his sincere apologies for that reported incident the u.s. ambassador delivered the letter to afghan president hamid karzai today >>the president will be promoting his energy policy during an appearance in miami florida this afternoon. he will speak at the university of miami and tore university facility where students train he is expected to focus on a strategy that the white house
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says will reduce dependence on foreign oil in the long term advisers believe the president needs to address the recent spike in gasoline prices now the highest ever for this time of the year >>the republican candidates for president had their last debate before the upcoming primaries in arizona and michigan front runners rick santorum and mitt romney challenged one another on their conservative credentials >>i will defund planned parenthood and not sign anything funding planned parenthood >>i have never seen anything in this country like the attack on religious freedom under the administration of barack obama >>this was the last scheduled debate before super tuesday on march 6th more than 400 delegates are at stake on that day >>in california a federal judge
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rules that the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional the 1996 law provides the extension of federal benefits to same-sex spouses in san francisco a judge ordered the federal government to ignore the law and provide health benefits to the wife of a woman who works as a federal attorney hersholt the couple involved were married in 2008 this is the second ruling to declare that law unconstitutional and the first since the obama administration announced that it would no longer defend a law that it considers to be discriminatory >>we will be back right after the break
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massive cuts at the u.s. postal service it will eliminate 27,000 jobs through attrition that means as people retire or resign there will not be replaced and more than 220 mail processing plates will shut down by next february these closings will save two and half billion dollars every year for the post office ... sears is trying to do the same thing announcing big changes today it will spend ourspinoff and divest various stores and sites throughout the country it should give them $770 million to revamp the current holdings ... the stock is up 21% as a result of this news >>now is a great time to get an
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auto loan lenders are charging the lowest interest rates in more than four years probably about four and half percent the average ... the job market is strengthening so lenders are confident ... it's the fourth week in a row that the job numbers have been better than expected and there's a recent drop in jobless claims that's the setting the stage for bigger gains in hiring >>the dow was still trying to get above the 13,000 mark again ... there's optimism about the u.s. economic recovery and housing data has come in better than expected an illinois nonprofit group is
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the subject of a federal criminal investigation ... the probe involves the community and economic development association of cook county the chicago tribune reports that the group is accused of using shoddy and sometimes dangerous work performed by the group's contractors much of the work was paid for with federal stimulus dollars to insulate and weatherize low-income homes and attorney for the group had no comment on that investigation >>michael jordan said that he is filing a lawsuit against a chinese company protect his good name jordan filed a lawsuit this week in china he claims that a sportswear company is using his no. 23 from his jersey and a chinese translation for his last name jordan without his permission he claims that the company and tried to use the names of his children the company has not commented on the lawsuit >>google is making changes to
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protect privacy while on the internet it's getting a do not track button bloomberg news reports that google has agreed to embed the button and its browser to allow users to restrict the amount of data collected on them either internet firms during the same thing is part of the proposed internet privacy bill of rights that president obama is urging congress to pass >>i pads may not only the entertaining but educational as well a study by a school district in maine found a bump in literacy scores and children who used the i pads in the classroom the school district provided i pads for half of its kindergarten class last fall after completing a series of literacy tests the district found that the students from the i pad classrooms outperform the students from the classrooms without the i pads some experts caution not put too much educational value in these tablets because the novelty may just wear off >>we will be back with the
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old boy say their child is alive today because they did not give up when doctors said that he was dead. the boy's parents now want to know how this could have happened ... tonya francisco is live with the story in hyde park, his mother is living a nightmare that she said she cannot wake up from the ceviche as telling her story because she does not want other parents to endure what she did >>the boy has been a fighter his entire life his biggest challenge came at 2 years old when he suffered a stroke leaving him paralyzed and on a ventilator requiring 24-hour care this past saturday morning his mother noticed that something was not right with his breathing >>his breath was labored when i checked on him ... >>she called 911 and he was
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rushed to the hospital one hour later the downdoctors pronounced her son dead ... >>i honestly thought it was the medication had been down this road before ... something was different this time >>four hours later the funeral home arrived to pick up his body before they arrived she detected a very faint pulse ... she is calling it a miracle >>it was no miracle in my opinion there was negligence according to the mother >>the parents had to make a difficult decision ... >>he looked so peaceful ...
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>>the hospital issued a statement that said they gave the child prolonged treatment was a difficult resuscitation efforts and the medical treatment can result in a spontaneous restoration of heart function ... >>the parents do not want to discuss legal issues she just wants to deal with the toughest session that she must face whether or not to take her child off of life support >> that is a stunning story ... it has been one month since the last significant snowstorm. that
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was january 20th here we are once again facing the third snowstorm of this mild winter. it's really time that these storm watches have been put into effect ... it's now an advisory it is a potent system that is making its way year it will arrive at 2-3 hours later than expected so it will be less of a threat to the evening rush-hour ... it will linger into the morning rush hour tomorrow >>it is currently reigning in parts of the chicago metropolitan area ... there is a patchwork of whether advisories' across 29 states.
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from georgia all the way to the plains states it's a blustery windy weather system ... temperatures may get into the '70s to the south of our state but that is fueling a collision with the jet stream producing a winter storm there is a wendy powerful jet stream with cold air coming out of saskatchewan ... the range this afternoon will be mixing with ice later on the shift to the heavy snow will take place this evening running through the night ... at midnight it will be snowing like gangbusters with big flakes very
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heavy snow 7-8 in. ... in terms of water weight ... here is where the rain is happening now ... tracking across southern illinois the rain-snow line is right above us ... the snow area it is an intense narrow band to the north it will enter into the morning hours there will be some light snow through the afternoon tomorrow we will have colder air. there is a wild card and the question will be when will it switched over ...
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it will be rain and the southern suburbs will see that ... the dynamic will be such that the snow area will be expanding by midnight and they will be touched in the pre-dawn hours with some snow ... we're looking at scores of models ... this one says between 4 and 6 in. but we think between five and 9 in. is more likely ... and there will be intense thunderstorm like conditions producing heavy snow that's how we get a little bit more on the ground.
12:34 pm
in light snow winters in the past the majority or 63 percent of these historic plea has the heavier snow storms happening late in the winter season just before spring and that is what's happening with this one. the wind will be gusting over 30 and things are moving from the northeast which is typical for this condition >>here is the buckle and the jet stream bringing the cold they're down from canada ... this is what we call dynamic cooling ... this is expanding air that is cooling things down taking the reins over to snow
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we have already had 16 hundredths of an insnch to the north ... 39 degrees right now at o'hare airport. we expect things will be very slushy out there and please be careful when you clear the snow it will be very heavy. it will rain until the evening hours when it will get slushy and switchover to snow the winter weather advisory will kick in in the late evening hours there will be embedded
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thunderstorms producing heavy snow around midnight the wind is shifting from the northeast to the northwest by the morning expect flurries cold air and windy conditions friday afternoon into saturday ... you can say that between 8:00 p.m. this evening to between three and four in the morning you will see some heavy snow and it may continue well into the morning rush-hour tomorrow morning ... it's time now for today's trivia question: what was the very first movie to win the best picture oscar? we'll have thatññññóúú
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season the same way they started ... and joakim noah recorded his first career
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triple-double. the bucks were visiting the west side last night. the bulls were up in the first ... no luck led the break and fed carlos boozer for one of his 10 assists ... boozer had a game high of 20 points. late in the third the bulls were up 15 points luol deng passed to noah for the dunk and the foul and that gave him the triple-double 13 points 13 rebounds with 10 assists the first staples center to do this sends artis gilmore an 1977 the bulls won 110-916 players in double figures they're off for the all-star break until tuesday 20th ranked notre dame hosting west virginia the irish were down to in the first grant found cooley who tied it that at 21 with a donkey had 13 points and notre dame irish opened the
12:40 pm
second half on a 17-4 run grant forced the steel and got rewarded with his own dunk a game-high 20 points for him notre dame 171-44 a school record nine straight big east victories. it fit the new white sox manager robin ventura began his first spring training with the first official workout ventura said there will be competition in training camp specifically for spots in the bullpen the pitching rotation is pretty much said even after the departure of mark buehrle to join ozzie guillen with the marlins ventura said that no one can replace him and he will see how things will play out in training camp the blackhawks will not have their capt. for second straight game various reports said jonathan toews suffered a concussion during a fight with joe gordon on february 10th here is the live illinois
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lottery drawing ... >>here are the winning pick three numbers: 4 7 9 >>here are the winning pick four numbers: 3 8 7 7 the mega-millions jackpot tomorrow night is $83 million
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a controversial weight-loss drug. the drug promises to reduce body weight by an average of 10%. but the fda pulled the drug from the market because it can cause heart problems and birth defects. after the drug's maker imposed strict guidelines and how the drug is prescribed the drug can not be prescribed to women who are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant or to people who do not qualify as being obese >>scientists may have found new insight into the brain dysfunction that causes depression. a new study by scientists at the ucla medical center shows that people with
12:45 pm
depression appear to have hyperactive brain activity the high brain activity prevents people from processing a lot of information like normal brains showed similar symptoms of depression include anxiety poor attention memory issues and sleep disturbances scientists say that it's not yet clear that the hyperactive brain is responsible for such symptoms >>if you have ever wonder what women find most attractive and men scientists say that it is not just a pretty face or great campsat donaldson ... british researchers reported women tend to rate man with a good indian system and high levels of the hormone testosterone as very attractive the researchers have women looking at photographs of men a month after they were given a vaccine that triggers the immune system high testosterone correlated with both a sexy face and a strong immune system and in with the stronges
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award-winning wings at home. welcome. >>we're going for our third win at the wing fest this sunday we look forward to this event all year round. >>are these the ones you are entering sunday? bowman know we
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will make the wing of the month that will be served in the restaurant ... this is a cajun style weighing on the grill and has a spicy tomato creole sauce ... we're mixing together a dry rub of cajun spices that's garlic powder paprika salt and pepper and some dried herbs along with cayenne pepper ... and we make a separate tomato sauce. we use dried parsley and dried oregano ... code your raw chicken wings with olive oil and coat them with this dry rub.
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just the oil and the spices ... in a pan you will get oil callingwarming at diced onion and celery ... ed some garlic and some sugar to get some sweetness add salt and pepper worcestire sauce and chopped tomatoes.... to that we add chicken stock and one or two
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bay leaves summer this sauce on the stove ... until its condensed to a great tomato sauce it's very aromatic ... the season the chicken wings can go on the hot grill for about 10 minutes ... you serve that with the tomato sauce and there you have it ... these are passed winners ... the
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pancho wings.. we make all of these on the smoky wood fired grill at jake's ... these are very straightforward recipes with simple ingredients and this is the asian style firecracker wing its very spicy it's a past winner ... the yellow color on some of these is a mix of hot pepper and mayo ... this is the xxx wing made with one of the hottest peppers in the world it won the spicy
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category ... we actually serve in the restaurant with a special cooling plate to a company the dish the 13th annual wing fest is coming this sunday
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[ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. only align has bifantis, a pantented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. ♪ ooh baby, (what) can i do for you today? ♪ try align today. very first movie to win the oscar for best picture. that's an honor of the oscars and at our lunchbreak today ... we have reports from the
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northwest and the western suburbs ... the storm is tracking across southern illinois the northern ridge going across northern chicago is getting a mix of rain and snow but it will expand tonight running into the morning rush-hour inwood changeover to flurries after that it is not surprising we are seeing 1 in. in diameter snowflakes up and auburn ... there will be an embedded thunderstorms with this late tonight ... it will get heavier
12:57 pm
around midnight we expect accumulations' between five and 9 in. in will be a wet heavy snow ... in carson north dakota and in time warnerhigh more s.d. there is upwards of tendentious 10 in. of snow the storm is running between cold and warm air from the southern states making its way north ... steady snow in the morning will become flurries it will be cold and windy ... the
12:58 pm
sun breaks are expected by sunday ... we may get additional snow on the next two weeks this will not be the last of it ... thank you tom skilling and we thank you for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon please stay safe in the snow. we leave you with more music from they are performing tomorrow night here in chicago at the cubby bear.
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