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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  March 2, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CST

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current high-school diploma at the age of 76 years old. wgn news @ 9 storms triggered dozens of tornadoes path of destruction across the midwest leaving at least 14 people dead. climbing account as we speak. top story of around the country tonight killer tornado striking again. violent storms >> debris being lifted into the tornado such damage >> one twister what turned out to be powerful string mother nature adding up to more than 21 day across multiple states. >> crazy it is just not right
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here lives are endangered with rotating storms tornadoes bamut started alabama groups and power lines share offer no different tennessee and ohio and indiana high school level. in the state eight people died at least. storms coming through with company golf ball sized hail and wind. kentucky's governor declared a statewide emergency to tap into state resources and reports of people trapped damaged buildings small town in west liberty eastern part of that state tornado of bettering the midwest and south harrisburg illinois it still cleaning up from ef4 twister days ago hoping to be scared a second blow >> we are going to come back very resilient community >> twisters part of system
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rainfall and snowfall to chicago tom skilling live in the weather center more on the storm >> 33 states tied up in the storm system exploded today between 80 degree temperatures and the 20 degree readings to the north 150 mi. per hour jet stream. thunderstorms producing super cellular cells producing tournedos look at the state's 13 of them involved in the tornadoes biggest march tornado outbreaks in four years chicago area. so far 91 twister reports storm prediction center twisters across nine states tonight our area snowfall and the area satellite view and radar shows no fault moving out. coming back with much more on the totals
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coming down colleague has been out there during the course of the day chasing a snowfall about to report on that i understand >> buffalo grove standing by >> he was smelling hestanding there. 911 call gang activity chicago police officer shot. christ hospital oaklawn with more on that story >> good evening of the cirque 41 years old seven year veteran of the chicago police force expected to make a full recovery thanks to bulletproof vest. shooting happened before 4:30 p.m. officers from the fifth district responded to alleged gang activity at a home near 103rd and wentworth. two
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officers approached the home someone inside started to shoot at officers. one officer was hit and a bulletproof vest deflected the ball it to his arm. rushed christ hospital police say alert the entire time and he might have been killed without bulletproof vest. nobody else was injured during the shooting. superintendent garry mccarthy spoke to reporters at the hospital investigation moving along quickly >> recovered weapons at this point. bringing in the case too quick closure. issue safety of officers at the things they engage in every single day making a difference in the city of >> police have at least two suspects in custody no charges have been filed area to detectives handling the investigation >> chicago police department
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laid to rest one of their own today honoring officer passed away last weekend funeral for preston ross this morning 48 years old heart attack last saturday patrolling cta blue line stop at grand avenue chicago police officer 25 years preston ross received 17 awards for service. cook county commissioners william beavers pleaded not guilty federal tax charges tens of thousands of dollars from campaign fund county expense account without paying taxes on the money. released said after the court appearance paid money back or paid taxes so he is clean. >> that is all that is. loaning you money paying it back that is all. did not steal a dime everything i took from campaign i put back. >> once again i william beavers the critical of united states
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attorney patrick fitzgerald accusing him of "gestapo-like tactics" says charged william beavers refused to wear a wire on fellow commissioner john daly. young chicago father making headlines across america picture of his daughter posted on facebook talking about the unrest controversial pictures and sharing advice for facebook users and hope for all some suspicions new experimental drugs
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wgn news @ 9 so much social networking not difficult to find disturbing images of there. facebook picture daughter bound and gagged he said it was a joke andre curry prosecutors called it a crime. talking to the father about what he has learned what he hopes others will learn from the experience bamut think before you act cannot underestimate the internet some of the lessons andre curry says he has learned in the last few months. many on-line social net workers do not learn until its too late >> this was the picture posted
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on andre curry facebook page last year went viral made headlines across the country sent him to cook county jail. 21 year-old no criminal history charged dec. felony aggravated domestic battery of his daughter two years old. >> i just want people to understand who i am as a father. as a person human being. we all make mistakes. faultless mistake. professor stephen jones does research on social implications of internet technology >> surprise to people they get in trouble with the law and, in the past had to have hard copy to share images websites like facebook and twitter a couple of clicks >> sharing that with hundreds of thousands potentially millions
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of people. anyone's guess what people are taking pictures of. reeling enormous are re of things people thought worthy of being a digitally recorded >> picture appears to show a small boy holding a gun was posted on facebook page after we raised questions she took it down gary police investigation determined the gun was not real. >> something these people put on facebook accounts >> law enforcement says when they come across posted images showing criminal activity they take very serious they cannot hide behind a computer screen. >> utilized accessory to crimes absolutely and also utilized by officers to solve crimes >> andre curry told us today he hopes other young people will
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learn from his situation >> one mistake can cost you your freedom them out free on bond but best of trying to get visitation rights to see his little girl >> it hurts me when i hear people say bad things about me but i do know deep down inside its ok just going off of the pictures >> did not talk specifics today about the ongoing criminal case against them supporters making it clear they believe charges should be dropped setting up their website to raise money for his legal bills >> chicago teenager stabbing death a classmate mister white 17 year old christian gonzalez murdered 17 year-old chris wormely ami kids infinity high school city itself during
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neighborhood. christian gonzalez involved longstanding dispute with chris wormely other victim received stitchings in the head recovering at home. help find a teenager sexual assault 15 year-old girl at gunpoint. rose more neighborhood. 95th and prairie wednesday morning male confronted the girl talking to her pulled her into a yard and and only wants to be known as mister white was drive-in noticed the girl walking alone and crying >> i stopped and asked her what was wrong and she said i was raped. she was just crying it was unbelievable >> the guardian angels holding a break where the serna seminar running from 12-23 females 13 years old and older. employee
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wgn news @ 9 employee cook county circuit court clerk's office admitting former gang member law
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enforcement officials say access to deprivation could jeopardize criminal cases. >> i would be happy no access to police related documents felony court room misdemeanor court room >> riverside police chief 35 west suburban communities want this man maurice henderson removed from his job cook county clerk office. clerk who transports papers between judges and the clerk's office. chicago crime commission says a top leader notorious gang known for drug trafficking robbery murder, money laundering and wire fraud. in his job maurice henderson access to sensitive information search warrants many involving gang members >> person tipped off could ruin a case >> clear off narcotics and cash business records before police gets there >> and escalating to safety
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issues or officers >> going home apartment thinking element of surprise search warrant at suspect already knows police are coming >> i behalf of west suburban chiefs sent a letter to clark dorothy brown told a maurice henderson hired in 1998 by former clerk. statement dorothy brown said we take all allegations seriously looking into allegations of determining the proper course of action. wgn news @ 9 has learned this afternoon maurice henderson reassigned to another position in clerk's office told sometimes used to be with a gang has a tattoo with the symbol on right arm but not affiliated with them anymore despite the crime commission putting picture in the latest book >> also says inclusion in crime commission book ridiculous employee at county clerk house
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13 years. >> illinois it controversial eavesdropping law declared unconstitutional cook county judge stanley sacks says the law criminalizes innocent conduct. christopher drew arrested december 2009 selling art on the street without a permit charges in violation audio recording capture conversations with police at the time of the arrest >> medical watch self diagnosis searching for about a base in even as her memory was failing her mind was sharp enough to know what was wrong. >> first thing i noticed took me longer to do things >> first sign and something else happened familiar setting the
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place stage where better read center and performer most of life the time cindy was only 39 years old >> had to be alzheimer's disease took me 10 years before finally found a doctor that took a stand >> group suspicion early onset alzheimer's disease >> cannot read it is very hard >> hoping to make it easier and rolled cindy clinical trial diabetes medication may help the brand take in more glucose the main source of fuel for brain cells >> showing a person normal memory and essentially glucose used in a lot of different areas of the brand and red and a yellow. progressing into alzheimer's disease and do not use glucose as well hoping
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glucose occurs better in brain cells maybe help keep the cells alive longer help and memory loss with declining >> does not know if receive the drug or placebo fell to the difference. >> i was norrish again. i thought everything was right again. i do not know how else to explain. >> she started to read again 28 words she did not get lost. when she was going where she had been more after this it was something >> fork cindy and her husband to be something giving hope for the future >> no explanation what i was able to do on the drugs night and day >> like all study participants could take the medication three months.
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>> then i started going backwards. >> for now music keeps her moving forward she belted out hopeful tune perhaps looking to the future symptoms she struggled with today became a distant memory. >> hoping to enroll 40 patients with dementia due to alzheimer's disease and drug trial to learn more go to the website >> next tonight's lottery drawing.
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wgn news @ 9 snowfall has moved on snow fall still in his hand to be can go there live now >> can and ought to this for half an hour. it has been pretty wild today whether weiss to say the least commute earlier today snow falling system blowing through traffic moving well roadways wed around chicago area. snow is gone melting 1 in.
9:28 pm
packing well tollway not with out with clouse keeping the roads extremely smooth it very serious snowflakes very brief enough for a snowball fight >> thank you tom skilling. >> snowfall hit hard northwest suburbs did not do much in the city at all sweeping up through wisconsin other aspect of the storm so amazing convected activity tournedos on the south side more on that in a moment pictures from viewers snowfall
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and this picture from wisconsin. and one of our intern captured this snowfall coming down. snowflakes were huge. as was the case last friday to add a half inches. window with raindrops over to snowfall had a chat down after that. we miss the snow fall in the city did not think we would get a lot we thought northwest suburbs would get that and it did interesting statistic more than half of the city seasonal snowfall 10.8 in. of 19.5 has come down on friday's.
9:30 pm
illinois winter 1 from december-february closed the books on third warmest since 1895. major storm jet stream of shooting into this. one big problem is the power upper wind over 150 mi. per hour introducing moisture thunderstorms blow up with snow fall on the backside waves of storms that spend super cellular reports of hail and tornadoes. red triangle a tornado. 91 the count most in a march in four years in nine states accounting tournedos today. watch snowfall accumulation weather bug camera is snowfall this afternoon. visibility's down quarter mile same thing true in geneva watch snowfall accumulation their
9:31 pm
white out conditions for a time this afternoon moving into that area. elsewhere rainfall coming down. during the course of the day. left with flurries on the backside of the system with gusty wind 42 degrees downstate and did or sector stormy looking sky another one damage in that area out of-the sky there looks this afternoon wind gusts downstate indiana. 60 mi. per hour wind. and did not list 54 mi. per hour wind gusts. tennessee winter a rough day good part of united states
9:32 pm
extraordinary temperature variation. 81 degrees in nashville tennessee to 35 degrees international falls. powerful jet streams of developing moving through the atmosphere high-speed horizontal causing the air to rise spinning the storms. 36 degrees tonight. cold air to the north. a cool weekend first full weekend of march. cooling off west wind blowing easing tomorrow. 82 percent humidity to 0.31 degrees with a jet stream 170 mi. per hour in spots. between a cold and warm air. thunderstorms on the warm side on the nose of this jet stream coming out of saskatchewan area
9:33 pm
the second saskatchewan screamer coming down and week. this is the week for repeat whether in the area at 3 storms second a suspect when screamer storm tonight you can see icon's showing which ones are rotating at icons that show hail designating storms producing at animation but that this line notice circulations swirls indicating how many of these storms rotating super cellular a need three-dimensional view of the storms from radar information high resolution and permission from weather service system. 40,000 ft. into the atmosphere. reaching up and tapping the energy and the snowfall a vigorous in michigan and apartment peninsula rayan and
9:34 pm
of the peninsula. screamer system comes on sunday scattered flurries wind toppled the late afternoon and sunday night might cover the ground. watching that with interest lake enhancement snow showers at still signs of a big warm up tuesday-wednesday more on that on the update. low temperature 29 degrees with a west wind 14- 32. tomorrow mostly cloudy sunshine high temperature 35 degrees tomorrow night flurries and sunday cloudy scattered flurries heavier snow 1-2 in. an accumulation heavier snow showers. not a horrible day to
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close the books on >> coming up a lesson in life never too late to achieve your goals one chicago will tell you in her mid-70s and another book devastating storms going through the midwest today.
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dental check-up. try any crest pro-health rinse. ouchicago's very own at times we might think the older we are the best we can do not the case of able men and w. englewood neighborhood h not a barrier on lola jones wanted high school diploma back to the classroom chicagos very own at age 76 lola jones always had big dreams >> even as it a little girl going to other people's graduation wanting to march into the room 76 years old lola
9:39 pm
jones dreams coming true making her way to the front of the class growing up lola jones oldest of seven children the one who stayed home to take care of siblings cannot stay in school or half a century later help of two volunteer teachers lola jones goal became a reality >> 13 ounces >> teachers taught for lola jones e of charge program she was then lost funding met with her twice a week three hours each time until graduation day >> they came to the library to help me when they did not have to. they saw something i always thought was there but it did not happen >> they would not let me give up >> teacher the members first time she met her in the classroom >> i saw her looking me up and down her body language was batt
9:40 pm
who is this? and i knew that it was my role to make her feel comfortable with me as an instructor >> how was that taking lessons 40 years her junior? >> i thought this young lady cannot teach me anything just too young and that started to realize how much could teach me >> expressing >> my worst thing that mott learned just as much from her talking about her life as she learned from me and the classroom >> do not do it tomorrow do that today if you put that off you put it off 40-50 years like i did and you might not live that long. >> lola jones one of chicagos very own
9:41 pm
>> recently turned 77 years of age now taking college courses near her home becoming a counselor. >> never give up. up next radio commentator said rush limbaugh ask that again and hot water with sponsors and president and later in sports spa start for the chicago bulls and joakim noah cleveland over the lowly cavaliers. living with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... could mean living with joint damage. help stop the damage before it stops you with humira. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira's proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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wgn news @ 9 taking a look more video from top story tonight tom skilling pointed out rough day across united states construction and dedication across the midwest south latest on tornadoes across southern indiana eastern kentucky and tennessee and ohio storm claimed at least 18 deaths and 13 indiana with five and kentucky numbers climbing during this hour many people some still trapped in the rubble. tomorrow morning updating you terrible that the amat terrible history any guide
9:45 pm
have not heard the final tally from this i remember back in the outbreak super outbreak 1974148 tornadoes across all kinds of states days before we realized what the toll was on that terrible >> something like this every couple of decades. snowfall on the backside of the storm with numbers. system with the last one to 5 in. of snowfall in the kendry county community. the island lake had 1 in.. you can see it's no fault in retreat coming down parts of eastern northeast wisconsin. no. or michigan and eastern uc thunderstorms across eastern united states. visibility snow
9:46 pm
intensity waukegan 3 mi. as ability. snowfall totals work in progress snowfall eastern wisconsin. milwaukee 4.5 in.. advisories continue tornadoes in the deep south advisories for winter weather including winter storm warnings no. 0 or michigan. most of the system snowfall this point forward areas weekend cold first full weekend of march fell like a winter league weekend temperatures in the 30's and
9:47 pm
flurries tomorrow sunday more substantial system into the area could go snow showers may be a clearing and flurries by morning across the area peaks of sunshine to the club's tomorrow notice storm of pulling out watch coming in saskatchewan north of north dakota and south eastbound. closer look at that system. up to sunday morning sunday evening what that does in the afternoon and at night wind northeast lake moisture into the mix. getting some wind to show up with current system still fall model may be 1-2 in. of snow fall sunday night. 70 forecast sticking with 60s on tuesday and wednesday interesting the way nature pulls this one off. temperatures
9:48 pm
dropping far past. cold week at 35 degrees sunshine for the warm-up may be mid-60's mid- week. >> tour to show where a serial killer jeffrey dahmer but on murders tour in milwaukee two of them tour scheduled tomorrow both of them spent the to be full groupon chicago-based special deal promotions loved ones of the victims say tour ugly part of city history organizer bam marketing and media insisting not sensationalizing or condoning the jeffrey dahmer actions killed 17 men and boys said that the present murdered. radio rush
9:49 pm
limbaugh talk-show rush pocket book after comments made law student warning his language is graphic sandra fluke advocated for government's health care law mandate employers cover all costs of contraception radio host said wanting other americans to pay to support sexual habits higher premiums in essence she is a slut a prostitute several media outlets several advertisers of show rush limbaugh backing out and the sandra fluke not call from the president >> he thanked me for speaking out and being willing to do this for helping to magnify the voices of women around the country who feel this is an important policy with them down but it can't advocate georgetown university does not cover contraception university health insurance program. blackhawks 3 game road trip a big victory in
9:50 pm
canada highlights coming up and $7 million rates will not be appreciated news on chicago bears and matt forte next in sports.
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sensation point guard that helped chicago would have still won the game >> getting healthy stand on their role on the road and cleveland tonight no trouble against cavaliers without kyrie irving he had the flu. chicago bulls have a thing else richard hamilton getting things going driving the land on display luol deng three-pointer, luol deng 15 points and the first and 24 points in the game more of the same letter ronnie brewer ask for the baseline three-pointer with derrick rose wrapping it up watch the shot derrick rose 19 points. 112-91 points. 30-8. senior night at south bend providence coming up big 27 points 17 rebounds closer than
9:54 pm
expected game. 75-bit these tournament. ray emery in the cage blackhawks came one of a rugged three game road trip penalty brian bickell in front 1-1. later more great pressure score marion hossa is on the wraparound 27 over the line and back out biggest factory of the year about that? chicago bears slapped a franchise tag on matt forte general manager stan phil emery at finding common ground to keep matt forte in chicago this year and beyond long-term contract the move not unexpected matt forte will make it $7.7 million this year. baseball tale of two starting
9:55 pm
pitchers contributing to season continues coverage of the white sox and chicago cubs in arizona >> even without mark early starting pitching should be a strength for the white sox phil humber pitching his way onto all-star team looking for more consistency 2012 >> throwing harder at the end of the year by strikeouts were up walks were down obviously it did not have the results of was looking for. some of that having great looks not so good at the end >> chicago cubs new pictures of the past visiting pictures as a pirate wearing white at wrigley field approach will not change >> not huge strike out guy. my goal to get the guys to be 3 pages or less deep into the
9:56 pm
games save people and let the guys on the back and take care of that working every time? no but in doing everything i can to make it work a lot of time >> left and the spice to chicago cubs rotation taking shape on sunday opening cactus league schedule against oakland athletics. >> as expected major league baseball addict wild card team to each league this year chris lowrie fired and 50th anniversary it perhaps most amazing individual feat in professional sports 1962 wilke hamblen scored 100 points against new york next hershey pa. no television of the game of the picture holding up a scribbled number 100 on a piece of paper 4000 people saw the game number has increased all the years old they kobe bryant has come close scoring 81
9:57 pm
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