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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  April 4, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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father michael pfleger air said that he believes a fire outside of st. sabina church was set by someone trying to send a message good afternoon i am steve sanders ... >>and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the internet >>police say someone tied a t- shirt to the door at the nearby recreation center and said that on fire police still looking for the culprit ...
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there was no major damage to the church or the community center just to the door leading into the building father michael pfleger said twice bistrobefore hate related objects have then left at the door ... >>in the scope of things this is nothing maybe it's someone trying to send a message so they obviously must be getting our message in that is that we will not stop doing what we do >>surveillance video will be used to identify the would-be arsonists >>we have a camera you can see the person walking up at about 2:00 this morning coming across the street coming up to the door and lighting this >>the incident is coming during holy week ...
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>>to put it in perspective we are celebrating holy week and the burning of the door is nothing compared to the crap sacrifice made by christ >>sacrifice that was made by christ ... >> a suburban police chief has been charged with drunk driving ... grayslake chief matt mc cutcheon was arrested after crashing his car just over the state line in silver lake wisconsin friday night nobody was injured in the accident but police say that he was swaying and he smelled of alcohol when the officers arrived he refused to
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breathalyzer and foot field sobriety test and he was arrested of officers also took his loaded gun the mayor of grayslake said that he remains on the job while the case is investigated a seconded top aide to ex gov. rod blagojevich is heading to prison lon monk was sentenced to two years behind bars yesterday on corruption charges he was the former governor's first chief of staff and close friend he helped prosecutors by testifying against the former governor to corruption trials in exchange for a two-year prison sentence he hoped for a break from judge james zagel is sentenced another former blagojevich aide to only 10 days in prison if however the judge struck a two-year sentence calling it reasonable the cook county board has approved a million dollars settlement in a civil rights case brought by four female delegates the lawsuit was filed nearly 10 years ago the women said that their civil rights
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were violated during repeated we can lockdowns at the cook county jail inmates used to be locked in their cells from friday until sunday but that practice stopped in 2003 shortly after the lawsuit was filed most of the money betty hundred $50,000 will go to the women's attorneys chicago mayor rahm emanuel said that the city is close to deal with the chicago cubs to help fund renovations to wrigley field improvements to the nearly 100 year-old stadium could cost $409 without offering specifics the mayor is not completely ruling out the plan floated by the previous owners in 2010 all the pieces have to work together but my job is to represent the people of the city of chicago he is however balking at the plant for the ricketts family to use their own money
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for the triangle building for commercial space next to the ballpark whatever we do to enhance value wrigley field it will be sure to make sure that the private honors enhance the value of wrigley field i will not put my money in their field so that they can take their money and develop around the field for their own economic gain a member of the ricketts family would not go into specifics but they have acknowledged that the team is having ongoing discussions a renovations it would take time to reach consensus ... >>they have their own money to renovate wrigley field >>i want taxpayer money to go to
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this field which i believe is god's front doorstep people would enjoy it even more it's worth it we deserve it it needs it >>no one wants to go on record with details of the plans to finance the renovation i spoke to the wrigleyville aldermen he said that he has no comment ... no deal is imminent there's still a lot of detail needing to be worked out you can watch the cubs home opener right here on wgn channel nine local and wgn america beginning at 12:30 p.m. central with the show next year is here followed at 1:00 by the washington nationals at the chicago cubs ... next at noon cleanup is underway
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across texas today ... people are looking over the damage left behind by a series of tornadoes that ripped through the state. as many as 13 tornadoes touched down in north texas yesterday. severe winds flipped semi- trucks, stripped the roofs off homes and damaged nearly 300 buildings. the storms forced flight cancellations out of dallas airports ... causing backups across the country. some tornado victims tried to take cover while inside their homes. i bolted upstairs we ran into
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the innermost part of the house without the dogs we bolted the door we heard lots of scare enormous >> at least 150 homes were destroyed in the city of arlington. several people were injured .. but no one was killed in the storms. the winds from yesterday's storms were so powerful .. they lifted semi-trucks off the ground and tossed them around like toys. you can see trucks flying through the air, and being flipped by one tornado. video out of dallas county caught the tornado barrelling through a truck parking lot and exploding power lines in its path. the storms damaged several airplanes. the man accused of killing seven people at a christian college in oakland california will be arraigned today. a memorial service was held last night for the victims. mourners gathered to remember six students and a school secretary killed in the shooting rampage. a woman attending the service asked that they join together in praying for peace and an end to the violence. police say the shooting
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suspect had been expelled from oikos university for behavioral problems aind wanted to settle a score. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is now turning his attention to pennsylvania and several other states in the primary race. romney is coming-off victories yesterday in wisconsin maryland, and washington, d-c. these wins give him more than half of the delegates needed for the nomination. pennsylvania connecticut delaware, new york, and rhode island will hold their elections on april 24th. romney's main opponent, rick santorum, used to represent pennsylvania in the u-s senate. a quinnipiac university poll shows he's six points ahead of romney in his homestate. president obama will clinch the democratic nomination for president. c-n-n is reporting the president picked up 219 delegates after last night's primaries. that puts him over the nearly 28-hundred delegate total needed for the nomination. president obama announced he would seek a second term, a year ago. a federal appeals judge has ordered the justice department to explain president obama's
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comments on the health care case. on monday, mister obama warned of the perils of "judicial activism." the judge wants to know whether the president believes the courts have the right to rule acts of congress unconstitutional. yesterday... the president explained his comments... saying because of the extraordinary power of the supreme court... justices have traditionally exercised restraint in overturning laws passed by elected lawmakers. mister obama also said he believes the supreme court will uphold his health care law. i have enormous confidence that in looking at this law not only is it constitutional but that the court will exercise its jurisprudence carefully because of it ... the profound power that the supreme court has ... a ruling on the law is not
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expected until june. next, thousands of janitors are preparing to go on strike. what could be affected. and students showing their anger of rising tuition costs... get peppper sprayed at a california college. and later in lunchbreak, we are learning how to make double bone-in pork chops without drying them out.
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with a look at today's business headlines and checking the markets ... it is a big a losing day for stocks oil and a cold ... the service sector is slowing down and there's news that the federal reserve may not inject more stimulus into the economy that has stocks lower at one hour 2% across the board
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today yahoo in is having some layoffs to save costs as it overhauls its operations ... today the att employment report 209,000 jobs in march were added better than expected news ... it will be the fourth straight month to see the economy at more than 200,000 jobs ... general motors says that the chevy volt will be back into production april 16th a week earlier than expected after seeing a bake sales gain in march ... there were cases where the batteries caught fire some people were slowing down the sales ... but it has been ruled
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that it is not any greater risk than in other vehicles you'll be paying more cash for your traditional easter ham dinner hog prices have gone up in the last two years it costs more for feed ... retailers are going to try to discount to attract shoppers more than a decade after the 911 terrorist attacks the defense department today filed charges against the accused mastermind collied check mohammad and for other co-conspirators will be tried in a military commission in guantanamo bay if convicted they could be sentenced to death a trial date has not been announced nearly three dozen people died in the september 11th the tax
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>>the skyscraper replacing the world trade center towers is approaching a significant benchmark in its construction one world trade center is now 100 stories high and is 1,244 ft. tall the tower is to 6 ft. shorter than the empire state building but it is expected to surpass it in a few weeks the building will eventually reach nearly 1,800 ft. making it the nation's tallest structure the tears expected to be completed by next year or in early 2014 at the bottom of that building there is a memorial honoring the victims of the september 11th attacks dozens of demonstrators were pepper sprayed during a protest on the campus of santa monica college in california nearly 100 people packed a hallway outside of the trustees' meeting last night the students were protesting a plan to increase costs for summer courses, to buy the crowd pulled out his pepper
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spray and fired it in the mails and the eyes of the people nearby five people had to be treated by paramedics and two were taken to hospital >>a union representing 13,000 janitors is demanding better pay and benefits this morning as their contract is getting closer to expiring robert jordan is live in the loop with details >>if the deadline comes and goes for days from now they might approve a job action for the seiu >>we are fighting for the future what happens in the next three years will determine what happens to our children for the next 30 years ... the service employees international union are poised to strike if an agreement is not reached by sunday april 8th they seeay they
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want a wage they can live on ... currently suburban janitors are being paid 1175 an hour downtown and make $31,000 a year that's just over $15 an hour on behalf of our families we have to do what ever it takes to make a change ... the janitors clean downtown public schools city of chicago facilities commercial facilities and other types of buildings >>anyone who buys groceries knows the cost of food is skyrocketing and we don't have to even talk about the price of gasoline we all know about it all of our cost of living increases are way up everyone here in chicago in this union
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needs to raise >>negotiations are continuing ... to key features remaining have to do with wages and insurance new research on global warming and its effect here in illinois is coming up next ... and later the medical tests and treatments that you don't need according to some doctors groups and her new solo cd " worship soul " debuted yesterday we have live music this midday from chicago gospel singer anita wilson she will be performing at a cd release concert next wednesday at living word christian center in forest park [music by ms. anita
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this year ... because of damage and death from the emerald ash borer beetle a similar problem is plaguing north suburban deerfield the village board voted this week to take down more than 200 infected trees there city officials are encouraging residents to call if they have an infected tree on their property to keep the beetle from spreading the green beetle is native to asia and is believed to have been brought over to the united states in the 1990's incidence of severe weather have been on the rise in illinois and in recent years and some experts blamed on global warming julian crews joins us live from the gold coast >>skeptics continue to question the exact causes but senator
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dick durbin and a group of researchers and scientists say that new data on the scale of weather-related damage as conclusive evidence >>to that 11 was a record year for extreme weather events in 2011 ... there were 14 disaster's costing over $1 billion to the united states last year two of them impacted illinois ... >>from emergency management directors to the university of chicago geophysical scientist faculty a wide spectrum of faculty is saying that it is undeniable that weather is more extreme ... in a new report released by environment illinois and nonprofit research group the data shows that 24 out of 25 illinois residents live in areas hit by recent weather
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disasters which widespread last year the number of weather events of inflicted more than a billion dollars worth of damage to this country alone illinois had two of them ... we had a storm that caused nearly $2 billion worth of damage across the midwest last year in february and what to do about global warming is not yet clear but a recent hearing on capitol hill senator dick durbin said that the insurance industry spoke loud and clear expressing deep concern about climate change it's not just environmental but it's the private sector and the downstate farmers who say that this is very real >>these are just coincidences as
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far as i'm concerned there is something profound that is happening many scientists say that reducing carbon pollution is critical and they point to new drafted carbon pollution standards for coal-fired plants introduced last week by the epa coal-fired power plants and automobile and truck emissions are the two biggest contributors to global warming ... legislators ought to be called according to these experts to push for the new obamas standards for cars and trucks in coal-fired plants coming up we have tom skilling
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this will rank among the coolest opening days at wrigley field going back to the 1870's 27 percent have had temperatures in the 40's or lower for opening day we will be in to the upper 40's tomorrow. nature has pulled a quick one on us ... what has happened here is an incredible warm march the warmest to date on record and now we have to more seasonable weather in april so is more typical for this time of year ... there is a storm to
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the west that is cooling things off and then there's a big storm happening down state. and then there were those dramatic outbreaks in the dallas area with all those tornadoes yesterday and we have some severe weather for the gulf states today ... violent thunderstorms as you can see on the national map ... we at 30 mi. per hour wind yesterday taking a degree temperatures well down into the evening. currently we are at 55 degrees here in chicago ...
12:32 pm
we are 10 degrees cooler than we were 24 hours ago ... there is a blocking pattern in the atmosphere that will keep this right here for the next couple of days we have a wind gusts at 24 mi. per hour out at o'hare airport right now. we need to get used to these temperatures there will be with us for the next several days ... here are the the current ratings: we have some high mold spore and pollen counts for today ... we have some strange upper air
12:33 pm
weather patterns going on ... slowing down activity in the hemisphereatmosphere. and that jet stream bring the cool air coming from canada is really affecting us. the last frost will likely be some time at the end of april but we have it been known to have crossed out to may 25th but that was unusual because of the eruption of mount pinatubo back in the '90s some of the warmer readings that we found: we are currently at 53 degrees at o'hare 53 at midway.
12:34 pm
.. and here are some of the local temperatures around the region ... it is a beautiful day across the metropolitan area. it hit 80 degrees in the city yesterday but we did see in some of those far south suburbs and in indiana it went into the '90s ... tonight it will get very cool especially michigan and wisconsin we will be back into the 50s tomorrow 40's at the lakefront here in chicago lots of sunshine and lots of wind we
12:35 pm
will have that very cool chicago cubs' home opener tomorrow ... we will have below normal rainfall in the next couple of weeks ... but that is not the case in those gulf states that have some severe weather conditions and lots of thunderstorms in rain going on right now ... appear it will be beautiful the next couple of days ... today high temperatures of 51 degrees 40's at the lakefront it will be 37 degrees overnight tamara mostly sunny windy and cooler we predict 48 degrees at game time tomorrow it wrigley field ... sunny friday
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high of 55 degrees ... we would like to take a minute to say thank-you to the boys and girls club of chicago ... this past holiday season, we once again launched our wgn store and this year the proceeds from the store goes to the boys and girls club of chicago for the past 16 years we have run a tutoring program here at wgn every tuesday night ... so it is with great pleasure that i present jim kane the president and ceo of the boys and girls clubs of chicago the proceeds from the wgn store that's $1,600 we just want to thank you for everything that you do for the chicagoland community thank-you for coming
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here today to accept this check ... >>thank you very much tom skilling ... and thank-you wgn such a generous partner to us ... everyone who helps us out with defense and enteringevents and mentoring... jane hayden.. come here... she's been so wonderful.. thank you for taking time to visit us end up supporting our
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viewers your live illinois lottery drawing is coming up next
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time for sports. the blackhawks will get at least one of their best players back tomorrow. duncan keith will return from his five- game suspension in minnesota. captain jonathan toews is close to returning from a concussion. he practiced yesterday, but has not decided if he'll play tomorrow. toews has been cleared for contact, but he's waiting for his gut to tell him when to come back. he's already missed 20 games. there's also a chance derrick rose will return tomorrow night. he went through a full basketball workout yesterday and apparently did very well. g-m gar forman revealed rose's groin injury was serious, and it caused some internal bleeding. forman says he hopes to have the entire team healthy by next week. spring ball... chris sale pitched four- innings of one- run ball against the astros. sox up 2-1 in the fifth, when adam dunn hits his sixth homer very next batter, paul konerko hits a solo home run for his first of the spring. sox win 5-1 and their final tune- up is today. cubs playing their final game in arizona. a man on in the first innings for starlin castro, and he homers to deep left... the cubs go on to beat the brewers "split squad" 5-3, and finish the spring with 17 wins
12:45 pm
and 16 losses. cubs open the season tomorrow afternoon against stephen strasburg and the nationals.. right here on wgn. in medical watch.. 45 tests and procedures routinely performed on patients are often "unnecessary"..... a new report by consumers union, the american board of internal medicine foundation and nine physician groups says these are among the unneeded tests: > a c-t scan or m-r-i after fainting.. if there are no seizures or neurological problems. > an annual cardiac stress test, if you're otherwise healthy. > a chest x-ray before outpatient surgery, if you have a moderate to good functioning heart. > a back scan within the first six weeks of lower back pain. > and a repeat colorectal cancer screening. beginning at age 50, one high quality colonoscopy every ten years is all you need. doctors say patients often *ask* for the tests. the
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website lists all 45 tests and procedures included in the report. a new report says chicago is not a good place to be sick. a study by the health care "commonwealth fund" puts chicago in the bottom third of american cities for medical care. chicago ranks 215th... below cities like boston, new york, atlanta... even detroit which is 189th. the study ranked cities on 43 factors, including percentage of patients with insurance mortality rates and avoidable hospital visits lunchbreak is next. we are making double bone-in pork chops. i'm tom... i'm sue... i'm carol. and this is my cvs pharmacist. i found out i had cancer. diabetes. i had a heart attack. so, i needed help with my medications. because mixing them... can be dangerous. not with maria around. not with pete. not with nakea. alerting you to potential drug
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the lunch break to show us how to make double bowman and pork chops and keep them from drying out the key is that you have to mark both sides and if you leave it on the grill for two long it will overheat and get very dry with a hard crispy side to the top ... we will do this on the stove top today you need to preheat your pan. i rub the oil right on the pork chops with some salt and pepper i flip it
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over to the same thing the idea is to get a nice little covering these are nice size double bone in pork chops from indiana ... we are keeping a local you want to see yourar these on each side on the grill 2-3 minutes in the pan maybe close to five minutes ... by marking the chop i meant to get some grill marks ... you have a
12:51 pm
resting rack on your grill so what you want is some aluminum foil when you take your pork chop off the coals you let it sit on that aluminum foil above the grill on that resting rack for several minutes. when you are preparing this in the pan you want to ensure that your oven is preheated to 400 degrees ... you put the pork chops and an oven safe dish and bake it for about 15 minutes
12:52 pm
... we have here some quartered red potatoes ... they are coated with some of olive oil ... we also have some bacon bits and herbs and you toss all of this in the oven this can be done well ahead of time ... and if you want to do these on the grill you can put these in one of those metal baskets ... we
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have the rendered bacon fat and we use this with some red wine to raise some cabbagebraise some cabbage.... you are opening a new restaurant here in the city ... there are two partners so the name is two zak's place is at 112 south
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washington street in hinsdale. for more information on today's recipe or to watch this segment once again please log on to wgn tv [ host ] mary switched to allstate and saved $326.00 on her car insurance. john switched and saved $263.00! drivers who switched to allstate saved an average of $336 a year on car insurance. and allstate will send you two bonus checks a year every year you stay accident free with our safe driving bonus. when i switched to allstate my savings amounted to $436 a year. when i switched from my old insurance company to allstate i saved over $800 a year. want more? call now and get one hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up with deductible rewards, and another hundred off every year you don't have an accident.
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we know that it will be called for opening day but easter sunday looks a bit warmer ... there is some rain downstate in central illinois and indiana right now ... that is right on the edge of the cooler air. the northwest wind is keeping a rein away from the chicago metropolitan area ... but there's plenty of rain in the gulf states today ... that may become severe in the next 48
12:57 pm
hours. this all brings to mind that we are just one week away from the tornado and severe storms seminar ... we will be joined by a man who oversees all of the modeling efforts of the national weather service and we will be discussing severe weather ... there will be some more mayor coming in over the weekend. 63 degrees saturday 62 degrees easter sunday there may be a shower late saturday but sunday looks beautiful breezy and sunni it will get much
12:58 pm
cooler tuesday and wednesday it's colder than what we're experiencing right now ... gone are the 80 degree temperatures for the time being ... this is slightly below normal for this time of year and we have grown to be so spoiled with this warm march weather we had ... i can't rule out a minor snow flurry ... thank you tom skilling ... and we thank you for joining us today we hope you have a great afternoon we're going to leave you now with more music from gospel singer ms. anita wilson ...
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