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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 18, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> you are watching wgn news at 9. >> entertainment icon and american bandstand dick clark passes away. a massive heart attack takes his life. >> i'm mark. this is our top country. remembering dick clark, wgn dean richard looks back at the life of the man known as america's oldst teenager. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: dick clark invented music television with the original "american bandstand" that started off as a local dance show and turned into an american cultural
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institution. it produced everyone from al vis and prince and ma done -- madonna. dick clark talked about what he thought made the threshold in an interview. >> probably bringing them together in a social atmosphere. we always had entertainers. the first day like dizzy gillispie. all of the black entertainers but never the mixed audiences. i think this is the first time they are going to release the record on the air. ladies and gentlemen, would you agree? the jackson 5. >> reporter: jackson 5 made their first appearance on 1970s. other included richard, the people singers and the shy life. barry manilow that re-recorded the bandstand song issued a statement says this is a sad
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day. he was a dear friend supporting me and my music for all of the years in the business. a great businessman and true gentleman. an inspiration. my heart is heavy now. he remembered an old friend. >> he was the hardest working guy in the business. he was a friendly guy. the last time i saw him was in las vegas. we were at a concert. i didn't know he was going to be there. he was sitting about three rows back from the stage. i ran down and said hey dick. he jumped up and came over and we hugged. we were just talking how good it was to see each other. >> reporter: when bandstand went off of the air, clark stayed hosting a variety of shows including "$25000 pyramid." it's possible that he turned out 7500 hours of television, including 30 series and 250 specials as well as more than 20 movies for theater and tv.
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clark had a wild range of businesses, including producing the academy of country music, the american music, and the golden globe awards. dick clark is probably best remembered to younger audiences as the host of the new year's eve "rocking eve show" that started in 1972 and ran nearly every year until he suffered a stroke in 2004 and passing the baton to ryan seacrest, although he continued to make an appearance. >> the future is full of hope and goodwill. >> reporter: dean richard wgn news. >> the white house issued a statement. saying with american bandstand he introduced decades worth of viewers to the music of our times. he reshaped the television landscape forever as a creative and innovative producer. for 40 years we've welcomed him into our home to ring in the new year. >> a capsized boat on lake
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michigan today and water rescue. two boats were saved today just before 3:00. they got into trouble when high winds tipped the small sailboat near belmont harbor. the wind pushed the boat north where rescuers spotted them struggling to stay afloat. >> we were able to maneuver our boat in a position to get a lifeline to them. they were too cold and we had a diver that swam to their boat and assisted them individually both back on to the boat with the line. >> the boaters reportedly in good condition tonight but taken to a local hospital for evaluation. we should mention this isn't the first time it happened to the boat owner. almost exactly one year ago today the same guy was rescued by his wife when the storm flipped the same boat during a birthday celebration. >> we've done reports on fraud taxpayers in the past, but a small town official may have elevated to a new level. we have details of the accused
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$30 million woman tom ? >> reporter: yeah this town cfo released after court today among the condition that she not touch money in two of her bank accounts. taxpayers here angry not just because it happened but because many of them say their local officials were warned. picturesque dickson illinois, boyhood home of ronald reagan. you'll find his statue by the river on top of a horse which today seems pretty ironic. >> the whole situation is bad for dixon. this is a strong city that will recover. >> reporter: rita the town's chief financial officer accused of misappropriating $30 million tax dollars and spending the money on a lavish lifestyle, horse forms in dixon and wisconsin. her ranch here with the initials
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rc. >> i'm shocked. there's so many good places that money could be used here around town. >> reporter: it is quite literally the talk of the town. especially a town in which infrastructure is suffering roads are in disrepair, there's no money to open the local swimming pool where one candidate for mayor tried to blow the whistle about missing millions at city hall over a year ago. >> we went through about five or six years of audits on financial statements from the city. and it just looked like there was a shell game. they just kept moving money around from fund to fund to fund. but you could never find out what the money was actually spent on. >> reporter: tonight at the local watering hole, it's not the allegedly thieving comp controller they are most angry, but the civil leaders that taxpayer believed allowed this to happen. >> somehow the city misplaced $30 million. >> reporter: the prosecutors say it add up to just shy of
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$2,000 per dixon resident. no sign of rita at her home or ranch. she is due back in court on may 7th. live in dixon, tom wgn news. >> thank you tom. jennifer hudson's sister julia is divorced. she filed for divorce on august 22nd of last year. he goes on trial for the murders of her mother brother, and son. the divorce became final december 6th. >> apparently a recipe for disaster. now there's an agreement to settle. big dispute between an owner and pastry chef. the owner sued the chef saying her employee walked away with the recipe that belonged to the restaurant. recipes showed up in the cookbook he said she found the recipe online and other books. they worked it out. the owner dropped the lawsuit
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though terms have not been disclosed. >> still ahead is hockey violence getting out of control? what fans are saying. plus fallout from the huge hit at last night's game. >> mayor gets his way on the speed cameras but one doesn't go his way. >> bald eagles nest spotted in the borough. >> after a day in the '70s tom skilling says we return to earth. hello, tom.
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>> you are watching wgn "news at nine." micah: better make sure you drive the speed limit. city council approving a bill that will set up cameras designed to bust speeders. robert jordan has detailed. >> the speed cameras are about complimenting the investments and protecting our children. now i know that was controversial. but i didn't come here to do the easy things. we came to do the difficult things to get done to get the city moving. >> reporter: having red light cameras in school zones was
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controversial. some of their constituents saw them not as safety tools but generators. >> the fact they can be put where a department who has no accountability to the public without the input is a problem for me. because i'm the one that's going to have to address my constituents. >> reporter: but the mayor appointed to a recent channel nine story that documented motorist exceeding the speed limit in school zone. >> wgn did a shot over at lane tech. i got it right 67 speeders in 10 minutes. >> reporter: the other controversial issue before the council was the infrastructure trust. emanuel proposed a project to repair roads bridges, and suers. they asked that the proposal be
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put on rest for review. >> i can't allow that fear to trump the fear of men and women that have lost their jobs. the city's economic vitality being held back by a crumbling infrastructure. that too is fair. >> reporter: critics of the infrastructure trust asked for 30 more days to review the propoa sal. the mayor agreed to one more week. as to the cameras around the schools and marks, that was approved and will proceed. outside city hall robert jordan, wgn news. mark of: if you have an eagle eye, you can spot a nest. mother bird has hatched the babies in the township. they are a national symbol. this is thought to be the first nesting sight in a century.
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if they are endangered you can only sneak a peak. disturbing the nest brings $100,000 fine. >> folks can lenses can get a great view of the eagle. we're just making sure they are not, you know bothered mom and dad up there to scare them off. >> i noticed some in the nest. they were fighting a hawk. it was pretty interesting. >> it's 100 years since they've been here. yeah, it's exciting. mark: best viewing is over 131st street and east of the will cook road on the west. megamystery solved. a couple came forward claiming 1/3 of the jackpot. randi reports on what the big payout means to this couple. >> reporter: this right here is likely the largest payment ever made to an individual by the illinois state lottery. it's a $218 million cut of the record $656 million megamillions
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jackpot of three weeks ago. retired computer analyst merle butler stayed up to watch the news to catch the numbers. he got a pencil and paper wrote them down and stared. >> after i looked at it for a couple of minutes i turned to my wife who was right there with me. i says we won. and she kind of looked at me funny. and i says no we won. then she started giggling. and she giggled for about four hours, i think. >> reporter: they stayed up all night, ate breakfast, and put the ticket in their bank in red bud illinois. population about 3700. they then found themselves some good attorneys and financial advisors. only about five family members and close friends knew of their incredible luck. >> i talked to several people around town that asked me. and i've answered most of the time truthfully.
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>> they just didn't catch that merle was being serious. in the meantime they took their time coming forward, meeting with some professionals in nearby st. louis. >> we were meeting with a lot of people just not here in town. it keeps you busy going back and forth. >> reporter: they are not thinking about spending it yet, they are thinking investments. afterall, merle's only 65 and smart enough not to give away patricia's age. he's not asking for sympathy but says he has some serious work to do managing all of this money. >> i was retired. looks like i've got another full-time job. >> reporter: there were two other winning tickets claimed in kansas and in maryland. illinois requires the winners to reveal their identify to prove that money is actually being paid out. if you are inspired by the butler's story, tonight powerball drawing is worth $131 million. good luck. in the newsroom randi belisomo,
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wgn news. micah: first of all cutest couple. mark: i know them. micah: they told you about the winnings; right? mark: they didn't answer the phone call. micah: still ahead fall out from the sex scandal. three members from the agency being taken down. mark: and that is not just an old penny. whehs i'm carol, and this is my cvs pharmacist. i had to switch my insurance plan.
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his crushing hit on hossa. micah: we talked to espn about the brutal body check. >> he left his feet and hit him in the head. >> i agree with that. >> reporter: the calls came into sports radio. everyone had an opinion on the torres/hossa hit. >> everybody has already said it. there's nothing more to be said. >> reporter: many of hossa's teammates has been texting him since the hit. he's home recuperating and will sit out game four. it's not known the extent of his injuries, but hits to the head has been hot issues lately. especially in football and hockey. soon there could be stricter rules for head hits. >> a 10-game suspension sends a message. not only for what he did which is illegal based on the rules of the nhl, somebody is going to die. >> reporter: do you think fans would be okay with that? they want the fights, and yet
9:21 pm
there has to be a line you would think? >> there's a line. you can have a great collision sport without targeting the head. the con concussions have to be cleaned up. you can't have guys walking around not knowing where they are walking. >> reporter: coach found it a disgrace that not one of the refs saw the hit. the founder of the hockey caucus and an avid blackhawk fan in a statement said it was inappropriate for him to talk about the quote lousy, incompetent officiating at last year's game. he wants the investigation on how the nhl officials could have their lasik surgery go wrong. by suspending raffi torres indefinitely he sent a strong message that hits like this will not be tolerated. raffi torres is a repeat
9:22 pm
offending knocking brent out of the game last year when he was a canuck and they were playing the hawks. game four against the coyotes is here on thursday. marcelo raymond wgn news. micah: secret service claimed it's first casualty. mark: using social network to find an apartment in town.
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ings micah: tonights medical watch, a way to avoid needle sticks. the tattoo would change color when the blood sugar spikes.
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it's just in the testing phase right now but provides hope for patients. the tattoo would not be visible to the naked eye. the black light would reveal the color change. a way to reverse in the form of a cocaine anecdote. they outlined the vaccine which reverses motor impairment seizure, and other dangerous symptoms associated with cocaine overdose. the vaccine was tested on mice but it shows promise. thousands die every year from cocaine overdose. breast cancer is not one disease it's ten. a large international studies reveals what is now diagnosed as breast cancer is now ten separate diseases that should be treated. by identifying the disease they can tailor the treatment. it comes after an analysis from breath cancer from 2000 women.
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micah: that's our roller coaster
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weather. tom: tomorrow there's going to be a front. it will be like spring in the south suburbs. we all had spring today. do you know it was the 15th day above 70? i believe that's the most we've had in this area. it's three times the average number of 70 degree temperatures. we only had two by this time last year. isn't that something? really amazing micah and mark. look at this beautiful shot of the turbulent skies and the beautiful flowers from cary illinois. brad hossa was out storm chasing. look at this shot from the chicago botanical garden from our friend, mike who does just incredible work. i'd like to frame this and put it up on the weather office wall and sit back and look at it for a while. there's a gorgeous shot. the chicago botanical garden is
9:31 pm
a great place. we've had clouds show up and thunder and lightning. that may not be the last we see there are clouds setting up in the area. look to a beautiful start and a high temperature of 73. here's the front that's going to lay out across the area and divide warm air from cool. as one is passing from the upper midwest and the other one is settling south, about ready to take a great big gulp of moisture and set up some showers and thunderstorms. here's the way these little showers have been traversing the state. you can see there's a boundary trying to get going. we'll lay in the lightning data here, and you'll see the flashes periodically that have occurred. they don't last long but they are around the cook country and lake country border. you can see these are towers of clouds. reached 20000 feet in the atmosphere. they are not the last. there's more forming out to the
9:32 pm
west. this stuff out here and this is what rides into the northwest, and far northwest later tomorrow and over our area tomorrow night when most of the rain will occur. there can even be severe weather in the corridor out west in the area that's been so hard hit so far in the recent week. big storm out there. here you can see the rain and shower elements eastbound is portrayed by the model. that's the morning rush hour. it's a little spotty showers. any one of which could be electrical and produce some lightning discharges and then the main body of rain develops up to the north and sags down on us tomorrow night. we'll be getting into that. it does appear that the northern suburbs are again favored for the heaviest rains. you can see the way the amounts taper off south with almost an inch of rain possible north. we've averaged across 54 computer forecast off of various models from various national centers. you get about 1.12 inches.
9:33 pm
rain doesn't fall evenly. some at 288 that may seem like an extraordinary rain but that's what happens over the weekend. the suburbs got nearly .25 of rain and the southern suburbs got 2.88 inches. 73 today. look at the boundaries. here's the cooler air that will tap and bring in the winds tomorrow late in the day in the northern and all areas by friday and saturday. we're 21 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. and 68 degrees at kansas city and 68 in st. louis it's 39 in duluth, and 44 at marquette. not hard to imagine putting a front through the area. it's not there yet. they are warm. you can see the strong winds pumping in the air in are going into the southern suburbs. you folks are going to be the warmest of any part of the chicago area tomorrow as northeast winds will lock into
9:34 pm
the northern counties. southwest winds at 7. moderate to high in some cases. we had wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour at various sites harvard, river grove and glenview noted. all with gusty winds that pumped the warm air in. it's still 68 tonight at o'hair, 69 at midway, 65itssca. well the forecast is for the 70s to come up into the area the southern part of the area. when we come back we'll show you just how sharp the temperature demarcation will be. we have models that can hone in on the sharp temperature changes across the area. we'll show you what our in house model is shows tomorrow. maybe at some point later tomorrow, 40s while there are
9:35 pm
mid 70s down south. then we all get cool. mostly cloudy and warm. possibly a thunderstorm. 30 to 40% aerial coverage low temperature 62 and southwest winds at 6-17. tomorrow gets interesting as the front settles through the area winds will be south in the southern and north in the northern suburbs. thus the variation in the temperature with the city in the 60s, falling back to the 50s as the day goes on. cloudy, scattered showers later in the day and all areas tomorrow night with most of the rain coming down tomorrow night 44, and showering and cooler and upper 40s and mid 50s. that's it on friday. saturday looks cool sunday looks cool but sunnier and it warms up. we'll talk about that in a bit too. mark: okay. coming up the judge assigning a case involving the accused killer of trayvon martin quits
9:36 pm
the case. micah: plus a new web site that lets you rate places to live.neil
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9:39 pm
resigned. all the other agents are on administrative leave. they are accused of going out drinking and bringing prostitutes back to their hotel. no information the agents shared information or the security of the president was compromised. leon panetta apologizing for behavior of soldiers that posted with picture with dead insurgents. they were assigned to the 82nd airborne division. we worn you that those photos you are looking at maybe disturbing. most of the troops has been identified. the pair -- paratroopers came in contact. the "l.a. times" posted the pictures. mark: first judge on the trayvon martin shooting trial is out second one is in.
9:40 pm
the judge bowed out to the ties to a cnn legal analyst. her husband works for the analyst that was asked to represent. he claims he acted in self-defense. judge kenneth jr. taking over. micah: yesterday it was the republicans in the house, today it's democrats in the senate. california senator, barbara boxer, leading the inquiry. they spend more than $800000 on a lavish conference in las vegas. it's important for the inspector general and acting administer to work together. >> we have no excuses going forward not to fix the nightmare. i have to say it starts with the two of you working together. it really does. but the motivation of cleaning house is key. micah: two gsa officials have been fired and the administer as
9:41 pm
resigned. mark: new meaning of a penny saved is a penny earned. there's a penny worth more than $1 million. this one dating back to when ben frankly said that 1792. already online bidding more than $1 million. one of the first coins ever struck. copper with small silver plugs or a plug in the middle, the center. only 14 like this. this one was past owner to owner to owner over the past 220 years. the current owner wants to remain unanimous. micah: coming up no roles but no problem for the nba bobcats. we have two car insurances that we're going to have you taste. the first one we're going to call x. go ahead and take a sip, and then let me know what the baby thinks of it. four million drivers switched to this car insurance last year. oh, she likes it babies' palates are very sensitive so she's probably tasting the low rates. this is car insurance y they've been losing customers pretty quickly.
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oh my gosh, that's horrible! which would you choose? geico. over their competitor. do you want to finish it? no. does the baby want to finish it? no.
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if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day
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after day... well, shoot, that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. >> you are watching wgn "news at nine." mark: well, if you are looking for a new place to live there's a new web site that gives feedback on rentals. micah: wgn's marcus helps you with an age-old tool to search for a home. >> where rent is low and the plumbing antiquated. >> reporter: people have been complaining about their apartments since the old days. >> she and jack spent many hours searching for information studying the ideas that other people have developed. >> reporter: social networking when it comes to how we live
9:45 pm
dates back just as far. today it takes a step forward. >> that number is going to increase. there's a huge market opportunity. going back to classic supply and demand there's more supply than demand. chicago the rent has went up 6.5%. in the suburbs, even higher over 7%. if you are able to raise the rent that supply is restricted and demand is still there. >> reporter: aaron is the president of trying to make apartment shopping and dwelling easier for apartment hunters and owners. >> the site they go to all brought in the one platform. not just finding an apartment, but living in that apartment. >> reporter: rent social is free to use, and it allows both current and former residents to leave reviews of their building. >> one thing we've done we've
9:46 pm
given the property the voice to respond to the negative or even positive reviews. >> reporter: as for the social and rent social, the site has a profile section to link to your facebook account. >> this is taken directly from facebook. this is my daughter. this is my facebook information coming through. this is my activity feed not from facebook but as it pertains to rent social. if my property where i live has something they want to say it shows up on my wall. >> reporter: you can also interact with friends and neighbors. >> once i become a verified residents, i can see my neighbors and interact with my neighbors. >> if the neighbors don't want to be seen they can have that set as well; right? >> of course lessoned learned from the other big social site. >> reporter: marcus, wgn news. mark: there are 5,000 properties in the rent social database. it makes money by charging listed property owners a fee.
9:47 pm
marcus has more on his blog. micah: mr. skilling, we are cooling off; right? tom: yeah, after that you are right. it's going to cool off. then it warms up. we've had thunder and lightning in the area after a 73 degree high. 67 years ago we had the previous most 70s in april. but the 15 that we have on the books as you see the lightning go by is the most ever in 141 years of weather records by this point in a year. we then only two by this time last year. see how the front sets up through the area. it's marked by the clouds and all. a big area of rain lifts into wisconsin with the storm. then we drag more extensive showers through here tomorrow night and bring a strong wind flow on the backside of the weather system. tomorrow an amazing day. get in the car and drive north and south across the area and experience a 30 degree temperature variation with cool temperatures settling in.
9:48 pm
while it's warm from well, the southern suburbs. two week forecast of rainfall from .75 to 4 inches. that's the range. let's hope the upper end holds up. we need moisture. we are five degrees above normal. look at the temperatures. these are lows tonight. they are fairly mild. here's where you see the big variation. that is 2:45 tomorrow. it's 53 at waukegan. by tomorrow it goes down to 48. could creep up tomorrow night with showers and storms in the area. here's our seven-day forecast. 67 tomorrow and 50 on friday.
9:49 pm
50 on saturday, 55 sunday with part any sunny skies and 70 back on tuesday wednesday. micah mark? mark: it's been good. thank you. coming up the blackhawks locker room still seething after the big hit on marian hossa. micah: two guys struggle with the white sox and come up big tonight. dan with the i'm tom... i'm sue... i'm carol. and this is my cvs pharmacist. i found out i had cancer. diabetes. i had a heart attack. so, i needed help with my medications. because mixing them... can be dangerous. not with maria around. not with pete. not with nakea. alerting you to potential drug interactions. another reason to transfer your
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dan: rules versus like a high school team these days. mark: you me micah skilling. dan: you play post. point guard hire. mark: i'd pay good money to see it. dan: you might lose a random game. but if you are the bulls you won't. their services were not needed against the bobcats. that's in the second quarter. and the next time down the floor, kyle korver 52-37 at halftime. that was a confidence building for one rip hamilton. he made four out of five from
9:53 pm
behind the arch. the bulls roll into miami on a one game winning streak, 100-68 over charlotte. just hours after he laid autohossa raffi torres was suspended indefinitely by the nhl pending a face-to-face hearing which usually means a 6-10 game suspension. he earned it. rich checks in this morning. >> reporter: he did not speak to the media, but a team spokesman stands behind the statement that he delivers a clean hit on hossa. >> the way he thinks and said before was the same thing he said at vancouver last year. probably thought that was a hockey play too. no remorse at all with a guy like that can pretty much take him out and have a guy carried off on a stretcher, and he probably doesn't feel bad about it at all. >> it's the same thing i said last night. it was a brutal hit.
9:54 pm
>> he's texting guys. has he texted you? >> yeah, we had a good laugh last night with hossa and the trainer. good to know he's in good spirits. i'll let the doctors and coaches update you on his status. >> reporter: when a players skates leave the ice it's defined as a dirty hit. unless you view things from the phoenix bench. >> when the two players collide, both of them go in the air. if you see last night raffi is coming hard but the hit he's in the air both players go in the air. >> we're playing a contact sport. it's a high-paced contact sport. if you don't want to get hit and hurt, there are other sports you can play. and yes, we don't want to get hurt or injury people. if you don't finish your check and play hard you are not going to play, but watch from the press box. >> reporter: rich king wgn news. dan: could have been over for
9:55 pm
the penguins, could have been, but not. the penguins demolish philly in game four. jordan staal's hat trick leads them to a 10-3 win. baseball tonight sox have lost three in a row. tonight the sox get even. a.j. perkinsky got one. seven innings, four hits one run, eight strikeouts, no walk. they were up when don broke it open against the bullpen. with the bags packed everybody scored. a three-run double for dunn and the sox win big tonight. there was a venus siting at the cubs game that was the only thing remotely interested about this one. matt garza lit up by murphy. it's a two-run homer and the
9:56 pm
marlins lead. hanley ramirez who won the game with a late inning homer last night got his work done early here. two-run shot in the fifth. garza gave up six runs. the cubs get steam rolled 9-1. rodriguez is expected to retire tomorrow as pat summitt did. he's moving up to a status as she battles early onset dementia. and the bears sign chilo rochelle. micah: i like that name. mark: let's hope he can play. micah: that's our news. i'm micah. mark: i'm mark. from all of us have a good night. micah: bye bye.
9:57 pm
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