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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  April 27, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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no. chicago's mayor's post a hold a news conference soon about the seven authorsofficers at the center of the brutality case mayor leon rockingham has had his news conference postponed we expect him to speak sometime this afternoon to announce details of the investigation of those police officers in a fatal arrest case the mother of the man at the center of the case ... chew is escorted by the rev. jesse jackson ... the mother of darrin hanna believes that the
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officer ought to be charged with murder he died november 13th ... police were called to his apartment after is pregnant girlfriend complained that he was trying to drown her in the bathtub ... they used physical restraint and taser shocks ... that prompted the call on police brutality ... police say that the family is grossly misrepresenting the case ... we will bring you the latest as soon as the press conference is rescheduled
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the judge presiding over william balfour's trial heard an emergency motion this morning to release the 9-1-1 call placed by julia hudson... balfour's estranged wife. the motion was filed by three media outlets, including the tribune company. the judge said he will rule on it monday. meanwhile, day five of testimony continues ...balfour is accused of killing three members of jennifer hudson's family. she and her fiancee and sister julia were back in court today. the first witness to take the stand ... an f-b-i forensic expert on cell phones. 30 witnesses have been called so far. the prosecution focusing on witnesses who say they heard balfour make threats against julia hudson and her family. three family members accused of kidnapping a five-year-old boy from a st. louis hospital are heading back to missouri to face charges. the boy's father, aunt and grandmother waived extradition yesterday during a court hearing. the three are charged with taking porter stone from the hospital after he was evaluated for a heart transplant. it was an amber alert that helped authorities track them wednesday to a hotel in alsip. porter was reunited with his mother yesterday and is back in missouri. a mother in elgin faces criminal charges for driving her 16-year- old daughter to a park and encouraging her to fight another teenage girl. anita joost is charged with delinquency of a minor and
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aggravated battery. police in elgin say joost and her daughter admitted to going to the park on april 2nd to talk to another classmate about problems they were having. but joost's daughter reportedly wanted to fight the girl... and the mother reportedly encouraged her to do so. the victim's friends recorded the fight on their cell phones and showed the video to police. joost's daughter is also charged with battery. a coach accused of taking off with thousands of dollars from a travel baseball team in northwest indiana is now charged in the case. 40-year-old jeffrey scott halter is charged with ten counts of felony theft. prosecutors say he took more than seven thousand dollars from parents of the hobart baseball team. parents say halter disappeared after weeks of practice and stopped returning phone calls. he promised to return the money ... but never showed up for a meeting. the kids have since signed up for a different little league team, and several people have donated money to that team.
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some north side l writers have to adjust commutes' this year the cta will be rehabilitating several stations judy wang is an rogers park with more on that story this announcement comes from mayor rahm emanuel, the governor and u.s. senator dick durbin several stations are getting a facelift including the morris avenue stop delta 1908 ... it's time for a facelift and modernization it's time to give the people on the red line with the people on the brown line have received there are seven stations on the list to be rehabilitated the cta
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says these are the oldest and in most need of repair their willoughby's several improvements made to the station laid out in some cases as well as tracks lighting windows and platforms this could create 250 construction jobs >>if you're able-bodied did you are breathing we want you working in illinois and that's what we plan to do via the revival of the transportation system projects >>i am thinking about the cta the art g-8 metro and amtrak and what it means to families across the state we have to keep our commitment to infrastructure of america has a vision for this 21st century to lead the world
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this senator serves on a panel trying to work out differences between house and senate transportation bills he wants to insure the money keeps coming from the federal government for such projects here there will be a six week closure for these renovations at these stations new information is surfacing about contributions to the george zimmerman legal "phunk" ... and we have startling news about what was paid out to executive said lehman brothers before that banking homes collapsed
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the judge in george zimmerman's murder case says he needs more
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time to consider setting a higher bond for the florida man. zimmerman is free on 150- thousand dollars bond ... after being charged in the shooting death of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. at the time .... zimmerman and his family said they had little money. but now ... it's learned ... more than 200-thousand dollars has been raised for zimmerman's defense. an attorney for trayvon martin's family says zimmerman should be sent back to jail. prosecutors asked the judge to raise zimmerman's bond. nine-thousand u-s marines will be withdrawn from japan. the u-s and japan announced yesterday... the service members will be transferred from okinawa... to guam australia and hawaii. the countries said this shift will help strengthen the u-s' presence across the asia- pacific region. the obama administration is focusing on this part of the world... to respond to threats from north korea, china, and territorial disputes in the south china sea. pakistan has deported osama bin laden's three widows, his two daughters, and nine other members of his family. they left on a private plane for saudi arabia this morning. just last week, the widows and daughters completed 45 days of house arrest for living
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illegally in pakistan. one of the widows told authorities, they never applied for visas when they slipped into the country... and they moved from safe house to safe house with the help of local pakistanis. a federal judge is refusing to make public the graphic pictures of osama bin laden's bullet- riddled body. the day after bin laden was killed, the legal activist group "judicial watch" filed a freedom of information request. they wanted public release of pictures taken at bin laden's compound in pakistan, and his burial at sea. the judge said releasing the photos would serve no national security interest. the obama administration has argued, the pictures would only incite more terrorism. and take a look at this amazing
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video from new york city. time lapse photography shows the construction of one world center from inception, to where it is today. the building is expected to hit a major milestone... possibly as early as monday. that's when it will surpass the empire state building in height. one world center is projected to be finished by the end of 20- 13. when it is completed, it will stand at one-thousand, seven- hundred and 76 feet tall. the u-s senate has renewed the "violence against women act," despite some republican opposition. in a 68 to 31 vote, the senate approved an updated bill, designed to protect against sexual and domestic violence. the act was expanded to give protection to homosexual and trans-gendered people, as well as undocumented immigrants. many republicans opposed that change, but 15 voted in favor. house representatives will vote on a different version then meet with senators to merge the two bills. scientist think they know why some people are less religious than others. they explored the link between the brain and religion. according to the study: non- religious people think more analytically; rather than going with their gut. researchers say, many of our religious beliefs are simply rooted in an intuitive process
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and sometimes, when we think more analytically, our religious beliefs can wane.. for believers and non-believers alike. read more about it in the journal, "science." find out which super saver store is offering mortgages ... and what a sight over the skies of new york city as the shuttle enterprise gets a piggyback ride to its new home and in the lunch break a favorite
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business headlines live from the new york stock exchange according to the los angeles
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times internal documents say that lehman brothers are awarded millions of dollars to its 50 as ties paid in please the list of the top earners were given 8 million-$51 million in cash stock and other compensation before the firm when under ... these are raising concerns leading to officials wondering how much of that stock was cashed in before the collapse amazon's doing well thanks to the kindle fire ... if tablet buyers are not buying the apple i-pad they are a second choice is the kindle fire the major averages are trading in the green
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the server shatters the report that says the gdp will be coming in less than expected summer air fares are going up according to reports about 18 percent compared to last year and 3% on average compared to last year ... the increase is steeper for international trips with the average ticket costing 20 percent more than it did two years ago costco is selling more than peanut butter in bulk you can now get a mortgage through this wholesale retailer they are rolling out a full-service mortgage program on its web site ... they have issued more than 10,000 mortgages to members expect that number to soar
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the u.s. house of representatives passed a bill aimed at boosting cyber security it would allow the government and companies to share information about hacking his supporters on the house intelligence committee said it will help companies to protect themselves critics say americans privacy could be violated in businesses would have too much power with any liability president obama has threatened to veto that bill kentucky fried chicken has been ordered to pay more than $8 million to an australian girl who suffered brain damage and paralysis after eating a chicken twisters rap it happened in 2005 the girl and her family ordered food from kentucky fried chicken restaurant in sydney australia shortly after the several family members suffered food poisoning the young girl was to seven years old at the time she was the hit hardest her
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lawyers said that the food left with a blood infection and septic shock to a salmonella she is now a quadriplegic with a speech impairment kfc said it will appeal the decision but has yet to do so it woman from minnesota caused a health scare at midway airport yesterday lisa see verse was returning from uganda where she's in the process of adopting two children during a layover she called her mother to tell her about her bug bites and about sorus that she had seen on one of her children her mother called a doctor who thought it sounded like monkey pox a deadly infectious disease when that plane landed workers wearing has met suits boarded and examined leases ivars it turned out to be a case of bedbugs but the passengers on that plane said it was an experience they won't soon forget passengers were allowed to leave that plane three hours after it landed coming up next we will speak to
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a former miss world contest and about a cause that is very close to her heart and later in sports the bears bolster their defense in the first round of the nfl draft and we have live music this midday from the cowboy junkies they've just released their 21st record called the wilderness to much critical acclaim [ host ] mary switched to allstate and saved $326.00 on her car insurance. john switched and saved $263.00!
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like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i was a firefighter for 24 years. but, i have never encountered such a burning sensation until i had the shingles. i remember it well. i was in the back yard doing yard work. i had this irritation going on in my lower neck. i changed shirts because i thought there was something in the collar of the shirt irritating my neck. and i couldn't figure out what was going on. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. i always thought shingles was associated with people... a lot older than myself. i can tell you from experience it is bad. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story visit
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pageant queen. april lufriu is a mother of three, she runs a successful business with her husband, works as a dental hygienist, and tirelessly volunteers her time to advocate for the visually impaired. april lufriu joins us now. welcome. there's a real reason behind why you advocate for the visually impaired. you retired as a beauty queen and then went back to the public eye for the sake of your children when i was dedicating for the foundation in 2007 during all this work raising awareness we found out about my children's diagnosis which is retinitis pigment cosatosa i never thought my
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children would have this but i'm told there was a recessive gene and i was very depressed and angry over this ... >>this is a progressive eye disease so you will be watching your children gresser early use theirgradually lose their sight ... >>everyone's very different my sister and was lucky hurt disease progressed at a slow pace but when she reached her forties she had lots of challenges ... i am in my mother's shoes i remember the news when they came home and told my mother about my sister my mother was so strong in our
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history repeats itself ... i husband and myself we are doing what ever weekend ... >>you are using your position to raise money you say your children are doing well right now but you know the disease is progressive however there's great research happening now so the key is to raise funds for that research to halt the progression of that disease or defeated altogether in makes me hopeful to see the strides these organizations are making to fight this disease ... i've seen progress with other patients who have forms of this disease ... it keeps me hopeful they're making more and more strides and these vision
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walks are how we raise that great amount of money i am here to promote the chicago vision walk >>tell us about this walk its a great family of vent june 10th on a sunday the walk begins at 1030 after the 9:00 registration it's a great day for the children but it is a 5 k. walk you are walking on behalf of someone you know or love or just for yourself ... before my sister and i found it this foundation in tampa florida that's where i'm from she needed a support group we needed people to talk to ... i am visiting a family here in chicago who was very inspirational and god bless them
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the funding will go towards research ... >>we wish you all the best in your endeavors. chicagoland 5k visionwalk, benefitting the foundation fighting blindness takes place sunday june 10th at busse woods grove #5, in elk grove village. registration begins at 9 am with thewalk kicking off at 10:30am. tom skilling is next to tell us about some potentially heavy rains.
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what a cool sight across new york city's skyline this morning. the space shuttle "enterprise"... riding on top of a jumbo jet... heading to j-f-k airport. during the flight from washington, d-c... the plane flew by the statue of liberty and other landmarks. the shuttle's going to the intrepid sea, air and space museum in manhattan. last week, the shuttle discovery was flown to the smithsonian national air and space museum outside washington, d-c. we have some rain coming here ... it's not great timing for the weekend but it's not altogether bad news ... it is very cold out there we have march temperatures happening but we are in for a warmup next week and even more rain.
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there is consistency in this forecast we have a shot at this rain. hopefully we will be able to address all the moisture deficits we are experiencing ... we are one degree cooler than we were 24 hours ago we're looking at a temperature drops elsewhere in the midwest as well. currently it's 48 degrees at o'hare 45 degrees at midway ... we have beautiful skies out there.
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we have had some wind gusts across the area ... 252 30 mi. per hour at soldier field ... temperatures are pretty cool across the board as a result the warmth is now in the southern states ... sh the wind is blowing off of lake michigan making things cooler here. and out to the west we have cold
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blustery conditions as well that winfield will be building here with a 40-50 mi. per hour gusts by tomorrow here in chicago. the tree pollen is high the mold and grass are low heat wheat pollen is moderate. the wind is blowing counterclockwise with low pressure currently we will not see a huge range hour tomorrow but it's the first of several throughout the coming
12:33 pm
week. there are frost and freeze advisories' out east and advisory's for heavy snows in montana led the mountain snow in the northwest but the country will build to a warmer than normal weather regime next week it will be sung here with less went oa day of more sunshine with less windy conditions on sunday. there will be a sunshine and overcast mix happening throughout today and tomorrow the rain showers will be aligned and off for tomorrow
12:34 pm
you can see on the map by the structure of these things there are clusters of heavy showers right now in nebraska they are seeing less with hailstones and lightning that's on its way here tomorrow just the rain portion of that ... we will be back to talk about next week's warm-up by tuesday that will be under way we could see temperatures at or above 70 degrees and keep that going ... we're gonna see some good springlike weather next week.
12:35 pm
we are 13 degrees below normal for this time of year it's more like march temperatures than it is april ... tonight we get clouds rain developing by morning ... many at times tomorrow with blustery wind march level chills 45 degrees 19 degrees below and normal ... things will clear out by tomorrow night we will have sunshine on sunday with 50-55 degrees between downtown and the lakeshore. thank you tom skilling.
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time for sports. phil emery focused on improving the defensive line with his first pick as bears general manager. they seleceted boise state defensive end shea mc-clellin with the 19-th overall pick. mc-clellin started the past three seasons at boise and recorded seven sacks last year. he's six- foot- three 260 pounds, and ran the second- fastest forty- yard- dash among defensive ends at the combine. the bears expect him to make an immediate impact playing at left end, opposite julius peppers. in the season finale. bulls lead the cavaliers by three in the second... joakim noah kicks it out to john lucas for three of his career- high 25 points. the lead is up to 20 in the third... bulls in transition when c-j watson finds taj gibson for a dunk... bulls had six players in double figures. they win 107-75, to secure the best record in the n-b-a. the bulls open the playoffs against the sixers at home tomorrow afternoon. hall of famer scottie pippen visited the morning show to preview the matchup.
12:39 pm
>>i think the bulls rhythm will be good they haven't taken that much time off ... we have natural competitors derrick rose it will get himself back again ... other guys were able to step up and that will be a big help for the playoffs white sox hosting boston. philip humber walked the first batter he saw after his perfect game, and then gives up the r-b- i double to adrian gonzalez. sox down 2-1 in the third with the bases loaded... and kevin youkilis hits a grand slam to right. humber gives up a career- high nine runs and eight hits. sox lose their third straight, 10-3. the cubs were off and visit philadelphia tonight. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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good afternoon everyone here are your midday winning lottery numbers for friday april 27, 2012. here are the pick three winning numbers: 6 5 7
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here are the winning pick four numbers:9 6 6 5 the mega-millions jackpot for tonight is $88 million
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tide detergent may be doing more than just cleaning your clothes. a new study found the detergent may be exposing consumers to a cancer-causing chemical. tide contains trace amounts of "dioxane".. a chemical the enviornmental protection agency found may cause cancer in lab rats. the company has been asked to change its formula by
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enviornmental and health advocacy groups. but the company's toxicologist says the amount of the chemical in tide is well below the safety risk level. feeling drowsy? you're not alone. according to a new study: more than 41-million american workers get less than six hours of sleep each night. and those chances increase; if you work more than one job or the night shift. researchers say lack of sleep can lead to health issues such as: obesity, diabetes, and depression. they recommend that adults sleep between seven and nine hours a night. teen girls are more likely to engage in distracting behavior while driving. a new study by allstate insurance company says girls are more likely to text, call and change the music while behind the wheel. girls are also driving more aggressively and speeding while aggressive driving and speeding by boys is down. teens say drunken driving reading text messages and eating are the biggest distractions while driving. on a positive note.. 85-percent of teenage boys and girls are aware that driking and driving is very dangerous.
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that means 15 percent are not aware and that's kind of trouble and we are making a very untraditional dish in the lunch break coming
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you will be making this with pork bellies this is not traditional. it has the appearance of that familiar treat but its only similar in construction here you have a braised pork belly and a radish and some caramelized meringue you have wonderful flavors here coming together it's an interesting idea. so i have raw bacon onion
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roughly chopped a hot pan with a bit of oil add onions, carrots minced for flavor. add garlic and saute 5 minutes to carmelize the vegetables. add apple cider water and dijon
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mustard, cinnamon sticks and a bay leaf. when this boils take the raw bacon season it with cracked black pepper and add the bacon to this braising liquid. braise it covered in the oven 3 hours.
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take the bacon from the liquid. it can be done day before. it's now got great flavor. we'll make the sweet potato pancakes... grate your
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sweetpotatoes on a box grater add egg cardamom.... and onion.... you cook the pancakes and add squares of the braised pork in layers
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the childrens oncology services 5th annual campfire ball takes place saturday may 19th, 7pm at venue one 1044 west randolph street in chicago. and cork catering and special events company is located at 1421 fullerton avenue in addison illinois. and for more information on today's recipe, or to watch the segment again.. log on to
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not much rain. we're looking at a warm-up for next week ... but right now we are taking a look at the projected rainfall for the weekend we will still have some clout cover into this evening it will begin to rein tomorrow morning off and on throughout the day it will clear out tomorrow evening sunday will be dry air with some scattered sun breaks ... and there will be two-thirds of an inch in this first weather system this weekend. there's a severe weather risk
12:57 pm
area to the self tomorrowouth tomorrow.. here in chicago it will be quite chilly in the 40's tomorrow ... but it will warm up from 45 degrees tomorrow to 55 degrees sunday 62 degrees monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday begin to get more humid and we've worked our way to the '70s ... there may be some clusters of storms and thunderstorms many parts of the area will see some rainfall could be heavy at times ... thank you so much for joining us today. we're going to leave you with more music from the cowboy junkies they have two shows
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tonight at the old town school of folk music on lincoln avenue
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