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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  April 29, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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investigating after a massive fire destroyed a steel plant near joliet. good evening i'm robert jordan. >> and ibm jackie bange >> firefighters were called at about 130 in the morning... it was completely engulfed in flames. it took firefighters callers to put out the flames. now there china figure out how it started. the structure was about 200,000 square feet. it took more than seven hours to put it out. because of the size of the fire atf agents
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arrived... the state is the largest plant in the country and one of the top three in the world. >>the zinc prevents steel from eroding >> they are trying to pinpoint it started accidentally or intentionally >> it is hard to tell. chemicals or used in the melting process. we do not know at this point is too early to determine. >> the company has about 60 more employees... no one was here since it was early in the morning. between 20 and $25
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million... a total loss... >> a fund-raising trip for a group of railroad enthusiasts derails in the south loop today. 40 passengers were on board a chartered c t a train when one of its wheels went off of the tracks. it happened at an elevated station at 22 east roosevelt road just after 11:00 this morning. >> you figure this is not a good thing >> members of the illinois railway museum paid $800 to ride the four car train from the 1960's and 70's. no one was injured. cta officials are investigating what caused the
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incident. service on the green line in the orange line return to normal this evening >>. one person is in custody as police investigate a saturday night stabbing that left one man dead. 31 year-old boy was found with multiple stab wounds to the head face, and neck at an apartment building. when police arrived, the found the victim and another person who let them into the apartment. he was rushed to hospital where he was later pronounced dead. although police have someone in custody, no one has been charged. a 21 year-old man was shot and killed saturday night in the woodlawn community. police discovered the man lying on the street around 930. it was one of the three separate shootings last night all within blocks of each other and all in a little more than a 2 our time frame. the other two victims were wounded in the leg and were treated. police are not seen the three shootings are
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related and no one has been charged. >> there are photographs of the suspected gunman in yesterday's shooting in force park. police are looking for the people in these photographs in connection with the shooting that left the victim in critical condition. the victim had lost his cellphone dialed his number and agreed to meet the man who answered it to recover the phone. when they met the gun and demanded money for the phone and the victim refused. he was shot in the neck and the gunman ran away. >> five years after a recess static went missing from her plainfield home, her disappearance remains a mystery. she vanished without a trace on april 30 2007. police still consider her estranged husband they're only person of interest in the case but no charges have ever been filed. a $75,000 reward is still being offered. her sister says the family has not received justice
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yet and has not even been able to hold a funeral. >> members of the church in chicago little village neighborhood are making plans to take part in chicago's may day demonstration. the anglican catholic mission our lady of guadalupe has been in the forefront of opposition to deportation of immigrants within legal papers. on tuesday the rev. and members of his congregation will be joining forces with occupy chicago and more than 50 other organizations for this year's may day march. >> we need to send a clear message to the president... that we are the working class >> may day is of the labor movement's international workers' day. occupy organizers are calling for large-scale demonstrations across the country that day.
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>> it has been closed since 2002 but the joliet correctional center could be pressed into service again. a spokesman for the cook county sheriff's office tells us the facility is among the six options under consideration to house arrest these during the nato summit... and also if the cook county jail population reaches capacity. the joiliet prison was featured in the movie of the blues brothers... and the first season of the show prison break... >> police arrest a chicago cab driver after they say he ran over someone trying to flag him down. officers say he refused to pick up the man at the jefferson park station and before driving away went in reverse and hits a man. the victim broke his leg. witnesses were able to describe him and police arrested him a short time later. he is being
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held on $40,000 bond. >> 20 years ago today the nation's second-biggest city went up in flames. next a look back at the l.a. riots. >> also and eyewitnesses in new claims about the assassination of robert kennedy and later on instant replay we will hear from the bulls as they get ready for the rest of the playoffs without derrick rose... >> this promises to be an active or weather week in chicago... break let's start with car insurance x.
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it has been 20 years since l.a. erupted in riots in the violence after four l.a. police officers were acquitted in the brutal beating of rodney king. reports on the violence that captured the national spotlight >> april 29, 1992... day many will never forget.. >>. i was in it shock. >> this week marks the 20th anniversary of the l.a. riots protests. theirs were outraged by the acquittal of four l.a. police officers. they began to rampage the streets of l.a.. >> they were really angry... the
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police department came out in full riot gear... the crowd it grabs the american flag and hold it >> more than 50 people were killed and $8 billion in damage >> one year later the officers or charged in federal court... two were found guilty... the other were acquitted... most valuable is a lesson learned >> forgive... i can move on >> 7 people in, closing three children, were killed when their out of control car flipped off a
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highway ramp and sell more than a hundred feet into new york's bronx zoo. the car hit a median it then crossed back over two lanes of traffic before bouncing over the guardrail. it landed upside down in a brush covered storage area, a safe distance from any animal exhibits or public space. police are still trying to determine the cause of the accident. the names of the victims have not been released. >> enhanced standards of conduct... that is the name of the new guidelines distributed to all secret service personnel following the prostitution scandal rocking the agency. among the new rules are a ban on non reputable establishment and in areas. also all nonessential foreigners are now banned from secret service hotel rooms and agents are not allowed to drink within 10 hours of being on duty. >> in northern east africa at
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the president of sudan declared a state of emergency along the border with south sudan... conflict is raging over the oil- producing southern region. a market in south sudan was the target of an air strike last week. two young boys were killed by northern fighter jets if. this morning helicopter gunships and m i d fighters bombed a and a south sudan army base for 15 minutes. at least four soldiers were hurt. >> house speaker says president obama has been picking fake fights and diminishing the standing of the presidency. today characterized his amped-up rhetoric as a vice >> let me say something the president is getting some very bad advice from his campaign. is a diminishing of the presidency by picking it fake fights...
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>> he says the white house has employed a political gimmicks such as support for the buffet broke a plan to apply and minimum tax rate of 30% on higher income earners. he also cited the president's rhetoric surrounding manipulation of the oil markets... and the debate overextension of lowering student loan rates >>. president obama senior campaign adviser defended a new political advertisement focusing on a mission to kill osama bin laden and calling into question mitt romney for a policy judgment >> he no longer walks today due to the men and women in our military... >> republicans are criticizing the president saying he is politicizing the mission to kill osama bin laden. the president's campaign says the advertisement draws distinctions between him
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and is a presumptive opponent. >> a witness to the assassination of robert kennedy is now coming forward with a new story... and security measures for the london olympics have some worries after the military warns residents about possibly installing missile launchers... break i remember the day my doctor told me i have an irregular heartbeat, and that it put me at 5-times greater risk of a stroke.
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if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, ask your doctor if you can reduce your risk of stroke with pradaxa. it has been almost 48 years since robert f. kennedy was assassinated while campaigning in california. now as a federal
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court gets ready to review a challenge to the conviction... witnesses there was a second gunman. 78 year-old says she heard two guns firing... and says her testimony was altered in a cover-up. he testified at his trial in 1969 that he killed kennedy. he later recanted his confession and now wants the new witness testimony to be heard. >> missiles could be placed in a crowded london neighborhood during the summer olympic games. the british ministry of defense and distributed leaflets to the densely populated neighborhood in east london. they notify residents of the possibility that surface to air missiles could be placed on a water tower there. a ministry official says it is part of an air security plan for the olympics. the plan also includes fast jets and helicopters to protect a london airspace during the games.
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>> it is a low-key first wedding anniversary for the duke and duchess of cambridge. prince william indicate middleton were married one year ago in a lavish or royal wedding at westminster abbey in london. they're keeping today's celebrations private and planned to spend it at home on an island off the northern coast of wales. >> chicago's oldest croatian church mark its centennial with a jubilee mass today associated by francis cardinal george. st. jerome's catholic church has served this city's croatian immigrants in the long term residents alike since 1912 for. parishioners reflected on the significance of the bridge poor institution and what makes a special >> it is also very good because we offer it to everybody.. >>. both mayors have walked in
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the churches annual consumption of the blessed virgin mary procession which has been held on the same day and followed the same route since 1906. >> parts of the midwest faced heavy thunderstorms and large hail this weekend. the storms dumped marble sized hail on louisville ky. the hail is blamed for knocking out power to more than 4000 customers. one airport in southern indiana actually reported a baseball sized hail. >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next >> and after that the rain has arrived, and jim ramsey says it will be a part of your life for the next several days >> tonight on instant replay the aftermath of the derrick rose
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lapse pictures.. there is some hope for a break on tuesday... here is what is going on... hot air down south cool air where we are... that is causing the ran storms... temperatures are currently in the forties and fifties.wind still coming off lake michigan... good news, middle of the week temps should
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be close to 80 degrees.. here is the move greerain... there may be some thunder... these are the bigger storms we are watching... here is our forecast... to night
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sky as it will be cloudy with passing showers... monday will be mostly cloudy... the high- temperature will be at 64-68 degrees... on tuesday it will be closer to 75 degrees... 7 day forecast... day to day chance of rain... >> we are finally getting the april showers...
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prevent premature births... the 3.1 mi. walk... a lot of families were out today for the walt... >> today mark the 41st annual walk and roll to fight cancer. olympian jackie joyner-kersee was a guest speaker and she launched more than 4000 participants at the soldier even spent. they could walk 5 mi. in lansky for 10, or peddle 15 mi. to the. walking in rolling folks to raise the funds to commemorate friends and family who lost their lives to cancer. this year's walk and roll was expected to raise $1 million statewide for cancer research >> a bit of a surprise to the box office as a romantic comedy takes the top spot for the second week in a role... think
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