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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm CDT

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martinez in left. myers was very good lat night. his curveball was dazzling, as he went one, two three with a couple of strikeouts. and got his 11th save. deep to left center. run down by bogusevic right near the major league bull pen. tonight's budweiser play of the gail was the two run triple by jd martinez in the fourth inning. a collision here. two runs would score.
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cubs had a 1-0 lead at the time. astros scored two on that play. fortunately looked like everybody was okay after that collision. after looking back. play of the game brought to you by budweiser. great times are waiting. grab some buds. so la hair off the bench. came in to play first in the bottom of the eighth. been a struggle here lately for bryan. myers on the bag. two quick outs. astros trying to wrap up a 6-2 home
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stand. yearning the cubs on the cusp of their first nine-game losing streak since 2002. five run homer. that we know. that's true.
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bob: certain amount of unselfishness is appreciated in this game. we need base runners. base hits. you don't need home runs. that would be nice. but you need base runners. there you go. len: two out base runner. myers in to stretch out there on the mound. get your teammates behind you in the batting order an opportunity to maybe come up there and do some damage. maximize that damage. bob: then starlin castro and bryan la hair struggling recently, i have to say the most consistent hitter on the year has
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bob: de been dejesus. doesn't have a whole lot to show for it. hit a lot of deep flyballs. lot of line drives that have been shot. i think david dejesus has done the best job of the hitters. he's been a nice addition. len: myers 0-2. disappearing curveball. curveball. bob: no reaction at all. this time got him ton fastball. so the astros sweep
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the series. the cubs can only buster two runs over the final two games. how about this, partner. they outhit the astros in all three games and got swept. that's the way it's been lately. cubs have now dropped nine in a row. 5-1. >> next march of solidarity. thousands of chicago public school teachers rally for a pay raise and against longer school days. he helped send two illinois governors to prison. now u.s. attorney patrick fitzgerald is stepping down. and honoring chicago's finest for a job well done during the nato summit.
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>> conspiracy racketeering, the goefrn has been arrested. the public has had enough and judges have had enough. this needs to stop. >> the state's top corruption buster is hanging it up. patrick fitzgerald leaves behind a long list of convictions. gene everyone. >> our top stories seen around the country tonight on wgn america. julie andrew with more on patrick fitzgerald's departure. >> he came to chicago from new york, single in his early 40s and chomping at the bit. he was the new kid in town, with something to prove, no ties to chicago. he leaves the office at 51
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married with two young children andícñ lace of convictions a mile long, from governors to hired gun men. as a result, he's received plenty of praise and a few knocks along the way. >> the governor has been arrested in the middle of what we can only describe as a political corruption crime spree. >> reporter: this is the federal prosecutor chicago knows a government suit with a straight face and rapid fire delivery even when it comes to announcing the takedown of a standing governor. a fact. pat fitzgerald makes people worry. mainly politicians, mob men and drug dealers with something to hide. >> he was a very smart individual. very talented individual. and relatively fearless in the cases that he would bring. so we got the full package in pat. >> reporter: a former u.s. attorney said fitzgerald earned his spurs in a town where he has no ties. but lucas said he did witness hard work and humidity. pat fitzgerald spent countless people to prison. one standing governor another(5qdh
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retired even a clown. when called to washington mr. fitzgerald showed no favorites. he indicted, tried and convicted republican white house adviser scooter libby. he got more than a win. it earned him the title as one of people magazine's sexiest men alive. his troops who know him back at the office said none of its ever went to his head. >> behind the press conferences in the office this is a person who really cares about the troops and cares about the people who work in that office, who care for what's going on in their personal lives and when there are issues or problems he cares about people. >> reporter: with the libby conviction, came criticism. it would been the last time he was accused of being overzealous. just ask robert blagoyovich. >> he was in his position way too long and accrued so much power that peopleo[s challenged him. i think only from my experience
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in how i believe he overreached in his prosecution of me to get at my brother. >> at what cost do we allow a prosecutor to be that zellous? i think sometimes he went too far. blagoyovich was one of those i.n.s.ncident incidents. >> reporter: betty lauren maltee said she kind of liked the u.s. attorney. said he kept her corruption case moving along. she all said, given the chance he never would have indiethd her. he's getting out to get out from under the political pressure. >> i think he will be leaving us because i think that he was asked to look the other way one too many times. >> reporter: now the man with the l.a. persona could likely write his own ticket from here on ?7 some think he's taking the summer off to think how the november election turns out. maybe head of the fbi. his ties to chicago are deeper than they were. he mare raid gal from here.
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however, if washington, d.c. comes calling it might be tough to say no. pat fitzgerald will be speaking publicly tomorrow. i am certain he will be asked about all of this. whether he'll answer it all, i don't know. >> thank you. big shoes to fill new york question about that. the man in charge of selecting his replacement will be senator dick durbin. the process could take several months. the challenge two fold. finding an independent minded pros cuteder and someone who won't be entangled in election year politics. durbin will all look for someone who will get the backing of senator kirk. it looked bigger than most of the nato protest. tonight thousands of chicago teachers stage a massive march and rally for better salaries. they paraded to chicago public school headquarters this evening. >> reporter: an estimated 10000 teachers, more than one third of
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the entire membership making their voices heard right through the heart of the town. a sea of red shirts marching down michigan avenue, then west on adams to headquarters on south clark street. >> what's the main message you want to convey today? >> we understand that times are tough and we're willing to make cuts but what they're offering us is selfish. >> reporter: teachers first rallied late this afternoon. they were bussed in after school let out. after several speakers and a little music it took to the streets escorted by the chicago police department. this time no need for riot gear. an impressive turnout by the chicago teachers union, this rally is big if not bigger than most of the rallies or even nato summit. teachers say they are furious with how contract negotiations are going so far. being asked to work longer hours without a significant pay raise. the union's president claims the
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mayor. >> the issue is that people are absolutely fed up. they're fed up with being disrespected. they're fed up with not having opportunity to do real teaching in real time. >> chicago teachers deserve a pay raise. they work very hard. they deserve a pay raise. chicago school children do not deserve a strike. we are working with an independent arbitrator to ensure that we achieve both of those goals. >> reporter: tonight karen lewis did not say the union was planning to strike. yet -- is this a prelude to a strike? >> this is a prelude to our members talking to everyone in the city about what's wrong with chicago public schools. >> reporter: a three-member panel will hear arguments from both sides andr":!z make a recommendation in mid july.
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>> a big thank you to the chicago police depa6fk[:q9ñ next a special honor at u.s. cellular field tonight. also after a near tragic start this dog is getting a second chance. later, tom skilling tracking more 90 degree days across chicago land. including a seriously hot holiday weekend.
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a big thank you to chicago's finest. >> the soxpd"b honored members of the department for what they say was their service and professionalism during the nato summit this past weekend. wgn was outside and randy joins us with more. >> reporter: hi, jackie. the mayor asked jerry ryansdorf
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to honor the cpd in some way out side u.s. cellular field. tonight the white sox have done it. this is the way a city is saying thank you. to a police force that served at its highest level with the pressure surely on. definitely a chicago policeman. >> reporter: the chicago white sox held this game time tribute tonight after hosting some of the biggest sox fans within the department for the afternoon batting practice. officer tony ruva was happy to trade in his uniform for a jersey after his sunday squaring off on the front line against protesters. >> at no point did i feel afraid. i just knew that everybody had my back. >> reporter: superintendent gary mccarthy certainly did and did it all without protective gear. >> when you're in a crisis management situation, you can't show any fear. you can't show anything but
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calm, cool and in control. >> reporter: it was a control sox chairman commended. >> i got goose pimples, they were so good. >> an exercise in patience and tolerance to the highest levels. >> reporter: those officers not here today will receive two tickets to one of ten games this season. >> it's not enough but it's a start. >> reporter: to rise to the occasion when the stakes were far greater than just a game. >> everyone had to do their piece of the puzzle. they did. it just worked out well. >> mccarthy says the white sox are his team now. he says ever since the cubs hired theo epstein he really can't support that decision. the cubs will be holding their own police appreciation day near
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wrigley field. >> well he's honest now, isn't he? we have an update on a story that upset a lot of people. a puppy thrown off a third floor balcony. it happened earlier this month in east garfield park. the 4-month-old puppy survived but fractured her elbow. the puppy named cow girl will have a new home. one of the chicago police officers called to the scene fell in love with her and will adopt her. the woman accused of throwing the dog jameel marshal was charged with aggravated animal cruelty. the adoption process will likely begin within a week. >> who could resist that face? record breaking heat could be on the way. >> tom skilling is talking about high 90s.
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to help smooth skin on hands -- improving their look and feel in just five uses. [ sponge ] soft, smooth... fabulous! you're quite the trendsetter. [ male announcer ] for money-saving coupons go to memorial day is always rained out. >> only five memorial days. we think this will be the fifth one have had 90 degree temperatures in the last half century. so it' not as common to get warm because of that rain. before we get to that memorial day temperature we may get close
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to 100 in this area. tomorrow we could have howling winds blowing in the afternoon pushing temperatures up above 90 for the third time this afternoon. that's the most early season 90s we've seen in chicago in 35 years. these clouds are ice crystals blowing off distant thunderstorms that !ñw+s pounding the western and northern midwest. we'll see them visiting our area skies tomorrow. if a couple thunderstorms hold together and this cloud mass out here we could have one of those in here tomorrow night. it would be after dark. during the day, it will be sunny and very windy. look at this corridor of warmth with temperatures breaking records to the west of us. 93 in omaha. sharply cooler back behind the system. we'll get brief cooling friday and maybe early saturday. but then a warm front swings through. we transition to mid to upper 90 degree heat sunday, if not near 100. this is the air mass that will be visiting us.
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it will send a lobe in here tomorrow. 96 kansas. lincoln nebraska, minnesota, mankato, minnesota all above 90. still 79 in des moines. temperatures are plunging behind some power house storms to the west. rockford made it to 84 today. we improved 11 over our high of 71 yesterday. hitting 82. midway hit 82. we had a lake breeze. lit pretty much disappear tomorrow. at this hour we're in the 60s. it will keep us from getting cool tonight. dew points starting to creep up. high grass pollen. moderate mold spores. tree and weed pollen were moderate today. the headline is this warm weather that's coming into the area. cold front will pass and temporarily interrupt the 90s tomorrow. bringing slightly cooler weather especially near the lake friday


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