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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  May 29, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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a father is gunned down a family party and police are searching for the suspect. this says the mayor and police superintendent announced new strategies to crack down on violence. good afternoon everyone i am steve sanders. >> and i am dina bair we begin with the shooting of the father. >> this 33 year-old veteran was celebrating memorial day when he was shot and killed. he was one of 10 shooting victims that died over the weekend due to gun violence. he served eight years in the united states coastguard
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and was having a picnic with his family members and gunshots rang out. he and another man were shot the father was pronounced dead at hospital and worked full-time as a security officer and just purchased a home with his fiancee. family members and residents say the mayor has to make this a top issue. >> she is only 1 years old and does not have a father what am i going to tell her. i will be fine but what am i going to tell my baby how do i explain that bad things happen to good people. >> what is the plan for the people? we don't care what he
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does for the out-of-towners or the immigrants what is he going to do for the residents that are here every day we are occupied all the time we are prisoners in our own house. we have it so many veterans in this family and we cannot even celebrate a day to honor them without someone leading reallybleeding really? we're live on the south side. >> on the heels of that violent weekend in chicago the mayor will unveil a new strategy is today to reduce crime in some of the city's toughest neighborhoods. we're live at the washington park field house with that story. >> both said the mayor and
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police superintendent are upset and anchored over the violence that gripped the city over the holiday weekend and that is what they are aggressively pushing its new strategy to curb gun violence and a key component is to go after gangs in their area. they said there are more than 600 factions of gangs and chicagoin chicago. since friday 10 people were killed and 43 injured in shooting incidents across the city the new initiative includes a bigger reliance on technology to track and activity including threats on its social media web sites. there is also an effort to focus on businesses such as liquor stores that proved to be magnets for trouble.
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>> we need to get ourselves in a proactive footing on both sides and what i mean about that miwok let me tell you about the liquor stores in the city areas it is like a cancer. >> we have the same amount of shooting said that we did last year at this is not a new problem but a new solution we are trying to apply to it. >> cpd is creating its own ballistic unit and so far over 30 businesses are on a police watch list due to criminal activity inside or nearby. >> 1 chicago teenager is dead after an overnight shooting. this 14 year-old was eating with
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his older sister at this pizza and liquor stores when a gunman standing on the sidewalk fired multiple gunshots into the store. the 14 year-old boy was shot in the face and taken to a local hospital where he later died. police say suspects are in custody in connection to the shooting but have given no further details. >> police are saying very little about an investigation into the death of a west suburban police officer. this theme of police officer was found dead yesterday in her home. an autopsy is now being performed today she was a 10 year veteran of the brain police department and her death is now under investigation by the major crimes task force. >> the full illinois house is now considering a bill to reform public employee pensions and illinois which could mean higher taxes for suburban homeowners.
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democrats want to shift the burden of funding teacher pensions from the state to local school districts based in chicago property taxpayers already pay for retirement benefits and public schools. republicans say that is because chicago gets a bigger share of the state education funds compared with the suburban schools which are funded exclusively by local property taxes. >> as senator mark kirk continues to recover from a stroke his ex-wife is not filing a complaint against him. he and his wife have been divorced for three years and she still joined his senate campaign a year later and was paid for her work. she now claims his then girlfriend was paid more than three times as much the as she was. the
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senator's office calls these claims groundless and a bitter personal attack. >> mitt romney could clinch said the republican presidential nomination today. he was joined by 2008 gop presidential nominee john mccain added memorial day appearance in san diego. going into today's texas primary he only needs 152there are 152 delegates at stake and it mitt romney only need 78 more to reach the magic number. coming up next to governments in europe i never thought to use aspirin for muscle pain. but i tested it out, and bayer advanced aspirin relieved my pain fast. it helps me get back
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call the number on you screen. careful, pringles are bursting with more flavor. [ crunches ] mmm. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] pringles... bursting with more flavor. [ crunch! ] the united states has now joined seven other nations expellant syrian diplomats after friday's massacre on civilians. more than 100 people were killed rebel groups blame government forces and about half of those killed were children. this weekend the
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united nations security council including russia condemned the attack until now the president of syria has had rushed to support. >> at least five people were killed today in the latest earthquake to rocket northern italy. the 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck near the city of modena and was felt across much of northern and central italy. police say the death toll is expected to rise and there are reports of people trapped in the troubled homes and warehouses. " the bennet dick butlthe pope bendedicts butler is now working with the investigators looking into who leaked confidential vatican documents to an italian
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journalist. this journalist was arrested after some of the documents were found in his home. however many believe he did not work alone and other vatican officials could soon be implicated in the crime. for the first time since the fukushima nuclear disaster in japan radioactive contamination has been found and the fish off the coast of united states. scientists say blue fin tuna swing from the japanese coast to california have radioactive levels 10 times higher than previous years. this is still considered well below safety limits however virtually all tuna on the u.s. market is either farm burkhart far from the fukushima area of. >> coming up next the day's
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we're live from the new york stock exchange with a bloomberg on the money report. it will be at least 2000 positions to be cut the company has announced a senior executive will be leaving the company this time the chief legal officer and several investigators are now looking into the bp oil spill scandal. sources tell the wall street journal that prosecutors are now examining the nowfrom the bp top officals. there is an improving job market
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giving home sales a boost in chicago home prices hit a new low down 1.7% from last year the housing market is beginning to stabilize we are now watching the green arrows accross the board. face book hit a new low with stocks at 29 dollars and n ow facebook is the worst ipo in over ten years. federal investigators are now looking into the bp oil spill scandal
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and this has been your on the money report. >> old saint is that friends are forever but as most of us know that is not always true. here with some advice on getting over the loss of a french trade is the tribune's jennifer weigel. >> we choose our friends not our family and sometimes we are closer to our friends and then we are family memberswith family members. a lot of people grieve over the loss of a close friend and there are ways to deal with that. >> yes it there are it is so we
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see good to remember the good times. we have to get past the debater ness bitterness even if the french a ended badly try to remember the good times i read the piece you had in the tribune and one suggestion was therapy. >> yes it. >> it is that not too extreme well al lot of people are very
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close to their friends closer than they are to family members so it can be very hard if that friendship ends. thank you for your wisdom. to read more head over to chicago >> coming up next we are talking with the chicago tribune reporter rick pearson about the big issues facing illinois
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;p,?#? uxçñxúpqpñxñófú]pkpvsó+wpo÷iáñ÷pí÷]x÷n0to ñxlñó?ç@@÷/÷p]@zw@o@í@ñxu÷s ó@ñ:o?çwfuxó(wo3÷?lñú:p>ó÷w?÷ow@>nógçñxy uñzío@ñçéwúu@?ñqeçñw?kónsúuñús@óú?pí@pd
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the governor and illinois lawmakers have a couple days ahead of them. >> that is because they must find a way to reform both medicaid and the state pension system along with other issues before the start of the summer. >> chicago tribune reporter rick pearson is in springfield and joins us live by the telephone. >> there were three votes in opposition by suburban republicans that say shifting
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the cost from the state to local school districts could result in at the increase of local property taxes or cuts in school services. >> could this halt the process of the pension reform. >> that is a valid question the house republican leader says he opposes it the package and plans to offer an amendment to strip that language out of the overhaulsllall package. >> homeowners are going to be furious about this. >> that is right and the decision comes to them to stop any progress trying to reform the nation's worst funded pension system over that issue but again when you talk about any type of taxes the homeowners
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said take the property tax as the worst tax you could get. that means that the school districts are then left to cut services or of their things to lower the budget. >> lawmakers are talking about a ban on self phonescell phones and a ban so people are not allowed to use their video or other camera devices while driving or within 500 feet of an emergency vehicle with their lights on.
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what about the medicaid funding did they talk about that. >> medicaid funding is part of the overall budget package and as we said this $1.6 billion to health care services with out the cigarette tax component which would state fall further cuts until that passes we will finally have some idea of how medicaid will fare in the and along with the state budget. >> thank you so much for joining us rick. >> tom skilling has your forecast ok! who gets occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas or bloating? get ahead of it! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day helps defend
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we broke if your recordsa few records in the past few days but we are now cooling down today. yesterday we had a temperature of 94 degrees in chicago and now the temperatures are in the 80s today and by thursday temperatures will drop down to the '60s. take a look at this beautiful picture this picture shows some white mane lightning take a look at these parent
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clouds of thunderstorms. we had some rain on the way and be needed to drop of itevery drop of it. we have some heavy rain and flood revisory is for the southern united states. we have a 32 degree temperature up from 93 degrees to 63 degrees
12:31 pm
this is a very unusual spring we broke a 35 year record. we had the war mystic memorial dayrmest memorial day ever. many other states had record- breaking heat yesterday. we will have temperatures
12:32 pm
reaching 80 degrees but without the humidity. we are down about 13 degrees from yesterday. i can tell you the lake temperature is about 67 degrees and we had a 19 minute sun burn time. we have strong winds today strong enough for a red flag warning which means we could have a chance of wildfires with all of the dry weather and wind
12:33 pm
out there... and we have beautiful and a sunny skies today. we have some relief on the way with rain scheduled for thursday. take a look at the first weather system pulling out. this next system is something
12:34 pm
you would see in early spring and will be here by thursday afternoon and night. it will bring the much neede raied rain. the winds will pick up on thursday morning and then by the afternoon we will have winds over 40 miles per hour with
12:35 pm
plenty of rain... we will have temperatures reaching 85 degrees today with plenty of sunshine and breezy conditonsions. tomorrow will be partly sunny with low humidity and temps reaching the low 80's. it is dry today. >> yes very dry we need the rain. this heat takes the
12:36 pm
moisture out of the soil timing is everything. >> time for today's trivia question.
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seven antioxidants to support cell health. that's one a day women's 50+ healthy advantage. it is time for your sports. the chicago cubs record for most consecutive losses is now safe. their first win since may 14th at stops the street two shy of
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the club record. they were down in the sixth until soriano hit a home run and win 11-7 ansd snap the losing streak. >> i was a relief tot was a relief. >> as a team losing that many games and was getting very old we hare happy to win. >> the sox are down one run in
12:40 pm
the sixth inning when they jump ahead with this home run. the sox win their sixth straight and that has been a look at your sports... illinois lottery... pick 3.- 6,7.3
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pick 4.- 8,6,9,0 have a great afternoon and good
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yesterday we had meats and today we are going to grill some vegetables. we have at some plates we want to show you and we have 6 different flavored butters and they go great with these butters and veggies. so you think if we cook asparagus to paint them with some olive oil
12:50 pm
yes i do but i will explain that next. >> i have a quick question when cooking corn on the grill should we use tinfoil or use the husk? well we are going to use both but i will show you what may be better. in this method we use the husk and the tinfoil and keep them on the grill for about
12:51 pm
20 minutes. we are going to prepare this zucchini so o you can have some variety. it does not matter what way you cut them but just make sure that they are the same thickness so they cook at the same time. we are cooking with medium heat
12:52 pm
for the vegetables. this way you do not burn them and these veggies have a lot of moisture inside and that adds to the flavor and juices. these butters are great for the veggies they have so many flavors that go great with
12:53 pm
them. we will show you how to cook some asparagus. if you crack the asparagus you can see the most tender part so then you do not waste anything and you do not loose the veggie by cutting it too much. >> thank you for stopping by twisted butter will be demoing some products
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and now the answer for today's
12:56 pm
trivia question. the cape of good hope juts from what country? the answer is south africa. >> it is going to get cooler over the next couple of days, and we have some unusual jet streams moving in that will bring some rain by thursday. temperatures will reach the low 80s today and then tomorrow temperatures will be in the mid
12:57 pm
'60s may be near 70 degrees. the winds will begin to pick up on thursday along with some heavy rain. we may see over 1 in. of rain by thursday. this storm reminds me of an early spring storm but either way we need this rain that will come on thursday afternoon. tomorrow afternoon will be gorgeous with temperatures
12:58 pm
reaching the low 80's and plenty of sunshine with low humidity. thanks tom. >> thank you for joining us today have a great afternoon. we leave you with more music from william beckett his new ep walk the line is out now! [music] [music] [music] [singing]
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