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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  May 31, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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man quite a history of >>wgn news @ 9 january 1988 the last time that i walked free without chains >> convicted are said resulted in multiple murders james kluppelberg walks out of prison downstate drop the case against them. top story around the country tonight. james kluppelberg just to land at o'hare airport >> 24 years since james kluppelberg walk anywhere without prison guards. today free man just arrived expecting him any minute earlier in the day described the day as numbing
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began downstate illinois. 46 years old in prison since 1988 walking out a free man the thursday morning one day after prosecutors dropped murder and arson conviction 1984 house fire killed 28 year-old and her five young children. chicago attorney and university of chicago exoneration project helped make this possible key witness recante testimonyd to new fire investigation techniques prove to the fire might have been accidental not arson >> i hope the families will be eventually see that it was not me no grudges against them >> talked to somebody from the
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state attorney office no new information to open up the investigation. james kluppelberg says absolutely nothing he has $14 divorce does not keep in contact with his children does not know his grandchildren expected to stay at hotels for a few days we do not know after that lost his business and everything 24 years more when he gets at o'hare airport. back to you >> man who prides himself as white supremacist not guilty today 35 year-old brian james moudry accused of setting house on fire in june 2007 family includes eight children and no injuries help brian james moudry on bail judge appointed african american to serve as his attorney. clock ticking in springfield fist pounding state
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lawmakers coming up with budget that everybody could live with pension reform at issue. live in springfield with the latest. clock ran out 90 minutes ago and deal almost done many lawmakers still work in springfield last couple of days deal on pension reform important within their grasp only to fall apart at the 11th hour. >> all of the elements are here
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>> next year pension payment increase >> democrats and republicans calling for lawmakers to take the breather and quickly returned deal tens of billions of dollars pension obligations before damage can be done to the state all important bond rating statement released governor pat quinn praising the work of an illinois law makers decisions on tough issues medicaid and vowing to bring them together state
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pension problem solved. live in the illinois house. >> back o'hare airport waiting for mr. james kluppelberg could you describe your day? >> remarkable day. it has been exciting nerve wracking at * times the joy and excitement
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finally free after all of these years people know the truth you are innocent versus the fear of what comes next >> any words of anchor? >> no that is any motion anger there is no benefit to nothing that can be gained from that i just want to move forward. no idea what is next one day at a time. i will keep moving forward see what happens. >> james kluppelberg free man after 24 years in prison >> and john edwards a free man tonight after a north carolina jury not guilty one count of violating campaign finance law
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also declared a mistrial on the be made and five counts injury did not reach a decision prosecutors accused using nearly $1 billion from two wealthy donors for hiding mistress and the child after to predict today does not blame anybody but himself. >> i am responsible if i want to find the person accountable for my sins honestly cannot go further than the mirror. it is me. >> prosecutors have to decide whether or not to file charges against john edwards. congressman joe walsh sidestepping controversy after a town hall meeting comments the cough live with details >> joe walsh recent town hall meeting latest what has become a
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string of noteworthy happenings november screamed at constituent earlier this month allowed another to say president obama supported socialism communism and nazism and now for joe walsh again race to the forefront less than flattering way >> so many people depending on government >> watching you to video town hall meeting schaumburg a library this past saturday. congressman west joe walsh side advertised event lively certainly was >> democratic party promises groups of people's everything hispanics just like african- americans dependent on government that is their game in >> talking about race nothing new recent weeks said president obama elected because he was black elected him and made
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voters feel good about themselves september media would work to be elected same reality joe walsh running in the newly redrawn district dupage county drawn by democratic state legislature more minorities within the boundaries here is what joe walsh had to say about some minorities >> rev. jesse jackson would be out of work if they were not dependent on government data joe walsh spokesman said remarks about opponents iraq that iran tammy duckworth not about the rev. rev. jesse jackson statement. we have requested a
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response from reverend jesse jackson telephone calls and emails not returned. coming up two incidents at o'hare airport in today's airplane off the runway frightened passengers told the story and mother takes fight for the right to breast feed in public to court and banning super sized sodas new york mayor botches war on sugar and when will it feel like late spring again tom skilling weather forecast.
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passengers after takeoff pileup reported problems with landing gear. passengers say and notified of the problem airplane turn around back to o'hare landing did not go so well this morning passengers described what happened >> coming very fast seemed normal landing but it hit the ground when we came and went off bouncing through stuff >> we thought we were fine and it got worse could not stop to the grass >> off the runway you emergency crews on the scene he immediately >> i could see the side being sucked up from the ground the engines are reversed so hard and we stopped just short of the barrier little bed unnerving at that point but we made it
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>> passengers were complimentary pilot was professional did a fantastic job sending her a note and immediately ton of ground crew firefighters helpful pulled out of the brainrain it was good they handled it well >> just yesterday 747 go plan clip to american eagle taxiway at o'hare and no injuries. billions of dial's sex abuse lawsuit to attorneys representing some of the four men assaulted by a priest will receive $2 million each between ages of 11 and 14 years old when the abuse began some cases three-four years. no word from the archdiocese on the settlement. natalie petrovic was
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in skokie courthouse applying for benefits breast-feeding employees to alter to stop or go to the bathroom stopped nursing and did not want to get kicked out. >> somebody who works for cook county sheriff that is what really bothered me you should know this you should know what people's rights are this should never happen. >> illinois law allows women to breast feed in any public or private location no comment from sheriff's office. people of the big apple might have to say goodbye to a big gulp new york city first to limit the side of the sugary drinks. proposal banned from selling drinks larger than 16 ounces the mayor says help to fight obesity critics argue sugary drinks did not drive obesity rates if the ban goes through march 2013.
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bloom high school heights the story sad story with great and they matt brown early died on march 17th trying to save brother and cocause and pushed out of way suv came down the street warm and sunny day matt brown struck instead a three-year relatives on the way to a local park at the time today matt brown medical team marvels at his progress in the hospital since the time the palma and person blows their mind 45 days ago matt brown could not eat or speak without help. 18 year-old standing before graduating class diploma and had he emotional for the family caretaker and classmates taken out by hit and run driver
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on the boot. matt brown did not want to miss the day >> after everything that happened able to go through graduate and get diploma received a standing ovation well-deserved big applause that is impressive >> perseverance and complete will that he could do anything he wants >> we cover an advocate hope children's hospital with broken bones neck problems and brain injury as well as an amputated leg learning to eat speak and even just tragedy touched entire medical team loaded him up to the hospital graduation tonight >> guardian angel for his cousin and a brother helped to save them suffered himself i get very
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close to my patients feels like a big step for me as well. >> today a reality first thing to do on his list after the accident go to college pursue criminal justice inspiration to others second chance at life for a reason making something of myself matt brown inspiration success without frustration yet to track down the driver of the cart responsible of changing matt brown for ever. coming up anything but happy hour unbelievable video pick up smashing into a bar back at the
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white house special unveiling and the world's most famous sailor hails from the river town of chester il the real popeye the sailor cartoon character coming up.
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medical watch warning about antidepressants during pregnancy years doctors told women taking antidepressants while carrying a child but the american journal reports when mothers to be on anti-depressant babies at risk for seizure soon after birth also linked to a premature birth and low birth weight. doctors more i problems in teenagers taking acne medication patients on have the
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place risk for eye infections diagnosed with pink eye and develops a dry eyes more often than those not taking the acne drugs. competition between boys and girls certain age in sports all of the st. physical education professors indiana university looking at performances at the differences between male and female athletes little difference in certain age groups are only a perception girls cannot compete. looking at swimmers nearly 2 million matchups statistics show a strong swimmers and a bad 80 result performed the sand at 11 and 12 years old some other findings but by age 13 years old athletic ability begins to separate for boys. >> not complete with a damp cool weather yet tom sand skilling how many days this will stick around.
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all day rainfall. southern suburbs before it is over nice rainfall very cool the coolest weather in five days literally and the wettest weather in four days of chicago rainfall this
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morning lake moisture still has good 12-14 hours of rainfall showers beyond that more scattered fashion this afternoon. great day high temperature today midnight to 54 degrees readings have slipped into the forties sense that rainfall totals in progress 1.6 and well close to an inch and a half. arlington heights about 1 in. and quarter. some other totals are around the metropolitan area notice of a quarter inch indiana and valparaiso two tenths of an inch north well over inch of rainfall. northern and western suburbs rainfall southern suburbs rest of the night into
9:31 pm
tomorrow morning cloud mass big storm early spring storm as we move into the neurological summer beginning of june system lifted to the north interesting big temperature drop from 97 record high on sunday biggest 5 day temperature drop in 59 years. only five such drops all of the month of may we have looked at here is the storm northward looping back into michigan clouds on saturday and heating up during the day showers developing in the afternoon and evening fonder at that time another couple of days dealing with this.
9:32 pm
rainfall to the south moisture at a lake moisture precipitation diminishing this evening we developed again spreading north exactly what the model suggested. pretty good clip as indicated by the yellow radar signals coming back heavy rainfall. doppler plot heaviest southern suburbs lighter amounts that up north about the 1 in. corridor. here is what is ahead forecast from the model of much rainfall is coming you can see pretty good amounts lake enhancement visible. forecast by tonight at midnight at the tomorrow morning clouds up in here with us the northeast wind.
9:33 pm
rainfall started to scatter still in the area by lunchtime sprinkles by tomorrow evening. big a cooling down south interesting there has been warming to the north traps the
9:34 pm
pulled in place. anywhere from a quarter of an inch to 1.6 in. of rainfall. not quite as school tomorrow will not rained heavily " pocket warmer tonight ontario that chicago north of lake winnipeg or northwest territories. interesting upside-down weather pattern trapping cool air. chicago area cool air will be ours until we get sunshine and the picture on sunday warming up to the low 80s. fifties and forties across the metropolitan area temperatures in the month of april final day of may meteorological spring june
9:35 pm
tomorrow forecast rain fall heavy at times open areas along lake michigan. tomorrow rainfall lighter showers sprinkles in the afternoon. high temperature 63 degrees tomorrow. tomorrow night cloudy sprinkles will end. showers and scattered thunderstorms could develop in the afternoon mostly sunny and 81-82 degrees on sunday. extended outlook looks warmer insight that later. >> thank you tom skilling. the
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tonight setting sail for southern illinois town on the mighty mississippi river town hall to popeye the sailor sit back and to enjoy the ride not far from st. louis beautiful chester illinois leading the way rip hamilton ripwgn julian crews >> one of the world's most beloved cartoon characters dozens of languages. tourists from france and across the globe no popeye the sailor had his spinach can't to this day used to motivate children at mealtime. >> ought to make kids eat vegetables popeye the sailor
9:40 pm
batt but visitors from everywhere make the pilgrimage to spinach can't collectibles popeye the sailor museum and shop chester illinois mississippi river town clubbable sailor was born creation of the late >> started the strip 1919 all about all the oil and her family brother and father and mother and at that time dating a fellow >> but it was popeye the sailor who want top billing never say die attitude locals say real life what popeye the sailor to the streets of chester illinois many years ago inspiration for famous cartoon character >> local cleanup man that details of his physical prowess and his fists >> sweetheart another resident
9:41 pm
of chester illinois >> tall thin woman with big shoes and feet >> and then when be based on chester illinois opera house hired the gun as projectionist >> cruisin' illinois chester illinois julian crews wgn news @ 9 cruisin' illinois bluffs over principia college in elsah robin
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wgn news @ 9 i imagine at a bar with your friends and this happens. runaway truck into a bar caught on camera officials say 61 year old woman driving the truck crashed into a light pole minnesota bar six people taken to hospital including the driver to serious injuries. most people break into someone else's home with something that does not belong to them all by a woman cleans the house leaves a bill seriously has done this a couple of times most recently westlake ohio house backing to the carpet cleaned up took out the trash left behind a bill for $75 with her name and number >> i asked what happened to add she said no i do this all of the
9:46 pm
time and she said i just stop clean your house >> give her my address police confirmed the bandit has done this before charged with criminal trespassing. all coming at the white house former president george w. bush and laura bush on hand on the building of official presidential portrait president obama has been highly critical in the past managed to diffuse any offer >> when the british burned the white house 1814 famously saved his portrait first george w. bush now michele obama if anything happens there is your man >> laura bush getting a laugh after saying it the obama's
9:47 pm
nothing makes house more a home portrait of former occupants staring down at you. tom skilling what does a thursday it look like? >> going to get warmer we have ourselves a chilly april level temperatures tonight. look at how cool we are looking at the expense of the north america one of the coldest temperatures until way up north central alaska 69 degrees of fairbanks. 50 degrees right now, get up to the hudson bay to find cooler temperatures isolated pool of cool air within the storm north at 13 m.p.h. humidity 89%. water temperature 67 degrees. 24 hour summary of the storm one
9:48 pm
wave of rainfall out of fear backwash developing this thing brings moisture second round with rainfall totals south suburbs lacking and rainfall until now. the jet goes north into a bridge on sunday at the beginning of a warm up back into the 80s severe weather to the east coast tomorrow. but the wind from the north. 7:00 tomorrow lunchtime turned in north-northwest showers across the metropolitan area. seven day forecast. could get a peak of sunshine saturday morning nice morning but clouds build in the afternoon scattered showers and
9:49 pm
thunderstorms back hopeful out of here sunday back again sunday night and early monday before south eastern wind air- conditioned the lakefront upper seventies inland with signs getting warmer again might see hot weather by that. opening two weeks of june starts tomorrow warmer than normal. thank you. batt but thank you tom skilling. coming up chicago bears hoping to play in super bowl this year chicago mayor rahm emmanuel hoping foroton a [ male
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9:53 pm
the mayor rahm emmanuel also on hand super bowl already scheduled in new york city and maybe not out of the question >> hosting a super bowl open air stadium in new york 2014 excited about that we think great for the fans and the great thing for new york. and i think if we can be successful that opens up doors that we will be looking at. capacity always issue but at the end of the day we have to look at specifics. most important great stadium and the city that can have infrastructure to host the hundreds of thousands of people >> not happened one here. white sox day wgn contest giving away 4 sox tickets every inning every telecast rest of the year tickets should be more valuable the way the white sox go right
9:54 pm
now sweep of the rays now alexei ramirez of about seven or eight guys are really swinging the bat rbi double starting pitching has been ok bullpen a very good white sox have won eight straight games and robin ventura game and a half ahead in the american league central >> controlling attitude how to go about that. you hope he would be in first place or close expectation from the outside we care more about what we are thinking and how we feel about the business cannot really control efforts and attitude that is the thing i have stressed the most with these guys >> western conference finals kevin durant oklahoma city he likes that first quarter over tim duncan at third quarter
9:55 pm
running with russell westbrook and kevin durant 2-0 lead getting it handed to them tonight san antonio spurs. 78-60 after three quarters would be san antonio spurs first loss of the postseason chicago bulls rip hamilton looking very good tonight macy's on state street fashion event. happy rip hamilton to participate much rather be shooting jumpers signing autographs. >> we all thought it would still be playing right now. never expected derrick rose to go down or four noah to go down tough but part of the game hopefully we can come back next year get everybody healthy regular season >> students elementary school lagrange park collecting items to donate goodwill visit today report from patrick kane fun for
9:56 pm
everybody also addressed the situation patrick kane, patrick sharp >> more of a personal matter as far as everything that he is dealing with better and answer the questions my friend and teammate. behind him no matter what happens. still watch a play does all kinds of things on the ice. same great kid that he has always been.
9:57 pm
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