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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 1, 2012 9:00pm-9:40pm CDT

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this guy got a little bit darkestorms today knocked out power to hundreds of thousands across the chicago area. more storms are coming. also eight heat wava heat wave >> plenty of cleanup work will remain >> other damage has occurred across the area
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>> the damage is extensive... chalked up tree limbs >> i am in shock at bank >> >> this family is moving out temporarily. >> the house started to shake >> a tree came crashing down into their new home. >> we are very lucky we were not in the room when happened >> almost everywhere you turn there is evidence of storm damage. residence dripping and
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sweat busy sawing and chopping. >> the scene this afternoon darks cryingsky... sheets of rain >> it was one of the worst forms i have been >> their roof was blown off... debris landed on to cars trapping people inside. fortunately no injuries. it is still lights out at busy intersections businesses and homes >> crews have been circling this area. still a lot of people without power.
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>> more on the power outages... >> this storm hit relatively fast... winds were up to 90 mi. per hour. it left a path of damage. the neighbors here in this neighborhood are without power. 155,000 customers are still in the dark. crews are still allowed trying to restore the power. these homes do not
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have air-conditioning. it is very hot. >> the real problem... no power = no customers >> i cannot open the register >> machines sweating >> we will have to close down for the night >> thousands of people lost power. in elmhurst...
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>> we ran inside the house and we saw a tree branch come down >> his new car was paired..spared... his air-conditioning still churning. his neighbors were not so lucky >> look of drawuck of the draw >> the sky turned pitch black. you would have thought your in the middle of a category one hurricane >> his generator tonight is one of many running on this block >> this is about the fourth
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summer in a row where we have had a vicious and thunderstorms roll through. >> 155,000 customers are still without power. the majority of those will be restored overnight. it is likely that there will be pockets continuing over the next couple of days without power. the insurer to check-in on your neighbors >> from downtown chicago to the suburbs both linda and rain were causing major problems today. trees were knocked down all over the area. a tree fell on a car with a person inside. the victim
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was not injured and rescuers were able to free the person from the car. now looks like severe keep it will be the big concern over the coming days >> jim ramsey... >> those of storms are long gonestorms are long gone... here is a time line... noticed throughout the lunch hour how strong those winds became... radar through this.
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period... behind the storm there is nothing to conserve enoughcern us... except heat and humidity over the enxt few dnext few days >> today's bad weather made for some harrowing experiences for kayakers on the chicago river. police and firefighters rescued 62 people including some children after their kayaks capsized when high winds hit river. police say conditions on the water were vicious and children were screaming for help. no one had to be taken to hospital >> the thankfully everybody in
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the kayaks were wearing life jackets. >> two kayak tour companies were issued citations for violating restrictions on operating watercraft in hazardous conditions >> in the south and the east and elsewhere in the midwest there was more blistering heat today and hundreds of thousands of people remained without power due to storm related damage. at least 13 deaths are blamed on the storms that forced the virginia west virginia and maryland ohio and washington d.c. to declare emergencies. more than two dozen cities in 10 states set or tied all-time record high temperatures on friday and saturday. and that
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heat wave continued today for millions of people from the plains to the mid-atlantic. the storms brought hurricane force winds across a 500 mi. stretch of the mid-atlantic region >> it was. very was s very intense >> more than 700,000 people were still without power today in virginia. over 600,000 outages were reported in maryland and more than 200,000 in new jersey. utility crews are working hard to restore power in all of the hard-hit areas >> coming up... bond has been revoked for the man accused of killing a seven year-old girl. she was selling candy in front of her home when she was shot >> plus it heading downtown in
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[female announcer] in today's economy, your debt can be overwhelming. but you're not alone. national foundation for credit counseling members can help you get control of your finances. to meet with a certified counselor, call us or visit debt advice dot org. g 87 year-ola 7 year old girl to death at her mother's lemonade stand last week. he appeared in the bond court today >> we seem to be having some
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technical difficulties... >> no suspects are in custody in a shooting on the far south side that wounded 83 year-old boya 3 year-old boy. the child was walking with his parents a late last night. police say a man walked up to the family and began shooting wounded the three year-old in the arm. the child was taken to hospital for treatment the. injury was not considered life- threatening >> another shooting this one on the west side has left one man dead and two other people wounded. the 22 year-old was killed when someone opened fire overnight in a park. he was
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pronounced dead at the scene. a 27 year-old man in the 21 year- old woman were wounded in that shooting both were taken to area hospitals >> it will be a tough monday morning commute as in greek cabbies plan to strike over new rules and rates that went into effect today. the big changes for drivers they are now restricted to 12 hour work days in and cab companies have to keep more detailed records of their drivers schedules and road violations. passengers will also see a few changes including a permanent $1 fuel surcharge. cab drivers say the increased costs for leasing a taxi has not been balanced by an increase in fair rates and the fuel surcharges it does not go far enough >> union organizers hope half the city's 14,000 b drivers
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will participate in monday morning's strike which is planned from 6 to 11. they're planning to strike every monday until the city council approves a fare increase to cover new expenses >> still ahead... iran is beginning a series of the desert war games this week >> and the health care debate continues with both sides taking to the airwaves saying what should be done next... break
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year old to death last week >> after the judge denied his bond her mother broke down >> he will step right therit right there >> she felt relieved >> she shared photographs with
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her daughter... >> her focus is on planning the funeral >> last week's supreme court decision on president obama health care bill is apparently not the final word. democratic and republican house leaders have to different interpretations of what was said by the high court and what should be done >> it is a penalty that comes under the tax code for the 1% of the population who may decide if they will be free riders >> it is a penalty for free riders >> this has to be ripped out by its roots. this is government taking over the entire health insurance agency. the american people do not want to get on this path. they do not want the government telling them what kind of policy they will have to
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buy. >> a house vote on repealing the affordable care act is scheduled for july 11th >> as colorado wild fires continue to burn forest and property some residents were allowed back into their neighborhoods to see what was left of their homes. even with the fire 45 percent contained the area is under a red flag warning indicating that fire conditions. the fires are now responsible for two deaths in the destruction of at least 346 homes. some locals who were forced to leave under evacuation orders went back to find homes that are almost unrecognizable >> your live illinois lottery drawing is next >> and the later they he is backed and as is an ongoing threat of storms >> a look at the bull's... a
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illinois lottery... pick 3.. 0 2 1 pick 4... 7 8 5 1
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lucky day lotto... 17 22 30 7 4 break...
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it was very dark outside today >> it lot of power in that system... we may see it some thunderstorms later on this evening. there is a warm front approaching. let's take a look at a time lapse picture... the sky became dark there were reports apparelof hail... 90 mi. per hour winds. the afternoon high temperature was 90.1. notice all
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of the heat down to the south. we are expecting some of that warm air to advance the chicago . but that how they're down in the southwest and how it expands to the east over the next several days. the warmest days of the week will occur thursday and friday... 98-100. it is still warm in the chicago area. he degrees and above. 80 degrees and above currently. tonight will be humid. take a
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look at this... thunderstorms popping up... down through georgia and south carolina... we are also watching it these storms out of the western plains... the other story is the heat. excessive heat warning is the nextin affect for southern illinois . a few clouds tonight. a late to storm possible. a storm or two as possible on possible
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on monday. temperatures in the '90s tamara.omorrow... 7 day forecast... nothing but hot air and humidity. >> when we come back and a hot weekend at the movies, we will tell you which flick of the
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3 day exercises starting tomorrow will target the desert base is made it to look like for an air bases. missiles will be fired from different locations at 100 designated targets at short medium and long ranges.
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the iranian government says the point is to assess the precision and effectiveness of its missile systems. the war games, on the same day a european union embargo on the iranian oil takes a fact intended to discourage iran's nuclear development plans >> effective today is illegal to possess or distribute sharks' fins in illinois. the governor signed the legislation which was passed in springfield last may. it is aimed at preventing a sharp thining which is the removal of the dorsal fin and the release of the sharks back into the ocean to die. >> an r rated comedy about eight teddya teddy bear with a bad
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the chance to make a run for it today... >> it was a the 5 k brides run in grant park... >> june is the traditional month for weddings with all the stress that goes with those at events. the chicago yvette was only one of many scheduled around the country into deep runners an opportunity to run off the stress with their. the creator of a run got the idea when it they became
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