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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 23, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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pure hershey's. showing no emotion... the man accused of killing 12 people and shooting dozens more in a crowded colorado movie theater... appears before a judge. good afternoon. i am steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. this is the first time the public has seen james holmes since his arrest. his hair dyed bright orange... the 24-year old was somber during the brief court appearance in colorado. sitting beside him was his court-appointed defense attorney. holmes will be held without bond until his next court appearance on july 30th. at that time... he's expected to be formally charged in the deadly shooting spree. the county district attorney says the victims' families will be consulted before a decision is made on seeking the death penalty for holmes.
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>>there is so much that the victims have to take into account there will be impacted by the decision in a big way for many years if the death penalty is sought is a very long process that impact their lives for >> the district attorney says despite the overwhelming evidence collected against holmes so far... they will work diligently to get justice for the victims. a sailor from crystal lake was killed... and a teacher from lake bluff was injured in the movie theater massacre. wgn's judy wang is live in algonquin where the girlfriend of one of the men says he gave his life, to save hers. >>i spoke with the young woman by phone earlier today she's trying to come to grips with what happened she and her boyfriend to each other for
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years but only recently began dating she said he shielded her from the gunfire holding her head protecting her body with his her boyfriend saved her life she's hanging and the best she could she is very sad it's unreal it happened ... 27 year- old sailor was stationed in colorado saturday his family learned that he was one of the 12 people killed ... and another man who played soccer with him was actually there as well in the theater next door chaperoning a group of students ... he gave his account he wasn't hurt he had injured his arm prior to the shooting ... he said that it has not yet sunk and he is struggling with survivor guilt >>that's the hard thing i was affected by this something
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really did happen ... it is her aflac ... for some reason i am the one able to survive that when you're young you learn life is precious at a time like this these kids that i was with they have learned this lesson the family of the slain sailor is in the process of making final arrangements president barack obama visited a colorado hospital and offered comfort to the survivors and the families of the victims. when you have an opportunity to visit with families who have lost loved ones i described coming to them not so much as the president as i do as a father and husband ... the start of a prayer vigil last night. an illinois man known for putting up crosses near the scenes of deadly tragedies traveled to colorado to erect a
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memorial for the victims of the movie theater shootings. greg zanis... of aurora, illinois... marked the hill across the street from the theater with 12 crosses, one for each shooting victim. the city's mayor arrived later... put his hand on a cross... and said a prayer with zanis. in 1999, zanis traveled to colorado to put up fifteen crosses for the columbine shooting victims... including two for the killers. days before the shootings, james holmes reportedly created profiles on at least two online dating websites. one woman tells "tmz" that she logged onto her "match dot com" account hours after the shootings ... to find the site suggesting holmes as a potential date. the photo shows holmes with dyed orange hair, and the tagline reads, "will you visit me in prison?" the woman notified the website ... and holmes' profile was deleted.the same picture and tagline appear on another adult dating website now being investigated by the fbi. that profile also was deleted but appears to have been created recently.
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as jury selection begins.. the judge in the drew peterson murder trial deals a potential blow to the prosecution's case. the n.c.a.a. comes down hard on penn state and the fbi gives hope to the families of the missing girls from iowa who why officials believe these girls might still be alive ... we will be right back
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try swiffer sweeper vac. the hammer has come down on penn state ... with the toughest sanctions in the history of college sports >>the n.c.a.a. has been grappling with this issue for some time trying to figure out how to penalize the penn state athletic department without hurting the rest of the university at the same time many feel that some big 10 athletic departments sphere almost conducted themselves as they were too big and too financially significant to fail ... the n.c.a.a. let them know this morning that it wasn't the
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case ... penn state university is paying a steep price for that jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal ... it was announced the school will be fined $60 million and lose 20 scholarships and will be banned from playing in a post-season bowl games for four years ... and it 111 games will be forfeited or erased off the record books ... the n.c.a.a. is responding to the report that says that tops penn state athletic officials knew that jerry sandusky was abusing young boys but had done nothing to stop the actions ... this did not apply to the so-called death penalty ... but it did not come
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out as a slap on the rest either >>these were tragically unnecessary circumstances one of the grave dangers stemming from our love of sports is that the sports themselves can become too big to fail and too big to even challenge >>rarely to come away saying a governing body got it right well they did they take them where it hurts 60 million-dollar fines and the post season prohibitions are good to and the kids to have nothing to do with this have choices to leave penn state and engage in athletics immediately this will be crippling to the program there deservedly so ... >>the $60 million will go into a fund that will be set aside and used to assist young people
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victims of sexual assault ... the joe paterno statue that stood outside penn state's football stadium is now gone. workers removed the big bronze statue yesterday. penn state's president said the statue had become a source of division and an obstacle to healing. paterno supporters put flowers and notes in its place. the former head coach died in january. his family released a statement saying the removal of the statue doesn't help the victims. paterno's name will stay on the university's library. * legend begins in the drew peterson murder trial the judge has dealt a blow ... he denied a motion to leave out here say statements but he would let stand 8 of the statements made
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be admissible in future ... fbi investigators believe two young girls missing in iowa for more than a week are still alive. 8 year-old elizabeth collins and her cousin, 10 year-old lyric cook were last seen when they took a bike ride ten days ago. their bikes and a purse were found near a lake hours after they were reported missing. a search of the 25-acre lake turned up nothing, and fbi agents say they are confident the girls aren't in the lake. they wouldn't say what evidence points to the girls still being alive. but a spokeswoman says -- not all family and close friends are fully cooperating. a pick-up truck carrying nearly two dozen people crashed killing thirteen and injuring ten others. the truck was traveling just south of san antonio when it went off the highway and crashed into two large trees. there were multiple passengers in the cab of the truck as well as the bed. at least two of the dead are children. based on the mode of travel and the way the people were in the vehicle... there is a high probability that the passengers were illegal immigrants. an afghan policeman shot and
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killed three police advisers at a training facility in western afghanistan over the weekend. nato says the three victims... two american and one british... were civilian contractors who worked for the international security assistance force. the policeman was also shot and killed. officials did not give a motive or say if the shooter was linked to any insurgent group. the incident is still under investigation. the pentagon planned to pull 23 thousand troops out of afghanistan this year. as of this morning... that pullout is halfway complete. the top american commander in afghanistan says... afghan security forces are taking a greater leadership role in combat with taliban insurgents. the afghan army and police force continue to struggle with corruption... lack of equipment and experience... and low levels of literacy among the afghan people. the nato combat mission there is expected to end in 2014. governor pat quinn is asking for federal help for farmers due to the drought. he's asking the department of agriculture to designate
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virtually all illinois counties -- disaster areas -- due to the loss farmers are facing. we're in one of the state's worst droughts on record. the governor sent the request to the secretary of agriculture yesterday. thirty illinois countires already have the designation. the new designations would make 102 counties eligible for grants and loans. nearly two dozen people are injured while walking on hot coals at a motivational speaker's event. it happened in san jose, california at a workshop headed by tony robbins over the weekend. firefighters say they treated 21 people for burns. the temperatures of the coals were between 1200 and 2000 degrees, according to the associated press. one witness says he heard cries of agony. tony robbins orginzation released a statement -- saying it will look into ways to make the event safer. they say they have been providing the experience for more than three decades. the olympic torch got a bird's eye view of london on sunday. the eternal flame rode on top of the london eye... a massive ferris wheel which has become a landmark in england.
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17 year-old amelia hempleman- adams carried the flame in a specially-built cage on top of one of the capsules... hundreds of feet in the air. hempleman-adams is the youngest person ever to ski to the south pole. the torch will travel across london this week before arriving at olympic park for the opening ceremony on friday. coming up next .... poverty in america.... why it's on track to rise to it's highest level since the 1960s. and later in lunchbreak: the chef from city tavern is here.... we're making whole rainbow trout served with gnocci!
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150 jobs will be added to downtown chicago ... the city will be an attractive work place for a zurich insurance ... they were the first to insure the world's fair and the first section of the chicago subway system ... because of a weak economy and dwindling government safety nets more discouraged workers are giving up on a job market leaving them vulnerable and as unemployment aid runs out ... analysts say that apple might post their slowest growth and sales numbers they're waiting on the release of a new i-pad model that may not arrive until october they will release their earnings report tomorrow ... the
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shooting of the colorado movie theater didn't stop many people from attending the dark knight movie ... box office receipts are little less than expected but it is still one of the biggest opening weekends ever warner brothers and other hollywood studios are not reporting sales figures out of sensitivity to the victims of the tragedy there is a slowdown in growth in china and concerns over the european debt that is slowing the markets today still to come the tom skilling forecast and danica i had this shingle rash right next to my spine. clusters of pustules, pimples. the soreness was excruciating. it was impossible to even think about dancing.
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all this great land of ours has to offer like demolition derbies. and drive thru weddings. so if you're one of those people who gets heartburn and then treats day after day block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. she's the first female to win a major closed course auto race.... danica patrick began racing go- karts at age 10... the record-breaking athlete is hoping to raise awareness of c.o.p.d., a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. she's part of the campaign "drive 4 copd". thanks for stopping by. it's great to have you back after your visit last year ... you are making the transition into nascar how is it going?
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>>going well thank you i have a great transition from a part- time nascar schedule and full- time indy car ... i went from 17 to 30 weekends at spend a big increase but i'm good is something that keeps me busy area and jury being out in the car every weekend ... it was a little bit hot i felt that he is very hot in those cars ... it was a sneaky hot day ... the humidity gets to you ... we practiced well saturday the race was and what we hoped we were the second fastest in trial
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saturday ... we fell to 14th we caught some bad breaks on sunday but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes i love nascar is lots of fun >>you are here for another important reason to raise awareness with your personal connection to this condition ... >>that's right my grandmother passed away of this ... i grew up in roscoe so in the campaign came up at the end of 2009 we began the campaign in 2010 and i doubt it was a great opportunity to be positive to honor and try to raise awareness there is so little awareness of this disease it kills more people than breast cancer and people don't know much about it ... the
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organization has made it easy to screen now on the web site you can get information the signs are very simple ... and people write it off to old age so the organization makes it easy for people to get in line and >>people who have this chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cannot read it is terrible >>we are knowing more about the disease and you can even see it in some people when they get short of breath ... smoking as a basic cause ... it changes the color of their skin they get out of breath easily you can hear the tightness in their voice you need to be honest with how you are feeling if you are on while you must do something about it
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... my grandmother was sick and my grandfather was very affected by her illness you must consider your family and loved ones ... >>is wonderful the way you are honoring your grandmother with your unique position and platform it's an important cause >>thank you. danica, thanks so much for joining us. if you want to learn more about this important cause, go to: for a link, and if you want to watch this segment again log onto: still to come we have the tom skilling weather
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it's getting hot out there tom skilling ... >>and with the drought continuing it is getting more expensive than it was in 1988 ... we are marching toward a record number of 90 degree and 100 degree days this year the silver lining is we may see some thunderstorm clusters in the next week that will deposit lots of rain fall ... we're looking at a dramatic shelf cloud over wisconsin ... that's coming from one of our viewers ... we had a beautiful sunrise in bourbonnnais this morning this from another viewer ... right now we are in sunshine here in chicago not a terrible
12:30 pm
day just very hot ... we have moderate humidity levels but with hundred degree temperatures it's looking like we will be breaking or tying a 98 year-old record ... we are looking at these big thunderstorms ... they have been collapsing ... there is some lightning as it leaves indiana ... we're looking at the dome of hot air preventing a major thunderstorms from occurring today in great numbers but tonight is another matter several storms will be headed in our direction ... it's a northwest flow situation i discussed this last week with this incredibly hot air dome and other ring of fire pattern ...
12:31 pm
this is a powerhouse jet stream in the making their a thunderstorm watch as to the east 20 states surrender heat advisory including downstate illinois and southern wisconsin ... chicago is included we will get 100 degree plus heat index readings this afternoon when is coming off the lake we will have thunderstorm clusters ... wednesday will be a windy and desperately hot situation around the chicago metropolitan area ... it is currently 99 degrees ... we are using twice
12:32 pm
the air-conditioning that we used one year ago at this time this is the warmest july in 142 years of record-keeping ... it's 92 degrees in the metropolitan region ... parts of iowa could reach 110 degrees or higher in some spots later today ... it's running all through the midwest let's look at the chicago area temperatures:
12:33 pm
we expect to wind up at 100 degrees today ... 42 percent humidity now ... and the shoreline water temperature is 82 degrees ... that's the warmest i've seen in a very long time the mold count is high the grass pollen count is low there is intense sunlight at 17 and 43 minute intervals at 1:00 p.m. and 4 of later this afternoon please wear your sunscreen ...
12:34 pm
northbrook is very dry. we will be back with summer and fall numbers that could be interesting in the coming week ... we're tracking the trend in the cumulative totals ... hopefully we will have a wider. this week range of coverage this week
12:35 pm
the low temperature this evening will be 75 degrees ... tomorrow the high will be 88 degrees low 80's at the lecture the heat is back on wednesday ... look for gusty winds and very high temperatures ... we look at a cool down later in the week and going into early next week look for another hundred degree spell no break in this pattern ...
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took centerstage at the baseball hall of fame. he was inducted yesterday along with cincinnati reds' great barry larkin. santo played 14 seasons on the north side, and racked up 342 home runs in his career, all while battling type- one diabetes. his widow, vicki santo accepted the honor in cooperstown, on her late husband's behalf. thousands of cubs fans, a large delegation from the team and santo's family were there to celebrate ron's life as a baseball player, broadcaster and humanitarian. >>i look at his plaque in cooperstown and i think you will all agree that it feels right as a perfect ending to his remarkable journey he loved the cups and the cubs fans the cubs honored ronnie with a heel- click in saint louis. the cardinals lead 5-0 in the fifth, and the first pitch to matt holiday is a solo home run. travis wood gives up six runs in six innings. cubs get swept, 7-0, and get out-scored 23-to-1 in the series. after the game, they boarded the team bus dressed as super heroes... part of a pre-planned team- bonding exercise. they visit pittsburgh tonight.
12:40 pm
the white sox also trying to avoid a sweep in detroit. sox down a run in the first... run. same score two innings later and cabrera does it again with career home run number three- hundred... phil humber gives up six runs in just three innings of work. the sox lose 6-4 and finish the road trip three- and- seven. they are now a game-and-a-half behind the first place tigers, and return to the cell to play the twins tonight. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next. good afternoon. here are the winning pick three numbers: 6 8 8
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here are the winning pick four numbers: 2 2 8 1 the mega-millions jackpot is up
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the judge has taken a lunch break before the jury selection got under way today there was a brief hearing concerning those hearsay statements we've heard so much about the judge decided to accept them on a case by case basis there are eight statements that the appellate court ruled could be used in trial but it would be up to the trial judge to determine reliability and relevancy for admission has evidence ... statements for peterson's wives to friends and relatives might be too unreliable to be heard in court but he is willing to consider each statement as it arises during the trial and that's based on whether or not prosecutors are laying a good foundation for these statements to be incorporated it's a large part of the prosecutorial case
12:46 pm
there are near dna or fingerprint evidence shoulditems ... we know that there are 200 potential jurors in the case the judge has decided to hear from each 140 at a time each day nine have been seated after the preliminary interviews ... those hearsay statements will be reviewed on a case by case basis depending on the performance of the prosecution during trial to incorporate them as relevant in medical watch.. a call to begin h.i.v. treatment sooner, not later.... a leading medical society says people who test positive for h.i.v. should begin treatment immediately.. not wait until their disease deteriorates. in the past doctors have often held off giving drug cocktails to people with h.i.v. if their immune systems were healthy.. as measured by the level of cd-4
12:47 pm
white blood cells. new strategy announced at the 19th international aids conference now recommends immediate treatment.. not only to keep patients themselves healthy, but also to halt the spread of h.i.v. to others. from a stop at the gym, to a walk in the park.. exercise at lunchtime is becoming a popular option for american workers. u.s. government guidelines say adults 18 and older need 30 minutes a day of physical activity, five days a week or more. for people with gym memberships a 30-minute treadmill run is a popular choice. but if you don't want to work up a sweat at lunchtime.. experts suggest simply walking somewhere for about 15 minutes and then re-tracing your steps. and keep a water bottle and a pair of walking shoes at your desk. lunchbreak is next. we're learning how to make whole rainbow trout with gnocci.
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i stepped on the machine, and it showed me the pressure points on
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my feet and exactly where i needed more support. i had tired, achy feet. until i got my number. my dr. scholl's custom fit orthotics number. now i'm a believer. you'll be a believer, too. learn where to find your number at it's time for a lunchbreak... we're making whole rainbow trout with gnocci. kendal duque is the executive chef at city tavern ... he was named a james beard foundation semi finalist for best chef great lakes in both 2008 and 2009. thanks for coming in. congratulations. you have a great meal plant here today ... >>we have the whole fish ... i thought we would stuff this with seasonings that go well ... salt pepper, olive oil, fresh
12:51 pm
thyme ... at this point you can take this to the grill and saute pan i added some mushrooms to that stuffing ... the pan has some butter and olive oil and some more fresh thyme ... and we are serving as with gnocchi. people get intimidated by this ... but we serve it often ... you are mashing some potatoes passing them through a ricer getting them dry and fluffy getting a yolks and
12:52 pm
sunflower you make this into a dough ... you cut it into small pieces and cook it for two minutes in boiling salted water it's a dumpling after all ... we shape the forms with the back of a fork ... and that is just so that it holds the sauce that traditionally italian ... we have a nice accompaniment ... brussels sprouts and a pork product ... and we have a sherry
12:53 pm
shot it's a beautiful wine that often gets overlooked wonderful to cook with it has a real wonderful flavor every dish pairs well with sherry we often use it in cocktails at the restaurant. to finish this dish the trout
12:54 pm
is unbundled and plated.... no heavy butter sauce we are doing vinegarette we have mustered honey shallots white balsamic vinegar and some canola oil and some extra virgin olive oil the recipe is on the web site ... we
12:55 pm
will add some chopped cashew nuts and parsley and spoon the gnocchi onto the plate with the traumarout... kendal duque, thanks so much for joining us. city tavern is located at 1416 s. michigan avenue. to learn more, go to: city tavern chicago .com for a recipe, or to watch the segment again, log on to: [ kate ] most women may not be properly absorbing the calcium they take because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. that's why my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption.
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: in which city, on this day in 1827, did the first public swimming pool in the u.s. open? a. washington, d.c. b. philadelphia c. boston the answer is boston. in 1827 the first swimming school and pool opened in america. among the first students to enroll was john quincy adams. the lake temperatures are the warmest that we have seen ... 82
12:58 pm
degrees ... now we have a thunderstorm clusters rotating around the blazing dome of hot air near the chicago area today we expect the temperatures to be nearing the 98 year-old record that is 99 degrees on this day we could surpass that this afternoon ... we're looking at thunderstorms developing this evening and into tomorrow we are looking at the seven day rainfall twice the normal rate ... that will vary widely around the metropolitan area ... the hot dome downstate has the jet stream running around its periphery that can promote
12:59 pm
severe storms and high temperatures we will be back into the 80s tomorrow but there will be in the hundreds downstate and by wednesday we will be back into the hot weather once again ... temperatures will cool after that later in the week ... we are looking at the temperatures across the metropolitan area readings are going into the hundreds today cooling a bit tomorrow down to the '80s and '90s and the celts and the west suburbs ... the 7 day forecast as it at 88 degrees tomorrow with scattered thunderstorms 100 wednesday 86 degrees thursday friday showers and thunderstorms the heat comes back by sunday and monday ... thanks for joining us today.


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