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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 9, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> eastern storms bringing heavy winds and a round of weather warnings. our top story seen all around the country tonight. the severe weather to the south kidman 45 mi. in kankakee county and other counties associated with this storm this set of storms that went through the area earlier today. here is some tree damaged power lines are down and tail. again these
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mostly occur to the south of us but this is just the first phase. here's the storm that's lined up to the north. while it was hailed south it was the 1.3 in. of rain which was noteworthy in highland park. here are the hill reports. morocco indiana 2.75 in. that's baseball size tail. hail. and there are still weather watches in effect for thunderstorms. we will bring
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this lake in hansard rain into the area. we are up through the morning rush-hour and it's raining through cook, a leak into northwest indiana. we will talk more about the rain that is on the way to. here's a story that's been the talk of the town for two months now how does congressman jack is congressman jesse jackson jr. doing. we got answers and insight into his condition. his wife cindy jackson says the doctors will decide when and it will not be until his depression is under control but it seems
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like it will happen in plenty of time for the november election we want him to come back, he will come back. sandy jackson speaking out about her husband's health and south shore neighborhood this afternoon. constituency is getting better and planning a comeback. we hear on the ground are preparing for his eventual return we don't know when that is going to be but we want his constituents to know that they are very much on his mind. jesse jackson jr. has been off the grid since june 10th hospitalized with exhaustion first and now being treated at the mayo clinic in arizona for a stomach ailment possibly because of his previous weight-loss surgery. he simply became more withdrawn. he wasn't as talkative as he was before. for us that men he was very deep in thought. he was extremely
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exhausted and he was malcolm absorbed from not getting enough nutrients. doctors are searching for the right mix of medications to get his depression under control she says they will decide when he comes back. the congressman's office is confident he will be back in full swing on the november ballot she says she hopes that happens and the illness would not prevented. of the millions of americans that suffer from depression many go back to work and live a very fruitful lives. i expect jesse well to. cindy jackson today again stressing no addiction is playing a role in her husband's treatment. neither one should plan on attending the national democratic convention in
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charlotte. new shares in testimony on this seventh day of the drew peterson murder trial a third person revealing how frightened kathleen savio was of her husband. also one of her sons showed up to support his dad in the courtroom. >> christopher pedersen walked into court after the lunch break and sat down behind his father whose face lit up. peterson wished his son a happy birthday, they chatted and laughed for about five minutes the courtroom artist drew the picture and was sitting right next to chris. it was a norman rockwell moment. >> but it didn't last long, chris peterson was asked to leave he is not allowed in the courtroom. earlier in the
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morning the mood was anything but happy, a third person testified that kathleen savio was afraid of her husband a friend of hers told the jury that in february of 2003 she showed her three marks on her neck one on each side and one in the middle, park said she told me that the evening before she was coming down the stairs and her husband came into the house and grabbed her by the neck and printer down. peterson wasn't living there at the time parks said savio told her that drew said why don't you just die. at this point if he's not quivering in his shoes and he should be. the defense launched another strong attack on the friend of kathleen savio getting comebacker for the second day in a row. mary parks
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also told kathleen savio that she should call the police, she did not place but she didn't take her up on that either. congressman joe walsh says the u.s. government is so afraid of offending the islamic community is not doing its job protecting american citizens, the controversial statement from the republican congressman defending a lot of people tonight. live with our report on that. >> joe walsh is wrapping up a town hall meeting here, it's just about 30 minutes ago i spoke to him briefly about those controversial remarks from a town hall meeting last night in ellisgrove village. take a listen. many in chicagos moslem
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community say that those comments were intended to make americans fearful of is long, joe walsh said that was not his intention and at the same time he says he stands by the comment he made last night. the government and the people, we've never been too worried about being sensitive to this is a real threat, it's not just over there, we have to keep a lookout for it. some in the chicago area have called your comments racist. >> and not at all most moslems just like everybody are wonderfully patriotic loving
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peaceful people but there is a radical strait of islam which is trying to hijack that religion and we have seen from 911 on, we have seen attacks around the world and here and we have seen a number of attacks that have been recorded so it's not a combination at all of the muslim religion, it's a condemnation of radical islam a radical strain of it and they are trying to hijack that religion. jamal the organization care chicago will be holding a news conference, it stands for council on american islamic relations. it will specifically address comments made by joe walsh according to their press release that will be using the opportunity to promote a message of acceptance into quality, the news conference starts to warm morning at 1030. the kendall
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county sheriff's department says a woman who reported being sexually assaulted by a man impersonating a police officer made the entire thing up, she said she was pulled over by a man in a car with flashing lights which took into a cornfield and assaulted her and tonight the shares department said at a statement saying that the incident did not happen, the state's attorney's office is now reviewing that claim. a navy nurse or risk his own life by pulling a live grenade out of the leg of a wounded marine tonight he is being honored for his heroism transition from military service the stomach to help veterans succeed in life after the military. why 1 million dishwashers are being recalled. a chicago police officer
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shot and killed the gunman today in the west englewood neighborhood according to chicago police who also say the gunman was shooting
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at several people and refused to drop his gun. >> witnesses say police had no choice when a passing plainclothes officers spotted a young gunman near 63rd news affairs says the opposite order demands said to be in his early 20s to drop the pistol but when he kept shooting at his targets the officer opened fire killing the man. it used to be that people will wait until its dark outside now they're doing in front of the police. as the independent please review authority investigates the deadly incident friends and family grieve their loss. others wonder when the violence in and go wood will end. i'm scared to let my kids out to play and i'm scared to go to school, i have
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to take them to school. >> as is too often the case this tragedy has wider repercussions, relatives say the gunman who was shot dead by police leaves behind a one-year- old baby girl. >> governor clinton is calling for a federal investigation of mad the boss, it crashed into a concrete pillar on august 2nd killing one person and injuring several others in litchfield illinois and on tuesday and met the bus had been killed a 76 year-old woman in downtown chicago, governor clinton has written a letter to the transportation secretary and wants an investigation. he put his life on the line for a fellow service members and local mayors is awarded the bronze star. james told a live grenade out of the marines led the risky operation captured on
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video and posted to youtube the explosive had impaired the marines legs without detonating. he removed it knowing it could explode in his face at any moment. >> i just saw it for what it was, he has something sticking out of his leg so subconsciously i thought of as another impelled object then needed to come out. today he was awarded the bronze star for his act of terrorism the marine he saved is in rehab right now in washington, the two men spoke on the phone just yesterday and he says the marine is doing very well tonight. hundreds of veterans in service members showed up at the illinois warrior summit today the mission to help that's work on their futures to transition from military service and network with businesses and community organizations. coming
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up tonight, a fire hazard for says the recall. the hottest new tool in the operating room, its and ipod.
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every load of laundry is worth about $200. really? one cap of downy protects $200 worth of clothes. prove it to me. ultra downy softeners protect fibers. there's no comparison. nice downy's pretty much saving our clothes. yeah, ultra downy saves a small plane was about to crash a passenger kept
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his cameras rolling into this is the view caught up in the wild ride over stanley idaho. it plunged into a field and the impact turned the single engine plane into a mangled mess but the four men on board all survived the pilot is recovering from facial injuries in the others walked away. more than 1 million dishwasher's recalled after some machines cost several fires. they were sold from march 26th-august 29th the consumer product safety commission says the cost seven fires but luckily no one was hurt. my message to consumers is this, stop using these dishwasher's immediately hit and disconnect the power supply to the unit, consumers will have a choice of a free and home repair or they can get a
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rebate towards a new dishwasher. for more information on the recall could to our web site. coming up, and ipod in the operating room but it's not for playing music how orthopedic surgeons are using an act to
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make their procedures more precise and president barack obama hoping to advance in a planned weekend home in chicago. thousands upon thousands of little yellow rubber ducks floating down the chicago river.
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how about an orthopedic surgery, there is an apt for that bill for the operating room in the hands of surgeons it brings the ipod to the zero are.
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this is an avid this orthopedic surgeon says steps up his game in the operating room. it's it's just below anchor birds and over a picture of his kid and in the award it helps him find his mark. you want a flag caught on the shin bone. six cuts make room for the new neah, if the surgeon removes too much bone the implant will fit loosely and if not enough it will fit too tightly. and ipod equipped with sensors matt said in a condition in 3 d directly on to the patients' joints. it tells me how much bone i'm going to be
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cutting in and out what and gold. in a discipline that is part art part science and part skilled technology helps but it has to be the right fit for the surgeon. it means looking up that monitors and away from the work at hand. with-on the ipad, he said he found a more accurate way to fit and in plant. it's been shown to decrease errors within three degrees with medium control. that's perfect >> most surgery scans show proper placement. we have to
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improve our efficiency and our speed and our ability to handle the volume of new replacements if we get them and hopefully we will have less problems with revisions later. the technology has been used in germany, in india and with fda approved last year. wet and windy nights ahead in the chicago area. rains will be heavy at times and last all the way into tomorrow.
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♪ [ up-tempo country ] what are the chances? [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ >> rip current warnings are in effect along lake shore counties and indiana. don't fight it just go with it because i think people have the impression that it will sucks them out in the middle of the lake and it doesn't. this was taken over
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lake superior were the same conditions that are selling over our area occurred today that is a waterspout and we could see those off our own shoreline. we had a number of reports of rainbows around here today. finally a daytona beach cloud where lightning struck. another is a lot of what they're going on and we certainly have that tonight. you get a lot of
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rotation in this atmosphere. these towering clouds that are up the lake from months are the beginning of this lake in hip strain activity that will sweep into chicago so while we are in a wall with the rain, it's not for long. here are the stars that swept southern suburbs producing a lot of hale. large hail came down indiana had held
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the size of baseballs. it's been raining in pockets through the northern suburbs at times. northward and also down south to us. highland park has had an inch and a third. it finally arraigned today in indianapolis it has a couple times an area that had been desperately dry. look at the
9:34 pm
winds forecast year by 9:00 tomorrow. it will be windy as the storm's winds up literally in place over us. and we're not done with the rain yet. these are the coldest temperatures that we've had in chicago in eight weeks. 78 midway, 78 at the lakefront. it is cooler here
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tonight then it is in anchorage alaska. gusty above 30 at times by late tonight. rainy periods
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tomorrow especially in lakeside counties. tomorrow night clubs break except the showers will continue in indiana for time. beautiful on saturday, sunday and temperatures rebound expeditiously. 80 by the time we get to some day. a shocking claim of child abuse, coming up a well-known doctor accused of water boarding his own daughter.
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for the big race in chicago, but i can only afford one trip. and i just found out my best friend is getting married in l.a. there's no way i'm missing that. then i heard about hotwire and i realized i could actually afford both trips. see, when really nice hotels have unsold rooms, they use hotwire to fill them. so i got my four-star hotels for half-price! >> men: ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: save big on car rentals too, from $12.95 a day. damaging wildfires in oklahoma have fire crews working around the clock more than 100,000 a. have burned across the state since friday, over half a dozen of the destructive wildfires may have been intentionally set investigators are searching for the possible suspect, at least one person has been found dead.
9:40 pm
it was one pediatrician is accused of water boarding his 11 year-old daughter, dr. melvin and his wife were charged with child endangerment in delaware he is known for his studies of near-death experiences in children he has written books about it and even appeared on larry king live. >> wahlberg one-hundred children who have had a lack of oxygen to the brain into were treated with medicine and mechanically ventilated but were not near death. the girl told police that her dad held her face under the faucet to punish her she insisted she could stay under for five minutes without suffering brain damage. she entered 5 year-old sister are in the care of child services tonight the president set himself the campaign is getting
9:41 pm
intense, mr. obama made remarks during a two day campaign stint in colorado and 200 way he wanted to easily now polls are showing him trailing challenger mitt romney in colorado the bombing campaign ran ads for the president. he told the crowd in colorado springs that he needs their support. the reason it's an intense campaign is because the stakes in november could be bigger. it's a choice between it to fundamentally different visions. >> mid ronni also ran ads in colorado while the president was there. romney spent his day in new york city at a private fund- raiser. one of the names on the
9:42 pm
short list of vice-presidential contenders drought-stricken areas addressed in speculation. ronni raised one and a half million dollars during his trip to newark city. and those caused trouble after wandering into someone's backyard. and later in sports, the white sox may have to do without one of their all starts for this weekend series with oakland.
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gave him water in washington with a host after cutting him free. a new report from the international corp. says the android account for 68 percent of the global smart phone market that is for * apple's market share. iphone sales slowed last quarter. we certainly have some windy and it rained use your smart phones to watch the radar. here you see
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the forecast by midnight and watch the way this storm rotates showers in here. there's the morning rush-hour. finally after a daybreaks start with a couple showers in indiana it looks like the sun comes out and return warm and the next system comes this way. some very impressive rainfall. . there is the perfect setup tomorrow morning, we are right on the nose of a wind mass, that's the
9:48 pm
red area right there. we sit under that all day tomorrow that's a very unstable atmosphere. look as some of these record high temperatures. in death valley back to 126. tomorrow will be rainy at times particularly against the lake where rains may be heavy. a gorgeous weekend awaits us.
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don't write off this warm weather yet, just enjoy it. take a look, the bat mobile comic con huge crowds are expected. it runs until sunday at 5:00. 30,000 rubber ducks fell to the chicago river in
9:50 pm
the 37 annual derby. it is the big fund-raiser for special olympics in illinois. every dog had a sponsor. the prizes for this year's winners include a new car a caribbean vacation and a home theater package. coming up a the cubs a hopeful return can put an end to win a game losing skid. every load of laundry is worth about $200. really? one cap of downy protects $200 worth of clothes. prove it to me. ultra downy softeners protect
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exactly ideal conditions for the bears preseason heavy rains before the game, lightning into the weather had an effect on personnel decisions before the game even started the quarterback jay hustler was ruled out. of course brien or lacquer was already out, the game is now in the third quarter, 17-nothing denver leading the bears. 41 total
9:54 pm
yards. peyton manning did play. a night off for the white sox not a bad thing. and in an injury to one of their most important players it happened tuesday night when the royals hit a chopper to the right side and then have first baseman paul konerko as he raced to the bat. they later revealed the diagnosis, a mild concussion. he has to get evaluated and if it's too bad, i don't know what he
9:55 pm
does have a mild concussion so it's more a precaution to keep the amount. no way could he have played tonight. you better keep him out of it. some good news for the socks, they actually ride their lead to a full game the yankees got their game time homer in the eighth and on the next pitch eric chavez on ties it. the yankees win 4-3 the sox lead the tigers by one full game the tigers had to sexist texas tomorrow. texas tomorrow a fall behind jack chris ball said. leading off the game. bayer trailing cincinnati 3-1 in the fifth. the
9:56 pm
big story involves a final major of the year, would tiger woods finally break through and is his drought the major championship which dates back to 2008, woods wasn't the only story in round one of the pga championship. on the turf it was carl peterson, a beautiful approach at no. 10 he just rolls it passed the penn he has the lead at 6 under par 66. a surprising name on the leader board, john daly won the pga 21 years ago. as for woods he is in the mix his shadow on this 17th toll set up a birdie to get him to three others. the u.s.
9:57 pm
widened it at the olympics led by the women's soccer team which beat japan 2-1 to win the gold. the women's basketball team advanced to the gold medal games. he won the 200 m. and a wide howard has been sent from orlando to the lakers. that's sports. >> and you for joining us tonight. [ bell tolls ] agents, say hello to the biggest hailstone in u.s. history. oh, that will leave a dent. which is exactly why we educate people... about comprehensive coverage.
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