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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  August 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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a forensic pathologist testifies today about kathleen savio's toxicology results... saying her liver didn't contain any drugs or toxins that caused or contributed to her death. good afternoon. i am nancy loo in for steve sanders. and i'm dina bair. tonya francisco is live at the courthouse in joliet with details. they are trying to prove that the death of kathleen savio was no accident and that u.s.
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actually murdered ... up until noshe was actually murdered ... this week the prosecution set out to prove her death was no accident ... how she died is the heart and soul of the prosecutors case her death was ruled an accident but when the fourth quiet the drew peterson disappeared prosecutors decided to reopen the case and the body was exhumed ... the medical examiner ruled that she had been murdered ... >>you will find that the ultimate conclusion of the doctor was different he doesn't quarrel with the fact that it
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could have been an accident ... >>even though the first autopsy may have been flawed the prosecution has to prove that drew peterson killed his third wife and have a challenge in terms of evidence ... >>if you can't put the alleged perpetrator and victim together at the time of death you don't have much of a case and haven't been able to do this ... >>the state wants to call more here say witnesses including the relatives of stacy peterson ... the defense argues it could be prejudicial to its client there is no word next on her can take the witness stand ... jury selection continues today
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at the christopher vaughn murder trial. vaughn is charged with killing his wife and three children in 2007. prosecutors say vaughn shot them during a family trip. but the defense says vaughn's wife killed the kids and then herself because she was taking anti-seizure medication that can trigger suicidal behavior. eight men and four women will serve on vaughn's jury. six alternate jurors still need to be picked. a man waiting for a boss is struck and killed by a taxicab on chicago's near north west side the driver and the passenger car in the hospital julian crews is live ... what caused him to lose control of his taxicab is unclear ... >>he doesn't deserve this he never harmed anyone ... >>checker cab #1681 came barreling down the street jumped
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the curb and struck the victim of was asleep on a bench the medical examiner's office identifies the victim as eric j. kerestes his family is en route from bloomington eleanor a ... eyewitnesses pulled the t driver and passenger from the taxi as the vehicle caught fire ... the latest report from the fire department says that the cabdriver is in good condition at stroger hospital but the passenger is in serious to critical condition to northwest memorial hospital
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investigators in lake county say a potent mixture of drugs and alcohol played a role in a boating accident that killed a 10 year-old boy from libertyville. tony borcia was tubing with his family on the chain o'lakes last month when he was run over by another boat. police say the boat's driver, david haytina of bartlett, had cocaine and drugs in his system at the time. he's being held on one million dollars bond ... charged with reckless homicide and aggravated d.u.i. we're learning more details about congressman jesse jackson junior's medical condition. jackson is being treated for bi- polar 2 depression --which means he suffers from extreme mood swings. a statement released by the mayo clinic ... says the disorder is most likely caused by a complex set of genetic and environmental factors. treatment could be complicated by jackson's bariatric weight loss surgery. in 2004, he underwent a procedure to change how his body absorbs, food nutrients and medicine. bipolar disorder is common and treatable.
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jackson has been on a leave of absence, for more than two months. he's up for re-election in november. next in this noon hour: she was sexually assaulted during a 1500-mile solo journey around lake michigan. now a chicago area rower has returned home to tell her harrowing story. new allegations of abuse are surfacing against jerry sandusky and another person connected to penn state. and it may not be mothra but mutant butterflies are showing up in japan, a result of the fukushima nuclear disaster.
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i knew that i could continue to
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row.. i had no idea i was so strong i feel lucky to have been around this amazing women team of survivors ... police have still not caught gibbons attacker. she says she hasn't really emotionally dealt with her ordeal.. and knows there will be rough days ahead.. she hopes talking about it will help other women cope with sexual assault as well.. as for her trip.. she raised over 113 thousand dollars.. she says she has lots of other adventures still in her.. but in the immediate future she plans to write a book. new details are emerging on social media about the gunman behind a shooting near texas a&m university. 35 year-old thomas caffall killed two people yesterday including an officer who was serving him an eviction notice, in college station, texas. that led to a stand-off with police, and a shoot-out, that left caffall dead. nearly half of his facebook profile pictures are of guns and his page also listed several firearms designers ...
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as people who inspire him. meantime, his family says caffall was a quote ticking timebomb. a new claim against jerry sandusky says he sexually abused children along with a fundraiser for penn state university. the claim came as investigators look into whether sandusky shared child pornography. "radar online" reports that a witness told federal authorities sandusky and a penn state booster sexually assaulted two boys on a private plane. we do not know if these alleged victims are among the ten boys that sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing. the booster has not been arrested or charged with a crime. mutant butterflies discovered around the site of a nuclear disaster in japan. researchers say they found butterflies around the fukushima power plant... that had abnormalities in their legs, atennaes, abdomens, wings, and colors. the butterflies also had dents in their eyes. the researchers launched their study... two months after an earthquake and tsunami hit the nuclear site in march 2011. this is the first sign the
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radiation leak may be changing life around the area. next: the disappointing new findings about the safety of luxury cars. later in the medical watch - how much exercise per week is being recommended for older adults to ward off heart problems. and later in lunchbreak: it's great as an appetizer or even a main dish.. we are making ceviche.
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if you are looking to buy a car and safety is your number one concern of most mid-size luxury cars are not getting through
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crash testing unscathed ... only to have good ratings acura and of all lowvolvo according to the wall street journal the value of automobile loans is increasing but it's getting more expensive to do banking ... the minimum requirement for opening an account and all kinds of fees have increased in the last year ... wells fargo is offering the receipts e-receipts to its customers
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... stocks are trading higher in market activity right now a better expected report on retail sales is driving the trading have you ever noticed that some people seem more motivated than others? is it genetic or something you can teach yourself to be? here with the answer's is trib u's jenniffer weigel. >>some people are born this way but it can be taught there are lots of factors ... there are two types of motivation broad
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categories ... the first is proactive for those trying to reach their goals and then those people who are trying to avoid something the way to increase motivation for yourself is to first right the goal down with an action plan ... and seeking out encouragement ... do not over praise ... sometimes we go too far because it will lose its value ... it's like raising someone for inhaling or exhaling keep it to exceptional achievement ...
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and if something is too easy you are bored and if it's too difficult you are afraid so you have to seek out your optimal level and you will have more success ... the idea is to aim a little bit higher. find something that will raise your level of ability ... being a helicopter parent as they say will not promote a successful goal oriented child you have to let them figure some things out for themselves ...
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>>in my culture there is the chinese mother guilt factor that motivates ... >>sometimes it can come from many places such as guilt or fear or influence ... i am also learning as i go ... jenniffer weigel, thanks for joining us. to learn more go to: just ahead: he has missed two weeks of training camp.. now there is work the bears brian urlacher has undergone knee surgery. will he play this season? and a contestant from season 2 of "the voice": live music from chicago's own jamie lono
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president obama is on the second day of his re-election road trip through iowa. the bus tour took him to oskaloosa where he continued to attack republican rivals mitt romney and paul ryan on their economic policies. he told the audience this presidential election may be even more important than the last one because it could determine the direction of the country. the president says he and romney share fundamentally different visions for the u.s. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is campaigning across ohio today. his first stop was at a coal mine this morning. the owner of the mine believes president obama has launched a war on coal, and his policies are forcing him to close one mine and lay-off workers at another. the owner is busing his workers and their families to the romney event... so they can hear the republican's different approach on energy.
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romney will also visit an ice cream shop, and attend a rally later today. a key issue in the campaign is the budget plan put forward by romney's running mate wisconsin congressman paul ryan. ryan says his budget plan will cut spending, rescue medicare and medicaid, protect defense retain a safety net for the poor, and spur the economy. but according to new analysis by the nonpartisan congressional budget office, the ryan plan would not balance the federal budget for another 28 years at least. ryan himself concedes that his plan would not balance the budget this decade but would ignite rapid economic growth. the republican party has chosen new jersey governor chris christie to deliver the keynote address at its nominating convention later this month. aside from the nominee's acceptance speech, the keynote speech is considered the most important, and it is often a launch pad for future presidential contenders. barack obama delivered the democrats' keynote address in 2004. summer's warmth is back.. but
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the time so you don't miss a thing. swiffer. better clean in half the time. or your money back. and for dry messes big and small try swiffer sweeper vac. jennifer hudson is in town today to host the second annual "hatch day" at the kroc community center. hudson and her sister donated school supplies to five thousand low-income chicago students. the event honors hudson's late nephew, julian king... who shot and killed in 2008 along with hudson's mother and brother. today would have been his 11th birthday. >>to be able to turn such an- around and make it a positive thing ... that is something my mother always taught me no matter how negative things would be you always try to make a positive ... it's very emotional ...hudson's sister
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julia hudson, said the idea for "hatch day" was julian's. today, mayor rahm emanuel proclaimed august 14th to be "julian king hatch day in chicago." the hudson sisters hope the donated school supplies will give children confidence to start the new year. we have that feature we call the greenland block the debate hot air dome that pushes the cooler air in the direction of the u.s. midwestern states ... what a beautiful day we have lots of sunshine ... but clouds
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will arrive ahead of the warming pattern that will be here tomorrow and thursday ... we have the eastbound showers that are still hanging to the west ... these are developing on the nose of a push of warm air that will arrive tomorrow. we had some fog this morning that has since faded away. 69 degrees yesterday and was the coolest august temperature we've had here in three years it ranks among the 3% of daytime high temperatures in august that failed to reach 70 degrees so that is how research is to be below 70 degrees this time of
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year ... we have 162 reading sites across the region only eight managed to reach 70 degrees yesterday this box a trend we haven't seen since the growing season began in april warm weather is dominating the summer season this could be the warmest on record 1921 was just all little bit warmer ... this cool weather we have this week is welcome. dew point promotes fog ... 74 degrees here in town.
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sunshine everywhere ... a gorgeous day across the area. arizona is still in the triple digits. phoenix has not been below 90 degrees day or night for the last week they have had 30 consecutive days above 100 degrees. here in chicago we will see gusty thunderstorms with some cold weather thursday.
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the first 5-10 days in the upcoming forecast will be below normal temperatures. we will have substantial cloud cover this evening by noon tomorrow we will have overcast skies. we are looking at this warm air that is blocked up in greenland that's keeping the heat at bay in the western states. it will be awfully hot
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air through the weekend. we have moderate temperatures around the midwestern states ... the days are getting shorter that promotes the cooler air. there is a high mold spore account but not at an advisory level moderate ragweed and pollen counts ... and please watch the u v a rays out there ... the thing that is bringing this cool air into eric carey allah is
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coming in this direction on the mapour area coming from this direction on the map ... for this afternoon mostly sunny and warm brief showers possible high temperature 80 degrees with a light northeast wind clouds tonight dogfog patches... isolated showers in spots tomorrow morning but expect gusty thunderstorms with a cold front on thursday ... we will reach 84 degrees before that arrives.
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remember last friday when we saw those water spouts out on lake michigan? we may see this again toward the end of this week we will keep out an eye out.... time for today's trivia question: the mola mola fish - seen here- is also known as the what? a. moonfish. b. sunfish. c. platefish.
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time for sports: bears linebacker brian urlacher has undergone knee surgery less than a month before the start of the season. the procedure was done this morning on the same knee he injured at the end of last season. urlacher practiced at the start of training camp, but he's missed the last two weeks. g-m phil emery says the goal is still to have urlacher ready for the season opener on the ninth. the white sox starting a four- game set in toronto. the sox are down 2-1 in the ninth, when adam dunn hits his second home run of the night... his 33 homers now leads the majors. it's still tied in the 11th but david cooper hits the game- ending single off of nate jones. sox lose 3-2, despite eight strong innings from jake peavy. good news for the sox... paul
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konerko passed his concussion test, and should return soon. the cubs hosting the last-place astros last night. jeff samardzija tied a career- high with eleven strike outs... and he only allowed one earned- run in seven innings. it's three- nothing cubs in the fifth, when alfonso soriano hits his 21st home run of the year to add on to the cubs' lead. they go on to win 7-1, in front of 31,400... the smallest crowd at wrigley this season. that's a look at sports. your live illinois lottery drawing is next.
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in medical watch.. obesity in america.. by the numbers. a dozen states have an obesity rate over 30 percent.. and mississippi has the highest rate, at nearly 35 percent. colorado has the lowest obesity rate in america.. just under 21% illinois ranks 29th among the 50 states.. the obesity rate here is just over 27%. the numbers are in a new study by the "trust for america's health". the organization's executive director says even though a growing body of knowledge makes healthier choices easier for americans.. very little is being invested in reducing obesity.
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it's time for a lunchbreak... david martinez is a chicago native and a contestant on season five of masterchef. david, welcome.... we are getting a lesson on
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composure under fire ... you found out we were making ceviche when you had prepared to show us a salad so you did a quick swat on the break ... we are doing something that is laid on the palletslight on the pallete papaya and a salad with bitters
12:50 pm
.... roastded garlic added with radish and spices... thinly sliced. >>i noticed your good knife collection that is key ... >>i have in putting together my kid for a long time i have asked the experts what tools i really need one of the most important
12:51 pm
things that i use is the paring knife to use it for everything that's the best investment people underestimate what this can do i enjoy working with this ... here's the vinegarette for the salad ... there is some lineme and strawberry infused vinegar ... this will be squirted around the salad on the plate ...
12:52 pm
make sure that your salad is not too dry when you toss it ... you can always put a little bit of dressing on the greens. this is the technique i learned when i got back to chicago ... i had good teachers at this awesome restaurant here in chicago where i was working at the time ... another trick i learned there was when you are putting the salad on the plate
12:53 pm
just give it a spanin always wash your hands... capture all the good bits at the bottom of the salad bowl ... when i clean my carving board i use water vinegar and salt ... 9 >>thank you david the artse are to wonderful preparations i am very impressed at how quickly you did this
12:54 pm
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time now for the answer to today's trivia question. we asked: the mola mola fish - seen here- is also known as the what? a. moonfish. b. sunfish. c. platefish. the answer: b. sunfish. we are warming up here we will be warming up more tomorrow we're looking to the arctic for the explanation ... the blazing heat continues out west ... there are wild fire warnings and extreme heat continues and the deserts of california and arizona ... we will make it to the low 80s today ... we will be pushing 90 degrees tomorrow ...
12:57 pm
we will be up to 80 degrees thursday with gusty thunderstorms thursday night we will see 40 to three low temperatures to the north it will really cool off later in the week ... the wind is like giving way to lake breezes in the afternoon ... we are watching the storm is coming through the area thursday and then the canadian high pressure will close down for the weekend ... the air is blowing from hudson bay all the way down to the midwest we are estimating the rain fall accumulations': the 7 day forecast shows 87 degrees tomorrow 84 on thursday much cooler friday through the
12:58 pm
weekend sunday ... it will be cool and windy friday and saturday sunday 71 degrees monday we will warm up once again followed by possibly another cool spell next week ... it's that part of the season back-to-school weather is coming ... thanks tom skilling. thanks for joining us today. we hope you have a great afternoon. we leave you with more live music from jamie lono... check him out at his cd release party on august 24th at century park in vernon hills.
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