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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 21, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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it does mean some expensive repairs. 8,000 people on the list of those who may have been exposed to legionnaires disease at a hotel in the loop. good evening, i'm lourdes duarte. i'm tom negovan. our top story seen around the country tonight on wgn america: three confirmed cases tonight of the sometimes fatal pneumonia. wgn's sean lewis is at the marriott chicago on west adams. this is not a worst case scenario but there is still cause for concern. three confirmed cases of legionnaires' disease traced to this hotel. the chicago apartment of public health notified hotel management one week ago about the cases
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reported to them. they ordered the hotel to drain and shut down the pool and hot tub which are located on the lower level of the hotel near the spot. they also drink the water fountain in the lobby. the hotel said more than 8500 guests who stayed here between july 14th and august 15th, a one month time period have been notified by mail about the outbreak of legionnaires' disease. current tests are being notified when they check in and given the option to stay at a different hotel downtown also hotel staff who worked in that timeframe between mid july and last week. also last week the department of health took samples from three areas believed to be the source which causes of the bacteria
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which causes legionnaire's. in order to get the bacteria it takes 10 days to culture it. we will get the official results on the 26th but based on the knowledge base and past practices they believe that could be one of the areas. we are pleased that they called us today and said there was no health risk or concern and all the guests and our associates are safe. legionnaires' disease is a form of pneumonia and as you might guess the victims are the same. the symptoms are the same. high fever and chills muscle aches sometimes not show up. it takes between today's and 10 days for symptoms to appear. if you stayed here or someone you know state here within the last month and you are experiencing those symptoms you should see a doctor and contact
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the chicago department of public health. cases of the west nile virus are being monitored very closely after the death of a suburban mayor. wgn's randi belisomo takes a closer look at who is likely to be at risk for more severe health issues when the virus strikes. the mayor of evergreen park tested positive for west nile virus. he anticipates a full recovery but another suburban mayor of lombard died as a result but he was undergoing cancer treatment. of the 26 cases of west nile virus reported statewide most are in cook county. 700 cases across the country. the highest number of reported since west nile was detected in 1999. we are in the
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early part of the season. this year at the cases or the positive mesquita samples started to wear three rigs earlier than last year. mesquite does transmit the virus. the factors behind the virus outbreak are complicated but the high temperatures and decrease the community in the animals that carry it. by having a logger warmer season and a lot of warm weather season that allows pesky does to replicate faster and speeds up their life cycle. it results in more mesquita spirit stay away from mosquitos and from where they thrive. water which is organically fall water that you would not want to stick your television or drink. that is a heaven to them. all of those catch basins lining the streets the storm sewers, they are the sorts of sites you will find mosquito is developing. the
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water within the leaf clogged gutters of your house. there is no treatment right now where fortunately. this infectious disease specialist says 80 percent of those who contract the virus have no symptoms but the elderly and chronically ill are vulnerable. there is a set of patients that will develop mild illness fever and like a virus feeling. and a smaller set will develop and infection involving the nervous system, the brain and they can become comatose. the illinois department of public health is encouraging people to reduce repel add report. reduce exposure to miss give us, wear mosquito repellent, and if you see pools of stagnant water or
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dead birds called the health department. an evanston man selling his ipad on craigslist gets more than he bargained for. police say sean thomas answered the ad but brought along a knife instead of money. the two met sunday evening in the 8-hundred block of noyes street. that meeting was pushed back until the evening. thomas allegedly snatched the ipad and ran. the seller chased him down but was stabbed and bitten while disarming the robber. police say this should serve as a lesson for anyone selling expensive items over the internet. "you never want to give someone your home address. you never want to meet them in an area thats not well traveled and like in this case he keeps moving the meeting later and later and later, that too could be a red flag." thomas is charged with armed robbery. the victim was treated and released from evanston northshore hospital. also at the courthouse in joliet:
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a second expert drew peterson witness in the drew peterson. more damaging testimony will be allowed in this case. we are covering the trial. the body was filled with fresh bruises and abrasions and a laceration on the back of her head which was found dead in her bathtub. the state's second expert witness took the stand and said she was murdered. the doctor has a dual certification in the narrow path apology and forensic pathology. she testified the injuries were consistent with being in a car or motorcycle crash not a fall in a bathtub. in cross- examination defense tried to make it look like the injuries were caused by rough sex. the couple had sex the night before she died. i heard the doctor say
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that ross sex would not cause things but a sexual assault would, and i always thought that was rough sex. she said what she was paid to say. the only person who killed her was drew peterson . it was not ... hot also a man who sensed he was offered $25,000 by drew peterson to have his wife taking care of. is a long trial and the judge has striven to do what is right in this case and i believe that was a strong thrilling by him. the judges try to pick up the pace of the trial and he added this monday to the calendar and said there could be a saturday in the future as well prosecutors said they hope to wrest the case by friday.
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also at the courthouse in joliet: the second day of the christopher vaughn murder trial. his father-in-law and two sisters-in-law took the stand today. vaughn is accused of shooting his wife and three children in june 2007. their bodies were found in the family vehicle parked near i-55 on a narrow path near a cellphone tower. vaughn's father-in-law said he was once troubled over how he left for work one morning stone-faced -- didn't say a word to anyone. one of his sisters- in-law said she talked to kimberly vaughn at least twice before her death, and she seemed fine. you may have a front-row seat to the next big trial in cook county... right from your living room. cook county chief judge timothy evans said today he supports putting cameras and recorders in courtrooms for civil and criminal trials. he said he hopes a pilot project will be up-and-rolling by the end of the year. he also said he may reassign judges who are against televising their proceedings. i think the public deserves to see what ever you are
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interested in covering. it is not for the media it is for the larger community. back in january, the states highest court set in place a pilot program that would allow cameras in courtrooms across the state on a case-by-case basis. pilot programs have begun in a number of counties, but not yet cook. staying put, despite intense pressure from his own party to get out. a republican senate candidate underfire for controversial rape comments refuses to get out of the race. plus what cook county board president said about ronald reagan that has her walking back those comments. plus, she went missing during her flight around the world. 75 years later, a renewed effort to find out what happened to amelia earhart. and we're not done with summer yet. tom skilling has details of a warm up.
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[ bell tolls ] agents, say hello to the biggest hailstone in u.s. history. oh, that will leave a dent. which is exactly why we educate people... about comprehensive coverage. yep. the right choice now can pay off later. looks like a bowling ball. yeah. oh! agents, say hello to the second-biggest hailstone in u.s. history. [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ republican senate candidate todd akin of missouri did not withdraw from the race by today's deadline after his controversial remark about what he called "legitimate rape." akin appeared encouraged by support from top anti-abortion leaders and a new poll which shows him having a slim lead over his opponent, incumbent democratic senator claire
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mccaskill. akin was pressured by g-o-p leaders as well as presidential hopeful mitt romney to step down after saying the other day if a woman is legitimately raped, the female body has ways to try and shut the whole thing down. he later apologized. joining us with more on the political fallout of akin's decision to stay in the race is our political analyst, paul lisnek. you look at those poll numbers and even though it shows he had a lead he had a much larger lead last week or when the last poll was dawn. let's talk about the deadline. it came and went. what about getting off the ticket? the deadline was 5:00 central time. getting off the ballot and no penalty. he did not act even though he was pushed to do so. the next deadline is september 25th and between now and then he has to get a court order and pay for
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the cost of reprinting the ballot. today was the do the right thing deadline to fail to put itself over the party. this is an on when a ball situation for him. when ryan does not spin something positively you know is big stuff. they are very good at spending things. you cannot do this without money and so good luck to you. the republicans are trying to get them out but the democrats want him in. if he can if the democrats can keep on the ballot and they most likely will win. you talked about the issue up no money for him. how likely is it of that something happens and he stays in the race that he
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would win. karl rove has told him to get out. he is the real money. that is the money that will not be there. if he stays in and wins the race is problematic for congress. his is not how about some of the vote so much but it is problematic because of his the is. rape and abortion in the gop. this is the last thing that mitt romney was on the front burner. he wants to keep the a focused on a comedy. you have to deal with this and it may go away and if todd akin would step out suitor that rather than later. still ahead, we're fact checking akin's controversial statement about rape. what medical experts say about it.
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b-p says it has fixed the problem with its bad gas but some motorists say they now have an even bigger problem--costly repairs! plus, rosie o'donnell opens up about what saved her life wen she had a heart attack. music: swells the back to school collection from kmart. work it.
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will start with $150 or possibly $1,500. we are not just out of gas. and now we may have to rent a car. it had no power. it was start but you could not turn on the air conditioning. the car would die. its a familiar site across northwest indiana. disabled trucks and cars arriving by flatbed ... or sputtering under their own power to a local garage. it appears that thousands of vehicles have been affected. but the good news .... according to webb ford mechanics in highland indiana ... the bad gas shouldn't ruin your engine. it seems like the volatility of the field. when the engine is called it does not want to burn. i do not think will cause long- term effect. it could cost between $600.1000 $200 to fix
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the cars. but in many cases it could cost much less. about $80. one half hour of labor for the technician and then the bottle of conditioner about $25. total of about $80 in and out. the bad fuel came from a wedding indiana field terminal with higher than normal levels of via component was present. the locus seems to be northwest indiana and the result seems to be a major headache. this unexpected repair with all the inconvenience has created a significant hardship for motorists across northwest indiana and the chicago land area. as julian said, repairs could cost hundreds. tonight, bp says it will help customers repair their cars.
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bp has set up a website to we are recalling the gasoline because we stand by every gallon we sell. we guarantee it in writing. we will work with every customer who has drivability issues related to this gasoline. bpn has set up a web site to handle questions and concerns from consumers affected by the bad fuel. you can get information on how to file a claim at you can also get information by phone at the consumer hotline number at 800-333-3991. still ahead: rosie odonnell's heart attack now shedding light on the symptoms women should look for when having a heart attack. plus, what prompted cook county board president toni preckwinkle to say ronald reagan has a "special place in hell?" and searching the south seas for amelia earhart.
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in the medical wash. adding slides to a political debate. and women get pregnant after a sexual assault. rep todd akin said women were victims of legitimate rate rarely get credit. statistics do not support that. that is 5 percent of sexual assault victims. a survey found that the way the rate that women get women get pregnant after a sexual assault is higher than consentual sex. obstetricians said there is no biological plausibility to the state. the concept arose in medieval times when human reproduction was not understood the belief that women could get
9:26 pm
printed only if they consented to the pregnancy. rosie o-donnell says a tv commercial saved her life. the commedian is recovering today from a heart attack. she says hours after helping a woman out of her car she suffered chest pains, nausea and clamminess. odonnell took bayer aspirin when she searched the internet and discovered many of her symptoms matched up. her cardiologist reports she suffered what's called a "widow maker." tests show o-donnell had a 99% blockage in one artery. so they inserted a stent and she's now recouperating at home. we've experienced below average temperatures for a while. but tom skilling says we could get back into the 90s very soon. his full forecast is next!
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with simple online ordering and curbside pickup in 5 minutes or less guaranteed, almost anyone can do it. this is easy. this is sears. we concede the first '90s in 16 days the day after tomorrow. we had an average of five '90s in the hot summers. we had water spots yesterday and today. waterspouts. six water spouts. amalia island. these were the scenes in our area. tracy with
9:30 pm
big clouds. it rained in lake billows. picture of a greengage with 1.5 in.. that was the epicenter of the big race yesterday. and i like this hour in turned captured hail outside his hoffman estates home. and some lightning here. and a shot from mary belle from the 55th floor of her building. we have so many great pictures and so many great photographers we put them together for you. we have had good weather for you lately. today's flat cumulus clouds different from yesterday. the lake brief freeze moves inland. the difference between yesterday and today is the lack of instability. these did not go up
9:31 pm
to 40,000 ft. and produce water spouts but that did happen in florida rain sweeping the state. strong wind and water spouts in that area. hail reports. these areas that saw a hail. the center of the country is clear and warm the top. the heat is on the way. another look at the reins in florida today. that was a state in drought as we were. yet look at the rain around jacksonville and orange park. 3.5 in. or 4 in. of rain there. wind gusts at 68 mi. per hour near titusville, the shuttle facility. cape canaveral with 45 mi. per hour gusts today. in our area we had towering cumulus at the south and the lake that faded away as the day went on. the flood watches in florida but in the west it is dry weather and have
9:32 pm
prompted fire watches and red flag warning spirit monsoon rain in the west. usually when the monsoon gets calling it means much for coming northward and it puts the hot air back in the plane's and that is what is happening. we stairstep into the '80s tomorrow and then the '90s after that. in a month with a one decreed deficit, we have averaged 79 degrees. this month is 21 days old and to show you how dramatic the change has been in the past couple weeks we are running 10 degrees cooler than the opening 21 days in july. what a difference a month next. here is what will change. 91 degrees in omaha and rapid city. '70's in the arctic coast. interesting to see how warm is as you head north in the continent. we are at 64 degrees
9:33 pm
and delightful with humidity. the humidity is returning back to the planes and we will get that too. everywhere there is a positive number that is how much the temperature is warmer than yesterday. good sleeping temperatures for tonight. the dew point is 49. the mold spores on the high side today. the big story will be the warm-up. the first 96 in 16 days. not much rain in the forecast here. there is a european global models that is highly respected that continues to pump out impressive rain. rain throughout northern
9:34 pm
illinois. we will keep an eye on that. nothing a round right now have lots of sunshine for tomorrow. here is that european center forecast. see how we sit in that rain. southerly winds thursday and friday and it brings with her from the gulf and increases temperatures. we have a tropical storm to talk about and that could impact the southeastern united states later next week. it could bring in the heat to. clear and cold tonight a chargers 54 inland and 63 at the loop. tomorrow sunny and warm around 85 spirit the humidity will be low and south winds between 10 and 18. 91 is the forecast thai for thursday which would be again the first
9:35 pm
90 in 16 days. we think 93 or 94 is possible friday. we will have the air conditioners humming again. we are one week away from labor day weekend and we will give you insight on that also. photos from a chicago photographer onboard a scientific vessel searching for pilot amelia earhart who vanished more than 75 years ago. plus,talk of rape and abortions dominating the political conversation these days.. and the presidential candidates are frankly wishing it would end.. what they had to say today on the campaign trail..
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american pilot amelia earhart disappeared 75-years ago this summer while attempting to fly around the world. since then, other adventurers have been trying to solve the mystery of what happened to her and her navigator. among them is ric gillespie who heads tighar, a non-profit international group that attempts to recover historic aircraft. he's been looking for earhart's plane near a tiny island in the south pacific since 1989. and on his latest quest he took along chicago still photographer laurie rubin.
9:39 pm
i would get on the boat with 30 people i had never met before and once you are on that there is no getting off. like a blind date. 10 days getting there and 10 days of their hand at 10 days getting back. it was not like a cruise. it was a scientific vessel. three of us together and 42 hand professional sailors and the rest was scientific crew. you are coming together with the same goal and each person has a different role. their whole lives are looking for things underwater. once you see how barrett is and how hot and hard it is to survive. amelia earhart was a hero when i was young. feetfirst truth media star was not a movie star. did
9:40 pm
they crash question? and did they survive on the island? it did they die immediately? we are setting up to look for conclusive evidence like all the limb from an airplane or artifacts. you are in tight quarters and it is rocking along the whole time it. we are walking down the halls like drug. no telephone or e-mail or mail. will contact with the outside world other than what you could get on a satellite phone. these are my letters home to the husband. my challenge is the lens of the camera steaming up when i moved from the inside to the outside. it is on the a quitter. it is tiny. where is it? he is in the middle of the place. rick thinks it is probable she could have survive for weeks or months. the area had not been mapped and no one knew what it looked like
9:41 pm
underwater. basically a big coral reef and you drive up and you have to walk on the coral reef to the island. animals are not afraid or do not leave when you walk up to them. a million species of crab. giant yellowfin tuna. we are here 75 years and nine days after she was here. we imagined she would have seen the same sky. it is truly like looking for a needle in a haystack and how lucky i am to be here. the days will go by fast and we start to go home at midnight. it was totally worth it looking for amelia earhart. and the journey was really worth it.
9:42 pm
so, no smoking gun was found but they did find offshore debris they want to explore on their next trip. you can learn more about their journey in the discovery channel program "finding amelia." and you can meet ric gillespire and photographer laurie rubin in person in chicago on saturday septepber-15th you'll find full details on our website. still ahead: cook county's board presient taking heat over a controversial statement she made about ronald reagan. maybe backing down just a little bit. and injuries are starting to pile up in the bears secondary. we'll tell who's left to start at safety in friday's preseason game in new jersey later in sports.
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republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan campaigning in pennsylvania today referred to some of president obama's most controversial comments from the presidential campaign of four years ago. ryan reached back to a comment mr. obama made in 2008 when then candidate obama referred to people who "cling to their guns or religion." he sat people in places like pennsylvania and wisconsin we cling to our guns and our religion. as a catholic deer
9:46 pm
hunter guilty as charged. ryan also focused his campaign message today on the economy and small businesses after days of debate over abortion and medicare. president obama's campaign trail running through columbus, ohio today. he spoke at capital university touting higher education and his efforts to provide greater access to student loans. the president claims republican presidential candidate mitt romney is more interested in the bottom line than educating young people. that is how he says he will fix the economy. i was in the private sector. his economic plan makes one paying clear. he does not think that investing in your future is worth it. he does not think that is a good investment. i do. ohio is considered a big battleground state for the candidates. polls show president obama leading romney
9:47 pm
there by six-points. cook county board president toni preckwinkle now says she regrets saying former president ronald reagan deserves "a special place in hell" for his role in the war on drugs. she made the controversial remark at the university of illinois this morning at a governmental conference. appearing on cltv's "politics tonight" this evening, host paul lisnek asked her why she envoked reagan's name. i was talking about the war on drugs at what a failure if has been for the last 30 years. drug use has not gone down and we have detained and incarcerated large numbers of young people particularly african-americans and latinos for drug possession for a very modest amounts. president nixon is generally credited with starting the war on drugs... but critics say reagan strongly used the issue for political purposes in the 1980's. preckwinkle said she's glad chicago recently decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana... with police writing tickets instead of incarcerating more people. to the weather center.
9:48 pm
we have a warm up on the way. look at this temperature forecast and we go from today's seven days to the mid '80s tomorrow. '90s thursday and by friday lower and mid friday and '90s. and in the tropics it is a isaac. it was named today as the tropical storm with 35 mi. per hour winds cullet poorly organized but over warm water. there you see the spaghetti track from all the different models. the latest as it turned northward sooner. here is the official plot. note the one. that is a weak category one hurricane. it should be butting against the land as you see.
9:49 pm
some solutions that shows how it moves. the european model shows a storm moving in. the bread is where the winds are strong. this takes it into the gulf and a formidable storm approaches the gulf coast. meanwhile the u.s. model as it turning north towards florida. either could be correct or your dead wrong but this is what the models are telling us. we will be watching it for the next six or seven days as it approaches the united states and the adjacent waters. 85 is the forecast. a beautiful day tomorrow and 93 friday and 91 saturday. possibly and isolated thunderstorm friday or saturday. a more substantial system possible later. and we
9:50 pm
could get hot again later in the week as we approach labor day. the highlights coming up. in baseball. and we'll tell you how much you'll have to pay in order you know, i was once used for small jobs. yeah, and i took on all the bigger, tougher ones. but now that mr. clean's got this new select-a-size magic eraser i mean, he can take on any size job. look how easily he gets things cleaned. it's enough to make you cry. you, specifically. not me. i'm just happy we don't go near rex's mobile home as often. because
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a familiar pattern. they got swept and a lousy team it was and then they come back and beat the yankees. the white sox have developed a bad habit of falling behind early in games... fortuneatley...the also have formed the good habit of coming from behind.... it has happened two nights in a row against the yankees... francisco liroano got the call for the sox on the southside...and on the very first pitch of the game..derek jeter smacks a homer to left...the yanks added one more and they led 2-zip.. but the sox made it 2-1 and then in the 4th.....ivan nova gets one high to paul konerko and paul rips one deep to left and gone...the game was tied at 2- 2... setting the stage for the big
9:54 pm
blowin the 5th...bases loaded for kevin youliis he gets under one to right..a high long shot and it sails over the wall...and grand slam to make it 6-2...sox win7-3 in the 9th...the tigers won so the sox lead stays at 2.... jake peavy spent his morning at the staples store on west jackson near union station. he was taking children from the union league boys and girls club on a shopping spree for school suppies. all the supplies donated by staples. as for jake,well, he was having a blast. it is fond to see and their personalities and do something they have never done which is to walk in a store and grab different things that kept their eyes and fancy of books and backpacks. the elbow issues for matt garza have ended his season. the cubs made it official. garza will not pitch
9:55 pm
again in 2012. that means more time for the youngsters, including chris russin who is making his major league debut in milwaukee tonight. dale sveum saw his young lefthander shut down milwaukee for three innings but in the 4th....russ-in loads the bases...and corey hart smashes a line drive off his play anywhere....a run scores to make it 1-nothing.. after russ-in left the game...the cubs bullpen did not distinguish itself...alberto cabrera tossing a wild pitch...another long night for the cubs...they trail it...4- nothing in the 8th.... as the bears get set for pre- seasopn game number three, they are are a bit banged up. punter adam podlesh is out with a hip flexor and in the secondary, safety crhis conte is out due to a shoulder injury. a second safety, brandon hardin, has a neck problem. lovie smith will get a better look at craig steltz against the giants on friday. steltz is a five year vetern who will now tam with major wright in the most important of the 4 pre- season games. steltz anxious to get some experience and work with major wright.
9:56 pm
free safety, strong safety. to be of the stop in and be a step in at any point and be ready. craig is a veteran. one of the older guys in the room and people look up to him. he has been there for so many years. we communicate and we feel like we are all the same page. i don't think you can look at it as a bore on injuries. in football and happens are happen to another team. this is something you have to play through. back in baseball the white sox have placed alejandro de aza on the disabled list because of a wrist injury. jordan danks has been re-called. and finally, it will not be a big selling item in cleveland but the new lebron james basketball shoe is about to come. it has motion sensors imbedded to track how high players can jump. now reports say the shoes
9:57 pm
will sell for $315. a rough ticket in these rugged econmic times. sportsone source reports the sales of basketball shoes of over 100 dollars were up 50%. so the market seems to be just great. nike says the shoes should cost about $180 not 315. so we will pick up a couple pairs. that's the news for this tuesday night. i'm lourdes duarte. i'm tom negovan. updates on for all of us here, have a goo you know, i was once used for small jobs. yeah, and i took on all the bigger, tougher ones. but now that mr. clean's got this new select-a-size magic eraser i mean, he can take on any size job. look how easily he gets things cleaned. it's enough to make you cry. you, specifically. not me. i'm just happy we don't go near rex's mobile home as often. because it's hard to clean or because you're scared of an itty-bitty doggy? [ dog barks ] aah! oh! [ clears throat ] yeah, that was a sneeze. i think i sprayed myself. [ male
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