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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  August 27, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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>> from gavel drops to rate drops, republicans opened the convention in tampa this afternoon, ill. getting its grand old party started but planning was pushed back a day. good evening, i am live from the republican national convention, this was the start of a mitt romney is weak and that actually wasn't, it was canceled today because of weather worries what was the beach supposed to do here in clear water jim edgar hasn't been governor since
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michael was ending his championship runs but he was probably the only illinois politician who gets a standing ovation. i do find the longerwe sat down with anchor after his keynote speech, he blasted everything from future governors to the first time he met mitt romney. first time i met him he was new at this. >> any thoughts on the derby for the illinois republican nominees. >> there are a lot of parties going on, like the kentucky derby. kate diller has been endorsed before. if kirk would run i probably would support him but we are always for being there. edgar loves romney's
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track record leading to the white house. he has probably one of the best resonates of anybody who's running for president is, in much better resume van barack obama had. they want to know about you, your family, they want to relate to you and connect with you. if anybody looked like a master politician it was jim thompson. and i remember he came to southern illinois the first time i met him was that a county fair and he showed up with the orange t-shirt and he started talking with a southern girla southern drawl and i thought that's not you don't pretend to be what you are not anti adjusted very quickly
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to that. but there is one more lesson that mitch romney may already have learned. you could always lose, it's the most important lesson in politics. this is edgar's eighth convention in t. says perhaps it will be his very last but if the standing ovations keep coming, don't count on that either. what do a bunch of delegates do when they're forced to play hooky for a day, whenever they want. we are live in florida with how they spend their day to day outside of the elements. >> hokey as a good word for it. today it felt a little bit like a snow day the weather woes eventually went away so everybody of round here took a little extra time on their hands instead of looking for something to do all in advance
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of the big day at the convention center tomorrow. a party for illinois delegates, a chance to get together and let their hair down it's almost a countdown before the big night. richard porter is an illinois delicate and excited about the keynote speakers this week. i do think the speeches will be great. i do think there is an aspect about this which is networking, bringing everybody together from around the country and motivating them for the next 70 days before the election all day long people looked for ways to fill their suddenly not so busy day after it izzak managed to sideline most events sunday. at the convention center the official called to order it was quickly followed by a recess
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until tomorrow so it is my privilege to proclaim the 2012 republican national convention in session and called to order. for the illinois crew most of whom made the trip to tampa they were kept indoors no cabin fever quite yet at breakfast this state's gop chairman acknowledging one of illinois' most prominent politicians this year senator mark kirk there in spirit as he continues to recover from a stroke. the courage he has shown in recovering validates your vote. he is a courageous act tough physically and mentally, human being. back at the delegates hotels some folks grabbed the phone to raise money and awareness about the ryan ronni team. as the night and
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republicans still hoping for a chance to reclaim the white house this year. the weather here is still fairly well at and it's pretty unpredictable at this point so for illinois delegates who are not spending the entire day at the convention center that will largely be spending it here about 35 mi. away. put that will be taking a little break from business at hand everything is officially under way at the tampa convention center at 1:00 chicago time on tuesday. let's check in with tom skilling for the latest on isaac. we have been tracking him for days now this storm is about ready to become a hurricane is taken off in terms of intensity as the afternoon and evening have worn on this is the latest satellite
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presentation of the storm and it's looking far more impressive. you can see right here by tomorrow morning this is when the land ball is expected this purple area is the area of tropical storm strength winds and look as some of the wind gusts expected. this is by late in the day tomorrow wins will have costed from 90- 100 mi. per hour according to our model in the new orleans area. of course there will be prolific rainfall, what's interesting about this storm and you can see the outer bands already moving to the mississippi area is that this thing will continue northward and it's looking more like we could get some remnant rains
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there has been 17 tropical systems since 1900 that have passed within 100 mi. of chicago. this may be one of them and it could bring us some whether it later in the week so we have much to talk about and we will do that later on. >> still to come we may not get a hurricane here in chicago but it looks like we will feel its effects in the weather. day one for the defense in the drew peterson trial what their first witness had to say on the stand.
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♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.defense attorneys in the drew peterson murder trial began presenting their case today the prosecution... >> edward promila read a letter that kathleen savio send to her sister and november of 2002. she was begging for help savio rode out her estranged husband drew
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peterson broken to her home on july 5th wearing his white uniform and held her on the stairs for three hours savio wrote: the prosecution rested after that. hopefully we can finish this week. the defense's case did not start out strong, six witnesses and to blunders one that would have allowed more testimony and regarding stacey peterson's disappearance and another when a state trooper said he didn't know kathleen savio kept a knife under her pillow because she was afraid of true prosecutors whipped out his report to prove otherwise defense attorneys rushed off the blunders and focused on the other witnesses.
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>> kathleen savio never showed any injury during the time she was married to drew, was never physically abuses in any way he was a happy guy, he was nice of around the neighborhood, and her best friend saw nothing that should lead anyone to believe this was anything other than an accident. their oldest son is expected to take the stand wednesday, both sides are still arguing over savio f. attorney harry smith who has been in court for five days without being called. next door to the peterson trial jurors got to see christopher barnes reaction to police telling him the video started with police giving him the news and watching his apparent disbelief on the tape shown to jurors today police began rapid-fire questioning of him accusing him of the murders while he denied it defense
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ot sfilodour the irony is almost
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too much to bear isaac is arriving on the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. preparations are
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underway as isaacs strengthens and moves toward louisiana at the gulf coast tell me what you are deciding to leave. >> because i was here for katrina and i stayed and i didn't like the aftermath. everything was closed and we ran out of a lot of supplies and i don't want to go through that again. >> the national weather service says isaac is predicted to become at least a category 2 hurricane by the time it makes landfall tuesday or early wednesday, wind gusts will be fast and fears its why businesses are being boarded up. it's the safest way to go. we take precautions. >> he is locking down his home with aluminum shutters. >> i think this will be effective. >>0
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>> >> i am getting ready. >> why so much. >> generators. i have old folks in the house so i have to take care of them. grocery stores have done big business on water and non perishables he stacked up with lanterns and battery powered tvs because he is staying home. >> i am born ready. i am very well-prepared. the recent pipeline leaks and refinery fires have boosted the price of oil everywhere prices will go even higher as isaac blows into the kolffgulf of mexico. chicago already has some of the highest
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gas prices in the country before isaac was a thread and now with i secure even some of the experts are uncertain about how high prices will go. it may be a thousand miles from isaac. but if you look at the price of gas in chicago you just wouldn't know it. we are seeing that it chicago is not the highest it's among the highest right now. that's very apparent to so many filling up today chicago at more than 450 a gallon in some spots has the dubious honor enviable position yet again far above the national average of $3.75 with an increase of anywhere from 10-30¢ a gallon before september. he rented a budget truck to move and the irony is
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its crude oil. thousands of cars in need of gas. just a couple of weeks ago we had refinery issues the bp issue last week, we had pipeline issues that all affected chicagos prices. some like can rustic plan to fill up elsewhere getting only what he needs in the city. i know i can get there on 10 box and then i will pass up in indiana. others say they're simply locked into a price. i could buy a book, i could go on a date there's a lot i could do. so many things you could do with that extra cash now wants these prices go up even higher how long will they
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stay there that aaa says all depends on how much havoc is it wreaks on those refineries in the gulf coast. they are expecting an increase of 30¢ a gallon by tomorrow. that is the latest. two people are now dead as a result of in legionnaire's disease outbreak at a hotel eight other people have the disease, public health officials say there is no longer any risk at the hotel most of them have been contacted now. those pets
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purcellfor sale may have come from a horrible place caged for life and a new study linking a woman's weight to her aunt's of breast cancer and tropical storm is it could end up bringing rain all the way to chicago.
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>> we have a lot going on. it
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was interesting the bulk of the storm states south of the convention and we kind of thought that would be the case although the east of florida got nailed and it looks like tonight we are on the verge of a hurricane. look at this beautiful shot this is of the full moon from paul nicol this withes captured over the weekend and of course with neil armstrong's passing paul said he wanted to make a tribute to him was the first astronaut to walk on the face of the moon and build a beach is send us this view from chesapeake bay look at that show of cloud their it seems like that repeated all across florida we had a beautiful day in chicago today we made it up to 88 degrees and we will be in the '80s tomorrow
9:29 pm
the air migrates hundreds of miles away here is what is going on down and the gulf coast tonight tonight the storms and set out over the warm gulf waters and has really started to strengthen. they're also going into the mississippi delta area the storms it's just over 250 mi. southeast of new orleans at this moment and this seems to be headed rate for that city on almost precisely the seventh year anniversary to the day of katrina although this is a far different storm smaller and not as strong but strengthening nonetheless. its satellite presentation has improved so this storm is getting its act together. you can see flood
9:30 pm
advisories in effect all along the gulf coast area with the storm expected to make land fall tomorrow night a new orleans is right there this thing is barreling in that area. look at some of the rain totals. keep in mind new wireless sees about five and a half inches of rain for an entire month of august so this is three times the normal monthly rainfall. everywhere you see purple the tropical storm force winds are expected if the storm were sheddingwere sitting over chicago, hurricane force winds would accompany the immediate chicago area. we even get a 100 mi. per hour gusts in new orleans later
9:31 pm
tomorrow and there is the with a rate is coming down torrential late. here is the spaghetti plot, this is a five day plot to each of these is a different computer model and forecasters look at all of them and average them together they expect this to be a category 2 storm so this will be a 100 plus mile per hour hurricane as it comes into new orleans and that will track northward, it loses the winnfield but prolific rains occur and head north in our area. this may be one of just 17 storms that my colleague has found. these are remnants of hurricanes and tropical storms since 1900 and each of those 17 storms passed within 100 mi. of chicago so there have not been many of these but one of them in 2008 produced eight and a half inches of rain here five of the
9:32 pm
17 storms. and up producing about eight and a half inches in chicago. each of these had strong winds while only 100th of an inch from a galvin said hurricane we had 70 mi. per hour winds and two deaths here. there is no guarantee that you get dumped on by these things but usually someone in the midwest does get on that. it usually means we are in the middle of a serious drought. we will be watching at the average of all the computer models for chicago right now and for the last couple of days comes out to about 2.9 in. so we will see how that works out. tonight mainly
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clear now whether troubles except some patchy fog that could form inland. beautiful and sonny tomorrow, 83. low-mid-60's in this city and along the lake. we are talking 90's on thursday and friday if we're going to get some remnants. on friday and saturday if they come into this area. nothing cuter than a puppy but if you buy them from ipad store there is a possibility that they came from a place that is anything but acute we have a special report on that coming up and a new study finds that using marijuana during your teenage years can be particularly damaging.
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>> this is a hot-button issue we doubt he would subject your dogs to the conditions that some of these puppy mills do but if your family dog came from a pet store there is a good chance it was born and one of those mills to a mother who is still there being bred for profit and caged for life. americans clearly love their pets even with the sagging economy last year pet owners spent nearly $51 billion on their four legged friends while americans claim to adore their pets they may not know exactly where their dogs come from, a recent national survey found nearly 80 percent of those polled had no idea that many pet store dogs are born in what many consider to be a very cool place, puppy mills. john marino
9:38 pm
plans to introduce a measure to make it illegal for pet stores in this city to sell companion animals, l.a. may vote on a similar measure next month. when people realize where their pets are coming from the market will change and will shift more towards buying a humane breeder rather than a puppy mills. we want people to realize what they're purchasing and have total consumer openness and protection. rick gordon runs the dog patch pet into feed in naperville he now only adopts rescue dogs and says he became personally troubled over the treatment of puppy mill dogs. if it was a chicken we would expect it to be a free range chicken and not in that little box that wouldbox. it's pretty atrocious. she
9:39 pm
has seen puppy mills firsthand. she is founder of the puppy mill project. there is no concern for the welfare of these dogs you will find up to five in a cage. minimum care. way below minimum care. a veterinarian with chicagos into cruelty societies say female bird dogs spend most of their lives in cramped cages serving only one purpose, to produce puppies. if you raise your poppies in to get bread again you will get bread again and you may never be out of that cage. a lot of these facilities don't have exercise areas even though it's required by law they may not see natural light and they may not ever see the outdoors or they may be living outdoors in a squalid conditions or they may be stacked up on top
9:40 pm
of each other. large scale breeding facilities regulated by the usda is a soapbox to pet stores are legal and there is no limit on how many dogs are allowed on site. just because a place is licensed does not mean that animal welfare is the most important thing to them. there are as many as 10,000 puppy mills in the u.s. into most of them are here in the midwest but only a fraction are licensed by the government intendconsumers need to know that when they see that adorable dog in the past store the mother of that adorable dog is still in the cage for her entire life producing more dogs just like that one its animal cruelty in its deepest densest
9:41 pm
form it's systematic animal cruelty on a daily basis 24 hours a day for these dogs. the pet industry joint advisory council stands fully behind even large scale breeders' if they do it right but if readers are substandard and choose to mystery dobbs they should be run out of the business we feel that not only should they have the right to sell their dogs to a pet store but also that consumers should have the right to purchase from a pet store most of them by puppies from workers, the middle man of sorts who picks up the animals from commercial breeders that as of sunday gets heard dogs. here in chicago's old town neighborhood raymond one of the only lopez seller says she does not buy from puppy mills. my belief is that people who are breeding a
9:42 pm
lot of different breeds, they are not caring for them when they're breeding them they keep them in cages just to breed them she claims that she research's every breeder but we checked paperwork on five dogs in her store and found everyone all came from a large-scale commercial breeders and every single one has been cited in the past two years with usda violations when presented with our findings she said she was surprised in blamed for broker and told us she was going to get better at doing her homework she is considering embracing the same system as adopted out shelter dogs and as for gordon he says his experience has been rewarding i am just doing what my gut tells me to do and i get asked for a business plan all lot which is something that one day we should probably put together but for right now we are just winging it. he said
9:43 pm
changing his business model didn't come without a few bombs and the road but it has been worth it he even adopted one of the dogs from his store he said the little dog has changed his life when he looks after he realizes every day how many other dogs just like here he could help. you can also send your thoughts on facebook or twitter. i did a story like this years and years ago in iowa and it's still going on and there are a lot of them in iowa. next the generous gift gives hundreds of chicago school students a free ride and later on in sports the white sox juggle their pitching rotation.
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how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ in tonight's medical watch obesity and breast cancer, heavier women have poor outcomes when it comes to fighting the disease compared to women of normal weight obese patients are more likely 69% to die of cancer
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or another disease the researchers said that for months when to body weight mayfield tumor growth the link was especially strong for women with a specific type of tumor called estrogen receptive positive cancer. the more marijuana use smoke before age 18 below were your iq will be later in life, that's the finding of new zealand researchers to measure mental performance and 1000 people before pot usage and again when the study participants were 38 when it came to intelligence iq scores were an average of eight points lower than those dependent on the drug by age 18 and quitting did not even things out the lower iq scores say that with pot smokers who formed a regular habit in their teen years. we have some nice weather coming and the next couple of days here in chicago all eyes will be down
9:48 pm
on the gulf coast look at the work out to the west of us you get an idea why we are predicting 90's later in the week. the temperature readings will probably go up to mid 90's by the time we get to thursday and friday. 88 was our high temperature in chicago today 100 was the high and rapid city but look what happens as the remnants of isaac come north. it migrates hundreds of miles away. the big dome of p out west spreads east into our area. then we get into the remnants here on saturday and perhaps some day and bring pretty good rains into parts of the midwest. tonight at 77 and midway in nice evening but the dew point is 57, still we expect patchy fog to form in an outlying areas as temperatures dropped tonight and the water temperature at the shoreline is 77. weed pollen is
9:49 pm
low in the area today and a look at the wind gusts along the coastline in florida where they had some heavy rains today on the other hand the clouds are just gathering in new orleans. there you can see the storm is expected to come into new orleans with powerhouse wins tomorrow night with a very heavy rains are temperatures increase from 83 tomorrow 288 on wednesday and then friday night and saturday is when we get into the first is it rains if current forecasts hold up. we have a liberal weekend buried in there too. much more on the storm tomorrow. >> a black cat trapped in a high-rise fire down to a last night after being saved by
9:50 pm
chicago firefighters this afternoon fire crews raced up the 21st floor apartment and found the five year-old dog on responsive amid smoke and flames they scooped him up and revived him using that special oxygen mack the kind designed to revive pet's the fire department spokesman said he beat his reputation for bad lackedluck because he was so close to the ground. the white sox look for their seventh win in the road and once again the cubs seem to come up with a home run at the right time. and a nervous time for a lot of bears a match and living life in the [ female announcer ] with the 2-in-1 swiffer sweeper, a great clean doesn't have to take long. i'm done. are you thinking what i'm thinking? ♪ give me just a little more time ♪ okay. all right.
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fruit flavors to make your day bunches better. ot sfilodour the sox are trying to
9:53 pm
build their lead. you pretty much have to win them all. the white sox in an important week-long road trip in baltimore. it turns out to be a trying night to land the crab cakes. a little argument there on the dugout. restore some happiness. it to run chalk
9:54 pm
to make it 2-1 adam done, watch this. stocks led 3-2. bottom of the eighth, it to run shot and the orioles when it in detroit. there is no structural damage to gavin flied to left yesterday in the second inning he has not been placed under the table. he will face the tigers and the opener for that big showdown series in detroit. more than likely dillon axelrod will get the call. alfonso says a deeper right to center, gomez makes an unnecessary leap for this fall
9:55 pm
and it actually goes under his glove. the brewers then went back on top deep drive to left, it to run shot. 5-4 in the seventh a short week ahead for the bears. steven pie is still sitting out with an injury. anthony walsh played briefly for the bears last year. it's a time of pressure and also a time of opportunity. there are a lot of things that come with it, it's not easy. you have to focus on what's in front of you in and just take it day to day. i don't have an apartment yeah, i will tell you that.
9:56 pm
>> that's all about the player. we have had a lot, a lot of video on them in every situation it's hard knowing that to have to fail. and today one of the u.s. open. how about a half of that he headed for the stands where a fan makes a nice catch. think of this no one else around him was hurt. they should give him a whole one. that is
9:57 pm
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notaxe (bell rings) hi. good morning. big news. we're spreading the word about new honey bunches of oats fruit blends and their unique taste combinations. like peach/raspberry... and banana/blueberry. we're telling everyone. with one flavor in the granola bunch and one on the flake. try some. mmm! two flavors. in harmony. yummy. four nutritious grains and two big fruit flavors to m


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