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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 8, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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not enough pieces to the puzzle >> chicago public school teachers and the school board are negotiating late into the night tonight, trying to avoid a planned strike on monday >> live at teachers union headquarters in the merchandise mart with our top story... >> they have been behind closed doors at sends about noon todaysince
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noon today... things not looking so good. prepare for a strike >> the union said this is what it will take for maas..rom us... the offer was disappointing >> what do you at home do? a contingency plan in place... >> keep students occupied during a strike
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>> we are planning for a lot of children to come >> 1 of 140 schools staying open just without the usual staff >> we need to keep children safe during normal hours of school >> monday, they can hold 50 students... >> we have to do something >> 400,000 students in the system >> they have been negotiating for about nine hours today...
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the teachers are asking for a pay raise... 19% >> they have not given many details yet >> the chicago teachers union opened day strike headquarters today. teachers will go there to pick up picket sign and information about a possible walkout >> chicago teachers union opens
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up the headquarters here on the west side... >> it will be a central location for all strike activity. they picked up picket signs... >> was told they work it we love our residentsstudents >> we are doing it for them >> various community groups came together to show their support
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>> they need to settle this now >> we are beyond tired to hear about the negotiations and that they are just about money >> read courteouteachers will use this site as a gathering point... >> parents and some community
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groups are making alternate plans for their students if there is no school on monday. some parents want a seat at the bargaining table >> everything possible has been done some of them are saying. i do not believe that >> the head of the black star project said parents should be part of the negotiations appear. sears said it they are not satisfied with the education of their students are getting. they say they take their children here on saturdays to help them perform at or above grade level in math and reading and writing >> congressman jesse jackson jr. is back home in washington d.c.. he will not be returning to work on monday. that is according to the congressman's father, says his son needs time to recuperate >> he was treated for bipolar
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depression at the mayo clinic in rochester. he has been away from his office for almost three months >> he is so anxious to serve. people have been quite generous to him. my concern is now as a father. i hope he is not encouraged to move too quickly >> at this time there is no indication from congressman jackson whether he will resume campaigning for office. he is up for reelection in november >> ppbp has paid more than one- and-a-half million dollars so
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far in claims over bad gasoline that damage to vehicles in several midwestern states. the company is still processing nearly 14,000 claims and says it will continue to pay people who file legitimate complaints. they recalled nearly 5 million gal. of gas in illinois indiana ohio and wisconsin last month after drivers reported damage to their vehicles >> a lot of disappointed people today who were hoping to see the red bull's flugtag event. it was cancelled due to unsafe marine conditions. 28 teams have signed up during which they would have brought their homemade flying aircraft. the goal is to have the aircraft fly when it is pushed off a 30 ft. deck over the waters of lake michigan. >> a few storms tonight but
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days after that? >> we're watching a line of strong storms... we will have details >> also reaction to last night's melee at a chicago high- school football game >> a crashed at the southwest side intersection 5¢ people to the hospitalsends five people to a hospital >> and later president obama
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a stain made by a meatball. that meatball now lives in hiding, in constant fear that era will one day track it down too. ♪ ♪ twice the stain fighting power as the next leading liquid value brand. era, the only detergent that's chuck norris approved. in the stands sending fans rushing out of the stadium. it happened last night during the third quarter. >> crowds of fans rushed from the football stadium friday night with more than 10 minutes to go in the third quarter...
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officials stopped play, players from both teams ran to the sidelines. >> it looks like someone said they saw someone with a gun. there were some confrontations >> fans rushed out quickly. the superintendent said there were no injuries >> there were no weapons recovered >> the game will resume at 3:00 sunday. >> we have a good handle on our athletes and student body. we
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carry a lot of security. >> there was a homicide early this morning close to the stadium however >> that game will resume tomorrow afternoon but most people will not be able to attend. only school administrators and a select group of fans will be allowed in >> a man from chicago as of logan square neighborhood on the northwest side is now charged with attempted murder after he allegedly fired a gun at two police officers late thursday night. he now faces two counts each of attempted first-degree
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murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm at a police officer. he is accused of shooting at the officers. he is also charged with not having a foid card and being an armed habitual criminal >> 83 vehicle collision on the southwest side this afternoon send three children and adults to the hospital. a chicago fire department spokesman said the children were transported in fair to a serious condition to area hospitals. the two adults were rushed to mount sinai hospital in serious to critical condition >> the founder of the well-known funeral, wallace broad view is being remembered by family friends and politicians as well as those in the clergy. he died last thursday. he was in
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business. for more than 60 business. he was 82 years old >> florida and virginia are in the campaign spotlight. next president obama and mitt romney hit the road in an effort to swing the undecided voters >> also why one of the lawyers who prosecuted o.j. simpson believes a defense attorney tampered with key evidence >> and later a
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day after day block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place. [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. press conference breaking news: >> we have high hopes that when we get back together tomorrow we can move to the end game >> we have agreed to meet in the morning. today was a day of
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progress >> we keep updating, we keep listening we keep responding. this is a culmination of 8 months work. we need to get this done. we have aprents and children who are wondering what will happen monday morning. we will get together tomorrow and keep working >> i am optimistic that the
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children will be in school monday >> in our judgment, we are very vlclose >> thank you! >> 50 different negotiating
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sessions they have had >> he said they were very close. they will meet again in the morning >> tonight's lotto..o drawing... >> pick 3... 1 8 2
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pick 4... 8 0 2 2 lucky day lotto...
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president obama and his republican challenger mitt romney focus their efforts on a couple of key states today. the president campaigned in florida while, romney addressed voters in virginia >> they got a busy saturday as the two campaigns for support across some of the most crucial states... president obama can adopt a two day campaign force in florida with his message of moving forward...
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>> this country has created over a half of millionsa million jobs >> mitt romney was in virginia ... he talked about jobs in the economy >>and the economy >> plenty of people dropped out of the workforce paul >> paul ryan was in california ... biden in ohio >> we are moving forward because of real
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you >> almost 17 years after the o.j. simpson murder trial of, one of the prosecutors in the case claims a key piece of evidence was tampered with by the defense. he says it will lead defense attorney had a glove linked to the murder for about a half-hour during a lunch break in the trial. and that he tore the lining inside the glove while in his possession. later when it o.j. simpson struggled to fit the gloves on his hands he said to the jury if it does not fit you must acquit. he was acquitted of murdering his former wife and her friend >> at least six people were killed for wounded in afghanistan at the hands of a suicide bomber. it happened near nato headquarters. the bomber was believed to be a teenager. authorities say he was on a
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motorcycle when he managed to get through a number of checkpoints. he then detonated his backpack full of explosives, killing the afghan civilians. many of the victims were children. the international security assistance force is condemning the attack >> we're looking at a stretch of pleasant temperatures look! she wears the scarlet markings! out! your kind is not welcome here! nor your odd predilections! miracle whip is tangy and sweet not odd. [ villager 1 ] it's evil! if you'd try it, you'd know. she speaketh the truth!
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a tornado struck a beachfront community in new york city today. a rare phenomenon for new yorkers. a funnel cloud was moving in from the water and through the breezy point neighborhood in queens. the national weather service had issued a tornado warning for brooklyn and queens just 30 minutes before it struck >> it was triggered by the same cold front that brought us cooler temperatures today... tonight we're watching our own thunderstorms out of wisconsin. nothing sabir heresevere here... it should be through the chicago area in a couple of hours. we will
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continue to watch it. today's high temperature.. 7. the three3.73. cool down next weekend again. temps mild across the area. winds not an isse atue at the moment... here's the cool air. next weekend cold air returns. radar... storms tracking to the
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south. stormsos on east coast are weakening. north dakota under frost advisory tonight! we will get chilly air here tomorrow night. tonight, storms ... tomorrow... low 53 degrees. sunday,
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afternoon sunshine 70's. monday mostly sunny temps in upper 70s. >> a childhood disability has been transformed into a performance artperformance art...
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>> later it, governor quinn delivers governor quinn delivers one of the military's highest honors to the family of a fallen soldier >> the orioles tried to play
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>> artists with the disabilities have been holding their own show on the sidelines of the big competitions >> when i started dancing in new-york they started colonies crutchcalling me crutch master >> we always have our crutches even if you can't see them >> he relies on crutches to get
9:39 pm
around >> it's an extra toy as a child >> left armprofessional street artist and the answerdancer... >> his art capitalizes on interactions with others... >> you okay? >> that's part of the playfulne
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ss of it >> people want to help you they're really cannot really can not >> they're sharing an expression >> i receive it in my performances >> this is life >> a long way down with nothing but a harness and a helmet. next a dozen skill this side of a chicago hotel for the skyline
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at a ceremony to honor in the air force serviceman because of his heroic acts in afghanistan. senior air man at bradley smith was killed in january of 2010 after his unit came under attack. he was killed by an explosive while trying to recover the body of a fallen soldier >> he understood the importance
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of volunteering >> the governor presented his widow with the silver star medal... third highest military decoration that can be awarded to any branch of the u.s. military >> a joyful homecoming today... staff sergeant is back on american soil with his family and friends after his most recent appointments to afghanistan. he is retiring from the marine corp after a busy 12 years. he completed two tors in japan, one tore and kuwait and one and i rackin iraq >> a decades old environmental
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agreements between the u.s. and canada has been updated and renewed. the great lakes water quality agreement requires both nations to continue to clean up and restore the great lakes. the new version calls for faster action on improving water quality and restoring native species and habitat. it also includes new provisions for dealing with invasive species such as asian carp >> radar picture... noticed the storm coming south out of wisconsin... not a severe storm.
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could be lightning and down pours. rain gone by morning. sunshine tomorrow. 7 day forecast... no rain until thursday. temps next weekend cooler >> parents and took their children guns, today told them to go play in the street. but no fear today was safe to do so if. they ge... the event was called the
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open streetsopen streets... >> 55 it thrill seekers and took this guy line plunge today took the skyline plunge today... most of the participants raised money for their respiratory health associations lung disease programs. this is the 5th time it was held at the wit hotel >> highlights from south bend
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coming up...
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union president...
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>> they are starting to talk about the issues we are most concerned about. ... compensation job security, benefit package >> we will be back here tomorrow working >> it is an improved offer >> we are a little closer now
9:53 pm
than we were at 1pm today >> the house of delegates set the dates and time of the strikes. the process has already gone forward.
9:54 pm
>> 11am here tomorrow >> they have an improved offer but it is not over
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>> sports now... >> white sox finally pulled it off... sox have 1 game and a half lead over the tigers >> 20th of the year... 1-0 sox... 2 run blast... 4-1. strikes him out... sox win 5-4
9:56 pm
>> cubs were down early but faought back...fought back... cubs win 4-3 >> the wildcats... 22 yds for a score... they leaare tied 13 all
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in 4th >> 1 game suspension >> nice play right there... rightirish win! but emma final 35- >> see you tomorrow! end
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